7 Best Angle Valves in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

After a tiring day, when we wake up in the morning to start another fruitful day, where do we start our journey from? Of course, none other than the bathroom or the kitchen.

The ambience and the look of a bathroom can be very essential to put a lousy individual in a good mood. Also, at the end of the day, when a person feels tired, the bathroom is one of the places where rejuvenation takes place either inside your favourite bathtub or taking a hot shower.


But do you know what ensures these taps and faucets to run so smoothly day after day and year after year? Nothing, but an angle valve.

An angle valve is a very important feature of a bathroom or kitchen and its ambience. An angle valve ensures that the water flow is efficient. Angle valves on the domestic scale are widely used in bathrooms and kitchens, however, they are used for industrial purposes too.

An ideal angle valve has two ports- the inlet port and the outlet port which are kept perpendicular to each other i.e. at 90 degrees. Such a position ensures that minimum space is used but maximum work is done.

Angle valves are a topmost priority if we want to renovate or repair our existing bathroom accessories. They do not have to be bought often, but once every 10 years or more.

Thus, it is very important to buy the best angle valve that will best suit our bathroom or kitchen. It is part of long-term investments. Here, we have gathered the topmost and the best angle valves in India that are highly used and demanded.

If you are confused about which angle valve you require after reading about the best angle valves, you can refer to our Buying Guide below.

These are the Top 7 Best Angle Valves in India

Best Angle Valves in India (2021)

1. ALTON ALT2025 Brass Angle Valve

Alton Bath Décor is one of the best and leading manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen equipment in India. And their products come with a long term warranty which ensures high durability.


The Alton ALT2025 is the best choice if you are looking for a long- term investment in bathroom equipment. The best feature of this product is the wall flange. This ensures that the pressure of water gushes out in an efficient manner without compromising the speed or the force of water.

Primary Features

  • Mirror-look technology
  • Made of high-quality copper and brass
  • Reliable ceramic cartridge or disc
  • Professional ceramic engineering
  • Multiple layer electroplating
  • Easy to install or replace
  • Quarter-turn and ½ inch installation
  • 7-year warranty

The presence of such a feature, points out that the performance ability of the product is not compromised. The product from inside is made of high-quality copper and not stainless steel which provides the classy mirror-looking effect.

Also, it keeps away the dust particles in the long run. The angle valve entirely is made of high-quality brass which makes sure that the product lasts long without being corroded, eroded, or scratched.

The other factor which ensures that the mirror looking technology and the corrosion-free nature of the valve is on point, is the nine-crystal drilled multiple-layer electroplating.

The surface of the valve itself, is 3-layered (acid copper, nickel, and chromium) which improves the quality of the valve plating and ensures the colour of the valve is uniform, bright and long-lasting.

The faucets have 7 layers yet again which keeps the valve heat-resistant and dust-free. The presence of a ceramic disc within the valve, helps in the smooth functioning of the valve throughout its usage.

It has been subjected to 500,000 times of opening and closing for testing purposes. Thus, the presence of ceramic engineering makes it both convenient and precise.

One other plus point is that, the disc is replaceable. The valve is easy to install or replace.

It can be done by any individual with just some simple tools. Just a few steps have to be followed such as cleaning the water pipe before installing. It also has the quarter-turn feature which is one of the best ways to operate a valve hence making it easy to use.

  • Constructed of high-quality brass
  • Easy to install or replace
  • Dust free and corrosion free
  • Budget-friendly
  • 7 years warranty
  • Multilayer plating
  • Doesn’t come in the regular size
  • Cannot be cleaned with cleaners with high chemical concentrations
Exterior FinishChrome
Number of Pieces2
Type of Angle ValveOne Way
Products Dimensions9.3 x 3.3 x 5.4 cm
Weight350 g
Warranty7 Years


2. ALTON AURA-19025 Brass Angle Valve

From this amazing company of bathroom fittings and accessories, comes another product that is liked by many and thus is in demand. If you are looking for a valve that will not only make your bathroom look extraordinary but will also last long, then this product is just for you.


This valve comes with a mirror-looking technology that attracts the eyes of many from a distance. The factor which enhances the appeal of mirror-looking technology is the five-layered electroplating. Such layered electroplating gives a deep and strong effect to the valve as a whole.

Primary Features

  • Brass interiors
  • Chrome finish
  • Flange outlet
  • Drip-free ceramic disc cartridge
  • Mirror look technology
  • Multi-layered plating
  • Foam-type flow
  • Quarter-turn and ½ inch installation

When it comes to the management of water and energy, ALTON makes sure that along with improvement in technology, it also focuses on such aspects. Thus, the drip-free ceramic cartridge in this valve is made in such a manner that it will undoubtedly save water and energy. 

Thus, the drip-free ceramic cartridge in this valve is made in such a manner that it will undoubtedly save water and energy. The disc has been tested to 500000 times of opening and closing and has passed the test with flying colours.

Its energy-saving ability starts functioning, when cold water starts flowing through the tap and the valve is positioned at a mid-lever. This further confirms that the hot and the cold water coming from the taps won’t be mixed until the user wants it to be that way.

This saves a lot of energy as it will prevent the valve from unnecessary heat-up. This can be a useful mechanism for users when they use the bathroom for brushing or simply washing hands.

This valve, like other products of the company, is made of grade A brass from within. Usage of such a high -quality metal confirms that the valve will be durable and sturdy.

The chrome finish further complements the build-up quality makes sure that the product is resistant to scratches, corrosion-free, and lasts long.

It is guaranteed by ALTON that the chrome finish has 100% brass virgin brass along with 63% copper to make sure that the casting s unbroken and without flaws.

Next, is the 5-layered electroplating which is made of a special clad layer. These clad layers consist of metals like copper, nickel, and chrome plating.

The atoms in these clad layers are closely attached to each other thus giving the product, the strength, and durability that it requires. The role of the clad layers is also to protect the valve from dust mites, scratches, and maintain the lustrous shiny nature.

The product will do a lot of work and will also enhance the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom. It has a half-inch connector and a half-inch BSP which makes it easier to install or mount the valve on a wall.

The presence of the wall flange makes sure that the water flow is smooth, efficient, and maintains a streamlined flow. Last but not the least, the maintenance and the clean-up of the valve is very easy.

It has a self-clean technology which doesn’t allow any kind of limescale deposition to enter inside the valve. Thus, the limescale from above can simply be wiped off with a clean cloth or a mild soap. And, you can get back the shining valve.

  • Self-cleaning technology
  • Easy installation
  • Saves water and energy
  • Drip-free ceramic disc
  • Value for money
  • No guarantee periods
Exterior FinishChrome
Number of Pieces1
Type of Angle ValveOne Way
Products Dimensions12.2 x 8.9 x 8.9 cm
Weight450 g


3. CERA – F2002201 Garnet Quarter Turn Fittings Angle Valve

CERA has a top-most position when it comes to all home solution products. The products produced are of high quality with a premium feel and within budget.


The CERA angle valve or cock is one of the best products among many due to the presence of a high-quality wall flange, which ensures the performance calibre of the accessory. It is most commonly used for showers or sinks.

Primary Features

  • High quality cartridge
  • Brass interiors
  • 0.3-0.5-micron Chromium plating
  • Quarter Turn
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 2-way angle cock
  • 7 years warranty
  • Wall flange available

The presence of the wall flange assures that the water flows efficiently and in the right direction. It has a 2-way angle cock which is helpful in places where the output is both hot and/or cold water. Thus, it suits both.

Thus, it suits both. This angle cock is made of brass that makes it lasts longer without any wear or tear. It has a high-quality chrome finish that ensures durability and an anti-scratch surface.

The interior is brass made which further adds to its durability. The chrome finish also adds to the already premium look of the valve. It comes with 0.3-0.5 chromium plating which gives it a premium surface finish.

It also adds to make it look attractive and shiny. Also, makes the valve corrosion-free. Chromium plating over the brass interiors adds to the already hardness factor of the valve.

High-quality cartridges enable easy operations of the valve. Built-in is good enough which makes sure there are no leakages or drip-offs.

The cartridge is usually made of brass too and usually comes in ½ inch size. It makes sure that the water pressure is maintained all throughout the valve and thus are used in places where the pressure drop isn’t a major factor.

  • High quality cartridge
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to install or replace
  • 7 years of warranty
  • Budget friendly
  • Attractive and classy
  • Easy to clean with any detergent
  • Works only under a certain given water force
  • Size is smaller than regular requirement
  • No multilayer plating
Exterior FinishChrome
Number of Pieces1
Type of Angle ValveOne Way
Products Dimensions9.5 x 8 x 6 cm
Weight350 g
Warranty7 Years


4. 10X Angle Valve Tap ARW-111 Full Brass Full Chrome

10X is a leading bathroom and kitchen equipment manufacturer in India. They have complete bathroom solutions. Their products are reliable, precise, and are long-lasting. Their aim is to make life at home more comfortable and easier.


The 10X angle valve comes with a high-quality chrome-plated finish which makes the faucet innovative, simple, and attractive. The chrome finish also helps in the long-lasting of the product. The valve has a 7 layered crystal drilled electroplating.

Primary Features

  • Chrome plated finish
  • Made of high-quality brass makes it non-breakable
  • High quality cartridges
  • Wall flange available
  • Crystal drilled electroplating
  • 7 years of warranty
  • No discolouring
  • No leaking

The layers consist of brass, pyrophosphate copper, acid copper, 50% nickel, bright nickel, nickel sealing, and lastly chrome. The presence of such high-quality metals in the perfect proportion makes the wall of the valve stronger as well as harder compared to other products. 

The tap has a short body, unlike other faucets that ensure an efficient way of water flow. Also makes it comfortable to use due to perfect precisions and curves. Mirror look technology makes the product look stylish and keeps the surface reflecting life-long.

The faucet is made of high-quality brass from inside which ensures durability and anti-breakage over a long time. In terms of quality, it is ensured that no impurities are mixed with the metal.

The brass has a perfect atom structure which prevents corrosion resistance and enables it to endure strong pressure movements.

The presence of a water-saving aerator (drizzle technology) at the tip of the tap, shapes the water stream that comes out of the faucet and makes it efficient for usage. This way water usage is minimized and saved.

The presence of the disc is responsible for the high-quality cartridge. It gives smooth motion and movement to the faucet so that it’s easy to handle. The size of the disc is ½ inch in size and thus, can easily fit anywhere or be mounted anywhere.

Lastly, the product is easy to clean and install. The cleaning can be done with any soft detergent or soap with less chemical content. The cleaning should be done once every month to let the product retain its shine.

  • Drizzle technology available (saves water)
  • Short body
  • Regular size, fits anywhere
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Quarter turns are absent
  • No multilayer plating
Exterior FinishChrome
Number of Pieces1
Type of Angle ValveOne Wat
Products Dimensions16 x 12 x 6 cm
Weight250 g


5. Hindware F280004CP Angular Stop Cock

Hindware is one such bathroom fittings company which can be seen in one out of 5 Indian houses. It has a major share in the Indian market. The products are reliable, long-lasting, and attractive, which is they attract customers throughout India.


This faucet by Hindware falls under its flora collection of faucets. It is named so since it is inspired by the organic designs of the natural surroundings. The product reflects the elegance, gracefulness, and softness of a flower when it blooms.

Primary Features

  • Single level control
  • Single point control
  • Easily installable wall flange
  • 100% brass interiors (with 63% copper)
  • Chrome plating(robotic)
  • 12 years of warranty

It was designed to make the water flow in the modern bathrooms and kitchens much easier. On the other hand, the valve also maintains the aesthetic surrounding of the bathroom, unlike certain other angle valves. It takes the bathroom experience to a much higher level.

The Hindware angular stop cock is a much-demanded product due to its elegant features. The faucet comes with a stop cock that has single-point control which is used to make water flow to other faucets of taps without losing the smoothness of water flow.

The wall flange further helps in this particular function. The product and the stop cock, in particular, come with a single-level control that can be easily mounted or installed on walls or any other surface. It gives the bathroom appliance a classy look.

It acts as a handle which if turned in one direction allows the water to flow. But when it is twisted in the other direction, it stops the flow of water. The installation of the product is easier due to the presence of the wall flange.

It is hassle-free and not at all time-consuming. The wall flange can be installed on any wall be it the bathroom wall (or the kitchen wall) or on any hard-vertical surface.

The mirror-looking technology ensures brightness and lustrous effect of the faucet and keeps it looking anew. The virgin brass interiors are made of a slight amount of copper (63%) to ensure that the product quality is flawless and without dents.

And the chrome plating which is robotically installed in the valve, makes sure of the fact that the lust retains and the product keeps working. The chrome plating in this product is of very high precision as it is done using advanced technology.

  • Multiple layered plating
  • Single-level control
  • Single point control
  • Durable, sturdy, easy to install
  • Regular size
  • 12 years of warranty
  • Absence of quarter-turn technology
  • Not budget friendly
Exterior FinishChrome
Number of Pieces1
Type of Angle ValveOne Way
Products Dimensions14 x 9.4 x 5.2 cm
Weight499 g
Warranty1 Year


6. KOHLER Small 1/2-Inch 11568IN-7-CP Angle Valve

Kohler is one of those Indian companies which have been supplying bathroom and kitchen equipment and accessories for a long period. They have a very active customer care service and thus the brand is a favourite for Indians.


The Kohler Angle valve adds appeal and aesthetics to your already present bathroom or kitchen décor. They are subjected to high performance as they pass through various levels of checking.

Primary Features

  • Polished chrome finish
  • Brass interiors
  • 10 years warranty
  • ½ inch size
  • Flush valve
  • Knob controlled
  • Wall mount installation
  • Made of stainless steel

And this product is just one product that you may consider before finally buying your angle valve. The product has a strong and solid construction made with close atomic brass. The presence of grade-A brass inside the product makes it corrosive resistant. 

Also, the brass used inside can be recycled or reused later thus making it more environment friendly. Also, it makes the product more durable and adds to its longevity.

The polished chrome finish of the product makes sure that the reflective property of the product is ensured. Also, it has very low maintenance. Polished chrome is one of the cheapest yet the best way to color-finish a product.

It keeps away dust mites and is easy to clean. Durable and long-lasting are its core properties. There will be less wear and tear of the product in the long run. The knob-controlled flush-valve technology of the product enables it to be used in bathrooms as well as kitchens.

Under this technology, a handle/knob controls the speed and the force of water attached at the tip or body of the valve, and in most cases, the water supply is stopped when the desired amount of water is received.

The advantage of wall mounting ensures that the valve can be easily mounted or attached to a wall or vertical surface. Kohler tests its products two times more than the average number that prevails in the market.

Such a step reassures us as to why the products are always in demand. The product also passes through vigorous number of tests that make it both corrosion resistant and scratch resistant but keeps its shine.

  • Easy wall mount
  • Presence of flush valve
  • Atomic brass interiors
  • 10 years of warranty
  • Made of stainless steel (rather than brass or chrome)
  • No multiple layered plating
  • Smaller than regular size
Exterior FinishChrome
Number of Pieces1
Type of Angle ValveOne Way
Products Dimensions9.5 x 6.1 x 4 cm
Weight120 g
Warranty10 Years


7. KOHLER Complementary 80158IN-9-CP Angle Valve

From the oh-so-favourite brand comes another angle valve that can be used by customers if they are planning to invest in something long-lasting, durable, and reliable. Kohler and its products can be trusted without any second thoughts.


Let us discuss further about the KOHLER complementary angle valve and why it can be one of the best investments that one can do in bathroom equipment. Strong interior construction of brass ensures durability and dependability for a long period of time.

Primary Features

  • Made of metal
  • Polished Chrome finish
  • Wall Mounted
  • 10-year Warranty
  • Brass constructed interior
  • More durable than average
  • Angular stop cock

Brass construction improves the tensile strength of the product and makes it perfect to use it for external as well as internal locations. The polished chrome finish on the brass interiors makes the product look shiny and attractive.

It also adds to the hardness of the product and makes the surface corrosion or scratch-free. Even under stressful conditions or if left unused for many years, chrome finish makes sure that the lust or the hardness of the product is not compromised.

The valve can be easily cleaned using a simple detergent or soap or simply water. The wall mounting technology makes it easier to install it on the wall of the bathroom or any other vertical surface.

The products(valves) are subjected to at least two times more testing than the normal market standards for durability. The finished products are corrosion resistant and tarnished.

The presence of an angular stop cock ensures that water does not drip even after the valve is closed. The other function of the stop cock is to make sure that the hot and the cold water from the taps do not get mixed with each other.

Thus, if a user wants, they can easily use the hot water or the cold water apart from the mixture of the two.

Though the product has a metal finish, still it is quite light weighted and thus can be carried and fixed accordingly to the desired location. The metal finish gives the product a metallic look that is attractive to many.

  • Angular stop cock
  • 10-year warranty
  • Light weighted but durable
  • Value for money
  • Absence of quarter turn
  • No electroplating
  • Small size
Exterior FinishChrome
Number of Pieces1
Type of Angle ValveOne Way
Products Dimensions11 x 6 x 5 cm
Weight440 g
Warranty10 Years


Buying Guide – Best Angle Valves in India

As the market for technology is improving every day and as the costs of all commodities are rising every year, a rational consumer has to take wise decisions whilst buying any product or equipment.

When it comes to bathroom appliances or kitchen appliances, few questions keep coming to us in mind before investing in a long-term product such as an angle valve. The questions are like “is the quality of the product good?” and “will it be long lasting?”


Thus, to answer such questions and satisfy the curiosity of customers, we have listed a few points below that can be kept in mind before purchasing the correct angle valve.

These points will help one gather information about the right type of angle valve and which among many will be the most suitable for your bathroom or kitchen.

This buying guide will not only help the user to untangle their thoughts but will make sure that they buy the best angle valve or faucet within their budget price.

Different types of Angle Valve

Now, that the location to fix the valve is decided, it’s time to identify which type of valve is required to suit that particular location.

Angle valves can be of various types depending on their size and function. They are generally used under sinks or behind toilets. Some common and widely used kinds of valves are listed below:

1. Poly and PEX Angle stops

Both these types of angle cock are attached to the faucet using crimp or clamp rings. Both the cocks have to be used with compression tools, in a barbed-manner, or with PTC fittings.

The function of the compression tool is to push the ring to the exterior wall of the pipe and form a crimp ring and the tabs on the ring hold it in place. Both the cocks use small and easy installation methods but are not interchangeable.

2. Straight Stop Angle Stops

This particular kind of angle stop is used to prevent the flow of water in a particular direction. This direction is usually different from the direction that the water was initially flowing in, before entering the valve.

They have a handle just in the middle to change the direction. They are usually used for pipes or hoses that rise from under or below the ground level.

3. Iron Pipe Thread Angle Stops

This kind of valve is used in pipes which have male threads. A male-adapter fitting is generally used to turn on the thread at the end of the pipes except for iron pipes which already have the male-adapter present.

This adapter uses National Pipe Thread NPT) for adapting to proper fitting. Thus, all pipes can use the NPT if they do not have an inbuild thread adapter system.

4. CPVC Angle Stops

The CPVC angle stops are used for yellowish or plastic CPVC piping. The angular stops have a sort of glue at the top of the cock that makes it easier to attach it to the required CPVC piping.

The angle stop also comes with a CPVC insert slit inside the input port. Some angle valves also come with threaded or PTC connections that are widely used in the CPVC pipes.


5. Push-Fit Angle Stops

This kind of angle valve is usually used over copper pipes, PEX, or CPVC pipes. The best thing about this valve is that it can be installed without any external tools.

The valve comes with a tight O-shaped ring and locking steel made of stainless steel. The ring makes sure that the water flows right through the pipe and the teeth ensure that the valve is in place over the pipe.

6. Sweat Angle Stops

This is a valve which is recommended to use only with copper pipes. Most people buy this valve as it is affordable.

However, the valve must not be used if an individual doesn’t have any experience in soldering or fluxing with a propane torch, as this valve requires brazing to attach it to the pipe.

7. Compression Angle Stops

If copper pipes or CPVC is being used, then this is just the right valve for you. This valve comes with a compression intake port.

The presence of a compression port enables the brass ring inside the valve to be in its place. And thus, makes sure that the water flows smoothly between the water pipe attached to the building and the valve.

8. Three-way Angle Stops

As the name suggests, this particular angle stop has 3 ports and is usually used for complicated piping systems. They are used under sinks or at toilets. They have both hot water and cold-water flow technology.

And, hence they have that unusual technology where the water flow from one port can be stooped while letting the water flow through the other port. Three-way stops are also used for industrial purposes because apart from supporting the flow of water, they also support the flow of oil or any other fluid.

However, these angle stops are not easy to install. They often require external tools for installing. Push-Fit, sweat fittings and compression angle valves can be used easily over copper water pipes.


Factors to consider while buying a Angle Valve in India

1. Material

It is very important to know, what the angle valve is made of. If the metal used in the making of the valve is of bad quality, the valve will break down in the near future. The right proportion of high-quality metals have to be used in order to build up the interiors as well as the exteriors of the valve.

The angle valves usually have interiors made of brass, stainless steel, or plastic. But, the best kind of angle valves has brass interiors with some percentage of chromium.

Brass is a high-quality metal which is malleable, easily machined, and is tarnish-resistant. It also makes the valve stronger and reliable compared to other metals.

Chromium is another metal that is added to the brass in a certain amount, to make the interiors of the valve flawless and unbroken. The second kind of metal that is widely used is stainless steel which is a reliable option than plastic.

Plastics are generally used in valves where the input water flow is cold or of lower temperatures, so that the plastic does not melt. They are used in machines such as ice makers or aquatic appliances.

2. Operation Type

The best valves have the 2-way inlet output technology, so that the hot water and the cold water do not mix with each other. An angular stop cock is thus present in most valves to carry out the above function without any difficulties.

Turns also matter in a valve. Turns help the valve to start or shut-off. There are two types of turns in general:

Multi-Turn Shut Off Valve

The valves of this sort come with a handle that can be used to tighten or losen the flow of water. The handle is used to change the position of a rubber ball or gasket that stays in the middle of the valve. When the handle is loosened, water flows, and when tightened, it stops.

Quarter-Turn Shut Off Valve

This also comes with a handle in the middle. But this kind has a steel ball with a hole in it that is situated in the middle of the valve. When the handle is twisted, the steel ball moves to the centre, and the water flows.

But when the handle is twisted the other way, water stops flowing. Though, the quarter-turn is reliable and widely used, it is expensive than the multi-turn.

3. Correct location for fixation

Before buying the angle valve, one needs to decide beforehand as to where the valve will be fitted and the correct position where it will be fitted so that there is no disruption in the flow of water.

Generally, valves are fitted under kitchen sinks, wash basins, or showers. The water shut off valve is usually located outside the house. If the house has a basement, then it is advisable to check the main supply of water in the basement and trace it to the exterior wall of the house.

And then, buy the best angle valve depending on the force of water flow through the pipe or faucet. If the house doesn’t have a basement, the main water system is usually located behind or near the access panel of the house.

It is good to know the location of the main supply box if in case the main supply of water needs to be switched off.

An ideal valve usually comes with a single point control or single level control which allows you to turn the handle and stop or start the entire flow of water at one go. The multi-turn feature of the valve becomes useful here.

4. Price

The price of an angle valve is one of the most important things that have to kept in mind before purchasing. Before the purchase, a user should be aware of his/her budget range and also all the budget-friendly angle valves that are available.

The above list shows all the budget-friendly yet widely used valves in the market. The price of the valve however depends on the material that s used to build them up.

Valves that have a steel finish are cheaper than the ones which have a chrome finish. Again, the layers of electroplating above the interior of the valve and below the exterior of the valve also matter.

The more the number of layers, the higher is the cost. Nevertheless, if the layers are more in number, it ensures the sustainability of the product over longer periods of time.

5. Number of outlets

Last but not the least is the presence of outlets in a valve. The outlets can vary from being one-way to three-way to four-way depending on the product. Usually, 2-way outlets are used widely in valves-one is the input outlet and another is the output outlet.

The single and the 2-way valves are used in bathrooms or kitchens. The three-way valves or more than that are used in industrial buildings or purpose. Thus, an individual should be aware of the number of outlets he/she requires and purchase accordingly.


Frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Angle Valves in India

Q1. Can geyser (hot water) be used with the valves?

Ans. Yes, hot water or water from geyser can pass through angle valves. Usually, angle valves have 2-way input technology -one for cold water and one for hot water. Also, most angle valves have a stop-cock technology which doesn’t allow the mixture of the 2 types of water flow i.e. it can be controlled using a lever.

Q2. Which is the most long lasting and durable angle valve?

Ans. The durability and the longevity of the angle-valve depend on the material with which it is made. All angle valves come with an interior brass, chrome, or steel metal finish and multiple layers of electroplating with grade-A metals.
These few extravagant features make sure that the angle valve lasts longer and stays anew for a long time. They also keep the surface of the angle valve shining and non-scratchy.
Apart from that most angle valves come with a long period of warranty usually 7 years or more. And most of the retailers in India have a very active customer care service. Thus, the buyers do not have to worry much regarding the problems of the already purchased valves.

Q3. Which is the material with which the angle valve’s disc is made of?

Ans. The material with which the angle valve’s disc is made is usually ceramic. The disc is made of a high-quality cartridge which makes sure of the fact that the valve functions smoothly without any kind of disruption. The presence of such a disc helps the water to flow efficiently and maintain the required water force.

Q4. What is the inch size of the threads and the ports that is usually present in angle valves?

Ans. Usually, valves come with 2 ports-the inlet port and the outlet port. The inch size of the inlet port is ½ inches while that of the outlet port is 3/8 inches in general. However, it does not matter as to what size the hose or pipe you already have is, because the internal diameter is usually about ¼ inches which fit easily with an angle valve.
The angle valves also come with a ring which helps here as that can be used to press the angle valve to the exact size of the hose or pipe. But in some valves, it can go as low as ¾ inches that is smaller than the regular size.
There are two basic standards that are followed for the thread size. One is the National Pipe Thread (NPT) by US standard and the other is the British Standard Pipe (BSP) by UK standard.

Q5. Can washing machine hoses be connected to the angle valve?

Ans. Yes, washing machine hoses can be connected to the angle valve. But before purchasing the right kind of angle valve with the correct diameter and type, one can refer to the buying guide given above.

Q6. Is an angle valve easy to use?

Ans. Generally, angle valves are easy to use, but it varies from model to model. There are certain angle valves which do not require tools even, to fix them. But in some other angle valves, soldering needs to be done to make sure that the angle valve is fitted correctly over the wanted surface such as a wall, pipe, or a hose.

Conclusion – Best Angle Valves in India

To conclude, we have gathered our sources and come up with the Best angle valves for you which are long-lasting, durable, have long term warranty, and are also budget-friendly.

But also, to note the fact that all the products mentioned above are popular too and are widely used throughout India.


The angle valve that we recommend is the ALTON AURA-19025 Brass Angle Valve. We recommend this angle valve since it has a wide range of advantages at reasonable costs compared to other products.

It has high- quality grade-A brass interiors as well as a chrome finish. The mirror look technology is brilliant and the 5-layered electroplating makes sure that the product stays lustrous and strong for a long period of time.

This angle valve also saves a lot of energy and water due to the presence of a drip-free ceramic cartridge. To know more about this product, click here.

If you want to grab this amazing angle valve on a crazy discount, click here.

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