13 Best Water Can Dispenser Pumps in India (October 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

The importance of potable water is not something that ever has or ever can be understated. This is exactly why it’s extremely saddening that clean water often comes at such high costs.

These costs can be to your bank accounts in the form of expensive water purifiers, or to the environment in the form of billions of plastic bottles consumed daily.

Big water cans come in as a much-needed middle-ground and segue between these two options, as not only are they inexpensive but their 20 ltr capacity can easily sustain a family of six for a full day. This makes these an economical as well as a practical option.


However, there is a problem with these bottles too, they’re extremely heavy and require to be lifted and fit upside down on the mouth of water dispensers. Not only is this too heavy a feat for most people, but it can also come at the cost of a pull in some of your back muscles.

And something as basic as potable water shouldnt be that much trouble, right? This is exactly what water can dispensers try to correct.

They eliminate the need for all of that heavy lifting and are essentially like the caps that go on top of the mouth of these big containers. But the interesting part is that these can like appliances come with pumps that pull the water out of these cans and pour it straight into your glasses.

This means that you no longer need to pick these ginormous cans up and flip them upside- down, avoiding all of that strain on your body.

So do water can dispensers sound like a blessing yet, or what? Well! if you’re still not convinced; allow us to walk you through the best water can dispensers in the market so that we can change your mind.

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These are the Top 13 Best Water Can Dispenser Pumps in India

Best Water Can Dispenser Pumps in India (2021)

1. Watamate Pacer+ Wireless Automatic Water Dispenser Pump

Watamate is a brand that deals exclusively in appliances that purify, contain, and dispense water, for it understands that clean water shouldn’t be a luxury. Its products are affordable, easy to use and most of all, they’re effective. This Watamate water dispenser is all of that and more.

Its best feature is that it comes incorporated with a pump that eliminates any need for effort on your part as it creates a vacuum on its own to pull water out of the can and pour it into your glass, unlike most other dispensers that require manual pumping.

Primary Features

  • The motor can be powered by plugging the dispenser into a socket or allowing it to function using its Lithium Ion battery
  • Battery comes with a long life that can pump 100 ltr
  • The motor pumps 1 ltr water every half minute
  • Child safe appliance, makes use of premium quality silicone tube
  • Space-efficient appliance, carved out of ABS plastic
  • Weighs only 360 grams

This device makes use of an electrically powered motor called the Dura X3 that drives the self-pumping function. But this raises one obvious question, how many of us have ideally positioned spare electrical sockets in our kitchens, that hasn’t already been taken up by microwaves, ovens, and inductions?

If you have to lift and move the twenty-liter water can just so that your water dispenser can fit into an electrical socket, then that defeats the very purpose of this appliance right?

Well! Watamate understands that perfectly well, which is why this electrical dispenser comes with a Lithium-Ion battery that can simply be charged before use and then employed to dispense water.

This robust battery comes with an incredible life that allows it to function long enough to pump 100 liters of water without requiring a recharge.

Additionally, the motor is as quick as it is efficient for it pumps at a pace so fast that you’ll have your one liter bottle filled in no more than a quick half-minute.

To make use of this appliance, all you have to do is to plug in the dispenser, or use it on battery mode if it’s charged; next, you’ll have to fit the detachable silicone suction tube into the dispenser and allow it to dip inside your water can.

Once that’s done, just secure the dispenser on the mouth of the can, turn it on, and et voila! You’ll have your water bottle filled in the bat of an eyelid.

The quality of the dispenser is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to the silicone tube, through which the water is pulled and then poured into your bottles.

So, it is pertinent to note that the tube is made entirely out of non-toxic substances and is safe for use with potable water and foodstuffs.

Additionally, this silicone tube comes with a composition that’s free of any Bisphenol A, a type of chemical that’s often used in the production of such substances.

The problem with this chemical is that it often dissolves in water and with long-term exposure can lead to harmful effects on the brains and prostates of children. So really, with this product, your little ones couldn’t be in safer hands.

Moreover, the body of the dispenser, itself, is carved out of ABS Plastic, which is extremely durable and shows great resistance to cracks and scratches. It is also a light-weight substance, which is why this product weighs no more than 360 grams!

  • Doesn’t contain Bisphenol A
  • Comes with a long battery life that can pump 100 ltrs after a single charge
  • Takes only half a minute to pump 1 ltr water
  • Extremely light and easy to carry, weighs only 360 grams
  • Doesn’t come with the option of manual pumping, and thus leaves you dry when broken down


2. Hoteon Automatic Water Can Dispenser Pump

This water dispenser is a lot like the one we just looked at, but consider it a better, more nuanced version, as it’s faster and has a battery life that lasts so much longer! This water dispenser too works on electricity and runs an automatic pump to ease your daily effort.

This water dispenser makes use of a 1200 milliampere-hours battery that has a capacity so phenomenal that it can continuously pump 200 ltrs of water in go, without requiring a recharge!

Primary Features

  • Employs a robust 1200 milliampere hours Li battery
  • It can continuously pump through 200 ltrs of water
  • Comes with a sophisticated design, matt finishing, LED touch panel
  • Keeps your kids safe with its no bisphenol A, silicone suction tube
  • Comes with a special 600 ml mode
  • Has a feather-weight ABS plastic body

This product simply requires you to fasten the dispenser on the mouth of your water can, and then lightly press on the power button so that it can work its magic.

Not only is this appliance quick and efficient but it is also extremely fancy and sophisticated looking, all of this thanks to its matt black finish, and a touch panel that comes with an LED light display!

Apart from the power button, the touch panel offers an additional setting that is the 600 ml mode. When you switch to this mode what happens is that you can simply place a jug under the dispenser and leave it there without having to wait for it to fill.

The machine turns off on its own, once it pumps a total of 0.6 ltr, so you can get on with your busy day and not be forced into wasting time on the little things.

Additionally, this dispenser is also carved out of ABS Acrylonitrile plastic, which is the most preferred choice for such appliances. It makes for a durable and scratch-proof body without adding to the weight, which stands at a meager 0.29 kilograms!

Once again, the suction tube is safe for all, children in particular, thanks to its no Bisphenol-A composition. Because what’s the point of a dispenser that adds toxicity to your pre-purified potable water, right?

  • Operates noiselessly
  • Doesn’t need you to wait for the water to fill, thanks to 0.6 ltr mode
  • Keeps your little ones safe from the ills of Bisphenol A
  • Can continuously pump 200 ltrs of water
  • Portable appliance, weighs under 0.3 kilograms
  • Only compatible with cans that have a neck that’s 5.48 cm wide


3. Konquer Times KTS Water Can Dispenser Pump

Konquer Times is an exceptionally famous brand on online retailing platforms thanks to its restaurant-quality kitchenware and kitchen and home appliances. Its products are extremely inexpensive and employ only the best technology available in the market today.

This Konquer Times water can dispenser is not only efficient but is also extremely versatile, as it not only fits onto the mouth of 20-liter water cans but also onto those that come in a range of other sizes. 

Primary Features

  • Makes use of a 1200 milliampere hours lithium ion battery
  • Continuously pump through around 95 liters of water
  • Comes with Led light that turns red while charging
  • Comes with a separate mode that turns the device off automatically
  • Weighs as little as 0.2 kilograms
  • ABS plastic body and child safe silicone rubber suction tube

It can capacitate cans with necks that come in the size range of 5.5 to 5.8 cm; the only cans it doesnt work with, however, are those that come with rotating caps or no caps at all but just a small hole as an outlet.

This product, too, comes with an automatic pump that is powered by a rechargeable 1200 milliampere-hours lithium-ion battery. This battery powers the pump that allows the tube to create suction and pull the water out of the can and then into your bottles.

Apart from simply powering the pump, this battery also powers an LED display that allows the power button to emit red light when the battery’s charging and blue light when the dispenser is in use.

Additionally, this appliance gives out water in 740 ml breaks, wherein if you keep the power button engaged for three continuous seconds, then this appliance will pump and stop automatically after it has dispensed 740 ml of water.

Its battery life after a 100% charge allows it to run long enough to continuously pump around 95 ltrs of water, before requiring a recharge.

Its body comes in a classy black and white look, made out of ABS plastic, along with a stainless steel pipe that pours the water directly into your glass.

The silicone rubber tube is produced without incorporating any Bisphenol A, making this appliance extremely safe for your kids.

  • Comes with differently colored lights to indicate charging and functioning
  • Allows for the option of shutting off automatically after dispensing 740 ml
  • Comes in dual colors which adds to its aesthetic appeal
  • Fits onto a range of differently sized water cans
  • Relatively shorter battery life


4. Watamate Turbo+ Automatic Water Can Dispenser Pump

Watamate will be a recurring name on this list thanks to its many, many water dispensers that all come power-packed with multiple features and quality that can only be described as unbeatable.

This Watamate dispenser is much faster than the last Watamate product we saw and the best part is that it comes with these enhanced features without allowing the price to skyrocket!

Primary Features

  • Can be plugged into a power socket
  • 1200 milliampere hours Lithium Ion battery
  • The battery comes with an incredibly long run time
  • Comes with two indicative LED lights
  • Weighs 0.46 kilograms
  • With an ABS plastic body and a silicone rubber suction tube

Let us start with some of the more basic features first. This product weighs a total of 0.46 kilograms and makes use of the staple ABS plastic for its incredible ability to fight off cracks and scratches, which keeps your water dispenser looking as good as new for much longer.

Other staple components include the silicone rubber-based suction tube, which keeps the safety of your children first by not including any Bisphenol A in its composition, which as we mentioned before can be detrimental to your children’s brains and other organs as well.

Apart from these staples, the 1200 milliampere hours lithium-ion battery remains constant here too. It powers an automatic pump that eliminates all need of manual effort on your part, truly making your life much easier!

Additionally, this appliance can be used by plugging it into a socket or by charging the battery and simply employing that.

This battery requires a total of three hours to charge to 100 percent, and can then be used continuously for so long that it can pump through 100 ltrs of water before it dies.

The battery also powers two LED lights, one red and one blue. The first turns on when the battery has been plugged in for a recharge, while the latter turns on when the device is functioning.

Finally, saving the best for the last, this product pumps and dispenses a liter of water in as little as sixteen seconds! Really, sixteen seconds, it doesn’t get faster than that!

  • Dispenses a liter of water every sixteen seconds
  • Comes with indicative LED lights
  • Can even work on water cans that come without lids and only small hole outlets
  • Reasonably priced
  • Isn’t compatible with different sizes of water cans, only 20 liter ones
  • Slightly heaving, weighing almost half a kilogram


5. CATIPOL Automatic Wireless Water Can Dispenser Pump

This is easily one of the most reasonable product on this list, but fear not, for we know that usually when the price of a product dips, its standards tend to dip with it, however that’s not the case with this appliance at all!

This Capital automatic wireless dispenser comes with all the features of its more expensive counterparts, without carving out too extravagant a hole into your wallet.

Primary Features

  • The 1200 mAh lithium battery allows for 80 to 120 liters of water to be pumped continuously
  • Comes with a sophisticated black and white look, along with an indicative LED light
  • Compact appliance, it is 14 cm long
  • 9.6 cm wide and weighs only 0.31 kilograms

Let us talk about some of the more basic features of this dispenser first. For starters, this appliance makes use of a 1200 milliampere-hours lithium battery, that as you may well have realized by now is not only powerful but is also extremely long-lasting.

This battery requires a three to four hour long charge, which may sound a little excessive at first, but you should remember that after charging to a full hundred percent, this water dispenser can pump through 80 to 120 liters of water, without requiring a recharge.

This means that you can get through a day or two without having to charge the dispenser, so even if you forget to charge daily, this dispenser will still have your back!

Now that we’ve covered the battery life, let us move onto some of the other features this all-inclusive product offers. This product comes with a classy white and black body that gives it a sophisticated look and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

It comes with an indicative LED light that turns red while charging and switches off to let you know that your dispenser is fully charged. Finally, this product is super child-friendly thanks to its toxin-free, no BPA silicone rubber suction tube.

Speaking of child-friendliness, this dispenser also pumps water almost entirely noiselessly, ensuring that even if you fill your water bottles past your little ones’ bedtimes, they’ll continue to enjoy their sound sleep.

  • Smooth, noiseless operation
  • 80 to 120 liters of continuous pumping without requiring a recharge
  • Inexpensive even with its sophisticated design and LED light
  • Ergonomically designed with a compact 14 cm long body
  • Doesn’t come with modes that turn the dispenser off automatically, requires manual powering off


6. SS Subtle Water Can Dispenser Pump

SS Subtle is another popular choice on e-commerce platforms. This is a brand that brings to you quality, simplicity, and reasonability. It is famous for its wide range of inexpensive kitchenware products that together go a long way in reducing your daily manual labor.

This SS Subtle water can dispenser does exactly that by saving you and your back from the unnecessary strains of carrying and toppling over a twenty-liter heavy container, as this amount of weightlifting should only be deemed fit for the gym.

Primary Features

  • Inexpensive product
  • Works without generating noise and fits onto bottle necks of different sizes
  • Keeps your child’s safety first
  • Silicone rubber tube that comes without even the slightest trace of BPA
  • Compact device, comfortably fits into your palm
  • Its 13.7 cm long and 8.9 cm wide body
  • Weighs 0.25 kilos

To make use of this product, all you have to do is, take it out of the box, and leave it on charge for about sixty minutes. Second, you’ll have to take its stainless steel dispensing tube and fasten it onto the main body.

Next, you’ll have to secure the suction tube through which water is pulled out of the can and carried to the dispenser.

Once you’ve done that you’ll be required to immerse the tube inside the can, press on the power button and well, there you have it, the machine will do the rest, as long as you place a jug or a water bottle underneath.

Simple enough, right? Well, what’s better is that if you find a conveniently placed power socket, you can simply plug the dispenser in while using it.

This will ensure that the battery doesn’t drain and is available in case of blackouts, or if you’re simply a forgetful one that doesn’t remember to recharge.

This product comes with some of the favourite features, a lithium battery, classy-looking black and white exterior, and child-safe plus Bisphenol A free silicone rubber suction tube.

If you’re still not sold on this product, allow us to remind you that it doesn’t get any cheaper than this.

Additionally, this dispenser is compatible with not only 20 ltrs water cans with 2.16 inch wide necks, but also other containers that come with openings of various sizes! Finally, it doesn’t matter if it’s pumping at 2 pm or 2 am for it’ll always do so while maintaining the peace and quiet of your home.

  • Super reasonably priced
  • Requires minimal effort
  • Only one hour long first charge, others may take up to four
  • Fits onto bottle necks of varying sizes
  • Doesn’t come with a scratch-resistant ABS plastic body


7. Ionix Automatic Water Can Dispenser Pump

Ionix is a brand that produces a range of electrical goods, both for personal and home use. Whether it is a pair of Bluetooth headphones that you fancy or an automatic water dispenser, Ionix will have got you covered.

This water dispenser has to be our favourite on the list, for not only does it come with an amazing array of features, but it also brings all of them to you at a price less than Rs. 500!

Primary Features

  • This product is powered by a 1200 milliampere hours lithium ion battery
  • Requires 180 to 240 minutes for a full charge
  • This super inexpensive product has an average life of 18 kilo liters
  • Comes in multiple colours and a body that weighs as little as 0.3 kilograms

Meaning, that you can say goodbye to your water can weightlifting days for the price of peanuts. Exciting, isn’t it?

This water dispenser comes with an incredible capacity thanks to its robust 1200 milliampere-hours lithium-ion battery, which as you must be familiar with now, doesn’t shy away from continuous, long hours of work.

This battery powers a motor that in its entire lifespan can pump at least 18 kilo-liters of water, which implies that even if your daily consumption is twenty liters a day, this product will easily last you another 900 days or 2.4 years!

Have you ever seen a better return from a good that costs under 500 bucks?

Additionally, although getting to a full charge takes its battery a good four hours, fear not for its battery life will at least last you four to six barrels, each measuring around 159 liters!

Meaning that’s on a full charge, the battery won’t drain out for at least two weeks!

However, it is pertinent to mention that the battery life of such products tends to deteriorate with time and thus for proper maintenance it is also suggested that you don’t leave uncharged batteries lying around for long.

If this hasn’t impressed you already, take a look at this product’s child-safe plus no BPA silicone rubber suction tube, which comes with a composition. The product also comes with 2 colour choices and a catchy blue light underlying the power button.

  • Catchy blue light adds to aesthetic appeal
  • Comes with color options
  • Can continuously pump four to six barrels of water
  • Lasts a minimum of 900 days
  • Costs under five hundred bucks
  • No automated modes that turn the dispenser off automatically


8. Empathy Manual Water Can Dispenser Pump

Now we move on to the first and the only manual pump on this list. This is a much simpler and a much less sophisticated appliance, but its best part is that it is always reliable. Theres no need to remember to charge any batteries and even better, there is no penalty even if you do forget.

This appliance comes without any electrical components and simply works like a bore well, wherein you can just press on the lever to create suction and pull the water up to ground level.

Primary Features

  • Makes use of a spring to create suction and pull water out of the can
  • Manual functioning allows for the device to run smoothly even during power cuts
  • The spring is made out of corrosion resistant, and anti-oxidizing plastic
  • The plastic components used are non-toxin and food grade
  • Fits onto both bubble top and screw top necks of 20 and 25 liter bottles

This is exactly how this appliance works, it employs a spring as its main mechanism which is joined to a suction rubber tube at the end, this part remains the same as in electrical dispensers.

You need to fit the tube in, immerse it inside the can, and then fasten the dispenser onto the lid.

After this you’ll simply need to push or press on the top of the dispenser at regular intervals, this will make the spring contract and expand with the frequency with which you press on the dispenser top.

This contraction and expansion will create suction and cause the water to rise to the top through the suction tube, after which it’ll be poured into your class.

The spring is carved out of plastic, which allows it greater durability and resistance to corrosion and oxidization, keeping your potable water safe and uncontaminated.

Additionally, the plastic is food grade and doesn’t leave out any toxins in the water even with years of usage.

Finally, another plus point is that apart from always being dependable this appliance is also extremely versatile, which allows it to fit onto multiple types and sizes of water can necks. Be it 20 or 25-liter bottles, or cans with bubble or screw caps, this manual water dispenser works on all.

  • Works on different shapes and sizes of water cans and necks, be it 20 or 25 liter or necks with screw or bubble caps
  • Plastic spring shows resistance to oxidization and corrosion
  • Doesn’t require any electrical sockets or charged batteries to function
  • Requires laborious manual effort
  • Takes much longer than automatic water dispenser


9. ZALTAN Automatic Rechargeable Water Can Dispenser Pump

This product has a bunch of features similar to a number of models we’ve seen so far, however, it is important to bear in mind that automatic water dispensers aren’t all that complicated, and thus a little similarity is not only normal but also a sign of elevated quality in the industry.

This product comes with a monochromatic body, with its classy white and black color scheme, which greatly adds to the aesthetic appeal of this device.

Primary Features

  • Keeps toxins away with its zero bisphenol A compositions
  • Pumps noiselessly and efficiently through a minimum of four barrels after full charge
  • 1200 mAh lithium ion battery takes three hours of continuous charging to reach full battery level
  • Weighs 0.29 kilograms; has a 14 cm long and 9.1 cm wide body

Not only is this appliance fancy-looking, but its also extremely efficient thanks to its 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery and its incredibly long life.

This product makes use of a lithium-ion battery, the strength of which cannot possibly be undermined, which is also why it is the most preferred choice across all of these products.

This battery requires a three-hour long charge after which it’ll make you a sturdy companion for weeks at a stretch, provided you use it in an optimizing manner.

After getting to 100 percent, this appliance can continuously pump through four to six barrels of water that roughly translate into 159 liters each.

Meaning, if you only use one 20 liter can a day, and 140 liters in a week, you won’t have to recharge the batteries for a couple of weeks! Battery life tends to deteriorate with time, however, so ensure that you follow the manual well and good for an optimal consumer experience.

Next, this product employs a rubber silicone tube to pull water out of the can. Rubber silicone is commonly used in electrical appliances that deal with potable water and foodstuffs thanks to its clean, toxin-free composition.

Needless to say, this product has been actively purified of any trace of Bisphenol A, which can not only harm your children but also fetus and has therefore also been banned in a number of countries!

Not only is this product noiseless but is also very easy to store, thanks to its compact 14 cm long body. Adding also to its portability is its negligible 0.29 kilogram heavy body.

  • Keeps your kids’ brains and glands healthy with its zero BPA composition
  • No need for continuous recharging with a long battery life
  • Doesn’t take up too much space with its 14 cm long and 9.1 cm wide body
  • Doesn’t work with water cans that don’t have bubble top mouths


10. Tissaj Automatic Compact Portable Water Can Dispenser

Tissaj is a brand famous not just in India but also in the United States thanks to the undefeated quality its homeware products offer.

From more basic products like bedspreads and comforters to electrical appliances like this sophisticated water dispenser, Tissaj will never leave you feeling disappointed.

Primary Features

  • Is powered by a 1800 milliampere hour lithium-ion battery
  • Lasts for two hours when used non-stop and the whole day when used in breaks
  • Comes with certification from the Food and Drug Administration, as well as a UL certification
  • Comes with chromium plated dispensing pipe and a six feet long power cord
  • Has an additional 0.8 litre automated mode that comes with self turn off feature
  • Fits onto water cans with bubble top necks of all sizes up to six cms
  • The body is 19.3 cms long, 11.18 cms wide and weighs 0.408 kilograms

Although more expensive, this Tissaj automatic water dispenser is one of the better and more and advanced appliances on this list. It comes with additional settings and automated modes that set this product a class apart from the rest.

Starting at the heart of this product, we have the 1800 milliampere-hour lithium-ion battery, which is the strongest one we’ve seen so far.

This battery powers a powerful pump that can noiselessly dispense water for you throughout the day. At a stretch, the battery will only dispense water for a hundred and twenty minutes.

Additionally, this 1800 milliampere-hour lithium-ion battery comes with a UL certification, which basically means that the battery comes with a certified standard of safety and performance, which states that the battery is not only safe for your home but also for the environment.

This is not the only certification that this product has received however; it also comes approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration which ensures that this product is safe for use, particularly by the more vulnerable members of your family, that is, your toddlers, kiddos and even the elderly.

Needless to say, the product comes with no trace of any bisphenol A at all. This product comes with an additional automated mode, which shuts-off the appliance automatically after it has successfully pumped and dispensed a total of 0.8 liters.

So, you can simply place a jug underneath and not have to wait around for it to fill.

For added convenience, this dispenser comes with a cable that is as long as 6 feet, meaning that you no longer have to drain the battery life if a socket isn’t available nearby, as the cord is long enough for your convenience.

The appliance fits onto all sizes of water cans as long as their necks don’t extend six cm in length, making this product compatible with most water containers.

Finally, to add to its aesthetic appeal, not only does this product come in different colors but its dispensing pipe also comes with chromium plating, which adds to its sophisticated look.

  • Chromium plated dispensing pipe gives this appliance a classy finish
  • Comes with an automated 0.8 liter mode, which allows for self turn-off
  • Comes with a double certification, UL and Food and Drug Administration
  • Power cable is 6 feet long
  • Only lasts for 2 hours when used non-stop


11. YOMYM Water Can Dispenser Pump

We’re extremely excited to present this product to you because for starters it comes with a battery life that can sustain you for over a month after one complete charge!

Personally for us, that feature sounds amazing enough to have us sold, but worry not for this product comes with an unending array of features that refuse to let this device fall short in any which way at all.

Primary Features

  • Is powered by a 1200 milliampere hours lithium-ion battery
  • Consumes as little energy as 3.8 watts
  • Dispenses water at a speed of 1.2 liters per minute
  • Works on water cans that come in a range of sizes, that is, one to five gallons
  • Comes with an indicative LED light
  • This product is 13.8 cms long, 8.2 cms wide and 0.27 kilograms heavy

This energy-efficient appliance consumes no more than 3.8 watts, while running its robust 1200 milliampere lithium-ion battery that upon reaching a 100 percent charge, can last long enough to pump 75 to 113 liters of water in a single stretch.

This product fits onto numerous different sizes of water cans ranging from one to five gallons, just as long as their necks fall within the range of 5.5 and 5.8 cm in diameter.

The only problem here is that although this appliance fits on a wide range of sizes of cans, it only fits onto those cans that come without caps and singular holes as outlets, instead of commonly used bubble-top and screw top cans.

This product comes with an LED light that turns red when the product is charging and blue when the product is in use. In order to indicate that it’s fully charged, the light turns off automatically.

The product comes with a dispensing pipe that is 4 inches long and is carved out of grade 304 stainless steel, which is the most preferred choice for all kitchenware thanks to its durability and high resistance to corrosion.

This automatic water dispenser works at a speed of 1.2 ltrs per minute, which is relatively slower than some of the other products we’ve seen so far which can dispense water as quickly as 1 liter within 16 seconds.

  • Energy efficient product, consumes only 3.8 watts of energy
  • Works on all sizes of water cans between one to five gallons
  • Comes with a four inch long, grade 304 stainless steel dispensing pipe that shows great resistance to corrosion
  • Can go on without a recharge for a full month
  • Works on a limited number of cans as it isn’t compatible with bubble top and screw top necks


12. Watamate Flexo+ Wireless Automatic Water Can Dispenser

Here’s Watamate yet again, with another extremely exciting product. Now that you’ve already seen two amazing water dispensers by this brand, we’re sure that you would already have an idea as to how incredible features this model has to offer too.

This wireless water dispenser comes with an interesting, almost water tap- like design which gives it a unique look. Its monochrome body comes with a glossy, metallic finish which adds to this product’s appeal.

Primary Features

  • Is compatible with all 2.16 inch wide water can mouths
  • Keeps your water safe with its zero bisphenol A production
  • Takes only half a minute to pump a liter of water
  • Is powered by a 1200 milliampere hours lithium ion battery that requires a 120 minute charge upon being taken out of the box
  • Black body comes with a fancy metallic finish
  • Is 31 cm long, 20.4 cm wide and weighs a little over 0.6 kilograms

The 1200 milliampere hours lithium-ion battery is a Watamate favourite and works here as well. It powers a powerful pump that pumps so fast that it only takes this machine a total of half a minute to dispense a liter of water.

This product fits onto all water cans that come with a 2.16 inch wide mouth as well as a bubble-top neck. It isn’t compatible with screw top necks and cans with no caps like the other Watamate products we’ve seen before.

For the perfect fit, this product comes with a body that allows for 270 degrees of range of motion, so that it can be securely fastened around your water can.

Naturally, the product is carved out of high quality, extremely durable, and scratch-resistant ABS plastic.

This material is of premium quality and keeps your product looking like it’s straight out of a showroom for a long, long time.

Next comes the silicone rubber suction tube that first and foremost needs to be attached to the dispenser and then immersed into the water.

So as to ensure that no toxins dissolve into your potable water over time, this product comes with absolutely no spot of bisphenol A, which as we’ve mentioned countless times before, can be particularly harmful to your little ones.

  • Fancy looking appliance; comes with a metallic finish
  • Keeps toxins out of your water with its no bisphenol A composition
  • ABS plastic body is extremely sturdy and shows scratch resistance
  • Offers a 270 degree range of motion for secure fastening
  • Not too compact and weighs over 0.6 kilograms


13. OSHOP Water Can Dispenser Pump

This one may be the last, but in no way will it ever be the least, for this OSHOP water dispenser is everything you’ve needed and more. Not only does it work in order to pump and dispense water but it also works with other liquids alike, provided the dispenser securely fits on the barrel.

This product is extremely reasonably priced but even so. It comes with a multitude of features that give this product a top-shelf status. 

Primary Features

  • Pumps a liter of water every sixteen seconds
  • Takes only 120 minutes to charge
  • Comes with an additional setting that allows for self turn off after dispensing 0.8 liters of water
  • Free of any BPA and phthalates
  • Goes through 210 gallons of water without needing a recharge

Starting with the basics first, this product comes encased in an ABS body that is scratch proof and shows great longevity.

The suction tube through which the water is lifted and poured into your bottles is carved out of silicone rubber which comes with a clean composition, implying zero bisphenol A content.

Another noteworthy feature is that product is entirely free of any phthalates as well, continuous exposure to which can lead respiratory syndromes and damage to liver and kidney function as well.

Other standard features include the stainless steel dispensing tube that fights off rust actively. This product comes with an incredible battery life that can get through about 210 gallons of water after only a 120-minute long charge.

Not only this, this appliance also pumps at an exceptionally great pace and can fill a one-liter bottle in just a quarter of a minute.

This product too comes with a 0.8 liter automated mode, which drives it to shut off on its own after pumping 0.8 liters of water. This means that you no longer have to stand around and wait for your bottle to fill.

Finally, this is an exceptionally compact product that measures up to only 13.9 cm in length and 8.6 cm in width, with a body that weighs only about 0.23 kilograms.

  • Featherweight product, weighs only 0.23 kilograms
  • Doesn’t come with any phthalates
  • Can get through 210 gallons after a full charge
  • Pumps a liter of water every sixteen seconds
  • Isn’t compatible with all types of water cans


Buying Guide – Best Water Can Dispenser Pumps in India

Water can dispensers are a great way to get a grip on some of the little, little daily chores that pile up and often amount to a great strain on your mind and body. This product can singlehandedly fix a lot of problems together if you make the right pick, that is.

First of all, it can save you from all the unnecessary weight-lifting, and secondly, it can also save you from the trouble of standing around and waiting for your bottles to fill thanks to its automatic turn-off modes.


Although, water can dispensers are a relatively simple appliance that creates a vacuum to allow water to travel up a pipe and then out of the dispenser into your bottles.

There are a few features that you can look in order to make the right choice, which can often be a confusing process, thanks to the multiple standards, universally present features. But fear not, for we’re here to make this task a simple one for you. Come take a look!

Factors to consider while buying the Best Water Can Dispenser Pump in India

1. Types of Water Can Dispensers

Water can dispensers come in two types, Manual or Automatic. Automatic dispensers make use of electricity or batteries to drive a motor that pulls the water up through a pipe. These products require you to do close to no work at all.

Manual dispensers are powered by a spring which creates suction by contracting and expanding every time you press on top of the dispenser. These aren’t reliant on batteries or electricity and are thus particularly useful if you witness a lot of blackouts.

However, they do require more effort on your part, so that’s a factor that you should take into consideration.

2. Battery Life & Charge Time

This is particularly important as the charge time tends to vary a lot from product to product. Even more variation is witnessed in the battery life of a fully charged dispenser. It is important to look into both of these factors because some models take as long as four hours to charge but then only offer two hours of continuous run time.

Many times the battery life is described in terms of how much water these dispensers can pump before requiring a recharge. This capacity tends to vary a lot, for example, some products offer as much as 200 ltrs of pumping after a full charge, whereas others last only for a few 50 ltrs.


3. Automatic Turn-Off Modes

These aren’t necessary but are a pretty exciting feature. Many products come with automatic modes that allow the dispenser to pump and pour a few hundred milli-liters of water after which the dispenser turns off automatically.

The good part of this feature is that if you’re having a busy day you can simply place a jug underneath the dispenser and not stand around waiting for the water to fill.

4. Material and Quality

ABS plastic, silicone rubber suction tubes, indicative LED lights, all make for good features. What’s most important though is that your dispenser is free of toxins that dissolve into water.

These include BPA and phthalates that can collectively harm your brain, liver, kidneys, prostates, and lungs.


5. Price

Water can dispensers tend to show a lot of variation in their prices. While some cost as little as 300 bucks, others can cost as much as 2500, so if you’re on a budget this can make quite a difference.

Usually, even the ones with lower prices come with the same features, maybe minus the automatic turn-off modes, so it really shouldn’t make too much of a difference even if you go with a lower-end model.

6. Additional Features

These include the speed with which your dispenser pumps water, the size and weight of the appliance, and even the warranty, which hardly any brands offer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Water Can Dispensers in India

Q1. Do water can dispensers work without electricity?

Ans. Yes! Water can dispensers do work without electricity! Manual ones especially, as they’re entirely reliant on manual effort, whereas automatic pumps come with powerful batteries that can function without electricity for a long time, provided they’re charged.

Q2. Do water can dispensers only work with 20 litre cans?

Ans. A number of water can dispensers do only work on 20 liter cans, however, this is not the case with all of them. Some dispensers are compatible with a number of different sizes of cans and their only requirement is that the mouth of the can fall within a certain size of diameter, which is usually 5.5 to 5.8 cm. 

Q3. How to install water can dispensers?

Ans. Water can dispensers are extremely easy to install. All you need to do is attach the suction tube and dispensing pipe to the main body of the dispenser. Then you’ll have to immerse the suction tube inside the water can and finally fasten the dispenser around the lid of the can. That’s it, it’s only a two-minute process. 

Q4. How do manual dispensers work?

Ans. Manual dispensers are a lot like the bore wells that require you to push a lever in order to create suction and bring water up the pipe and into your buckets.
Here manual dispensers employ the same logic, just by the means of a spring that creates suction when you press the dispenser roof down at regular intervals. This makes the spring contract and expand, helping water climb up the pipe and into your glass. 

Q5. Can you fix a water dispenser onto a fridge?

Ans. No, that isn’t an option with these appliances. Some fridges do come with automatic dispensers, however those require to be built in exclusively. 

Conclusion – Best Water Can Dispensers in India

Thats it then, were at the end of this guide and we sincerely hope it helped you narrow down on your most preferred product.

Water dispensers are reasonable and exceptionally helpful, not to mention that they will stay with you for years and years, making them a very ideal investment.


At our end, we suggest you the most comprehensive product we could find on the block, that is the Hoteon Automatic Water Dispenser Pump. To grab this product at a heavy discount, click here.

Okay then, thats all for now, do leave a comment should you find yourself in need of assistance, well be happy to help. Thank you!

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