11 Best Rechargeable Fans in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

A fan is the most common appliance that falls under an absolute necessity in every household.

People living especially in the tropical areas where the weather fluctuates a lot have fans in their houses because it is the most basic and low-cost alternative that provides us with the comfort of a cool feeling on a hot and uncomfortable day.


Electricity has been a major problem in India and people are fed up with the frequent and sudden power cuts that become a barrier to a peaceful day.

To counter this very irritating problem, mankind has yet again brought in a very intelligent innovation in this world and that is none other than rechargeable fans.

As the name suggests, electricity will not be a barrier anymore to cool you down. Rechargeable fans run on battery and this will be worth every single rupee you will invest because you can even carry it wherever you want to as it is lighter in weight than the other kind of fans.

It requires a lot less maintenance as compared to other types of fans and will give you the flexibility that you deserve. We will get into all the different features in the Buying Guide that is mentioned at the end.

If you are someone who is really in the lookout for the best rechargeable fans or you are someone who is still considering buying it, this particular article will vanish all your doubts and confusion and will help you to get the best suitable rechargeable fan for you.

We have shortlisted some of the best rechargeable fans here and without wasting any more time, let us get into this journey.

These are the Top 11 Best Rechargeable Fans in India

ProductsBatteryHeightWarrantyBuy Now
Geek Aire Oscillating Rechargeable Table Fan
5200 mAh6 inch1 yearamazon-button
Geek Aire Rechargeable Mini Fan2600 mAh4 inch1 yearamazon-button
Geek Aire Rechargeable Table Fan15600 mAh12 inch1 yearamazon-button
Rico Rechargeable Table Fan2600 mAh12 inch1 yearamazon-button
SMARTDEVIL Small Rechargeable Fan3000 mAh4 inch1 yearamazon-button
Zonoxo Rechargeable Fan2600 mAh3 inch1 yearamazon-button
EVOLT Rechargeable Table Fan5200 mAh3 inch1 yearamazon-button
Globex Rechargeable Table Fan3000 mAh8 inch1 yearamazon-button
Piesome Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan2600 mAh8 inch1 yearamazon-button
DazzelOn Rechargeable Table Fan4500 mAh14 inch6 monthsamazon-button
JIYANA Foldable Desktop Aromatic Rechargeable Mini Fan2600 mAh6 inch1 yearamazon-button

Best Rechargeable Fans in India (2021)

1. Geek Aire Oscillating Rechargeable Table Fan

Geek is one of the most preferable companies when it comes down to buying household appliances, especially the ones that are used on a daily basis. Their wide range of rechargeable fans is one of the most demanded products in the Indian market.


This Geek Aire Rechargeable Table Fan comes with a unique design that will be a head-turner for sure!

Primary Features

  • 3 blades powered by brushless DC motor
  • Oscillating function
  • Run time of 2 to 8 hours
  • Has a battery indicator
  • 5200 mAh battery

Add a cool segment in your life with this brand new Geek Aire which is so small in size that you can easily carry it anywhere you want to, whether it is your workplace or during traveling, or even when you want to relax in your own home. This will surely compliment you with style because of its absolute modish look!

It will deliver a very speedy performance in utter silence with its 3 blades and the speed of the air can be as high as 27 ft/s.

This strong performance is due to the tough and resistant DC motor which is brushless to give you a long-lasting optimum performance.

It is 6 feet in length, so you can literally place it beside you while relaxing anywhere in your house, so that you never miss a moment of peace and tranquillity!

There is a knob which is placed right in front of the fan for an easier operation which has a lot of different type of use.

If you apply pressure on the knob for some time, like for around 5 seconds, you will notice that the head of the fan is swinging from left to right and vice versa in a 180° pathway.

You can even adjust the head by tilting it front or backwards as per your convenience.

This rechargeable fan has a superior quality lithium battery of 5200 mAh that will provide you with natural cool air for 2 hours straight if it is running at the highest speed or it will give you a life of 8 hours if you make it run at low speed.

The best part is, that you can quickly get the full battery charged within 3 to 4 hours of charging. You can regulate the speed of the fan with the regulating knob by just turning it left or right respectively.

You will also be notified of the battery life with the LED white light. This cool rechargeable fan also comes with a timer function which will give you complete freedom to set a timer & it will turn-off at the set time.

You can do this by simply pressing the knob and you can set the time anywhere between 1 to 8 hours. This amazing product has got 4.1-star rating on Amazon from its customers.

Also, the product has achieved great reviews from its customers which makes it among the best rechargeable fans in India.

  • Timer function available
  • Battery life up to 8 hours
  • One year warranty
  • Left to right and front to back motion possible
  • Soundless performance
  • High speed finishes the charge of the fan is 2 hours


2. Geek Aire Rechargeable Mini Fan

Geek is undoubtedly the most preferred company if you are on the hunt for the best rechargeable fans in India. They always create rechargeable fans according to individualistic preferences and till date have never disappointed any of their customers.


You can even hold this Geek Aire in your hands while your other hand is engaged and is perfect if you are a traveler. Geek has successfully launched a miniature version of rechargeable fans which is this cute Geek Aire 4 inch Mini Fan.

Primary Features

  • 6 blades with 5 different speed settings
  • Battery of 2600 mAh
  • Can be used as a power bank as well
  • Blue colour LED light
  • Run time up to 9 hours

We already know that rechargeable fans are meant to be smaller in size but this particular rechargeable fan from Geek is the smallest of all and is the most suitable fan for you. If you are actually on a search for a rechargeable fan that is highly portable, this is the product to buy. 

This particular rechargeable fan has a total of 6 blades and you will be getting 5 number of speed options with the highest speed of 27 ft/s.

The fan is attached to a charging dock which has a rubber material base and it is specially made that way, so that the fan remains stable even when it is held in the hand while you are in motion.

This small little device has two functionalities. When you will remove the fan from the charging dock, you can connect it to some other power bank with the USB connector and use it independently.

The charging dock can be used as a power bank when your phone will be out of charge! The power of the battery is of 2600 mAh and it will give you a total running life minimum 3 hours and may even go upto 9 hours if you use it at a low-speed setting.

It will also indicate you about the battery life with a white LED light while you will get to know about the fan speed levels from the blue LED light. It also comes with a holding strap for better grip and comfort.

It is one of the safest rechargeable fans as it has PTC and CID circuit installed within it. It has hit the bull’s eye with a sharp 4 stars on Amazon India and it is one of the recommended products by Amazon itself.

  • You can charge your phone with the help of charging dock
  • It will give you versatility in the speed options
  • Can be held in hand
  • Has a holding strap
  • Longer charged life
  • Smaller battery power


3. Geek Aire Rechargeable Table Fan

Another product from Geek in this list clearly justifies about the top-quality of the Rechargeable fans that the brand is producing in order to stay in the top positions.


The company looks after every detail starting from the design and built to the appropriate characteristics that one rechargeable fan should have. This is perfect for you if you have to sit at one corner of your home in the majority part of the day either for working or just studying in general.

Primary Features

  • 12 inch long
  • 1500 CFM airflow
  • Can run throughout the day
  • Tilts up to 120°
  • Extra USB for charging other electronic devices

If you are in the quest for a rechargeable fan that will deliver stronger performance at much higher power, then look no more because this Geek Aire rechargeable fan has got everything that you would need.

This fan is not made with a plastic material like the other fans in India. The blades of the fan are made of metal.

It is actually highly advantageous as it is going to give you a much higher rotational speed and a stronger and forceful wind of around 1500 CFM when at the maximum speed without creating any noise.

This quiet performance is due to the all-new brushless motor technology. The DC motor which actually regulates the rotational motion of the fan does a great job in utilizing minimum power from the battery, so that you get longer battery life.

It will give you a definite working life of 4 hours but if you use it at a much lower-speed, it will easily keep you cool throughout the day. It has a massive battery power of 15600 mAh that charges within 5 hours.

The 120° moving angle will make sure that every person sitting around the fan gets an equal amount of air. The base of this rechargeable fan is made up of rubber which is known for its anti-slippery property that serves the exact same purpose.

The handle gives you a much more comfortable grip while you carry it from place to place. Another fun and cool feature about this rechargeable fan is that it comes with a completely covered battery case and the plug is both water and dustproof.

So, along with less maintenance, it will counter and fight with the polluted environment. To grab a massive discount on this rechargeable fan, click the red button given below.

  • Steel blades
  • Highly powerful battery
  • Charges in a really less time
  • Low maintenance required
  • Has a handle
  • Too bulky for travelling


4. Rico Rechargeable Table Fan

Rico knows the essential properties of a home and its products, especially the rechargeable fans reflect the commitment and effort with which they create the products.


This rechargeable fan from Rico is actually a table fan and it is perfectly suitable for closed surroundings like home or office. Get ready to always get cool air without electricity with this basic yet sturdy rechargeable fan from Rico.

Primary Features

  • Built in plug
  • Has an attached handle at the back
  • Oscillator for rotational movement
  • 4 hours running life
  • Works both on electricity and battery

This Rico Rechargeable table fan is a perfectly balanced blend of the old school table fan and the latest day technological characteristics.

This will give you the flexibility and choice of utilizing the fan with any kind of power source you want and at the same time, it is much smaller than the traditional table fans with much better efficiency and longevity.

The best thing about this product is that it has both AC and DC motor. That means you can enjoy the cool breeze with the help of the strong 4500 mAh lead battery when there is an electricity loss.

When you will run out of battery, you can plug in to get an electrical supply with the help of the power line or cord that is pre-attached to the fan and continue enjoying cool air thereafter.

If you do not want the airflow to be focused on just one place, you can just simply turn the knob which is specifically for the oscillating purpose.

When you will turn the knob, you will notice that the fan will rotate sideways, that is, in the left direction, and then move over to the right direction. This function will allow you to spread the flow of the air in all directions of the room.

You can even tilt the fan at a particular angle as per your sitting position. If you are alone in the room and the direct hit of the air is bothering you, you can just tilt it as per your comfort and get the same feel of nice and comforting air.

When you will plug it in a power source for charging, by the time it reaches full charge, the red light will tell you that it is not charged yet. Once the colour changes to green, that will mean that it is charged and ready to be used again.

  • Can run both on battery and electricity
  • Gives flexibility in terms of angle
  • Uses Japanese technology
  • Red and green light indication for charging
  • Attached handle
  • Smaller power capacity
  • Non detachable cord


5. SMARTDEVIL Small Rechargeable Fan

Being a very recent and modern company, SmartDevil has always been smart enough to inculcate innovation and superiority in their products. They understand modern life problems and they give the people more than the expectations.


Get ready to be the symbol of style and trend when you will usher this beautiful SMARTDEVIL Small Rechargeable Fan for Home, Office, Bedroom, or Outdoor Use. It has an amazingly breathtaking design and will compel your eyes to get fixated on it.

Primary Features

  • Four level speed with LED detector
  • Has an USB port for charging
  • Control with just one button
  • Rotatable up to 45°
  • 3000 mAh battery

Being the very latest product, it has got all kinds of the latest technological features. You can control everything in this fan with the aid of just one button!

You will be getting four variations in terms of speed that can be increased or decreased with one single button! All you need to do is, push the button once for level 1, that is, the lowest speed.

Push the button twice for level two of wind speed and carry on till the 4th level in the same process. You might have noticed, how the normal table fans make the table vibrate and that leads to a loss of concentration every time.

Well, it is not the same scenario for this rechargeable fan because the rubber base will prevent it from displacing from the initial position and also from making your table vibrate while you focus on your work.

The angle of this rechargeable fan can be modified upto 45° to change the pathway of the air! The most thrilling attribute about this product that gives it the immense power of beating other rechargeable fans in the market is it’s running time.

Though it comes with a 3000 mAh battery, it is strong enough to deliver high rate performance up until 15 hours. This will definitely depend on at what speed you use it but the average time frame of its working ability is 3.5 – 12 hours which is way more than the other rechargeable fans in India!

  • Best looking rechargeable fan
  • Biggest run time of 14 hours
  • One button operation
  • USB port for flexibility in charging
  • So quiet can even be used in a library
  • Battery capacity could be little large


6. Zonoxo Rechargeable Fan

Zonoxo is a Chinese company that is well known because the rechargeable fans that they manufacture are not only extremely affordable but they have all the basic and latest day characteristics that you will require in order to spend a fulfilling day!


This Zonoxo Rechargeable Fan is one of the most highly rated products of this company, so is definitely worth buying.

Primary Features

  • 2 step speed
  • Multi functional
  • Has an attached LED light
  • The fan can be mounted
  • Adjustable height

Zonoxo has done a pretty impressive job in launching this Rechargeable fan because just like you, this rechargeable fan can multi-task like a pro and will support you whole-heartedly while you concentrate on your work!

It has pretty straightforward functionalities which clearly indicates that it is a user-friendly rechargeable fan.

It has only two-speed options that can be altered with the help of a control button. Press it for one time if you are not feeling really hot and the lowest speed would be sufficient for you.

Press it twice, when you will be needing air at maximum speed. Now, coming to the feature that makes it multi-functional is the extra LED light that is attached to the fan.

The LED light is not that harsh that would cause irritation in your eyes. It is perfect for all of you who spend the majority of their day in their desk and even when there is an electricity cut.

You will not have to stop working because the LED light will give you the light and at the same time the fan will keep you cool.

You can use the lamp for upto 8 hours and the fan’s running time is around 4 hours. If you do not have enough space on your table, you can also mount it up somewhere. The height & the angle of the fan can be changed as per your preference.

  • Cute design
  • Small and light weight
  • Has a LED lamp
  • Can be placed anywhere – on plain surface or even hanged
  • Silent working fan
  • Built with plastic material
  • Cannot be moved in rotational motion


7. EVOLT Rechargeable Table Fan

If you are looking for a designer rechargeable table fan, EVOLT is the brand to be considered. Convenience will reach its height with this EVOLT Rechargeable Table Fan.


If you have straight-forward priorities like you want a rechargeable fan for traveling which has a really cool and compact design and is light-weight, then I am sure you are going to vouch for this particular fan.

Primary Features

  • Built with pressure resistant ABS plastic
  • Lithium 2000 mAh battery
  • Backup of 5 hours
  • Two speed variations
  • Great performance with less noise

It can even be operated by a kid because it is a completely safe and very easy to use a rechargeable fan. It is perfect for that road trip with friends or a picnic on a warm day.

This fan will offer you convenience from all angles. If the main criteria for you is flexibility in terms of placing the rechargeable fan, this rechargeable fan will definitely fulfill your demand.

If you wish to just hang it somewhere on the wall-owing to less space, then all you need to do is hold the base and push it upwards and hang it somewhere with the help of the spaces scraped out from the base.

This flexible and movable base has one more perk. You can change the angles of the fan according to your preference by keeping the base stagnant at a single point. You can either make it face upwards or downwards to shift the way of the wind.

You will get a dynamic performance but you will be surprised to notice that there is no kind of sound or noise created by it even when you will turn up the speed at the maximum limit.

As it will give you a battery backup of almost 5 hours, it becomes suitable for a road trip or it can also help you to concentrate on your work and will make you more comfortable at home.

  • Multipurpose base
  • Angles can be changed vertically
  • 5 hours of run time
  • Low cost
  • Built with sturdy plastic
  • Does not come with a warranty


8. Globex Rechargeable Table Fan

If you are a big fan of old school table fans, then you will surely love this Globex Rechargeable Table Fan.


This Globex Rechargeable Table Fan will woo you with its tempting old fashioned and antique look that will enhance the vibe of your surroundings, whether it is your home or your office.

Primary Features

  • 8 to 10 hours of charging
  • Can work continuously for 4 hours
  • Has LED light
  • Has both AC and DC motor
  • Comes with an unique power adapter

It will be your partner and guide in any kind of weather and situation you come across. It might give you a feel and look of old times but the features that have been inculcated in it are modish and vogue.

It has both AC and DC motors and can be chosen as per the situations and circumstances. So, when there is no light, the battery that is included in this rechargeable fan will keep the fan working and not make you feel restless.

This rechargeable fan comes with an LED lamp that will light up your room during a power cut. It will always keep your room illuminated, so that you can continue with the work even during no electricity.

It runs on a battery that lets you use the lamp and the fan at the same time. When the rechargeable fan will lose its power, you can put it on charging with the help of the adapter that has been given along with it.

It will take nearly 8 to 10 hours to charge up completely. Till then, you can also use it with the help of electrical energy. It is perfect for your bedroom, living room, and even your kitchen!

  • Independent adapter
  • 8 inch height
  • Perfect for house usage
  • Old school design
  • Can work both on electricity and battery
  • Comes with no warranty
  • No USB port


9. Piesome Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan

Piesome has successfully managed to create a space in their customer’s hearts because of their prime and superior designs as well as the longevity of the rechargeable fans.


If your preference is a rechargeable fan that is so small and versatile that you can carry it everywhere else and can be used indoors or outdoors, then this Piesome Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan will definitely intrigue you with its cute design and compact look!

Primary Features

  • Can be charged with solar panel boards as well
  • LED light intensity can be altered
  • Use both for up to 4 hours
  • Fan battery backup updated to 8 hours
  • Can be carried and suitable both for indoors and outdoors

Your child will have the best sleep even when there is no electricity because along with a powerful performance, it delivers absolutely negligible noise.

It takes the lead when compared to be regular fans because regular fans create a noise which may become extremely annoying after a certain point of time.

The intensity of the light that comes from the LED light that is affixed to the fan can be changed as per requirement. Like if you are in a relaxation mode, you can dim the lights to set the mood and you can even go to sleep like that.

Likewise, if you are studying, you can switch to a higher level of brightness. Use both the light and fan at the same time for up to 3 hours and only the light for up to 8 hours and only the fan for up to 4 hours or maybe more.

You can play with the positions of the fan and hang it at a higher height or just keep it beside you for a closer feel of the air.

You can even take it outdoors whether it is your office or the short trip you had planned for a long time. Adjust the height of the fan as and when you need it. This top-notch product has been showered with 4 stars on Amazon!

  • Sturdy base
  • Cute and fun design
  • Adjustable angles
  • Pocket friendly rechargeable fan
  • Light intensity
  • No warranty is provided by the company
  • Not flexible


10. DazzelOn Rechargeable Table Fan

Simplicity is indeed at its best in this DazzelOn Rechargeable Table Fan with LED Light. This rechargeable fan is for you if have large families and wants a fan that will fulfill the requirement for a larger period of time.


It is the best rechargeable fan of large capacity in this list! The use of this splendid rechargeable fan is not focused on room usage and you can even carry it to your garage, lawn, or even office if you want!

Primary Features

  • 14 inch long fan
  • 5 blades
  • Battery capacity of 4500 mAh
  • Lead acid battery sealed inside
  • 150° swivel movement

Get the best and maximum airflow from this 14-inch long fan! It has been built with 5 strong blades that are powered by a robust motor that makes the blade push it through and give you a very balanced and fixed flow of the air which is comfortable yet very powerful at the same time!

It will give you control over the speed level and you can either get a minimum or a maximum airflow. It has another feature that supposedly makes a rechargeable fan the best suitable one.

The battery that has been included in the rechargeable fan during its manufacturing process can be changed and replaced anytime you find there is a fault in it.

The battery comes with an amazing 4500 mAh capacity and will easily work for 8 hours straight in case of minimum speed of the throw of the air and 5 hours if it powerfully throws at the maximum speed!

It also has a swivel technology where the fan head can have a movement of up to 150° angle so that the air reaches to each and everyone present in the room. It has a LED light of 2 watts that can give you light for 15 hours straight. This fan does have a USB port of 5v. 

  • LED light will go on for 15 hours
  • Sophisticated design
  • Swivel up to 150°
  • Suitable working time period
  • Battery can be changed
  • Could be smaller in size


11. JIYANA Foldable Desktop Aromatic Rechargeable Mini Fan

Jiyana has that power to make you obsessed with their products and you will be bound to check out their amazing range of rechargeable fans that are unique in their own beautiful ways.


This JIYANA Foldable Desktop Aromatic Rechargeable mini Fan is probably one of the cutest and multi-faceted rechargeable fans in the market!

Primary Features

  • Front mesh can be easily removed for cleaning
  • You can add perfume for added fragrance
  • Power saving unit
  • 3 types of speed options
  • Charging cable added

You will definitely fall in love with this fan in the very first look at it and this look will compel you to click on it and convince you more to purchase it immediately.

If you have a good sense of aesthetics and decor, then this rechargeable fan will be the perfect match for you and your house or room. It has a unique design which is nearly impossible to find but is equally powerful as well.

What makes this rechargeable fan really unique is the base of this rechargeable fan. The fan is bolted to the base which gives the fan complete flexibility to move at any angle between 180°.

This means regardless of the position you give it, you can set the angle as per the position and get the cool air you deserve!

If you place the head of the fan directly on the base, you can do a very cool thing with it. You can add a drop of perfume or any liquid fragrance inside the mesh of the fan and switch the fan on.

It will spread that scent of the perfume in the air that it is expelling out and will circulate it in the entire room. So, you do not even have to spray room fresheners anymore. This fan will do the job for you!

The base of this rechargeable fan has got a power button for switching the fan on or off. Also, it has three LED indicators in the shape of dots.

The first one from the left indicates the charging notification and the next three are the speed control indicators.

The first one means it is running at the least speed, the second means the medium speed and the last one means it is running at the maximum limit.

It is the most highly rated rechargeable fan on the list with a winning 4.7 stars! To grab this amazing product, click the “buy at amazon” button given below.

  • Clear LED indicators
  • Unique base
  • Easily cleanable
  • Mesh can be taken out
  • Aromatic fan
  • Less powerful capacity


Buying Guide – Best Rechargeable Fans in India

A rechargeable fan will go a long way in providing you with cool air anytime you want under any circumstances. They are a great alternative to the regular type of fans and are way too easy to maintain.

If you get yourself a rechargeable fan, be assured that it is going to be one of the best investments of yours because of the product’s longevity.

While there are thousands of options available on the online sites, it might create a perplexity in your mind about which one to get.


Having in-depth knowledge about whatever you are buying, well, in this case, a rechargeable fan, will definitely help you in your entire journey of searching and then buying the rechargeable fan that suits you the best!

Finding the appropriate information on the internet about rechargeable fans might lead to a huge deal of confusion and maybe, a lot of time will be wasted if you do not find the information you were hunting for.

The worst that can happen is you might end up buying a rechargeable fan that will not be the best option for you thus leading to an investment going down the drain.

But don’t you worry because this buying guide has all the classified information you will need in order to make the best and the right choice for you.

So without any further ado, let us right away start the journey and look at some of the things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a rechargeable fan.

Factors to consider while buying a Rechargeable Fan

1. Size of the Rechargeable Fan

This is one of the top factors that you should prioritize because this completely depends on your own requirements and demands. The correct size of the fan might be quite advantageous for you and would prevent you from experiencing issues in the future.

The calculation here is quite an easy one and you do not have to put a lot of your brain into it.

If your requirement is quite short like if you are into traveling and you just want one for your table which does not have enough amount of space, then you should definitely go for the rechargeable fans that are smaller in size and lighter in weight, so that you get the ease of carrying it around and having the freedom to place it anywhere you want.

But then if you want a rechargeable fan for your huge room and your area is prone to extended electricity cuts, then the rechargeable fans that have longer length blades can be helpful.

It will take a larger space as compared to the smaller ones but will give you a longer backup time period.

2. Battery Life

A rechargeable fan means that you will have to charge the fan once in a while. Now the best and the most appropriate rechargeable fan for you would be the one that has bigger battery life.

There are some of the rechargeable fans in which the batteries can be changed if it faces some kind of damage.

All in all, if the battery of that particular rechargeable fan has a long battery life and has the option to get changed, be assured that you have got yourself the best rechargeable fan possible.

3. The Charging Time & Working Hours

These two again falls under the top factors to pay attention to in your priority list. Two things work simultaneously in a rechargeable fan. First is how much time it takes to get the rechargeable fan fully charged and second, for how long the rechargeable fan can work.

If one rechargeable fan gets fully charged in between 4 to 8 hours, then you can say that they are quite efficient.

The latest day innovations in the rechargeable fan have reduced the total time it takes to fully charge a fan because it is all about saving time and getting things in a hurry these days.

On the other hand, the functioning duration can be somewhere around 4 to even 12 hours. But this factor completely depends on what speed setting was that fan was working on.

4. The add-ons

Except for the expected attributes, we all keep looking for that extra little jazz that makes the product stand out from the rest and makes your investment worth every penny. So why not apply it for the rechargeable fans as well?

You might have noticed that some of the rechargeable fans come with an attached LED lamp that proves to be extremely handy and helpful when there is a power cut.

Another one of the highly helpful added features is the availability of a USB port. This would give you the extra flexibility to use any power source that also has the same USB port.

But as expected, the number of added features is directly proportional to the extension of price. That means, the more added features, the more will be the price of the rechargeable fan.

So in conclusion, if the added features are an absolute necessity for you, only then you can go for such rechargeable fans just because of the price hike.


5. Brands

Brands play a very important role in determining the quality of the rechargeable fan. The brands that have been in the market for a long time and have successfully gained the trust of the people are highly recommended.

Those brands tend to study the market and inculcate the best technologically advanced properties in the rechargeable fans that would give you the best results.

A good brand will always give you a considerable warranty period and will also provide you with the best customer service whenever you would need one. The best brands of rechargeable fans are Geek, Globex, and Rico, etc.

6. Price

This factor is completely dependent on you. It is always advisable to have a fixed budget before you head over to buy a rechargeable fan. The price of a rechargeable fan depends on a few criteria like the name of the company, the features that are in it, the size, battery life, etc.

So look for a rechargeable fan that has important and convenient features in it and yet falls under a very reasonable price.

Do not go for those fans that have those extra features that you know you would never utilize and they are basically the extra features without which the fan would work just fine.

It is also very important to not to fall for the price first as that particular rechargeable fan might not have all the essential features that you require the most. You need to make your choice according to your requirement.

7. The speed of the fan

The speed of the fan means its capacity to cool you. So it is definitely one of those factors that you must have your eyes on. You might not want the same intensity of the fan speed for a prolonged period of time.

Certain rechargeable fans come with the feature of altering fan speed and have a fan setting up to the 5th level. You should definitely check out the rechargeable fan that has a control knob to change the fan speed setting.

Most of the rechargeable fans can also rotate to spread the wind in the entire room. Glance through the specifications section of a particular rechargeable fan.

8. Additional Features

LED Lamp

The rechargeable fans that have a LED lamp fixed in it will especially help you if you are a student or a working person because during an electricity cut, this will light up your room and will also make you feel comfortable in the dark.

Noise Level

If you want to avoid any kind of noise from the rechargeable fans, then you should go for a motor which is extremely powerful yet creates a negligible amount of noise.

So you need to review the specification section and see if the rechargeable fan has a good quality motor and promises the least level of noise.

Alert when the battery is low

Through the course of the day, we get really caught up in our work, so we might overlook the time to charge the rechargeable fan.

But if the rechargeable fan has an alert system for the low battery, you will be notified way before the moment when it will completely die off.

Built Material

ABS plastic is one of the most famous materials used to build a rechargeable fan and metal also falls under the most used material. Do not go for any other material that is of less quality because durability matters the most in a rechargeable fan.

This factor also covers the design, look, and colour of the rechargeable fan because you would definitely want a rechargeable fan that would look good and match with your style factor and also the aesthetics of your room and home.

Safety Certifications

Always check if the rechargeable fan has certificates that prove that it is absolutely safe to use it. If you are looking for a rechargeable fan for traveling, then this factor should definitely be a priority!


Advantages of Rechargeable Fans

  • The main attractive quality of a rechargeable fan is its compact size. Place it anywhere you want, whether it is your working table, your bed, or the cabinet of your kitchen, and position it at an angle where you need the most concentration of the air. You can literally transfer it anywhere you want!
  • You do not have to worry about unexpected power cuts anymore as the batteries will have your back. Make sure to charge it fully and you are good to go!
  • If it is supported by USB port, you will have the flexibility to get it charged from anywhere you want.
  • You can even keep it in your car if your AC is broken or you just do not feel like breathing in the AC air that day.
  • You can even take it to your office as it will not take up the space of your cubicle. Instead, it will provide you with cool air throughout your working hours.
  • You will not have to face any kind of allergic problems and it is a blessing in disguise for the people suffering from lung diseases. The reason behind this is the air that is expelled out from the fan, usually has moisture locked in it which is great for the people suffering from dust allergies.

Disadvantages of Rechargeable Fan

  • You cannot cool a large area with this type of fans as it will focus on cooling a specific place.
  • If electricity does not come back soon in a prolonged power cut, the battery capacity may drain out from your rechargeable fan after the specific time frame.
  • The batteries of the rechargeable fans might face some malfunctions and if it faces some kind of malfunctions, you would have to change the entire set!
  • It may take longer time to charge as compared to the running time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Rechargeable Fans in India

Q1. Which rechargeable fan is the best?

Ans. From our expert list of the best rechargeable fans, Geek Aire, 6 Inch Rechargeable Oscillating Table Fan is undoubtedly the best and will definitely be worth every penny you will spend. 

Q2. Which rechargeable fan is the best for traveling?

Ans. JIYANA Foldable Desktop Aromatic Rechargeable mini 6 Inch Small Fan table fans is the best rechargeable fan if you want to carry it to places because it has a size that can fit in any place you want and yet look good. 

Q3. How do rechargeable fan work?

Ans. The rechargeable fans are especially made, so that they can work without electricity. There is a DC motor that makes the blades of the fan rotate with the help of the charged battery which is already installed in the fan. Recharge the fan once you notice the exhaustion of the battery. 

Q4. Where to find the best rechargeable fan?

Ans. Online e-commerce site like Amazon is the best place where you can find thousands of varieties of rechargeable fans from different companies and the site will put them all in front of you in a platter, so that you can surf through various options & make the best selection.

Q5. Do rechargeable fans make noise?

Ans. The rechargeable fans that have a good quality motor in it do not make any noise. So, just make sure to check the specification section and see if it is a good quality motor.

Conclusion – Best Rechargeable Fans in India

By now, you hold a lot of information regarding rechargeable fans that you can utilize to finally purchase your perfect choice.

Just be mindful of what you are getting and whether it is a good investment because at the end of the day, the rechargeable fan should last for a really long time!


Geek is the best brand of a rechargeable fan because it is the most trustworthy brand that has been in the market for a really long time and from their huge range of rechargeable fans, Geek Aire, 12 Inch Rechargeable Table Fan is the most powerful rechargeable fan with a giant battery capacity! To know more about this rechargeable fan, click here.

Happy cooling and happy shopping!

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