11 Best Wireless Door Bells in India (November 2021) | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Gone are the days when doors used to be fixed with heavy door knockers which would act as a bell.

In this modern era, most of the devices that we use function through wireless connectivity.

Why not go ahead and upgrade your door bell into a wireless one?


Setting up a wireless doorbell for your home can be an advantage in more ways than one. It uses radio wave technology which allows the device to operate wirelessly. This mode of functionality enhances its performance, giving you better convenience while using it.

The best part is that, you wouldnt have to ruin the look of your home with those tacky wires anymore.

Wireless doorbells come with multiple integrated features such as waterproof design, ringtone options, adjustable volume, camera, and many more advanced mechanisms.

However, due to the hefty number of options that are available in the market, it can be difficult for you to choose a good wireless doorbell for your home. To help you get started, we have a list of the 11 best wireless doorbells that are available in India.

Also, we have devised a well-elaborated Buyer’s Guide which will brief you through all the major prospects that you must consider before you choose a doorbell.

These are the Top 11 Best Wireless Doorbells in India

Best Wireless Doorbells For Home in India (2021)

1. AVANTEK Mini Wireless Doorbell

Avantek is popular brand when it comes to doorbells. They have a number of interesting options, each of which are designed with multiple features. This sleek and compact wireless doorbell is an excellent choice for your home.


It has the right combination of design and features, making it stand out from the rest of the lot. It is structured to have a user-friendly interface and can also be used in different environments, such as offices, homes, classrooms, and hotels.

Primary Features

  • Wireless connectivity range – 300 m
  • Designed to be dustproof and waterproof
  • 230 mAh Lithium battery
  • 52 ringtone options
  • Adjustable volume up to 5 levels
  • Silent mode option
  • Temperature resistance from -20 ̊ C to 60 ̊ C
  • Memory feature
  • LED indicator

Its small structure ensures that it doesn’t block the surrounding power sockets. The exterior of this doorbell is designed to be resistant to dust and water. This makes it suitable for use even at outdoor spots.

Also, you need not have to worry about its constant exposure to the varying temperature. The machine can tolerate temperatures, ranging from – 20 ̊ C to 60 ̊ C.

The combination of these design features allows flexible usage of the doorbell, as per your convenience. The wireless doorbell works on a 230 mAh lithium battery, which is very much efficient for this kind of device.

The battery can function with excellent performance for up to 3 years. The bell offers you a wide range of connectivity for a distance of up to 300 m.

However, you will have to ensure that it is not placed closer to any metal objects, as these may interfere with the transmission and create connectivity issues. You can now switch the ringtones of your doorbells as and when you like.

The device offers you 52 melodious ringtones, each of which is very much distinct from each other. Also, you are provided with 5 levels of volumes that can be adjusted with respect to your requirement.

You can also set the device on mute if you are busy, so as to avoid disturbance. These settings can be altered using the buttons that are provided on the side of the bell.

They are easy to handle and you will have no trouble in figuring how to use it. The bell has an LED indicator which signals every time someone rings the bell.

Thus, even if you on mute, you will be able to see that someone is ringing your doorbell. Another interesting feature of this device is that, it has an in-built memory function.

It is capable of retaining the last used ringtone and volume level. You wouldn’t have to keep resetting your settings after every power disconnection. It comes with a 10 days returnable period, during which you can return the product if you have any issues.

  • Designed to be waterproof
  • Multiple ringtone options
  • Built-in memory feature
  • User-friendly design
  • Slightly expensive


2. Lokza Wireless Door Bell

Lokza manufactures a multitude of different products, starting from doorbells to fancy goggles. Their products prove to be excellent in terms of their quality, performance, and durability.


Waiting for your favourite person’s visit? Let the sound of this doorbell add more excitement to you. This high functional doorbell comes with a transmitter and a reliever box.

Primary Features

  • Comes with 1 transmitter and 1 receiver box
  • 32 options of chimes
  • 4 levels of volume
  • Wireless connectivity up to 250 m
  • LED light indicator
  • Lifetime technical support
  • 18 months warranty

It is constructed with a small structure, so that it can be fixed at a compact place, without creating any disturbance to the nearby sockets. The basic design model of this doorbell helps you to figure out its operation without any hassle.

The transmitter box has a button for the visitor to ring the bell. The box can be fixed on the walls with the help of adhesive tape. It is battery operated and would require one 12 V battery to function.

This transmitter box is designed with a special material which makes it weatherproof. This is a significant benefit as it allows you to place this box even at outdoor places, without having to worry about ruining it due to its constant exposure to the weather.

The receiver box comes with a couple of button controls that can be used to alter the settings of the bell. This bell has 32 different chime options that you can choose from, based on your liking.

The chimes are all unique and beautiful, with a good sound level. This receiver box can be fixed into any socket inside your home. You can also adjust the volume in 4 different levels.

The intensity of the sound ranges between 25 dB to 85 dB, which is totally loud enough for you to hear the doorbell from every corner of your home, irrespective of how big it is.

The wireless connectivity range that this doorbell is designed with is 250 m. This vast circumference for connectivity lets you place your transmitter and receiver at a significant distance from each other.

Thus, even if your home’s entrance gate is quite distant from your main building, you need not have to worry about the transmission of signals.

Also, the receiver box has an LED indicator that blinks with a blue light every time someone rings the bell. This would further signal you that someone is at your door, apart from the bell’s sound.

The bell comes with a free lifetime technical support that allows you to reach out to the company in case of any issues. You can get it rectified without having to spend any extra penny from your pocket. Also, it comes with an 18 month manufacturer warranty period.

  • Small-sized for convenient positioning of the bell
  • Flexible volume levels for adjustment
  • Weather resistant transmitter
  • LED indicator for additional signalling
  • Poor customer service
  • Durability of the product is questionable


3. Gesto Baoji Plastic Wireless Remote Control Door Calling Bell

Gesto is a highly recognized brand for its range of products which are of superior quality. Their products are affordable and are also up to the mark with respect to its standard.


If you are looking for a basic and budget-friendly wireless bell for your home, then this is a good choice. This doorbell is designed to be simple yet prolific and functions with good performance levels.

Primary Features

  • Plastic made wireless transmitter box and bell switch
  • Wireless connectivity diameter up to 100 m
  • Battery operated door bell
  • Flash light for additional signalling
  • Warranty time period of 6 months

The bell can do its job with high perfection, which makes this one among the best affordable bells in India. It comes with a separate bell switch and a transmitter box, both of which are made out of superior quality plastic material.

In addition to that, the bell can offer wireless connectivity up to a range of 100 m. This good diameter of connectivity gives you better convenience while using this doorbell.

The bell switch, which is basically the transmitter, has a wide switch button which can be used by the visitor to ring the doorbell. You can set up this switch box anywhere in the entrance of your home, classroom, office, or clinic.

You can place the receiver box inside your main building, at a place where you will be able to hear the bell sound audibly. The transmitter box also has an in-built light system which is another mode of signaling.

Every time someone rings the bell, the light would glow. This additional signal would help you recognize that someone is at your door even if you fail to hear the doorbell.

This doorbell functions with the help of a battery, which gives you better mobility to place your receiver at a location that best suits your comfort.

You can set this up in your building without any struggle. This is because all you would have to do is to fix a battery and fit it on your wall using double-sided tape. This bell also comes with a warranty time period of 6 months.

  • Elegant design model
  • LED indicator for dual signalling
  • Simple and easy operability
  • Pocket friendly
  • Quality of the material used need to be improved
  • Poor in terms of durability


4. AmiciSmart Wireless Doorbell

Amici Smart is a brand that is featured by Amici Kart, which is a shopping site in India. It sells a majority of daily need items and also has electronics, music, and sport utilities. The foremost highlighting factor of this doorbell is its posh outlook.


It has an excellent finish and a stylish outlook, which marks a good impression on first sight. It is also thoughtfully sized with a compact structure, so that it doesn’t occupy much space on your wall.

Primary Features

  • 300 m wireless range
  • 32 distinct tunes for ringtone
  • Alterable volume up to 3 levels
  • Temperature resistant design model
  • Memory function for retaining setting details
  • Functions with the help of battery
  • LED flash light for visual signalling

The doorbell comes with a transmitter and receiver box. The transmitter box is battery operated and comes in a small rectangular framed box. You can fix this up at the entrance of your building, office, home, or clinic.

You will have to fix a battery in its respective slot so as to enable its functionality. This box is designed to be resistant to extreme weather conditions. It can tolerate a temperature that ranges between – 4 ̊ F and 158 ̊ F.

The box is also dust-proof and would remain undeterred by it. Thus, it is totally safe for you to set this box up in any outdoor environment. This box comes with a circular button which the visitor can press so as to ring the bell.

The soft-touch button is easily operable, without any difficulty. It shouldn’t be very difficult for you to set this up on the wall. The easy way of fixing it is by using double-sided tape to stick it on the wall.

Otherwise, you can screw it to the wall, which is an even more secure option. When it comes to the receiver part of this device, it comes in a slightly wider box than the transmitter.

As it requires power to operate, it has to be plugged into a power socket. The plug-in is a typical two pin plug which would easily fit into all sockets. The wireless connectivity of this doorbell is designed to have good connectivity.

The range of connectivity that this device offers is up to a diameter of 300 m. In addition to that, the bell can also recognise interferences and avoid them so as to ensure that there is no issue in connecting.

The bell is engineered with a number of different settings, which makes it all the more appealing. The ringtone of the bell can be altered between 32 pre-set ringtone options.

The tones are melodious and loud enough to be heard from a decent distance. Also, there is an option for you to adjust the volume between 3 distinct levels. This gives you better flexibility to switch the sound levels, based on what suits your needs.

Another most advantageous feature of this bell is its memory function. Even if there is a power cut, the bell will be able to recall the last set volume level and ringtone once it starts functioning after the power is back.

Thus, you wouldn’t have to keep altering the settings every now and then. The receiver box is designed with an LED light indicator. This light would blink every time someone rings the bell.

  • Posh and stylish outlook
  • Made with good quality materials
  • Flexible settings
  • Weather resistant transmitter
  • Frequent issues with regard to the doorbell button


5. Super-it Wireless Remote Control Door Calling Bell

Baoji sells products in pocket-friendly price ranges. Their products exhibit good quality and satisfy all the major quality parameters. This is a budget-friendly option for a doorbell that comes with basic features.


It is designed to have an aesthetic outlook and is also structured in an average size so that it doesn’t occupy much space. This doorbell can be used in a number of different environments such as homes, offices, clinics, hotels, and schools.

Primary Features

  • Wireless connectivity up to a distance of 100 m
  • Comes with receiver, transmitter and battery
  • Remote control functionality
  • Flash light for visual cue
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • 6 months warranty period

The material used to design its outer body is made of superior material which ensures that the bell lasts for a longer period. The complete package of this doorbell contains a receiver, a transmitter, and one battery.

The transmitter box is designed with a big switch button that can be pressed so as to ring the bell. It is battery operated and consumes a minimal level of energy.

The battery would last for as long as 1 year, if the bell is used about 20 times each day. You can install this transmitter at the entrance of your home or building, so that the visitor can notify you when he is at the door.

The receiver box is thoughtfully structured and is engineered with superior functionality so that it works with good perfection. The doorbell has a moderate level of connectivity range of more than 100 m.

The volume level of the bell sound is bold and loud, so that the sound is audible, even if you are quite distant from the receiver. In case you happen to miss out the sound, the doorbell is also designed with a LED flash light indicator.

The light would glow if and when someone presses the bell. This visual cue is a major advantage as it would also be convenient for hearing impaired people.

Another advantageous feature of this doorbell is its remote control functionality. This doorbell also comes with a warranty time period which lasts for a duration of 6 months.

  • Basic doorbell set
  • LED indicator for visual indication
  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Low consumption of energy
  • Pairing mechanism needs to be improved


6. Orient Electric Wireless Mobile Door Bell

Orient is a reputed brand which is specially known for its range of ceiling fans. Their products keep up to the quality standards and also function with superior levels of performance levels. Are you looking for a long-lasting and advanced wireless doorbell for your home?


Then, this is one of the best choices that you must consider. The brand name by itself speaks volumes about its performance and quality parameters. This super-efficient doorbell is made of high-quality ABS plastic.

Primary Features

  • Made out of ABS plastic
  • Designed to be water resistant
  • Flexible volume up to 4 different levels
  • Wireless pairing up to a range of 150 m
  • Effective management of interference
  • 32 unique and melodious ringtones
  • Dual modes of functionality
  • User-friendly button controls
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty period

The exterior body of the boxes are sturdy and are also designed to be resistant to water. This makes the bell suitable for use even in external environments. This is a major advantage as it enhances the flexibility of its usage.

Just like a typical wireless doorbell, this also comes with a transmitter and receiver box. The transmitter box has a push button to ring the bell.

The advanced technology used in the engineering of this bell allows the transmitter to function using kinetic energy. The bell and the receiver can pair wirelessly, as long as they are placed within a distance of 150 m.

Even if there are any objects for interference amidst this pathway, the bell is designed to be resistant. This easy pairing method keeps you free from unwanted hassles.

There are a couple of different settings that this bell is designed with. It comes with 32 beautiful ringtones, which can be switched between as and when you like.

Also, there is also another option to adjust the volume levels in 4 stages. The maximum volume level would b as loud as 85 dB. This high level of volume would be an added plus point, especially if the building is huge.

Even if you are seated at a distance from the receiver, you would still be able to hear the calling bell. These settings can be adjusted using the buttons provided on the box.

The buttons are user-friendly and you shouldn’t face any trouble in operating it. This doorbell also has two modes of functionality.

Apart from the audio, the bell also has an in-built flash which provides visual indication. This would specifically be a major advantage for people who are hearing impaired and for old people as well. Also, the bell comes with a manufacturer warranty that lasts for a duration of 1 year.

  • Designed with high quality material
  • Good volume levels
  • Contains audio and visual indicators
  • User-friendly design
  • Quite pricey
  • Durability factor is poor


7. Boosty® Wireless Remote Control Door Bell

The brand Boosty is mainly known for its wide range of camera products. Their high-grade products are of budget-friendly price ranges and also function with a good level of precision. This wireless doorbell is a good choice if you are looking for a basic model doorbell.


It is equipped with all the major features, however doesn’t have any fancy settings. It is specially designed so that it remains a budget-friendly option, without any compromise in its quality. In terms of its look, it has a simple and elegant design that wouldn’t impact the décor of your room.

Primary Features

  • Good wireless connectivity range
  • Battery operated doorbell
  • Comes with a transmitter, receiver and battery
  • Simple installation process
  • Can be used in multiple environments

This bell comes with a transmitter, receiver, and a battery that has to be used in the transmitter. This bell button, that is, the transmitter can be installed outside your home, apartment, office, or clinic. This transmitter has a huge switch that can be used by the visitors to ring the bell.

You must fix the battery that comes with this package into the transmitter box to kick-start its functionality.

Also, mounting the transmitter on the wall is not really a tedious job. This is because, the box comes with double-sided tape, using which it has to be stuck on the wall.

The receiver box is structured to have a slightly bigger size than the transmitter. It has to be plugged in within your building, so that you can hear the calling bell, when a visitor presses the switch.

The transmitter and receiver can be paired even if they are placed at a good distance from each other.

This is mainly an advantage for those who have a large area from the main door to the building. The doorbell also comes with a 10 day returnable policy, before which you can return the product in case you face any issues with it.

  • Good wireless connectivity range
  • Designed with high quality materials
  • Basic model with elegant design
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Certain quality aspects need improvement


8. CITRA Wireless Remote Control Plastic Door Calling Bell

Citra sells products which fall under the category of lighting and essential home appliances. They have an immense number of choices which gives you multiple options to choose from, depending on your liking.


This simple model of door bell is a good option for your home if you aren’t looking for anything fancy and want to find a bell in a pocket-friendly price range. The look of the bell is plain and ordinary, which adds more elegance to its outlook.

Primary Features

  • Designed with a simple design model
  • Wireless pairing up to a range of 100 m
  • Comes with a transmitter and receiver box
  • Designed with double speaker for clear sound
  • Anti-interference design model
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries for functioning

This bell comes with a transmitter, which is nothing but the bell button and a receiver. The bell button is broad and user-friendly and has to be fixed in the entrance of your building. This bell may be used in your office, apartment, clinic, school, or any place that you might need. 

The best part about this transmitter is that you don’t have to put much effort into its installation. The receiver portion of the doorbell comes in a box that is a bit bigger than the transmitter. It is fixed with double speakers so that the sound is loud and clear.

This volume level would ensure that the ring of the bell is well heard, even if you are far away from the receiver box. Also, the connectivity range that is offered by the speaker is 100 m.

This means that you can place the receiver and transmitter quite distant from each other. This means that, you can use this bell even if your entrance is at a good distance from your main building.

In addition to that, the bell is engineered with anti-interference technology. This advanced feature would ensure that no metal objects interfere with the pairing of the speakers.

Thus, you will not face any issues with respect to connectivity. Keep in mind that the bell works on batteries.

You will have to put in 2 AAA batteries in the given slot so as to start using the bell. This product comes with a 10 day return policy. You can return this product within this time span if you face any issues.

  • High quality speakers for better clarity
  • Anti-interference technology
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy installation process
  • Possibility of issues with its working


9. Aryshaa Wireless DoorBell

Aryshaa Store is popular for its wide range of battery-operated devices. They have everything from torch lights to all essential home appliances.


No matter whether you are looking for a doorbell for your home, school, hospital, or office, this superior quality doorbell would get the job done for you. It is designed to have a basic exterior outlook, so that it would look elegant when mounted on the wall.

Primary Features

  • Apt for multiple environments
  • Contains a transmitter and receiver
  • Wireless connectivity range up to 100 m
  • Battery operated doorbell
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Flash light for visual indicator

The functioning of the doorbell is really good, in terms of its connectivity as well as its sound. It comes with a transmitter and a receiver.

In a doorbell, a transmitter refers to the bell button that would be placed at the entrance of your buildings so that the guests can ring it. This button switch is designed to be wide and is also very convenient to use.

Also, you can mount it on the wall without any hassles. All you have to do is, stick a double–sided tape on the backside of the button and stick it on the wall.

The transmitter has to be fixed inside your building, at a place that best suits your comfort. However, make sure that the transmitter and receiver are placed within a gap of 100 m or so.

The sound level of the ring is loud enough for you to clearly hear it every time someone rings it. In case you happen to miss it, the doorbell also has a flashlight which would turn on when someone rings the bell.

As the doorbell is battery operated, make sure you have fixed the battery in the slot. Another major highlight about this bell is that it is pocket-friendly. It is a cheap and best option for a wireless doorbell and would function with good performance levels.

  • Good connectivity range
  • Easy to mount
  • Flash light indicator
  • Less expensive option
  • Durability factor is questionable


10. Pressfit Echo-V Auto-Learning Wireless Door Bell

Pressfit has multiple models of doorbells, which are equipped with a combination of advanced features. Their products are appreciable in terms of their quality, reliability, and durability factors. This is one of the most flexible and highly advanced doorbells in India.


It is designed with a beautiful exterior outlook, which would appear very nice when mounted on the wall. The number of settings options that the bell comes with allows you to use the bell in multiple environments.

Primary Features

  • Apt for use in various environments
  • 150 ft. connectivity radius
  • 48 options of ringtones
  • Designed with Auto-Learning Technology
  • Waterproof exterior
  • LED light for additional indicator
  • Connect up to 8 remotes with one set

The exterior of the bell is made out high-quality materials. Also, it is designed to be waterproof so that you wouldn’t have any issues is mounting your transmitter outdoors, on an open area.

The transmitter box has a press button which has to be pressed so as to ring the bell. Its design is user-friendly so that your guests don’t have any trouble in using it. The bell has a connectivity radius of 150 feet in an open area.

However, there might be a reduction in the pairing range in case there are any disturbances in the pathways. This distance pairing range enhances the usability, making it all the more convenient to use it.

The transmitter has to be mounted inside your home. This transmitter would signal you through sounds and visual cues when someone rings the bells. You can also alter your settings using this transmitter box.

The bell comes with 48 unique ringtones that can be used as per your liking. There are religious songs, long melodies, or short ringtones as options for you to choose from for your bell.

This doorbell can also be used in a variety of different environments. This bell would be excellent for use in your apartments, office, hospital, and school.

For better comfort, the wireless bell also comes with an LED indicator, which would give visual cues when someone rings the bell. Another major advantage of this doorbell is that you can use up to 8 remotes with one set of transmitter.

In fact, you can also use unique ringtones for each of these remotes. Also, another highlight of this bell is its auto-learning Technology. This is really convenient to use and enhances its functionality.

  • Multiple ringtone options
  • Good connectivity range
  • Auto-learning Technology for enhanced functionality
  • Designed with waterproof exterior
  • Possibilities of malfunction


11. Smiledrive Long Range Kinetic Wireless Remote Doorbell

SmileDrive store has a bunch of different interesting products that belong to widespread categories. Their products are of budget-friendly price and are of excellent quality.


This high-quality doorbell is an excellent choice for your home or office as it comes with a simple and elegant design. It has a user-friendly design model which lets you operate it with ease.

Primary Features

  • Wireless connectivity range up to 200 m
  • Comes with a receiver and a bell switch
  • Bell switch functions using kinetic energy
  • 36 options for ringtone
  • 4 level adjustable volume
  • Designed to be waterproof
  • LED indicator

In addition to that, it is superior in terms of its quality aspect as well. The doorbell comes with a bell switch, which is basically the transmitter and a receiver. One of the main advantages of the transmitter is that it functions with the help of kinetic energy.

Thus, you needn’t have to alter the batteries every now and then. Also, the switch can be operated quite effortlessly, which makes it convenient for the visitor to use it.

Another major feature about this is the material it is designed with. It is designed to be tolerant to weather and water. It can withstand a climatic condition which ranges between the temperature of – 22 ̊ F and 158 ̊ F.

As it is also resistant to water, you can set this up even in outdoor environments. When it comes to the receiver part of the doorbell, it is designed with a small square-shaped structure which has to be plugged into a power socket.

The transmitter and receiver can connect to each other in a wireless mode if they are placed within a distance of 200 m. Its easy and quick pairing system ensures that there are no issues with its connectivity.

The doorbell has also got adjustable settings, which gives you better flexibility. The 36 different melodious ringtones would add more charm as you welcome a visitor.

The tones are also loud enough to be well-heard, even if you are distant from the receiver. You are also given an option to adjust the volume in 4 different levels.

The minimum and maximum decibel levels of the volume are 25 dB and 110 dB respectively.

In addition to the auditory signal, the doorbell also has a visual indicator on the receiver box. When someone presses the bell, the LED light would turn-on so as to indicate the presence of someone at your door.

  • Elegant design model
  • Good sound levels
  • Kinetic switch for better convenience
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Quality of the material used can be improved


Buyers GuideBest Wireless Doorbells in India

A high-quality door is very essential for every household. Obviously, no one wants to miss their guests. As there are a huge number of options when it comes to doorbells, there is a good chance that you would get confused when it comes to choosing one best bell for your home.


So as to clear this cloud of confusion from your minds, we have created a well-formulated buyers guide. This will run you through all the essential features that you must look for when buying a wireless doorbell for your home.

Factors to consider while buying a Wireless Doorbell

1. Material

It is very important that you consider the material with which the doorbell is designed with. Although almost all the doorbells are designed to have a plastic exterior, you have to ensure that the plastic is of good quality and would remain durable.

In addition to that, make sure that the transmitter box is designed to be weatherproof and dust proof. This is very much important as in most cases you would be placing that box in an outdoor setting where it would be exposed to the varying climatic conditions and environmental dust.

Thus, ensure that the material with which it is made is resistant to a temperature that ranges between -10 ̊ C and 50 ̊ C. This would make sure that the machine remains unaffected by the temperature it is subjected to.

2. Operating Range

The operating range refers to the maximum distance at which the receiver and transmitter can be placed so that they can pair and enable connectivity.

The minimal and recommended connectivity range is about 150 m. This operating radius would give you the flexibility of placing the boxes in a position that best suits your comfort.


3. Ringtone

Ringtone setting is another feature that you might want to look for in your doorbell. Although this is not a mandatory feature to look for, you might want to look into it if you want better flexibility. Check if the ringtones are in accordance to your liking.


4. Volume

Volume is an uncompromisable option that you have to check before you buy a doorbell. Ensure that your device has a flexible volume setting, so that you can alter it between different levels.

Ensure that the minimum and maximum sound level ranges between 25 dB and 85 dB.


5. Indicator

Having another mode of indication apart from the audio sound would be an advantage as it will not just be helping hearing-impaired people but would also be convenient for you to realize that someone is at your door.

Thus, make sure that your doorbell’s transmitter has an LED indicator that would blink or glow when someone rings the bell.


6. Anti- interference feature

At most times, having metal objects in the pathway between the transmitter and receiver would affect the connectivity.

If your device is equipped with an anti-interference technology, you might not have to face this difficulty and there wouldn’t be any issue with the pairing of devices.


7. Installation

Almost all the doorbells today come with an easy installation procedure. Make sure that the doorbell that you choose gives you the option of sticking the adapter to your wall using double-sided tape and also allows you to screw it to the wall.

8. Memory Function

The memory function feature refers to the doorbell’s capacity to retain the memory of the last set ringtone and volume.

Having this feature in your doorbell would minimise the need for resetting all the settings every time there is a power outage. Check if your doorbell has this advanced feature, so that you can use it to your advantage.


9. Brand and Warranty

Doorbells come in multiple brands these days. Make sure to go for brands that are popular. There are two major advantages of buying a branded wireless doorbell. The first advantage is that, you will mostly be able to find spare parts for these products very easily.

The second advantage is that, most of these products would come with a warranty of atleast 1 year. Thus, ensure that you go for a well-reputed brand that has a warranty of atleast 1 year.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Wireless Doorbells in India

Q1. Are wireless doorbells universal?

Ans. Most wireless doorbell buttons are not universal. You will have to replace the entire set, in case you face any issue.
However, certain wireless doorbells that are bought from reputed brands have universal buttons. You will be able to find a compatible button for your bell from the local stores or online in such cases.

Q2. Why is my wireless doorbell not working?

Ans. There can be a number of minor reasons why your wireless doorbell is not working. You will be able to resolve this by yourself without any trouble.
Ensure that you have inserted the battery wherever necessary. If you have, make sure that there is no issue with the battery.
Try to bring the transmitter and receiver slightly closer to each other. Placing them very far would cause issues with the pairing of devices.
Another major issue can be interference. If there are any metal objects placed between the receiver and transmitter’s pathway, there is a good chance that the metals are interfering with the connectivity. You either try to place the bell elsewhere or get rid of the metal to solve the issue.

Q3. What are the major differences between a wired and a wireless doorbell?

Ans. Wired Doorbells –  A wired doorbell functions with the connectivity of wires. This gives you the restriction to place the receiver and transmitter at a certain distance from each other. Also, wired doorbells can be hard to install and maintain.
The wiring on these kinds of doorbell may ruin the look of your home as it may appear to be a tangled mess.
Wireless Doorbells – Wireless doorbells are trending in today’s modern era. They are very much convenient to use as they function through a wireless connectivity.
They also come with fancy additional features, which make it’s usage much more flexible. They do not require much maintenance or installation guidance from technicians.

Q4. Which wireless doorbell will function with Google Home?

Ans. These are some of the best doorbells that are compatible with Google Home –
Eufy Video Doorbell
RemoBell S Video Doorbell
Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Conclusion – Best Wireless Doorbells in India

Although, we have given a number of different options and an elaborated buyer’s guide but if you are still confused, then to help you ease that confusion from your mind, we have a specific suggestion for you that would satisfy all major criteria.

Orient Electric Wireless Mobile Door Bell is an amazing choice for your home. The water-resistant exterior gives you the option to set up your machine in an outdoor environment. 

It also has an elegant design, with user-friendly buttons that add more beauty when set up on the walls.

It comes with 32 ringtone options with 4 flexible volume controls. Also, it functions with dual modes of indications which offer better flexibility.

To grab it from Amazon, click here!

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