13 Best LED Tube Lights in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Tube lights have become an essential commodity that is used daily by everyone.

To have an efficient as well as an effective product is an essential need these days and LED tube lights are the ones that fulfill your needs in this category precisely.

LED tube lights are a smarter option as they are more effective and consume very less portion of electricity, reflecting durability and conservation of resources in a more profound way.


A LED tube light has become a wiser option in the market and is chosen by a wide range of customers that want efficiency at a prominent level. As these lights tend to work for a longer duration, you would want to invest in a good one for your home.

So, to choose the best-LED tube light that would brighten up your home as well as saves some money, we have combined a list for you that reflects some of the best options that are available in the market.

To make it a worthy experience for you, we have also accompanied it with a Buying Guide that would help you focus on certain features that are useful as well as reliable and are found in ideal LED tube lights.

Table of Contents

These are the Top 13 Best LED Tube Lights in India

Best LED Tube Lights for Home in India in 2021

1. Philips Astra Line Plus 24-Watt LED Tube Light Batten

Looking for the best brand that leads the list in the market and offers affordable products? Philips is the one that offers products that are reasonable and does the work as per the requirements of its customers, giving them the satisfaction that they expect from the brand and its products.


The Philips Astra line plus LED Tube Light has been in the market for quite a long time and should be checked out to get your hands on a noteworthy product.

Primary Features

  • Requires a wattage of 24 watts
  • The tube light also includes LED batten in the packaging as well
  • The voltage requirements of this tube light are 24W
  • Also has a luminous flux that is approximately 2400 lumen in measurements

This LED light is a presentable and edgy product that will go well with your home as it comes in a sharp rectangular body that looks more presentable and is also accompanied by a curved diffuser that gives it a smart finish.

It is made up of polycarbonate which makes this a tough and durable product in use. It is a cool daylight type of tube light that assures comfort and easiness and provides a relaxed environment for you and your family.

And to assure a healthy surrounding it also protects you from harmful UV and UR radiations that could affect your well being.

To prevent any kind of strain on your eyes it also comes with glare reduction which reduces any kind of scintillate that may arise at times.

In terms of safety and security, it is a certified and verified product by BIS as it qualifies the safety standards of a good LED tube light that could be used by people conveniently.

This product is also registered by IEC, which gives this tube-light the credibility that it deserves with the features and safety parameters.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a pre-eminent product that qualifies itself in various categories and would be a great fit for you and your family. The brand provides a 1-year warranty for this product You can also get this product at a great deal and cashback offer through Amazon that would help you save up some money.

  • Covers all kinds of safety measures
  • Is a very presentable and smart product that will go well with your style
  • A handy product to use which protects you from harmful radiations
  • Offered at reasonable rates
  • The quality may wary but the warranty for this product assures its durability and efficiency


2. Syska T5 18-Watt LED Tube Light

Syska is one of the few brands that guarantee customer satisfaction through its products, as these products are one of a kind and generate productivity at a different level.


To get your hands on a product that matches your budget as well as is an epitome of technology you must look up to Syska for matching your concerns. The Syska T5-18 LED Tube light is an all-rounder product and would offer you the best assistance possible.

Primary Features

  • The tube light meets the standard measurements of 4feet
  • Requires a minimum of 18 W of power consumption for working
  • The luminous flux of this product is about 100lm per wattage

It Has an input power of 22W and an input voltage that ranges between 90-300v AC with 50 Hz. This product has a modern touch to it which is made within the standard measurements of a traditional tube light.

The material incorporated is polycarbonate and a high caliber aluminium body that assures its toughness and quality, it is also accompanied by an exquisite retrofit shape that adheres to your style with elegance.

The display of the tube light is cool white and includes 2N led batten in the packaging for an easy and convenient fitting. It is an extremely light weighted product that could be simply installed without any hazards.

It is a versatile piece that could be used either at your workspace or home, giving you an output like no other. It is a great substitute from the traditional tube lights as they are efficient and save electricity on the same hand.

It is a safe product that is good for the environment. It averts the emission of UV radiation in your surroundings and also depreciates the levels of toxic gases like carbon –dioxide to give you fresh and clean air to breath in, keeping you protected and secured always.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a prominent product that is offered by the brand at minimal rates.

It covers optimum features that need to be present in an ideal product and gives you a long term usage of 50000 hours, assuring durability at ease. The company offers a 1-year warranty for this product and could also be availed at a crazy price by hitting the button given below.

  • Extremely light weighted and easy installation
  • Protects you from toxic materials in the environment
  • Has an optimum color rendering delivery
  • It is a durable product that gives a long term service
  • May not be preferred by many customers but it is a product that should not be ignored and must be checked out once


3. Syska SSK-T5-20W-N-6500K-5 LED Tubelight

Syska is a brand that generates products that comprise of features and outlooks different than others with a remarkable fecund that would match the requirements of its customer conveniently.


If you are looking for a variant product in the market with the utmost productivity levels, you must look up to Syska. The Syska LED tube light is a quantity-based product that is long-lasting and efficient in use, a premium product to go for.

Primary Features

  • Produces 2000 luminous flux
  • Contains 5 pieces of tube light in a single packaging
  • It is also accompanied by a bulb for brightness
  • Has wattage of 20 watts

It is combined with a plastic material that lets this product to be durable and work for a longer period. It comes in a classic white color that goes well with every type of room and its interior. With a versatile design and a long-lasting operation facility, it can be a wiser option to go for. 

It is a light weighted product that can be handled easily and without any hassle, its installation and attachment are also quite easy. It comes in the standard measurements of a tube light of 4 feet which makes it a convenient and expedient product to use.

The product offers a cool white tone lighting which illuminates and brightens up your room appropriately, it has a wide coverage capability as well that assures to cover and brighten up even small corners of your room effectively.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a very good product and an optimum product in terms of quantity and features.

It can be an option for you and could meet your ends in an optimum way to satisfy your needs and requirements. The brand offers a 2-year warranty for this product that would cover your future requirements appropriately.

  • Have a convenient and hassle-free installation and fitting
  • Has good performance and productive capability
  • Have good features that could fulfill your needs
  • Light in weight
  • It may seem to be a little pricey but it offers you a quantity at affordable rates


4. Wipro Polycarbonate Garnet LED Tube Light Batten 

Wipro is one of the emerging brands that have made its way in the market by producing products that display competence and are ingenious predominantly. The Wipro polycarbonates garnet LED tube light is a wise choice that will solve the entire problem in one go.


The product is a versatile item that is made under the traditional measurements of an ideal tube light. It comes in a rectangular shape that makes it look stylish on every use and is composed of polycarbonate material.

Primary Features

  • Requires 140 – 280 voltages for operation purposes
  • Generates luminous flux of about 1900 lm
  • Needs a plugin of about 30 watts minimum
  • Produces color temperature of about 6500

It makes this product sturdy and enduring on use as well as guarantees its quality in each way possible. The display of this LED tube light is pure white that enhances your house interiors prominently and spreads even lighting throughout the house for a beaming view.

With a versatile design, it gives a soft and elegant look to your ambiance and uplifts the style of your house even more. It is an easy product to install and handle as it is exceptionally light in weight.

It also comes with 2 LED battens which assure a tough grip of the product. With a sleek design and crafted end claps, it is an epitome of style that could be installed in your living room, bedrooms, or even kitchens to brighten them with grace and urbanity.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a genuine product that could match quality and persistence with elegance. With the features and design offered by this product, it should be among your priority list to choose the best for your home.

The brand offers a 2-year warranty for this product from the date of the invoice which keeps you rest assured in the coming time. You could also get t at great offers and cash backs through Amazon.

  • Available at reasonable prices
  • Has a sleek and stylish outlook in terms of design
  • Gives out a uniform and an optimum output
  • Extremely light weighted and easy to use
  • As it is an emerging brand, it may have less impact among the customers but it is a style that will be your key to elegance


5. Halonix Streak Squar 20-Watt LED Tube Light Batten

Want to try some new brands that are affordable and provide unique technology in its product that enhances the productivity of its product? Halonix is the brand for you as it aspires to fulfill its customer needs with products that are rendered at minimal rates and contain superlative features.


The Halonix streak LED tube light is a game-changer in the market which should be given a chance as it may be the one for you and your family. It constitutes fire retardant polycarbonate that makes it an imperishable product that could be used for a longer duration of time. 

Primary Features

  • Comes in a combination of two in a single packaging
  • Providing you quantity at minimal rates
  • Requires 20w of power for operation purposes
  • It is a convenient product to use as it is lightly weighted
  • It generates about 2200 lm approximately

This material assures the productivity and toughness of this product, allowing it to be shatterproof and a resourceful one to invest your money in. In terms of designing and the presentation of this product.

It has a sleek rectangular finish that could be lodged at any corner to enhance the interiors and elegance of the room in a finer way possible.

With the sleek and compact designing, the productivity of this product increases as it has a wide coverage that allows it to spread throughout the room easily.

It has LED battens that are formed into square shapes that permit it to be fitted easily and at any possible place, offering comfort in handling and consumption.

These battens also provide a huge wattage of 20W that lets it generate efficient lighting within the room which is relaxing and provides alleviation to the eyes through a cooler tone of white light.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a product that beholds notable characteristics and productivity like no other. It should be viewed and pt under top consideration in your wish list as it offers all in one in a profound way.

The brand offers a 1-year warranty for this product that commences from the date of its invoice.  You could also get your hands on this product at a much lesser price through Amazon as they are offering great deals and cash backs on this one.

  • Maintains the heating level of the product
  • Available at reasonable rates and contains two tube lights
  • It is a durable product as the brand approximates its life for up to 15 years
  • Comes with an aluminium sink that maintains the heating level of the product
  • It May not be known by many customers


6. Wipro Polycarbonate Led Batten Light 

Wipro is among those brands that believe in efficiency and performance at distinguishable levels to satisfy its customers regarding their concerns for an optimum product that would last longer and provide great results.


The Wipro polycarbonate 22- watt LED tube light is a unique product that assures potential at higher levels to meet your needs in an eminent way possible. It is consolidated with a polycarbonate material that guarantees the durability of these lights. 

Primary Features

  • Inculcated with a higher level of power factor technology
  • With this technology, no type of voltage fluctuations would occur
  • Luminous flux of 2000 lm is provided by this product
  • Requires a minimum of 22 watts of power consumption

In terms of strength and long-lasting operations, you can rest assured as it is certified under LM80 standards that promise an abiding performance. This could be a great investment option for you and your family.

The color generated through these lights is warm white which is also called golden yellow, providing a soothing environment all around the house.

It come in three variants which could be adjusted as per your requirements and provide you a refreshing environment to relax and chill.

These lights meet the standard measurements of an ideal tube light which enables it to install in most of your house conveniently.

It showcases a high level of execution of productivity as it has a diffusion of lights that is not yellow and provides a spot-free lightening to enjoy a clearer view of everything within the room.

It also prevents any kind of pressure or strain on the eyes, forming a product that works with natural lights in a better way possible.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is an epitome of durability that guarantees operation for an everlasting experience which in turn enhances your style with elegance.

To make your home a brighter and relaxed place to a refresher in, you must get yourself this product as it would be a great choice for you and your family. The brand offers a 2-year warranty this product and you could also avail of it at great deals through Amazon.

  • Comes in three variant LED adjustable battens
  • Offered at minimal rates
  • Long-lasting and high-performance level
  • Can be fitted in most of the house due to standard measurements
  • May not be considered by many people but the durability of this product is on different levels


7. Murphy LED Tube Light 1 Feet 6W – Cool Batten

Murphy is among those brands that aim to provide prolificacy with efficient coverage of resources in its product, to provide its customer an outcome like no other and the one that matches their stipulation with dash and sophistication.


The Murphy LED tube light is a cost-efficient product that renders prominent features that will an optimum choice for you and your family. It is a convenient product to work with as it is light in weight and can be installed in no time with ease. 

Primary Features

  • Is approximate 1 ft in length that offers 6W wattage
  • The voltage requirements for this light ranges between 160 – 280 V AC
  • To operate efficiently, a temperature range of 10 to 50 degrees Celsius

It comes with an abundant number of screws and fixtures that allow this product to get attached to any flat surface easily, making it a hassle-free job in terms of installation. It is also a durable piece as made with a non-glass covering that allows it to be non- breakable and have an everlasting operation.

The quality and productivity generated through this product are commendable as it has a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin which assures the caliber and persistence of lightning throughout the rooms.

It has a color rendering index (CRI) of about 80% which makes it an effective as well as an efficient product to work with.

It is an eco-friendly product that requires a negligible amount of energy and power to work and provide a higher level of productivity to brighten up your place with natural lighting.

This product covers quality and safety in a balanced way to render its potency in an optimum way possible. With wide coverage operations, none glaring and none fluctuating tube lights that have a prominent level of luminous flux.

It is a product that should not be missed at any cost. In terms of safety and health parameters, it tends to cover every aspect possible as it does not include any mercury.

As well as prevents you from negative impacts from harmful UV radiations and IR rays that could be dangerous for you and your family.

It also controls the emission levels of toxic carbon dioxide in the environment as well as keeps the heating level of the product in check precisely.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is an all-rounder product that safeguards you as well as the environment in a profound way.

It offers some amazing features that would sustain your needs prominently and conveniently. If you want to get your hands on a durable and efficient product, you must check this product out. The brand offers a 1-year warranty from the date of receipt.

  • Inculcated with a driver that maintains the power and consumption levels
  • Comes in a pack of two which is available at an affordable price
  • Enhanced lighting and brightness
  • Optimum safety and security measures are taken
  • As it is an emerging brand it may not be consider by many but with the features and price it offers, it should be reviewed once


8. Philips TwinGlow 20-Watt LED Up-Down Batten Tubelight

Philips has been a brand that brings up new concepts and technology into its product that magnifies their competence and cost-effectiveness at conspicuous levels to guarantee its customer worth of the product they are purchasing from the brand.


Philips twin glow 20 watts LED tube light is a product that is embedded with remarkable variations and innovations that deserves your attention and should be made an utmost priority by you as soon as possible.

Primary Features

  • Contains a single batten in the packaging
  • Has a dual-use to it as it could be used as an up light or a downlight
  • Generates a luminous flux of about 2000 lm
  • Has wide range coverage within the room for a brighter effect

This product is an epitome of innovation as it events a different perspective in terms of usage. It could be used as an up light that generates a warmer yellow tone of light that provides a cozy and relaxing environment for you and your family.

It is a type of lightning that is generally used at movie nights, enjoys family time, and offers you stress-free zone.

Apart from being a stress remedy tool, it also works on the traditional notions of a LED tube light by default that provides natural white lighting.

This spreads in a downward motion to cover maximum parts of your room and brighten it up in a prominent way to make it look more alive and energetic.

This product operates on the default functioning of a downlight that offers a bolt of white and bright lighting throughout the room.

To change from a downlight to an up light for a relaxing getaway within your home in no time, you just need to use the buttons as a toggle switch which means you need to switch it on – then switch it off – and then switch it on and within 5 seconds you will have a relaxing mode working in your room.

In terms of variations and innovation, it enfolds predominantly, it also offsets itself in poise and graceful aspect as well.

It has got a set of LED batten that is clipped on the ends are made in crystal color that allows them to merge with the wall and provide the background a classy look.

And to provide it a more edgy look, it also comes with a chrome lining and mirror finish that makes it look presentable and chic effortlessly.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a product that has topped the criteria of innovations and new ideas which not only saves energy but also gives you an option to relax at the same time. If you are looking for a product that is versatile as well as has a unique touch to it, you must go with this one as it wont disappoint you. The brand offers a 2-year warranty for this product.

  • Is a unique product in terms of technology as it has dual functioning
  • Has a classy and elegant look to itself
  • Convenient and easy operations within seconds
  • Generates high-level color temperature and luminous flux
  • A bit expensive but with the technology and idea that this product renders, it would be worth every penny


9. Wipro High Lumen 22-Watt LED Batten Light

Wipro has been in the business for quite a long time and is known to provide good quality products to its customer and meet their requirements conveniently. It is a basic piece that would replace the traditional ways of operation of a tube light for you.


It is made under the standard measurements of a customary tube light of 4 feet and has a classic finish to itself. It comes in a rectangular shape that goes well with any interior and is a versatile product to go for.

Primary Features

  • Has wattage of 22 watts and requires a minimum of 240 volts
  • Luminous flux produced by this product is 2400 lm
  • Has the ability to generate a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin
  • Comes with a single LED batten

The rectangular shape is complimented by cool daylight shade of the light that outshines your room in an edgy way. It is a 22 watts energy-efficient product that is capable to replace and outrun a conventional 36 watts tube light that produces less and consumes more.

It is an effectual and well-constructed product that does not diffuse yellow shade and leaves behind a spot-free brightness to give you a clearer and refreshing experience.

As LED lights consume less power, they tend to work for a longer period and the same goes for this one. It has been certified and assessed by the LM80 that guarantees a perpetual operation of this product as well as assures no kind of voltage flicker.

On the other hand, it is a safe product as well as in terms of your health as it assures no amount of stress or strain on your eyes, keeping them relaxed all the time.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a basic product that is productive and sustainable in terms of consuming less energy as well as power.

You should look up this product once and it would be able to fulfill your requirements effectively in terms of features and cost. The brand offers a 1-year warranty and could also be bought at a lesser price through Amazon as they are offering various deals and cash backs on this product.

  • A better and efficient product than a traditional 36W tube light
  • Available at affordable prices
  • Could be installed in a living room, master bedroom, or even in the kitchen for a clearer and brighter view
  • An everlasting product as per the verification of LM80
  • It is a basic product but the productivity and efficiency that it renders is a game changer among the other options


10. Philips Astra Line 9-Watt 2-Feet LED Tubelight Batten

Philips has been a versatile brand that has made its customer base by providing them with products that are unique, innovative as well as durable. It has made its way in the market and gathered the trust of people by delivering good quality products and would continue to do so.


Philips Astra – line tube light is an energy-efficient product that differentiates itself in the market through its qualification and fecundity. It is a light weighted product that is composed of plastic material to assure convenient handling and easy installation

Primary Features

  • The voltage requirements range from 160V to 360V
  • Requires wattage of 9 watts
  • It is a gauzy product that could be handled easily
  • Contains a single LED batten

The disposal of light by this product is done in cool white shades that illuminate your surroundings, providing them a refreshed and clearer look. Like another conventional based tube lights that have harsh lightning which in turn gives strain to the eyes.

It promises to spread light evenly within the room and generates the optimum level of brightness to bring in a relaxed and chill environment for you and your family.

It has a sleek, subtle, and straight shape which makes it versatile in use as it will go well with any type of room to enhance its features in a better way possible.

It comes with a single batten that is approximately 2 ft long that would enable this product to consume less and produce more efficiency in no time. With a production capacity of 900 lumens, it is a supreme product in terms of efficiency.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a good option to go for as it renders all kinds of features at a lesser price which makes it a steal deal for you.

It should be taken into considerations before choosing as it may be the one for you and your family. The brand offers a 2-year warranty for this product, you could also get this product at a much lesser price as there are cash backs and offers available on Amazon.

  • Available at reasonable rates
  • Covers a wide range within a room and provides a relaxed environment
  • Has a sleek and classic design to it which makes it a versatile product
  • Comes with a single bulb with 9 watts
  • It May not meet the basic measurements of an ideal tube light but it would look good as well as presentable due to its creative designing


11. Eveready 20-Watt LED Batten

Eveready is an old brand that has made its name through producing products that are durable and long-lasting, depicting the performance of its product at optimum levels and lesser costs.


It comes in a combination of two which lets you have quantity as well as quality at convenience and with style. It conserves energy resources about 50 percent which helps in saving some resources appropriately. 

Primary Features

  • Produces luminous flux of 100 lumens per 1 watt
  • Has a wattage generation of 20 watts
  • Convenient to handle and hassle-free installation

The safety aspects of this product are well covered as it is a verified product in terms of a positive impact on your eyes and health. The product assures that there is no amount of strain or stress providing to your eyes through the light, keep you relaxed, and at ease within its use.

It constitutes of supreme quality polycarbonate that is indestructible, making it a durable and everlasting product to use.

With almost 50 percent consumption rates as compared to the traditional ones, it has defined productivity and efficiency that would sustain through many years in usage for you and your family.

It has a subtle designing to it which uplifts the tone and the mood of your room with grace and elegance, to offer a cozy and warm setting for a memorable time with your family.

It comes with a pair of LED battens to maintain consumption and performance levels. As it is a light product it could be attached easily to the walls and it also comes with an installation DIY kit that lets you do the work as per your choice.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a superior product as it is durable and versatile that would work for a longer duration and high yielding performance.

It should be taken into considerations and looked into for options as it can be the ideal product for you and your family. The brand offers a 1-year warranty for this product that only covers certain manufacturing defects.

  • It is available at an affordable price in the market
  • Has a negligible amount of maintenance requirements
  • Has a long-lasting durability
  • Easy to install and handle
  • It may not be considered by many people but the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of this product prominently showcases its operations


12. Wipro 20W Smart LED Tube Light Batten

Uniqueness and innovations in terms of technology and execution play a vital role for a brand to make its product a hit in the market, It has been one of the brands that have been able to produce such products which match demands of its customer with style as well as necessary alterations.


The Wipro 20W smart LED batten tube light is an eccentric product that would go with your lifestyle prominently as well as enhance your home with grace and urbanity. It is a product that has turned the tables in terms of transforming and revolutionizing.

Primary Features

  • Has a wattage of 20 watts
  • Can be controlled through Alexa or Google assistant
  • Comes in over 16 million shades of color
  • Comes with a single fixture for installation purpose

It comes with over 16 million ones and shades of color wherein you could choose as per your mood and uphill the look of your home in a profound way. You could adjust these colors remotely as it can be accessed through mobile phones, making it a smart and time-saving product.

It comes with a white tunable that enables you to choose from various warm and neutral tones as per your work and daily chores.

You could shift these shades as per your need that could relax or work, providing an illuminating effect throughout the room.

With the Wipro next smart home app, you could also control the level of brightness, giving you an option like no other.

The battens of this product are remarkable and have changed the traditional pathway of an LED tube light as well, as they can be used to schedule as per your working requirements.

It can be used as a timer which works as per the on and off timings set by you through the app. It allows you to save time and have brightness automatically when you need it.

And these battens can be scheduled and managed through a normal internet connection and do not require any other gateway for operation.

It is suitable to get attached to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for a remote control feature within your home. It would allow these products to do the work for you, save you some time and effort.

This feature can be controlled by you from any place as it works through the Wipro app, so if you forgot to switch off your lights you can do it from anywhere with convenience.

It is a smart modern generation product that is an optimum choice with the increasing lifestyle standards of people for a convenient and modern outlook of their home. You should try this product out once and it wont disappoint you. It offers a 2-year warranty for this product.

  • You could create screen timing
  • Can be easily managed through the Wipro next smart home app
  • Accessible with convenience and with ease
  • Has many shades and tone of lighting that can be adjusted
  • It is an expensive product but it offers some of the modern outlook and smart features that are just hard to ignore


13. Orient ElectricEyeLuv Flicker Controlled LED Batten

Orient has been a brand that is known to provide valuable products that cross basic terminology of characteristics in a particular product. To get yourself a product that speaks productivity and distinctiveness through its performance, you must checkout orient.


The orient electric LED tube light is innovation like no other would be able to meet your requirements effortlessly. It comes with a safety aspect like no other and a technology that will prevent you from hazardous health problems.

Primary Features

  • The packaging comes with 2 LED tube lights
  • Requires wattage of 20 watts
  • Has a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin
  • Has a smart technology that safeguards

It has a flicker control technology (FCT) that controls the invisible flicker in a conventional tube light that becomes dangerous to your health and eyes for a stress-free zone. An invisible flicker light causes stress, obesity, and restlessness in your body that can be cured and prevent.

It is made and composed of polycarbonate material that assures durability and makes it a long-lasting item for use.

It has a cool white shade of lighting that has a luminous flux generation of 2000 lm which enables you to illuminate your room prominently to deliver a clearer and brighter outlook of your surroundings.

It is a versatile product that could be installed in a study room, kitchen, a master bedroom, or an office and workspace area for a stress-free zone where you can concentrate and work with efficiency and effectiveness.

It has a polished grey look to itself that adds elegance and style to your room and makes it look more presentable and uniform.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a safe and beneficial product for your eyes that secures them from adverse effects and strains. It should be taken into view and should be on your top list to have a product that is elegant and safe for you and your family. The brand offers a 2-year warranty for this one.

  • Provide You Strain And A Stress-Free Zone
  • Has a classy finish look to itself
  • A durable product that has an everlasting operation
  • Extremely light in weight and easy to handle
  • It may not be preferred over other brands but it assures you safety in terms of your health for a protective environment for you and your family


Buying Guide – Best LED Tube Lights in India

After going through the list of some of the most remarkable products available in the market that are affordable and have a caliber to outrun the traditional ways of lighting., it is now time to unfold for you some of the basic yet necessary features that need to be reflected in your ideal LED light.


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Factors to Consider While Buying the Best LED Tube Lights in India

1. Color Rendering Temperature

An important feature and aspect of good quality LED light is its color temperature capacity that settles the productivity level of light In a clear way.

Color temperatures are measured in terms of Kelvin (K) and a good LED light should have a color temperature range of 200K to 6500K depending upon its composition and material.


2. Luminous Flux (lumen)

The performance and brightening ability of a tube light also depends upon its generation of lumens per wattage.

A good lumen level describes higher efficiency and effectiveness of the product. So whenever you are looking to buy a good LED light, you must check the lumen generation that a product has for better decision making.


3. Durability

One of the major components and features that need to be governed before making a purchase is to check and assure its durability which can be identified through its material composition and certification.

A good LED light must have polycarbonate material in its composition as it makes it a durable and unbreakable product.

4. Wattage

Wattage is a feature that makes a good impact on the performance level of a tube light. It is defined as an input level of the light which assures brightness and illumination within the room. So, to buy a prominent product you must see and try to buy a tube light with 14 – 20 watts.


5. Hassle-Free Installation

You must also consider products that are light in weight and easy to handle. Usually, tube lights come with fixtures and battens that allow an easy installation and operation of the tube light.

6. Warranty

Warranty is required and an essential need in an electronic item and you must buy a product that has been backed with a warranty policy itself to secure yourself from future uncertainties.

Usually, brands offer warranty tenure of 1 to 2 years. These were some guiding features that should attach and accompanied to combine a good LED tube light for you and your family.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best LED Tube Lights in India

Q1. Do LED lights emit good lightning and efficiency?

Ans. Yes, LED lights emit a good performance that enables it to brighten up your room within seconds. Led lights are a sustainable outtake in the market that are just more efficient and productive than the other options.

Q2. Are LED lights affordable as compared to the traditional ones?

Ans. The price quoted for LED lights may vary as compared to the traditional ones but the efficiency and the features of these lights are higher and are available at reasonable rates so that it could be accessible to maximum people.

Q3. Why do we need to shift to LED lights from the conventional ones?

Ans. To have an energy and a power-efficient product that consumes very less and produces an extraordinary output is a better form of customization than the old norms, and LED lights try to be up to the mark with the changes and provide you efficiency at a much lower cost than the traditional ones.

Q4. Do they offer a wide color range and brightness?

Ans. Yes, they come in various shades and tones of lighting and have the ability to cover a wide area of your rooms, to provide brightness and a clear vision to do the work precisely and efficiently.

Q5. Would it be a good option to purchase these lights through online platforms?

Ans. Yes, you can opt for an online option to buy a tube light as you can replace it if does not meet your needs and can also avail very good offers and cashbacks through online platforms like Amazon.

Final Thoughts – Best LED Tube Lights in India

As per our analysis and research, we have provided some of the best options that could help you choose a good product for your family.

The LED Tube Lights discussed above are the ones that have been preferred by many and have good reviews in terms of durability & performance, which makes them worth mentioning as an option to be considered.


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