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Saturday, October 16, 2021

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In this hot summer, an air cooler is a real lifesaver. It reduces the room temperature of air by your surroundings.

We have shortlisted the Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India based on features, pros, cons, specification, price & many other factors as given below.

Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India

1. Bajaj Platini Room Air Cooler

Bajaj is an old & established brand that has been contributing quality through its products and service. The Indian market has always counted itself as lucky to be a customer of this company.

When it comes to Bajaj Air coolers, they claim that they produce some of the best air coolers in India. Bajaj Platini Room air coolers allow you to enjoy the effortless and extraordinary cooking experience through its ability of enhanced air delivery.

Primary Features

  • Adjust the Fan Speed upto 3 Levels
  • Turbofan Technology
  • Have 4-way Air Deflecting Feature
  • Suitable for room upto 150 sq feet of Size
  • Water Tank holds 36 Litres of water
  • 12 Months Warranty

Maximum cooling is provided at minimum water levels with the help of the hexagonal design of delivery. Its water tank can hold up to 36 liters of water which improvises a continuous water supply.

The integration of turbofan technology ensures a cool environment with an amazing air throw of 70 ft that reaches every nook and corner of the room.

It has 2 regulators that let you adjust the fan speed up to 3 levels, thus allowing you to control the airflow according to your convenience.

The Bajaj Platini Room air cooler is suitable for a room of up to 150 sqft of size. It can be used under all climatic conditions in India. It has a castor wheel which makes it highly portable. When it comes to warranty, Bajaj is offering 12 months assistance on this appliance.

  • Have 4-way air deflecting feature
  • Affordable
  • Large cooling capacity
  • Easy to equip in any geographical location
  • May experience a pungent smell when the water isn’t changed twice a week
  • It requires cross ventilation in the room


2. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler

Symphony is an Indian giant that deals in a range of home & kitchen appliances. The brand has been known for the great contribution of power efficient appliances to the Indian markets. The Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower air cooler comes in white color.

It has a slim structure due to which you can accommodate it anywhere in the house. It is capable enough to cover an area of 28 m3. 

Primary Features

  • Power-Efficient Product
  • i-Pure Technology
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Water Holding Capacity: 12 Litres
  • Capable of Covering Area of 28m3
  • 1 Year Warranty

It comprises of i-pure technology that allows multistage filtration of the air. This feature does not only ensures to eliminate dust & smell but it also keeps the air free from allergic pollutants & bacteria.

This system consists of dura-pump technology and cool flow dispenser which enables pumping and even distribution of water respectively, resulting in efficient cooling.

The Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air Cooler features honeycomb cooling pads that grab it a place in the Top 10 Best Air coolers in India. Also, as perusers, it consumes less electricity which makes it a power-efficient product.

It has a water level indicator that will notify you once the water goes below the minimum requirement point. It has a fast air throw ability which is around 30 feet. Easy mobility is assured by the castor wheels that can rotate in 360 degrees.

This air cooler that has 12 liters of water holding capacity is offered with 1 year of warranty and free scheduled delivery. For some fantastic discounts, O cost EMI, CashBacks & other bank offers, click on the button given below.

  • Provision of pure and filtered air
  • Provision of dial knobs for easy control
  • Compatible with an inverter
  • Requires cross ventilation for effective cooling
  • Suitable only for small rooms


3. Symphony Diet 3D 30i Personal Tower Air Cooler

This product also comes from the house of Symphony & is among the top choices of customers. Symphony Diet 3D 30i Air cooler is the best in the class appliance. It is a powerful, sleek & trendy air cooler that consists of honeycomb cooling pads.

One can experience effective cooling in all three directions by the air that comes through multiple filters like dust, smell, allergy, and bacteria. Symphony Diet 3D 30i Air cooler has the intensity to cool a room of max 45 m3.

Primary Features

  • Cover Area of max 45m3
  • Smart System
  • Magnetic Remote
  • Pop-Up Touch Screen Technology
  • 1 Year Warranty

It is equipped with pop-up touch screen technology that eases the control over the device. This consumes less power in comparison to other air coolers and can be operated both indoors and outdoors.

You will also get a magnetic remote that smartly sticks on the cooler’s body due to which, its chances of getting misplace are eliminated.

There won’t be any need to fill water in the coolers after every 2 hours as this air cooler can hold 30 liters of water in one go.

It features an amazing function called “smart system” which automatically shut-downs the air cooler to protect it from voltage fluctuations. It features an alarm that alerts the user when the water level goes down. A one year warranty is offered on this purchase.

  • Remote controlled
  • Easy to control and maintain
  • Durable and long life span
  • It is not compatible with inverter
  • Requires cross ventilation


4. Bajaj PCF 25DLX Personal Air Cooler

Bajaj manufactures some of the best appliances that include water heater, ceiling fans and many more. The PCF 25DLX Personal Air Cooler is one of the best air coolers in India.

This model is known for redefining the cooling experience through its powerful and super air delivery that ranges up to 18 feet. It features Hexa-cool technology that ensures delivery of maximum cool air. 

Primary Features

  • Honeycomb Cooling Pad
  • Turbo Fan Technology
  • Consumes 80 watts of Power
  • Capacity of Water Tank: 24 Litres of water
  • Hexa-Cool Techonology
  • 12 Months Warranty

It can be ported in any suitable direction with the help of castor wheels and can spread the cool air in 3 ways. The water tank incorporated in this air cooler can hold 24 litres of water.

This air cooler consumes 80 watts of power & needs a voltage supply of at least 220 volts to run effectively. The powerful air throw of this air cooler reaches every corner of the room.

The honeycomb cooling pad embedded in it provides faster and efficient cooling at minimum water levels. It can effectively cool a room with a maximum area of 150 square feet.

The turbo fan technology efficiently circulates air in the room & promises to deliver amazing user experience. It is available in white color which would add elegance to your room. If you buy this, you will get a Warranty of 12 months from the house of the Bajaj.

  • Efficient cooling at low power consumption
  • Suitable at all climatic conditions
  • Works effectively even in coastal regions
  • Not compatible with Inverters
  • Heavy in comparison to other air coolers


5. Crompton Marvel PAC201 Air Cooler

Crompton is one of the evergreen brands that has achieved a great position in the local Indian markets. Crompton is known for making the best ceiling fans, Mixer grinders & air coolers in India. Crompton Marvel PAC201 Air Cooler is a White Colour appliance.

The Honeycomb shaped cooling pads ensure maximum cooling by providing an air delivery of 1250 m3/hour. This appliance can hold 20 liters of water and has a large ice chamber to put ice and use cool water.

Primary Features

  • Air Delivery of 1250 m3/hour
  • Air Speed Control
  • Consumes 130 watts of Power
  • Water Tank Capacity: 20 Litres
  • 12 Months Warranty

It is a compact appliance and suitable for a room size of up to 150 Sq Ft. This air cooler is highly portable in size & has oscillating louvers which enable 4-way air deflections.

It comes with a fiber body that prevents rusting. It is an easy to maintain air cooler that features airspeed control. Air throw intensity of this appliance is around 20 feet.

It is a white-colored air cooler that consumes only 130 Watts of power. A year of warranty is being offered from Crompton that makes it one of the best selling products on amazon.

  • Larger coverage area
  • Enhanced and efficient cooling system
  • It consumes less energy
  • Functions hand to hand with inverters
  • Compatible with the indoor and outdoor environment
  • Low water tank capacity
  • Requires cross ventilation for effective cooling


6. iBell Deluxe Tower Fan

iBell is among the top companies that are product range is not only limited to the home appliance. The company also manufactures a variety of kitchen appliances that includes induction cooktops, washing machines, juicer mixer & whatnot.

iBell Deluxe Tower Fan is among the top choices of the customer because of its affordable prices & stylish looks. You can beat the heat of summers using the iBell tower fans through its amazing air delivery. This sturdy appliance is suitable for a medium-sized room.

Primary Features

  • Air Delivery of 2250 m3/hour
  • Energy Efficient Product
  • Consumes 140 watts of Power
  • 2 Regulators
  • 1 Year Warranty

The aesthetic design goes well with the modern ambiance of the room. Also, It assures to add elegance to your room. The iBell Deluxe Tower Fan’s body is made of high-quality metal & premium plastic which enables more power and rust protection. 

It has high performing excellent motor that assures high air delivery of 2250 m3 /hour and promises an excellent air throw of up to 25 feet.

It is an energy-efficient product as it only consumes 140 watts of power. The speed of air delivered can be controlled up to 3 levels by the help of 2 regulators given on the top panel of this air cooler.

You will get a 1-year warranty on this air cooler. Not only this, but you will also get 6 months of additional warranty on the product that makes it stand out of the crowd.

  • Low noise levels
  • Remote control
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to install
  • Requires ventilation
  • It is not inverter compatible
  • Not suitable for small places


7. Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H Air Cooler

Orient is a long-standing household name that has been offering quality products for 6 decades. Orient has been especially known for its ceiling fans & air coolers.

Orient Electric Dx CP2002H is an electric smart cool air cooler that comes in dual shade color, white and dark grey. In this water cooler, you have a choice to opt for any one water tank capacity out of 12; 16L & 35L.

Primary Features

  • Air Delivery of 1300 m3/hour
  • Speed of Airflow controlled by 3 Levels
  • 11 meter of Air Throw
  • High Density Nesto Honeycomb Cooling Pads
  • Rustproof & Durable ABS Plastic
  • Energy-Efficient and Easy Installation

The air delivery rate of this smart air cooler is 1300 m3/hour with an air throw of 7.6 meters. The speed of the airflow can be controlled up to 3 levels with the help of the 2 regulators given at the top of the air cooler.

Orient promises to deliver cool air in all 4 directions & acute corners of the room. This device is compatible with an inverter that ensures continuous cooling even during power cuts. Its body is composed of high gloss, rustproof and durable ABS plastic.

Additional features like ice chambers and dust filters have been integrated into the appliances which not only enable quick cooling but also ensure the provision of clean air.

Castor wheels have been attached to this orient air cooler for enabling mobility. High-Density Nesting Honeycomb cooling pads have been integrated into the product which ensures 25% more cooling with retention of 45% water.

Powerful fans and blowers are installed in the cooler with some other features like aesthetic design, timer function, remote control operation, and hassle-free experience.

This inverter compatible appliance works effectively with a low voltage supply. So, if you live in an area where there are voltage issues, this product would take away all your sweat. The oscillating louvers make the device suitable for a medium-sized room.

  • Attachment of handle
  • Energy-efficient and easy installation
  • 11 meter of air throw
  • Autofill capability
  • Requires ventilation
  • Produces Noise


8. Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

Crompton is giving tough competition to a lot of big brands in the Indian market. The company has made a large customer base in the last few years because of it’s durable products.

As per user reviews, it has been analyzed that Crompton Ozone desert air cooler is the best air cooler in India at such an attractive price. It can deliver cool air at a rate of 46000 m3/hour.

Primary Features

  • 3 Tank Storage Options
  • Honeycomb Cooling Pads
  • 3 Different modes
  • Consumes 190 watts of Power
  • Suitable for 500 sq.feet
  • 1 Year Warranty

You will easily able to control the speed of air delivery in 3 different modes by the knobs given on the top panel. The powerful motor ensures efficient functioning if it is supplied with 230 volts of voltage.

You will easily able to control the speed of air delivery in 3 different modes by the knobs given on the top panel. The powerful motor ensures efficient functioning if it is supplied with 230 volts of voltage.

The appliances consume 190 watts power which makes it one of the most power-efficient products in India. The motor in the air cooler is protected from overloads and can support the oscillation of louvers which provide 4-way deflection of airflow.

Unique features like water drain plug, water level indicators are also included in the system. It has honeycomb cooling pads that will enable you to experience better air cooling.

This particular model has 3 tank storage options 55L, 75L & 88L. So, you can choose any variant from these capacities. It features an ice chamber that allows you to enjoy the ultimate cooling experience.

It is suitable for big rooms that cover an area of 500 square feet. This Crompton air cooler is made of high-quality fiber body that ensures rusting & gives the cooler a better life.

The air throw ability of this air cooler is up to 52 feet. It is among top-selling coolers in Indian on amazon. It comes in a dual-color tone of white & turquoise. A 1 year of warranty is being offered on this air cooler along with no-cost EMI payment option.

  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Durable
  • Compatible with inverters
  • Require cross ventilation
  • Less efficient remote control


9. Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler Cooler

Kenstar is a popular brand name that is preferred by many, especially when one is looking to buy standard and quality air cooler.

Kenstar DX50 Air cooler comes in white color and has acquired great user ratings in less period. It lends a hand to beat the hot summers in the coolest manner. You can easily accommodate it anywhere in the house due to its compact size. 

Primary Features

  • Corrosion Free Nature
  • Capacity of Water Tank: 50 litres
  • Cover 20 sq meter of Area
  • Air Cooler Speed up to 3 Levels
  • 4 Way Air Deflection
  • Air Delivery 1750 m3/hour
  • 1 Year Warranty

The corrosion-free nature is ensured by the body that is made of a high-end thermally re-engineered plastic body. This air cooler can effectively function even in dry and arid climates.

It is ideal for a medium-sized room. It has a water tank that can hold a maximum of 50 liters water. It provides 4-way air deflections via the motorized vertical movement of the louver.

It can cover 20 sq meters of the area through the fast air throw power. You will able to reduce & increase the air cooler’s speed up to 3 levels.

It can throw Air at a distance of 35 feet. The air delivery of the Kenstar Double Cool Dx air cooler is around 1750 m3 per hour.

Effortless and effective cooling is facilitated by the wood wool evaporative pads which are budget-friendly and eco friendly. Low power consumption is assured by this device. A warranty of one year has been provided from Kenstar. If this deal impresses you, hit the button given below.

  • Easy installation
  • Light-weight appliance, so easy to move
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Low coverage area
  • Small in size (height)


10. Cello Osum Desert Air Cooler

Cello is another famous brand that has occupied a position among the top-rated companies in India. Their air coolers are known for durability & affordable prices. Cello Osum Desert Air Coolers have 360° castor wheels that help to flow air in multiple directions.

Not only this, because of the caster wheels, you will easily able to accommodate the air cooler where you want. This product is recommended for big rooms as the speed of air is 5000 m/ hour. The speed of the motor can be varied up to 3 levels.

Primary Features

  • Easy to Maintain & Motor
  • Cosumes 185 Watts of Power
  • Suitable for 700 Square Feet Area
  • Air Delivery Speed 5000/3hr
  • 12 Months Warranty

This Cello Osum desert air cooler works silently and effectively with the help of honeycomb cooling pads. It can easily cool a maximum area of 700 square feet. The blower fan incorporated in the appliance enables a powerful air throw of 54 ft. 

Amazing features like turbo cooling & oscillating louvers ensure maximum cooling even in the acute corners of the room. The power consumption of this air cooler is around 185 watts.

This white color air cooler comes in 2 variants, with remote & without a remote. Though, we highly recommend you buy the air cooler that comes with a remote. If there are regular power cuts in your area, this product would take is a real lifesaver for you.

It is compatible with an inverter which would let it work during power cuts as well. Cello offers a year of warranty on this air cooler. Not only this, to make it a fantastic deal, Amazon is offering 10 days replacement.

  • Compatible with inverter
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Efficient cooling at low noise for larger rooms
  • It requires cross ventilation
  • Not suitable for small space
  • Little expensive


Buying Guide – Best Air Coolers in India

Air coolers are a must needed appliance and its demand is increasing with the rising temperatures around different parts of India.

Like every other appliance, there are several factors that you must check out to get an idea about the pros, cons, and features of the air cooler.

It would help you to gain knowledge on its parts and working which can then be implemented to buy and utilize the device in the most efficient manner, for a longer period.

The important factors and features are enlisted and briefed below for your reference that would save you from the hustle and help you select the best air cooler in India for your home, office or factory.


Air coolers work on a basic principle i.e. cooling the hot air in a confined area. The hot air is collected and passed over water to absorb the heat and lets out the cool air to be circulated in the specific surrounding area.

This process is carried our constantly which makes your surrounding environment cool and pleasant. The hot air is drawn in and the cool air is let out with the help of a fan.

The transfer of heat from air to water is carried out on the top of cooling pads, so that the evaporated water can be retained and reused.

Thus, air coolers are an eco-friendly choice to beat the heat. Keeping in mind the above basic working of an air cooler, there are several other features and factors to be understood, about your surrounding environment, so that the choice of air coolers can match your specific requirement.


Air Coolers are broadly classified into two types namely Personal Coolers and Desert Coolers. Coolers that are used to cool small & mid-sized rooms are Personal coolers. The tank capacity of personal coolers averages around 20-30 liters.

It is an economical option that utilizes blowers to provide a cooling effect. The coolers that can cover large areas are Desert coolers. A large fan of industrial-type is used for cooling purposes.


It might be an expensive choice in comparison with a personal cooler. But it is worth it, and value for money considering the increased coverage area of cooling. It also has an additional water holding capacity of up to 30-40 liters.

Cooling Pads

Two types of the cooling pad are generally used in air coolers, HoneyComb cooling pads & Aspen Wood Wool Cooling pads. They are differentiated based on the shape and material used. As the name suggests, honeycomb cooling pads have a honeyComb shape cellulose material.

These cooling pads are way lot durable, efficient and maintenance-free as compared to Aspen Wood Wool cooling pads. The other type of cooling pad has only one positive aspect which is being affordable but lacks in the other above stated aspects.


Owning an air cooler of the right size is very important to experience the desired cooling effect. This factor is not independent as it is dependent on external weather conditions, room size and number of persons in the room.

With an increase in the size of the cooler, the cooling area and the capacity also increase. On technical terms, there is a formula to calculate the air displacement in terms of CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). 

It refers to the quantity of total air in the room that changes every couple of minutes. The calculation is carried out on an hourly basis, and the formula for the same is given below:

CFM in Hours = (Room Surface Area in Square Feet)*(Room Height)/2 

You must always ensure that the size of the air cooler is apt to your requirement as extend of size in any way may lead to a shortage of cooling or overcooling, wasting energy.


Air cooler is generally preferred in hot and dry areas to beat the heat, but this appliance functions efficiently and gives the best output in the drier areas. This is because increased evaporation of water in air elevates the cooling level.

The atmosphere in dry areas can take up moisture in bulk quantity, while in humid areas there is already enough amount of moisture content in the air. It increases humidity which decreases the capacity of the surroundings to take up the evaporated water thus leading to ineffective cooling.

To overcome this problem ‘Humidity Control’ – a feature was incorporated into the coolers. This made air coolers to be effectively used even in human coastal regions. Thus, the increase in humidity does not affect the temperatures delivered by the air coolers anymore.

Power Consumption & Efficiency

Air coolers consume a minimum quantity of power compared to air conditioners. It is so because air coolers require energy to run the motor, which brings up the water on cooling pads, and for the fan.

For a room with general dimensions, AC consumes o.8 units of electricity per hour while air cooler consumes just 0.1 units of electricity for an hour.

From this fact you can infer that with lower energy requirements one can easily reduce the electricity bills. Thus, air coolers turn out to be both nature and pocket-friendly options.

Increased efficiency is contributed by the effectiveness of the absorption and evaporation process. Cooling pads with honeycomb structure enhance the capacity of water absorption thus, resulting in 85% of improved efficiency.

Also, the material used to manufacture the body of the air cooler affects the efficiency as it impacts on the size of the cooling pad that it can bear.  The galvanized steel body contributes to extended life span and rust-free assurance in addition to increased efficiency levels.

Other Features

We have taken a look at the main points that determine the efficient functioning of the appliance. Now we will take a look at the accessory features that add to convenience and simplicity.

Ice Cube Tray

Increased cooling effect is provided when the water is cool. So to ensure this, you can use ice water or utilize this facility that allows you to place the ice cubes on the tray and supply the cooler with ice water.

Compatibility with Inverter

Air cooler is an electric device that required an average of 120-180 watts of power supply. As such the cooler may not function during power cuts and hence some of the air coolers are also provided with an additional feature of compatibility with inverters.

A 600 VA inverter would do fine to run the air cooler. But a 900 VA inverter is recommended for safety purposes.

Remote Control

As the name denotes this feature allows you to operate and control this appliance using a remote.

It allows you to change the airflow direction, vary the speed of air blowers, or even alter air cooler functionality as per your convenience and with increased comfort levels.

Speed Control

A button is provided in the air cooler which is called the variable speed control knob. This controls the fan speed and eases the process of elevating or decreasing the speed levels.

Water Level Indicator

As stated earlier water is the key element that absorbs the heat from hot air and enables the cooling process.

This appliance cannot function without water. And so to remind you the refill the water tank, an indicator is provided. In most of the cases, it functions manually.

Tower Air Cooler

Tower air coolers have become the latest trends and preferred choice for buyers for its multiple benefits.

The benefits include the exceptional design of the device, occupying less floor space and most importantly the looks of the appliance which blends very well with the modern interiors of the room.

Multi-Function Wheels

This feature enables you to convert your air cooler into a portable device for conveniently shifting its location. One can adjust and place this appliance in a suitable corner. With the help of this feature, portability can be carried out even for long distances.

Empty Tank Alarm

As mentioned earlier air cooler requires optimum water levels to function efficiently.

As it is difficult to constantly monitor the water level parameters, this appliance is also provided with an alarm that produces beep sound as soon as the water levels need to be recharged. This feature is mostly available in high-end air coolers.

Air Cooler without Water

This is a unique feature that contradicts the working principle of this appliance. Air coolers that run without water are very similar to air conditioners.

It cuts down the water and motor costs and reduces the space occupied by the water tank. This makes it compact and economical. It is an added advantage to the users who are living in areas that faces water scarcity problems.

The working procedure includes a collection of air from large open areas and alters the air pressure to supply clean and cool air to a small dense zone. This technology is available only in a few models and further development can lead to widespread usage.

This feature enables you to convert your air cooler into a portable device for conveniently shifting its location. One can adjust and place this appliance in a suitable corner. With the help of this feature, portability can be carried out even for long distances.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Air Coolers include 

  • Environment protection by avoiding usage of coolants or refrigerants.
  • Lower investment and affordable, especially when they are distinguished from AC’s.
  • Circulation of fresh air.
  • Easy to be ported and reduces power expenses. 

Disadvantages of Air Coolers are 

  • Noise pollution
  • Dependent on atmospheric conditions such as humidity levels.
  • It requires a continuous supply of water and frequent maintenance.

Conclusion – Best Air Coolers in India

On a general outlook, air coolers are suitable appliances for middle-class families in terms of cooling efficiency and affordability.

They require water and power supply but turns out to be the best available option in the market that meets the standard requirements to beat the heat effectively.

After a quick analysis, we recommend you to go with the Bajaj PCF Air Cooler as it has almost all the features incorporated and provides excellent results.

Hope this article will help you to select the Best Air Cooler in India that meets all your requirements. If you have any doubts or issues, let us know in the comments below & we will reach you back shortly.

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  1. 4 family member or costal area ke liye konsa air cooler le. Jisme copper motor ho.voltas cooler mai humidity controlar hai. Magar motor aluminum ki hai. To aap suggest kijiye budget mai ho or company service bhi acchi ho.

    • Agar ache Brand me chahiye, toh humidity controller and copper motor ke saath koi nahi milega. Symphony, Voltas, Crompton, Bajaj, koi bhi nahi..Copper motor ko ignore kijiye, 2021 me jo aluminum motor lagi aati ha vo bahut achi quality ha and bahut saal tak aapka saath degi. https://amzn.to/3izVKqO


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