7 Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Water purifiers are clearly one of the most essential home appliances, no matter where you are. It helps remove all the contamination and pollution which might have been infused in the water.

It removes any type of impurity which could be harmful to your health and hence provides the consumer with a safe and hygienic way to consume water. Even though they are extremely essential to us, water purifiers can be very bulky, messy to store, and filter water.


A special arrangement has to be made for the waste water to get drained and hence they make your countertops appear very small and in disarray and to overcome this drawback, we have a special type of water purifiers, known as the under the counter/ under sink water purifiers.

These as the name suggests are known to be installed under the sink. These types of water purifiers help look your kitchen much more organized and clutter-free.

They are hidden from plain sight and are placed under the counter. These water purifiers work at a much faster rate to purify the water and as there is a hydrostatic pressurized tank, the water course is much faster and hence these filters are much more efficient.

These types of filters help you avoid spoiling the style and design of your kitchen while also helping in situations where there is a limitation in space. As they come along with a faucet, there is less spillage of water.

Therefore, this article provides you a set of factors to look out for while buying the best under the counter water purifier.  

These are the Top 7 Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India

Best Under the Counter Water Purifiers in India (2021)

1. KENT Excell+ Under the counter RO + UV/UF+TDS Controller Water Purifier

Kent is one of the most widespread brands of water purifiers, which are used in India. Kent is known to produce some of the most advanced home appliances like water purifiers, air purifiers, etc.KENT-Excell-Under-the-counter-RO-UV-UF-TDS-Controller-Water-Purifier

Kent is really popular when it comes to producing water purifiers which are equipped with the latest technology, best water purification methods, and so on.

Primary Features

  • The capacity of this filter is 7 liters
  • It can purify 15 liters of water per hour
  • This purifier has certifications from valid labs
  • It comes with free installation

This under counter water purifier is designed to be under your sink or counter, and hence can help in making efficient utilization of space. It also has a tank which has a storage capacity of 7 liters of purified water.

The tank is made up of food grade plastic, which is safe for consumption. It works best when the input water is in the ideal temperature of 10 degree celsius to 35 degree celsius.

The power consumption of this purifier is 60 watts and hence will help in avoiding the wastage of power. This water purifier is capable of producing some of the safest water to consume because of the several purification processes that the water goes through.

It uses some of the most innovative purification techniques that aim at providing you the ideal drinking water. This machine performs RO + UV + UF + TDS purification, which ensures that you are consuming the purest drinking water.

Kent understands that some of the minerals which are present in the water are essential to our body and hence using the TDS controller reserves certain minerals.

These minerals are vital for the human body and therefore this purifier provides the user, clean, and tasteful drinking water.

Kent also provides free installation for this home appliance. This product comes with a water purifier, an installation kit along with a user manual. Easy installation is provided by the manufacturer, by simply booking a demo for this product after delivery.

There is an inbuilt filter change alarm, which ensures proper purification of water. The purifier stops working if the filter is not changed within 60 hours of alerting. This is also equipped with a UV fail alarm.

If the UV lamp stops working, the purifier stops working too and does not start until the UV lamp is replaced. This is done to ensure the purity of the water which is being given out for consumption.

It is fully automatic when it comes to switching the filter on and off. This purifier also has a welded RO membrane installation to avoid tampering of the product. This product comes with 1 year-long warranty. The brand is also offering 3 years of free service for this product.

  • It comes with multiple purification methods
  • It purifies at a speed of 15 liters per hour
  • It has smart TDS control
  • It comes with 3 years of free service
  • The user should have appropriate conditions for an under sink filter, else installation will take longer than anticipated


2. A.O.Smith Z2+ Under the Counter RO+MIN-TECH Water Purifier

A.O Smith is one of the largest international brands when it comes to water purifiers and water heaters. They have managed to produce some of the most reliable appliances for their consumers.

They manufacture some of the sleekest looking under the counter water purifiers and this is one of them. This model has a sleek and stylish look and is a perfect fit for under the counter filter.

Primary Features

  • It has a sleek and modern look
  • It is equipped with a digital display
  • It is packed with variety of indicators
  • It has a storage capacity of 5 liters

This helps you to save a lot of space. This filter has a storage tank of capacity 5 liters. It is also available with a faucet which can help the consumers in the installation process.

The water storage tank is made up of food-grade ABS, which is safe to consume even at low temperatures. The filter works ideally when the input water is at a temperature of 5 degrees celsius to 45 degrees celsius.

This water purifier employs 6 stage purification to give you the safest and purest water for consumption. It has a pre-filter, sediment filter, a pre carbon filter, RO membrane, and SCH technology.

In order to make it much safer, all the water is passed through the RO membrane without bypassing any amount of water. All of these purification steps ensure that the water that is being provided is the best for your health.

In order to retain all the essential minerals in the water, the purifier has mineralizer technology. This technology makes sure that the water is infused with minerals like calcium and magnesium.

This also ensures that your water has a balanced pH level in the water. The water which is given as output is refined and tasty.

This will be especially useful for water systems which have a low or high (maximum of 2000ppm) TDS. This technology makes sure that a minimal amount of water is being lost during the purification process.

There are different kinds of indicators that are present on the water purifier. There is an indicator for normal working conditions of the water purifier. There is an indicator which alerts the consumer if the input water pressure is lower than what is required.

There is also an indicator that shows the user when the tank is full. There is also something called the advanced indicator which alerts the user when the RO membrane has to be replaced or changed.

Apart from all the amazing features, you also get a filter status indicator, which shows the condition of all the filters in the water purifier. There is a free installation which is available on the product.

But the installation has some terms and conditions which the consumer has to keep in mind before booking the product.

The RO membrane has a warranty of 1 to 2 years. And the other parts of this under counter water purifier have a warranty of 1 year to 2 years depending on the TDS and hardness of the source water.

  • Various number of indicators to help the user
  • 6 stages of purification done to get safe drinking water
  • A special technique to infuse essential minerals
  • The RO membrane used is certified by WQA
  • It is slightly more expensive


3. Hydroshell UV Under Sink Water Purifier

Hydroshell is a company which has made its expertise in treating water to provide clean and pure drinking water to its consumers. If you are looking for under the counter water purifiers which are not very expensive, then this is a perfect option.


This water purifier is made to have a hassle-free purification process, which will give you safe and pure drinking water. This water purifier can also be easily wall mounted. Its body is made up of food-grade plastic, which ensures a good quality of the product.

Primary Features

  • It is equipped with advanced UV filtration
  • It is capable of filtering water from different sources
  • Fast filtering speed
  • Does not employ TDS control

It also has a heavy metal frame which makes sure that the water purifier is free from any kind of corrosion or rusting. This aims at making the water purifier last longer. The water purifier has a storage capacity of 5 liters.

This water purifier is built in such a way that it is capable of purifying different sources of water. It will be able to purify salty or brackish water, tap water, or the water produced by municipal corporations.

This purifier is able to purify water at the rate of 25 liters per hour.The water purifier also has an automatic shut off option, when the storage tank is full.

And the water purifier automatically restarts when the water storage level falls below the maximum level. This water purifier has an authentic inline filter which ensures the durability of the filters and the product.

This product also purifies the input water using 5 different filters. The water first goes through the pre-filter which helps to remove dirt, sand, or other particles which can get mixed with the water.

The second filter is the sediment filter, which filters out the finer dirt and sand particles, and other impurities. The next filter is the activated carbon filters which help in removing chlorine and other organic compounds which are a part of the input water.

The water is again purified by the UV rays, which instantly kills all the harmful microorganisms present in the water. These rays also ensure that these organisms will not get reproduced.

The last stage is the post-carbon filter, this enhances the taste of the water and gets rid of any kind of unpleasant odours present in the water.

The company offers installation nationwide, and the users can easily book the installation as per their requirements. The company gives the product a year-long warranty on the electrical parts of the water purifier. 

  • 5 efficient purification processes
  • It is inexpensive and affordable
  • Installation is provided worldwide
  • It has corrosion free body
  • As the appearance is not attractive, it is essential to keep it under the counter


4. A.O.Smith X5+ Wall Mountable Under the Counter Water Purifier

A.O.Smith is one of the biggest international brands known for producing energy-efficient home appliances which are reliable and some of the personal favourites of consumers in India. They produce some stylish water purifiers, and this particular water purifier is amongst them.


This model has an attractive look and can be a perfect option for under the counter water purifier. This helps the user to keep their kitchen clutter-free. Its storage tank has a capacity of 7.5 liters.

Primary Features

  • It has a storage of 7.5 liters
  • It can easily be installed under your counter
  • It uses certified membranes
  • It conserves water

There is a gooseneck faucet which is available with the product, this can help to ease the installation process for the users. The water purifier has a storage tank which is made up of ABS( Virgin-food grade).

This material ensures that the water is safe to consume even at low temperatures. The preferred temperature of the input water, to make sure that the filter works efficiently is 5 degree celsius to 45 degree celsius.

The water passes 6 stages of purification in the filter, in order to give you the most hygienic and safe water for consumption. It has many different filters which helps to achieve this.

There is a pre-filter for large impurities, sediment filter for finer impurities, a pre carbon filter for any harmful chemical compounds, RO membrane along with SCH technology.

To increase the safety of the water, the entire amount of water is passed through the RO membrane avoiding any kind of bypass. All these steps ensure that the water is completely filtered so that the users get only the safest water for consumption.

Some minerals are extremely essential to our body and we need it for the proper functioning of the body, and to ensure this, the water purifier is equipped with mineraliser technology.

With this technology, the users can be assured of their water having important minerals like calcium and magnesium. This technology also makes sure that the pH level in the water is balanced.

The water which is given for consumption, therefore is very tasty and it is refined from all impurities. SSM technology is called the Side Stream RO membrane, this feature is responsible for conserving water and also for improving the restoration capacity of the pure water from the input water.

With certain terms and conditions, the brand provides free installation for this product.

Depending on the type of water which is given as source, the warranty on the product differs. The RO membrane has 1 to 2 years of warranty, which depends on the TDS values and also on the hardness of the water in your area.

  • It has a large storage capacity of 7.5 liters
  • It can produce safe water due to the 6 step purification
  • It also has a mineral technology to enhance the taste of water
  • It has a WQA certified RO membrane
  • Some prerequisite arrangement for storing of the filter has to be managed by the user, else it will be difficult for the servicemen to do this


5. Ozean Under Sink RO Water Purifier

Ozean is a company known for having a specialty in RO water purifiers. They are known for producing some of the best water purifiers at a low and reasonable cost, without compromising on the safe production of water.


This is another great option if you are looking for an under the counter water purifier. This under sink water purifier is built to give you the best features available in a water purifier for a much-reduced price.

Primary Features

  • It has a good quality booster pump
  • It comes with an excellent faucet for installation
  • It has a capacity of 12 liters
  • Is equipped with automatic technology

It has a storage tank which is capable of storing 12 liters of water, this capacity is huge when compared to other water purifiers which are much more expensive. The body of this water purifier is made up of MS Skid, which is a material ideal for water purifiers.

The water purifier also has an efficient and robust booster pump which works at a 100 GPD capacity. These numbers show the performance of the water purifier per day.

And in the case of 2000 TDS, it can work just as efficiently due to the TFC thin filmtec spiral of 80 GPD. The body is also made up of food-grade ABS, which makes sure that the water is safe for consumption.

Purification is an important part of water purifiers. This water purifier ensures the safety and purity of water by passing the input water into 5 different purification methods.

The 5 filters which are present inside this water purifier are the pre-filter, the sediment filter, the post-filter, and the RO membrane.

The pre filter and the sediment filters are made specifically to target the sediments and the suspended solids which might be present in the input water. This is done to protect the RO membrane from unnecessary damage.

There is also a granule carbon activated filter, which is used to eliminate the different types of contamination and pollution which are present in the input water.

There are some organic compounds which are dissolved in the water, which might be harmful to health, this water purifier has some active charcoal carbon filters, which remove these efficiently.

Additionally, they also eliminate any type of bad odor from the water. There is a gooseneck faucet which is available with the product. This can be a great help during the installation of the product.

This faucet is durable and has a long elegant neck. This can be fitted easily over any sink or washbasin.

This faucet is made up of stainless steel and brass, which ensure minimal or no corrosion. Different kinds of accessories that are required for the installation of the item comes along with the product.

The product includes an opener to help with the removal of housing, and to make the connections between the raw water tap there is a socket and a valve. There is also a connection line for the inlet of the raw water and the output for the waste water.

  • It has a large capacity of 12 liters, which is really beneficial
  • Efficient and safe purification technique
  • All the installation parts are included along with the product
  • It is very affordable
  • Installation is not free


6. Kent Sterling Plus Under Sink Water Purifier

Kent is undoubtedly one of the biggest brands in India when it comes to water purifiers. They provide some of the most advanced and trustworthy products and are easily many consumer’s first preferences.


This model from Kent has a very stylish outlook and it is compact, hence it is ideal for an under counter water purifier. It is equipped with a large storage tank of capacity of 20 liters, which is a great deal and can help in times of power outage, etc.

Primary Features

  • It is compact and can be a perfect fit for you
  • It is stylish and has a modern design
  • It has a 20 liter storage capacity
  • It is equipped with a special mineral technology

It can also be placed side by side of appliances, if under counter storage is not an option. This water purifier uses RO + UV as its purification method. There is a special TDS control system which is being used by this product, which ensures in providing its users with tasteful and hygienic drinking water.

There is also UF available for the purification process. Therefore this product gives you safe and refined water for consumption.

Kent has a patented mineral ROTM technology for this product. This ensures that all the essential minerals that the body requires are infused into the water.

This intelligently reserves the minerals which are required for the body and hence provides 100% safe water for consumption. Some other features of this water purifier are automated on and off operation.

This feature makes sure that the filter is turned off as soon as it hits the maximum storage level, automatically. And it also ensures the filter is started back up again when the level of stored water decreases from the maximum level.  

  • It is from a branded and reputed company
  • It has a huge storage capacity
  • It has automatic switching on and off of the filter
  • It uses patented mineral technology
  • It is heavy on the pocket


7. Aquaguard UTC RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Aquaguard and Eureka Forbes are some of the biggest companies which provide safe and hygienic water consumption solutions. They have many different models with some of the most advanced technology, to provide better and safer drinking water to the users.


This Aquaguard is made to be installed under the sink or counter, to ensure efficient utilization of space over the counter. The product has a simple yet elegant design which can be perfect to place under a kitchen counter or a sink. 

Primary Features

  • Has a storage capacity of 8 liters
  • It has a sleek and stylish exterior
  • It comes with a faucet for easy installation
  • It comes with a regulator to change the taste of water

This has a storage capacity of 8 liters, which is plenty. Additionally, the ideal temperature for the input of the water is 10 degrees celsius to 40 degrees celsius. The chlorine level of the input water should not be more than 0.2 mg per liter. 

There is also a helpful LED display which increases the user-friendliness of the product.

The water purifier should be operated within 150 volts – 280 volts. And the power supply (3 pin) and the water supply, should be ideally below the sink.

This under counter water purifier can be used to filter out different types of water, salty or tap or even the water supplied by municipal corporations, it can handle TDS of 2000 ppm maximum.

The minimum amount of water pressure of the inlet water is 0.3 bar. This water purifier works on modern RO technology. There is also a UV light which works at 4 watts. The purifier technique is RO+UV+MTDS.

There is also a Biotron technology, which ensures proper absorption of the minerals. MTDS is the mineral guard technology, which does not allow the essential minerals to be wasted. This product comes with a water purifier and a basic installation kit.

It also has a user manual, a power supply, a power cord, and a pre filter. It also includes a faucet which helps with the installation and the usage of this product. The product comes with a year long warranty. To grab this amazing product, click the button given below.

  • This is a very well known brand and hence quality can be assured
  • It works with a biotron technology which helps with the mineral levels of the water
  • You will be able to change the taste of the water as you like
  • There is a faucet which is provided with the filter to make installation easier
  • It is expensive


Buying Guide – Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India

Buying guides have become a really crucial agent in helping the consumer get educated in this constantly expanding market.


A consumer can be happy only if the product that he has received is reaching its requirements and expectations and hence the first step towards buying a product is to analyze your requirements as a consumer.

A buying guide provides you with a set of factors which you have to keep your eye out for, to help you decide on the product. These are the factors to pay attention to before buying the perfect water purifier.

Types of Under Sink Water Purifiers

Even under the sink filters, there are different types and hence you should list out your requirements and try to find a better match for you. The types of under sink filters are

Inline Filters

These are the filters which have a single cartridge and these filters are a little difficult to install. This is because these filters are installed using push fittings, which enables the user to switch on the tap, while the filter is on.

Regular Filters

The regular filters are very easy to install but they come with a downside. As these filters require a separate tap for them, a T connector can be used to install this second tap required by these filters.

Factors to consider while buying Under Sink Water Purifier in India

1. Capacity

This refers to the capacity of the storage tank of the water purifier. These water purifiers have a maximum filtering capacity, that is they will stop filtering raw water once they have filtered out the maximum capacity of the storage tank.

Most of the tanks are of a capacity of 5 liters to 7 liters. But anything over 7 liters is a pretty good deal, as under counter filters do not have to deal with the wall mounting hassle, these filters have a larger storage capacity.

Some of the above-mentioned filters have a storage capacity of 12 liters and 20 liters. This factor comes into handy when there is a power outage or blockage in the water supply, due to which the water purifier does not filter any more water.

At times like that, the water which has already been filtered and stored is used. It is important to ensure that your filter has the appropriate capacity before buying it.

2. Filtering Speed

The next important feature that has to be noted is the filtering speed of the water purifier. This refers to the amount of water that can be filtered by the product per hour. Most of the filters have a filtering speed of 15 liters to 20 liters per hour.

This can be sufficient for water purifiers which are to be used at home and for commercial use. The filtering speed affects the ability of the water purifier to fill up to the capacity every time water is consumed by it.

It is important that the filtering speed should not be less than 10 liters per hour for the efficient working of the water purifier. This is an important factor which has to be considered before making a decision about the water purifier.

3. Water Pressure

Water pressure is an essential feature to check up on, as this will in turn affect the speed of the water flow through the faucet or tap. It can be quite frustrating when you are looking to drink a glass of water and it is taking a lot of time to just fill a glass up.

Sometimes, due to unbalanced water pressure, it might take a long time to fill up a glass or a water bottle, even if there is plenty of water that is already filtered and stored in the tank.

If you have multiple options for a water purifier right now, then this should be an important property to compare them against each other. Due to the advantage of being under the sink, these water purifiers have a higher water pressure when compared to regular water purifiers which are installed outside.


4. Filtering Capacity

This is clearly an important factor that you should pay attention to before buying. Filtering capacity refers to the amount of contaminants or impurities that can be filtered by this water purifier per day.

Some of the most efficient filters are capable of filtering out thousands of impurities and contaminants at once. This is a very important factor, that close attention has to be paid. These refer to the early filters, which sift out contaminants like sand, dust, or other visible impurities, to give us safe and pure drinking water. 

5. Purification Technology

This refers to the type of purification that the water purifier does to provide consumable drinking water. Most of the filters nowadays have basic sediment filters which are suitable for filtering out coarse and fine impurities like sand and dust particles, rust contaminations, etc.

There are also carbon filters which are more effective in removing organic chemicals like volatile organic chemicals, which can be quite harmful to health.

Additionally, sometimes there is an excess amount of chlorine which is mixed with the water. This can be removed by the activated carbon filters which are present in most of the water purifiers nowadays.

Other than these, there are other purification methods which are more efficient to remove the minuscule impurities present in the water.

The best way to decide which type of purification is best for you, is by testing your water for TDS. TDS referred to the total dissolved solids in a water system, this helps in deciding the type of purification system that your house needs.

Most of the filters work with TDS levels less than 2000 ppm. For a higher TDS level, it is necessary for you to go for a good RO water purifier. But sometimes houses also get hard water as the input water, then it is preferred to go for UV+RO, this UV light helps kill all the different microorganisms, bacteria or other germs.

6. TDS Controls or Mineral Technology

Calculating the TDS reading of your water will help you determine the overall quality of your water. It will determine the taste, color, impurities, minerals which are dissolved in your water.

Some of the water purifiers have a TDS controller, this TDS controller will help the water purifier in maintaining the level of dissolved solids, this helps in controlling the taste and the odor of the water.

Additionally, our body requires certain types of minerals for its normal functioning, these minerals sometimes get flushed out due to the purification process.

But some of these filters have a mineral control technology, which varies from each eater filter.

The basic function of the mineral control technology is to identify the required and essential minerals and retain them in the water. This makes sure that the water which is made available for drinking is infused with all these essential minerals.


7. Design

We should keep in mind that this water purifier is going to be stored, under the counter or under the sink, so the size of the water purifier should be appropriate enough. The main of these filters is to conserve and preserve space, and hence these water purifiers should remain small.

It is preferred that the water purifier is compact and is easy to store and install. There are some water purifiers which are extremely sleek and attractive in their design, these types of water purifiers can be used even as a normal purifier.

But some of them are not that attractive, but this will not matter as these water purifiers are placed under the sink or counter.

8. Cartridges

Most of the water purifiers these days come equipped with cartridges that help them in purifying the water. These cartridges have an expiration date, and this should be noted down before buying the filters.

Some cartridges have to be replaced within a short period of time, like 6 months to 8 months, but some cartridges are capable of lasting for more than 2 years, efficiently.

When buying a RO purifier, it should be noted that these purifiers have a RO membrane included. This is a very important part of the purification process in a water purifier. It is preferred that the water purifier also has filters other than just the RO membrane.

While the RO membrane can last for a long time, like 2 years to 5 years, it is essential that you change the other filters regularly to ensure better performance of the water purifier.

9. Installation

It should be noted that under counter water purifiers can be quite a mind-boggling task when trying to install it yourself. Most of the companies provide free installation by some trained and skillful professionals, and it is advised for you to do the same.

However, if the company does not offer free installation you also have an option to hire help while installing. The under counter water purifiers have some prerequisites which need to be met before calling a professional.

It is wise that these requirements are met before buying the product, as you could be wasting your money if ideal conditions are not provided.

These under counter water purifiers need an appropriate power supply and a plug point under the counter, there should also be arrangements to provide water supply under the counter as well.

These types of arrangements can easily be fulfilled if the house is newly constructed, but with a little renovation and help from electricians and plumbers, these arrangements can be made anywhere.


10. Installation Process

While most of the companies provide free installation, there are still a few companies that do not offer this facility and in this case, the consumers hire help from services like Urban Clap, etc. Hence it is absolutely necessary that these technicians are able to install the water purifier efficiently.

For that to happen, the installation process of the filter must be quite simple for them to do the job efficiently. And it is even preferred that the installation process must be simple enough for the consumer himself to install. 

11. Faucet

Faucets are very important when it comes to under counter water purifiers as it is the mode of delivery of water to the users. While some of these water purifiers provide you with a free faucet with the product, others do not. Therefore, this has to be kept in mind before buying the water purifier.

Among the faucets, the most popular one is the gooseneck faucets, these faucets are extremely long and elegant, and hence they have a long reach. They allow free flowing of water and can be quite advantageous. 

12. Indicators

Some of the water purifiers have indicators that help the user to understand the condition of the water purifier.

Some of the indicators alert the users, when the filters in the water purifiers need to be changed, it shows when the RO membrane needs to be replaced. These alerts and error messages help the user to maintain the water purifier efficiently.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India

Here are some frequently asked questions about under counter water purifiers.

Q1. What is the frequency for changing filters in the water purifiers?

Ans. The answer to this question completely is dependent on the model and type of water purifier that is being discussed. Most of the models have the answer in the number of liters of water that the filters have to purify before you need to change them.
All of these details have to be checked with the manufacturing company before buying the water purifier. But changing filters is a really important job for the filter to perform effectively and it should not be neglected. 

Q2. What is RO and how does it work?

Ans. RO is a term which is loosely used when talking about water purifiers. RO stands for reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is a process used to purify water by forcing the water to go through a semipermeable membrane which separates the pure and the impure water.
This process is extremely useful to remove the different types of impurities and contaminants which are concealed from your eyes due to their size. Reverse osmosis is very effective in removing these types of impurities and hence provides you with clean and consumable water.

Q3. What happens when hot water is given as input to the water purifier?

Ans. Each water purifier has a range in which the temperature of the input water should be of. This range is usually mentioned by the manufacturer. Most of the water purifiers have a range from 5 degree celsius to 45 degree celsius, but the temperature of the hot water is clearly above this range.
And hence, when the filter is given hot water as the input, then it might damage the interior working of the purifier, like the RO membrane of other filters that are present inside the water purifier.  

Q4. Will water purifiers remove calcium from the water?

Ans. This depends on the type and makes of the water purifier. Hard water contains some amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium, but these are some of the essential minerals which are required by the body. And as a result, these cannot be flushed out in the waste water, some of the more advanced water purifiers have certain technologies to retain these minerals.
Due to these technologies, the water purifiers are able to reserve the essential minerals which are required by the body and hence providing you with hygienic drinking water. So if you buy a water purifier with one of these technologies, there will be no need to worry about the calcium percentage of the water. 

Q5. What is TDS? And why do we need a TDS controller?

Ans. TDS refers to the total amount of dissolved solids which are present in a particular water system. These solids may include organic or inorganic salts. It is essential that the water purifier should be able to provide the consumers with water which has a balanced amount of salts, this is where a TDS controller comes in.
A TDS controller is a small device which works as a bypass valve that controls a stream of input water. This controller helps the water purifier to control and balance the dissolved solids and to keep it at an ideal level. 

Q6. Is a high TDS harmful?

Ans. It is very essential for you to measure the TDS levels of your water system before buying a water purifier. Because each model of water purifier is constructed to handle a certain range of TDS levels, and will not be able to work efficiently when the TDS levels cross this threshold.
A high TDS is nothing to panic about, it may or may not be harmful to your health. A high TDS means that your water system has a lot of dissolved salts and minerals which might be good for your health. However, a high TDS may also indicate certain other harmful substances like Arsenic or lead.  

Q7. What is the difference between hardness and TDS of a water system?

Ans. TDS means the total amount of dissolved solids in the water system, this means that all the dissolved solids, organic or inorganic are taken into consideration. When people talk about the hardness of the water, it refers to the amount of calcium and magnesium which has been dissolved in the water specifically.
The hardness of the water does not include or indicate the amount of impurities or other compounds that are dissolved in the water. Therefore these terms are not interchangeable and it is very important for you to know both, the TDS level and the hardness level of your water system, before buying a water purifier. 

Q8. What are the disadvantages of buying an under counter water purifier?

Ans. The main concern with most of the consumers when it comes to under counter water purifiers is the installation. The installation of the under counter water purifier is very easy however, there are a lot of requirements which have to be arranged beforehand.
These requirements include an appropriate power supply and plug point inside the counter itself, along with an appropriate water supply for the water purifier. Hence these water purifiers come really handy to newly constructed buildings, where planning was done beforehand.
Hence, if not plan installation of a socket and a water supply may cause you to spend a little extra on the water purifier. But except for this one disadvantage, under counter water purifiers are a better choice when compared to the traditional ones. 

Conclusion – Best Under Sink Water Purifiers in India

Hence, it is very important for the consumer to be extremely aware of the different factors and features that have to be considered before buying an under the sink water purifier.

This article was made up of brief product reviews of 7 best under the counter water purifiers in India and was followed by a buying guide to help you choose the best water purifier.


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We hope that the above article has been educative and informative and will help you find the best water purifier for you.        

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