11 Best Vacuum Cleaners in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Do you spend a lot of time cleaning your home?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you need a Vacuum Cleaner.

dyson-vacuum-cleaner-indiaA vacuum cleaner comes in different sizes and shapes as they are meant for cleaning different locations such as your home, a commercial place, and an industrial place.

Without any further ado, scroll up to read about the 11 Best Vacuum Cleaner in India 2021

These are the Best Vacuum Cleaners in India

Best Vacuum Cleaners in India (2021)

1. Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

German brands have been leading the Indian market from the last few decades. Karcher is one of the very few brands, which has got a tremendous customer base in the vacuum cleaner industry in the Indian market.

As the name suggests, Karcher WD 3 Multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is an appliance that can be used for multiple purposes at a particular time. It can wipe out dry dust, garbage and also wet waste.

Primary Features

  • Blower Function
  • Lot of Suction Hozzles
  • Push & Pull Lock System
  • Motor Power 1000 watts
  • 1 Year of Warranty

The vacuum cleaner has got a premium quality impact-resistance plastic container. When you buy this product, you get a suction hose and a new addition to its feature i.e. clip floor nozzle. This has strong suction with the power of 1000 watts, which is considered optimum for home use. 

This appliance can suck & store waste up to 17 liters in one shot. There won’t be any need to replace the filters for liquid and dry waste as it can occupy all the dry and liquid waste at the same time.

This machine comes with different types of suction pipes, floor nozzle, and suction hose that is used to wipe out dry and wet waste.

Another pipe that you will get is the brush nozzle which is used for cleaning carpets, crevice pipes. You even get a blower for removing dust from low rise furniture.

Karcher WD 3 Multi-purpose vacuum cleaner has some more interesting functions, which can make your cleaning job easier like, the handle can be separated to attach other pipes like a suction hose.

It also has a stable body that can be parked while the cleaning is done with ease. The product is compact & can be accommodated anywhere in your home or office. Karcher is offering a 1-year warranty on this product & you also get an option to pay at the time of delivery.

  • It comes with push & pull-lock system
  • It has an ergonomic shaped carrying handle
  • It features a blower function
  • It comes with a lot of suction nozzles
  • It has a non-reusable dust bag

2. Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Vacuum Cleaner

Whenever you think to buy a vacuum cleaner, water purifier or an air purifier, Eureka Forbes is the brand that might hit in the first place. The brand has a great market reputation and is very popular all over India because of its high-quality customer service.

Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Vacuum Cleaner is an ideal product for your modern houses as its design is stylish that would add a pinch of elegance to your property. It is very popular among people who like to buy a high power-efficient appliance to clean their houses or offices.

Primary Features

  • Compact and Very Lightweight
  • Dust Bag Indicator
  • High Power Efficient Appliance
  • Power Of 1000 watts
  • Very Powerful Suction
  • 1 Year of Warranty

The body of the Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner is compact and so it can be useful to those who have less space for storage. As it is compact, the machine is also very light in weight. Hence, you can uplift it easily.

Being small in size doesn’t mean it is not powerful, it has a strong built and has the power of 1000 watts to wipe out all the minute dust. It comes with more cleaning accessories like a hosepipe, which is used for quick cleaning.

It has a feature of dust-bag indicator, which will notify you when the dust bag is full and needs to be cleaned for further use. The power button in this appliance is given at the lower level, which allows you to operate the machine by foot.

It gives you freedom from bending again and again& you can control the device by your foot. The attractive part about this vacuum cleaner is that it is delivered in ready to use form & does not require any installation. The company is offering a warranty of 1 year on this appliance.

  • It’s very much light in weight
  • It has a Dust Bag Full Indicator
  • It comes with very powerful suction
  • The quality of wheels is not good

3. AGARO Ace Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Agaro is an amazing brand which has tried its hands on a different category of products. Their affordable price range and amazing quality help them to stay as one of the best brands in India. Ease out your cleaning process with this effective vacuum cleaner.


It comes with a number of different advantages in various aspects, which would save time and energy as you clean all-around your home. It has a well-sufficient capacity of 21 litres.

Primary Features

  • 4 Base Wheels
  • 5 metre Long Cord
  • Inbuilt Dust Bag
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Power of 1600 watts
  • Well Sufficient Capacity of 21 Litres
  • 1 Year of Warranty

This gives you the option to cleanse your house all at once, without having to unload the dust bag every now and then. In fact, if you live in a medium-sized apartment, it would enough if you empty the dust bag once every week.

You are given an option to cleanse dry as well as wet surfaces. This offers enhanced flexibility as you can cleanse in dual modes with the same appliance.

If in case you have difficulty in vacuuming areas with stiff dirt, you can use the blow mode. This would blow out high-pressure air, thereby forcing the dirt to loosen out.

To enable cleansing multiple surface types with better efficiency, the machine comes with additional attachments. This includes a crevice nozzle, floor cum carpet brush, multipurpose cleaning brush, absorbing brush, and telescopic metal tube.

There is also an in-built dust bag made out of cloth, which would collect dust as you clean. Making it all the more effective for you to clean your space, it is engineered with a high suction power of 21.5 kPa.

This would make sure that all the dust from every nook and corner of your home is sucked completely, leaving your space fresh and clean. As you clean all around your home, you can drag the machine from room to room without any struggle.

It has 4 base wheels that can rotate in 360 ̊, allowing you to pull the entire machine along as you go. Also, it is provided with a 5 metre long cord. Thus, you will have to unplug and plug as you move from one room to another.

These superior functions are supported by a powerful motor, which not just amplifies the performance of this machine but also enhances the durability factor. The maximum power that is consumed by the appliance is 1600 W. Also, it comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1 year.

  • Good suction power
  • Sufficient capacity
  • Flexible attachments for usage in multiple surfaces
  • User-friendly design
  • Durability of the product is questionable


4. American Micronic AMI-VCD21 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

American Micronic is one of the top brands that manufactures vacuum cleaners for your daily basic needs. AMI-VCD21 is one of the finest & most demanded product due to its feature of grasping wet & dry waste altogether.

This appliance is equipped with lots of amazing features that make it a top choice among the users. It is an ideal selection for house and office cleaning. It has a strong suction to trap waste with its 1600W motor that uses a 220V power input for fast and effective cleaning.

Primary Features

  • Heavy Dust Stainless Steel
  • HEPA Filter
  • Reusable Dust Bag
  • Power of 1600 watts
  • Motor made of 100% Copper
  • 12 Months of Warranty

The design of this machine is beautiful and attractive, which makes it one of the highest-selling vacuum cleaners on Amazon. It is effective in cleaning dust even from the corners of your house.

Not only this, but it even performs great when it comes to cleaning a sofa upholstery, carpets, mats, curtains, floors. It uses a HEPA filter that efficiently sucks all the small & tiny dust particles.

The challenge that a lot of vacuum cleaner users face is to select an appropriate pipe for cleaning. Different cleaning areas require the use of different extension pipes on the appliance.

But, this model has various pipes that come along i.e. hose pipe, extension pipe, brushes for carpet, crevice pipe for better cleaning. American Micronic AMI-VCD21 comes with a reusable dust bag, which can carry 2 liters of waste in one go.

The bag is made of non-woven material & can easily be cleaned after use through a liquid wash. It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, which makes it durable for the long run.

The stainless steel body gives the vacuum cleaner a decent look to stand out and can be kept anywhere. The company is offering a 1-year warranty on this vacuum cleaner, which makes it an amazing purchase.

  • Motor made of 100% copper
  • It uses a HEPA filter to trap dust & dirt in the air
  • It has a reusable dust bag
  • Amazing suction power
  • It is not a handy appliance

5. Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Vacuum Cleaner 

Eureka Forbes is one of the very few brands which are leading the national & international markets for over 2 decades. The Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Vacuum cleaner is abode by its style and performance which will never let you down.

The cleaning process done by this machine is commendable and efficient. This equipment is very compact and easy to store in any house or office. It is lightweight and handy for cleaning the house from one room to another.

Primary Features

  • Lightweight & Handy
  • Power of 1200 watts
  • Auto0cord Winder
  • 3 Swivel Winder
  • Dust Full Indicator
  • Twin Parking Position
  • Premium Quality 3 Wheels
  • 1 Year of Warranty

This vacuum cleaner has an added feature for saving the electric cord from being damaged while the machine cleans up the house, it has a separate duct for keeping it when it is not required.

  • It has a cord-winder that avoids chaos
  • It has premium-quality 3 wheels
  • It can be easily operated through the foot
  • #1 Best Selling Vacuum Cleaner
  • No color choices available on this model

6. Dyson V8 Absolute + Cord-Free Vacuum cleaner

Dyson is one of the finest producers of vacuum cleaners, air purifiers & hair dryers. You may find Dyson products a little overpriced in comparison to other products but when you may not know that it is worth the cost.

Dyson V8 Absolute is the best vacuum cleaner in India for home & office use. The Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner allows you to clean anything with the help of an adjusting pipe.

Primary Features

  • Cord Free Appliance
  • Convient Docking Station
  • 6 Cell Lithium Battery
  • Very Lightweight
  • Powerful Suction of upto 115 AW
  • Hygienic Dirt Ejector
  • 2 Years of Warranty

You don’t need to give yourself pain by bending or stretching your body to clean the indefinite areas & corners in the house. This appliance comes with a pipe, which can be separated from it & then the machine can be converted to a hand-held vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean your car interiors.

This machine is multifunctional in all aspects, it can reach out to unapproachable places to kick-out out even the minute dust particles, which leaves you with a neat and clean house. This machine is very light in weight & can be easily lifted to clean spiderwebs on the ceilings.

It works on Dyson digital motor V8 is highly powerful, which spins at 1,10,000 rpm and creates a suction of 115 AW to suck up all the minute dust particles. The power is so strong that the filters capture even the tiny particles of 0.3 microns.

The machine works on six-cell-lithium-ion battery, which gives up to 40 minutes of effective and efficient working. The most prominent function of this machine is its hygienic dirt ejection mechanism.

You can store the Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner anywhere in the house. The charging system of this machine makes it an ideal purchase for cleaning the house. Not only this, but you even get 2 years of warranty on this product.

  • It’s a cord-free appliance
  • It can be transformed into a hand-held vacuum cleaner
  • It has a 6 cell lithium battery
  • You may find it as little over-priced but it’s worth to buy for the features & specs

7. Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson is one of the best companies that is known for its premium quality products & post-sale services. The Dyson V10 Absolute Pro vacuum cleaner will deliver you an extreme satisfaction experience as it can clean the house with ease.

This machine comes with high power batteries, which enables it to work for around 1-hour without a break, which is enough to clean out all the dust present in your home. The Powerful digital motor of this machine can take over 1 lacs revolutions every minute to wipe the micro-particles.

Primary Features

  • 3 Power Modes
  • Drop in Douching
  • Fade Free Suction
  • Fully Sealed Filtration System
  • High Performance Cleaning
  • 14 cyclones
  • 1 year of warranty

It is featured with 14 cyclones, which can generate forces of over 79,000G to absorb the pollens & bacterias from the floor. The machine is even capable of sucking the minute particles of up to 0.3 microns.

Another aspect of this vacuum cleaner is that it works in three different modes depending on the type of floor, carpet, hard floor, etc.

It is made with engineered thinking, so during the cleaning process, it absorbs all the vibration and cuts down the noise created by the machine.

Dyson V10 Absolute Pro vacuum cleaner can be converted into a hand-held appliance, you can easily remove the extended pipe to clean the car interior or inaccessible acute corners of any premises.

You get an extended pipe at the time of purchase that can be attached to the machine, which would help you to remove the spiderwebs from the ceiling.

The mini-motorized tool is effective in clearing all the animal fuss from the carpets, sofa & other furniture. This appliance can be easily cleaned after use as it has a “point and shoot” mechanism that allows the dirt to eject out of the container.

It is available on a massive discount on amazon this season. So, if you are looking to buy the best vacuum cleaner in India, this may be the right choice.

  • It can be fully-charged in only 3.5 hrs
  • It comes with 3 Power modes
  • It has Acoustic design to absorb vibration
  • It can be used as a handheld appliance
  • Its spare parts are little expensive

8. Amazon Basics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Amazon manufactures some of the best & cost-effective appliances in India, which includes refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens and many more. The Amazon Basics Cylinder vacuum cleaner is available in 2 different models, standard & Advanced.

Both the variants come with amazing looks, designs & are packed with a lot of great features. This vacuum cleaner is available with the power of 700 watts, which makes it highly power-efficient & clear all the mess around your house and brings sparkling effect all over.

Primary Features

  • 2 Different Models
  • HEPA 12 Filter
  • Power 700 watts
  • Uphoistery Nozzle
  • Hight Energy Efficient Appliance
  • 2 Years of Warranty

This vacuum cleaner has HEPA 12 filter which collects dust particles, pet dandruff, pollens, & other micro bacteria up to 99.5%. The machine is equipped with cyclonic technology that has the intensity to suck all the dust in the house or office.

It also has a washable filter, which can be cleaned after use and used again when it’s required. This appliance comes with a reusable dust bag that can be used after cleaning the dust that has been collected into it previously.

It is very light in weight, which will give you relief as you can lift it and walk around anywhere in your house easily. The cleaner is equipped with accessories like the upholstery nozzle that is used for cleaning furniture and sofa.

Another nozzle you will get with this product is called crevice nozzle, it is used for reaching between the cushion couch lines. The brush nozzle is used to clean carpets, & the last one is dusting brush which helps to clear table-tops and alike things.

The product comes with 2 years warranty, which makes it a perfect choice. If you are looking to buy a vacuum cleaner under ₹4000, this product might interest you the most.

  • It’s a high energy-efficient appliance
  • It comes with HEPA Filter technology
  • No dust bag is used in this vacuum cleaner
  • It has removable & washable filter
  • Huge body, tough to accommodate

9. Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes is another popular company in the consumer goods sector. The company have been successful in capturing the major part of the Indian market in selling vacuum cleaners & air purifiers. Eureka Forbes Trendy is much in demand and is top-rated on Amazon.

As the names suggest, the body of the vacuum cleaner is made of high-quality stainless steel which is sturdy and durable. It can suck the solid as well as liquid waste, which will improve your cleaning experience.

Primary Features

  • Hig Quality Stainless Steel
  • Power 1300 watts
  • Automatic Cord Winder Technology
  • 13 Different Attachments
  • Blower Technology
  • Affordable Price
  • 1 Year of warranty

It comes with a strong electric motor that creates a power of 1300 watts, which can pull all the dust, pet hair, stains from the surface. This appliance can even suck fluid waste in one swipe. It has a button that lets you operate this appliance from your foot.

So, you can operate it without bending your back & enjoy cleanliness in your home. This machine comes with an amazing airflow rate and water lift ability, which does a really impressive job & cleans even the micro dust particles from every corner of your house or office.

Eureka Forbes Trendy Vacuum cleaner has an automatic cord winder technology, which eliminates the problem of entangling. It comes with 13 different attachments that give a smooth cleaning to your property.

With this product, you even get a reusable dust bag that can be cleaned when the alarm notifies you through an indicator and the reuse the dust bag for further use.

There is a blower technology, which functions Pretty well and removes all the dirt from inaccessible places and cleans up the area.

You get various options for cleaning in different locations. You can easily pack the product & store it anywhere because of its compact design. You also get a 1-year product warranty from Eureka Forbes.

  • It features both suction & blower
  • It has auto-cord winder
  • You get a large number of acessories
  • Affordable Price
  • It has a little bulky body

10. KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner 

Kent, the name that does not need any introduction for the Indian consumers. Kent has become a successful brand in just 2 decades. The Kent Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner is one of the few vacuum cleaners that can be easily afforded by middle-class families.

It is available on over 25% discount on Amazon India. The Kent force vacuum cleaner has all the qualities of eliminating the minute dust & dirt particles. The machine works well as it is equipped with cyclonic technology which helps in removing all hard & tough stains from the floor.

Primary Features

  • Cyclonic Technology
  • HEPA Filter
  • Powerful Motor of 2000 Watts
  • Metal Telescopic Tube
  • Low Noise operation Technology
  • Generates under 79 decibels noise
  • 1 Year of Warranty

This vacuum cleaner is loaded with an awesome technology called HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) that traps the dirt from the atmosphere while cleaning the house.

It works on a powerful motor of 2000 watts, which is enough for home purposes. This product offers various extensions that would help you to clean your house in a better way.

The attachments that you get include flexible hose, metal telescopic tube, crevice tool, dust brush, floor and carpet brush which will let you clean different corners and surfaces of the floor.

It has got good quality rubberized wheels, which makes it easy to move from one room to another. It features a “Low Noise operation Technology” which controls the noise produced by the motor.

It only generates under 79 decibels noise that makes this machine an ideal purchase for the buyers. The product weight’s around 5 kgs & is also small in size, thus you can easily lift it & can adjust anywhere in your house.

You get a 1-year warranty on this product that makes it stand out among its competitors. If you are looking to buy one of the top vacuum cleaners in India, hit the buy button below and get this amazing machine today.

  • It works on Advanced Force technology
  • It has rubber wheels, so can be easily moved
  • It has HEPA filter
  • Its light in weight
  • As per reviews, few users are facing some issue in post-sale services

11. BLACK+DECKER VH802 Vacuum Cleaner

The Black+Decker is another American brand that is ruling the national and international home improvement industry for over 100 years. The company deals in some of the best power tools, small appliances & other home improvement accessories.

There are 2 variants available in the similar segment, one is VH-802 & the other variant is VH-801. Both the variants have similar looks, designs & color. The only difference you may feel would be of some micro-features.

Primary Features

  • Easily Assemble & Disassemble
  • Light-Weight Appliance
  • Blower Function
  • 2 Extended Cord Attachments
  • Dustbowl Capacity of 900 ml
  • 12 months of Warranty
  • Very Handy Appliance

This vacuum cleaner works on the concept of DIY(Do it Yourself). You can easily assemble & disassemble this product without any expert & technical knowledge. You can shift it anywhere in the house or to another place without any hustle.

The Black+Decker VH802 is a light-weight appliance, which lets you accommodate it easily anywhere you want. It features a “blower function” that lets you blow the dust from unwanted corners.

The product is very much effective in removing the toughest stains from the floor, carpets, and sofa upholstery. It is ergonomically designed that delivers you an exceptional cleaning experience.

You get 2 extended cord attachments, which can reach out to the unapproachable areas in the house and cleans the property effectively.

There is a Dustbowl in this vacuum cleaner, which has a capacity of 900 ml that stores the dust while the cleaning process is going-on. You also get a dust blower, that kick outs dust from the sensitive areas like computer keyboards & other electronic items.

This vacuum cleaner comes with additional accessories like turbo brush, multi-purpose brush, extension tubes which will let you clean the area under the low rise furniture.

This is one of the best selling products on amazon. To add more spice to this deal, black+decker is offering a 12 months warranty on this vacuum cleaner.

  • It comes with a Soft extension Hose
  • It has an ergonomic design for effective cleaning
  • It also has turbo-brush for cleaning carpet
  • Very Handy Appliance
  • The connecting clip is little fragile

Buying Guide – Best Vacuum Cleaners

Today, when technology is changing every day, the vacuum cleaner industry is evolving at a high pace. For different cleaning purposes, you get different types of vacuum cleaners.

For instance – A vacuum cleaner that is effective in pulling the dust from furniture might not show the same results in cleaning a sensitive item like a keyboard.

For clearing all the dust and unwanted trash from the carpets and mats, you need to have different nozzles like a brush and to clean your sofa and other upholstery items, a different nozzle is required.

To avoid that hustle, there are different types of vacuum cleaners for different objectives. To get more knowledge about the best vacuum cleaners in India, we have got you an amazing buying guide. In this, you will get to know about the advantages & disadvantages of each type of vacuum cleaner.

Based on shape, purpose & technology, you have 5 different types of vacuum cleaners in India that are as follows.

  • Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  • Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

There is another type of vacuum cleaner called “convertible vacuum cleaner” that is not available in the Indian market, so we have decided to discard it from the list.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

It is the most common vacuum cleaner used in India. A large of Indians prefer buying a canister vacuum cleaner for their home or office purposes. It has a cylindrical compartment that includes a powerful motor and a garbage container or a bag.

There is a traction nozzle that comes out from the cylindrical compartment which is connected to a hose-pipe. This type of appliance can be a little heavy because of the bulky motor but most of them come with rubber wheels through which you can easily move it anywhere.

This vacuum cleaner will surely take away all your pain as it is effective in cleaning dust from sofa, upholstery, carpets, mats, staircase. Not only this, but this machine can also clean the ceiling fan as it has a telescopic extension pipe, which reaches out the ceilings very easily.

The canister is an all-in-one vacuum cleaner. It has bag storage in the container that collects all the dust. Once the cleaning process is complete, you need to empty the bag or replace it with a new one, else the dust inside the bag may choke the machine, which might reduce it’s the intensity to work.

  • Makes very less noise in comparison to other vacuum cleaners
  • It comes with different attachments & extensions for cleaning
  • Moving the equipment on wheels is easy
  • Tough to lift the machine, because of heavy weight
  • Lot of attachments, So might be difficult to accommodate everything in one place.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The handheld vacuum cleaner is light in weight and is mobile in comparison to a canister vacuum cleaner. This cleaner can clean all the complicated areas like the acute corners of the property, the car interiors, etc. It was a little difficult to do all this with a canister vacuum cleaner, due to its bulky body.

This appliance is very portable in size and can be easily lifted-up as it is lightweight that makes it the perfect selection for every modern house. The hand-held vacuum cleaner does not come with a storage bag to collect dust particles and other garbage.

The modern vacuum cleaners do not have any power cords, they work on the concept of inbuilt batteries. As a handheld vacuum cleaner gets power from batteries, so they have low suction in comparison to a canister vacuum cleaner.

  • Lightweight in comparison to other vacuum cleaners
  • It can clean all the complicated areas of the house, car interior, sofa, and floors
  • Highly affordable
  • Not so powerful suction

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Similar to its name, the body of this vacuum cleaner is upright tall. The vacuum cleaner offers great help for the old age people or senior citizens as they don’t have to bend much to clean the floor. In the United States, the upright vacuum cleaner technology have been ruling for decades & You can see every house with this machine. On the other hand, it has hit the Indian markets in the past few months.

Diving into its working, the nozzle head of this type of appliance is close to the floor surface which ensures that all the dust particles are sucked from the carpets, mats, and floors.

The upright vacuum cleaner does not deliver portability and it is inconvenient to move this machine from one place to another. If you are buying this to clean the dust under the furniture, sofa set or remove spiderwebs from the ceiling, this might not be a good fit for that.

On the contrary, this cleaner works amazingly fantastic when it comes to cleaning floor & carpet, mats and other related items. To get it in the work mode, you need to hit the foot-pedal to change its direction.

  • You can easily store it anywhere
  • It works so good when it comes to cleaning dust from the floor and carpets
  • It offers a bigger storage bag in comparison to the Canister vacuum cleaner
  • The vacuum cleaner hose-pipe is flexible and the body is upright, which makes it versatile
  • It does not clean under the table, furniture, etc
  • Do not have a retractable electric cord
  • The body of the machine is heavy, so it would be tough to clean staircase

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The stick vacuum cleaner looks likewise to the upright vacuum cleaner. Many of the features of this Vacuum cleaner are similar to the upright vacuum cleaner, its body is tall and while cleaning you do not have to bend your back. Moreover, it does not have any wires as it runs on batteries. You don’t get extra attachments with this vacuum cleaner for cleaning purpose.

While comparing this vacuum cleaner to an upright variant, you will notice that it is more mobile as well as portable. It designs and looks totally goes by its name, stick. You can clean all that area of your property where an upright vacuum cleaner would fail like beneath the table, sofa upholstery, staircases, and can even clean your car interior easily.

This vacuum cleaner is very light in weight, so you can easily lift it to clean the curtains. Not only this, it is effective in cleaning the head of the cupboards and furniture tops.

Are you an Indian home maker who does not have a tall height and have to either use a ladder or a stool for cleaning purpose, then you need to buy a stick vacuum cleaner that has a flexible grip handle.

  • It is lightweight and mobile
  • No bending required as it has a tall body
  • The function requires batteries which eliminates entangling of wires
  • Works well in collecting little trash, interiors of the car
  • It doesn’t work well on floors and carpets
  • The dirt-bin is small that collects less amount of garbage

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The robotic vacuum cleaner is the latest concept in the Indian vacuum cleaner Industry. Its appearance & design might remind you of UFOs. But, soon you will realize that it’s not the case. Glancing on the structure of a robotic vacuum, its available in 2 shapes, a disc and another is square.

Artificial Intelligence has touched the sky in past few years & thus this appliance even works on that technology. It can collect all the trash by sensing it, so that means if you are a working professional, this product has been developed for taking away all your nightmares. It does not require any human intervention & can clean the house in your absence.

You only need to note that, it should have an optimum amount of battery when you are switching it on so that it can complete the cleaning job. Though, there is another segment of a robotic vacuum cleaner that can recharge itself whenever it indicates a low battery.

It will find the recharge point on its own and start the same process. It minimizes the human interference but that cant be eliminated, you need to clean the trash from the dust-bag, once a week. The machine is effective in cleaning the floors, acute corners and even the low rise furniture as it can be easily sensed.

  • Small in size and shape
  • Works at any time of the day
  • Clean below the furniture and all the rooms
  • Charges automatically
  • No human attention is needed
  • It cannot clean the staircase
  • It is effective is zero or base level cleaning, can’t clean sofas, curtains, ceiling
  •  It collects less trash in one go need to be cleaned every week

Many other types of vacuum cleaners are presently not available in the Indian market, like convertible vacuum cleaner & centralized vacuum cleaner.

We hope that you are clear with the five types of vacuum cleaners in India. Now, we will guide you about the factors that you need to consider while buying the Best Vacuum Cleaner in India.

Vacuum Cleaner Container: Bag or Bagless

The first type of vacuum cleaner that we discussed was the canister vacuum cleaner, which comes with dust bag. An upright vacuum cleaner has a reusable bin or a disposable bag. You may not deny the fact that these dust-bags can hold a lot of dust that can be disposed of after the cleaning process is complete.

You can only feel the amount of dust inside the bag once you remove the bag from the appliance. In case the vacuum cleaner has a reusable bag, you can see whether it’s full or not because of its transparent nature.

Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaners

As the name indicates, the Wet/Dry vacuum cleaners can wipe out both wet as well as dry waste altogether. These vacuum cleaners can clean all sorts of waste like glass pieces, spilled drinks, water, any other solid or liquid waste from the floor & carpets.

It is even effective in cleaning the wet bathrooms and make them as if no one has used it. Vacuum cleaners with this kind of feature eliminates the functions of a broom & mop both.

HEPA Filter

The modern-day vacuum cleaners are loaded with HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) which can traps dust particles, pollens, and other impurities from the air with size as small as 0.3 microns and can deliver over 99.99% of cleanliness in your home

The HEPA filter is a glass fiber arranged in the form of a filter mesh that traps the dust, dirt and other tiny particles from the air. Some other types of filters include charcoal filter, foam filter, cloth filter, and disk filter. Most of these filters are used in air purifiers.

Noise Level

Most of the modern vacuum cleaners in India produce negligible or no noise like a robotic vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, few of the cleaners like upright vacuum cleaners or that works on the cyclonic action makes some noise. However, It does not have any relation with the working & cleaning process.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when you are looking to buy a vacuum cleaner. Before buying it, you should know about all the areas which require cleaning like, corners of the house, ceiling, stairs, unreachable areas (if any).

The portability of the vacuum cleaner helps in cleaning all the unreachable dirty areas easily and also gives you an ease in moving the appliance from one room to another.

Cordless or Wireless

If you are buying a vacuum cleaner that does have running cords, it may become a headache as the entangling of wires can be a problem while moving the appliance from one place to another. Using a wireless vacuum cleaner gives you ease in cleaning and also freedom from storage of wires.

There are vacuum cleaners with retractable power-cords. We recommend you to buy vacuum cleaners with power batteries. But the only drawback with it is that it needs to be charged at regular intervals.

Spare Parts

A vacuum cleaner is an electrical product that may break down anytime. You might not buy a new vacuum cleaner if its power switch need to be fixed rather you will look to repair that or buy a new switch and replace it with the default one.

So, we suggest you to buy a vacuum cleaner whose spare parts are easily available in the market. If the product has any left-over warranty at the time of the fault, you can get that fix from the company itself.


  • For cleaning of carpets/floor/Mats -> Buy a Canister, Upright or Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • For Cleaning sofa set upholstery -> You need a handheld or stick vacuum cleaner
  • For Cleaning Car interior -> Get a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • For Cleaning Inaccessible areas -> Buy a canister or stick vacuum cleaners
  • For cleaning laptops, Computer, keyboard and electronic items -> You need a handheld vacuum cleaner
  • If you have asthma patients -> Buy a Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter
  • For cleaning pet hair -> Buy Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter


A lot of brands might offer plenty of accessories to attract you to their vacuum cleaner deal, but we recommend you to look at only the necessary accessories, whether you are getting that essentials. The canister vacuum cleaners come with various brushes, like telescopic extension pipes.


You have read about the best vacuum cleaners in India in 2020. The buying guide will help you choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home or office purpose. Buy the right one according to your usage and ensure that the cleaner discards all the dust particles clean the place effectively. It is important to select the vacuum cleaner according to the size of the property, number of rooms, area, corners, etc.

Some vacuum cleaners are only manufactured to clean dust from the floor surface and cant provide clean surroundings and a healthy dust-free environment. So, you should consider a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, which can trap the minute dust particles from the air.

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