9 Best Automatic Door Closers in India (July 2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Sunday, July 25, 2021

An automatic door closer is a modern device that opens and closes the door by itself by detecting motion or command. It comes with numerous useful benefits.

It helps to increase the durability of your door by protecting it against rough use or slamming. It is also ideal for those who often forget to close their doors and end up unconsciously leaving them open.


They also come with adequate security measures that ensure that it can be used properly and safely by everybody.

There are numerous different kinds of door closers in the market and each serves a specific set of needs. We have shortlisted the 9 best automatic door closers in India and have properly delineated all their important features in the reviews list.

There is also a Buyer’s Guide attached at the end to further aid you through your purchase.

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These are the Top 9 Best Automatic Door Closers in India

Best Automatic Door Closers in India (2021)

1. Godrej Locks C071 2 Speed Hydraulic 60kg Door Closer

Godrej is a leading name in India as far as household, consumer appliances are concerned. This brand name comes with a promise of reliability and efficiency. This automatic door closer by Godrej is both high performing and affordable.


It is a strong, sturdy device that has been designed to serve you diligently for a long time. Special care has been taken to make it an ideal fit for a wide variety of door types. This kind of door closer is also referred to as an overhead door closer.

Primary Features

  • Hydraulic, Overhead door closer
  • Can be ideally attached to door panel or door frame
  • Automatic lock available
  • Maximum closing moment is 14 Nm
  • Max width of door panel: 1000 mm
  • Door opens at 180-degree angle
  • Closing and latching speed can be adjusted
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Can support door weight up to: 90 kg

Overhead door closers such as this are considered to be the most common variety of door closers and have a wide application range. They are often used rigorously across commercial properties in the form of conference doors, interior doors, commercial front doors, etc.

It uses the hydraulic process to function. In this process, the action of the door is heavily dependent on a spring control valve.

This kind of mechanism is best for safety purposes as it is designed to close the door slowly yet firmly. This smart function is achieved by the means of the hydraulic fluid that it comes with, which modulates the spring tension.

It is a lock type automatic door. This means that it is capable of being fully closed on its own. This removes any hassle of using keys. It is also capable of handling heavy doors and to that end, can support doors weighing up to 90 kilograms.

It is a very versatile device that can be ideally paired with both left hand opened or right hand opened doors and has a maximum closing moment of 14 Nano-metres.

You can mount this device on either your door panel or your door frame.The closing and latching mechanism on this automatic door is adjustable. Different closing speeds are ideal for different kinds of doors and door sizes.

Therefore, with an adjustable closing speed, this automatic door closer can be well paired with various different kinds of doors with varying weights and sizes. This automatic door closer requires a door panel of 1000 mm width and is able to open doors at an angle of 180 degrees.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Adjustable closing and latching speeds
  • Sturdy, stainless steel body
  • Heavy-duty mechanism that can support heavy doors
  • Has a wide opening angle of 180 degrees
  • Not suitable for doors that have too little space between itself and the wall, when opened


2. Yen Iron Body Capsule Door Closer

YEN has a wide range of products under its name. Their products are popular for their high-performance, coupled with affordability. This efficient automatic door closer by YEN is a champion of functionality and cost-effectiveness.


It brings to you the amazing benefits of an automatic door closer at a sinfully affordable price. It has a durable and sturdy build, and also comes with numerous smart features that help to enhance its performance.

Primary Features

  • Works on spring mechanism
  • Concealed door closer type
  • Adjustable speed function
  • Standard size
  • Light-duty door closer
  • Ideal to be used with PVC doors
  • Total weight: 400 grams
  • Construction material for the body: Iron

It is very small in size and therefore can be easily concealed. These types of concealed automatic door closers are ideally fitted in the recesses of your door or attached to the door frame. This kind of design is best suited for interior doors.

The door operates mechanically with the help of spring and is both safe and efficient. The speed of the door’s action can be adjusted. This speed is regulated by properly choosing the Rod Threading as per your requirements.

The Rod Threading heavily influences the total tension created and also aids in the efficient and firm closing action of this device.

Since doors also need to accommodate the elderly or the handicapped who are often not able to move too quickly, this adjustable speed feature is like an added safety measure that ensures everyone can operate the door with proper ease.

This is a light-duty device and therefore not ideally suited for doors that are too heavy. It is itself a very light device that weighs no more than a meagre 400 grams. Therefore, it is quite easy to carry and install.

Being a light device itself, it is mainly ideal for accommodating doors made of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride material. PVC doors usually come with a fully plastic-like body and are substantially lighter than wooden doors.

This mechanism has been forged out of sturdy iron material. Thus, it comes with the assurance of long-term durability which ensures that you get proper value for your money.

  • Adjustable speed
  • Lightweight, efficient mechanism
  • Easy to install and use
  • Strong iron body
  • Functions on reliable spring mechanism
  • Not suitable for heavy doors


3. VOLO Spring Door Closer

VOLO is an English e-commerce company that is known for its superior technological products and other household appliances. This smart automatic door closer by VOLO has been crafted using the best materials to make it an efficient and high-performing device.


Its body has been constructed out of high-quality commercial grade aluminium alloy. This material is able to impart the mechanism with substantial strength without causing any considerable increase in weight.

Primary Features

  • Light, spring operation door closer
  • Building material: commercial grade aluminium alloy
  • Ideal for both right and left side opened doors
  • Can support door weight up to: 35-60kg
  • Can support door width up to: 80-130 cm
  • Well coated with zinc and resistant to rusting
  • Steel encased, superior quality hydraulics
  • Can endure over 500, 000 open and close cycles
  • Tested with salt spray (for 96 hours)
  • Adjustable force bolt

This high-grade aluminium material is further coated in a protective zinc coating. This coating has been put in as a measure for providing added durability.

The zinc coating makes this mechanism resistant to any kind of rust-formation which ensures that it will last you for a very long amount of time. It works on the principle of spring operation and is a completely automatic device.

It is also a very versatile mechanism and therefore well suited for a large variety of doors. It can be paired with: wooden doors, metal doors, residential doors, fire doors, etc.

This automatic door closer works well with both left-handed and right-handed doors. During installation, it requires the door frame to be on the same plane. It also requires the door frame to have a space of at least 5 cms.

This mechanism has been constructed to primarily support light to medium weight doors. It can support a door within the weight range of 35 kg to 60 kg. It is also able to accommodate doors that have a width of 130 centimetres or less.

The automatic door closer has been manufactured in a way that it ensures you the ultimate safety. To that end, it comes with an adjustable force bolt that will allow you to control the door’s closing speed.

This closer is placed in the mechanism by adjusting the hexagon socket head screw that is located at the top. You can also fold this device’s parallel arm bracket when it is not being used.

This automatic door mechanism has been well-tested before it was released in the market. The steel-encased, superior quality hydraulic mechanism it comes with can easily endure up to 500,000 open/close cycles.

  • High quality building material
  • Superior quality hydraulics
  • Resistant to rust
  • Well tested mechanism
  • Adjustable force
  • Head screw maybe difficult to adjust


4. Dorver Aluminium Door Closer

Dorver is a reliable consumer appliances brand that is known for making sturdy, high-functioning appliances. This automatic door closer by DORVER has earned great popularity due to its amazingly smart and advanced features coupled with its pleasant affordability.


It comes with the promise of both efficiency and durability. It is an Overhead door closer which is considered to be the most common and also the most widely used variety of automatic door closers.

Primary Features

  • Hydraulic, Overhead door closer
  • Ideal for both left and right handed doors
  • Closing and latching speed can be adjusted
  • Dual speed with standard arm
  • Can be used with both steel and wooden doors
  • Dual valve with Aluminium or bronze finish
  • Material used for construction of body: Aluminium
  • Angle of opening: 180 degrees
  • Small and compact build

They are widely used across commercial properties and function well with conference doors, interior doors, etc. Its working principle is based on the Hydraulic mechanism which works together with the spring control valve to ensure the proper functioning of the device.

The Hydraulic mechanism regulates the overall spring tension by the means of hydraulic fluid. This fluid passes from one reservoir to another when the door is opened and helps to control the overall closing speed.

The automatic door closer also comes with an option to adjust its closing speed. A door is used by all kinds of people. Therefore, there may be some people, like the elderly or the handicapped, who move at a slower speed.

This adjustable speed option ensures that the mechanism is safe for everyone using it, regardless of their walking speed. You can install this mechanism in three different ways: as a standard closer, as a top jamb closer, and also as a parallel arm closer.

As a standard closer, you can attach it to the exterior of the door; as a top jamb closer it may be used by mounting it on the top of the door frame; and if you want to use it as a parallel arm closer then you may attach it to the top of the door, on the push side. Thus, it is a very versatile device.

It has a small and compact build and can be ideally paired with both steel and wooden doors. It can open doors up to an angle of 180 degrees. The device also has a full aluminium body which makes it both sturdy and lightweight.

  • Dual valve mechanism
  • Compatible with a large variety of door types
  • 3 different kinds of applications
  • Wide opening angle
  • Compact and attractive build
  • Customers have reported that the mechanism sometimes leaks oil


5. Hercules Door Closer

This is the second product by GODREJ on our list. The brand’s versatility and superior craftsmanship allows them to churn out one great product after the other. This device is yet another handy and highly efficient automatic door closer by Godrej that strikes the perfect balance between versatility and affordability.


It has been smartly crafted to provide you with maximum convenience during use along with the promise of added safety. Not only does this product come with the promise of high-level performance, it also comes with the assurance of long-term durability.

Primary Features

  • Surface-mounted, automatic door closer
  • Amazing Polyurethane finish
  • Adjustable latching
  • Comes with thermostatic Hydraulic fluid
  • Can support door weight up to- 60 kg
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Small and compact size
  • Suitable for both right and left hand opening doors
  • Can be mounted on door panel or door frame

To that end, it is manufactured with a reliable Polyurethane finish. Polyurethane is a highly resistant material that provides protection against excess heat, exposure to heat, or any form of wear and tear in general.

Apart from providing durability, this polyurethane finish also ensures that the mechanism stays looking new and lustrous for a very long duration of time. The automatic door closer works on the principle of hydraulic action.

The hydraulic fluid contained in this mechanism is thermostatic in nature. This fluid highly influences the overall spring tension and therefore also controls the overall speed of the mechanism.

Hydraulic fluids need to maintain a certain temperature for their proper functioning; being thermostatic in nature, the hydraulic fluid in this mechanism is able to maintain the needed optimal temperature. This device is a surface mounted door closer.

It can be ideally attached to the panel of your door and also the door frame. This particular type of door closing mechanism has been able to garner a lot of popularity due to its efficient, cost-effective nature.

Even though it is small and compact itself (weighing 1.6 kg), it is capable of supporting doors up to a weight of 60 kg. It works perfectly with both left-handed and right-handed doors.

As an added safety measure, this mechanism also comes with an adjustable speed option. Not everyone is blessed with the health conditions that allow swift movement; therefore, this adjustable speed option ensures that the door can be safely and easily used by everybody.

  • Polyurethane finish
  • Adjustable closing and latching
  • Convenient, compact build
  • Can support heavy doors
  • Thermostatic mechanism
  • Free installation service available only in selected areas


6. NexStar® Door Closer Spring Load

NexStar has a varied range of appliances that have gained popularity through their performance and longevity. This particular automatic door closer by NexStar is a commercial-grade device made to provide you with the right balance between usability and convenience.


It has been designed to effectively hold an entryway open and to that end, has found a wide range of applications. It is a smart device that will not interfere with entryway operation when kept in a raised position.

Primary Features

  • Made of the finest quality aluminium
  • Steel encased, superior quality hydraulics
  • Safe mechanism, ideal for home use
  • Easily converts hinged doors into automatic doors
  • Tight arm connection point along with increased arm strength
  • Opens up to an angle of 180 degrees
  • Can be installed both on the wall or on the door frame
  • Can support door weight up to 35 kgs

The mechanism has been constructed out of only the finest quality aluminium. The outer aluminium body is again well coated with zinc. This zinc coating ensures that your automatic door closer is effectively resistant to any form of rusting.

Therefore, it greatly adds to the longevity of your device making it more durable. Due to its ease of use, efficiency, and pleasant affordability, this mechanism has found a wide range of applications.

It is suitable for door opening from either the left side or the right side; this automatic door closer is also for interior or exterior swing doors, meeting or conference room doors, etc.

The mechanism has been constructed in a way that makes it absolutely safe and ideal for home use. It can easily transform your regular hinged doors to automatic doors via an easy installation process.

This automatic door closer also makes sure to produce minimum to no noise to maintain a peaceful, homely atmosphere. It is a sturdy mechanism and has been constructed to have a tight arm connection point along with increased arm strength.

It further has a smooth surface treatment feature that minimizes any form of wear and tear, keeping the mechanism looking new and polished for a long amount of time.

You can install this automatic door closer either on your wall or your door frame. It can open up to an angle of 180 degrees.

The closing speed of this mechanism can be adjusted which makes it compatible with a large variety of doors. This automatic door closer is capable of supporting doors up to a weight of 35 kgs.

  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with wide variety of doors
  • Easy conversion of hinged doors to automatic ones
  • Superior arm strength
  • Closing force can be adjustable
  • Not suitable for heavy doors


7. Royal Hardware Aluminium Hydraulic Door Closer

ROYAL HARDWARE has a large variety of automatic door closers; each a champion in the aspect of their respective functions. This mechanism is a Hydraulic, overhead door closer.


It has been carefully constructed with numerous smart features to give you the best value for money within its price range. It is a sufficiently heavy-duty device made for regular and rigorous use.

Primary Features

  • Hydraulic door closer
  • Can support door weight of: 60-80 kgs
  • Comes with optional hold arm
  • Passes 500,000 cycles test
  • Manufactured from special grade aluminium
  • Rack and pinion made out of high-quality steel alloy
  • Comes with both single and double valve mechanisms
  • Opening angle of 180 degrees
  • Small and compact design

If cost-effectiveness is your priority then this is the perfect purchase for you. The body of this device has been forged out of special grade aluminium.

It imparts the mechanism with considerable strength whilst maintaining the overall light weight of the device. The rack and pinion of this overhead door closer have been further made out of superior quality steel alloy.

All these materials have been heat treated and duty machined to bring to you a sturdy and durable mechanism that will last you for a very long time.

This automatic door closer, in fact, has gone through rigorous durability tests before it was put out in the market for sale. It has been tested to be able to withstand a total of 500,000 open and close cycles.

Being a hydraulic device, the mechanism depends on the hydraulic fluid and overall spring tension. The hydraulic fluid properly regulates this spring tension which allows the door to close steadily and firmly.

This closing speed of the door can be further adjusted to suit your needs. Since different doors work best with different speeds, this adjustable speed feature will make this mechanism compatible with a wide variety of door types.

It is a smart mechanism and comes with both single valve as well as double valve mechanisms to provide you with the maximum convenience of use. It is a heavy-duty device and can support very heavy door weights up to a maximum of 80 kg.

It is a frame mounting automatic door closer and therefore can be attached to your door frame. To further add to its charm, this automatic door closer comes in a convenient compact size with a beautiful silver finish.

  • Heavy-duty door closer
  • Both single and double valve mechanism present
  • Special grade iron body
  • Rack and pinion forged with high quality steel alloy
  • Aesthetic silver finish
  • Can be noisy at times


8. TNL Aluminium Hydraulic Door Closer Pelmet

TNL is a reliable e-commerce company that has a number of high-performing, cost-efficient appliances under its name. TNL brings to you a quality automatic door closer from their superior range of products that is a hit in the retail market due to its affordable pricing.


The aim of the brand with this automatic door closer is to prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. To that end, they have produced this specific mechanism that is equipped not only with numerous smart and reliable features but is also a champion of longevity.

Primary Features

  • Sliding arm for parallel motion tracking
  • Can be held open from any angle
  • High-quality door to wall space saver
  • Opens up to an angle of: 180 degrees
  • Special aluminium body
  • Rack and pinion forged out of steel alloy
  • Has been heat treated and duty machined
  • Two, adjustable, non-critical valves
  • Thermostatic properties
  • Can support door weight of: 60 to 80 kgs
  • Can accommodate a maximum door width of:1100mm

This door closer is a handy device that will be easy for you to both install and operate. It comes with a specialized sliding arm. This arm has been installed to facilitate parallel motion tracking.

It also comes with two adjustable, non-critical valves. These adjustable valves also help to control the overall closing speed of the door. This closing speed is adjustable.

Adjustable closing speed is a great boon in case of automatic door closers because it makes it compatible with a large variety of doors.

Also, not everyone is able to move at the same pace and an adjustable closing speed is beneficial in such cases, making the mechanism usable for a wider range of the population.

It has a sturdy aluminium body that is made of only the finest quality materials. It has also been heat treated and duty machined to increase the overall durability.

This machine has been designed to last you for a considerable length of time. This mechanism can be used in two ways: regular and top jamb.

For regular use, you may attach it to the exterior of your door with one arm attached to the door frame and the other one attached to the spring-loaded box.

For the top jamb application, you will need to simply mount the spring box on the door frame.

It can withstand a maximum of 80 kg door weight. It can also accommodate a maximum of 1100 mm door width. Furthermore, it also comes with a beautiful, luxurious finish.

  • Quick and easy install mechanism
  • Special grade aluminium body
  • Wide open angles of: 180 degrees
  • Thermostatic in nature
  • Dual application
  • Shows inconsistency in closing speed


9. Volo Automatic Hydraulic Double Speed Aluminium Door Closer

This is the second product by VOLO on our list because they are truly a brand to not miss out on as far as household and technical appliances are concerned. The VOLO automatic door closer is a stable and reliable device that has been made with carefully chosen high-quality materials.


It works on the Hydraulic principle and has been able to find a wide range of applications due to its convenience of use and handy features.

Primary Features

  • Automatic, hydraulic door closer
  • Made out of high standard aluminium alloy
  • Two closer valves
  • Adjustable speed of latching and closing
  • Wide range of applications
  • Tested to endure 500,000 open/close cycles
  • Can support a maximum door weight of 60 kg
  • Maximum opening angle: 180 degrees
  • Can accommodate up to 950mm of door width
  • Made of high-quality aluminium material
  • Additional buffer feature to reduce noise

It will protect your door from any hard slapping and slamming damage which in turn will also help to improve the overall durability of your door.

The body of this automatic door closer is made out of high-grade aluminium alloy which imparts the mechanism with considerable strength while keeping it pleasantly lightweight at the same time.

It is very easy to install. As mentioned in its detailed installation mechanism, you will need to make sure the door and door frame is on the same plane for proper installation. It follows the principles of a regular mounting door closer.

This kind of mechanism is ideally suited for various different kinds of applications. It is compatible with doors that are opened with the right hand and also with doors that are opened with the left.

Furthermore, it is also ideal to be used in commercial establishments such as hotels, apartment complexes, condos, warehouses, etc. It can also be employed for household use.

The automatic door closer is best suited for doors that are somewhat lightweight or made of hollow wood. Both its closing and latching speeds are adjustable.

The adjustable sweeping speed ranges from 180 degrees to 15 degrees and the adjustable latching speed ranges from 0 degree to 15 degree.

This mechanism is built to support door weight up to 60 kg and can accommodate a maximum door width of 950 mm. It is a highly durable device that has been tested to be able to endure at least 500,000 open and close cycles.

Another handy feature of this automatic door closer is that it can also act as a buffer which reduces the overall noise creation, making for a calmer, more peaceful atmosphere.

  • Easy to install comes with detailed installation manual
  • Aluminium alloy body
  • Well tested
  • Acts as a buffer
  • Arm is adjustable
  • No control screw to adjust door opening force


Buyer’s Guide – Best Automatic Door Closers in India

Thus, as we can see Automatic Door Closers are handy devices that are a great boon in the modern busy world.


They are a modern mechanism that will help you save time and also keep your door looking new and damage-free for a long amount of time. Different kinds of door closers come equipped with different sets of mechanisms to tend to all your unique requirements.

Given below are some of the important features and factors that you should consider before purchase so that you can buy an automatic door closer mechanism that is just perfect for your own requirements.

Types of Automatic Door Closers

There are mainly 4 different kinds of automatic door closers that you can avail in the market. They are as follows:

1. Overhead Door Closer

This type of automatic door closer is the most common and widely used variety of the product. It finds a wide range of applications across commercial properties such as conference doors, interior or exterior doors, commercial front doors, etc.

This variety of automatic door closer can be further divided into 4 different categories depending on the type of application. They are as follows:

Regular Arm Closers

This one is considered to be the most power efficient variety. It has pull side application and is installed usually on the exterior side of doors.

It comes with two arms, one attached to the door frame and another attached to the loaded spring box (located on the pull side). When the door is being closed, its arms will project perpendicularly from the door.

Top Jamb Closers

This kind of mechanism is ideally compatible with doors having narrow top rails. To that end, it is often used with aluminium doors or glass, storefront doors.

Its spring loaded box is mounted on the face of your door’s frame and its arms project out perpendicularly from the door.

Parallel Arm Closers

This mechanism finds most use in commercial properties like schools or large stores. The two arms of this mechanism sit on the top of the door when it is closed.

It is attached to the door via the spring loaded box. This box is installed on the push side of the door. This application of overhead automatic door closers is usually considered to be less power efficient as compared to the other ones.

Track Arm Mount

This kind of mounting mechanism comes with a roller that has a metal channel track whenever you are opening or closing your door. It has both pull and push side opening.

In both cases, the closer body option is mounted on the door’s face. In case of pull side mounting, the track needs to be mounted on the soffit of the head’s frame.

2. Concealed Door Closers

This variety of automatic door closers are generally installed in the recesses of your door’s frame. They lay hidden within the jamb when the door is being closed. It comes in two versions: spring loaded and Hydraulic. This mechanism is widely used for lightweight, interior doors.


3. Surface Mounted Door Closers

This mechanism is usually installed on your doorframe that is at the back of your door. This installation is done with the help of a bar.

This mechanism is comparatively smaller in size and can often match your door’s colour. This kind of automatic door closers are very cost-effective and therefore widely popular.

4. Floor Spring Door Closers

This mechanism finds wide application in glass, storefront doors. They are usually mounted on the floor and remain concealed from view. They appear invisible when the door is opened because of the bar within the closer that is fitted under the door and controls the overall closing action.

This kind of mechanism is the most aesthetically appealing. It is also very durable and long lasting. It is generally used in upscale commercial properties.

Factors to consider before buying a Automatic Door Closer

1. Spring Strength

Spring strength is a crucial factor in the proper closing of doors or the proper functioning of your automatic door closer. This spring ranges from size 1 to size 6. Size 1 applies the lightest closing force whilst size 6 applies the strongest closing force.

Usually, interior doors require no more than a size 3 spring. Size 4 or Size 5 strings are considered ideal for external doors. External doors need higher spring strength to combat negative pressures like the wind.

2. Backcheck

Backcheck is an important feature that helps to slow down your door during the opening swing which prevents any chances of collision with the adjacent walls. This protects your door from being suddenly flung open, either by people or by the wind. This minimizes any chances of damage to the door body.

3. Push or Pull

Automatic door closers are usually manufactured to suit different kinds of door styles. Not all automatic door closers will work well with both pull and push mechanisms. Therefore, make sure to consider this feature and purchase the mechanism that is suited for your particular needs.


4. Door Material

Different doors are built with different materials. And the compatibility of automatic door closers varies with different kinds of door materials. Therefore, you must carefully choose a mechanism that possesses the required strength to perfectly work with the material of your door.

5. Available Space

Before purchasing any automatic door closer, you must consider whether you will be installing the mechanism towards the interior or the exterior of your door. This space is a large determining factor for the proper installation of your automatic door closer.

Usually, since external doors aren’t fire doors, no electromagnetic door closer is required for them. Another important thing to consider is the width and height of your door frame.

If your door’s frame is very narrow then a concealed door closer will be the best option for you. Heavy doors require higher power closers than can handle the weight and perform optimally at the same time.

6. Closing or Latching Speed

The closing speed determines how quickly the automatic door closer shuts your door after it has been opened. An adjustable closing speed is important because it will allow you to accommodate people who are not moving in the usual fast pace – elderly people, disabled people, kids.


7. Mounting Type

Before purchasing any automatic door closer, you must make sure that there is adequate mounting space where you want to install it. This mounting area must be compatible with the specific requirements of your automatic door closer.

8. Free Swing

Certain kinds of doors such as Fire doors need to be held open for long amounts of time and therefore need to be easily accessible. During such a situation, electromagnetic door closers are considered to be the best choice.

This kind of mechanism can either be held open or simply swings freely. It is usually linked to the buildings fire alarm system and when activated, will re-engage and close the door in the normal manner.

9. Door Width

The width of your door is a very important determining factor in the kind of automatic door closer you need to purchase. A wider door will require a larger spring strength. Therefore, measure your door width carefully then purchase a door closer that is ideally compatible with your measured door width.


10. Door Weight

Just like door width, door weight is also something you need to carefully examine before purchasing an automatic door closer.

Not all mechanisms are equipped to deal with heavy doors, some are ideal only for lightweight, household use. Carefully choose the automatic door closer that is compatible with your door’s weight.

11. Delayed Action

This is a special and smart feature that you can find in some automatic door closers. It will keep your door open for a specific amount of time and then close it at a speed that you can adjust. This feature is especially helpful for people who are carrying any kind of bulky load or using a wheelchair.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Automatic Door Closers in India

Q1. How do automatic door closers work?

Ans. Automatic door closers are a smart, modern mechanism that has been designed to close your door both slowly and firmly. The mechanism depends on spring action and hydraulic function. It comes with a hydraulic fluid that regulates the overall spring tension. 
This spring tension is what controls the closing or latching speed especially within a 5-degree distance from the door being completely closed. Heavier doors require stronger springs to generate greater tension.

Q2. What is an automatic swing door closer?

Ans. Automatic swing doors are used in the same manner as regular swing doors. They are usually considered the best alternative when there is a lack of back-end running space for the door to comfortably slide or fold.
Automatic swing door closers are specialized mechanisms that are created to make the most use of the available space.

Q3. How to adjust automatic door closers? 

Ans. There are two main ways in which you can adjust your automatic door closer to perfectly match your needs. The first option is to regulate the swing speed this can be achieved by a few simple steps. 
First, you will need to locate the tension adjustment screw that is usually located at the end of the pneumatic cylinder. Next, take the cover off the door closer if you are unable to find the adjustment screw.
You can turn this screw clockwise to lessen the speed and you can turn it anti-clockwise to increase the door speed.
Another way for you to make adjustments is by making the door latch firm. This can be achieved by systematically removing and readjusting the pin that holds the cylinder to the bracket.

Q4. What kind of automatic door closers are best for home use?

Ans. Home use usually doesn’t require any heavy-duty mechanism because the doors at our houses are not all that heavy. Thus, any automatic door closer having a spring strength between 1 and 4 can be ideal for household use.

Q5. What kind of automatic door closers are best for metal gates?

Ans. Metal gates are usually very heavy. To deal with heavy gates such as this, you will require greater spring strength. Therefore, metal gates will usually require an automatic closing mechanism whose spring strength ranges between 4 and 6.

Conclusion – Best Automatic Door Closers in India

By now, you must have been able to pick a favourite for yourself. However, if you are still holding on to some doubts then we recommend you to go with TNL Aluminium Hydraulic Door Closer Pelmet.

This parallel motion tracking automatic door closer is both modern and handy. It comes with all the essential features you can ask for in an automatic door closer but at an amazingly affordable price.


It is a heavy-duty machine that can easily support up to 80 kg door weight. It also has a wide opening angle of 180 degrees. It comes with two adjustable, non-critical valves. It’s closing and latching speeds are also adjustable.

Other than this, it also has an aesthetic appearance and comes with a luxurious finish. To avail discount on this product, click here.

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