Top 10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in India (October 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Are you looking to buy the best bathroom exhaust fan in India?

If yes, you are in the right place.

Most of the Indian homes have small size bathrooms because of which the bathroom gets accumulated with more dust, dirt, and moisture which ultimately leads to moulds, fungus, and infections. Thus, it is mandatory to have proper ventilation.

Ventilation ensures that there is a source for the bathroom to get fresh air but that isn’t enough. The air often needs to be replaced and circulated. Here, an exhaust fan can be put to use.

Exhaust fans are the appliances that function on the principle of suction. They usually rotate anti-clockwise, it pushes the soggy air outside and pulls the fresh air inside.

Now, that you know the importance of exhaust fan, it’s high time that you also grab some information about the essential features and parameters. 

In this article, you will find a detailed buying guide that would help you to make an apt choice of the best bathroom exhaust fan in India.

These are Top 10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in India

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in India

1. Usha Crisp Air 200mm Exhaust Fan

Usha is a world-famous brand that has been ruling the Indian markets for quite a while. They are recognized and appreciated for top-quality products like ceiling fans, pedestal fans & exhaust fans.Usha-Crisp-Air-200mm-Exhaust-Fan

Usha Crisp Air has a sweep size of 200mm and duct size of 300mm which makes it among the top choices of customers. It is a robust black-colored product that has a stylish ergonomic design. If your bathroom window size is of 7-inches, this Usha exhaust fan would be a perfect fit.

Air Delivery450 CMH
Duct Size300 mm
Power40 watts
Speed1300 RPM
Sweep Size200 mm
Warranty2 years

The sturdy metallic blades are rust-resistant and exhibit high-class efficiency. Speedy action can be observed as the RPM rate is 1250, which is commendable. The sturdy metallic blades are rust-resistant and exhibit high-class efficiency. 

Speedy action can be observed as the RPM rate is 1250, which is commendable. This bathroom exhaust fan consumes 40 watts of power supply and needs a minimum voltage of 230 volts for optimal performance.

There are 3 automatic back shutter louvres which ensure the protection of the appliance from dust and dirt along with the safe use of this light-weight product.

Constant speed is maintained by the efficient motor, thus resulting in whisper-quiet operation. This strong and sleek product is made of premium quality metal that makes it 100% safe from corrosion & rust.

It has been awarded 4 stars rating from the users. Powerful working can be experienced through this exhaust fan that is worth every penny you spend on it. This handy appliance does not need an electrician for installing it.

You can do it by yourself just by following the instructions in manual, as it has an easy installation procedure and structure. 12 months of the warranty period is offered on the product along with exciting deals and discounts. Click on the button below to access them now.

  • Among the top-selling bathroom exhaust fans on amazon
  • Black color would add elegance to your bathroom
  • Produces no noise
  • Consumes less power
  • Rust-proof body
  • It comes with only 1 year of warranty whereas loss of other brands offers 2 years warranty


2. Usha Crisp Air 150mm Exhaust Fan

Usha is one of the standard evergreen corporations that have been manufacturing and marketing the first-class products in addition to quick services in the marketplace of India. This Usha Crisp Air exhaust fan comes with a sweep size of 150mm and a duct size of 200mm.


This sleek and robust product is available in white color and is crafted out in elegant design to add style quotient. It comprises of 5 plastic blades which are corrosion-free as they feature rust-resistance. It doesn’t weigh a lot and easily fits in a 7-inch window or hole.

Air Delivery250 CMH
Duct Size240 mm
Power30 watts
Speed1386 RPM
Sweep Size150 mm
Warranty2 years

The powerful motor exhibits efficiency under atmost silence. This bathroom exhaust fan assures high-Speed performance that can be even seen by its RPM, i.e 1386. The front side of this compact rust-proof body has an equivalent height and width of 9.5 inches.

The safe use of the appliance is supported by the automated back shutter louvres. This Usha Crisp Exhaust Fan variant is available in a range of colors and blade diameters.

Being extremely light in weight they tend to be handy and easy to install. It consumes only 30 watts of electricity that makes it power-friendly.

Its moderate suction power makes it highly suitable for Indian bathrooms. Their optimum structures help them operate well even in small fitting holes.

The small-sized blades are wide enough to display powerful performance. Usha is offering 1 year of warranty on this bathroom exhaust fan. Buy it now by clicking on the button below and grab hold on unbelievable savings offer too.

  • It comes with a sleek design
  • Highly affordable
  • Amazing customer feedback
  • Noise-free product
  • Only 12 months of warranty


3. Usha Crisp Air Premia BV Exhaust Fan

Think of the exhaust fan and the first brand that may hit your mind might be Usha. Usha Crisp Air Premia BV is among the best exhaust fans in India. It comes in white colour that would surely add elegance to your bathroom.


It has 150mm of sweep size and an 8-inch sized duct. The front frame of the exhaust fan occupies an area of 8×8 inches while the fan occupies a 6×6 inches area. It consists of an automatic front shutter for the safe operation of the device.

Air Delivery250 CMH
Duct Size200 mm
Power21 watts
Speed1350 RPM
Sweep Size150 mm
Warranty2 years

The 10 thin plastic flaps are placed on the indoor-panel of the exhaust fan. These panels restrict insects and fly to enter and automatically fall when the fan is switched off. This part also regulates and controls airflow.

Optimal suction power enables an exhibition of quality performance while 1350 RPM rate ensures speedy and smooth operation.

This product is made out of premium quality plastic and designed like a shaded pole motor structure to maximize durability and capability. The rust-proof nature of the body and blades adds to the above features.

It is a compact appliance that works under atmost silence and effectively rejuvenates air quality by getting rid of moisture, unpleasant smells, smoke, and fumes. They have 7 strong blades and are extremely handy as they are light in weight.

It consumes a maximum of 21 watts power which makes it among the few exhaust fans that have a cheap operating cost. 1 year of warranty is provided for the product in addition to many other offers that include upto 25% discount. Hurry up and buy it now.

  • Most stylish Usha exhaust fan
  • High RPM
  • No noise while in operation
  • Does not need high voltage supply
  • Available on over 20% discount
  • No color options


4. Havells FHVVEDXOWH08 Ventil Air Dx Fan

Havells is a giant in the Indian markets and is known for producing qualitative appliances like steam irons, air fryers & exhaust fans. Havells FHVVEDXOWH08 Ventil Air Dx is an off-white colored fan that has gained an amazing rating of 4.2 stars from its users.

Havells FHVVEDXOWH08-Ventil-Air-Dx-Fan

Strong engineering plastic is used to build this appliance which ensures no color wear over constant use, abrasion-free appearance, and reduces the overall weight. This device is suitable for glass windows too as they vibrate less, hence causing less harm to the glass and panes.

Air Delivery520 CMH
Duct Size250 mm
Power35 watts
Speed2600 RPM
Sweep Size200 mm
Warranty1 year

There are 5 blades, whose aerodynamic design ensures a greater amount of air circulation and are attached in a balanced structure. The sweep size is 200mm for this aesthetically appealing product.

It consumes 32 watts of power and has 520cmh of air-flow rate. Speedy action is also assured by the high RPM rate which is 1350.

Gravity shutter protects the appliance from damage by any action of outside objects like dirt, birds, etc. This would improve the life span of the blades and adds to the durability.

The powerful motor exhibits the utmost efficiency and comprises of a thermal overload fuse protector for uninterrupted functioning.

A detachable oil collector tray is attached for easing maintenance. The manufacturer has granted 2 years of the warranty period on the product. Discounts up to 25% and other offers are assured if you buy this exhaust fan today.

  • Available on over 35% discount
  • Comes from the house of a popular brand
  • Best selling exhaust fan
  • Great airflow rate
  • 2 years warranty
  • Some people reviewed poor after-sales service


5. MAA-KU AC Axial Cooling Blower Exhaust Rotary Fan

MAA-KU is a reputed brand name that would come to your mind as soon as you hear exhaust fans. Their performance is indeed remarkable. MAA-KU presents a black colored, free-stand style exhaust fan that falls under AC Axial Cooling Blower model.

MAA-KU AC Axial Cooling-Blower-Exhaust-Rotary-Fan

It has gained 3.6 stars of average customer rating. It is ideal for cabinets and rooms with a very small area. A multi-purpose functionality trait is proven by a few users who used it for the forced-air cooling of electronic devices.

Air Delivery250 CMH
Duct Size250 mm
Power22 watts
Speed2500 RPM
Sweep Size200 mm
Warranty1 year

The RPM rate fo this amazing appliance is 2600 and the air-flow rate is 90/100 cfm. Its body is made out of aluminum die-cast with a coating while the 5 blades are made using good quality plastic.

Its frequency ranges around 50 to 60 Hz. Optimal performance is ensured by the robust motor that produces less than 40 to 45 dB of noise when supplied with 220 to 240 voltage range.

They are quite easy to install and maintain due to small dimensions and weightless nature. Very much suitable for bathrooms and can be operated for 24 hours continuously.

This device has a sleeve bearing type and is impedance protected and efficient. They require a proper ventilation for effective working.

You must ensure that the device is provided with an alternating current so that it doesn’t get overheated. 12 months is the proffered warranty period by this manufacturer on the product. Get hold of undeniable discounts that goes up to 71%.

  • Only exhaust fan with over 70% discount
  • Among the most affordable bathroom exhaust fans
  • Produce less noise
  • Looks elegant in black color
  • The brand is not much popular but produces a quality product


6. Orpat Ventilation Fan

Orpat is one among the widely-recommended and popular brand name whose high-quality and long-lasting products are always in demand, especially in the Indian markets. This bathroom exhaust fan has a sweep size of 150 mm.


Smooth operation can be observed when there is a voltage supply of 230 volts. The body and blades are made using strong plastic material, thus making it rust-proof. The durable motor can rotate at a very high speed of 1800 RPM.

Air Delivery500 CMH
Duct Size1150 mm
Power230 watts
Speed1800 RPM
Sweep Size150 mm
Warranty2 years

It consists of fuse protection for uninterrupted working and is also integrated with a safety grill. It would be a suitable fit for a 6-inch bathroom window and can be easily installed on glass windows too.

The installation process is quite simple. Maintaining it is also quite easy. So in an overall view, it’s a very user-friendly product. The aerodynamic design of the blade helps in delivering high air-flow and is aesthetically appealing too. This durable product is super silent and results in, consistent performance.

They have 7 blades, a 6-inch sized duct, and high suction power. Hence, this handy appliance is quite light in weight and is worth every penny spent on it.

It’s a white-coloured product that is constructed in a compact design so that it doesn’t occupy much space. The product has been awarded 24 months warranty by Orpat. If you are looking for the best bathroom exhaust fan, this might be the best deal for you.

  • Works effectively with negligible power consumption
  • Free shipping
  • Among the top choices of customers
  • Popular brand
  • It can be noisy at times


7. Atomberg Studio Exhaust Fan

Atomberg is the brand name that has been among the top brands in India’s market. Their excellent performance and high-quality production are appreciated all over the place.


Atomberg Studio is a white-colored bathroom exhaust fan that is outstanding in terms of productivity and durability. Supreme efficiency and superior performance can be assured by the BLDC motor that is incorporated in the device

Air Delivery250 CMH
Duct Size200 mm
Power20 watts
Speed2000 RPM
Sweep Size1500 mm
Warranty2 years

It consumes only 6.5 watts of power & needs a minimum voltage supply of 140 volts to deliver maximum output. It is loaded with flaps that do not allow the insects to enter the bathroom window.

It works under maximum silence and is designed ergonomically. The motor is built using 100% pure copper due to which the air-flow is quite high and has an RPM rate around 2000.

High-quality ABS plastic is used for making the exhaust’s body. This ensures durability and adds to aesthetic features.

Its body and blades are corrosion-resistant and rust-proof. Apart from white colour, it is also available in grey colour that has been among the top choices of its customers.

It comprises of 7 blades with a sweep size of 150mm. A 147mm of the hole needs to be dug out for installing this exhaust fan. An on-site warranty of 2 years has been offered on the purchase of this exhaust fan. Enjoy discounted rates and free delivery if you buy it today.

  • It has a stylish & modern looks
  • Comes with DLDC fan
  • Rustproof body
  • 24 months of on-site assistance
  • Expensive but worth the quality


8. Luminous Vento Deluxe Exhaust Fan

Luminous does not need an introduction. The brand is pretty much popular for manufacturing Inverters, pedestal fans, ceiling fans & exhaust fans. Luminous Vento Deluxe exhaust fan is available in 3 sweep sizes.


So, you can buy one as per your requirement. In this product, the sweep size is 150 mm. You have an option to choose from 2 different colors; White and Black. This stylishly designed exhaust fan is ideal for bathrooms as they are capable of odour removal.

Air Delivery250 CMH
Duct Size150 mm
Power35 watts
Speed1350 RPM
Sweep Size150 mm
Warranty2 years

It has a high air delivery rate 250 CMH and RPM rate of 1350 which helps in keeping up a cool ambiance. The motor used in this exhaust fan is 100% copper winded which adds to the durability of the product.

To produce maximum output, it needs a minimum voltage supply of 220 volts. This 7.5-inch product has 5 blades that are shaped in aerodynamic designs and demonstrate optimal performance even at low-voltage.

High-quality materials like polypropylene are used to build the blades and the sturdy engineering ensures durability and strength.

The body of this compact appliance is rust-proof and can be maintained easily with the help of dust protection flaps. A big-duct with wide dimensions is being provided with the appliance.

It goes well with your modern walls. On an overall basis, this 4 stars rated device is worthy, attractive, efficient, and long-lasting. On this bathroom exhaust fan, you will get 2 long years of warranty by luminous.

  • Highest selling product; over 1,00,000 units sold
  • It comes from the house of No. 1 Fan brand in India
  • Available in 2 colors; White & Black
  • High RPM
  • Most of the time out of stock due to high demand


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9. Luminous Vento Axial Exhaust Fan

This Bathroom exhaust fan also comes from the house of luminous. This exhaust fan is among the top-selling products on Amazon India. Luminous Vento Axial exhaust fan comes with 2 different sweep sizes, 150 mm and 100mm.


It is a white-colored product whose dimensions are 7x4x7 inches. It is designed with an elegant touch to go well with your interiors. The plastic blades have designs that ensure faster airflow.

Air Delivery240 CMH
Duct Size200 mm
Power55 watts
Speed200 RPM
Sweep Size150 mm
Warranty2 years

With the help of the robust motor, this exhaust fan can deliver air at a rate of 240cmh and has an RPM rate of 2000. Durability and long life span of the motor are assured by the circular guard attached up on the motor.

You can experience its efficient working through the cool air given out under the utmost silence. There are 5 blades guarded by shutter from getting dirty and damaged.

The appliance doesn’t consume much space and performs optimally when supplied with a voltage of atleast 220 volts. Easy installation and maintenance make it easy for the user to get adapted to it.

There’s no doubt in the product being worthy as it has got amazing reviews by the customers. Luminous is offering 2 years of warranty on this bathroom exhaust fan. To get this amazing exhaust fan, click the red button given below.

  • Can be used in kitchen and bathroom both
  • Consumes no more than 22 watts
  • 2-years warranty
  • Top choice under ₹1000
  • Low customer rating


10. Harman Industries Euro-4 Axail Exhaust Fan

Harman Industries are the experts in the field of exhaust fan production and marketing. Their products are on high demand in the online Indian market.


Harman Industries proffers a superior and qualitative exhaust fan, Euro-4 Axial Ventilation which needs minimum voltage supply of 230 volts to work efficiently. This product is available in a lot of colours, ivory, black, white, grey, off-white, brown, ivory-1, and metallic grey colours.

Air Delivery250 CMH
Duct Size200 mm
Power20 watts
Speed2000 RPM
Sweep Size100 mm
Warranty2 years

This fan offers a Sweep size of 100mm and the duct size is 4-inch. There are 7 blades in this exhaust fan which are built from a strong plastic material. It is among the highest energy-efficient exhaust fans in India.

It is quite light in weight and is a perfect solution for odour problems. There are 3 sharp blades which contribute to the uniform spread of air around the given area.

It operates effectively, maximizing silence and minimizing the figures in the bills. The product has small dimensions but is capable enough to keep your bathroom fresh. The powerful motor rotates at a speed of 2000 RPM enabling you to feel the ventilation.

The grill attached to the front surface ensures the safety of the appliance from any random damage. It is indeed worth the price and is an ideal fit for small-sized bathrooms. 2 years of time-period is offered as an onsite warranty on the product.

  • Available in 11 different designs and colors
  • Highly Affordable
  • 2-years of product warranty
  • Not much popular brand


Buying Guide – Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in India

Exhaust fans are the most neglected yet highly important appliance in a home, especially in bathrooms. These exhaust fans easily get you rid of odours and moisture, thus reducing the chance of contamination.

All the brands in the Indian market claim to be the best due to which it becomes tough to select any one exhaust fan.


Types of Exhaust Fans

In broad terms, the exhaust fans are categorised into 2 different types, i.e.

Kitchen Exhaust fans

Exhaust fans that are installed in the kitchen premises are called so. They are specifically for removing smoke, odour, and dry air. In most modern homes, people are not using exhaust fans in the kitchen, rather they use a kitchen chimney, which not only looks premium but even performs better.

Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Similarly, the exhaust fans that are installed in bathrooms to clear the dry air, moisture & odour from the bathroom are bathroom exhaust fans. In the below guide, we are going to focus on bathroom exhaust fans.

There are a lot of factors & features that you must consider while buying the best bathroom exhaust fan in India. The factors are as follows:

Factors to consider while Buying Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Size of the Fan

Size is the top-most parameter which you must consider before going into other features. There are a variety of size options available and choosing the most appropriate size is very much needed for experiencing qualitative efficiency.

It depends on the size of the exhaust wall and the area of the bathroom too. Usually, these measurements are taken in ‘Cubic Feet per Metre’ (CFM). Taking the help of an electrician for the same would be better.

The size range begins from 50 CFM and is suitable for any bathroom with an area less than 50 square feet. Any bathroom that ranges between 50 to 100 square feet should go with the same figure of CFM.

Bathrooms above 100 square feet of the area should have more than one exhaust fan. Generally, in most of the Indian homes, the bathroom area is around 50 to 60 square feet. So, 60 CFM is the standardized optimum size that can provide great results in any bathroom size.

It is recommended to take those exhaust fans whose size is a bit larger than the exhaust fan wall. Placing 2 or more of them would be better if your bathroom had extra cabins or dual-room structure.

Noise Factor

Checking the sound levels of the fan might seem unimportant but it is worth looking. Exhaust fans with heavy motors may turn out to be irritating due to high noise production. Ensure that you are buying an exhaust fan that works silently by checking on the ‘Sones’ level.

The Sones value would give you an idea of whether the sound would be bearable or not. Lower the value, the better it would be. 1 to 2 is an acceptable range of value. If the figures are under 1, it’s always better to go with that particular product.


Efficiency makes a product worth its value. A higher efficiency rate implies enhanced performance at a reduced power supply. This factor can be observed by the star ratings awarded for the device. Branded products are 75% energy efficient and so they would have a higher energy star rating.

CFM Capacity

As mentioned earlier CFM is the abbreviation of Cubic Feet per Meter. CFM capacity denotes the amount of air that flows per minute. Exhaust fans have CFM capacity ranging from 50 to 100.

The sweep size ranges from 200 to 300, accordingly. You can select the CFM capacity depending on the size of your bathroom and other requirements.

No. of Blades

Other than size, design, and brands, exhaust fans differ in terms of no. of blades that it comprises. An exhaust fan has 2, 3, 4, or 5 blades.

Owning an exhaust fan that has more blades would always be the best choice as they can exhibit quality performance with low RPM and power consumption levels.

Blade Material

The blades are made out of either metal or plastic material. Unlike kitchen exhaust fans, bathroom exhaust fans do not require additional features like avoiding the accumulation of combustibles, etc.

Therefore, the material used to build the blades contributes to the overall build quality of the fan. Metal blades ensure durability but are prone to corrosion and are comparatively heavy. Plastic blades are light, economical, and durable enough.

Thus, exhaust fans made out of plastics are best for bathrooms.


External Guard

As the name suggests, external guards have one duty and that is to guard the exhaust fan from birds, insects, and lizards. They also help in the prevention of accumulation of dirt and dust.

Power consumption

Highly powerful motors come with high CFM and sweep value but also consume a lot of power. On the other hand, silent motors consume lesser power.

Hence, going for exhaust fans that have efficiency and the capability to produce effective results is necessary to ensure optimal power consumption.

Design and Colour

There are a few common designs and colors that are available in bathroom exhaust fan models. The major common color is white.

It would go well with the interiors which would result in keeping up the modernity of your bathroom. Plastic-bodied exhaust fans are preferable if this is an important parameter for you.


Exhaust fans do not cost much. Their price ranges from 800 to 2000 INR. Quality products can be obtained at a higher price range. Setting a budget is not essentially required for this appliance. Further discounts can be accessed through amazon.


Most of the Exhaust fans are sold with a warranty period of upto 2 years. A large number of the brand cover repairs, malfunctions & manufacturing defects. Always prefer the brand which offers a higher warranty period.


There are a lot of brands that claim to offer the best quality exhaust fans but we advise you to opt for reputed brands that offer optimum price and worthy exhaust fans.



Buying an exhaust fan would be the last thing to be considered for you as there are other big priorities but then it’s the smallest of things that completes your home. Exhaust fans are small yet very necessary appliances whose features would benefit you in the following ways, especially in the bathroom.

1. Humidity: Exhaust fans remove the humid air from indoors due to which the humidity level falls that drastically results in a less-warmer and lighter fresh air circulation in the bathrooms.

2. Fumes and Odour: Proper air circulation and ventilation ensures the elimination of fumes and odours from inside the bathroom. Air fresheners would just mask them and wouldn’t last long either while an exhaust fan would help you in maintaining a stink-free bathroom and avoid the spread of funky smell into other rooms.

3. Smoke and Pollutant: Exhaust fans can effectively eliminate smoke and pollutants. This trait would benefit a lot in kitchens. Getting rid of harmful microorganisms is also possible and it is very much necessary in bathrooms.


4. Heat: As mentioned earlier exhaust fans enhance ventilation and thus it would automatically result in the reduction of heat in the bathroom when the temperature rises above the normal level.

5. Maintenance of walls: The increase of smoke or moisture content in a room may affect the walls adversely causing damage in appearance and composition. These can be avoided by simply installing an exhaust fan.

6. Comfort: Exhaust fans are very convenient devices that work without much disturbance and come at very cheap deals. In an overall look, it is a very comfortable and comfort-promoting appliance.

7. Installation: Installing a bathroom exhaust fan isn’t a big deal. Calling an electrician to do so is always better but if you can just go through the manual given with the product, then you can surely do it by yourself. The following steps would help you additionally in the latter case.

  • The first step would be to choose the best location to install the fan. Modern bathrooms usually have this space above the window.
  • Once you analyze the fitting structures, tighten the screw of the fan after installing it in the specific location with the guide of the manual instructions.
  • Ensure that you cover up all the gaps between the window and fan frame after fitting the insulation and external guard.
  • Once the fan is fitted appropriately, get the wiring fixed to the bathroom switch circuit board.
  • The outer case covers can be set up after all the above steps are done, for precautionary.

These steps are for regular models of exhaust fan if you are going for duct-based exhaust fan, then the following points would guide you in a better way.

1. Choose a place where the ceiling is quite close to the exteriors.

2. Drill a hole in such a way that the duct placed in it will go literally outside of the house.
3. Then fix the exhaust fan and connect the wirings as stated above.


Exhaust fans are indeed a very essential and effective appliance whose presence is a must for better airflow. It assists in ventilation and circulation of air more efficiently.

After analyzing a large number of exhaust fans, we shortlisted the 10 best bathroom exhaust fans in India. Out of these 10 fans, we would recommend you to go with Usha Crisp Air 200mm, which is best of all in terms of features & specifications.

Hope this article helped you to understand the necessary factors required to experience the best performance and aided you in getting the best bathroom exhaust fan based on your requirements.

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