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11 Best Hand Sanitizers in India (February 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews


Considering that hand sanitizers became a starkly scarce commodity, that was next to impossible to get your hands on, not too long ago, their importance can simply not be understated.

In the wake of the pandemic, hand sanitizers have come to become an indispensable part of your bag pack. Slide a mini pack into your pocket, or carry a family pack in your purse for the little ones, hand sanitizers are your armor for the New Normal.


The current consumption of hand sanitizers largely tilts towards Alcohol-based products due to their ability to fight off Covid-19.

These types either employ ethyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol, with maximum composition limits set at 96 and 99.8% respectively by the World Health Organization.

However, their effectiveness is subject to their composition, which varies from brand to brand. In fact, if the composition of your hand sanitizer has gone wrong, it can also lead to potentially harmful and poisonous chemicals permeating through your skin and into your body.

This is why the production of hand sanitizers is a highly regulated process and that’s why it’s always better to purchase your sanitizers from trusted brands.

Let us walk you through the most effective hand sanitizers present in the market today. All of these products bring assured protection to both, you and your kids with a single smear.

These are the Top 11 Best Hand Sanitizers in India

Best Hand Sanitizers in India in 2021

1. Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer

Himalaya is an exceptionally well-known brand, famous for its natural, home-like remedies. There are barely any Indian brands that top Himalaya products in the areas of personal hygiene and skin care, just like there are barely any brands that compete with this product. 


The Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer combines the proven effectiveness of alcohol along with the purity and age-old mix of natural treasures like Nimtree, Vetiver, Zedoary, or Shati and finally, Nutgrass, to give you the most effective results, without hurting the sensitive skin on your palms.

Primary Features

  • Comes with 60% alcohol content
  • Ingredients Offer Anti-Oxidising Properties
  • It has a cooling after-effect post use
  • Comes in 5 different flavours that all offer aromatic scents

This hand sanitizer is alcohol-based, and thus actively kills off germs and viruses. Additionally, the mix of Indian herbs, known for and wide for their Ayurvedic properties, makes this product truly one of a kind.

The benefits of Shati are multifaceted. From joint pains to hair problems, to even cardiac and respiratory disorders, shati is used intensively in Ayurvedic medicine to treat these conditions.

Its benefits spillover into hand sanitization just as well. The shati plant comes with great ability to fight off unwanted skin conditions especially those relating to fungal and bacterial infections.

It thus wards off unwanted particles on your palms with great ease. Additionally, this plant comes with great aromatic properties and thus it not only leaves your hands cleansed but also with a great scent.

Next comes the Nimtree, or neem, which is a Himalaya brand favourite and rightfully so, thanks to its multiple benefits.

Nimtree too fights all kinds of skin conditions and even dryness, which is a common side-effect associated with the regular use of hand-sanitizers.

The third natural ingredient used in this sanitizer is Vetiver, this adds to the cooling effect sanitizers have on your skin and keeps your palms soft, along with fighting off bacterial agents.

Nutgrass helps with the same, along with acting like an antioxidant, which basically means that nutgrass eliminates the harmful bodies from your skin.

This hand sanitizer combines all of these ingredients with alcohol and glycerin to clean your hands, with a cooling after-effect and great scent. The best part is that you can choose the scent as per your liking because this product comes in five different flavours!

  • Comes in five different scents and flavours
  • Employs the goodness of natural herbs like Nimtree, Vetiver, Nutgrass and Shati
  • Doesn’t cause your palms to dry off with long term use
  • Antioxidants present in natural ingredients fight off skin infections
  • Alcohol content is only 60%


2. Dettol Original Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

Dettol is a name synonymous with antiseptics and hand washes in our country. Whether you need to clean a muddy pair of palms or an open wound, Dettol has always been the go-to brand.


If Dettol products can wipe your floors clean of germs, can you really doubt this brand when it comes to ridding your hands-off germs even in the absence of soap and water? Absolutely not! This Dettol hand sanitizer is alcohol-based, making it your knight in shining armor for Covid times. 

Primary Features

  • Light hand sanitizer, doesn’t leave your hands feeling claggy or gluey
  • Comes with high alcohol content
  • Comes with the endorsement of Medical Practitioners
  • Moisturizes your hands during use

This Dettol Hand Sanitizer commands the respect of Medical Practitioners, making it the very best choice for you and your family. Speaking of family, this hand sanitizer comes in little pocket-packs as well as family packs that capacitate 50 and 500 ml of sanitizer respectively.

This Sanitizer comes in the form of a light liquid, that doesn’t feel weighty on your hands, neither does it feel claggy or gluey. Additionally, this hand sanitizer successfully kills off 99.99 percent of the germs in your hand, leaving behind a maximum of 0.01%.

This hand sanitizer is a classic product, perfect for those who don’t particularly enjoy extravagant, flavorful scents and prefer softer aromas. This sanitizer too leaves your palms with a chilly after-touch upon use.

Additionally, since alcohol can be harsh on your skin, leading to dryness and itchiness, this product makes use of additional ingredients to keep your skin as soft and moist as ever.

This sanitizer makes a full century, fighting off over a hundred microbial threats that could leave you and your family sick.

Whether you’re about to sit down for a meal in a crowded restaurant, or have just made it out of a crowded bus, this Indian Medical Association endorsed sanitizer will have you covered.

  • Comes with the endorsement of IMA
  • Alcohol based sanitizer, fights off over hundred different kinds of microbial threats
  • Ensures that your skin remain moist even with continuous use
  • Light liquid, doesn’t leave your hands claggy
  • Doesn’t come with aromatic scents


3. Dabur Sanitize γ – Hand Sanitizer | Alcohol-Based Sanitizer

When the likes of Big B endorse a brand, you’ve got to know that it’s top-notch. Dabur is one of the most coveted brands across all of India, with the best line up of ayurvedic and natural personal care products present in the market, not just today but for several years in a row now.


This Dabur sanitizer is a rubbing alcohol-based product, making it your one-stop shop to fight off all viruses in these trying times, not to mention the standard microbial agents it rids your hands off in mere seconds.

Primary Features

  • Comes with 70% ethyl alcohol and absolutely no methyl alcohol per 100 milliliters of sanitizer liquid, for optimal, non-toxic results
  • Comes in family packs and suggests the application of approximately 3 ml
  • High rubbing alcohol content keeps you safe from covid-19

Usually, when using public facilities, you often find hand soap containers that have been diluted by filling up water to the brim. This makes them near about useless, providing you no protection from the thousands of agents lying on your hands, just waiting to infect you.

In such situations, it is always better to reach into the depths of your pockets and fish out your Dabur hand sanitizer for ultimate protection.

While soap and water will always be more rigorous and comprehensive sterilizers than sanitizers, in their absence, your Dabur sanitizer will do a more than adequate job.

This is because this hand sanitizer comes with ample alcohol content that measures at about 70% volume by volume, which basically measures the amount of rubbing alcohol present for every 0.1 liter of sanitizer liquid.

This amount is more than enough to kill any active and latent agents on your hands. This sanitizer, too, doesn’t make your hands feel claggy or gluey after use and thereby doesn’t make your eating experience uncomfortable, if you’ve applied your sanitizer right before your meal.

For optimal results, it is advised to extract a few drops of Dabur sanitizer, measuring up to three milliliters approximately, on to your palms and then go on to rub it in clockwise and anticlockwise directions, on both sides, under the fingernails, and between the fingers on both hands.

  • Non scented, non sticky hand sanitizer
  • Comes with 70% rubbing alcohol composition per 0.1 liter of sanitizer liquid
  • Comes with assured 0% methyl alcohol content
  • Doesn’t come in a mini-pack, friendly to pant pockets


4. Lifebuoy Alcohol Protection Hand Sanitizer

Lifebuoy is one of the most trusted brands in not just our country, but also the rest of the world, thanks to its top of the line personal hygiene and healthcare products. 


There are barely any soaps and antiseptics that can compete with Lifebuoy products and the same goes for this ethyl alcohol-based Lifebuoy hand sanitizer. With its World Health Organization guided composition, this sanitizer will keep you safe at all times.

Primary Features

  • Comes with Ethyl Alcohol content as high as 95%
  • Antibacterial formulation keeps away skin conditions
  • Non-claggy, Non-scented

This product comes with a 95% volume by volume or 70% weight by weight ethyl alcohol content, making it one of the strongest alcohol-based sanitizers on the market.

However, with a strong alcohol base, there’s a greater risk of your hands getting damaged and the skin of your palms drying up with regular use.

To prevent this and to keep the hands of your children as soft as ever, this product also comes with high glycerin content. The glycerin keeps your hands hydrated.

This incredibly strong sanitizer provides successful results just about a hundred percent of the time, with only a 0.01 percent chance of ineffectiveness.

Additionally, this product comes in several different shapes and sizes of containers, so that you can make your pick as per your convenience and ease of use while travelling.

This product is also a minimalistic model that doesn’t come with an overwhelming aroma. It also doesn’t make your palms feel gluey upon drying.

To keep yourself safe from infections, it is advised that upon applying the sanitizer you don’t immediately bring your hands in contact with other contaminated surfaces, because the sanitizer won’t be too effective if you don’t allow it to blend and dry out completely.

Apart from killing common germs, this product also fights off infectious bacterial agents, which keeps away skin conditions and doesn’t allow any open cuts to contaminate.

  • Ethyl Alcohol content as high as 95% volume by volume
  • Several different sizes of packaging allows this product to be travel friendly
  • Ample amounts of glycerin keep your hands from drying
  • Doesn’t make use of any natural, ayurvedic supplements


5. Beardhood Hand Sanitizer Spray

As the name suggests, Beardhood is a brand with a range of impeccable grooming and men’s personal care products. However, that doesn’t make this sanitizer any less effective than the others.


In fact, combined with the natural elements of aloe vera, lime, and tea tree, to mention a few, this is one of the most comprehensive products on the list. This spray hand sanitizer, is slightly thinner and more liquid than the thicker, gel-like products we’ve seen so far. 

Primary Features

  • Employs the natural goodness of Lemons, Aloe Vera, Nimtree, Basil and Tea tree
  • It has 70% alcohol content
  • It comes with a refreshing scent
  • Not only does it sanitize your hands, but also keeps skin infections at bay
  • You can use this spray sanitizer on both, your hands and other objects

This hand sanitizer comes with a composition of 70% alcohol, perfect to sanitize both your hands and your products, to fight off the nasty virus that’s currently plaguing us. This product also makes use of certain herbs that have been known for its ayurvedic benefits for ages now. 

These include Basil and Nimtree, which apart from their antibacterial and fungicidal properties, also help to prevent the dryness that comes with regular use of alcohol-based sanitizers.

Second comes Lemon, which acts as a natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and using its high acidic content to kill microbial agents.

Aloe vera too is one of the most widely used natural agents in skincare products, it helps with infections, rashes, redness, and whatnot. What’s better is that it also adds to the scent of this sanitizer!

Similarly, tea tree oil also comes with enormous benefits for your skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

It wards off infections and enriches your skin, along with the aloe vera, to prevent any potential damage that may occur as a result of all the chemicals present in the sanitizer.

These natural ingredients make this sanitizer more caring towards your skin, which is also non-claggy. This product also comes with a refreshing herbal scent, thanks to the mix of these natural gems.

It is advised that you wait for twenty seconds after applying the sanitizer on your hands before you go on to touch potentially contaminated surfaces.

  • Comes with 5 herbal ingredients for well rounded anti bacterial and fungicidal care
  • Prevent the dryness that results from long term use of sanitizers
  • Comes with refreshing herbal scent
  • Can be used on your hands as well as other objects around the house
  • Doesn’t come with a high glycerin content


6. Mediker Hand Sanitizer

Mediker is a leading brand in the world of medicinal personal care products. Be it the unwanted organisms plaguing your hair or the countless germs residing in your hands, there is simply no problem too big for Mediker to be able to handle.


This Mediker hand sanitizer, too fully understands the importance of caring for the sensitive skin on your palms, which is especially important when applying sanitizers on your children. This is why, this product too complements the chemicals with the countless benefits of aloe vera extract to leave you with safe and soft hands.

Primary Features

  • Comes with a 70% alcohol composition
  • Mixes the alcohol with ample glycerin to keep your hands moist
  • Aloe vera keeps skin infections and inflammation away
  • Suitable for all persons above the age of three years

This hand sanitizer is comprised of over 70% alcohol that involves the use of 95% volume by volume amounts of ethanol. This product also makes use of ample amounts of glycerin to keep your hands soft and moist.

Additionally, this sanitizer is perfectly okay for use by all kids older than three years of age, so you can easily leave a pack in their school bag packs. This sanitizer is also perfumed for a fresh scent after use.

This sanitizer complements this high alcohol and glycerin content with aloe vera extract to enrich its antibacterial and fungicidal properties.

Additionally, aloe vera keeps rashes, redness, and inflammation at bay and it also moisturizes your palms, preventing the dryness that results from regular use of alcohol based sanitizers.

Aloe vera also adds to the aroma of this skin-friendly hand sanitizer.

Even with the ample glycerin and aloe vera content, this sanitizer doesn’t make your hands feel gluey, which would otherwise really defeat the purpose of using a sanitizer right before a meal.

Pour a couple of drops and rub them on both sides of your hands, in between the crevices of your fingers, underneath your nails and wait for it to dry out entirely before you go on touching other surfaces.

  • Makes use of aloe vera to keep your hands moist
  • Doesn’t have an overpowering scent
  • Suitable for all little kids above three years of age
  • Aloe vera fights off skin infections, while the ethyl alcohol keeps the germs away
  • The packaging doesn’t come in different sizes


7. Solimo Hand Sanitizer Gel

Solimo is an Amazon baby brand that brings to you all things essential at the most economical prices. This brand produces just about every little thing you have in your house that makes your life a little easier every day. 


It makes use of some familiar ingredients, as well as newer ones like Vitamin E. What is also interesting, is that although this is a sanitizer that makes use of rubbing alcohol, it also employs sterilizers used by non-alcohol based sanitizers, including the benzalkonium chloride salt.

Primary Features

  • Employs alcohol as well as non alcohol based sterilizing agents to provide double the protection
  • 75% volume by volume composition of isopropyl alcohol
  • This product is weightless and non-claggy

This sanitizer employs Isopropyl or Rubbing alcohol in extremely generous amounts that measure up to 75% volume by volume per 100 milliliters of sanitizer liquid.

As mentioned above, this sanitizer also makes use of sterilizing salts, that is, Benzalkonium Chloride, so as to make double the impact of regular sanitizers.

Tea tree, as you may well know by now, comes with countless benefits that make it a staple ingredient in skincare products.

It acts like an exfoliant, an anti-inflammatory, and a revitalizer all in one. This sanitizer also makes use of these extracts to ward off the threat of harmful bacteria like Escherichia coli.

Likewise, aloe vera also keeps fungal and bacterial skin infections at bay. Additionally, it keeps your hands well moisturized, preventing the dryness associated with long-term use of alcohol-based sanitizers.

Next we have, vitamin E, which is a highly recommended supplement for skincare all over the world. Vitamin E works as an anti-oxidizing agent that rids your hands off potentially harmful bodies resting on your skin.

These bodies damage your skin and may even seep inside, causing more damage. This sanitizer is weightless, and comes with a non-gluey formulation, making it just the perfect addition to your little purse.

  • Tea tree fights of disease causing bacteria like Escherichia coli
  • Anti-oxidizing Vitamin E keeps cell damaging bodies at bay
  • Makes use of rubbing alcohol as well as Benzalkonium Chloride
  • Doesn’t suit children below 5 years of age


8. Palmolive Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Alcohol-Based Sanitizer

Palmolive is another important producer of personal hygiene products. Just like Palmolive bath products add a touch of sophistication to just about any washroom; their sanitizers too have a leg up over the other, more common brands.


This alcohol-based hand sanitizer comes in a liquid gel form, 72% of which is comprised of absolute alcohol that has been denatured. 

Primary Features

  • This sanitizer comes with over a 72% denatured alcohol content
  • It makes use of lemon extracts so as to fight of bacterial and fungicidal infections
  • White jasmine extracts fight off oxidizing bodies that harm your skin cells
  • Lemon and jasmine add to the fresh scent of this sanitizer
  • It comes with a cooling after effect on your hands

Denatured alcohol simply implies that ethyl alcohol, which is also the type of alcohol that is directly consumed, has been subjected to and mixed with other chemicals so as to make it poisonous and non-consumable.

Next, this sanitizer employs lemon extracts. The strong acidic content of lemon is not foreign to anyone. Lemon acts as the strongest natural source of bleaching, exfoliation, and whatnot.

In moderated amounts, lemon juice can do your skin wonders. It rids you off dead skin cells, as well as fungal and bacterial agents. These keep your hands fresh and infections at bay.

Alongside lemon, this sanitizer also makes use of white jasmine. White jasmines are not only beautiful to look at, but also come with a great aroma and numerous health benefits.

Chief among them is the flowers natural resistance to oxidizing bodies that harm your skin cells, and when inside the body, even your organs.

Lemon and white jasmine extracts, naturally, also add to the scent of this sanitizer, which has been described as fruity and citrusy thanks to the high citric acid composition of lemons.

Once again, this sanitizer doesn’t make your hands feel claggy, and it also leaves a nice cooling touch after the sanitizer has been rubbed onto your hands, thanks to the glycerin.

  • Extracts the antibacterial and fungicidal properties of lemons
  • Makes use of white jasmine for its resistance to oxidants
  • Comes with high alcohol content to fight off covid-19
  • Comes with fresh scent of lemons and citric acid
  • Doesn’t come in spray form and thus can’t be used on objects around the house


9. ORILEY Instant Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Based Liquid

Oriley Hand Sanitizers have acted as life-savers throughout the pandemic. Their light, thin liquid composition, and spray bottles allow you to sanitize not only your hands but also the products that enter your home from the outside world. This is of utmost importance, especially in current times.


Rubbing alcohol ensures that the infectious Coronavirus is left outside your home, thanks to this sanitizer’s 70% alcohol composition. Apart from rubbing alcohol, this sanitizer too makes use of some of the natural supplements we’ve seen so far, for added protection and skin care.

Primary Features

  • The 70% rubbing alcohol composition eliminates chances of ineffectiveness down to 0.001%
  • Lemon, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E supplements keep skin conditions away
  • Aloe vera keeps your hands well-moisturized
  • Comes in several packs, ranging from 1 to 5 liters
  • Non-claggy, thin liquid spray sanitizer, can be used on most objects around the house

This Oriley Instant Hand Sanitizer comes with a foolproof composition that has a chance of ineffectiveness as little as 0.001%, which is miniscule at most. Aiding to this unbeatable performance are the Lemon and Aloe Vera extracts, coupled with vitamin E supplements.

Aloe vera keeps the harshness of the rubbing alcohol from damaging your hands. When sanitizer is used regularly, several times a day, your palms’ skin tends to strip down and start chapping.

Aloe vera is the most effective natural moisturizer; it keeps your hands well hydrated and also keeps fungicidal and bacterial skin conditions away. Lemon, as previously mentioned, exfoliates and rids your skin of dead cells.

It also makes sure that no infections survive on your skin, thanks to the high acidic content of lemons. They also greatly add to the scent of this sanitizer, so your hands don’t smell like lab chemicals.

Vitamin E is also a known anti-oxidizing agent, which does wonders for skincare and maintains the softness of your hands.

It rids your skin of all those agents that damage cells and their regeneration, preventing any further damage. Additionally, the sanitizer comes in several different packaging quantities that range from one liter and upwards to 5 liters as well!

  • Comes in packs as large as 5 liters, so you don’t need to keep making refill trips outside the house
  • Aloe vera keeps your hands from getting dry and chapped
  • Lemon adds to the scent of this sanitizer
  • The spray allows for sanitization of just about every object around the house
  • This sanitizer isn’t too easy to travel with as it doesn’t come in a pocket-sized pack


10. Mirah Belle – Hand Rub Sanitizer

Mirah Belle is a brand well known for its nature born personal care and grooming products. These products combine the inherent purity and goodness that are found in the depths of nature and bring them straight to your dresser drawers at home.


This Mirah Belle hand sanitizer does just that, and what’s even better is that this product is free from harmful chemical substances and salts like sulphates, that come with several side effects associated with long term use. These include allergic reactions and more.        

Primary Features

  • This is a vegan, environmentally conscious rubbing alcohol based product
  • Comes free of potentially harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens
  • Comes with several natural ingredients, that actively fight off oxidizing agents
  • Comes with a soft scent, and non-claggy gel based formulation
  • The high glycerin content keeps your hands hydrated

Likewise, this Mirah belle sanitizer is also free from harmful preservatives like parabens that may even have carcinogenic effects with continuous use. Additionally, the natural ingredients Mirah Belle employs in this sanitizer keeps away free radicals or harmful agents that reside on your skin and slowly eat away at your cells.

This product heavily makes use of rubbing alcohol, as 72.9% of this sanitizer liquid is comprised out of the same. This is just the mix you need to keep away from the likes of covid-19.

Additionally, this product is also completely vegan and animal friendly, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

This product comes with ample glycerin content which ensures that your hands don’t dry out and also leaves a cool, soothing effect after you’ve rubbed the sanitizer onto your hands.

This sanitizer retains the inherent moisture in your hands, instead of letting the alcohol soak it all up, while also keeping your hands well hydrated, which is a must for soft skin.

Even with a thick gel base, this sanitizer doesn’t stick to your hands or make you feel gluey and claggy at all. It also comes with a flowery scent to ensure that the aroma from your hands complements your bright, spring-like personality.

  • Comes with anti-oxidizing properties
  • Vegan and environmentally conscious product
  • Free of harmful chemicals like sulfates and parabens
  • Comes with a lovely aroma that’s not too overpowering
  • Doesn’t come in family size packs


11. Khadi Essentials Pure & Safe Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray

Khadi Essentials is a brand that holds close to its heart all things Indian, just like the inclusion of the term Khadi in its name suggests. The combination of Ayurvedic medicine with modern day cosmetology stands at the precipice of this brand’s product line up.


This Khadi Essentials hand sanitizer amalgamates the vigour of alcohol with the freshness and countless benefits from herbs like Peppermint, Nimtree, and Basil along with our favorite, Aloe Vera.

Primary Features

  • Keeps external skin infections as well as diseases through ingestion of germs at bay
  • Comes with a strong ethanol base
  • These natural extracts come with antiseptic properties
  • Prevent your hands from drying out without making the sanitizer greasy
  • You can get this sanitizer in liquid sprays as well as gels, to sanitize surfaces other than your hands

With 70% of its composition comprised of ethanol, Khadi Essentials equips this hand sanitizer with just about everything you need to fight off deadly viruses as well as the slightly more dormant germs and bacteria.

Peppermint extracts enrich this hand sanitizer with a number of benefits. Peppermint acts as a natural antiseptic, which basically means that it keeps infectious bacteria away even from open wounds.

Peppermint also comes with natural resistance to redness, rashes, and whatnot. It also inhibits the growth and reproduction of new harmful organisms.

Nimtree also comes with several of these properties, fighting off fungicidal and bacterial skin conditions.

So not only does this sanitizer fight off diseases that could result from the ingestion of harmful germs residing on your palms but it also fights off external skin infections.

Basil also comes into play at this point. It has for long now, been used as a natural remedy for oily skin, which helps this sanitizer as well by making it non-claggy and comfortable for you to apply right before a meal.

While basil helps reduce the greasiness, aloe vera, on the other hand, makes this sanitizer more hydrating so that your skin doesn’t dry out.

Luckily, this sanitizer comes in sprays as well as gels, along with numerous different packaging sizes, so you can use it to sanitize your hands as well as other objects entering your home from the outside world.

  • Makes use of Peppermint and other herbs that offer antiseptic properties
  • Basil eliminates the greasiness, whereas aloe vera keeps your hands hydrated
  • Comes in spray bottles as well to sanitize objects around the house
  • There’s no choosing of different flavors and scents


Buying Guide – Best Hand Sanitizers in India

Being as essential as they are in present times, hand sanitizers are products that require severe quality control.

Unfortunately, there are several manufacturers that produce sanitizers in unregulated environments, with varying compositions so that these products can be sold at cheaper prices.


This is highly detrimental and counterproductive to the purpose for which hand sanitizers were conceptualized in the first place. And as we’ve mentioned before, if sanitizers make use of methanol instead of ethanol, they could very well turn out to be toxic.

This is precisely what we’ve presented you with this list to ensure that you only buy quality products that’ll keep you and your family safe. But apart from a list of products, we now present to you some pointers that would help you make the safest choice.

Factors to consider while buying a Hand Sanitizer

1. Type and Composition

As you may well know, sanitizers are either alcohol or non-alcohol based. Alcohol-based sanitizers make use of either rubbing or ethyl alcohol that has been denatured or made toxic so as to ensure no one consumes it orally.

Non-alcohol based sanitizers make use of sterilizing salts like BACs, as we’ve mentioned before. While both are supposed to be equally effective, it is only alcohol-based sanitizers that can effectively diffuse covid-19.

Some sanitizers make use of both, alcohol and salts! Additionally, the composition of sanitizers is a regulated process and requires approval.

The amount of alcohol that can be used in sanitizers is also a measure that comes recommended straight from the World Health Organization.

Most sanitizers come in the form of a gel, over 65% of which is comprised of alcohol. Any percentage over 65% or 70% is more than enough to keep you safe. High amounts of alcohol should be complemented with ample glycerin so that your skin doesn’t dry out.

2. Natural Ingredients

There are several natural ingredients, the extracts of which are extensively employed in the production of hand sanitizers. The most popular ingredients are aloe vera, nimtree, and lemons. These merely enhance the antibacterial and fungicidal properties of your sanitizer.

Aloe vera also takes special care of your hands. Their biggest role, however, plays out in the scent of your sanitizer, to which these ingredients add greatly. Some sanitizers come in multiple flavors like strawberry and rose, depending on their aroma.


3. Age Suitability

It goes without saying that sanitizers need to be administered to kids with the utmost care. This is especially true for sanitizers that come with denatured alcohol. The ingestion of these sanitizers can even be fatal.

However, that’s not the only problem with sanitizers. Some sanitizers come with age limits due to their strong chemical composition.

For example, some sanitizers can be used by anyone over three years of age, whereas other sanitizers can be used by all over 5 years of age.

It isn’t just that direct ingestion of sanitizers from the bottle can be fatal, but your child can also fall sick by simply licking their hand after the application of an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Children’s immune systems are less developed and therefore more susceptible to poisoning, especially by the means of alcohol.


4. Does Your Skin Type Matter?

Yes, if find yourself in situations that warrant the use of hand sanitizers often times, then your skin type should make a difference in your choice. This is especially the case if you have dry skin, as alcohol-based sanitizers tend to dry your skin out even more.

Look for sanitizers that come with high glycerin content, aloe vera extracts, and maybe even vitamin E, as all of these supplements keep your skin well hydrated.


5. Price and Brand

As we’ve mentioned before, sanitizers require severe quality control, this is why it is best to purchase your sanitizers from reputed brands only. Go for a well known medical or cosmetic brand so that there’s no chance of toxicity in your hand sanitizers.

Sanitizers are as cheap as essentials can get, with half-liter bottles being sold for a couple of hundred bucks.


6. Additional Features

Whether your sanitizer comes in pocket-sized, as well as family-sized packs or not; whether your sanitizer can be sprayed onto sanitize other household objects or not are all additional features you can look into.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Hand Sanitizers in India

Q1. Can hand sanitizers blind you?

Ans. Only extremely toxic hand sanitizers can cause blindness if exposed directly to your eye. Sanitizers that come with high quantities of methyl alcohol instead of ethyl alcohol can lead to reactions as severe as blindness. 
Good quality hand sanitizers, however, upon coming in contact with your eye lead to burning and irritation that can simply be washed away. Greater exposure may warrant a trip to the doctor at most, however nothing more than that.

Q2. Can sanitizers be used by toddlers? 

Ans. It is always recommended to go for soap and water, especially with kids, let alone toddlers. However, many sanitizers can be applied to children above the age of 1 year, provided a careful eye is kept on these children and it is ensured that the sanitizer is in no way ingested. Some sanitizers come with age bars, that should be strictly followed.

Q3. Are all sanitizers equally effective on Covid-19? 

Ans. No, this is a common misconception. Only hand sanitizers with an alcohol content over sixty percent are effective on Covid-19. This is because only alcohol can break down the protein that encases the active virus and allows it to reproduce. Non-alcohol based or those with fewer amount of alcohol are rendered useless here. 

Q4. Do hand sanitizers stain your clothing?

Ans. Yes, but only temporarily. The alcohol and glycerol can leave stains, as can the natural ingredients, however most of these can be simply washed off with water and don’t even require the use of detergent if washed off immediately.

Q5. Do hand sanitizers go bad?

Ans. Yes, hand sanitizers come with an expiration date. However, their expiration threshold is quite long and spans a couple of years at least. 
However, storage conditions are also an important factor that can make a difference in the effectiveness of your hand sanitizer. It is always advised to store sanitizers in cool conditions as alcohol doesn’t have a boiling temperature as high as water. 
It is suspected that regular and prolonged exposure to temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius can cause some of the alcohol content in your sanitizer to blow away. 

Q6. Can hand sanitizers be used on open cuts and wounds?

Ans. It is not the most idyllic measure, but hand sanitizers can be used as a last resort on open wounds and cuts so as to ensure that they do not get infected.  But ensure that you only use non alcohol based hand sanitizers on such wounds as alcohol can lead to further irritation.  

Conclusion – Best Hand Sanitizers in India

So there you have it folks, we’re at the end of this article. Hand Sanitizers are an extremely important purchase in current times and can very well save your life.

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It combines high alcohol content with the goodness of several natural elements to bring to you a truly comprehensive product.

Thats it from our end, then! Do drop in a comment should you be in need of assistance.

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