11 Best Water Pumps in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Are you looking for a water pump that is most suitable for you and meets all your needs?

Cheers! You have reached the right place. In this article, there are 11 water pumps that have been given a detailed review to facilitate you.

In today’s time, when the whole country is going through a shortage of water supply regardless of the region being in the rural or urban areas, it has become extremely difficult to obtain a consistent and sufficient amount of water.


Even after the supply is somewhat met, there is no telling about the quality of it. There are so many water-borne diseases that have invaded the country and spread rapidly through the medium. Some of these diseases are fatal and very difficult to keep in check because of their contagiousness.

A very simple solution to the above-stated problems is getting your own personal water pump that draws water from underground sources. After its installation, you do not have to rely on water supply from the public authority.

In this article, you will find information about the Top 11 Best Water Pumps in India.

These are the Top 11 Best Water Pumps in India

Best Water Pumps for Home in 2021

1. Crompton SP Mini Champ Water Pump 1HP

Crompton is one of the best manufacturers of electrical appliances like LED Tube lights, ceiling fans, water geyzers, water pumps, essentially everything that a household could have a need for.


The power supply required by the Crompton SP Mini Champ 750W motor to function is between 220 to 240 volts. The speed of this motor 3000 rotations per minute. Both factors indicate that the appliance has an extremely efficient, aptly powerful, and swift motor.

The discharge range of this water pump lies in 2700 to 500 liters per hour. The water capacity of the pump is exceptionally good, so is the speed of the discharge.

The head range of the appliance is equally commendable, 3 to 34 meters that indicate that the extracted water could be pumped to your home even if it is multi-storied. The impeller that is contained in this water pump is made of brass which makes the material, corrosion-resistant.

The material of the impeller must be of excellent quality because it is a very crucial part of the product and if it is not of good quality the performance of the pump gets compromised.

Even the housing body of the water motor is made of extruded aluminium, so that the motor is safe and remains sturdy while functioning.

For swift and smooth operation, the capacitor used in the construct of this motor is of ‘Start and Run’ type so that the centrifugal switch is prevented.

There is an inbuilt Thermal Overload Protection feature that cools down the motor if it gets heated beyond a certain temperature when overworked. This factor is crucial because it protects the multiple parts of the pump from damage because of the high temperatures.

The appliance has the potential to self-prime onto a height of about 8 meters without even using a foot valve.

If you want to use the appliance for gardening or irrigation purposes, you might not need a foot valve at all. The appliance has been provided with a warranty period of 1 year, so if you find a manufacturing defect in this time, you can get it resolved without any expenses.

  • The product has warranty for one- long year
  • The impeller is made up of brass
  • A smart Start and run type capacitor has been used in it
  • A thermal overload protection is provided for the motor
  • The appliance is a little more expensive than others


2. Havells Hi-Flow MX1 Series Centrifugal Water Pump 1HP

Havells is an Indian company that was established more than a century ago. They manufacture almost all kinds of electrical appliances and gadgets that one would possibly require at home. They have been a trusted choice in these markets for the whole country.


This Havells water pump uses a power supply of 0.75 kilowatts and can work over the voltage range of 180 to 240 volts. Therefore, even if you live in a place where voltage fluctuations or low voltage supply often take place, the appliance is a good choice.

The motor frequency is 50 hertz which points out the swiftness and smoothness of operation. These are the reasons the motor in this water pump is considered to be so efficient.

The appliance body has been given IP 54 certified waterproofing/ protection from foreign elements, so that there is no effect on the working standards of the appliance over time. This adds to the durability of your water pump.

The operating water temperature gas can be as high as 65 degree Celsius so your appliance works perfectly even in the scorching heat and can be used in any part of the country, given that underground water is readily available there.

The appliance is self-priming, so that you do not get troubled by it at all. It can supply water up to a height of 7.5 meters.

The pump-casting is made of FG 200 grade materials that slow their corrosion to a very high rate, so that they can last longer than they normally would and your extra expenses on them are saved. It is very economical as well.

The pump shaft is made of stainless steel which again is a material that is rust and water-resistant. The standard of the appliance is retained to what it was when just bought, for a long time.

The outer housing of the water pump is made of iron to give it a robust finish. The appliance is then given a very elegant colour, grey. The warranty on this product as provided by its manufacturer is for 1 year.

  • The appliance can work with water up to the temperature of 65 degree Celsius
  • It can work on a wide range of voltage
  • The water helps in conserving energy
  • The motor and body housing are made of cast Iron
  • This pump cannot be used for houses of more than 4 stories


3. Kirloskar Chhotu Star Ultra Monoblock Pump 1HP

Kirloskar is counted as India’s top and most reliable company for products like water pumps, plumbing tools. They have been constantly recommended by their users because of the quality they provide. This is why they are trusted to provide only the best.


This water pump comes with a motor of 370 watts and it works in the voltage range of 180 to 240 volts. Thus, it has got a powerful motor that can work with the same efficiency over a large range of voltage, so you do not have to worry if live in an area where voltage fluctuations are frequent.

The motor is uniquely designed so that it is capable of working on a UPS if the need arises so that the supply does not suddenly stop when your area is out of power.

The capacity of this water pump is 1980 to 360 ltrs per hour. Its head range is 6 ranging to 26 meters. Therefore, the product is convenient for usage in places like your own house, probably a farmhouse, hotels, and such.

You can also use it for watering your lawn. The body is made up of quality materials to give it a robust built and long life.

The casing is made of cast Iron and motor-body of extruded aluminium, so that the body on the whole remains light-weight but is strong enough to withstand all weather conditions.

Even if you are not using a foot valve, the motor of the appliance has enough strength to get the water to a height of 3 meters in regards to static suction lifting.

The appliance has a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) capacitor that connects and disconnects the motor from power. It also ensures that the motor does not get overheated from mechanical overload, it acts as a ventilator for the motor.

The customer care services are readily available. The company provides a helpline number and has a complaint registration system online on their website. They revert back to your problem and make it hassle-free to get rid of it.

  • The appliance has class B insulation for product durability
  • It can work on a UPS commendably well
  • The appliance can work on a high range of voltage
  • An in- built TEFC capacitor that doubles up as a ventilation system
  • There is no information about the product warranty


4. Kirloskar 40S Mini Water Pump 1HP

Kirloskar is a leading manufacturer of products that are used as Indoor and Outdoor Tools, and equipment like water hoses pipes, water pumps. They have a large variety, so that you find exactly the appliance you have been looking for, in your house, for commercial or irrigation purposes.


This appliance is made up of Aluminium so that it is tough on the whole whilst being light so it could be easily handled. The body is perfectly fit for keeping outdoors because of the corrosion-resistant materials that last for a very long time.

The powerful motor of this pump requires a power supply of 1 mechanical horsepower and it can work on the voltage range of 200 to 220 volts. The wiring in this motor is made of copper which has been super enamelled for more efficiency.

The body of the appliance is insulated with extreme caution so that the constituting parts do not get heated due to constant working. This prolongs the material life as the pump works at extreme temperatures that might cause damage to the parts.

The appliance is extremely easy to handle because it has the ability self- prime, which means that one does not have to fill it with water to start it as the traditional pumps, to the height of about 8 meters. This is done so that you are not inconvenienced every time you start the pump.

Without using a foot valve though, it can prime up the water to a level of 3 meters through Static Suction Lift. So, you do not have to bear any additional expenses if you need the supply on this height only.

The head range and capacity of the pump are commendable and are apt to be used in houses, bungalows, in your garden for watering the plants, etc. They lie in the optimal ranges of 3 to 32 meters and 3100 to 500 ltrs per hour.

The appliance can also be used as a water pressure booster at your house which is a requirement if you have an overhead tank and innovative garden watering. It is a very useful appliance in all of these regards.

This appliance has been given a warranty of 6 months so that if you find a manufacturing defect with the appliance, it can be immediately resolved without you going through any hassle.

  • The appliance can even work on a UPS
  • It can also be used as pressure booster
  • The head range and capacity are optimum
  • This water pump can self- prime
  • It has been provided with 6- month warranty
  • The filter in this appliance needs to be cleaned timely


5. Koel By Kirloskar Water Pump 0.5 HP

Kirloskar is an Indian Brand that is extremely famous countrywide for the innovative and splendidly designed Watering Equipment and tools used in gardens and plumbing. Their products are hugely relied upon because of their working standards.


The wiring in this water pump has been done with 99.9% pure copper metal so that the conduction is at its best. At the same time, it does not get hot which is a feature that protects the parts from any damage, the wires have also been doubly enameled for more caution.

The impeller in this pump which is responsible for converting the mechanical power obtained from the motor to power output that further carries on the task, is very efficient because of their unique and smart design. Also, it is made with forged Iron.

The foot valve has been provided so that the water is not drained after the pump is disconnected from the supply. This appliance helps you conserve on the costs of your water bill.

The casing and other body parts are made of materials like Aluminium and cast iron, these are known for their durability. The build of this appliance is also impeccable.

The capacitor that is fit inside the terminal box so that it is not exposed and remains safe, given its importance. It facilitates motor action and makes sure that it does not get overheated hindering the product performance.

The whole body is in a way water and heat resistant because of the continual insulation which is done for your safety and that of the appliance.

The head range of the pump is 6 to 28 meter and the discharge capacity is 3 to 20 ltrs per hour which is considered to be apt for household usage. It is also capable to be of service for agricultural purposes.

The appliance can work on quite a range of voltage so, the voltage fluctuations do not adversely affect the working of this appliance. It has also been provided with a warranty for 1 year, so that you can feel more secure about the purchase you are making.

  • The company provides a brilliant customer service
  • The body is robust and durable
  • The product warranty- one whole year
  • The appliance is not meant for commercial purposes


6. USHA INTERNATIONAL Super Aqua Mini Monoblock Water Pump 1HP

USHA International is a widely popular brand and has been a very crucial part of the Indian markets for electrical appliances since 1934. Their products are the apt combination of efficiency, innovation, and affordability therefore a preferred choice of many.


The extremely efficient and powerful motor of the water pump is actually rated to consume 1 mechanical horsepower of supply. The required voltage range for working is 220 to 240 volts. Also, the motor frequency is 50 hertz.

The appliance has the potential for very quick suction therefore swift consistent supply from your overhead tank.

For this feature, the appliance owes thanks to its discharge rate which lies between 3400 to 110 ltrs per hour over the head range of 4 to 42 meters which is more than any of its contemporaries.

The inner wiring of the pump that is, to and from the motor is of the purest form of copper because of its excellent conductivity and low maintenance. The wires do not get unusually overheated in the course of the whole action.

The appliance is not only an excellent source of water supply but also a huge help in the conservation of energy, thus, your savings from the electricity bill.

The appliance is suitable for houses that have a maximum of four floors. It can be used in your garden if you have sprinklers or any other elaborate method of watering. It is also used for irrigational purposes on a large scale and has shown promising results in that area.

Without using a foot valve though, it can prime up the water to a level of 3 meters through Static Suction Lift. So, you do not have to bear any additional expenses if you need the supply on this height only.

The appliance is also provided with a thermal overload protection system for the protection of the appliance from damages that happen due to overheating of the body by motor overworking, this feature gives extra durability to the water pump.

The manufacturers provide the appliance with warranty period wherein you can even get a replacement if the problem that you find with your appliance is not easily resolved.

  • Product replacement warranty provided lasts for a year
  • The appliance has a thermal overload protection feature
  • The low power consumption by the appliance helps you save on the electricity bill
  • The motor action is powerful and swift
  • It is not suitable for high rise buildings


7. Kirloskar Chotu Domestic Water Motor Pump 0.5HP

Kirloskar Brothers is a Pune based Indian brand that manufactures and develops fluid management systems like valves, water pumps. The company was established back in 1888 and has earned its place in India’s leading companies working in the same field.


The head range of this water pump varies from 6 to 26 meters and the capacity of discharge is 1980 to 360 ltrs per hour that is dependent on the head range. Both of these ranges are considered to be of the optimal values given that they are to be used by small & medium-sized buildings.

It works on the voltage range of 180 to 240 volts which is quite a gap that makes the appliance capable of working on low voltages as well, so that you get a proper supply even if there had been fluctuations in the voltage.

The motor is made up of a very durable, light, and sturdy material called Extruded Aluminium which is also corrosion-resistant. To give this kind of robust finish to all the parts, metals of premium quality have been used in their construction as well.

For example, The Impeller has been made of brass, carbon steel in the pump shaft and both the casings have been made of Cast Iron.

This appliance not just has its usage restricted to that of water supply to your house from the underground sources but these are widely used as water pressure boosters at home or in your lawn and gardens if you have watering systems that have these requirements.

If not provided with a foot valve, the appliance can even self- prime to the height of 3 meters very easily. The appliance has been given a warranty period of 18 months, in this period you can get your issues easily resolved if you find any and can even get a replacement if the need be.

  • The motor in this water pump is a power consuming one
  • It is very durable and efficient plus requires next to no maintenance
  • The appliance has been given a thermal overload protection feature
  • The product warranty period is 18 months
  • The appliance is not suitable for high rise buildings


8. V Guard Water Pumps 1HP (Nova Series)

V Guard manufactures a high range of products like voltage stabilizers, Inverters, water pumps, various kinds of switches, kitchen appliances, and other appliances of the same sort. The company has been a favourite in this sector for quite some time now.


The motor used in this water pump has been made of Extruded Aluminium that is popular for its corrosion resistant feature. Not only is the material durable but also very light weighted so that you do not have any trouble handling the appliance.

The motor used is the induction motor by V Guard that is considered to be one of the most efficient and swift motors available in the markets. These are also inbuilt with a Thermal Overload Protection Feature that is called Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor.

Similarly, the other parts of the appliance like the impeller is made of forged Brass so that the durability factor is ensured. The motor shaft is made of steel and is rust-resistant as well.

The capacitor used in the appliance is Start and Run Type that is very advantageous itself like it helps in power conservation thus cuts down on your electricity bill.

The motor windings that are used to connect the motor to different parts of the appliance are made of the purest available form of copper for better conductivity. These wires are enameled so that there is no rise in their temperatures due to the motor.

The appliance has been given class B insulation so that the parts of the water pump are always protected from high temperatures that adds on to the safety features and product durability.

The head range of the appliance is 6 to 45 meters above the ground level, therefore perfectly suitable for you if you live in a building that has a maximum of five floors. The maximum temperature of the liquid that the appliance can work with is 45 degree Celsius.

The voltage range of the appliance is also very convenient, 180 to 240 volts which makes the appliance compatible even for areas that have low voltages, mostly remote regions. Also, the speed of the motor is 2800 rotations per minute, thus the commendable swiftness.

  • The voltage range of working for the motor is admirable
  • The wires used in the appliance are made of copper and are enameled for better safety
  • The capacitor for motor is Start and Run type
  • A unique and effective in- built thermal overload protection provided
  • No information about the product warranty has been provided


9. Sharp Ultimate Water Motor 1HP

Sharp is a Japanese company headquartered in Osaka. The company majorly deals in electronics that are used domestically. They have a very innovative range of products that are also available at reasonable prices which is why they are appreciated worldwide.


To be extra cautious in the protection of all the different parts of the water pump, the wiring to from the motor has been done with pure copper wires that enameled. This way, the heat from the motor is contained and not transferred to other parts.

The impeller in this pump is made from a material called forged Iron that provides the required sturdiness. An impeller is a part that converts mechanical power from the motor to actual output that makes the suction from the water pump happen.

The foot valve has been provided so that the water is not drained after the pump is disconnected from the supply. This appliance helps you conserve on the costs of your water bill.

The motor and pump casing is made of Aluminium and cast iron respectively, so that these parts do not rust and expose the motor and body to water that may compromise their working.

The capacitor of the appliance has been kept inside the terminal box that is supposed to keep it safe from high temperatures of the motor. The function of this part has to do with phases of working, which changes with each cycle.

The housing of the appliance is given special care while construction because if that is not sturdy, the functioning of the appliance can get hindered. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that the material used for it must be of top quality.

The head range of this water pump is 4 to 40 meters and its discharge capacity is 1700 liters per hour for the height of 25 meters, the rest of the range can be accordingly calculated.

These ranges are considered to be exactly what is required for domestic usage. The voltage range that the appliance can efficiently work on is 220 to 240 volts. It is a reasonably fixed range.

The manufacturer provides you with a warranty of 12 months and in this period if you require any help or assistance with a problem that you think is a manufacturing defect, you will be provided by the company itself, so you can feel secure about your investment.

  • The appliance is durable due to its robust construct
  • The discharge rate and head range are optimum
  • It is a self- priming pump so that you are not inconvenienced every day
  • The warranty period for the appliance is 12 months
  • This pump can be used for domestic purposes only


10. CRI Royal 100 Self Priming Water Pump 1HP

CRI is a company established in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The company manufactures machines, pipes, and other related products that are involved in the procedure of water supply. They are a unique blend of innovative designs, efficiency, and durability.


This water pump, incidentally its motor requires 1 unit of mechanical horsepower for working thus the electricity consumption is 4.5 ampere per hour. The voltage range it works on is 180 to 240 volts given that the appliance has to be used in remote areas where fluctuations are frequent.

This is a mono-block pump that is mostly used for irrigational purposes. It is different from the rest of the appliances in the article because it uses centrifugal force to pump out the water. This is a complex appliance and has the potential to be used in commercial sectors as well.

This is a surface pump as suggested above therefore, the appliance needs external priming. It is basically used on the farms thus; it is actually a necessary parameter.

The appliance has the potential to lift up the water to 100 feet from the ground level which is its head range. This happens after you have used a foot valve which is important in this case otherwise your electricity bill goes to unreasonably high levels.

This water pump weighs 12 kgs and is considered to be very light in this line of pumps which implies that it can be easily handled and possibly moved about easily if the need be.

The company provides a helpline number that is available on all the working days from morning to evening. The warranty period on the product is given for one whole year wherein you can even get a replacement if that is deemed necessary.

  • This appliance can be used for irrigational and commercial purposes
  • The customer care service provided by the company is smooth running and extremely helpful
  • The product warranty on the appliance is for 12 whole months
  • The power consumption from the appliance is reasonably low
  • The appliance needs priming every time you start it


11. Kirloskar Mega 54S Monoset Single Phase Pump 1.5HP

Kirloskar Brothers is an Indian brand that was established more than a century ago. It is one of the most sought-after brands for machinery involved in the fluid management systems that are widely used in Indian households.


The motor used in this pump is extremely powerful that is indicated by the power consumption, 1120 watts are equivalent to 1.5 mechanical horsepower. Not only that but it can also work efficiently on the voltage range of 200 to 240 volts. This kind of performance is unique for such a powerful motor.

Also, it is very easy to handle and requires only a little maintenance on your part. For this feature, the appliance owes thanks to its discharge rate which lies between 3400 to 110 ltrs per hour over the head range of 4 to 42 meters which is more than any of its contemporaries.

The wiring in this appliance has been done in such a way that the conductivity is prioritized. At the same time, there is no effect of the heat released by motor working. This can be done through the pure copper wire that is doubly enameled for better measures.

Given that the motor is swift and powerful, it helps you conserve energy which is good for both- your pocket and the environment you live in.

The appliance can be perfectly suitable for buildings with 6 or even seven floors given its head range and its respective discharge rate. Even though it might take a little more time, you would get the supply in the given time restraint.

The appliance can lift water supply through suction only to a height of 3 meters that too without a foot valve. Also, the appliance is self-priming, so you do not have to get into the hassle of pouring water over the pump every time you have to use it.

  • The appliance can be used for buildings with 6 to 7 floors
  • It helps you save on your electricity bill
  • The appliance is self- priming thus convenient
  • Wiring used is made of copper purely
  • There have been no specifications about product warranty


Buying Guide – Best Water Pumps in India

Water Pumps have gradually become a necessity because of the water shortage in the country. It does not matter if you live in the cities or in a remote village, the issue is most likely to be very similar in all of these places.

You have to be extra cautious about the quality of water you consume because that is also deteriorating in many states. The supply from the government is no longer sufficient because of the unmanageable growth in the population in the nation.


All these factors have led to an increase in the number of people who have opted for underground water consumption instead, for their own safety and so that the demand of the whole household is met.

For this reason, water pumps have become increasingly popular. And, Indian Markets have a wide range of these products that you can choose from. To make an informed choice, you have to know about all the factors that you need to compare. These factors are listed below:

Factors to consider while buying a Water Pump/ Motor

1. Power Consumption

Power Consumption is one of the most important factors in your decision making because it has a huge impact on your electricity bill. The power rating is high in powerful motors but to a reasonable level.

The range mostly lies between 1 to 1.2 mechanical horsepower or 750 to 900 watts. Any more than that and you will be moving way ahead of your budget. Most pumps these days have an energy conserving feature.

2. Pump Pressure

Pump pressure is what affects the height to which the water supply can be provided. It also has a direct impact on the water pressure in your tap. It is different for different kinds of pumps and also varies with each model, depending upon its purpose.

For small and medium-rise buildings you can choose between the range of 13 to 16 PSI, which is sufficient for heights ranging from 9 to 20 meters. You should consult a current user to have more insight into this factor.

3. Body and Wiring Materials

The body that includes housing for the motor and then the entire pump, casings for different parts. should be of the best possible quality. This is a primal need so that the parts of the pump are maintained in terms of their efficiency for a long time until you get your money’s worth from the appliance.

These casings and housing are mostly made of materials like stainless steel, cast Iron, extruded Aluminium. These materials above everything else are corrosion and rust-resistant which is a necessity because the appliance is always in contact with water.

The wires that run to and away from the motor connecting the various components are mostly made from copper that is enameled so that it does not transfer heat which might cause damage to the said components.


4. Discharge Rate

The discharge rate is the time taken by the water pump to fill up your water tank. This again is a very important factor. You need to make sure that this rate is optimum so that you can conserve time and power consumption from the appliance as well.

5. Head Range

Head Range is the vertical limit to which water can be pumped with the help of these appliances. It so happens that the discharge rate of the pump varies with this factor. The former goes hand in hand with the latter.

This range is aptly preferred to lie between 4 to 45 meters for domestic pumps. These are merely the extremes of the values you ought to be looking for.

6. Priming

Priming is the procedure of pouring water on to the pump so that there is no air ingression into it that can later cause problems. In traditional pumps, this had to be done every time one wanted to switch the appliance on.

But now, with technology, it is not a problem anymore. The usage of submersible pumps has increased, these appliances are self priming because of the gravity and air pressure that are always at work to keep the pump filled with water.


7. Warranty Period

Warranty plays an important role in your decision, because if the time period is not enough and you later find a manufacturing defect with your appliance- your investment will not be secure and you will have to spend extra charges to get it repaired.

All of this can be avoided by simply looking for an appliance that has an appropriate warranty period which is considered to be anywhere between 12 to 24 months.

8. Purpose of the Pump

Whatever purpose you have in mind for the pump can only be satisfied when choosing the correct type. Because the features differ accordingly.

Like- If you need a water pump for domestic usage, you can opt for a Regenerative, Centrifugal, and Submersible pump, out of which most Indian households prefer submersibles. The other types have their own strengths of course.

You can also use these pumps as a pressure booster so that you can water your lawns and gardens if you have a complicated system such as sprinklers. If you plan to use the pump for irrigational purposes you should go for Monoblock pumps or special kind of submersible pumps.

9. Thermal Overload Protection

This feature is very important for the safety of the various parts of the water pump. Sometimes, due to the motor working, its temperature increases which the motor might be able to bear because of its casing but not the other parts.

This rise in heat can be prevented by a thermal overload protection feature that either ceases working until the motor cools down or the motor is provided with a special feature that is called Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled that automatically brings down the motor temperature.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Water Pumps in India

Q1. What type of Pump should I buy for household purposes?

Ans. There are many different types of pumps that are offered by the markets that are broadly divided into Domestic and Agricultural pumps. The most common and preferred type of water pump is the submersible pump.
That is because it requires next to nothing amount of maintenance work and is a very durable appliance. It also does not require you to prime, thus is equally convenient as much as efficient.

Q2. Should a pump necessarily have self- priming ability?

Ans. No, a pump is not always self- priming. The more traditional models do require you to fill them up with some amount of water before they start working, every time. This is an unnecessary hassle no one wants to take on.
Which is why, people had started shifting to more convenient self- priming water pumps that just need to be connected to the power supply to start working. It saves you time and a lot of your effort.

Q3. For how many years will the pump last?

Ans. A good model from some branded company can work efficiently to its full potential for at least five years, which is an average. If it is properly maintained and not overworked frequently it can work for more than that.
This is the reason why you should be willing to make a reasonably good investment, if you do that- you need not worry about making another purchase anytime soon.

Q4. What is the maximum warranty period provided on this appliance?

Ans. Warranty on an appliance is a very crucial factor that needs to be considered before making the purchase. 
It is so because, it may be that the appliance shows effects of a mechanical default after some time of use and if your appliance does not have a warranty, getting your problems resolved could be difficult.
The warranty period given on these appliances can be anything between 0 to 2 years. It goes without saying that you should avail water motor with a maximum warranty, considering other factors.

Q5. Can these water pumps also be used for irrigation purposes?

Ans. Yes, these pumps can definitely be used for irrigation. You just have to make sure that the area you want to irrigate has an abundant supply of underground water.
Most of the time, people often choose these pumps for the very same usage, so if you want to make the purchase for your garden, farms you are in the clear.

Conclusion – Best Water Pumps in India

This article has a detailed review of the 11 Best Water Pumps in India. All of their features, pros, and cons are explained in detail. Out of these 11 products, the one that is most preferable is Havells Hi-Flow MX1 Series 1.0 HP Centrifugal Water Pump.


This appliance comes from a widely acclaimed brand and is thus provided with excellent customer service. This model is from the latest versions of the water pumps launched by the company.

The head range and range of discharge is also at par with the requirement of most medium-rise buildings. The appliance also is power conserving and helps you save on your electricity bill.

To know more about the appliance, please visit the beginning of this article.

Happy Shopping!

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