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11 Best Bean Bags in India (September 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


Bean bags are the most comfortable and aesthetically appealing furniture of recent times.

Many people prefer the bean bag because it can be placed almost anywhere and is not only cozy but also easy to handle.


It’s an ergonomic structure that not only supports your spine and posture but also soothes your muscles, thus being an amazing option.

You would jump into size, shapes, and colors as soon as you decide to buy one but there are many other parameters, whose consideration is quite essential.

To reduce your burden, we have enlisted 11 Best Bean Bags in India. We have even talked about the features, specifications, and descriptions of each of the top pick.

You will also get a detailed Buying Guide on this page that would help you to make an apt choice.

These are the Top 11 Best Bean Bags in India

Best Bean Bags in India in 2020

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover Without Beans

Solimo is a renowned name whose products have high demands in the Indian markets. It’s a brand line of amazon and thus its products are highly affordable. Their range of variety and supreme quality in this field is beyond compare.


This Amazon Solimo bean bag comes in a red and black colour that would add a style statement to your room. This top-selling product comes without beans.

It is an XXXL size bean bag that needs to be filled with 2 to 2.5kgs of the 4-6mm size of beans, so that it can be conveniently used by an adult.

It is also available in two other sizes, various other colour combinations, and different shapes like regular and mudda which makes it a better option to consider over others.

The leatherette material has a superior appeal and tear strength that can resist color fading which is very much appreciated by the customers.

Added strength and protection against spilling is ensured by the double stitches and the strongly embedded zipper, which is well hidden for both aesthetic and safety purposes, under the Velcro.

The long-lasting plush feel of this smartly designed versatile bean bag would give you immense comfort. Also, the provision of a handle strap eases the portability of the furniture, thus making it more convenient to handle.

It fits in aesthetically into any corner of your living space that adds to the look of your interiors.

The manufacturer is offering 12 months of warranty on this product against manufacturing defects. Get access to it at discounted rates by clicking the button given below.

  • Fabric resists fade
  • Double stitches
  • Strongly attached zippers and Velcro
  • Versatile choice
  • No beans filling given


2. Casa Copenhagen Prefilled Beans XXXL Size Premium Fabric Bean Bag

Casa Copenhagen is one of the giants in the market places of India and they have continuously been on the top positions through consistent performance.


It proffers an attractive and stunning dark black color of XXXL sized bean bag whose elegance and style adds a touch of luxury to your living space. Premium quality fabric is used for the outer cover that is soft to touch and strong to use. 

The provision of concealed zipper under Velcro ensures safety against bean spillage. The filling of high-density beans and ergonomically designed structure of the bean bag ensures a comfortable experience, whenever you sink in it.

With utmost perfection in height to width ratio and superiorly strong stitches, it would be a cozy seat and your ideal partner in homes and offices too.

The fade resisting feature of the fabric retains the colour and the classic appearance of the bean bag while the exceptional built quality ensures durability and longer life span.

Being versatile and optimally weighed, it becomes quite easy to use and maintain, which in addition to the compact dimensions just add to the user-friendly nature.

Additionally, the maximum level of comfortability is assured by the teardrop shape of the bag and the beans that give a bouncy feel while taking a seat.

Convenient change in locations of this bean bag can be done with the help of the handle provided at the top. Hurry! Get hold of discounted rates, availability of 10 days replacement option, and other exclusive savings offer by placing an order for this furniture now.

  • Pre-filled beans
  • Perfect height to width ratio
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Fade resisting fabric
  • Poor rating


3. Amazon Brand – Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover

If you are looking for the best bean bag in India, Solimo is the brand to go for. It is one of the evergreen brands that have been successfully producing and selling superior products in the Indian markets which helped them procure and stay on the top positions.


Solimo presents a black colored bean bag of 3XL size that has pink color piping and has gained an average rating of 4 stars from the users.

The premium strength in terms of tear and looks of the double-stitched leatherette fabric ensures the quality and long life span of this bean bag.

The handle attached to the top of the teardrop-shaped bean bag enhances ease in carrying or changing the furniture’s spot in your room.

The fade-resistant material also comprises of zippers concealed under Velcro which assures better protection against the chances and occurrence of spillage.

Its availability in 2 more size options and 3 more colour options is an added advantage to the fact that it’s an ideal indoor furniture to sink in for an average adult.

Its versatility and ease in usage along with the chic appearance not only add to the user-friendly nature of the device but also enable you to keep it in any convenient spot of yours.

Filling the bean bag with 2 to 3 kgs of 4-6mm sized quality beans gets along with the sturdy built quality to provide you with a comfortable feel.

With all the features available at an amazingly affordable rate, this bean bag is worth its value. 12 months of warranty is offered on the bean bag along with exclusive sales, cash backs, and various other offers.

  • Wide range of color
  • Retains color for a long time
  • Zippers and Velcro as anti-spill measures
  • Excellent build quality
  • Should purchase beans separately


4. Sattva Classic Bean Bag Filled with Beans XXXL Size

Sattva is a high-class company that is one of the bestsellers in Indian markets and is appreciated for its continuous efforts to provide supreme products. Its amazing quality bean bags have helped it in retaining a position in the list of best bean bags in India


Sattva puts forth an awesome brown colored classy bean bag that is pre-filled with beans and falls under the 3XL size category. 0.75 mm thick faux leather is the material used to make the bag cover which features balanced pH and retains color and texture.

The cozy feel is maximized by the wide girth whereas long-lasting performance is ensured by the engineered stitching of industrial threads.

Easy maintenance and safe usage are assured by the double closure which consists of zipper and Velcro, thus adding to user-oriented nature.

The high-density EPS beans filling induces a fluffy feel when using this bag that has high tensile strength and can bear load up to 120kgs.

It is a pre-assembled model of ready to use bean bag that has its quality assured and a handle strap on the top for easy shifting or moving of the furniture.

Their ergonomic design relieves stress, provides sturdy support to your back and is aesthetically appealing which enables its use in the versatile environment at utmost modernity.

Sit back and relax in this soft, plush, and comfy furniture whose pear shape, compact dimensions and optimal weight allow it to easily fit in a corner without any hassle or disturbance.

A 1-year warranty is given in addition to free delivery, discounts that go up to 56%, and many more offers which would cut your cost of investment.

  • Tested for fade resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Pre-filled with EPS beans
  • Thick faux leather material used for cover
  • Sooner shrinking of beans


5. ORKA Classic XXXL with Footstool Bean Bag Cover without Beans

ORKA is the only Indian manufacturer to be audited by BSCI which implies that it is a reputed company and is worth your value and time. It offers a classy bean bag cover with a footstool, in a bright brown color that is light in weight and falls under the 2XL size category.


It is constructed using premium quality artificial leather, which comprises of poly-viscous backing and color guarantee, in a perfect ratio of width to height.

The dual-layer stitching strengthens the seam which enables the bag to carry a load up to 100kgs while the attachment of the handle strap at the top eases the shifting of the furniture.

The zippers and Velcro is provided for easy refilling of beans and your child’s safety is taken care of by the Child safe lock that is embedded at the bottom.

Being dimensionally compact and aesthetically appealing, they quietly merge with your ambience without looking odd or spoiling your interiors.

You can relax yourself out by sinking into this best build quality bean bag as it supplies support to your posture and enables you to experience a soft and comfortable feel.

You can easily clean it by just wiping it with a wet cloth, which in addition to its availability in a wide range of colours and other size options makes it one of the best bean bags in India.

Cash backs, bank offers, free shipping and other savings offer are available for this product, so hurry and buy it now with a click on the button given below.

  • Dual Layer stitching
  • Child-proof lock
  • Footstool provision
  • Perfect width to height ratio
  • No warranty


6. Amazon Brand – Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover without Beans

Solimo is a well-known brand that is recognized and appreciated by many in the markets of India for its excellent performance and provision of quality in products and services. It proffers a 3XL size of a warm brown bean bag cover that is available in a variety of sizes and colour options.


Supreme performance and durability are ensured by the high strength of tear and seam added with the double stitches on the material.

The exceptional quality and durability level of this fade-resistant leatherette fabric enables sturdy and long-lasting use of the product, respectively.

Safe and spill-free filling and re-filling of beans can be done easily with the help of zippers that are beautifully concealed under the Velcro.

Regain the rich look with just a wipe using a damped/wet cloth and carry or shift the bag without much stress using the handle strap provided at the top.

Its ergonomic structure ensures maximized comfort and ease so that you can sink into the bag and relax whereas the stylish designs sink with your interiors to add elegance in a modern way.

Fill the bean bag with 2 to 3 kgs of 4 to 6mm size of quality beans so that it takes the form of a teardrop shape and you can enjoy the support and comfort.

All in all, it’s a perfect addition to your contemporary home. 12 months of the warranty period is offered by the manufacturer and get hold of exclusive deals and offers to enjoy this product at reduced rates.

  • Handle strap
  • Fade resisting fabric
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wide variety in size and colors
  • Stitches come out quickly


7. Couchette XXXL Lounge Chair Luxury Bean Bag Cover (Without Fillers)

Couchette is an Indian company whose name comes first in one’s mind as soon as they hear bean bags and it’s so, not just because of its popularity but also because of its superlative quality and durability.


Couchette offers a Chaise Lounge bean bag cover with a footrest that has gained a rating of 4-stars on an average. It is a brown color package of XXXL size that is available in XXL size and black, white, and pink color options. 

Faux leather material is used to stitch this bean bag in a supportive chair shape so that you can sit in and relax in any posture.

Place your leg on the ideally sized soft foot-rest or use it hold your laptop or any other thing and work comfortably.

It is easy to clean, simple to use, and provided with strong pipings along the edges which added with the double stitches, strengthens the bean bag.

The provision of a zipper at the bottom of the bag ensures safe and hassle-free filling and re-filling of 3 to 4kgs of beans whereas the ideal thickness of the material enables any average adult to use this furniture, without being worried about the tear strength.

It is a compactly structured product whose classy appearance and shine makes it a perfect addition to your modern living space and is built to last for a long time. Click the button below, to access various offers and purchase this 1-year color warranted bean bag at reduced rates.

  • Footrest provided
  • Chair shaped bean bag
  • Supportive and comfortable
  • Pipings for a stronghold
  • Quite expensive


8. Amazon Brand – Solimo XL Bean Bag Cover

Solimo is an expert in this field of manufacturing qualitative and long-lasting products, which have helped the brand to gain a top position in the Indian online markets.

Amazon-Brand-Solimo-XL-Bean-Bag-Cover (Orange)

Solimo presents a bright orange coloured, XXXL sized bean bag cover which is available in 3 more shades and 2 more size options. As it is not pre-filled with beans, you would require 2 to 3 kgs of 4-6mm sized beans that are of good quality.

Premium quality leather material is used for this cover. Not only this but it also has double stitches, strengthened zippers, and Velcro to hide the zip, thus adding to its high quality and appeal.

Fade resistance, supreme tear, and seam strength are the highlighting traits that ensure the quality and durability of the material.

Their versatile usage and elegance make them get along in any corner of a room quite evenly. The provision of a handle strap at the top enables the simplified portability of the furniture.

If you are an adult, this product would be highly suitable for you. It offers a plush and comfortable posture that you can feel as soon as they sink into the bean bag, due to its stylish and smart design.

This teardrop-shaped bag has optimal dimensions and is the ideal pick for indoor usage, which adds to easy usage, reasonable pricing, and long-lasting nature of the product that is ensured by the exceptional build quality of the material makes it a worthy purchase.

1 year of warranty has been provided in addition to cash backs, bank offers, discounts, and other undeniable deals and offers. Purchase it now.

  • Extra strength by double stitches
  • High seam and tear strength
  • Comfortable
  • Fade-resistant
  • No other shape option


9. Krish by Karigar Bean Bag Cover without Beans, XXXL 

Krish by Karigar is a famous and high-in-demand brand name especially in the markets of India due to its excellence in service and consistent performance.


This brand puts forth a stunning black colored bean bag cover of the 3XL size at quite a fair price that is suitable for indoor purposes. The brown color variant of the same model and a handle strap is available which makes it a user-oriented and considerable option.

The leatherette material is used to make this cover and it features resistance against fading that holds the shine and colour for a long while.

Extra strength and durability are assured by the double stitches while the zippers, concealed aesthetically under the Velcro ensure safer and easy usage of the furniture.

It is comparatively light in weight and compact in dimensions which along with premium elegance enable the product to go modernly in any interior.

This leather bag has supreme strength in terms of seam and tear that solely helps it last longer.

Multiple users can enjoy the cozy feel in this wide bean bag that has a spacious seating area that adds with the pear/ tear-drop shape for utmost convenience.

The cover has got ample thickness which resists damage but needs to be filled with 2 to 3kgs of quality beans.

It is pre-assembled furniture that features superior build quality and remains intact even after long and continuous use. Click on the button and get access to no-cost EMI payment options, discounts, bank offers, free delivery, and various other unavoidable deals.

  • Sturdy build
  • Lasts longer
  • Handle strap
  • Not much option in size


10. Amazon Brand – Solimo XXXL Bean Bag Cover without Beans

Amazon Solimo has been ruling the Indian markets for quite a while and the performance of their classy products is par excellence and consistent. This bag comes in a dashing red color bean bag cover, of XXXL size, which on filling with beans would take up the teardrop shape.


It’s made out of leatherette fabric and resists fade which implies that the shiny color would retain for a long time, thus keeping up the posh look of the furniture.

The premium built quality of material and its supreme seam and tear strength added with the double stitches ensure the durability and long-lasting life of the bean bag.

Zippers are also attached and they are aesthetically concealed beneath the Velcro, ultimately easing the process of refilling and maintaining.

Shifting the bag from place to place is made stress-free by the attachment of a handle strap at the top of this comfortable bean bag.

Being one of the best choices for indoor bean bags, it fits in smoothly and elegantly at any of your favourite spot in the living room.

You would need to fill up the bag with 2 to 3kgs of high-quality beans whose size range from 4 to 6mm, so that you can sink into it and enjoy the plush feel.

It is designed for a versatile use by an average adult and is available in two other sizes and color options. Manufacturing defects are covered under the 1-year warranty that is given by the brand. You can get hold of 50% discount and exciting offers with a click on the button.

  • Double stitch for extra strength
  • Fade-resistance
  • Handle strap provided
  • Concealed zipper
  • Complained of thin cover


11. Bean Bag White Fur XXXL Size without Beans

U & I designs is that company which is the first choice for many Indian customers and is recommended all over the world for its unbeatable quality and excellent performance.


U & I designs present a 4-stars rated, white-colored XXXL bean bag cover whose surface is stitched with 9mm long Arctic Wolf faux fur which adds to the luxurious look of the furniture.

It is designed using Free Flow technology that allows the beans to settle and move freely inside this furniture, whose supportive structure ensures the utmost comfort and convenience.

This product is ideal for adults to sink as safer use of the bean bag is taken care of by the provision of a cream faux suede base that enhances the anti-slip feature.

Double stitches and zippers are woven with shaggy faux fur pile, not only assure you of its sturdy and safer use but also invite softness, making it aesthetically appealing.

The user-friendly nature of this furniture can be observed through the provision of covered zip heads that prevents the occurrence of scratch on floors.

The unique fabric sinks elegantly in your modern living space and the compact dimensions of the bean bag enable you to place it conveniently in any corner of your room.

Get access to exclusive saving offers like free delivery, 33% discounts, no-cost EMI payment options, and other unavoidable deals, by buying this product.

  • Luxurious faux fur cover
  • Designed by free flow tech
  • Covered zip heads
  • Anti-slip base
  • No warranty


Buying Guide – Best Bean Bags In India

Bean bags are a cozy kind of seat that healthily maintain your posture and are available in different types when the size, shape, and bean types are considered.


All the important details and factors are thoroughly mentioned for your better understanding and analysis to get the best.

Types of Bean Bags in India

Bean bags are categorised into 3 types

Armchair Bean Bag

Armchair filled with beans form armchair bean bags and they won’t lose their shape on use, which is an added benefit to the provision of bottle holder and newspaper cabinet.

Chair Bean Bag

Bean bags that are constructed in the shape of a chair are called so and they provide utmost comfort and support to your back as it is cushioned.

Classic Bean Bag

It is a pear-shaped bean bag that is available in a variety of colours and has the top part with a fold so that the sitting area at the bottom is conveniently formed.


Factors to Consider while buying the best Bean Bag in India

1. Type of Bean and Filling

You would be able to infer from the name that beans are the core and sometimes you need to buy beans separately when the bean bag you ordered is not filled with one.

There is a huge variety in its kinds but on a broader and generalised basis, beans are one from the 3 types, Thermocol, Styrofoam, and Polystyrene.

Expanded polystyrene is like hard-celled plastics that are strong, fully recyclable, and are the most commonly observed ones but they compress over time as a result of the weight put on it, due to which the bag needs to be refilled.

Another type called shredded urethane foam is also available that is costlier than the former but doesn’t compress quickly, thus avoiding time to time refill process.

Therapeutic based filling like rice and buckwheat are also accessible, but ultimately, you must ensure that the beans are inflammable.

Purchasing beans from online platforms is highly recommendable. You can find good quality beans on amazon India that are usually available on a high discount.


2. Bean Bags with or without Inner Liners

The beans filled in the bag are held together in either of the 2 ways-

With Inner Liners

In this type, the beans are filled separately in an inner bag which is then paired up with an outer bag and used.

Inner lined bean bags have the advantage of avoiding bean spill when the external layer gets ripped off or torn and their maintenance and replacement is quite hassle-free.

If you go for these kinds of bean bags then it’s better to ensure that the inner lining and outer bag are paired properly and there isn’t any requirement for re-filling the inner bags as that can be quite confusing.

Without Inner Liners

Bean bags without inner linings are rather well-known, comparatively, and as the name suggests there wouldn’t be any separate bag or lining provided for holding the beans.

The bag will not be washable but you can simply clean it by just wiping off the dirt and the beans will spill out even if there is a small opening but it gets ample space to spread evenly inside the bag.

Ultimately, it depends on your purpose and choice so analyse your requirements before picking one.

3. Size

There is quite a variety of sizes available in bean bags but then you must choose the one that suits your requirement.

Depending on the purpose, person, and their body size, the size of this furniture should be finalized, as comfort is the primary factor to be considered.

The size range provided is- extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, XXL, and XXXL. The first 2 options are ideal for children, whereas the next 3 would be a perfect pick for adults and it is the standard option.

The last 2 sizes are for either double person use or a single person with wide-body type as they can carry up to 150kgs of the load.


4. Shape

The shape is another essential factor that must also be determined based on the location and purpose. All the available shapes are as mentioned below:

Tear or Pear-shaped

This shape of bean bags is much suitable for those who need strong support to their back and want to stretch out their legs.

Sack Shaped

Compared to all the other shapes, sack shape is the biggest kind of bean bag and it is the best replacement for sofas as it allows you to sit back and relax.

Flat Pancake Shaped

Bean bags that are in this shape can accommodate 2 individuals and can also be used as a coffee table or desk, thus being multi-purpose furniture.

Chair Shaped

As you can infer from the name, the bean bag would be in the shape of a chair and would give complete support as well as cosy feeling to your back.

Pillow Shaped

These types of bean bags can be folded into a flat mattress or any other required shape.


It resembles the shape of a couch thus being an ideal selection for both formal and informal locations.

Sphere Shaped

Bean bags of this shape are setting a trend in the market through their provision of comfortability and lower space consumption, i.e. they can be kept at any location of a room.

Kiddie Bean Bag

They are uniquely shaped bean bags which would be ideal for children’s use as it can be used as both a seat and a toy.

5. Material

The external fabric layer of a bean bag should also be evaluated before purchase, as its quality-check is also necessary. 

The material used to stitch the bag cover has a wide variety and selecting the appropriate one is easy if you have already decided the purpose of usage.

Cotton material would do fine if you want the bean bag to be soft and easy to clean for use in the bedroom or children’s room, while denim ensures the best comfort provision and will be apt for indoor usage at homes.

Suede and Twill are durable materials that will add elegance to your interiors whereas linen and lamb’s wool are cosy to use that adds class to your home.

Leatherette is the best material when it comes to maintenance, luxury, and versatility and so this is the often used and preferred material.


6. Others

In addition to the above mentioned basic features, there are few more parameters, looking into which would be more helpful to you in the search of the best. They are:


Most of the bean bags go well in any location at a room but then their usage will be restricted as it depends solely on its features.

So, it is always better to go for bean bags that can be used both indoors and outdoors and is compatible with your body.

Stitches & Zippers

Stitches and zippers need to be tightly sewed to the bag to put a check on the spillage of beans.

Double stitches were begun to be implemented to support the former solution and to enhance the strength and durability of the furniture. Aesthetics are also given importance by stitching the zips in a hidden way.

Safety Factor

The beans have harmful effects on pets and children and thus the Consumer Commission made it mandatory to stitch zips that are childproof.

Always remember that if you are taking bean bag for kids then always go for high-quality ones that can withstand rough behaviour too. Also, you have to assure that the furniture is placed away from the fire as a precautionary step.


The recent models of bean bags are integrated with handles and bottle holders which allow you to easily shift its location and store drinks, respectively.

The added attachment of side pockets enables you to store small things like phone, pen, etc. thus turning out to be a perfect partner for work.


The warranty period offered on a bean bag ranges from 6 months to 1 year but few of them don’t have any warranty so do check for it.


7. Maintenance

Maintaining an object properly at regular intervals is the secret for its long-lasting shine and quality. One of the highlighting features of a bean bag is its simple and hassle-free maintenance which shall be done as follows.

  • The Majority of the bean bags feature wash-ability and that has resulted in a quicker and easier way of keeping the bean bag clean, thus washable bean bags are more preferable.
  • If the material used is leather, then wiping off the bag with a wet or dry cloth would do fine.
  • In the case of bean spillage, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to clear up the mess and refill the bag with new beans, later on.

Assure that the furniture is used graciously and kept in a stain-free state as it might damage the material.


8. Usage

No particular rules apply to such furniture, but following the below measures would enable safer use and increase the longevity of the bag.

  1. Give some air for a few hours, before using the newly unpacked bean bag.
  2. Open the base of only if you are going to re-fill the bean bag, otherwise it is secure to be left undisturbed.
  3. Spillage or leakage of beans can occur if there is any hole or opening, so if you find one seal it properly using tape or gum else assure the sturdy and perfect positioning of the stitched zippers and Velcro.
  4. Keeping the bean bag far away from fire and sharp objects is the best precaution against damage.
  5. Outdoor use of bean bags must be avoided for leatherette bags as the rexine present in it would get damaged on being exposed to heat.
  6. There are possibilities of you to get injured or the bean bag to burst open if applied with a greater load as in jumping, so kindly avoid abuse of the furniture.
  7. Although stains can be removed by wiping the bean bag with petrol, it is advised to keep eatables or liquids away from the furniture because it may damage the material.
  8. Leatherette material and beans are flammable in nature and so, you must never use cigarettes or any flame producing objects, near it.
  9. It is better to keep the bean bag out of reach from children and pets while re-filling since the beans are hazardous to health.
  10. Appropriate maintenance on time to time will induce durability.

Conclusion – Best Bean Bags in India

Bean bags are versatile, multi-purpose furniture that fits in quite stylish, in any ambience.

All the above-detailed parameters are essential and have to be considered if you are in search of the best one.


Based on our analysis, we would recommend you to go with ‘Sattva Classic Bean Bag Cover’ bean bags as they stand out in terms of quality and feature the apt requirements. To know more about this bean bag, click here.

Hope this article helped you to know, understand, and get the perfect pick of bean bags, according to your convenience.

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