9 Best Gas Safety Devices in India (October 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

In the 21st Century, most of the members in the family are office or school goers and it is possible that no one stays home at some span of time, sometimes at a stretch.

You have to ensure the safety of your house at all times, especially in times like this.

To help you out in a very systematic way such that your budget is maintained, the markets have an excellent device that suits all your requirements, it is called a gas safety device that acts as a bodyguard for the gas supply in your kitchen.


As the name itself indicates, this device monitors the gas such that it can cut down the supply in a case like a leakage. The device also has an indicator that shows the gas level by giving the measure of pressure inside the cylinder. You can get a refill or change the cylinder accordingly.

These devices have gradually become essentials in a household particularly because of the sense of security they provide. Gas leaks lead to disastrous fires that can bring down long-standing buildings and one should take all precautions possible.

These devices are made of steels or alloys that are durable, tough, and can withstand forces. They are heavy and can be fastened very easily by anyone in the household.

Some brands are very particular about the kind of safety their devices bring in, they have so much trust in them that they provide something called Product Liability Insurance.

This is given so that if an accident takes place even after the usage of the safety device, you will be compensated for the insurance money.

Also, do read the Buying Guide as it will help you in choosing the Best Gas Safety Device in India.

There are various options in the market for these devices and below are listed 9 of supreme quality products that you should consider.

These are the Top 9 Best Gas Safety Devices in India

ProductsAuto Cut OffGas Level IndicatorGas SavingWarrantyBuy Now
DSMS Diamond Gas Safety DeviceYesYes25 - 30%3 yearsamazon-button
IGT STRIVING FOR PERFECTION Gas Safety DeviceYesYes20 - 25%5 yearsamazon-button
INDIA'S Original & Genuine Gas Safety DeviceYesYes20 - 25%2 yearsamazon-button
Diamond Life Safety DeviceYesYes10 - 15%1 yearamazon-button
India's Diamond Gas Safety DeviceYesYes30%3 yearsamazon-button
Gas safe Gas Leakage Brass Safety Device YesYes30%3 yearsamazon-button
BITCORP Gas Trip Gas Safety & Leakage Detector DeviceYesYes20 - 25%3 yearsamazon-button
Sohum LPG Commercial Gas Safety DeviceYesYes20 - 25%1 yearamazon-button
Ruchi World Home Lpg Gas, Domestic Gas Safety DeviceYesYes25%1 yearamazon-button

Best Gas Safety Devices in India in 2021

1. DSMS Diamond Gas Safety Device

DSMS is a company that manufactures innovative and sustainable products that help you in your daily activities. They are majorly electrical appliances like hair-dryers, water dispenser pump that can be recharged, these devices are extremely convenient.


This product basically to be fitted on the top of the LPG cylinder just over the gas conduit, instead of the normal knob that connected your cylinder and stove. You can still do so but with a protection and prevention device which also helps save the gas.

The device also displays the standing pressure of the installed cylinder so that you are always aware of the level of gas in it- it is called the pressure clock. This way you can always be prepared in a case where the cylinder gets emptied and you have to change it.

It has been given an excellent design so that it does not become a hassle and can be easily changed from one cylinder to the other. It has a robust construct; it is made up of brass and the inner body is lined with a layer of the high-end diaphragm that makes an excellent valve.

To keep your consumption of the cooking gas in control, it also regulates its flow so that the valves pass the optimized amount of gas that is required for the moment. This feature helps you conserve gas by saving at least 25% to 30% of what you use otherwise.

The safety features do not end here- the gas safety device also has an emergency shut off valve that you can use to seal the cylinder if you are moving it or if you are not going to be present at home for a longer duration.

The warranty provided on this device is for three years, if you find any kind of manufacturing issue with the device, you can get assistance, compensation, or replacement, whatever the best option is for you at the time.

The company takes absolute responsibility for the efficiency of its product. The device is designed and made with the utmost care.

Precision taken to care of the fact that the safety of your home is dependent on the device. Therefore, to make you feel secure, they provide you with liability insurance amounting to 1.25 crore rupees in case something hazardous happens to your home.

  • The device has warranty for three years
  • The liability insurance provided can be up to 1.25 crore
  • The pressure clock indicating the level of gas in cylinder
  • Brass body that makes it durable and tough
  • It helps you conserve your gas by regulating its consumption
  • The device is relatively bigger and heavier


2. IGT Gas Safety Device

IGT is a company that manufactures Gas Safety Devices exclusively and have dedicated all their technology to find the perfect version of it. As their motto indicates, the company strives for perfection, their motive being the safety of their customers.


This device is compatible for usage on the cylinders that we use at home, that is, LPG cylinders for cooking gas. The size of the conduit that is a fit for the valve fitted in the opening of the device at the bottom is of the diameter 26 mm.

The function of the device is to stop the gas supply from the cylinder in any case that might lead to a leakage that could result in a hazardous outcome which is why it has been provided with an optimally sensitive leak indicator.

Not only this but it also is capable of letting you know the level of gas left at the given moment because of the scale that gives the measure of pressure inside the cylinder. This scale can be conveniently rotated in any direction.

The gas safety device also helps you cut down on the over usage and saves gas by 20%, this helps you keep your consumption in check so that no amount of it gets unnecessarily wasted.

The lock system is also upgraded to its best version until now. The device when pushed onto the cylinder top through the gas conduit, it latches onto it and gets locked in that position after a slight twist.

The dual seal that enhances this lock action, as the technology suggests, after the sealing of the valve around the opening once, there is another seal that is an added preventive measure so that it is ensured that no gas leaks out.

This device is also provided with an inbuilt filter through which the gas in the cylinder has to pass, so that you use only the purest form of cooking gas and keep safe.

A manual safe reset button is provided at the base so that you can get on with the usual functioning after the causality has been repaired and the cylinder is safe to use again.

The device has been provided with a warranty period of five years in which any problem or manufacturing damage you find with the device can be immediately resolved by the company and you will be provided with any assistance you require.

  • The device helps save 20% gas of what we normally use
  • Indicators that constantly monitor leakage and gas levels
  • It is dually sealed for better protection
  • A filter further cleanses the gas from the cylinder
  • An advanced lock so the device does not get loose
  • No specification about the liability insurance


3. INDIA’S Original & Genuine Automatic Gas Safety Device

It is an electronic brand that manufactures devices that conserve energy, money, and good for the environment. These devices include water geyser, check-up machines that are designed with precision, and have a durable construction so you get your money’s worth from the device.


This gas safety device is made of brass and parts of it from hard plastic like the side knob and the base that fits on the regulator. It is because of this robust construction that the device can maintain its quality and its life is long.

The knob that is given on the side is provided so that you can turn off the supply from the main intersection if you or any other family members are not going to be home for a lengthy stretch of time without actually disconnecting the cylinder from the stove.

The gas detector in the device is optimally sensitive and can be relied upon because of its efficiency. It detects the rapid pressure drop and immediately ceases the cylinder’s supply of gas so that nothing untoward happens. This is the auto cut off feature of the device.

There is also a gauge on the top of the product that shows the pressure levels of your device. The reading of the scale has been made extremely simple so that you can understand it in one glance.

The high-pressure levels are shown by the lined side of the scale in black and white strips, the medium levels by a green area of it, and low by red. This makes it easy to understand for anyone.

This device has a unique ability to control your daily gas consumption and to regulate it in a manner that you can save up to 30% of the gas that you normally use up. This brings down the cost you spend on the gas by elongating the time period of each cylinder.

The warranty given by the manufacturers on the product is for three long years and the customer service provided by them is always eager to lend a helping hand if you face any problem while dealing with the device.

The liability insurance on the product can go up to 5 crore rupees taking all the damage one has gone through if something ever happens. This indicates that the company has full faith in its product so you can rest assured and rely on the device as well.

  • The body is made from brass and quality plastic
  • The leakage detector is optimally sensitive for safety
  • Warranty period for the device is three years
  • Liability insurance can be up to 5 crores
  • The installation of this device is a little difficult


4. Diamond Life Safety

Diamond is a Trust SEAL verified company that is the manufacturer of a varied variety of health and safety devices in India. They also produce facial kits, Ayurvedic Products, and mist fans. This is a reliable brand and is highly recommended by its users.


The body of the Diamond Gas Safety Device is made of a combination of brass and steel such that on the whole, the device is rust resistance and corrosion-free. This adds on to the life of the device so that you can get all your money’s worth-while using it.

To keep you and your home safe from a gas leak that can lead to hazardous consequences. This function of the device is supported by auto cut off which stops the supply of the gas from your cylinder to the stove to avoid any further leak.

The greatest advantage of having one of these devices is that your home is protected from these life-threatening accidents even when you are not present so you can be away without any worries.

The device also helps you cut down on the expenses that you put in cooking gas every month by reducing your consumption by 10% to 15%. Thus, the device is not only responsible for your safety but also gets you to reduce your spending as well.

The analogous gauge makes it easy for you to estimate the level of gas present in the cylinder at that moment, there is a scale and a pointer on the gauge that facilitates this by giving you the measure of pressure inside the cylinder.

The reading of the scale is made further easier by giving the readings an easy to understand colour coding system.

The green part indicates that the gas present is on the medium and high levels and the red part to show that the levels have gone significantly down and you have to soon change your cylinder.

It is manufactured by a company that has been certified by International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

Therefore, you can be assured that the quality of the product is top-notch and the efficiency of the device has been credited. The warranty period for the device is three years from the delivery date, the company can also replace your item if there is a manufacturing defect.

  • The replacement warranty period for the device is three years
  • The automatic cut off of the supply is a life- saving feature
  • A pressure gauge provided to constantly check the gas level in the cylinder
  • It helps you conserve expenses on the monthly gas bill
  • The information on liability insurance of the device has not been given


5. Gas safe Gas Leakage Brass Safety Device

Gas Safe is a brand that is based in Maharashtra. The company had prioritized your safety and comfort over everything else. They have different types of gas safety devices, premium gas stoves, and safety regulators.


They also provide assistance so you can choose the device that suits you the best. This device is delivered to you fully assembled and properly fit with screws so that you can immediately start using it just after its delivery and need no professional help setting it up. 

The on and off switch, bonnet, inlet, and outlet all pieced together. It is suitable for use on the LPG Cylinders and can be fitted on the regulators so that the gas passes through the device before it is supplied to the gas stove.

This is how the indicator catches on the problem and the safety system in the device kicks in. The device works in the manner that it monitors the pressure in the gas cylinder, if the speed of the gas leaving the cylinder is high, so is the speed of decreasing pressure in the latter.

In such a case, the device automatically shuts off the valve so that the gas supply stops.

The device is made from brass, an alloy that is reputed for its durability because it is highly resistant to any kind of corrosion and the shine of the body and the working quality of the product stays the same for a long time thus, it is a very cost-effective device.

The gas safety device is extremely light and can be easily changed from one cylinder to another when you need to replace it.

It is also very easy to clean, you can either wipe it with a clean wet cloth weekly or rinse it at regular intervals, so that the device gives its best performance.

If you need to cut down on the amount you pay for the gas every month, the device comes to your aid as it helps you decrease the gas consumption by 30% of what you actually use each month. It also keeps track of how much of gas is left in the cylinder.

The device is available in two shades out of which you can choose according to your colour preferences, one of them is pinkish-brown and the other is gold.

  • The body of this device is corrosion resistant
  • It helps you save on your monthly gas bill
  • Its replacement parts are easily available in the markets
  • The knob and bottom of the body is made of hard plastic
  • Nothing has been stated about the warranty and Liability insurance


6. Diamond Gas Safety Device

This device is manufactured by the company- Generic that also provides for multi-utility electrical products, kitchen appliances like wood carving/ drill machines, and kitchen weighing scale. These devices are a great help at home, they are efficient, durable, and affordable.


This device is made from the metal alloy- Brass such that can maintain both its looks and quality of performance like new for over 20 years. The knob and bottom of the fit however are made from quality plastic.

The durability of a device depends on the material chosen for its construction and this device has robust built and made of quality materials so you have nothing to worry about.

The plastic knob on the side of this gas safety device is given so that you can manually switch the gas supply off if you are going to be absent from your house for a longer period of time. This puts you at ease and you can be assured of the safety of your house.

The sensitivity of the device is aptly set- not too high that the supply is cut off and you are alarmed for no reason and not too high that you can end up in harm’s way due to neglect. The pressure drop is monitored and if anything is unusual the supply gets cut off automatically.

A gauge at the front of the device gives you the exact level of the gas present in your cylinder at that present moment so you know how much of it you are consuming daily and when it is finally time to change the cylinder, you are not caught off-guard.

So that you can easily understand these measurements the device analogous gauge has a colour coded scale of reading where the medium and high levels are shown by green and that of the low levels are indicated by red colour.

To lower down the cost, you spend on the gas that you get on a monthly basis, this device tamps down the level of gas to 30% of what you consumed without the device. This is most definitely a plus point of using this device.

The warranty period provided upon the delivery of this device is three years and it is given so that you can feel secure about the purchase you are making.

For the whole of this warranty period, you can get any help you require or even a replacement if necessary. The product liability insurance on this gas safety device can be up to 5 crores of rupees so that the cost of damage is covered if anything happened at all while you were using this device.

  • The brass and hard plastic used for construction make it durable
  • The sensitivity of this device towards gas leakage is apt
  • Warranty period provided with this device is three years
  • Liability insurance provided can go as high as 5 crores
  • The device is heavier than its contemporaries


7. BITCORP Horizontal Gas Trip Safety & Leakage Detector Device

BITCORP is a manufacturer of electrical appliances like Geysers, and accessories like extension cords, switchboards, screws. It is, all in all, a go-to brand for people who like doing all the work in the house themselves. They are easy to use and ease your task.


This device is a safer and better replacement for the regulators that you have used before. It has the capability of ceasing the gas supply from your LPG cylinder if the pressure in it drops with high speed indicating that the gas inside is escaping with the same rapidness.

The body of the device, that is, the housing is made of brass, which is known to be rust-resistant and can function like it did back when it was new for as long as 25 years.

The emergency switch that can be used to turn off the gas supply manually and the base is made of hard plastic. So, as far as the construct and built is concerned, you are covered with this device.

This device can fit on to the LPG cylinders that you use at home. You have to attach the air conduit to the valve by putting a little pressure on it so it adjusts properly and does not come off due to some accident. The changing process is also quite simple so anyone can do it.

The device is also all assembled when delivered to you, the housing, inlet, outlet, switch, and base together. This means you can start using it upon its delivery and do not need to spend extra time and effort on it.

The device is also very simple to use, clean, and therefore maintain. The pipe that connects the cylinder to the stove is adjusted the same way as your old regulator. The on and off switch also works in a similar way.

An easy to read pressure gauge on the device is provided so that you can easily get to know what is the level of gas left. This is done by actually taking into account the pressure inside the gas cylinder to which the gas level is directly proportional.

The gauge is quite easy to read because of the simple scale on it that demarcates between optimum gas level and low levels by representing them in two different colors. When your pointer is turned to the green part, you are in the clear but if it is towards red, your cylinder needs to be changed.

  • The scale is easy to read and understand
  • Housing body of the device is made of brass, and is thus durable
  • Auto cut off of the gas supply if pressure drop is rapid
  • Easy to install and use
  • The seller has mentioned nothing about warranty and liability insurance


8. SOHUM LPG Commercial Gas Safety Device

SOHUM is primarily a manufacturer of safety and utility products for kitchens- their products include gas stoves, geysers, dispensers, and foldable chairs. They are guaranteed to be very efficient devices that have a long life such that they are cost-effective.


This device ensures your safety by making use of its supply auto cut-off feature. This feature kicks into action when the pressure in the cylinder starts going down with speed which of course implies that the gas is moving out of the cylinder with high speed.

This rapid movement of the cooking gas from the cylinder is called gas leak and it can have hazardous results that can bring down your whole house. This can be used on the LPG cylinders that are delivered to your home by fixing it on top of the cylinder-like you did with your old regulator.

The stove connection through a pipe and turn off knob also remains the same. The simplicity of usage from old conventional regulators is maintained and the latest safety feature that has the potential of saving you from the life-threatening situation is added.

To know how much of cooking gas is left inside the cylinder you just have to refer to the extremely simple and easy to understand pressure gauge that is given on the top of this product. It measure the pressure inside the gas cylinder which decreases with the decrease in the gas levels inside it.

If that is not enough, the device also helps you cut down on your monthly expense on the gas cylinders because it reduces your consumption of the gas by 15% to 20% of what you used before you started relying on this gas safety device. Thus, it is good for your pocket as well.

This device is also at par with the international standards as laid out by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and is thus certified by them. It is also acclaimed to be tested and verified by ARAI.

This implies that your safety is ensured and the device qualifies all tests for it.

The warranty on the device is for one year and the insurance provided by the company can amount up to the value of 75 lakh rupees. This is done so that you can trust the device and feel more secure about the investment you are making.

The customer service provided by the manufacturer is very smooth functioning and provides you with the assistance that you need anytime. So, you do not have to go through any hassle if you find a problem with your device and resolve it to the best of their potential.

  • The device helps you cut down your monthly expenses
  • It is certified by ISO, tested and verified by ARAI
  • The auto- cut off feature that protects you
  • Pressure gauge that lets you know when to change the cylinder
  • The warranty period for this device is only one year


9. Ruchi World Home LPG Gas, Domestic Gas Safety Device

Ruchi is an Indian company majorly dedicated to making gas safety devices that make your kitchen safe and secure even in your absence. They are suppliers of these devices all over the country and are well praised and relied upon by their users who eagerly recommend them.


This device is compatible with the cylinders that are used in India. It latches on to the top of the valve on the cylinder and gets fixed in that position until you have to change the cylinder. It is easy to change and is done in the same way one would fix simple regulators.

The major function of this device as suggested by its name is to stop the supply of the LPG gas from the cylinder if the leakage detector suspects a sudden and fast increase in the flow of the gas out of the cylinder.

The mechanism that this leakage detector works on can be explained by the fact that the increased removal of gas from the cylinder tends to decrease the pressure levels in it at the same speed, this is how the leakage is detected and the supply then cut off for your safety.

The device helps you in saving the gas that you exhaust by decreasing 25% of what you did earlier, so if you used the cylinder for 30 days before, then the life of your cylinder increases to 10-12 more days.

This feature decreases the amount of money that you spend on cooking gas. The device can be used for 25 years whilst maintaining the kind of performance it gives for those many years.

It owes its durability to the material used to make it, which is brass, simplistic design, built and the sturdy construct it is given.

The measure of the volume of gas in the cylinder in the current time can be known by observing the analogous pressure gauge that gives the measure of the pressure inside the gas cylinder. The volume is estimated at these pressure levels.

It can be done by keeping in mind that the volume of gas contained inside the cylinder is directly proportional to the amount of pressure that it applies.

The low levels of gas are indicated by the pointer when it is pointing towards the slim red part of the curve in the scale and the optimal and high- pressure levels by the increasingly thick green part of the aforementioned curve.

This device is also provided with a product warranty that lasts for a period of one year.

If you find a manufacturing defect in the device, it will be immediately resolved for you. You just need to call the customer helpline number provided by the company. You may even get a replacement if that is what needs to be done.

  • The pressure gauge keeps you aware of the gas levels in the cylinder
  • The customer service is smooth and very helpful
  • It helps you save the amount you spend on gas monthly
  • The device is simple to handle and can be used by anyone
  • Information on Liability Insurance sum has not been provided


Buying Guide – Best Gas Safety Devices in India

This gas safety device has now become a supreme necessity in small and big households because there is nothing that can completely ensure the safety of something as dangerous as a gas leakage but this device comes quite close to it.

It is a must-have so that you can rely on it for your protection and that of your home even in the times you are not physically there to keep everything in check. It is gaining the trust of many families gradually because of this very reason.


It is an alternative to the basic sealant that fits on to your cylinder like a knob and further connects to the pipe that supplies the gas to your gas stove, the difference is that the former can save you from a terrible loss.

There are quite a lot of choices in the Indian markets for this device and if you want to purchase the device that is most suitable for you after comparing all its contemporaries. The list below contains all the factors you need to make sure that your choice has: –

Factors to Consider while buying the Best Gas Safety Device

1. Material used for the body

The materials used for the construction of the body of this device should be sturdy, tough, and durable. It should be rust-resistant because that may cause the body to slowly chip off and wither off. It should also not be very heavy such that it becomes difficult to use.

The materials that are usually used to prepare the body of these devices are brass, steel, and stainless steel. Out of these three, the brass bodies are most preferred.

2. Sensitivity of the leakage detector

The simple principle of the working of this device is that in situations where the gas escapes from the cylinder with unusual rapidness, the pressure inside the cylinder decreases with the same speed. This is when the leakage detector kicks in and automatically ceases the gas supply.

The function of the leakage detector is to indicate such circumstances. It should be able to detect the pressure drop ranging between 200 RPM to 10,000 rpm for your protection.


3. Ease of Installation

The device on delivery should be attached to the housing so that you just have to fix it on the gas conduit without calling for professional help or putting in extra unnecessary efforts.

The device has to be removed from the top of a cylinder to place it on another when the former is been used up to all its potential, which has to be done frequently so the installation procedure should not be very complicated.

4. Safety and other features

The safety factors of the device include the must-have automatic emergency cut off for the gas supply from the gas cylinder that ceases the gas flow from the cylinder when there is a sudden rush of it that may lead to something hazardous.

The other features may include the cut down on the gas that goes wasted from every cylinder put to use and thereby increasing the number of days that the cylinder gets used.


5. Gas Pressure Scale

The gas pressure scale is mostly an analogous gauge that gives you the measure of the pressure inside of the cylinder. This is to primarily help you keep a track of how much of the gas is left inside the cylinder and thus estimate how many more days the cylinder could last you.

This scale always keeps you informed of how much of the cooking gas are you consuming and helps you cut down on it if that is required.

6. Ease of cleaning and maintenance

The durability of this device is commendable. so, you get to use it for a long time. The question is- whether or not it provides the same quality of working in that time period. And that depends on how you use and clean the device.

For some devices, it is very easy to clean them by removing the grim off the surface or just rinse it and pat it dry before the next use. But this would not be possible if the construct of the device is complex and it is not easy to clean all its parts.


7. Warranty on the Product

The minimum and maximum warranty period provided for these devices are 2 years and 6 years respectively. It is given with the product so that, in the future, if you find any problem with the device, you can easily get it resolved. It makes your investment secure.

This is a very crucial factor and has to be given extra consideration before you make your choice, ensure that the warranty period of the device you decide on is more than five years.

8. Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is another very important factor in decision making. This is the amount that you will be refunded if the device fails in its purpose and an accident occurs even if it is used in your LPG cylinder.

The amount of money in this insurance can amount to anything up to 6 crore Rupees, so that you are covered even if anything does happen by accident.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Gas Safety Devices in India

Q1. What can be the reasons for gas to leak?

Ans. There can a number of reasons that can cause gas leakage- it may be that a family member or house help leaves the knob of the stove on, or there could be a tear in the tube that connects the cylinder to the stove.

The stove controller knobs could be faulty or there might be something wrong with the valve in the cylinder. It could be a defective apparatus or lack of responsible behaviour, but it cannot be predicted so there should be precautionary measures for any such casualty.

Q2. How to use this gas safety device?

Ans. It is just like fixtures and very easy to adjust on the cylinders. If all the parts of the device are already attached- the valve, housing, and the ports (which is mostly the case) you just have to place it on the conduit and put some pressure on it.
The device latches on to the cylinder and locks itself in position so that it does not come off if accidentally put force upon.

Q3. What are the advantages of this product?

Ans. The advantage of this product, first and foremost, is that it actively detects any kind of leakage from the gas cylinder and goes on to further cease the supply so that the inflammable gas does not escape to your kitchen and burns down your house.

Some of these devices are smartly designed to increase your gas conservation so that you can save up the monthly amount you put into getting the LPG cylinder.

Q4. What is the optimum warranty period for it?

Ans. The product is given a warranty ranging from 2 to 6 years. The more the warranty period on the device is, the more it is better for you.

It is suggested for you to buy a product that has a warranty period of more than five years, so you are provided with assistance whenever you find a problem with the functioning of the device.

Q5. What is liability insurance? What is the optimum amount for it?

Ans. Some brands have absolute and complete trust in their products to never fail. So that they could earn the same amount of trust from your end in the capability of their device, they promise to provide you with a pre-determined amount if anything goes wrong.

This is called product liability insurance. It can be anything up to the sum of 6 crore rupees. You must get perfect clarity on this deal from the seller before making the purchase.

Conclusion Best Gas Safety Devices in India

The beginning of this article has a detailed and informative review of the 9 best gas safety devices in India that are supplied by well known, appreciated and highly recommended brands.

The devices are equipped with all the safety features and are at par with the latest technologies.

If you are still confused in making the right selection, then don’t worry! W We have a recommendation. In our opinion, DSMS Diamond Gas Safety Device is the best gas safety device and its customer reviews only consist of praises and compliments for the efficiency of the device.


It is easy to install, clean, and maintain its quality for a long time. It is made of brass and thus is durable. It has the auto cut-off feature and also conserves the 25% to 30% of the gas that you would have otherwise lost.

The warranty period for this device is three years and the liability insurance that is given by the brand can go up to 1.25 crore of rupees.

For more details about the product, please click here.

Happy shopping!

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