11 Best Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers in India (July 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, July 25, 2021

These days, Essential oil diffusers are much needed and highly demanded. The fragrance is not something you can compromise on.

And therefore, what’s better to fill your surroundings with than the aroma that you desire with a cost-effective essential oil aroma diffuser.

In this generation’s busy schedules, you never know the kind of environment you may encounter. In order to keep your close quarters breathable and clean, you need a product like an oil diffuser.


Not just that, a diffuser has many good qualities that can keep your body and mind healthy. It is also good for your outer pores as well as internal organs. It indeed is a must, so you can stay in good condition.

It is widely used for aroma therapy, as it helps to calm down your senses by giving them a pleasant sensation. Thus, it counts as an exemplary present for your near and dear ones if you wish so.

Today, there are many such essential oil diffusers or humidifiers with a variety of features that aim to enrich your experience. You have a number of brands to choose from, all the while keeping in mind the kind of product that is best suited for you.

Well, your search stops here, as we have created the perfect guide for you to gather all the necessary information needed, weigh your options and decide on the essential oil diffuser that you are looking for.

We have reviewed the 11 Best Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers in India, so that you can peruse through them to choose the diffuser that will allow you the greatest satisfaction.

Based on your requirements, you will find a Buying Guide that you must have look at in order to find the right match for you.

Table of Contents

These are the Top 11 Best Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers in India

Best Essential Oil Diffusers in India in 2021

1. BICHI Wood Grain Mini Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Bichi is a brand that manufactures kitchen as well as other home appliances. Bichi products are of good quality that comes with various features and at the same time are quite cost-effective. This humidifier is of high quality and it is among the latest products of Bichi.


What’s more, it is not confined to a single place, but can be used in a number of settings. You can take it with you to your car, to your place of work, to yoga, the spa, practically anywhere you want as it is just the perfect size to carry around.

Primary Features

  • ABS & PP Material
  • Durable
  • Easy operation
  • Less than 3 W power
  • Power supply through USB

If you have a color preference, you need not worry because this wood grain humidifier also comes in seven different colors. As the name suggests, it is made of wood and the sleek design is smooth, sturdy, and hence is made to last.

The silicon mats are non-slip and it is infused with protection against corrosion. The humidifier is easy to use as it can be operated with just a simple touch, i.e., a click of the switch, which is quite a sensitive one.

There will be detailed instructions given in the instruction manual that will come along with the product on how to assemble it. You can be quite assured that it is very easy, safe, and authentic.

After assembling it, you can see its effects in just a few moments. Moreover, a USB cable will also be provided just in case but the humidifier can be charged using a USB HUB, a car charger, etc.

This product is best for you to use it while asleep because it is an ultra-quiet design that enables it to operate at less than 35 decibels. You can rest soundlessly while the humidifier nourishes your body. The most brilliant feature is that it requires less than 3W of power in order to function.

  • Requires less power to function
  • Light enough to carry
  • Operates at low decibels
  • Sturdy and stylish
  • Effortless operation
  • No warranty specifications given


2. BRAHMZ Ancient Electric Ceramic Oil Aroma Diffuser

Brahmz is a notable manufacturer of handicraft products made of brass, glass, paper, ceramic, etc. The products under this brand are made with the help of advanced techniques under the regulation of several experts.


If you are someone who likes decorating your house with antique designs, or handmade products, your search ends here. This electric diffuser is not just useful for producing aromatic scents but it also gives an artistic charm that will go well with any kind of décor.

Prinary Features

  • Handcrafted
  • Artistic features
  • Usable as a lamp
  • Mirchi Bulb

It is meant to glow while it’s working, and the shape and structure of the diffuser serve to light up the room with a radiance that is reflected through the diffuser. Thus, it can fulfill the purpose of a candle in the dark or a lamp, and a beautiful one at that.

The shape of this diffuser is similar to a lantern and is quite intricately carved. The carvings are meant to aid in reflecting the light from inside over its immediate surroundings outside. Thus, creating a rather exquisite effect.

The product comes with a halogen bulb that you will have to connect with the diffuser. In order to have the best experience, you will have to pour warm water and aroma oil as instructed.

You will be able to enjoy the aromatic scent once the water gets warmer. It is important to note that the diffuser must be kept on a surface that is heat resistant.

Once it is lighted, the diffuser operates for about 2 – 3 hours as you can only fill the bowl with up to 15 – 20 ml of water.

However, you ought to immediately pour more water and aroma oil as soon as all the water evaporates. This way, you will be able to continuously use this diffuser without having the need to charge it. It is really a great deal indeed.

  • Serves two purposes: provides aroma as well as illuminates the room
  • Handcrafted
  • Eloquent in style
  • Easy to use
  • Does not include fragrance oil


3. FnP CL Ceramic Electric Lemongrass Oil Aroma Diffuser Burner Set

FnP CL is a prominent industry leader specializing in floral and gifting products. The company keeps the best interests of its consumers at heart and aspire to bring new & innovative products in the market.


The ceramic ethnic diffuser is a beautiful piece of art, round in shape that produces an aromatic fragrance while fulfilling its role as a fine decorative piece. As it is handcrafted, it is intricately designed in such a way that light emanates from the delicate cuts on the surface.

Primary Features

  • High quality product
  • Handcrafted exclusively in ceramic
  • Various medical properties
  • Extra bulb

When it’s in working mode, you will be impressed by its capacity. It can indeed light up a room elegantly while spreading scents to please your mood. One bottle of aroma oil comes along with the diffuser.

You can also choose from a number of scents as a variety of them are accessible, such as Lemongrass aroma oil, lavender aroma oil, ylang ylang aroma oil, etc. Each one gives a different feeling depending on your taste.

All you need to do in order to enjoy the refreshing scent is to pour the aroma oil on top of the diffuser. Moreover, certain scents can also act as insect repellents.

Other essential characteristics that are well-known especially of lemongrass consist of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, etc. Thus, your health will surely be taken care of.

There will be an extra bulb that will come with the set to make sure the product lasts for a long time. Furthermore, the diffuser is electrically powered and not chargeable. The product in its entirety is of good quality and is well built.

If you entertain a lot of guests or if you simply like to decorate your house with beautifully designed artifacts, this is the product for you. It is best suitable in a low lit room to showcase its lighting ability.

  • Simple to operate
  • Decorative piece as well as room freshener
  • Essential oils available with a number of properties
  • Emits light
  • Not available in many colours


4. Pure Source India Soapstone Oil Aroma Diffuser

Pure source India is among the top companies that are know for producing some of the most affordable aroma diffusers. This particular product is one of good quality and is handcrafted. This soapstone diffuser’s greatest feature is that it is made entirely of natural stone.


As a result, heat has no effect on it. Thus, you can use this product without worrying about it getting hot. In order to be able to use it, you need to place a tea light candle inside the diffuser. You probably have many of those lying around, if not, you can buy them as they are quite cheap.  

Primary Features

  • Handcrafted and of good quality
  • Natural stone material
  • Not easily breakable due to surplus heat
  • Enables uniform distribution of fragrance

Thus, this can prove to be a long-lasting product. The diffuser comes in two parts – the intricately carved lamp shaped holder along with a bowl that can be removed and put back on as you please.

The bowl is used to pour the aroma oil whose fragrance you wish to intake. The holder is beautifully carved throughout except for the small space provided, through which you can place the tea light candle.

The carvings allow the light to be thrown outside. The natural stone does not allow you a preference of color as it cannot be controlled, but keep in mind that the product is worth its cost as all you need is a tea light candle.

As it is made of natural stone, there is no need for electricity in order to operate this diffuser. The many openings allow the fragrance to be evenly dispensed. Also, the light can be dispersed everywhere.

In addition, you can use this naturally made soapstone as a decorative addition to your living space. The bowl can be washed and cleaned after each usage thus enabling you to make use of the product for a long time.

  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Long lasting
  • Does not require electricity
  • Not available in many colors


5. RYLAN Magic Cool Mist Humidifiers Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

RYLAN as a brand is defined by its artistry. They are a distinguished brand known for creating unique works of art for women. They cater to all kinds of styles thus making sure to gain a wide customer base.


The magic cool mist humidifier is RYLAN’s recently developed product whose quality is indisputable. It is of diamond shape and is available in numerous colors to choose from.

Primary Features

  • Novel and of high quality
  • 2 spray options
  • Decorative piece
  • 2 W power
  • Available in various colors
  • Universal USB

The product comes with an inner LED light that can serve as a lamp in the dark of night, as well as a lovely piece of aesthetic to decorate your home. Its small size makes it a mobile product and therefore ready to be used anywhere.

There are 2 spray options – continuous, which will spray for about 3 hours without stopping, and interval, which will switch in between spraying and stopping. You can choose what is best suitable for you.

Unlike other humidifiers, it does not dry easily and has a self-regulating power for about 4 hours. The humidifier functions to help make your environment free from all kinds of pollutants, making the air around you as safe as it can.

Furthermore, the technology used allows this product to operate at extremely low sound levels so as not to cause you any disturbance, be it while working or sleeping. It enables you to have quiet, and noise-free surrounding.

This model was specifically designed for your convenience and keeping that in mind we provide a USB cable with an interface through which you can charge the product in more than one way.

Thus, charging the humidifier becomes an easy task which in turn assures its easy usage. It requires power usage up to 2 W. Overall, this humidifier is not harmful to the environment and thus extremely safe to use.

  • Operates at low decibels
  • Moveable
  • Serves more than one function
  • Eco friendly
  • Unclear warranty specifications


6. FARKRAFT Ceramic Ethnic Handcrafted Oil Aroma Diffuser

Farkraft is a brand with an extensive assortment of home accessories. They are famous for developing handicrafts in India. If you are looking for designer items, you have come to the right place.


This ceramic ethnic handcrafted aroma diffuser is delicately handcrafted with beautiful carvings which would make a fine decorative assortment for your home. It has a cylindrical shape with its sides slightly curved outwards to form an almost circle.

Primary Features

  • Ceramic material
  • Handcrafted
  • Easy to operate
  • One bottle of aroma oil
  • Tea light candle
  • Decorative piece

The design and the shape of the diffuser are pleasing to the eye and does not take much space. Also, you can put it anywhere be it your home, office, kid’s room, etc.

It is extremely simple to operate as it requires a tea light candle to be placed on the inside of the diffuser and any kind of essential aroma oil. As you make use of the tea light, you can be assured that the product doesn’t have to be electrically generated.

Moreover, the light emanating from the diffuser creates pretty shapes through the carvings, all around it. The diffuser brings with it one aroma oil bottle.

You can also choose your own fragrance this way as many other aroma oils are available. This particular model is crafted to spread the scent as well as the light throughout the room that it inhabits.

You can work, study, or rest, even forget your worries in the sweet scent that this diffuser brings. Don’t forget to keep changing the tea light candle, and remember, with just a bit of water and a few drops of aroma oil.

You can experience scented fragrance around you along with a beautifully lit room for any and all kind of occasions. Thus, with such multiple functions, you can be sure to feel satisfied after having bought this product.

  • Not electrically generated
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to operate
  • Diffuses light as well as aroma
  • Availability of different colors not specified


7. Dr. Trust Home Spa Luxury Home Office Cool Mist Oil Aroma Diffuser

Dr. Trust comprises of a team made up of professionals from the medical field along with other experts to provide you the best medical innovations, oil aroma diffuser being one of them.


This home spa aroma oil diffuser and humidifier have a shape similar to a bottle with a flat bottom and a narrow opening on top through which the air gets purified. The surface of this particular product is smooth and stylish and looks quite luxurious.

Primary Features

  • Works as a humidifier as well as a diffuser
  • Operates for a long time – up to 6 hours
  • Greatly improves the quality of air
  • Imported from the US
  • 1 year warranty period

You can use it as a humidifier or a diffuser, as it is produced using ultrasonic technology. Thus depending on the climate and your personal tastes, you can use it however you please.

Unlike other diffusers, this model disperses a thin vapour, allowing the essential oil to last up to 6 hours. Other than spreading aromatic scents, the diffuser takes care of your all–round health.

It helps you to concentrate, treats your dry skin, sleep problems, etc. Once you have bought this product, you will safely be able to reap the marvelous benefits of aromatherapy. This kind of diffuser does not make use of candles.

Moreover, it is quite simple in terms of operation with an on/off timer. You can set the timer as per your requirements, with just the touch of the button.

Furthermore, it functions without making any noise, so it is highly recommended especially if you wish to sleep or work in quiet environments.

Another excellent feature of this diffuser is the fact that it comes in 3 different colours, violet, orange, and pink – all in one. You don’t need to choose the colors while buying, instead you choose at the time of using.

And it doesn’t stop there, because the colors glow when switched on. If you are looking for a good quality product with a variety of different features, this is it. It is indeed worth its value.

  • Has dual use
  • Provides all round healthcare
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet functioning
  • Available in three different colors at the same time
  • Conditional extended warranty


8. Aerico Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

Aerico is a brand that specializes in a number of home appliances ranging from various kinds of stand holders, tea light candles, aroma oil diffusers, etc. Their products are very cost-friendly.


Aerico brings an aroma diffuser with an extremely unique structure. It is made to reflect the shape of Buddha’s face, made in ceramic. It looks absolutely gorgeous with its sleek surface and intricate design.

Primary Features

  • Unique work of art
  • Available in the shape of Buddha’s face
  • Ceramic material
  • Best for relaxation and calm

The face is carved with great precision to keep it as identical to the original Buddha as possible. If you are looking for an item to signify peace or serenity, meditation, etc., this is the one for you.

Its presence alone gives a feeling of calm and soothes your body and mind. A tea light candle can be placed through the back of the diffuser and the aroma oil can be poured from above after removing the lid.

It takes only a few minutes for the room to be filled with the aroma of the essential oil. With the see-through surface that forms the outer layer, you can see the entire frame of Buddha glowing just like any lamp would.

This adds to the ambiance of your home or any other place you seek. It is the kind of product you definitely want in your house for special events, as it is eloquent to look at and at the same time serves to refine and freshen the air around you.

At times when you don’t use it as a diffuser, it can be used as a piece of art as it is gracefully made and can be a great conversation starter. The overall feel of the product is pleasing to the eye as well as to touch.

  • Does not require electricity
  • Artistic
  • Emanates light
  • Decorative item
  • Does not specify whether it comes with a tea light candle and an aroma oil bottle


9. India Meets India Ceramic Aroma Oil Defuser

India meets India is not like your everyday brand, it is an establishment that specifically sells products made by skilled workers from under privileged sectors such as rural communities, physically impaired individuals, etc.


At reasonable prices, they provide quality products. This ceramic oil burner is handcrafted using clay from Khurja, a city in India, whose clay is globally renowned. It is made in a shape unlike a candle with a rounded base.

Primary Features

  • Handmade
  • Ceramic material
  • Small in size
  • One extra bulb
  • Multi – purpose

The surface of the candle-shaped oil burner is carefully carved with great details which gives it an aesthetic precision. It could also be placed in a room as a decorative element due to its artistic appearance.

It is very easy to use as all that is required is to add the aroma oil on the top portion of the diffuser and switch it on. As soon as the bulb inside is lit, you will find yourself slowly surrounded by fragrance as well as light.

The light is best experienced in a room which is relatively dim-lit. The patterns made with the carved areas appear wondrous to anyone who looks at it. An extra bulb is made available with the entire set. If you are done using both, you can always buy a new one.

Remember, only the bulb needs to be replaced and not the entire diffuser. This particular diffuser is small but effective, its size allows you to carry it easily and thus use it in more than one place.

All you need is a wall slot and you can turn the air around you clean and scented according to your taste.

The experts making this product made sure it would be safe to use and thus they have especially taken care to add features that will only increase its safety. The wire fitting is done in such a way that you will not experience any kind of short circuit problem.

  • More than one use
  • Easy usage
  • Safe and durable
  • Small enough to carry
  • Does not come with aroma oil


10. Pure Source India Ceramic Clay Aroma Oil Defuser

Pure source India is a highly known producer of all kinds of diffusers and other similar objects. They make their products available at cheap rates, never compromising on the quality.


This ceramic clay candle operated aroma burner is made in India, handcrafted, and of the highest quality. The diffuser is shaped like a vase with an opening at the back.

Primary Features

  • Good quality
  • Works great as a gift
  • Easy operation
  • Washable
  • Makes use of all kinds of oil and tea light candles

All around the vase-shaped burner, there are small cuts that are carved into it to provide beautiful designs to the onlooker. Moreover, the smooth surface of the product gives it a glossy look which makes it seem quite fancy.

While using it, all there is to do is to place a tea light candle through the opening in the back and pour some aroma oil on the upper portion of the diffuser. Wait a few minutes, and enjoy the fragrance fill up the air everywhere.

Due to the small intricate cuts, the light inside creates a glowing effect around the diffuser. Thus, you can also use it as a showpiece in your home. It is very simple to use, there is no need for a power outlet.

All you need to make sure, is to keep replacing the tea light candle and continue using the product. A great advantage while using this product is that there is no one particular type of aroma oil or tea candle that you need to make use of.

You can use any and all kinds of aroma oil and tea light candles for your satisfaction. You can also wash it whenever you need, clean it or wipe off the remaining aroma oil. This is a product that you can keep and profit for life.

  • Proliferates aroma as well as light
  • Simple in terms of operation
  • Can be cleaned
  • Long lasting
  • The burner warms very quickly and can get hot


11. SahaCreations® Electric Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

SahaCreations are well known for their handcrafted products. They offer high-quality merchandise for their rates, and their products come with great features. With one look at this electric Buddha diffuser, you will wish you had it.


Well, let’s make it easier for you to understand its benefits. The diffuser is made in the shape of a Buddha’s head, beautifully carved with great detail and highlighting the delicate features of Buddha. It is made of porcelain by expert artisans just for your gratification.

Primary Features

  • Beautiful work of art
  • High quality
  • Has multiple functions
  • Knob switch
  • 2 bottles of aroma oil
  • Extra bulb

It does not require a lot of effort to use, you just have to add some water and essential oil in the fissure of the diffuser. After which, you connect the cable to the wall and experience the glowing head of Buddha diffusing pleasant fragrance across the room.

This model comes with a distinct feature, i.e., a knob switch that aids in controlling the heat emanating from the diffuser. You can use this feature to regulate the amount of heat and light generated, thereby setting it to suit your needs.

The set comes with two bottles of essential aroma oil that consists of 100% natural ingredients. They guarantee you a peaceful atmosphere along with protection against all kinds of germs.

It also serves to increase your immunity so you can live a healthy life. You will also find an extra bulb to use later. With such an item, you can have multiple uses.

You can use it like a normal diffuser, or a lamp, or as part of your home décor. Moreover, the diffuser does not get easily heated due to the small perforations on the head and the back. Thus, you can use it for as long as you want.

  • Easy to use
  • Allows regulation of heat and light
  • Natural and safe
  • 2 bottles of essential aroma oil
  • Power usage is not specified


Buying Guide Best Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers In India

Essential oil aroma diffusers are recently being sought – after for a wide array of reasons. As a commodity with a number of uses, be it for the everyday or special occasions, it is indeed essential and hence quite popular.

Essential oil aroma diffusers come with a great variety of features that are suitable for different occasions. Before buying a diffuser and being stuck with it for life, you need to make sure you find the right match for you.

Based on your needs, you can select one diffuser that is best for you from a pool of diffusers. Before you start looking for a diffuser, you need to be sure of what you want.

Many people often get confused between a humidifier and a diffuser. Some think it is the same whereas others think it is different. Let’s put a stop to that confusion and see if we can’t make it clear for you.

Humidifier vs Diffuser

Firstly, there is a big difference between the two, they are not the same. They do have certain overlapping features but they are meant to be used for different purposes. They also appear similar in structure and design so it is important to differentiate between the two.

A humidifier is used to disperse humidity in your room as per your requirements. It is especially used when the air around you is very dry, which can cause difficulty in breathing. A humidifier helps to make the air dense so as to make it breathable.


On the other hand, a diffuser works in a similar fashion as a humidifier but along with making the air breathable, it can distribute various kinds of scents into the air. Moreover, this also helps in making your surroundings free of any bad odour.

Now that you have understood the difference between a humidifier and a diffuser, you need to consider other important aspects before you put your money into the product.

Therefore, we have put together a buying guide to aid you in buying an essential oil aroma diffuser that will prove to be the most satisfactory for your needs.

Factors to consider while buying an Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

1. The type of diffuser

Diffusers come in different types – Reed diffuser, Candle type diffuser, Electric Diffuser, and multipurpose diffuser. Each one has its distinct features as well as advantages and disadvantages. You must familiarize yourself with all in order to pick out the one for you.

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers work using a very natural method. Reeds are immersed in a bottle of liquefied fragrance and once the reeds soak up the scent, they begin spreading it across the room. This is also one of the safest ways you can use a diffuser.

It is best suited for powerful fragrances, so if you are someone who has a greater sensitivity to strong smells, you are better off without this product.

Moreover, smaller spaces will gain more from this kind of diffuser, as it will last longer. Filling larger spaces with fragrance will quickly deplete the scented liquid in such diffusers. The reeds also need to be replaced from time to time.

Candle Type Diffuser

These kinds of diffusers make use of candles instead of electricity. Therefore, they are not electrically powered but rather require a certain kind of candle, in most cases, a tea light candle in order to operate.

Furthermore, these candle type diffusers also tend to have several functions. Depending on how the outer portion of the structure is made, it can emanate light as well as heat, on top of diffusing aromas.

They can also be used as a piece of decorative art to style your home as it is carved in artistic ways. They usually come in small sizes, so you can move them easily and they only take up a small space in your house.

And because they do not require electricity, they can last for a long time and are cost-friendly. You only need to keep changing the tea light candle which is available at low prices in most of the stores.

Electric Diffuser

As the name suggests, these diffusers run on electricity. They work in more or less the same way as a candle type diffuser but without the candle. If you are looking for a diffuser to cover a huge space, you should make use of an electric diffuser.

They can easily spread your desired fragrance into a large room. These diffusers can be used as a decoration as well, as they are beautifully designed. Also, they tend to sprinkle more than just scents.

You can be sure to find it glowing and attractive. All electric diffusers make use of a bulb.

When you have used up the bulb that comes with the product, you need only buy a new one from any store. They are inexpensive and thus easily available. These diffusers are not much costly than the candle type diffusers.

Multipurpose Diffuser

Like its name, multipurpose diffusers have multiple uses. They have all the qualities of a candle type diffuser and an electric diffuser. Likewise, they also qualify as humidifiers. You can use it in any way you wish.

You can use it as a humidifier when the air is too dry, as a diffuser when you want to smell good odors and you can even use it as a night light as they are known to come with LED lights.

These multipurpose diffusers are pricey than the other diffusers but not very expensive. You cannot ask for a better product with so many different functions.

2. Essential Oil

Apart from the diffuser itself, it is very important to choose a good essential oil that will be adequate for you. Ultimately, it is the essential oil whose fragrance will enchant your senses. You must therefore be careful while selecting it.

Some essential oils have medicinal properties while others only cater to sweet odors. Moreover, depending on the kind of diffuser you need, you must go about buying the essential oil.

Luckily, most diffusers are accompanied by either one or two bottles of essential oil. For others, you can always buy one. It is important to note, that not all diffusers are made to spread all kinds of scents.

Some diffusers are specifically made to emit light scents whereas others are specifically made to emit heavier scents. Keeping that in mind, be sure to buy your essential oil accordingly.


3. Size of the room

While buying a diffuser, you must consider the size of the room that you will use it in. For bigger rooms, you need a bigger size diffuser that comes in Electric, Multipurpose, as well as Reed. For smaller rooms, you can use candle type diffusers which come in small sizes.

Small rooms cannot contain the scents from big diffusers, while big rooms cannot be fully immersed in the properties of small candle type diffusers. Therefore, the size of the room is highly important while contemplating the right diffuser.

4. Space in the room

Before buying a diffuser, you must also be aware of the space that it would require. Depending on the size of a diffuser, you may have to make room for it in your room. Either way, a diffuser does not require a lot of room.

A big one may require more room than a small one, but still, it won’t be a lot. But if you do not have space for a big diffuser, it would be best to go with a small one.

Also, you need to make sure you place the diffuser on a heat resistant surface as certain diffusers can get quite heated.

In order to ensure safety when it comes to candle type diffusers, we would recommend you keep the diffuser away from young children.


5. Style of the room

Although this may not be as essential as other aspects, you can never be too careful regarding the décor of your house. If you are looking to match your diffuser with the rest of your décor, you may want to buy one that resembles your style.

Not to worry, there are various styles of diffusers to choose from. This way you only settle for the product that will fulfill all your needs.

6. Budget

This is not a major issue as most of the diffusers available today are extremely cost-effective. At the same time, different diffusers with different features have different prices. The cheapest ones are the candle type diffusers.

So if you are on a tight budget, and looking for a diffuser to fill in a relatively tiny space, this is the best option for you. But if are looking for a product with no worries about a budget, it is recommended you buy a multipurpose diffuser to satiate all your requirements.


7. Warranty check

Most of the low – priced diffusers do not come with a warranty because they are long – lasting. Irrespective of this, the diffusers that are ultrasonic which are found in multipurpose ones, it is imperative that you check the warranty period on them.

Diffusers with a warranty period of about 6 months to 1 year are good to buy. You will find that confirming the warranty details will only prove profitable for you. Of course, the ones that do not have a warranty, don’t need it. It is just the slightly pricey ones that have it for your convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers in India

Q1. What is an aroma oil diffuser?

Ans. An aroma oil diffuser is a product that diffuses essential oils in its immediate surroundings. It is a product whose main objective is to provide your desired fragrance by spreading it in the air. 
It is created in such a way as to equip its user to an environment that smells good, which is difficult to find today. Moreover, there are different kinds of diffusers with a variety of features. 
So, depending on the kind of diffuser you buy, you may find yourself with a product that has a variety of uses such as, spreading serene aromas, night light, or a lamp as well as a decoration.

Q2. Where to put the oil in an aroma diffuser?

Ans. You have to keep in mind that there are a variety of aroma oil diffusers in the market, each structured in their own unique ways. As a result, all of them do not have a single place wherein you can put the essential oil.
In most candle type diffusers and some electric diffusers, there is a bowl-shaped vessel that is usually present at the top-most part of the structure. It is here that you pour the essential oil as well as some water in order to make use of the diffuser.
In other diffusers, which are enclosed with no place to pour the oil in sight, there is usually a groove on the inside of the diffuser. You may want to open the diffuser using the guidelines that come along with the product. After you put the essential oil, you need to close the diffuser and switch it on to make it work.

Q3. How to use an aroma oil diffuser?

Ans. Most of the aroma oil diffusers have more than just one use. Therefore, you can use it in various ways. But, there is only one basic requirement that you need to fulfill in order to operate it.
All essential oil aroma diffusers need a few drops of essential oil along with some water. This is meant to be poured into the space that is provided. If you have a diffuser that is operated electrically, the next step would be to plug it in. Some diffusers are not electrically operated but they need to be charged. 
Others like the candle type diffusers function with the help of a candle and not electricity. The type of candle needed is a tea light candle. You just need to light the candle and place it on the inside, at the bottom of the diffuser.
While being lit, the diffuser transmits light which can be used as a night lamp along with its basic function of spreading fragrance, and it can also be used as a decorative work of art.

Q4. How does an aroma oil diffuser work?

Ans. An aroma oil diffuser works to make your life as stress-free as possible. It is all in the essential oil after all. Depending on your mood, you can use different essential oils to suit your different needs. The primary function of all diffusers is to distribute scents across the room.
Essential oils with medicinal properties work in a way so as to make sure that you profit from all that it has to offer. Irrespective of this, most essential oils when used in a diffuser ensures a protective environment for everyone in the room.
The ultrasonic diffusers are known to break down the essential oils in order to provide a thin mist that if inhaled can be very good for your body and your overall health. Apart from this, diffusers work as a piece of art to go with your home décor, and also as a night light.

Q5. What oil to use in an aroma oil diffuser?

Ans. Aroma oil comes in a wide range of flavours or scents. You need to choose one that you like as everyone is different and so also will be your preference. If you are looking for a fragrance in particular, you can choose among a number of them. 
There are essential oils with strong smells, light smells, and some are relatively odourless. Some essential oils have distinct properties that are meant to work in different ways.
You need to choose the essential oil according to your need and preference. Certain essential oils are very beneficial for you and are used in aromatherapy like ylang ylang essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, etc.

Conclusion – Best Essential Oil Aroma Diffusers in India

Still wondering which essential oil aroma diffuser to buy? If you are not yet sure which one is best for you, we will try and make the process easier for you.

Our recommendation would be – Pure Source India Handcrafted Soapstone Aroma Burner Oil Diffuser and 1 Tea Light Candle. It is a candle type diffuser and does not operate on electricity.


Made entirely of natural stone, it is an extremely safe and reliable product. You don’t have to worry about the surface getting heated. It is not available in a range of different colors but it will last you for a long time. It is washable and can be reused.

It will also add elegance to your home with its beautiful artistry. You can use it every day or you can use it sparingly, it will work the same on all occasions for a long period of time.

A greatly cost-effective product with a wide range of uses that is sure to keep you happy for a considerable period.

In case of any query, let us know in the comments below!

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