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9 Best Steam Irons in India (September 2020) | Buying Guide & Reviews


Are you thinking to buy the best steam iron in India?

We know it’s, Yes. No one would ever want to damage their clothes by a local steam iron. 

Sometimes ironing can be a boring task as ever. But a good brand always works meticulously to hear good comments from you.


So, We have been here at your service with some greatest models of steam iron which are both efficient and sophisticated to satisfy all your needs. These steam irons would not only make ironing an easy job but will also get the task done steadily. 

Moreover, You will even find an amazing Buying Guide on this page that will educate you about some essential factors that you need to consider while buying the best steam iron in India.

Below, you will find a list of top 9 best steam irons available in the Indian market.

These are the Top 9 Best Steam in India

Top 9 Best Steam Irons

1. Inalsa Steam Iron Geyser Titanium

Inalsa started Initially as a food processor company in India. When it comes to irons, Inalsa claims to be the best producer and has captured the Indian market by producing some of the best products.

Inalsa steam Iron geyser Titanium provides you with the best spray & dry ironing experience with continuous steam for an effortless ironing experience. This spray system reduces every chance of overheating using the latest technologies.

It uses an amazing feature known as “Shot Steam Burst”. This model also has a Spray Function to provide you with a crease-free iron in one long stroke.

This indirectly helps in vertical steaming your favorite curtains and dresses without actually taking them down to your ironing board.

It has a 330 ml water storage capacity which gives continuous water flow for steam generation. Large water tanks apart from ensuring continuous steam flow also reduce your burden of refilling the tank frequently.

Another striking feature of this Inalsa iron is that it has anti-drip and anti-calcium technology which enhances the ironing experience to another level. This feature helps to lock the water leakage during ironing even if the water tank is overfilled.

The antic calc functions as an anti-clogging agent for the steam holes designed specifically for your satisfaction. This feature would also let you use the hard water in the iron.

It comes with a cord of adequate length which is flexible at the same time. This steam iron is available in assorted color. You will get 2 years of the warranty period on this purchase. To get this amazing steam iron, click the red button given below.

  • Affordable
  • Sufficient water holding capacity
  • Uses the latest technologies
  • Suitable for any clothing material.
  • 2 year warranty period
  • Some water droplets can be found on the wall of the water tank which only proves that the tank has been tasted.


2. Black+Decker BD BXIR2201IN

Black+Decker BD BXIR2201IN-Black & Decker Corporation is an American manufacturer of home improvement products and technology-based fastening systems. It is known for its great contribution to the kitchen and home appliances. One of its popular products in India is the vacuum cleaner.

Black+Decker BD BXIR2201IN comes in a combination of turquoise and black color. It has a unique design that easily attracts customers of sophisticated taste across the world. This world-class model ensures you the best ironing experience with its latest exciting features.

This cordless steam iron would deliver you a smooth wrinkle-free ironing experience. It consumes 2200 watts to perform a qualitative experience.

The ceramic soleplate allows the clothing material to breathe and thus helps to restore the shine and strength inside the threads.

It doesn’t let the soleplate stick to the synthetic clothing materials. And its lightweight makes it best for elderly citizens to use it.

It comes with a regulator system that would let you change the temperature and control steams for different types of clothing material. This helps you with hassle-free ironing as overheating may cause permanent damage to your dresses.

Not only this, you even get an option of self-cleaning in this steam iron. This function would assure low maintenance.

It has an anti-drip function which helps in spreading the steam evenly on the surface without causing a frustrating experience of leakage if the water tank is the overfilled.

The anti-calc function helps the ironwork efficiently without clogging the pores. Most of the steam irons available in India don’t have this facility.

The steam bursting function jets through the fabric and spray function sprinkles water to dampen the tough cloth creases and allows the dress to be crumple free.

It comes with a vertical steaming technology which helps you to iron vertically even if the clothes are inside your wardrobe. A lot of users have shown high trust in this product. Click the button given below to get this powerful deal before the stock runs out.

  • The cordless feature helps in easy handling
  • Beautifully designed
  • Latest technologies are used
  • It comes with a two year warranty period.
  • Uses higher watts for the prompt steaming process.


3. Philips GC1905 steam iron

Philips is a market giant for the last many decades now. The Indian market has always been a fortunate customer to have faith in this company for years. Philips is known for its products like Juicers, trimmers & steam irons.

If you are looking to buy the best steam iron in India, this might be the right choice. Philips GC1905 steam iron comes in blue color that looks elegant. It is designed to meet the demands of its customers by using the latest micro-technology inside the irons.

It needs only 1400 watt to serve you with the best ironing experience. It comes with a non-stick metallic sole plate which reduces the chances of a soleplate getting glued into the fabrics and ultimately burning up your favorite dresses due to overheating.

It has an exquisite spray technology that helps to unfold the tough rumples on the clothes. With this spray function, you can always dampen the places of need ensuring smooth ironing.

However, it never fails to secure the tucks and plates to their original shape and places in the time and place of need by using its sensitive precision tip. Thus, it ensures easy ironing safety over the fold lines and pockets.

This product has a steam controlling knob that will help you in controlling the steam. The button grooves embedded into the soleplate gives it a well finished glamorous look.

Philips is offering a warranty of 2 years. Over 20,000 families have purchased this steam iron and over 8000 families have given over 4 ratings to this product for its amazing performance, looks & price. To get never seen a discount on this steam iron, tap the button given below.

  • Affordable
  • Very light in weight and easy to work with.
  • Exquisitely designed meeting the consumer’s demands.
  • Uses all the latest technology
  • warrantied for two years.
  • Uses 1440watt for fast heating up.


4. Philips GC1920/28

This steam iron also comes from the house of Philips and is amongst the best steam irons in India. Philips GC1920/28 steam iron comes in a dual-color shade of white and pink. It has a golden metallic non-stick soleplate. This reduces the chance of burns during ironing.

It has button grooves for a smooth ironing experience on buttons and seams giving it a royal look.

It uses powerful steam blasts to get the best streaming results. The gold plated soleplate is specifically designed to reduce the clogging of pores. The golden sole plates would never fail to amaze you from its high performance.

This variant comes with a precision tip for easy and comfortable ironing along with the pockets and folds lines. This precision tip is highly sensitive and you should be careful while using it.

It has a spray function that can b used to get rid of tough creases. This spray function feature sprinkles water whenever you need to get rid of any wrinkles from heavy or light fabrics.

This Philips iron comes with a steam controlling knob which helps in easy ironing within the minimum time on any type of clothing material.

All manufacturers do not always come with a warranty period for every model. However, consider yourself fortunate enough as this cool steam iron comes with 2 years of warranty.

  • Elegant look with a graceful body.
  • affordable.
  • Has every type of latest technology.
  • Gold plated non-stick soleplate.
  • Uses 1440 watt for faster and exclusive ironing.
  • This model is not cordless


5. Ibell Steam Irons

Ibell is the fastest emerging household and kitchen appliances brand in India. This World-class international company has always been top-ranked by the consumers in the fields of affordability. It produces some of the best steam irons, ceiling fans & table fans in India.

Ibell steam irons come with a shockproof body that is safe for use. This feature is the most wanted in a steam iron. Most of the buyers across the world crave for this feature, and this model makes sure that nobody gets electrical shocks while ironing.

It is distinctly designed with ceramic coating non-stick soleplate. The soleplate is 10.2 inches which allow longer strokes with a larger area and has distinctly designed steam releasing pores.

It comes with a 380 ml water tank which suffices the ironing with sufficient water holding capacity and has a Water tank opening lid at the tip of the handle.

The most striking feature of this Ibell iron is its adjustable thermostatic control. It ensures easy ironing which is suitable for all types of clothing material reducing the chance of ending up with burns caused due to overheating.

It has a spraying nozzle which sprinkles water to dampen the needy places. It also comes with a variable steam controller knob giving it a glamorous look.

It has a 360° swivel chord which is tough & flexible thus makes this steam iron suitable for rough and tough use. The cord length is enough and its less sturdy nature provides you with long strokes making ironing faster.

It uses its water or spray button whenever needed during ironing ensuring the best ironing results. You will get a 1-year warranty from the company. Also, you may 1-year additional warranty on free registration.

  • Shockproof body
  • The metallic ceramic coated nonstick soleplate
  • Safe for use and affordable
  • comes with 2 years of warranty.
  • This model is not cordless.
  • Has a small-sized handle.


6. Havells Sparkle steam iron

Whenever it comes to good brands for consumer appliances, Havells has maintained a high position in the list. Havells manufactures water heaters, steam irons, pedestal fans, air fryers, air coolers & a lot of other best selling appliances.


The Havells sparkle steam iron comes with a tough body of white and purple colored combination giving it an appealing look. Consumers have always trusted this model since it was launched in India. The product uses the overheating protection circuit to minimize the chance of burning the delicate fabrics.

It comes with self-cleaning technology. This is the latest added feature that everybody demands in a steam iron. It also has a soft handle which is easy to grip and thus the iron glides over the clothes satisfying the experience.

It has a rubberized temperature controlling knob which keeps the dress and fabric-safe from overheating making the ironing an easier task.

It has a large water tank with a holding capacity of 300ml. This gives continuous water flow to the steam pores. Refilling the tank frequently is always a frustrating task. So, this model with its large water tank prevents you from refilling the tank frequently.

The vertical and horizontal steam bursts and sprinkles respectively. It will also help you to get rid of all the creases in your favorite dress.

It comes with a non-stick coated soleplate and adjustable thermostatic control knob which ensures the fabrics to breathe and come to life locking up the necessary moisture inside. This 2000-watt steam iron allows you to iron all your favorite dresses boosting your confidence.

Its anti-drip and anti-scale properties help to prevent any kind of water leakage when the tank is full during ironing and stops the mechanism from forming any scales along with the pores. 2 years of warranty makes this steam iron better than thousands of other steam irons available in India.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Uses the latest technology
  • Upgraded properties make ironing easy.
  • It has a warranty period of 2years.
  • Hard water cannot be used.
  • Doesn’t come with a cordless body
  • Wait until the iron is fully heated.


7. Philips GC1010- comfort steam iron

Another Philips product in the list of Best Steam irons in India proves that Philips can never be underestimated. Philips GC1010 is one of the top-selling items on Amazon India.

Phillips GC1010 comes in 2 different colors, green & orange. This beautiful steam iron comes with a great range of properties as mentioned below.

It comes with a water tank that has a capacity of 150 ml. It has a small water tank opening lid for easy pouring of water into the tank. Small water tanks always make the iron less heavy. Thus, it is lightweight iron which can easily be used by even the elderly members of your family.

It has a temperature controlling knob which helps in ironing every type of fabric. The knob has symbols printed over it to guide you about the steam & temperature mode.

It has a small steam controlling button that has a different amount of steam release for different fabrics. It even comes with a metallic sole plate which makes this product more durable. This Philips iron uses 1200 watt of power to function effectively.

It comes with a lengthy cord that is flexible at the same time gives you the best ironing results. You will get 2 years of warranty from the brand.

  • customer friendly.
  • easily affordable.
  • soft handle and metallic sole plate enhance ironing by providing a qualitative experience.
  • exclusively designed for catering to customers’ needs.
  • comes with 2years of warranty.
  • If the temperature is kept on low mode and steam releasing mode is on high level, may experience leakage.
  • Have to wait until the iron is fully heated before using the steam mode.


8. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Morphy Richards is a UK based company that has made a good brand image in India in very little time. In any offline or online appliance store, you will find Morphy Richard’s Steam Irons, induction cooktops, convection microwave ovens, & rice cookers.

As the name suggests, Morphy Richards super glide steam iron gives you a smooth & hassle-free ironing experience. Ironing can sometimes become frustrating if you have to refill the water tank frequently and also it reduces the fun with its accident-prone certainties.

It comes with a ceramic coated metallic sole plate which is quite a hardy material and its lightweight makes it easy for the customers to use it. It also prevents the plate from getting it glued to the dress.

The pores are exquisitely designed on the soleplate which provides equal distribution of water on the fabrics and thus glides the strokes during ironing.

It has both the temperature and steam controlling knobs which are the key characteristics for any steam irons. The temperature controller helps to prevent the iron box from overheating and lets the delicate fabrics breathe.

Some of the other features include turbo boost, self-clean & vertical steam. It is available in a combination of 2 colors, white & blue.

To keep in mind about excellent post-sale services, the manufacturer decided to offer 2 years of the warranty period on this purchase. To grab this product on a high discount only for today, click the red button.

  • Soft handle and light in weight.
  • Tough body for rough usage.
  • Ceramic coated soleplate.
  • Affordable
  • manufacturers ensure 2years of warranty.
  • It needs time to heat up.
  • Not a cordless iron.


9. Bajaj Majesty MX 3 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Bajaj is an old & established brand that has been contributing quality through its products and service. The Indian market has always counted itself as lucky to be a customer of this company.


When it comes to Bajaj steam irons, they claim that they produce some of the best steam irons in India. Bajaj Majesty MX 3 steam iron comes with a safety thermal fuse which reduces the chances of burning up the dress as a result of overheating.

It has a 360°swivel cord which is quite flexible and makes ironing smooth. The cord is long enough for long strokes. Also, you will able to iron in different directions without adjusting the cord which would result in faster ironing.

It is very light in weight and has a ceramic coated metallic sole plate. The ceramic keeps the plate from sticking to the fabrics.

It has a temperature controlling knob reducing the chance of overheating and steam controller helping to control the release of steams.

There is a water tank opening lid at the tip of the handle and the water tank has a sufficient water holding capacity. You will able to store 150 ml of water which is enough to iron clothes for a family of 4 members in 1 day.

You can also iron the clothes while they are hanged with the help of a vertical ironing feature.

It comes in a duo-shade of purple & white. You will get 2 years product warranty on this purchase. Get this steam iron fast, as you can avail of over 30% cash discount only for today. To avail more discounts through cashback, click the button below.

  • can hold sufficient water
  • lightweight
  • affordable
  • flexible swivel cord
  • manufacturers ensure 2years of warranty.
  • Hard water can not be used
  • Wait until the iron is heated up before steam ironing
  • Overfilling may cause leakage during ironing.


Buying Guide – Best Steam Irons in India

Steam irons play an integral role in pampering delicate threads. It is the most important home appliance that is needed every day. Nothing in the world comes only with advantages. The same goes for this home appliance as well. Steam has both advantages & disadvantages that can’t be overlooked.

We have got you the best buying guide at your service which will help you in selecting the best steam iron in India. 

Below, we have discussed the types of steam irons that are available in the Indian market.

Types of Steam Irons

Conventional Steam Irons

At first, we would like to tell you that not all expensive steam irons are best in providing services. We never want you to spend money & time on non-smart appliances.

When it comes to a conventional steam iron, it is the top of the segment. It is one of the most affordable and latest technologies in the steam iron industry.

Steam Ironing Systems

This type of irons uses the steam blast technology to smoothen any unnecessary wrinkles on the cloth. It usually comes with a user-friendly guide and numerous vents help in a steady Ironing experience.

Although this type of steam irons tend to take more time to heat up. Also, it never fails to provide you best ironing as it retains the moisture into the fabrics.

Cordless Iron

As the name suggests, a cordless iron doesn’t have any cord. Thus, if you need ironing while you’re not at home, you can always go with this type of iron as they are meant to travel the world along with you. Their long Lasting batteries are rechargeable which makes this irons smarter than others.

To buy the best steam iron, all you need is to go through this guide thoroughly. once you’re done reading the types of steam irons. Here are some of the essential factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing a steam iron.

Factors to consider while buying Steam Iron

A. Power usage 

It must be noted that efficient steam iron requires 1800 watts of power to function efficiently. You tend to believe that more wattage consumption results in better ironing. A steam iron can provide you with the latest technology of using less power at the same time.

However, steam iron manufacturers are always concerned with this problem faced by the maximum number of customers. So, a lot of big brands have produced low power consuming steam irons. You will find a few of them in the list of best steam irons that have been discussed above.

B. Soleplate

Soleplate is another important factor to consider while buying the best steam iron. Soleplate is the base of a steam iron. It is important to check the size of the soleplate. Usually, we recommend the larger soleplates as it covers great lengths in one stroke. The larger soleplate has a large number of pores that allow more steam production. 


Generally, the soleplates are coated with poly-Teflon, ceramic, and aluminum. These coatings prevent the soleplate from sticking into the fabrics of your dresses.

C. Water holding capacity

Water tanks can be categorized based on size, Small & large. The small water tanks can hold up to 210 ml of water while the large tanks can hold up to 300ml of water. The steam irons with large water tanks are capable of ironing more efficiently in comparison to the smaller ones.

However, small tanks lighten the weight of an iron which makes it easy to use even for an elderly person of your family. On the contrary, the disadvantage would be refilling the water tank frequently due to less capacity.

D. Steam Production

If you are looking to buy the best steam irons in India, you must look for this characteristic carefully. Steam production is the main job of a steam iron. So, you should look for a steam iron that produces a great amount of steam in less time. This would not only let you iron the heavy & dry garments but would allow you to iron the clothes while they are hanged vertically in the wardrobe. The small pores in the soleplate of the steam iron are responsible to dispense the steam.

Generally, steam production is measured in grams per minute. There are a lot of steam irons in the Indian market that can produce over 200 grams of steam every minute. You may find a few stream irons that can produce up to 35 grams of steam every minute. So, it is always recommended to consider the steam iron that can produce high steam in no time.

E. Steam Blast

Not all steam irons come with this function. It helps to get rid of wrinkles from the clothes. The steam blast that is ejected out from the iron by just one tap on the steam blast knob. It functions in the case of both vertical steaming and horizontal ironing. Thus, this feature cannot be unlisted from the buying guide.


F. Vertical Steaming

This feature is one of the latest features in the steam iron boxes. Not all steam irons come with this feature. However, you need to choose the best from the market. This steaming feature helps you to iron the curtains and dresses even if they are hanging. You may find irons with this feature a little expensive than other steam irons.

G. Several Steam Vents

 The number of steam vents is really important to check while looking for a steam iron. You should keep in mind that the wattage consumption of a steam iron depends on the number of pores engraved in it. The number of pores cannot go below 16 & beyond 46. The function of a steam vent is to dispense steam to dampen the small patch of cloth, only to get rid of the crumples and creases. 


As you know, there are some sensitive places on every cloth. The steam vents allow ensures proper steam for places like collars. The button groves are engraved in such a manner that they will keep the buttons safe in their places.

H. Temperature Controlling Knob

Every steam iron comes with a user manual. There you can follow the instructions of using the temperature controller knob. This feature can never be ignored from the best steam iron buying guide. The latest steam iron comes with a temperature controlling knob which prevents the chances of burning dresses, curtains & clothes as a result of overheating.

This knob is usually present underneath or at the top of the handle. It comes with user-friendly symbols as instructions, printed on it. Along with the temperature controlling knob, you will also find a steam controlling knob. Both of these knobs supplement each other for better performance of a steam iron.

I. Anti calcium feature

This feature is the most useful part of a steam iron. After using the iron for some time, customers usually see the lime residues of the hard waters reacting after being heated. Nowadays, most of the steam irons come with the anti-calc feature.

This feature prevents the water from reacting to heat and reduces the chances of leaving behind the lime residues. As a result, the pores through which the steams come out remain unclogged.

J. Ergonomic handles and controls

It is best to look for a slim soft handle which can help the iron to work efficiently. Today, all steam irons are made as per the convenience of consumers. However, not all steam irons come with soft ergonomic handles & controls. Thus, you need to look at the features & specifications of the particular product in which you are interested.

K. Anti-drip design

To reduce the continuous dripping of water, the manufacturers came up with this innovative idea of anti-drip technology. This helps to prevent any kind of leakage during the ironing process. Sometimes, it is observed that overfilling the water tank may cause leakage which reduces the quality of ironing. Thus, you should always look for anti-drip technology whenever planning to buy a steam iron.

L. Spray Mist

Spray mist is one of the latest technology which is rightfully incorporated in a steam iron. Through the small pores, the steam iron allows sprinkling the required amount of water to remove the wrinkles from the clothes. The Spray mist functions to avoid any kind of burns on the fabrics. 


M. Auto-Cut off Feature

Who wants to play with fire? Only a fool would think of it.

To reduce the contingencies of burning up your favorite dresses, you should always look into an auto-cut off feature while looking to buy a steam iron.

This technology prevents burning of the cloth & would safeguard you from accidents that may occur due to a forgetful mind during or after the ironing process. A common example can be forgetting to switch off the steam iron after use.

N. Cord length

To avoid any forthcoming danger, one must always check the cord. The circuit and power-consuming capacity of any iron depend solely on the cord. Retractable cords always come with a shock-proof body and thus avoids chances of accidents. Flexibility is always ensured by a retractable cord. Cord length is another thing to check before making a purchase. 


Most of the steam iron variants come with a cord length of 6 feet, and a minimum length of 3 feet. Flexibility swivel cords are always craved by customers and a lengthy cord helps to glide through the fabrics with one long stoke making ironing a faster process.

O. Weight

A medium weight iron is always the best buy. Ironing should be a fun experience. Heavy irons can cause pain in shoulders. Elderly people are unable to iron for a prolonged period. At present, you will find light-weight steam irons on amazon which are easy to handle & operate. 

It has been observed by market researchers that lighter steam irons fail to please the customers while heavier irons are not at all useful for ironing. Thus, a medium-size steam iron would cater to all your needs from removing stubborn wrinkles from the clothes to giving you a pleasant ironing experience.

Advantages of Steam Iron

✅ Vertical steaming is an advantage that would save time & efforts while ironing. With this feature, you can even iron the hanging clothes without placing them on an ironing board.

✅ The auto cut off technology and temperature controlling knob are the best feature of a steam iron. The traditional irons did not have the availability of these features in it.

✅ Any standard iron can iron your favorite fabric. However, you should note that the steam irons work more efficiently as it uses the combination of steam and heated sole plates.

Disadvantages of using a Steam Iron

🚫 The steam iron models with a small water tank have a problem of frequently refilling it.

🚫 In fabrics like wool and polyester blend, the performance of a steam iron is not up to the mark as sometimes it fails to smoothen the creases wrinkles.

🚫 Some steam irons have non-removable water tanks. In this kind of water tank, the disadvantage would be a small size. Frequently Refilling can cause different problems. It is seen that after few days of usage, the cap starts the problem of fitting into the lid opening space. Frequently Refilling can also cause damage to electrical circuits.

Conclusion – Best Steam Irons in India

On a general outlook, steam irons are suitable appliances for middle-class families in terms of ironing efficiency and affordability. They require water and power supply but turns out to be the best available option in India that meets the standard requirements to enhance the ironing quality.


After a deep analysis, we recommend you to go with either Inalsa steam iron geyser Titanium or Philips GC 1905. These two have almost all the features and assure excellent results. Hope this article helped you to select the Best steam irons in India that meet all your requirements.

Let us know in the comments, which steam iron you liked the most?

Also, you can reach us for any queries regarding the best steam irons in India & we promise to reply you back in no time.

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