8 Best Water Softeners in India (October 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Are you fed up of your hair fall or dry skin?

Is none of your expensive products are working for the diverse problems of your body?

If yes, then we are here to discuss one of the finest technologies available in India. That’s none other than a Water Softener.


Hard water can damage your skin and hair to its utmost level. It has calcium and magnesium salts which removes moisture from your body and leaves it dry leading to many consequences like hair fall, dry skin, frizzy hair and what not.

A Water Softener is known to remove the contaminants such as chlorine and hard water salts which cause the actual damage. 

It converts the mentioned above to harmless forms to make sure that it is no longer in the power to do any kind of harm.

It prevents the harm that it done to not only your skin but also to the various water appliances you have installed at your house ( geysers, shower panels etc).

As you proceed towards the end of the page you will also see a Buying Guide that will educate you about various aspects of a water softener that must be considered while buying.

So without wasting any more time, let’s walk through the list of the Top 8 Best Water Softeners in India.

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These are the Top 8 Best Water Softeners in India

Top 8 Best Water Softeners in India in 2021

1. Water Science Cleo Shower And Tap Filter

Cleo as a brand is known to provide you with the most luxurious spa experience at home by its appliances. The product is available to you in matte silver and a pearl white colour, which are the best colors to go with an elegant bathroom.


Cleo SFU-717 makes the water clean, purified, and healthy for an improved condition of your hair and skin. It has a unique feature that purifies the water with 4 layers and makes sure that water that comes in direct contact with you is no longer harmful.

Primary Features

  • Micro- sieve layer
  • Hardness conditioning
  • Chlorine removal
  • Nano silver carbon layer
  • Matte silver and pearl white
  • Prevents limescale

The micro sieve layer is known to purify the particles that are suspended in the body and the impurities that can’t be seen with naked eyes.

The hardness conditioning layer of the water filter reduces the effects of the hard water salts present in the water and also decreases the effects of lime-scale deposits.

It also has a Chlorine removal layer that goes by its name and removes upto 90% of chlorine present in the water.

This water softener has a Nano silver-carbon layer that plays a huge role in the removal of bacteria from water and getting it rid of foul smell.

It can not only fit in taps but also in all types of hand and overhead showers. The replacement cartridges of CLEO have a life of 25,000 litres, which is 2x more than its competitors.

With an average of 2 baths a day, the cartridge can live upto 6 months. If you live in a family of 4 members, 3 months would be a rough estimate.

This water filter can effectively work with hot water to give you the best possible experience.

The temperature usually ranges from 5° C to 60°C. It is compatible with the aerators of an area of 22 mm female, 24 mm male, and 28 mm male and female.

A 24 mm Aerator adapter is the default one and comes in the box itself. It comes with a DIY (Do It Yourself) installation kit.

You can use this kit to fit the water filter to your hand shower, taps, or over the head showers by yourselves with no extra charges given to plumbers.

Cleo is designed to reduce the effects of hard water. It is a Made in India product and has got amazing reviews from the customers that make it one of the best water softeners in India.

  • 4 layer Filtration Technology
  • Reduces 95% of chlorine
  • Cuts the cost of installation
  • Protects your body and water appliances
  • Does not reduce TDS (Coloured or cloudy Water)
  • No indication


2. D’cal Plastic Hard Water Conditioner, Complete House

D’CAL water conditioners are specially designed to make the usage of water safe. It has a complete house technology which is not very commonly found when it comes to water softeners.


D’CAL water conditioners are yellow in color, it prevents the white coating over the appliances which is made by the formation of calcium salts in the hard water. The product dimensions are 10cm x 10cm x 30cm. It is also a very light-Weight water softener, 600g.

Primary Features

  • Yellow
  • Complete house
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Suitable for independent houses
  • Weight – 600 grams
  • 10cm x 10cm x 30cm

The proprietary technology used in this water conditioner makes sure that it masks the calcium ions present and turns them inert so that they can no longer harm anything.

A performance test can also be done to test the efficiency of the product. 1 litre of water needs to be boiled as before and after the bore is used in two different utensils.

It is very easy to use this product and also is very wallet-friendly. No plumber is required for installation.

No electricity is being used by this product which makes it energy-efficient too. This product makes sure that there is no wastage of water and is absolutely very low maintenance.

It assures long life and can last up to 12 months easily. This D’Cal water softener has been given an amazing rating from the customers. As per the users, the product is easy to use and budget-friendly.

  • Long Life
  • Energy Efficient
  • Water Conservation
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Does not change the TDS
  • Can not reduce many salts in the water


3. AquaKing Hard Water Shower Filter

AquaKing provides you one of the best water Shower filters in India. It not only assures healthy but also itch-free skin. Not just this but it also makes your nails grow stronger. AquaKing is one of the top brands selling the best quality water softeners in India.


The main quality that must be put forth about the Aqua King is its aroma-therapy. The aroma-therapy is generally known for the relaxation of nerves and muscles of the body.

Primary Features

  • Chrome in colour
  • Cleans chlorine
  • 10 stage filter
  • 2 year warranty on shower head
  • 90 days warranty on cartridge
  • Uses USA and JAPANESE technology

The product comes in chrome color. This color would absolutely go with your bathroom and would be loved by everyone who sees it. AquaKing assures visible results in just 45 days. The changes could not be only seen in your skin but also in the texture of your hair.  

This water filter would be the little secret to your good looking brighter skin. AquaKing is loaded with 10 water filtration systems.

This system filters the chlorine and salts in the hard water which needs to be purified before they reach your body. It is an amazing health-solution to many of your dermatological problems.

The brand eliminates upto 95% of chlorine in the water by its specially patented KDF technology. This technology is from the kDF fluid treatment., Inc,. USA.

This filter comes in a DIY kit, which can be installed under 3 minutes of time. It cuts the extra cost and makes the appliance easy to install and use.

The appliance comes with a warranty of 90 days on the cartridge and a 2-year warranty on the shower in case of any manufacturing defects.

This shower filter has vitamin C, softener, and minerals which makes your water not only fit for use but even more healthy. It protects your skin and at the same time removes odour too.

This AquaKing filter can be used literally anywhere in your house, be it your kitchen, faucets, washing machines, or the basic taps.

It protects your skin and at the same time removes odour too. This product is very popular among users who gave it a 4.3 out of 5. If you are looking for the best water softeners in India, this might be the right product for you.

  • Multi Stage Filter System
  • 95% Of Chlorine Gets Removed
  • Longer Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • Energy Efficient
  • No TDS removal
  • Does not come with shower arm


4. Caresmith ABS SIFT shower and Tap filter for Indian conditions

Caresmith is known to provide you with the best appliances in the industry due to its different style and absolutely mesmerizing good looks. It has pearl white and matte silver colors. These are the most unique colors found in the range of shower filters.


When you use a Caresmith SIFT variant, you bid adieu to your itchy skin. Chlorine is one of the main causes of irritant dermatitis. It can be understood that due to the reaction of chlorine with your skin, itchiness, red skin, and even hives are caused.

Primary Features

  • Pearl white and matte silver
  • 10 layer protection
  • 19.1 cm x 7.1 cm x 7.1 cm
  • 470 grams
  • Does not reduce tds

SlFT gives you a chlorine-free water supply. Water usually has a lot of bacteria in it due to which it smells like sewage. This care smith product makes you smell like a daisy as it removes all the bacteria and harmful contaminants in the water making it healthy.

It has a heavy-duty filter with no unnecessary filters in it. It is designed to perform only one job, which targets, remove toxic contaminants and chlorine from the water.

This cuts the cost and makes the product wallet-friendly as no unnecessary charges of the filters are added.

All the basic tools for the installation and a user manual is provided with the product. The filter comes with a replacement reminder. Each time the cartridge would need a replacement, you will get to know.

With NSF certified imported KDF -55, and an enforced Calcium sulphite, the filter is set to have all the harmful substances filtered out. This filter can be easily installed on all the shower connections of ½”.

It can also be installed on all the standard aerator taps of area 24mm and 28mm. The box includes a shower and the tap filter, two tap connectors, two washes, one piece of sandpaper, and a user’s manual with instructions of installation.

It has 50% larger filters than the standard ones in the market.

They are specially engineered for the specific conditions of Indian houses. It converts chlorine and many other dangerous substances into harmless ones. But you can be absolutely sure of the fact that the water will be much safer and healthier than the earlier times.

  • 10 stages filter
  • Diy kit
  • Wallet friendly
  • Can be easily installed at home
  • TDS is Not Removed
  • No Warranty Information


5. WaterScience Cleo SFA 720 Aroma Therapy shower filter

Water science is a very famous brand among people who are willing to buy shower filters and who already have bought one from this company. This product comes in the most standard color, silver.


This shower filter is known to remove water salts, heavy metals, and chlorine present to give you nourished skin and hair. It also removes bad odor of water and reduces lime-scale.

Primary Features

  • Silver Colour
  • 70% Water Saving
  • 5 Years Assurance
  • 4 Layer Filter
  • Aroma Therapy

The water that passes from the filter is induced with aromatic essential oils. It not only prevents your hair from falling but the essential oils would also make an effort to make your hair better looking again. The filter has a fist mode. 

This fist mode is known to save 70% of water while you bathe. It fits in all the standard shower that has an arm of 0.5 inches. It comes with a DIY installation kit.

This kit enables you to install the product in merely 3 minutes which makes it really time-efficient in this busy world.

In case of any defects under residential conditions and usage, the company assures replacement from 5 years of buying. A consistent and relaxing experience is promised by the company due to its simple to change aroma pads.

Cleo’s 4 layer filter technology has a Nano-Silver carbon and the patented KDF technology from the US filters chlorine and hard water salts.

It terminates bacterial growth which leads to the removal of bad odour. And the aroma pads give it a soothing and refreshing smell. It protects your skin by halting it from the absorption of hard salts.

Hard water causes blockage of pores, giving a rough texture be it your skin or the appliances you have installed.

The dimensions of the product are 18 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm. The users are quite happy with this product as this product has got a 4.3 stars rating for the softness it gave to the water and the sheerness of the product.

  • 5 Years Warranty
  • 4 Layers Filter Technology
  • Aromatic Therapy Pads
  • Essential Oils Present
  • Doesn’t Reduce Turbidity


6. Dr. Recommends Shower Filter for Hard Water Treatment

Dr. Recommends is one of the popular brands in the online markets.  Dr. Recommends shower filter comes in a chrome color body that is the best solution for hard water. It comes with 2 cartridges as a backup.


It gives the brand an edge over the other shower filters in the Indian market. It reduces the hassle of buying the cartridge again and again. It also has 15 multi-stage filter layers to remove harmful substances from the water that can be said to be chlorine, lead, hard water salts, etc.

Primary Features

  • Chrome Coloured
  • 2 Cartridges
  • Cylindrical
  • ABS Plastic
  • 9cm X 9cm X 9cm

The bad odor produced due to the growth of the bacteria is one of the main reasons for your hair fall and itchiness. The several filter layers as stated above contain activated carbon, has KDF technology, calcium sulphite, cotton, and metal mesh to filter contaminants out.

Tourmaline balls are also accompanied by germanium and magnetic energy ceramic balls. It is a tested and certified product in terms of treating hard water. It successfully promotes the healing and restoration of your skin and hair.

Beyond just removing the bacteria, bad odour, and preventing skin itchiness and dandruff, it is also recognized to improve the state of your skin and hair to large extents.

The product is super easy to install and just takes a few minutes. The capacity of the cartridge is 16,000 gallons of water. The cartridge with this capacity particularly can provide you clean water for 4 to 6 months straight.

Along with this shower filter, you also get a 22 mm female and 24 mm male fitting tap connector, 2 cartridges, and a user manual. This is everything you would need for an easy installation.

The brand does not recommend to use it immediately after the installation but let the water run through the filter for 5 to 10 minutes, so that carbon dust doesn’t build up.

The product is not only elegant but also looks very classy. You can’t ignore this water softener at this price at all. To avail, the best deal, press the button given below.

  • 15 filter layers
  • One cartridge can last upto 4-6 months
  • Gives you healthy skin, hair and nails
  • TDS isn’t reduced to any extent


7. Riversoft combo pack SF-15 PRO ( ABS, chrome) and SFC-15 ( PP, WHITE) shower filter

If you are looking to buy the best water softener in India, this product is something that can’t be ignored. This Riversoft product removes the chlorine and hard salts from the water as it uses some of the best materials in the manufacturing of its filter.


It has Vitamin C in the filter and an alkaline ball, which can set the pH required for a healthy body and enriches the body with the right amount of minerals. This utterly nourishes your hair and skin.

Primary Features

  • SF-15 (ABS , chrome)
  • SFC – 15 (PP, white)
  • 15 stages
  • Extra cartridge

The filter helps to reduce the hair fall and more than that it also improves the quality of your hair. The NSF approved the KDF technology used to reduce the chlorine amounts in the water to the harmless forms.

Calcium sulphide which is said to be extremely great in the removal of chlorine is used in this technology. Whereas, vitamin C helps the hair to maintain the regular and natural colour and the look.

Skin dryness is prevented by the KDF and activated carbon used. It prevents chlorine from harming your body and the hard salts which deposit on the skin to harm it.

Mineral balls are enriched with water and essential nutrients for your skin. As you already may know vitamin C has antioxidant properties that neutralize the free radicals of water.

The colonies are formed by the bacteria and other microbes in the water. These tend to pose a hazard to your health. Activated carbon is inclusive of anti-bacterial properties.

These properties of the activated carbon inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the water clean. Multi-stage filtration reduces more than 99% of bad odour and the bleaching powder smell.

It can be easily installed by you yourself. The shower filter has a universal ½ inch inlet and outlet. Thus can be used in almost all types of showers.

Customer care can be called in case you are not sure about the selection of the connector. They will help you in choosing the right one. This product has achieved the highest rating so far. The rating of 4.4 stars which makes it among the best selling water softeners in India.

  • Anti- oxident properties
  • 15 stages of filtration
  • Extra cartridge
  • No TDS removal
  • Not for drinking purposes
  • No warranty informed


8. Watamate Active + Bathroom Shower and Tap Filter

Watamate is one of the best-known brands for water dispensers. The brand is popular for India’s first automatic water dispenser. Also, the first one to have a 1-year replacement warranty.


This Chrome colored water softener is said to remove all the contaminants from your water to make it safer for use. It has one of the largest capacities in comparison to other water softeners in the market. It has a capacity of up to 50,000 liters. 

Primary Features

  • Shower filter with a head
  • Colour of chrome
  • Capacity of 50,000 litres
  • Multi stage activation
  • Long lasting

With the active bathing of a small family, it can last longer than 6 months. With an average area of ½ inches, it can fit all the taps of a standard size. Long-lasting life is promised by this solid metal body water softener.

It can easily fit the hand shower and over the head showers too. It features multi-stage activation softening and ionization of water.

The multi-stage layer causes the removal of chlorine, nano-silver carbon, and a micro sieve which controls the hardness of the water.

Watamate active+ gives you an amazing bathing experience with ionized water, so that it cannot harm your skin, hair, nails, etc.

It has quite reliable cartridges. It has two options either the regular option or the one with fragrance filled aroma option. Customers have given the best reviews for this water softener as the product according to them is easy to use and install.

  • Easy to use
  • 50,000 litres
  • Lasts upto 6 months
  • Metal body
  • No mention about the warranty


Not always the basic information about the product is enough. But you need to know all the varieties and ranges when you are buying something. To narrow down the research and to make it easy for you to buy the appliance we have a buying guide for you below.

Buying Guide – Best Water Softeners in India

A buying guide is an important tool that must be referred to while buying any product. It leads you to the most reliable and the best option So that you can make the right choice.


Before discussing all the features that you need to take into account before buying a water softener, let’s look at its benefits.

What are the Benefits of a Water Softener?

Following are the benefits of installation of a water softener at your house.

1. Makes Water Soft

Water softener as its name suggests makes the hard water soft. Hard water is not only harmful to your skin and body but also the bathroom interior. Appliances like Geysers gets affected by hard water in no time.

Scaling and sedimentation of hard salts in hard water is a very common cause due to which appliances like washing machines, geysers, and showers clog, and their life span decreases.

Prolonged usage of hard water can cause many serious problems that can be hair fall, frizzy hair, and the dryness of the skin.

Hard water is so hazardous and it can be only converted into soft one via a water softener. So, we can say that a water softener is a miracle in paradise for people who have a supply of hard water in their housing areas.

2. Removes Visible Impurities

Many water softeners also have a filtration technology to remove all the dust, sand, mud, and dirt particles dissolved in the water. These kinds of contaminants are quite common in the water supplied by Borewell.

Traces of iron and rust can be easily found in the water by the municipality. The difference between clean water and hard water can be easily identified through its visual appearance.

These impurities are physical impurities which can be easily seen from naked eyes. Water softeners with water filters can remove these physical impurities without a doubt. 

3. Good for Skin and Hair

By Now, you would have already made out how injurious hard water is for your skin and hair as it can leave you with dry hair and skin. Not only this but hard water can cause many more dermatological complications such as eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff, etc.

4. Removes odour from water

Clearwater usually is odorless. But chemicals and hard metals present in the water can lead to its bad odor. Chlorine is said to be the main reason for causing the bad smell to the water.

Chlorine is a disinfectant and is used to disinfect water. Chlorine is used by the municipal corporation to clean the water.  Even if you don’t use water from the municipal corporation, many other micro-organisms also lead to bad smell.

If you have a pungent smell then you should definitely invest your time in a multi-stage water filter which will get your water rid of bad smell.

5. Prevents Limescale Formation

Can you see a white layer on the appliances, taps, showers that are used in your bathroom? If yes, that is the layer of limescale. This scaling of limescale on your appliances increases the ageing process of the appliances.

Hard water softener prevents you from such situations and unnecessary expenses of changing your bathroom interior again and again. Softeners do so by making the water soft which further prevents scaling and layer formations.

Bacteria in the shower heads are the main reason to cause severe pulmonary diseases. According to the research, 60% of shower-heads have tested positive for several types of micro-organisms.

Shower filters with KDF – 55, ceramic balls, etc are used to prevent the growth of such micro-organisms. By now, you must have understood how important shower filters are for you and your family.

So, below listed are the factors that need to be looked upon before buying any water softener.


Factors to consider while buying the Best Water Softener in India

1. Designs of Water Softeners

There are mainly two types of filters that need to be emphasized on that,

Shower Head Softeners

When we talk about the appearance, it looks exactly like a shower-head. It also behaves like one. It just needs to be installed on top of the taps and showers of your house.

These may appear to be a little bulkier but in use, they are the best as they exactly do what they are manufactured for. It cleanses the water totally and also maintains the constant water pressure for you.

In line softeners

It doesn’t require any kind of shower that needs to be installed between the already existing shower in your bathroom and the water-line of it.

One of the benefits that could be seen of this softener is that you wouldn’t have to change your shower head.

2. On the basis of types of the water softeners

Ion Exchange Water Softener

This type of water softeners is connected to the plumbing line of the house. The salts that replace the hard water due to magnesium and calcium are usually contained in this water softener.

The resin beads in the softener help in softening the water by substituting the contaminants with minerals.

Salt Free Water Softener

Buying a salt-free water softener is not much recommended as it’s performance is not as much as effective as of Ion Exchange Water Softener.

If you are someone who wants to get rid of high sodium water, then you must buy a salt-free water softener.

Magnetic and Electronic Water Softener

If you don’t want to spend money on the installation of a water softener, then this type of softener is a must-buy product. You can install this softener on your own in no time.

A magnetic and electronic water softener help in the reversal of the electromagnetic properties of the mineral. Thus, this also helps in the prevention of clogging of pipes.

3. Filtration Technology

1. Multi Level Carbon Filters

This is one of the most common technologies, which is used by most of the filters. In this technology, the impurities move through many filters, so that the water gets clean. These filters have multiple mediums that suck the impurities and deliver your cleanest form of water.

2. KDF Filters

KDF filters can be used as a combination with the carbon filter also. These filters are made of copper and zinc.

Both the materials are amazingly effective in the removal of heavy metals and bacteria which are extremely harmful to your body. The Municipal water has many more impurities which can also be removed from this filter.

3. Vitamin C Filters

Vitamin C filter is another popular filtration technology. This can be used as a conjunction between the carbon filters and the KDF filters.

The best quality of this filter is said to be its ability to remove chlorine and chloramine particles. Visible differences can be seen in your skin once this softener is installed. It is a must technology for you if you have very hard water supply in your locality

4. Initial Price and Cost of replacement of the cartridge

Many of the hard water softeners already come with an inbuilt cartridge, this is common in almost all the brands. You may find some companies that offer an extra cartridge with the water filter.

This enables you to change the old and the initial one as you would already have an extra one with you. So, when you are out to buy a water softener, make sure that you also compare the price of the cartridge that you will have to use once it needs to be replaced.

Because we don’t want you to spend on a cartridge whose price will be almost equal to the whole water softener device you bought a while ago.

5. Capacity

This is the other most important thing to be taken into account. The capacity does not only tell you about how much impurity cartridge can hold but also tells you how long it will actually last.

The more will be the capacity, the longer it will last and accordingly, a replacement can be arranged. Most of the good cartridges have a life span of around 6-12 months. The life of the cartridge also depends on family size.

It usually is 20,000 – 40,000 litres. It is better to buy the filter with larger capacities to avoid the hassle of buying again and again and replacing the cartridges frequently. 

6. Size of Water Softener

The size of the water softener should always be in accordance to your requirements. The important aspects include your bathroom size and convenience. The best way to choose the size of the softener would be to note your average consumption of water.

7. Features of Water Softeners

The features of the water softeners such as indication of replacement, programming levels, and display option usually make it easier for you to use the best water softener in India.

Some of the best features in a water softener are:

  • Timer controls

The timer controls usually tell you about the automatic regeneration program that the softener follows. This makes it a lot easier for you to operate the time and thus does not interrupt the regular household chores.

  • DIR Controls

DIR stands for Demand Initiated Regeneration. It is installed in the water softener to sense if the resins need recharging. It is only then that the controls regenerate when there is a demand for regeneration.

8. Installation Process

There are particularly two ways to install your water softener. It can be either for the whole house or at a particular tap or shower. It totally depends on where and how you want to install the water softener. 

Conclusion – Best Water Softeners in India

After the deep research of lots of water softeners in India, we could come to the conclusion that RIVERSOFT Water Softener is the best of all. This product is has been among the best sellers on Amazon India.

best-water-softners-in-indiaNot only this, but it is also available on a massive discount of over 65% which makes it popular among its customers. The users have given amazing reviews on this Riversoft water softener. This not only looks good but also guarantees amazing performance.

So, Get rid of your hard water issues with the help of this water softener, and avail the best discount, by clicking here.

If you have any doubts regarding water softeners, dont hesitate to comment below!

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