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Top 11 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India (May 2021) – Buying Guide and Reviews


Do you want to buy the best car vacuum cleaners in India?

If yes, you are at the right destination.

With technology getting smarter, the trend of cars is getting more interesting. From Ambassador to Maruti Suzuki, from BMW to Lamborghini, cars have become an absolute necessity.

You not only travel in your car but during your travel, you eat and drink inside the car. The car running through the bouncy and dusty Indian roads can result in wear and tear. This is followed by the settling of grime in the beautiful interiors of your car.

With the hectic calendar, maintaining the cleanliness of the car might not fit in your schedule. Paid cleaning on the other side can cost you a huge amount. The perfect solution to the problem is the marvelous invention which is none other than “car vacuum cleaners”.


A car vacuum cleaner is a gadget to wipe away dirt and dust. With a suction motor in the heart, a car vacuum cleaner uses an air pump to develop a vacuum and with the help of a cord, dirt particles are sucked up.

The car dust cleaner does not only cleans dirt or grime but also wipes the leftover food granules, pet hairs, and even the fluids that accidentally got spilled. Adding to the bonus, the powerful filters installed in the vacuum cleaners act as a filtration sieve that divides the dust from fresh air.

The car vacuum cleaner becomes one of the manageable and handy appliances when it comes to cleaning the most interior corners of the car. Unlike the launderable exterior part, interiors are non-washable. With the car dust cleaner, just suck out the dirt and dispose of it in the bin!

Numerous enterprises are constructing distinctive car dust-cleaner models. Each product has its own unique identity, features, and characteristics.

It can be confusing about which brand to choose or which features are mandatory. To guide you through your dilemma we have brought the best car vacuum cleaners in India. The Buying Guide will help you a lot with this.

The top 11 best car vacuum cleaners in India are listed below with an elaborative explanation, including their features.

These are the Top 11 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India

Top 11 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners

1. RNG EKO Green RNG-2001 Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

RNG EKO Green is one of the best car vacuum cleaners company in India. With its excellence and superiority in delivering fabulous car vacuum cleaners, RNG EKO Green is in the top positions in the market.


RNG EKO Green RNG-2001 is among the best car vacuum cleaners in India that you can lay hand on. This vacuum cleaner is modeled to fit in every size of the car. Along with the device comes a 5-meter long wire to ensure the cleansing of your car with scrutiny.

This car dust cleaner employs minimal 150 watts to run smoothly. It has a massive motor of 3.6 diameters for promising functioning. The machine is prepared with 100% pure copper wires for outstanding efficiency.

The fan motor is designed with metal for generating a 4.5 KPA suction force. With the other exceptional facilities, this device has an inbuilt wet and dry application to suck out the liquid and solid waste.

To make the scouring up your car more easily, there is an extension mouth to reach the areas where your hands can’t reach. There are also brush connectors to wash the foot mat and car dicky.

To experience the continued quality, you can simply clean the HEPA filter which is certainly washable and easily removable.

The easy operating system is what makes this product one of the best car vacuum cleaners in India.

Upon purchasing this product, a free storage bag will be given to you. All the accessories, cords, manuals, and the dust cleaner are easily manageable with this bag. Also, the company gives its customer a 1-year warranty.

It is the best-selling vacuum cleaner for a car on Amazon. With pocket-friendly and high-quality performance it brings about the best deal to make.

  • #1 Best Selling Car Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon
  • Water-resistant vacuum cleaner
  • Available on a discount of over 25%
  • Minimal noise production
  • No-color options available for this variant


2. Voroly 5000PA Power Suction Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

Voroly is among the leading companies that are known for producing premium car dust cleaner. With adequate planning, passion, and perseverance, Voroly dispenses high-quality car vacuum cleaners. Voroly carries a good name in the market of vacuum cleaners.


Voroly Suction Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner is a sagacious choice when it comes to purchasing the best quality car dust cleaner. It is known for its effectiveness and potency.

This appliance is a protective shield for overcurrent, over-voltage, over-temperature, overcharge/discharge, and short circuit. Need not to worry as the device is self-reliant

Utilizing 120 watts to function smoothly, the device accommodates 5000PA Cyclonic stability that guarantees full cleansing of your car.

The 16.4 feet extended cord and supporting supplements like long mouth, brush, and soft long duct enables you to scrub all the hideout corners of your precious car. It features a unique mechanism of rotating nozzle. It also has flip-up brush that makes the device worthwhile and among the best car vacuum cleaners in India.

Like icing on the cake, the equipment has a robust multi-layer HEPA filter for accumulating all kinds of dust and dirt to give your vehicle clean as a new pin look. Washable bowls will just make your task easier.

The machine weighs only 1.66lbs, making it handy and excellent for use. It is devised in a way to meet all the expectations you have.

Purchasing the excellent car dust cleaner appliance will include a manual to guide you. Moreover, Voroly grants its consumers with a 6-month guarantee. Thus, making this product a perfect choice.

  • Powerful suction
  • 6 months replacement warranty
  • Best car vacuum cleaner under ₹1100
  • It can be used for both home-purpose & car-interior cleaning
  • Not much-renowned brand but still it’s worth the cost


3. Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner

Bergmann has been flourishing and thriving in the car vacuum cleaner industry ever since from the establishment of the company. Manufacturing superlative dust buster products, Bergmann sustains with the motto of making car cleaning easy as a pie for you.


Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner is the most profitable choice if you are looking for the best car vacuum cleaner. The best thing about Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner is the 100% unalloyed copper motor. Drawing only 150 Watts, the copper motor is the heart of the appliance.

The appliance is finished with a sleek, mirror body to give a fantastic look to your car vacuum cleaner. The mirror used is the most costly and highest grade of mirror-finish ABS to match your high standard and quality living.

The device with 5 meters cord is flexible to help you reach the farthest points of the car. Additionally with the device comes the nozzle, brush, and hose pipe to make the car-cleaning task complete without a sweat.

Along with the other capacities, this device is formulated with a metallic fan, unlike other companies that offer you plastic fans for better effective suction.

On top of all, the 3rd generation stainless steel HEPA filter is a terrific advantage. With the powerful metallic filter, there is no distress about frequently displacing old filter with a new one. This HEPA filter will remain with you forever.

The offer of the color choices that the company gives you will certainly catch your interest. Whether you want simple and sober white or dark and sharp black is entirely your choice.

Many people have already availed this spectacular mechanism for cleaning up their cars. To buy this best selling car vacuum cleaner in India on discounted price, click the red button given below.

  • One of the most stylish car vacuum cleaners
  • Stainless steel HEPA filter
  • 100% copper motor
  • Made of premium quality material
  • As per some users, it’s suction power is little less than other car vacuum cleaners


4. Voroly Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner (VC-111)

Voroly is a prominent name in the world of vacuum cleaners. Voroly offers a range of various best car vacuum cleaners in India. The powerful technology and effective deep cleaning methods can easily support you in your car-cleaning process.


Voroly VC-111 Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner with its excellence can give your car a new look and make it well-trimmed.

Using little power of 120 watts for smoother functioning, this high-quality vacuum cleaner for the car is the perfect choice for you. Whether dry dirt or wet liquids spilled over, this appliance with its powerful suction will suck all the dirt out of your car.

With the help of the lengthy 16.4 feet cord, it becomes easy for you to access the hard-to-reach areas. It will help you reach every corner of the car and help clean the entire car with solace.

Along with other super facilities the company offers you wide range accessories with the vacuum cleaner. A brush mouth, a long mouth, and a soft long tube are added to your purchase. Additionally, you will get a black zipper bag for managing the equipment.

The compact design of the car vacuum cleaner can fit anywhere in your car. This vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filtration system. This filter acts as a stainer for dust and air to provide you with fresh air. Washable and removable, the HEPA filter is added benefit.

This vacuum cleaner has been surpassing all the expectations of customers and giving them satisfaction. Because of the quality assurance and a 6-month warranty this product is the first choice of many. This is a great opportunity to have a brilliant car dust cleaner.

  • Highly Affordable
  • 6 months replaceable warranty
  • Loaded with premium quality HEPA filter
  • Long power cord
  • 6 months warranty seems to be little less


5. ResQTech RSQ-CV101 Car Vacuum Cleaner

ResQTech is one of the popular brands in the car dust cleaner’s industry. Applying the best technology, ResQTech formulates such vacuum cleaners that will clean your car with efficiency and guarantees lasting performance.


ResQTech RSQ-CV101 Car Vacuum Cleaner is the appliance you have been looking for. With the quality of Italian design, the product is the best looking car vacuum cleaner in India. With its outstanding facilities and excellent looks, ResQTech remains the first choice of the consumers.

It is a multi-tasking machine, cleaning both wet and dry waste to give your car a new neat, and tidy look. Whether it is food granules, pet’s hair, water, juice, or any dirt, this product will just suck the dust for you.

Consuming 100 watts, this appliance is easy to handle. This appliance requires only a car battery to run efficiently. With 4300PA-4500PA suction power, this product will surely be a utility.

Unlike any other car vacuum cleaners, this appliance carries with itself a 16.4 feet or 5 meters cord to ensure the quality of car cleaning is up to the mark.

The product is well known for its superlative quality design that is easy to handle. With its unique design, the equipment is easy to manage. Flexible multi-angle vacuuming makes it a high-in-demand brand.

The company comprehends the need for absolute quality in every piece of product customer’s purchase. To keep up the honesty in quality, the company gives you a 2-year warranty period.

Thousands of people have chosen this product over various other appliances. This vacuum cleaner for the car is promising one of effective performance throughout.

  • High suction
  • Easy to operate
  • 450ml dust storage capacity
  • 2 years warranty
  • Little expensive but available on discount for a limited period


6. Black + Decker AV1205 12V Powerful Dustbuster Car Vacuum Cleaner

Black and Decker is inscribed in our brains for its production of a superior quality range of products. The name itself has a huge impact on the markets. Since the inception of the corporation, it fabricates a diverse mixture of vacuum cleaners.


Black and Decker AV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner provides its customers with a brawny vacuum cleaner with perfect quality. It is renowned as one of the best car vacuum cleaner. If you are in the search of vowing appliance then this product will stop your quest of the best car vacuum cleaner.

The 5 meters cord permits to invade every single corner for better cleaning. Along with the supreme quality come the extra tools for sturdy execution of the appliance. A crevice tool and brush become handy when it comes to cleaning the places where it is not easy to catch up with.

Operating on 12 volts this appliance is the epitome of perfection. A two-system filtration does a tremendous job of cleaning up the car. While, the dust bag potential of 500 liters, the equipment ensures of removal of minimal dirt fractions.

The opportunity of choosing the color is applicable. Choose between achromatic grey or vibrant orange sagaciously. The light-weight appliance formulated with the latest technology is expected to run 30 minutes at a time. It will allow you to clean your car at a go without any fuss.

The courageous and promising essence of the Black and Decker has remained constant. Persistent quality with efficiency is the single tagline that the company is holding onto.

1-year warranty on the product gives you a glimpse of what satisfaction of the shopper’s stands for the company.

  • Elegant look
  • Popular & trusted brand
  • 5-meter long cable
  • 12 months warranty
  • The suction power is less, 12V


7. Coido 6132 12-Volt Car Vacuum Cleaner

Coido with its successful expertise, vision, and guidance, turned into an affluent business. Over the years, Coida has accumulated trust from millions of people across the huge subcontinent like India. Since the inauguration, the company has been climbing the stair of success.


The excellence of the car vacuum cleaner makes it a dominating name in the vacuum cleaner area. Drawing only 12 volts at a time this product is given the position of best car vacuum cleaner in India.

The strong suction device installed, will work for you to remove dirt granule as well as fluids. Hence, making it a multi-functional appliance. Now you do not have to worry about the juice tumbled upon the car seat or about leftover food particles under the car mat. Scrubbing up the mess of your car will just be a cup of tea now.

The device comes with a 4.2 meters cord to clean up the mess of the unreachable corners. The lengthy and flexible wire makes the chore simpler.

This car dust vacuum cleaner comes with an impressive versatile kit with useful accessories like the crevice tool to ensure that your car gets a new look after an efficient cleaning.

Manufactured with high-grade plastic and the robust motor provides powerful suction to wipe out even the tiniest molecule of dirt. The degree of efficiency and versatility of the machine is outstanding.

The company believes in fair business and delivering quality products only. With such a high reputation comes the promise of high-quality products which will satisfy the needs of the customers. Coido has been always the choice over several others which guarantees assurance.

  • Top-selling car vacuum cleaner
  • Light Weight product
  • Long wire
  • Available on cheap price
  • Only 1 month warranty


8. Black+Decker VH802 Car Vacuum Cleaner

Ever since the inauguration, Black and Decker’s sole motto was to present its buyers with products that will provide them comfort and make their work effortless. The company is so prominent that the name that pops up after hearing ‘best car vacuum cleaner in India‘, is Black and Decker.


Black and Decker High Suction Vacuum Cleaner have been winning the hearts of many with its superlative quality and efficiency. The new system of blower has gained much popularity among people. It can blow out the last granule of dirt away.

This product of Black and Decker is a specialized one to touch the list of expectations of people. Not only it cleans up your car but also your household items. This product because of its multi-tasking is legitimately defined as the ‘ ‘perfect ideal friend’.

The company not only offers an excellent appliance to make the cleaning chore a cup of tea but also adds marvelous types of equipment. You will get a turbo brush, a multipurpose brush, a crevice plus upholstery brush, 2 extension tubes, flexible hose, and a shoulder strap.

The car dust cleaner is designed with an ergonomic design. This unique arrangement allows the device to be attached to a 900 ml dust bag. Now there is for the need of unloading the dust bag now and then. Clean all your furniture and car at a go and then dump the dirt and dust once and for all.

There is a 500 watts motor for effective suction of every last dirt granule. To help a 3 meters cord is there to reach the difficult corners.

Black and Decker have always recognized the need of their customers so well. Trying always to deliver the best, this product comes with a 6-month total warranty.

  • 6 months manufacturer warranty
  • Powerful motor of 800W
  • Can be used for both home & car cleaning
  • It comes with various brushes
  • Most of the times, it is out of the stock because of high demand


9. iGRiD Car Vacuum Cleaner BL1010-B

iGRiD has been scrupulously selecting the formulations of products. Customizing the commodities according to the appetites of every customer is the trick, the company has been pursuing to win each market. And today, iGRiD is running towards the apex.


iGRiD car vacuum cleaner has attained a prestige for being the perfect product. This vacuum cleaner can wipe off the dirt and dust, and give your car an immaculate glance.

This device is pocket friendly as you need not be distress on renewing the machine very frequently. The body of the machine is made of rigorous and quality ABS material. It results in robust resistance against corrosive chemicals and harsh impacts. It also makes the appliance scratch-proof, which is a bonus.

It is easy to handle with the flexible accessories like the square brush, a crevice suction tool, and an attachable pipe. All accompaniments work jointly to do a perfect job of cleaning your car’s leftover debris.

This car vacuum cleaner will come up with a durable HEPA purifier. Made with high medical-grade stainless steel, the endurance of the filter will survive in the long run.

The powerful ‘L’ shaped pro-cyclone technology with the suction power of 4500 PA will support you to draw out the undesirable dust particles in an efficient, simple, and easy way.

What makes this product the best vacuum cleaner in India is the distinctive, special dust bagless feature. Eliminating fuss with replacing the dust pouches to promote effective cleaning, is the unique characteristic.

The device is composed of a translucent dust box that refills automatically. Just tap the release button and empty the dust box into the dustbin. To grab this amazing car vacuum cleaner on a discounted price, hit the button given below.

  • High ratings & amazing feedback from the users
  • Highly Portable
  • Stainless steel HEPA filter
  • High storage capacity
  • Not much renowned company


10. TIREWELL TW-9001 Multi-Function Car Vacuum Cleaner

Tirewell has been pursuing a modest enterprise idea since its beginning. The company has sagaciously employed talent force and technology. It intends to sell superior products and services that help the general people to complete work the work skillfully.


Tirewell TW-9001 multi-function Car Vacuum Cleaner would be a wise choice for you. This product is an enormously loved model of the consumers. With over a thousand positive reviews on Amazon, this product will end your search for the promising car vacuum cleaner.

This product features a strong motor that transmits effective suction for better cleaning. With merely 150 watts, the suction motor traps even the stubborn dirt.

The device employs 360° strong and steady cyclonic suction that guarantees perfect cleaning. This technology allows wiping off the pet hair and other minor dirt particles with efficiency.

The product is favorite the consumers because of the capabilities it provides. The robust and multifunctional vacuum cleaner is furnished with technology that can clean both dry and wet grounds.

The machine assigns a high-grade polished HEPA filter to make the cleaning task easier. The purifier is detachable and washable. The filter is known for its longevity and beneficial in segregating dust particles and air.

This car dust cleaner delivers you a rare feature. The appliance consists of a connector with a cigarette lighter plug. This allows for an easy connection. It also offers a 450 cm additional cable. It makes reaching remote areas of your car easy and cleaning effortlessly.

Tirewell has been contributing products to society and has been setting a high benchmark. Tyre Inflator, vacuum cleaner, tire puncture kit, etc. are the other appliances with the device for your convenience.

You will get 1 year warranty period on Tirewell TW-9001 car vacuum cleaner. To get this appliance, click the red button given below.

  • Compatible with car & home purpose
  • 14 feet long wire
  • Highly powerful suction
  • 12 months warranty
  • can be noisy at times


11. iBELL Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power

iBell is an Indian Multinational Engineering and Technology Company and a lead provider of solutions for an uncomplicated and refined life. Since the establishment, iBell with the quality served sets a high value on technologies and satisfy the requirements of its customers.


This iBell vacuum cleaner is a lightweight product, making it easy to manage. It is the right product to hurl the dust off your car. Pack it and store it anywhere in the car.

This is an innovative appliance with an inbuilt trash container. With the help of the lid, it makes sure the accumulated dirt doesn’t get slips away. Without any folderol, cleaning the car becomes easier than ever.

The product is the face of the latest technology. The mess that makes your car ugly and dirty will be swept away within minutes with 100W robust motor. Accompanying the motor, the strong metal turbine ensures to leave your car super clean and super hygienic.

The spectacular feature that makes iBell the best vacuum cleaner in India is the diverse supporting oddments with the appliance. 6 various types of elastic nozzles accompany to meet the satisfaction criteria of yours.

The long 10 feet cord allows you to reach the interior parts to ensure the full cleanliness of the car. The promising quality of the appliance will never let you down. The device usually outlasts the usual life expectancy.

Standing out from others, you will always get a stunning view of your car every time you use the product. The 12V outlet is formulated to fit in every car model.

Composed with a transparent trash container to give an indicator whenever it is full, this car dust cleaner can scrub all the wet and dry dirt off the car. It delivers a shiny look to the car interiors.

To add a bonus to your side, the company offers an extra 6-month warranty upon purchasing within 15 days of manufacture.

Additionally, the company is offering a full 2-year warranty period. Moreover, the company gifts a free bag with a manual with the appliance which makes it the best and sagacious option.

  • High Performance
  • Features HEPA filter
  • comes with various nozzles
  • 24 months warranty
  • The power cord is small in length


Buying Guide – Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India

Though small in size, the car vacuum cleaners are a very advantageous appliance for cleaning day to day life mess.

With the suction power installed in the machine, vacuum cleaners just wipe away all the dust particles in a jiffy. Whether it is clearing up dust from the interior parts of the car or fluid droplets in the back seat, a car vacuum cleaner is an easy-to-approach and manageable gadget for our savings.


The dustbuster machines are wieldy and multifunctional. The long cord along with a versatile range of adaptable of nozzles and different types of brushes makes it easy to clean the whole car at a go.

A considerable amount of brands states to produce the superlative quality vacuum cleaners for cars with the usage of modern technology. All the prototypes of car vacuum cleaners claim to possess different qualities and points that interest the buyers.

And therefore, getting the best vacuum cleaner in India can shove you into a dilemma. Referring to this buying guide, we will try to give you an answer.

Types of Car Vacuum Cleaners


Corded vacuum cleaners are the type of vacuum cleaners that have an attached cable wire. The cable cord has to be plugged into a socket to operate. These types of vacuum cleaners need electricity to run on.

The corded vacuum cleaners can be plugged into cigarette lighter socket which assures minimal usage of electricity. It can be easily used with the help of the extended cords that come with the device.

Though the corded car dust cleaners can emerge as a ‘not-a-wieldy-appliance’, clearly it has the positive side too. The corded vacuum cleaners carry with them a robust motor. This motor generates a strong suction that erases even the most stubborn stains. Now the grime and silts de-posits in your car will promptly wash away.

Corded vacuum cleaners have been always the traditional model. With the at-tached cord, it becomes a little constraining. Moving the appliance from one place to another becomes a work of exertion making it less convenient.


The vacuum cleaner for cars that don’t require electricity to regulate is known as cordless car vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are devised to run on batteries. The batteries are rechargeable and need to be replenished often.

The cordless car vacuum cleaners don’t require electricity. The batteries can be used for up to 10 years. Therefore, it is a pocket friendly appliance. Just charge the batteries and here you go!

The absence of the cord makes the vacuum cleaner more manageable. You can carry the device anywhere you want without distress.

Though the lack of the cord will be a huge advantage for you, there is a downfall. The absence of the cord makes the device less powerful. The motors of the cordless vacuum cleaners don’t show high efficiency in the cleaning process. Additionally, the runtime is much shorter.

However, as your car doesn’t have an extremely huge amount of mess, the car can be cleaned with a low-power suction motor comfortably.

Features of a Car Vacuum Cleaner

Each car vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of capabilities. Therefore, to get the best product, one has to keep all the features, characteristics, and components. Below is some of the aspect that has to keep in mind to buy the best vacuum cleaner.

1. Suction Power

Suction power is the proficiency of the vacuum cleaner in clearing the dust and dirt. The suction power is usually discerned with motor stability, composition, and source of power. A powerful suction capacity can easily suck up the heavy particles and reach faraway places and clean the car effectively and efficiently.

The material with which the motor is carved out holds importance in the working of the motor. Motors that are generated with copper are better than the plastic ones. They function fast and better. Hence, metallic fans and copper motors should always be the first option.

With the revolution in technology, vacuum cleaners have advanced mechanisms to clear up the dirt. Car vacuum cleaners that can give rise to cyclonic power will always stand superior to others.

As the corded vacuum cleaners run on electricity, the suction power induced by cordless car vacuum cleaners is much lower than corded ones. The rechargeable batteries can’t provide enough energy to generate high power suction.

The suction power doesn’t hold importance in selecting the best car vacuum cleaner model until the usage. If you want to clean things like carpets then you are certainly going to need a high suction power vacuum cleaner. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner with a cord would be a great choice.

Until your motive is tidying up your car, working with a low suction power vacuum cleaner will cause no upheaval. A cordless vacuum cleaner, in this case, is the best option.

The area of your concern while choosing the right product should be one that will stand by you until the long runtime. You don’t want your machine to stop midway of the cleaning process.

2. Tank Capacity

While cleaning the things, the waste particles get accumulates in the tank of the vacuum cleaner. The tank is preinstalled in the equipment for ease. The dirt gets sucked up through the hose and gets collected in the tank.

Once the tank is full, you can vacate the dirty and grubby objects in the dustbin.

If you are looking up for an undisturbed and steady cleaning then clearly go with a vacuum cleaner with high tank capacity. High tank capacity will allow you to store a large amount of garbage at a single time.

You surely don’t have to empty the tank oftentimes in-between your cleaning process.

Although, high tank capacity pledges to lend you a continuous cleaning it has a negative side. The high tank capacity is followed by a big tank. The big tank results in a large machine. A large machine is not easy to handle and therefore is less portable.

Hence, before getting a suitable car dust cleaner it is imperative to understand your list of needs. Whether you want a portable machine or a high tank capacity appliance, you need to decide wisely.

3. Filters

The car vacuum cleaners come with two different types of filters. One is the HEPA filter and another is the carbon filters. Both of the filters deliver excellent work with efficiency. The basic nature of the filters is to segregate dusty, muddy air and pure air.

The HEPA filters are best in removing allergens and pollutants from the environment. It is the best choice for families with asthmatic members. The HEPA filters are also a good choice for people suffering from dust allergies. If you want a healthy and safe environment then you must certainly go with the HEPA filters.

The other kind of filter is the carbon filters. The carbon filters can remove odours from the surroundings. The activated carbon used in the filters traps the odour specks and helps in giving rise to an odour free air. Carbon filters can be used in the cleaning of stinky objects.

4. Portability

Portability of the appliance is one of the things that you must heed to. Portability is moving your appliance from one place to another swiftly and with ease. Portability ensures a perfect cleaning of your car since you can easily manage the device. Easy handling is a plus point.

If you are up to something compact that can be stored anywhere, then a cordless vacuum cleaner is your answer. Cordless car vacuum cleaners are light in weight and are wieldy. They are small in size and won’t take up much space.

But, if you want efficient with high suction ability then corded vacuum cleaners might be useful. The corded vacuum cleaners though are not that much portable but are reasonably a good choice if you don’t clean your car too often. The long runtime and the suction power will astound you.

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5. Size

Every car model expects special requirements. While investing your money in a car vacuum cleaner, you need to keep in mind which type of car you have and its requirements.

If you own an enormous and expensive car then you surely want efficacious cleaning to maintain your car. In this case, the corded vacuum cleaners will be productive. The corded ones will generate the desired amount of suction power to clear up the junk from your big car. Since the corded vacuum cleaners have a long runtime you can comfortably tidy up the car at a go without any barriers.

On the other side, if your car model is small and you are not up to frequent cleaning, a cordless vacuum cleaner would be useful. Though, the cordless dust cleaner doesn’t give rise to high suction power, owing to your small-sized car that won’t be an issue. With low suction power also, a cordless vacuum cleaner can easily clear up all the residues. Plus, it provides you with the benefits of easy handling and portability.

Whether buying for your gigantic, big car or small, cozy car make sure you buy a vacuum cleaner that is reliable.


6. Car Interiors

Based on interiors, your car inherits, should be your car vacuum cleaner. A specific type of car interior asks for a specific type of car vacuum cleaner.

If your car seats are made up of soft, silky velvet, then you might need a high suction power to suck up the dirt underneath the layers of the fabric. In the opposite scenario, if you have interiors made up of high-quality leather, then vacuum cleaners with the low suction will do. The low suction will clear up the dirt without damaging the leather.

To solve this problem of numerous types of unique car interiors, car vacuum cleaners come with a dozen of other supportive pieces of equipment. There are many flexible nozzles and brushes to meet up expectations. You just need to choose the right one.

7. Battery

Cordless vacuum cleaners are rechargeable. They derive the power from batteries installed in the device. Different vacuum cleaners have different batteries. And, each battery has a different capacity.

The battery life is determined by how much time the machine runs after getting fully charged. The runtime of the appliance relies on how much suction power the motor generates. That sums to if a vacuum cleaner has high suction capacity then the motor is of high power, which will lead to quick-absorbing of the charge.

It is always advisable to buy such a brand of a vacuum cleaner with batteries that will provide a long runtime. The cleaning of leftover food particles left by the little ones, dust granules, and mud from the polluted environment will certainly need an appliance with long runtime for productive cleanup.

To make your clean-up-the-mess assignment for effortless, some the car vacuum comes with an inbuilt LED indicator. The LED sends a notification when the battery is about to die. This enables you to recharge your vacuum cleaners before using the appliance.

8. Power Rating

The vacuum cleaners operate on power. The power enables the vacuum cleaner to function properly. How quickly and efficiently the motor can suck the dirt allow us to discern the power rating of the appliance. Power rating is the cleaning ability of the vacuum cleaner.

The normal power rating of most of the appliances is 12V. The 12V strength allows a half an hour uninterrupted cleaning. So choosing a vacuum cleaner model with decent amperage is crucial. A good power rating ensures a good sucking power for dirt particles which makes the power rating even more important.

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9. Cord Length

The vacuum cleaner comes with an attached long cord. This cord enables you to reach the tough corners of the car for cleaning with scrutiny.

Some of the cords can be long enough as 5 meters. These cords help you to move the vacuum cleaner all over the car without putting a constraint on the cord. Cleaning big cars like the SUV or Mahindra Marazzo becomes easy as a pie.

Some of the cords are 3-4 meters long which are best for small cars. Lengthy and long cords can also clean the dickeys of the cars. However, if you are in the exploration of best cordless vacuum cleaners than this factor stands nil.

10. Wet and Dry Cleaning

Cleaning the mess is not an easy task and not with the old traditions. Therefore, with the advancement in technology car vacuum cleaners can clear wet and dry waste. Whether be the food granules that roll off under the seats or the fluidity substance that accidentally got spilled, the strong suction force of the vacuum cleaners will wipe the wet spills and suck the dry dust, thereby making it a wholesome cleaning solution.

Thus, having a vacuum cleaner with both of the facilities will be super good. Make sure to invest in the category of vacuum cleaner which offers both the dry and wet cleaning installation.


11. Weight

Weight is one of the factors that need to be in the picture. The weight will give you an insight into the usability of the car vacuum cleaner. A hefty machine is always followed by enormous difficulty in holding up the machine. The machine can’t be moved or be replaced with your choice. This causes complications in the cleaning process.

Generally, a good vacuum cleaner weighs 2 kgs. This enables the vacuum cleaner to be handy and portable. Machines with the ergonomic design are desirable as they provide comfort during cleaning.

12. Filters and Dirt Cups

Car vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning our car’s interior but the cleanliness of the vacuum cleaner machine is vital too. The parts of the machine need to be cleaned periodically. The cleanliness of the vacuum cleaner will guarantee fast and effective cleaning. Therefore, it is necessary to find a product with washable filters and dirt cups.

13. Warranty period

Before a car vacuum cleaner purchase, it is necessary to check the warranty period. Warranty symbolizes the promise that the manufacturer makes to stand behind the product.

It is a must to analyze the warranty. You must go through the warranty and note the date when it begins and when it expires. Recognize any conditions that may void coverage.

The best car vacuum cleaners brands offer the customers with a full 1-year warranty.

While in exceptional and high-end models the warranty periods may get extended till 2 years. It is always wise to choose the products with a large warranty period. Commodities with less or no warranty should never be purchased.

14. Additional Accessories

The cars have a variety of accessories inside them, from the foot mats, seats, to the dashboard. Some may need a soft brush and some may need a crevice tool.

If you want to ensure a fully clean car then you should certainly search for a brand that gives you a kit with versatile tools and pieces of equipment.

There are many tools like brushes, crevice tools, pet hair remover, replaceable filters, and flexible hose. Before purchasing, make sure to get a variety of supportive tools with the vacuum cleaner.



With the advancement in technology, there have been many devices formulated to make life go swiftly and work accomplished at a breakneck pace.

Understanding the need for maintaining a hygienic environment and cleanliness all around gave rise to the splendid invention- the vacuum cleaner for the car.

If there would be a ceremony for the multifunctional appliance, undoubtedly the car vacuum cleaners would be invited as the chief guest. From cleaning the hair strands to droplets of stinky fluids from the car seats, vacuum cleaners have been making the cleaning task much easier.


Car dust cleaner is an absolute requirement for day to day life. Keeping in mind the expanding level of pollution and potholed roads of India, which constantly urges erosion of our cars, cleaning it can be a total fuss. But with the help of a handy vacuum cleaner for the car, it is not a headache anymore.

Purchasing the best quality car vacuum cleaner can put you in a dilemma. And, here we are at the rescue. After scanning over 500 car vacuum cleaners, we listed the best 11 car vacuum cleaners in India. Out of the 11 fantastic products, RNG EKO Green RNG-2001 is the best vacuum cleaner in India, with excellent features.

We have compared, the car vacuum cleaner price, durability and several other facilities that the products offer.

Hoping that after going through the buying guide you, it will become easy for you to choose the best car vacuum cleaner for yourself.

Also, do share your views and opinions regarding the guide in the comment section below.

Feel free to contact us for any queries regarding car vacuum cleaners.

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