7 Best Wall Mixer in India (July 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, July 25, 2021

To have a refreshed and calming body, you need to have a relaxing bathing time once a day, helping you feel free and start your day on a good note.

Bathing does though require some good equipment in your bathroom as it could make your experience more comforting and relaxing in no time.


One such equipment that could be handy yet convenient in use is a wall mixer as they have many options to choose from and could also enhance your style prominently.

They are one of the most preferred sanitary equipment these days as they let you have an easy operation as well as look presentable as compared to the traditional tools.

This article has been specially assembled for you, as it could help you in choosing the best wall mixers available in India that are not only easy to operate but also have a dash of classiness to install in the house.

To make your shopping spree a bit easier, we have also attached a Buying Guide for you that would give you an insight regarding some important features that need to be there in an ideal wall mixer.

These are the Top 7 Best Wall Mixer in India

ProductsWeightDimensionsWarrantyBuy Now
Cera Garnet Quarter Turn Fittings Wall Mixer1.78 Kg17 x 12 x 25.5 cm7 yearsamazon-button
ALTON GRACE 3780 Brass Wall Mixer1.87 Kg19.5 x 20.5 x 17 cm7 yearsamazon-button
Hindware F280018CP Wall Mixer3 Kg22.9 x 22.9 x 14 cm12 yearsamazon-button
Cera Garnet Quarter Turn Fittings Wall Mixer1.77 Kg24.29 x 18.29 x 17.8 cm7 yearsamazon-button
KOHLER Toobi 75457IN-4-CP Wall Mixer2.2 Kg649.6 x 570.8 x 433 cm10 yearsamazon-button
Hindware F200020CP Wall Mixer2.4 Kg21.6 x 18.4 x 11.4 cm12 yearsamazon-button
Hindware F110019CP Immacula Wall Mixer3.2 Kg20.3 x 22.9 x 13.3 cm12 yearsamazon-button

Best Wall Mixer in India (2021)

1. Cera Garnet Quarter Turn Fittings Wall Mixer

Cera is a brand that has made its name in the market by producing products that are well defined and qualified for use and provides satisfactory performance. With a wide customer base and options.


It should be one of the brands on your checkout list as it would also keep you covered with efficient products. The Cera garnet quarter wall mixer is a highly demanding product in the market as it has some premium features and quality that should not be missed at any cost.

Primary Features

  • This wall mixer is 9 feet long and about 220 m in measurements
  • Consists of micron chromium as an upper layer for a classic look
  • Comes with a 7-year warranty
  • Combines with stainless steel as material components for assured durability

The representation of this product is done in a précised yet stylish way that offers you many ways to handle it. It is a tall bend wall mixer that comes with four types of fixers; this is the perfect product to be used as an overhead shower as it has the correct dimensions for that purpose.

In terms of peculiarity and durability, this product has left all behind as it is combined with standardized stainless-steel that not only guarantees the product to be imperishable but also prevents it from rusting, allowing it to look classy and new every time.

Installation and fixing a product can be a tough task especially for sanitary products as they require plumbers. But with this product, you need not worry about the same as it comes with an operation manual that guides you on how to install.

Hence does not require any plumber and lets you install it conveniently by yourself. This product is an epitome of superfine products that have a supreme quality that prevents it from breakage or leakages, making it look new and classy always.

With high endurance and proficiency, it is one of the most reliable products in the Indian market. As per customer reviews & feedbacks, it is viewed that this is a customer’s favourite product as it is good in presentation and capability.

It should be on your wish list and top priority as this is an efficient product that should not be missed by you. The brand offers a 10-day replacement for this product if you are not sure about it after the purchase.

  • Available at reasonable prices
  • Is versatile as well as substantial in use
  • Has a well-defined look to itself and would go well with most houses
  • Convenient to fix and use
  • Could be a bit long but the quality and imperishability are worth it
Model NumberF2002401
Product Dimensions17 x 12 x 25.5 cm
Weight1.78 Kg
Warranty7 Years


2. ALTON GRACE 3780 Brass Wall Mixer

ALTON GRACE is a professional brand that focuses on delivering the utmost quality that would allow its product to be everlasting as well as allow them to render its services efficiently to its customer.


Looking for something out of the box? Alton is the one-stop destination for all your needs. The ALTON GRACE 3780 wall mixer is a notable product in the market which accompanies detailed features and upgraded technology.

Primary Features

  • Composed with brass that is high end and keeps the product tarnish resistant
  • The brand offers a 7-year warranty
  • Has a classy touch to it as it has chrome lining on it that gives it an elegant finish
  • The faucets have a deep 7 layers attached to it that make the upper body look finer and mirror-like

Technology incorporation is a must-have feature in a product these days and the same has been made sure by ALTON as this product fulfills each aspect of it profoundly.

It has a mirror look technology that is combined with layers and lets it appear transparent and mirror-like. This technology allows it to remain clean as well as protects it from dust and corrosion.

The working and handling are not that difficult as it has convenient 3- way alterations available in terms of temperature, making it a hassle-free task to get the right water temperature as per season requirements.

Not only the temperature can be altered but the volume at which the water would flow can also be adjusted single-handedly, a must-have for a drooling bathing experience.

The configuration of this wall mixer is done with accuracy and preciseness that makes it one of the supreme products to be displayed in a bathroom, uplifting your style statement in no time.

With high graded material and a noteworthy outlook, it is an all-rounder in every aspect. The designing of the inner body also helps in a polished flow of water from each nozzle for an amazing experience.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a well-formed product that has high graded features and appearance, making it a perfect combination for you.

It should be opted as an option and should be in your consideration list for better decision making. It comes along with a leg set, an L-Shape leg set, and a bend over pip for installation purpose.

  • Has continuous and effortless operation for a better experience
  • Available at a nominal price
  • Has superior technology for upgraded experience and high resistance
  • The composition of this product lets it be more durable and prevents it from damages
  • As it is an upcoming brand it is not that common among customers but with the features, it is offering, this product needs to be checked out
Model NumberGRC3780
Product Dimensions19.5 x 20.5 x 17 cm
Weight1.87 Kg
Warranty7 Years


3. Hindware F280018CP Wall Mixer

Hindware is a traditional brand that has been the go-to stop among customers for any type of sanitary needs. This brand has been a personification of standardized products that are superior in terms of looks, options, and quality that is never disappointing.


The Hindware F280018CP wall mixer is an amazing product that could be the solution to all your bathroom problems. The display and presentation of this wall mixer are quite tidy and well defined as it has a solid design to itself.

Primary Features

  • It is a close-packed product that could be used and installed conveniently
  • Comes with a 12-year warranty
  • It is a 3 in 1 mixer that has bent over a pipe of 115 mm long
  • Neoperl honeycomb type of aerator

Each detail of this product has been precisely taken care of; with edgy and complicit delineation it is a work of art that would upgrade the display of your bathroom in seconds.

To maintain its quality and allow it to be more durable, it comes with the mirror technology that not only makes it look super fined but also lets it be durable and keeps it protected from toxic particles for a clear luxurious depiction of your bathroom.

The faucets are also assembled in such a way that it uplifts and enhances the look of the product and gives it a finished appearance. In terms of material compositions, it is made with assured high graded material that makes it an everlasting product.

The casting of the product combines brass with about half a portion of copper approximately, which lets it appear classy.

To uplift the quality as well as characteristics of the product, it also has a chrome electroplating attached to it to give it an explicit structure for higher performance capabilities.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, this is an exponential product that has been famous in the market because of its quality and versatile features.

It should be in your considerations before choosing a product as it is a very good product in all. The brand offers a 10-day replacement for this product if you face any type of manufacturing defects in the product.

  • Convenient to install and use
  • Extremely versatile and has a long-lasting performance capability
  • Each aspect of this product is crafted with precision and assurance
  • Has high endurance and capable performance delivery
  • It is a bit heavy product but the installation can be done smoothly with an operation manual attached to it
Model NumberFLORA
Product Dimensions22.9 x 22.9 x 14 cm
Weight3 Kg
Warranty12 Years


4. Cera Garnet Quarter Turn Fittings Wall Mixer

Cera has been a brand that has our eyes over it for a long time now as its products are very well characterized and have an explicit presentation that just leaves everybody astonished.


If you are looking for something that highlights your style and can work well then this brand is the right one for you. The Cera Garnet Wall Mixer is one of a kind and could be the optimum choice for all your bathroom hindrances in one shot.

Primary Features

  • Combined with prime value stainless steel
  • It is a 220 mm 9 feet long wall mixer with an overhead shower
  • The brand provides a 7-year warranty for this product

The material incorporated in this product is fabricant and defines efficiency in the best way possible. Made with high-quality stainless-steel accompanied by micron-chromium plating lets this product works magnificently and allows it to have an everlasting working performance.

It is a solidified product as t is made with rigid material that prevents any type of leakage or breakage of the product, a well-combined product that should be brought to offer incapable services for a longer period.

It is a simple product that does not require extra effort or money for installation purposes. It comes with a manual to guide you on how to fix this one systematically.

It also comes with a wall mount that provides a firm grip to the product and allows it to get attached to the wall conveniently and precisely.

The preservation and prolongation requirements of this product are almost negligible as it comes with silicon nozzles that are convenient to handle.

To have a fine look every time, these nozzles can be cleaned through wipe towels as well as they do not clog often for better outcomes after all.

As per customer review and feedback, it is a put together product that is effective and does not require much effort to maintain or handle.

It is a product that should be on your wish list as it is convenient from each aspect. The brand offers 10 days return policy if the product is not as per your standardized levels.

  • Available at reasonable prices
  • Convenient to maintain and install
  • Has the ability to prevent rust or corrosion on the product for longevity
  • Well constructed and incorporated with high graded material
  • It may not be considered by many but it is a good product to consider and have a viewpoint about
Model NumberF2002404
Product Dimensions24.29 x 18.29 x 17.8 cm
Weight1.77 Kg
Warranty7 Years


5. KOHLER Toobi 75457IN-4-CP Wall Mixer

Kohler is a brand that has made its name in the market by producing unique and extravagant products that are not only efficient but also have a dash of classiness to them. Something exceptional that enhances your home?


Then, Kohler is the answer to the problems as the styles and effectiveness of the product will leave you explicit. Kohler Toobi 75457IN-4-CP wall mixer is a differentiated product that could make you want to buy as soon as you have a look at it.

Primary Features

  • It comes with a warranty period of 10 years for future defects or alterations
  • Combined with plastic material for better durability and a chrome finish is coated as well
  • Comes with a classy glass topper

This is an organized well-established product as it has a hint of uniqueness to it that can be very handy in use for you. It comes with a glass-top storage area that allows you to arrange your bathing supplies for an undefined experience like no other.

In terms of material composition, it is made with plastic to ascertain the product is light weighted and easy to fix on the wall. It also has faucets along with it for installation and fixation purposes.

To give it a luminous and extraordinary display, it has a chrome coated finish on it that makes it look more rich and exquisite.

To have a good experience with the product for a longer duration, the brand also has a 10-day return policy if the product does not match the quality level it guarantees

It can fit any bathroom easily and be restored with the old fittings within a period. As per handling and usage areas are concerned, it has a single hand remote like a system that lets you switch from one temperature to another prominently.

With spouts and shower controllers it is a summation of all and can be the best product for you to try.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a superior product that has made its terms in the market with differentiation in its product outlook and features.

It would be one of the most appreciated products as per our analysis as it stands out among others. You should put this product in your top priorities and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Scratch and breakage resistant
  • Light-weighted product
  • High endurance and durability are offered
  • It is a bit expensive product but with the style and features, it would be worth every penny you spend on it
Model Number75457IN-4-CP
Product Dimensions649.6 x 570.8 x 433 cm
Weight2.2 Kg
Warranty10 Years


6. Hindware F200020CP Wall Mixer

Hindware is one of the prominent brands in the market as they display some amazing products in the market that suits customer needs and wants with accuracy.


Hindware is one of the oldest established brands in the market and should be viewed before making any kind of sanitary decisions for your home. The product is a very good product and could be the optimum product for you and your family.

Primary Features

  • The brand gives a 12-year warranty for this product
  • It comes with a 115m bend pipe for better adjustments and installation
  • It has a Neoperl honeycomb aerator type incorporated in it

As per the attribution and constitution of this product are concerned, it is combined with high graded brass accompanied with approximately 63 percent of copper for better endurance and sturdy application in the future.

To assure about the material, the brass has been certified by Ingots as a prominent substance to be used in this product.

This material composition does not let the product be under the shadow of corrosion or rusting as well as governs that no kind of crack or leakages happens through it.

To give it a more polished and superfine look, it has been submerged with chrome electroplating for a refreshed look every time. It is a compatible product that could be fixed without any hassle as it comes with a faucet as well for better adjustments.

It is suitable to install this product when you are reconstructing your bathrooms or you can also attach it in a low-pressure bathroom and it would render its services effectively.

The suitability of this product in each household as well as it could also be used for old people for use and provides them a convenient bathing experience.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a fine product that has quality features and certified material composition that could help the product be durable and have a longer life with a new look on every use.

It could a good choice for you and you can consider it an option for purchasing a wall mixer. The brand offers a 10-day return option if it’s not as per quality standards.

  • Light-weighted and convenient to handle the product
  • Is offered at reasonable rates
  • Has a classy and exquisite appearance
  • Would be good for old people to use
  • It May not be preferred by many but it could be a great choice to go for
Model NumberF200020FTCHE
Product Dimensions21.6 x 18.4 x 11.4 cm
Weight2.4 Kg
Warranty12 Years


7. Hindware F110019CP Immacula Wall Mixer

Hindware as described earlier is a one-stop destination for many customers as it ranges its products in many forms, shapes, and designs that assures its customers have choices and options to choose from and pick the best one for their home.


It should be one of the few brands to be on your top options to look over before making a choice. The Hindware F110019CP is an exemplary piece of their immacula collection and is a well-deserved piece to have eyes on.

Primary Features

  • It is a 3 1 wall mixer that helps you altering water temperature easily
  • The brand provides a 12-year warranty
  • Has an aerator of Neoperl honeycomb type
  • Has a 115 mm bend over pipe for better operation

The formation of this product is done with classified material with graded quality; the material used under this mixer is a brass composition which also has a constitution of 63 percent copper for better resilience and reliability.

The material is high graded and is also certified by ingots. The material incorporated plays a major role in determining the lifespan of a product and considering this one.

It has a long and everlasting operation that would not be affected by many kinds of leakage, breakage, or rusting and has a fine appearance always because of the chrome electroplating done on it.

The brand also offers a 10-day return option if the product delivered has some defect pr not as per quality standards.

The 3 in 1 feature not only helps in adjusting the water flow but also helps in maintaining the temperature as per season change for an undefined experience.

This type of wall mixer also offers an attachment for showers that could come in handy at times as you would be able to adjust the pressure and temperature even when you are using a shower.

As per customer reviews and feedbacks, it is a supreme product that has been guided and well versed with almost all types of features into a single one for customer satisfaction and as well as to increase its efficiency at higher levels.

It would be a good choice to be taken into considerations as it could be one of the best experiences you ever have while using this product.

  • Is light-weighted and convenient to handle
  • Can be installed easily and does not require extra help
  • Handy and lets you have control over temperature and pressure outflow
  • An extravagant product to enhance the grace of your home
  • A bit on the pricier side but it would be a good option to consider
Model NumberIMMACULA
Product Dimensions20.3 x 22.9 x 13.3 cm
Weight3.2 Kg
Warranty12 Years


Buying Guide – Best Wall Mixer in India

After showcasing some of the options to go for if opting for a wall mixer, it is now time to give you an insight regarding everything you need to know about a wall mixer that could help you analyze and choose a better option.


Types of Wall Mixers

3 in 1 Wall Mixer

This type of wall mixer is a good option and is the most demanding type these days as it can attach a shower working with it as well and you can also have a hand shower application installed with it. With flow and temperature management options, it is a good type to go for.

2 in 1 Wall Mixer

Apart from the 3 in 1 mixer, it only comes with two options of adjustments that are the pressure of water flow or temperature.

It does not come with a shower option but it has been preferred by many. If you just want to have the water adjustment features in a mixer then you can opt for this one.

Eminent Reasons to Install a Wall Mixer

There are many reasons that one should invest in a wall mixer as it has become an essential commodity and should be installed due to the following reasons.

1. Handy Control

Through wall mixers, you can have a steady control over the pressure of water flow and you could also adjust the temperature as per that. It is an important aspect as you need to have easy control of the outflow for better experience and safety reasons as well.

2. Safety Measures

This product lets you be safe when having a bath as it gives you control over the temperature and flow of water. It is vital to have this control as it causes severe burns if no control is provided.

So for the safety purpose of you and your family, you must install a wall mixer as soon as possible.


3. Varied Options

It also gives you many options to choose from and comes in a lot of variety so that you can choose whichever product suits your personality the best. With many features and efficiency, it is a prominent product that needs to be installed in a bathroom.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Wall Mixer in India

1. Durability

One of the most important aspects of a wall mixer is its ability to work for a longer period. Wall mixers are a bit higher on cost and should be incorporated with durable materials like stainless steel and brass for longer functioning and everlasting life span.

The durability can also be judged f it has chrome plating or not as it prevents the mixer from rusting or leakage and give it a fine look on the outside. So when opting for wall mixers do check the material composition and rust-free property of the product.

2. Material Incorporation

To get hands-on with a good wall mixer, you should always have eyes on the material it has been inculcated with. Some of the most used and vital materials that should be present in good quality wall mixers are the following:


Brass is one of the high graded materials to constitute as it preserves your product well and gives it a firm yet classy look. If, have an option you should go for a product with a brass base.

Stainless Steel

It is also a good alternative to choose as stainless steel gives a much better outlook as well as protects the product from moisture and corrosion. It can be the next best thing to go for.


It also a varied option to go for as plastic helps the product to be light-weighted. But in all, if given the option in three you should always opt for brass or stainless steel for longer operation and effectiveness of the product.


3. Convenient Usage

A wall mixer must be easy to handle in terms of usage as it could delay and waste time. You should always opt for a 2 in 1 mixer or a 3 in1 mixer as the operation of every feature is accessible through a single handle only, making it convenient to use.

A single handle is easy to use and hold for better control as you can adjust as per your choice whether the temperature or pressure is concerned. So for smooth usage, you should prefer a single hand operation and a wall mixer.

4. Pricing

As per the analysis made, wall mixers acts like small vestment and are bit higher on price, so when choosing a good wall mixer to try and prefer a good brand. The higher-priced wall mixer would be more durable and reliable as the material composition would be premium.

So, when choosing terms of pricing you should always see the brand reliability and material composition for making a good decision.


5. Operation

It is also crucial to look over how the product would operate and see if an operation manual is attached with it or not for better understanding. You must also know the size and measurements of the mixer and if it will fit into your bathroom space correctly or not.

You must also have a look over the instructions on installation as these are easy to install and could be done by following the steps mentioned in the manual to save some extra money.

6. Warranty

Sanitary equipment usually comes with a warranty but you must double-check before buying one. A wall mixer is generally offered a warranty tenure of 10 – 12 years that varies as per brands. This warranty covers any type of manufacture defects if any, for further purposes.

The brands also tend to offer a replacement/ return policy these days to make sure that the customer gets a perfect piece and not a defective one.

These very some of the crucial points and features that need to be taken care of before making a decision and help you in guiding as well as making the best choice for your home.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Wall Mixer in India

Q1. Are online platforms a suitable option to buy these products?

Ans. Yes, online platforms like Amazon can be a good choice to buy your products from as they provide genuine products that can be returned conveniently in no time. You can also get various deals and offers on the product if you choose to buy a wall mixer through Amazon.
You can also go for conventional ways of buying if you are unsure about online platforms for better quality and to be assured.

Q2. Are these products durable? How long do these products last?

Ans. Yes, wall mixers are highly resilient as the composition is done with high graded material that assures it to work for a longer period and stay the same in terms of looks. These products usually have a very long life and it also depends on how you use them. The brand covers you for 10-12 years it, so it works well for a better long period.

Q3. Is it expensive to shop for a wall mixer?

Ans. Wall mixers are a bit on the pricier side but these should be taken as an investment option as they are firm, strong, and durable that not only helps the product to operate for a long period but also allows it to be efficient.
So you should look for good brands in the market that have good quality products as the higher the cost of the product the more durable it is.

Q4. Are these products authorized for replacement or return?

Ans. Yes, each brand though has different policies but every wall mixer is authorized for a 10-day replacement or return facility. This policy lets you have the product in the best form and if not delivered as per quality standards it could be returned or replaced depending upon the policy of the brand that if it would be replaced or returned by them.

Q5. What are some of the prominent brands that should be considered?

Ans. The above-discussed products & brands are the best options to go for and if we narrow it down to some popular brands, then you should always try out Hindware, Kohler, and Cera as they have some amazing options that are effective and efficient in their operation and installation.

Final Thoughts – Best Wall Mixer in India

As per our analysis and study, it has been seen that installing and fixing a wall mixer has become important as it not only saves time but also is safe in use than the conventional taps.

So for easy access and a well-defined experience, you must install a wall mixer in your bathroom that uplifts the look of your home as well.


Some of the brands that standout are Hindware and Kohler as they are having some amazing options to choose from that are perfect in terms of durability and are worth the price at which they are offered.

We hope that this article was able to solve your doubts and queries regarding some good options available in India and was able to educate you about some good features that need to be present in the product.

We hope that you were able to make a decision and choose what is best for you and your family. Thank you for tuning in, have a happy reading!

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