7 Best Inverters in India (October 2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

India is one of the developing countries where power cuts are a major problem in many of the localities. The best solution to overcome this problem, for a temporary period, permanently, is by getting home an inverter.

An inverter is an electrical device that stores AC voltage, by converting the DC voltage supplied, and uses it to run other appliances during power cuts. These days, every Household needs a power Inverter but the problem arises when it comes to selecting the best product.

To get in-depth knowledge about factors that need to be considered while buying the best inverter in India, we suggest you read the Best Home Inverters – Buyer’s Guide.

The Power Inverters bear a resemblance to rectifiers but are distinguished on their working principles.

These are the Best Inverters in India

Best Inverters in India in 2021

Given below are some of the best inverters in India, which you can purchase for your home.

1. Luminous Zelio SineWave-UPS Inverter

Luminous has consistently been among the top & reputed companies when it comes to inverters. This leading company is ruling the Indian market for a long period. Luminous Zelio Home UPS is one of the smart inverters available in India.

MCB is provided to protect it from overload, deep discharge, reverse polarity, and short circuit. This provision ensures input mains protection, specifically. The power back-up or battery charging time status will be displayed in hours and minutes, in the digital LED display. 

3 CFL, 3 tube lights, 3 ceiling fans, 1 AC, and 1 television is the running load of this inverter. Other appliances like refrigerators, laptops, mixers/grinders, and PC can be also operated using this UPS inverter.

It comprises of single battery system which supports 12V. 15A is the maximum charging current. This device also supports Flat plate, Tubular, VRLA (SMF), and similar wide range battery.

It consists of a 32-bit DSP processor and has a capacity of 900VA & 756W rated power. This highly rated inverter assures continuous output supply from the grid, even when the UPS has faults, by equipping it with bypass switch, which makes it the best inverter in India.

You will also be notified of the maintenance of the battery water level or the requirement of water top-up is indicated by the glow of the battery electrolyte level indicator.

Its efficiency is maintained by providing pure sine wave output. This inverter features low harmonic distortion that helps it to work silently. It comes with a 2 years onsite warranty, which makes this deal amazing.

  • Available on Heavy Discount
  • Easy Bypass Switch
  • Ideal for home use
  • LCD display
  • Few users have reported about poor customer service


2. Microtek UPS SEBz SineWave Inverter

Microtek inverter is a well-known brand in the Indian Inverter Industry. The brand is recommended on a wide basis for it’s budget-friendly & high-end quality products. Microtek UPS SEBz Sine Wave Inverter is a 950VA rated capacity and 760W of output power.

The charging current is 10A. The battery mode delivers over 80% of efficiency. This inverter is user-friendly and can be operated on a standard voltage range of 100V-300V and a narrow voltage range of 180V-260V.

This inverter up is manufactured based on micro-controller design. The in-built protective circuit of the appliance has a smart sensor that guards the inverter against short circuits, deep discharge and over-discharge of batteries.

During overload or short-circuit, the protection mode gets activated and shuts down the output. The pure sine-wave technology ensures durability, efficiency, and security to the inverter & gives it a durable life.

It can ensure noiseless functioning of inductive loads like fans by avoiding the production of humming noise. If You live in a 2-3BHK home, this may be the best inverter to buy. It can acquaint itself with batteries ranging from 100 to 180 ah.

The running load of this UPS includes fans, lights, television, and computer in a combined state. This inverter is light in weight, which is quite advantageous as it increases the convenience of its usage.

Microtek is offering 2 years of warranty on this inverter in addition to no-cost EMI payment option and free delivery. You can also return the product within 10 days if don’t get satisfied. To get this amazing deal, click on the button below.

  • Smart Overload Sensor
  • Short Circuit Protection Feature
  • 2 Years Product Warranty
  • It is available on over 50% of Discount
  • It has a bulky body


3. Exide Digital Display SineWave Inverter

Exide is an evergreen brand that has been contributing quality appliances to the Indian markets. Inverters manufactured by this company boast about its consistency in service, quality, and performance par excellence.

The SineWave DSP based Inverter UPS consists of a digital LCD for showing the charge and battery voltage status. The PCB features built-in standard protection measures. It comprises of microprocessors with high speed that ensures quality power in the grid, as in mains.

It can operate PC, LCD, LED TV, fan, light, kitchen mixer, RO water purifier, etc. during power cuts. The duration for shifting from overtime mains to UPS and vice-versa is just 10 milliseconds.

The voltage range extends from 180V to 260V in the inverter mode. The output voltage is 220V under no load, and the output frequency is 50Hz for this home UPS. This inverter goes off when the battery goes below 10.5V.

The display provided also shows actual load, overload, short circuit trip, fuse blown in AC mains, etc. It has an Auto Sense Intelligent Control (ASIC) technology equipped that helps to reduce water topping.

This technology provides the inverter with the capability to adjust the charging current according to battery condition and improves battery life. 580W is the maximum load capacity for this Exide inverter. A warranty of 24 months has been offered by the company. It is available on a discount of over 35% on amazon India.

  • It comes with LCD display
  • Auto-Sense Intelligent Control
  • Ideal for home purpose
  • Direct Bypass Option
  • Maximum load capacity is only 580 watts


4. Luminous Zolt-Home UPS Inverter

Luminous is an expert in manufacturing UPS inverters and has always secured a great position in the Indian market. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants to buy a quality inverter with excellent performance.

Luminous Zolt-Home UPS Inverter is an intelligent machine that owns pure SineWave technology, thus ensuring quality grid power to load and home appliances. The 32-bit DSP processor equipped in the core enables charging at a faster rate and gives output with maximum efficiency.

It guarantees the safety of sensitive appliances in addition to their operation in silence. It has an intuitive LCD that indicates charging time, back up time, low battery and the various modes under which it is functioning.

The presence of a fault in the system is also indicated through the display. The attachment of external MCB guards the UPS against faults, short circuits, etc.

Low battery, overcharge of battery, overload, wrong wiring, and short circuits are precautionary told by the in-built alarm system.

It is also equipped with a bypass switch that makes sure of the continuous power supply from mains when the system has faults. This inverter can be operated on 2 modes- UPS mode and Eco mode.

The UPS functions in 180V to 260V voltage range. The Eco mode functions in extended voltage range, hence decreasing the usage of battery.

This black colored, metal inverter of 1100V has a running load as 75% of peak load. It has secured a rating of 4.5 stars and has a capacity of 900VA and a power rating of 756W. 2 years of warranty from the house of luminous makes this deal better than anything else.

  • 2 color options, Blue & Black
  • Quick Charging Function
  • Big LCD display
  • Compact Inverter Body
  • It costs a little more than other inverters of this segment


5. V-Guard 1200 VA SineWave Inverter

V-guard is quite famous for its eminent performance in the Indian markets for producing quality inverters. It is recommended by many as it is the apt choice for Indian homes. Also, V-Guard manufactures some of the best ceiling fans in India.

V-Guard 1200VA SineWave is one of the finest inverters that are durable and consumes very less power. It can take in high inrush load with ease.

The battery gravity builder equipped in the inverter protects over-charge and discharge. This inverter can be operated on various modes based on normal or high voltage for constant output performance.

You get 2 modes in this appliance, UPS & normal mode. These modes can be applied using the switch which is provided in the front panel of the inverter.

It has the provision that lets you operate on different battery technology and so there are selectable charging modes, accordingly.

The capacities also vary by the batteries from BO to 230Ah due to which it can also be adjusted using the selector switch. Pure sine wave output is assured by the digital signal controller design.

It also has an automatic battery water topping indicator, which eases the process of refilling and avoids battery failures. This inverter has a higher backup that lasts quite long & is available on a great discount on Amazon India. 2 years of warranty is provided on this product

  • Amazing Customer Support
  • 2 Years Product Warranty
  • High-Quality Copper & Aluminium Wiring
  • One of the best selling products on amazon
  • The product is light in color so may get dirty in no-time


6. V-Guard Prime 1150 DUPS

With no doubt, V-guard is a prominent brand name, especially in the Indian markets. It is the most suggested manufacturer for home inverters. It is a top-class, heavy-duty digital sine wave inverter that comprises of many features and exhibits intelligent performance.

It is equipped with high performance. It also has a main-switch that allows you to supply power from mains. The running load includes LCD/LED TV, mixer grinder, water pump, refrigerator, room cooler, exhaust fans, air purifier, water purifier, music system, Wi-Fi-router, etc.

It features a battery gravity builder that enables long battery life and back-up. It even has a battery water topping reminder function which will remind you to refill distilled water in the battery.

The above-mentioned feature avoids unnecessary chaos and hassle during power cuts and boosts battery life and performance. It is equipped with a mute buzzer option that avoids unwanted alarms during the restoration of power.

There are graphical LED display icons equipped on the front face of the inverter that visually indicates battery water level, mode of operation, overload, short circuit, etc.

It has audio indicators, which alerts the user of low battery, battery water level, overload, short circuit, etc. V-Guard Prime 1150 DUPS inverter can protect itself against overcharge or discharge, overload, short circuit, high-temperature levels, etc.

You can install Tubular, SMF, or flat plate battery for this inverter as it is compatible with all of them. This UPS can be operated on dual modes, which are UPS or normal mode. Normal mode is for domestic appliances while the other one is for computer loads. It comes with a warranty of 2 years on the product.

  • Battery Water top-up reminder
  • Great customer rating
  • Battery Gravity Builder
  • Visual & Audio Indicators
  • It’s a heavy product, it weights around 10 kgs


7. APC Home UPS-850 VA SineWave BI850SINE

APC is one of the finest and highly proposed brands that manufactures one of the best inverters in India. Their service & contributions are well-known for ensuring promising quality & outstanding performance.

APC Home UPS 850 VA-SineWave BI850SINE is a high-quality inverter that ensures continuous and constant power supply during power cuts and voltage fluctuations. The output power capacity of this inverter is 500W.

It is designed by experienced experts, as it can back-up your device during power cuts. It has special three-pin plug holes that are incorporated in this appliance which can be used for supporting devices.

The efficiency and simplicity in its structure make it the perfect choice for household use. The absence of an internal battery is compensated by an external battery access system, which enables easy usage of the inverter and simplifies the security system.

It requires 10 hours to get fully charged after the battery goes down. This inverter supports computers, laptops, and desktops during power cuts through smart technology.

The feature of being light in weight would help you to comfortably handle this inverter and eases its functioning too. This pure sine wave output UPS can power computers, lights, fans, and televisions during power cuts.

It also has LED indicators that display the battery charge status and the water topping status. It functions quietly and can operate devices silently, maintaining normal temperatures.

The microprocessor-controlled battery system has a back-up time of 2-5 hours. The average output voltage is 230V for this amazing inverter, which is compatible with any battery type that ranges from 80ah-180ah. You get exciting deals, free shipping and 2 years of warranty.

  • Shock-Resistant
  • Backup of upto 5 hours
  • Specially Designed for Indian Homes
  • 2 yrs Inverter Warranty
  • It is not much popular like Luminous, Microtek & V-Guard


Buyer’s Guide – Best Inverters in India

Many Indians are still dependent on an inverter as it is a requirement, even today. And so, one has to make sure about the inverter type required, its capacity, durability, and many other crucial parameters to ensure that he/she purchases the apt inverter.

An inverter is not something that cannot be bought easily without proper analysis, beforehand. Thus, we are providing a buyer’s guide here that eases your search and helps you to choose the best inverter in India, as per your requirements.

There are a few important facts and factors that have to be gone through, and they are as given below:

Role of an Inverter

The basic role of an inverter is the conversion of one form of energy to another form. The DC form of power is stored in the batteries and it gets converted into AC form. Then, it is supplied to other appliances during power cuts.

The quality, efficiency, and battery capacity decide the appliance and its quantity that can run on the inverter. The higher capacitance of the inverter battery implies a larger appliance quantity that can be provided with back-up by the UPS for a longer duration.

Inverter Capacity

The capacity level of the inverter varies according to your requirements. And for deciding the same, one must know the approximate power consumed by the appliances. The total power required, for an average number of basic appliances, is 330W.

Capacity is measured in terms of volt-amp (VA), in an inverter and the formula used to calculate it is the power required/power efficiency.  The power required is 330W, as mentioned above and the power efficiency in Indian inverters ranges from 0.6 to 0.8.

Taking 0.7 as averagely required power efficiency, the capacity of an inverter must be at least 470VA. Thus, one must ensure that he/she buys a UPS that has a capacitance 470VA and more.

Types of Inverters

There are different types of inverters available in India and they are as follows: 

SineWave Inverter
Inverters that gives pure sine wave at its output is called sine wave inverter. They are highly efficient, silent and suitable for household purposes. They can work even with heavier appliances with low heat production but aren’t budget-friendly.
Modified SineWave Inverter
The sine wave inverter that has a modified square wave at its output is called modified sine wave inverter. They have the quality and all the necessary parameters but its performance falls a little low when compared to pure sine wave inverters. They go well with many appliances and have the lowest heat generation, in all the types. It comes at an affordable rate.
Square Wave Inverter
The inverters that produce a square wave at the output are called square wave inverters. They are cheapest but have the lowest efficiency. Their performance isn’t much appreciable in terms of silent functioning, heat production, and long life. Its use is recommended only for simple tools.

Factors to be considered

There are a few important factors that have to be looked upon before purchasing your perfect inverter. These factors play an important role in setting the quality and standard of an inverter and they are as follows:

a) Compatibility

The inverter must go well with the battery and the appliances attached to it. The inverter’s features must be compatible with the battery capacity, then only there will be a mutual working resulting in quality output and optimal performance. 

b) Battery Type

There are 3 types of batteries that are fitted in the Indian inverters. The inverter must be compatible with all these types, which are briefly detailed below:

Flat Plate Battery
Brands like Amaron, Exide, Luminous manufactures this type of battery. It is not much appreciated as it requires high maintenance, wide ventilation, and more water topping. Its lifespan is just 3 years and has low safety levels. This battery costs around 9000 to 15000 INR.
Tubular Battery
This type of battery can be used on an average level. Their life shell is around 5 years and requires medium water topping and maintenance. Safety measures are low and require ventilation. It costs around 9000 to 25000INR and is manufactured by Amaron, Exide, Luminous.
Maintenance-Free Battery
They are highly recommended batteries as they require very little maintenance, ventilation, and water topping. It is equipped with a high level of safety measures and lasts for 3 to 4 years. Only the Luminous brand produces this and it is expensive as their price range begins from Rs.10,000 and above.

It is advised to purchase the battery before the inverter and get an inverter that is compatible with the battery.

c) Multi-functional

Inverters are expected to play the role of voltage stabilizers along with the conversion of DC to AC form of current. This feature would enable the inverter to secure the appliances from voltage fluctuations. 

Advanced versions of inverters also can act like UPS. Having this ability would protect sensitive appliances from getting restarted or crashed as UPS requires a negligible amount of time for switching power during power cuts.

d) Protection

Inverter plays a crucial role in the protection of expensive batteries, attached to the inverter. This would extend the life of the battery. The inverter that is about to be purchased must have the capacity to guard the battery from over-charging, undercharging, discharging, overload and short-circuit.

e) Design and Technology

The inverter must comprise of user-friendly design that features proper display and indicators to understand its status. They are provided with audio effects to show overload and current load. The indicators and display show the battery charge and water level.

On the technological aspect, the invert must consist of the latest technology and chips for remarkable output and optimal performance. Optimization of the charging process must be enacted automatically based on the charge levels. Hybrid inverters can be opted for charging the battery through solar power or energy. 

f) Bypass Switch

Inverters may begin to malfunction due to improper functioning, low maintenance, faults or age. Thus, to avoid power blackouts a bypass switch is provided so that there is a continuous supply of electricity to the appliances without the involvement of inverters. Bypass switch is a mandatory accessory. 

g) Warranty

Inverters usually last up to 10 years, quite efficiently. However, inverters are compulsorily offered a warranty period of 2 to 5 years. The warranty period varies with the brand and quality of the product.  

The Right Inverter-Battery Combination

The strength and long life of the inverter and its battery depends on the use of inverter and the amount of electricity required. Thus, one must analyze and purchase apt inverter, which is powerful enough to fulfill his/her requirements.

Deep cycle marine batteries are used in large and powerful inverters as they can reserve the charge for a long time. Normal batteries would not be able to withstand and so cycle batteries are preferred for regular use. Inverters with higher capacity would be additional and expensive for regular household use.

So, inverter with a 24-volt system would be an ideal choice for regular usage in overall terms. Cheap inverters won’t work but affordable, sine wave inverters would do fine. Choosing the apt and correct combination of inverter and battery is necessary for the appliances in the long run.


An inverter is a much-required electrical device even in the current scenario, as they play an important role by helping you to live in areas that face frequent power cuts. In a country like India, a normal power-cut lasts for 2-3 hours and multiple voltage fluctuations within a day. 

So, an inverter is a must-buy device that protects the appliances from being damaged and efficiently optimizes their functioning. Having one inverter is preferred as it would be quite helpful under unavoidable, emergency circumstances. 

Purchasing the right inverter is as important as getting an inverter. In our opinion, the best inverter in India is the Luminous Zelio-Sine wave-UPS Inverter.

We hope that the above content helped you to invest in the right inverter. Share your thoughts or queries in the comments below & we will get back to you soon.

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