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12 Best Gas Lighters in India (May 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews


What is the one thing in your kitchen that is the most basic requirement for cooking and always has its importance overlooked?

The Gas Lighter! You can prepare the best recipe and still never get to cook your favorite meal if the lighter is not working.


There are basically two types of lighters that are widely available in the Indian Markets, Manual & Electrical. Manual lighters use the idea of friction between a piezo-electric crystal and spring-loaded hammer that creates a spark that eventually lights up your stove.

The other kind- the electric lighter as the name suggests uses electric stress that is powered by AA Batteries and converts it into heat energy that is basically a spark. They are a little more difficult to maintain than manual ones.

These devices are an alternative to the traditionally used matchsticks that is not only unsafe but also expensive if taken all costs into account.

Unsafe because your hands are so close to the stove while lighting it so consider a case where you are wearing something with long sleeves and it catches on to the burner.

Think about all the matchboxes that you have to buy from the age you start cooking by yourself and add all costs together to get the amount you actually end up spending on them.

Do you not find the figure a little ridiculous? You can buy a lighter that can last as long as a third of that cost.

Here is the list of 12 Best Gas Lighters in India that have been tested and verified for their efficiency and recommended by their past and current users.

These are the Top 12 Best Gas Lighters in India

Best Gas Lighters in India in 2021

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Gas Lighter

Established as a part of the Amazon Chains back in 2013, Solimo has become quite popular in online stores across the world. You can get kitchen utility products including appliances and find anything and everything you can require at home.


The first thing that you look for in the purchase that you are going to make, no matter how small or inexpensive it is, is the durability of the product. For this device, you do not need to worry in that regard because of the sturdy finish of this device.

The lighter is made of stainless steel that is a popular choice because it is rust and corrosion resistant which means you can get all your money’s worth and some more because you can use it for six years at the least.

The length of the lighter head from the handle is adequately long so that you can maintain enough distance from the flame while you are working with the lighter. This way you can ensure your safety at all times in the kitchen.

The handle is designed such that you can comfortably hold it in place at any angle and apply the right amount of pressure on the hammer-head. It is wide and your grip on the device is very strong as well.

It can be very easily cleaned and maintained with minimal efforts, you just have to wipe it with tissues at the end of the day to get rid of the grime that may have gotten into it when you touch it during cooking and rinse it once a week.

The device if cleaned and handled properly can give you years of worthy and efficient working and you do not have to spend on other such devices in a very long time.

It has been certified by the Indian Standards Institution (ISI) which means that the device has qualified the standards set by the national agency and can be relied upon for efficient performance and your safety above else.

  • The device falls in an affordable range
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain, you can also rinse it timely
  • The device is durable because of its robust built
  • The handle is comfortably shaped and grip is strong
  • There is no warranty on the device


2. TULMAN Easy Grip Stainless Steel Regular Gas Lighter

TULMAN is a very sought-after brand in India that is based in Hyderabad. They are the manufacturers of a varied range of homecare items and some essentials that you use in your daily chores. They are a perfect mix of efficient and affordable.


The body of this device is made of stainless steel which is rust-proof and the upper half of it is covered with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which is a quality hard plastic that serves as the best insulator. Both these materials give the lighter a very strong exterior.

The PVC layering is in a vibrant shade of orange so that you can easily spot it in the kitchen and it also gives it an elegant look. It also keeps you safe from any potential burns that could happen due to holding the steel getting hot.

The handle part of the device is also made of the same hard plastic which makes it insulated and extremely comfortable. Not only your comfort has been taken care of but also your hold on the device has also been given special care.

The length of the device is exactly apt so that it is not too difficult to handle and also you can easily maintain your distance from the burner while lighting it up for your own safety which is of supreme importance.

The working of the device is very simple, much more so than using a match stick for the same purpose. Not only is it a much safer choice but also it is simpler and more economical of an alternative and for your own convenience you should switch from the latter to the former.

The device has a long life and can be of usage to you in that period in all its efficiency. You do not have to take any usual care of the device to maintain its working quality, you just have to keep it clean after each time you put it to use.

You can also use the device for lighting up lint that in turns lights up the barbeque without having to go through the tediousness of matches and matchsticks that tend to be more unsafe because of the inflammable kerosene that is used.

  • The device is multi- utility, it can be used on the stove and barbeque grillers
  • It can be easily handled because of the construct
  • It can be of use for very long time
  • The insulation protects you from accidental burns
  • It is heavier that other devices of same sort


3. Pigeon Gas Lighter

Pigeon is a very popular native brand that deals in cookware and also crockeries. They have made kitchen utensils much more compatible and convenient with their admirable designs and the top-notch technology that also comes in a comfortable price range.


The device has a unique design wherein the gauge is wide so that the lighting technique is simple enough and the spark is widespread enough to light the burner easily. The procedure is hassle-free, it is very convenient while cooking because of the same feature.

The sturdy and long body is made up of stainless steel which means that you get to use it for a long period of time whilst the working standards of the device stay the same. This is the best part of the device- its durability.

The handle is built in an ergonomic design that allows you to hold the device quite comfortably at any angle. It is also made of stainless steel and has grooves so that your fingers fit perfectly around it and you can have a good grip.

The length of the barrel from the top of the device to the lighter head is about 18 cm therefore appropriate enough for you to handle the burner whilst maintaining a safe distance from it. It makes it a safer option.

It is light and very easy to clean. You just have to wipe it off with a tissue or wet cloth at the end of the day. You can further add rinsing it every week in your chores if you are very particular.

It can be maintained with minimal efforts to give you the most commendable function over the years. The package also contains a knife as an add on, free of cost.

It is also made of stainless steel that does not rust even on consistent usage and cleaning it with water for all those times. The handle part of it is made of hard plastic and is red in color.

The delivered product comes with a warranty for one year that means you can get it repaired without any hassle if you find any manufacturing defect in the device. If the problem requires it, you can also possibly get a replacement.

  • There is a kitchen knife with the package, provided for free
  • The warranty provided by the manufacturer is for one year
  • The handle of this device is very comfortable to hold
  • The body is made of stainless steel so there is no corrosion
  • The upper half of the body is not insulated



Sevanamaze is an electrical appliances and accessories manufacturer. They are a country wide-spread brand that deals in online sales and services. Their customers have only the best things to say about their products because of their quality and affordability.


This device draws its energy from the butane that is to be refilled in the device from time to time. This lighter creates a flame instead of a spark. The refills are easily available in the markets, so you do not need to worry about anything in that regard.

Because of this specific feature, the lighter can be used for multiple purposes instead of just lighting the stoves or grillers- they can be used to light up candles, agarbattis, if you live in hilly regions, and have a fireplace, even that.

The stick is made of stainless steel that guarantees a very long life for the device because the body is free of any kind of corrosions that might cause the device to wither in its efficiency with constant usage.

The lighter can be easily lit by pressing the ignition switch that is given where your fingers are to be placed on the inside groove. You just have to click on that button to do so but make sure that you have taken the device off of the child lock.

The flame can also be controlled through the buttons given on the handle of the device. They are also labelled as plus and minus signs. It is actually done through controlling the amount of flow of butane that the device allows, which you get to choose.

There is an on and off switch that can be slide to either side whenever you want to use the device. This stops any kind of accidents if you have a kid who presses the ignition clicker or if you mishandle the device by mistake so that no one gets hurt.

You can regularly check for the level of butane that the device is left with so that you can refill it when you are all out of it and not caught off guard at a time like this.

The stick is extra long so that you get to keep an appropriate distance between the burner, fireplace, or griller flames when you have to work with them. This allows you to be safe when you are out and about in your kitchen so that you do not meet an accident.

  • There is a child lock on the device
  • The stick is of the apt length and made of stainless steel
  • You can control the intensity of the flame
  • The butane refills are easily available in the markets, everywhere
  • There is the hassle of refilling the lighter regularly


5. Pigeon Gas Lighter with Free Knife (Set of 2)

Pigeon is a leading Indian brand that manufactures kitchen appliances and cookware alongside. They are also a well- established brand for crockery because of their elegant design and robust build. They are extremely famous for their admirable products in all the Indian households.


First and foremost- the devices come with complimentary kitchen knives that are very useful in any kitchen, you can make no more of the delicious dishes if you do not have one of those. These are of premium quality and made up of stainless steel.

At the mention of quality material- the body of the gas lighter is also made of stainless steel which means that the device actually pays for itself because of its durability and the consistent performance it gives for all those years you use it for.

The top of the device that is actually its handle is made of high- grade hard plastic. It has been provided with it because not only is it comfortable but also safe. The handle has grooves on the two sides for you to hold it in the perfect grip.

The barrel length is exactly the optimum of what is required, it is 15 cm. It is therefore not so long that you have trouble in handling the device and not so short that you hurt yourself when you are using it on your stove or on the grillers.

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to cleaning the device after using it for the whole day. You just have to wipe it with wet tissues or cloth when you are done and if it is convenient for you- a rinse once a week.

It has been tested and verified by the manufacturers before its packaging so that they make sure that only their best products reach you. They qualify the standards set by the native standard enforcement institution so you are good to go on that front as well.

If it so happens that you find a default in your device then you only have to call up the customer service provided by the company and you get your problem resolved. Also, you get a warranty period of one year.

  • The devices are provided with a warranty period of one year
  • You get to have complementary knives with the delivered products
  • They have standard safety features that keep you and your kitchen safe
  • The material used for the body of the device is stainless steel
  • The device needs more insulation on its upper half


6. Ritu Stainless Steel Electronic Gas Lighter

Ritu is a Gujarat based brand that manufactures kitchenware and a whole range of unique items that help you make the daily chores in your kitchen simpler and even fun. They are a well- known brand and have reviews from their customers.


The device is made up of the supreme of all materials that do not succumb to the elements of the surroundings and wither off with regard to its look and quality of working. This material is called stainless steel, the durability of which is verified.

The length of the lighter stick is exactly what is required, you can handle it with ease because of the length-weight balance and it is a surety that you stay away at a safe distance from the burner. It is optimally 16 cm long.

The handle of the device is made up of hard plastic which is an exceptionally good insulating material, there are also wide grooves on both the sides of that handle so that you can easily wrap your fingers around it for a good and strong grip.

It is very easy to use given that it is the simplest and most accommodating of the three types of gas lighters, a manual one. There is a clicker on the top that actually connects to the springy hammer which hits on to the piezo-electric crystal to create the spark.

You can easily use it in your kitchen and the device also comes in handy when you are grilling for a good barbeque meal.

It can be used to light up the lintel or wood shavings that you use to flame up your grillers. It is very safe to use given the proper insulation and optimal length.

Moreover, you can easily maintain it because of the simplistic cleaning process that includes wiping the grime off after a day of usage and periodic rinsing of the device. You are also provided with a 1 year-long warranty from the company that readily comes to your aid in case you find some problem with your device.

  • The handle has a good grip and is comfortable to hold
  • The device has been provided with warranty time of one year
  • There are many color options that come with the product
  • It is made up of durable material
  • The device is a little more expensive from others


7. VR Cap Stainless Steel Plastic Gas Lighter

This company is located in Gujarat and is countrywide suppliers of household essentials like kitchenware. They also manufacture water pumps. The company has gradually gained its popularity over the years because of the impeccable performance of their products.


This device has the most unique design and differs greatly in its looks from its contemporaries. The clicker on the top of the device has been made larger for convenience and there is a hoop above it so that you can hang it around the kitchen when you are done cooking.

That certainly stops you from displacing the device and then spending time over looking for it. It makes working with the device simpler.

The whole of this upper part including the handle is made up of quality hard plastic the glossy and elegant look plus the insulating property of which lasts for a long time. It has an ergonomic construct that ensures a strong-hold on the device while using it.

It is also very light and thus easy to use. This fact also has got to do something with the exact required length of the lighter barrel so you can properly hold it without any hassle whilst keeping your distance from the flames of the burner.

It is also a very economic choice. On average, the device lasts for at least as long as six years.

If you actually calculate the amount you spend on a constant supply of the matchsticks that you require for the same stretch of time, you will realize the shocking difference. It operates on a very simple principle that just needs you to punch in the clicker.

You do not have to go through the trouble of changing batteries and managing refills of the packed butane that you require for the other kind of lighters. The device is available in two very attractive color options- turquoise and vibrant red. You can go with the color that suits your personality and kitchen theme the best.

  • The brand provides excellent customer service
  • The product is available in two very attractive colors
  • The clicker is conveniently larger than other similar devices
  • The device is tested, verified and durable
  • There has been no mention of warranty on the product


8. NISUN Easy Grip Stainless Steel Regular Gas Lighter

NISUN is India’s one of the most sought-after brands for kitchenware. They provide products that have a sturdy built and last long enough to give you all your money’s worth. Their products come in highly recommended by their past users.


This product has been given a smart and at the same time a vibrant appearance. The hard plastic that is used to layer the upper body of the gas-lighter is a combination of orange and white so that you can easily spot it in your kitchen.

The whole of the body actually is made of stainless steel and given a flawless finish. If you are familiar with it then you would know that this certain alloy of iron has the ability to remain rust-free and efficient as new for a very long duration of time.

The length of the device is exactly what is required, measuring from the top of the unpressed clicker to the bottom that is your lighter head, the device is actually 19 cm long. This indicates that you can work with it easily and take care of your safety.

The lighter is not just suitable for your gas stove but also for the grillers you use to barbeque food in. You just have to add a little bit of kerosene on the lintel, paper, or wood shavings and click on the lighter.

It is very easy to clean and work with the device. You also do not need to make big efforts to maintain its quality of working.

What you need to do is just keep the kitchen grime away from the lighter head which can be done by regularly wiping the body. The handle f the device is provided with grooves so that your fingers easily fit around the whole thing and you get to have a good grip on the device while using it.

  • The length of the body is exactly optimum
  • The handle is uniquely designed so that you have a strong grip
  • It can be used for multiple purposes
  • All safety measures are at par with the standard
  • The product has not been provided with a warranty period


9. Crystal – LI-010 Plastic Multi-Spark Lighter

Crystal is a very innovative company. They design and manufacture unique products that are of great help around any household. They deal mostly in electronic products that have only one motive- to make the lives of their customers easy and fun.

Crystal - LI-010 Plastic Multi Spark-Lighter

This device is an electric lighter and runs on batteries. These batteries are the Lithium AA kind that is available everywhere and can be found with ease. You have to do nothing but press the button given on the handle of the body.

The design of this body is set in the shape of a Dolphin that makes it fancy in appearance and provides it with an easy but strong grip. The design is ergonomic so that you are comfortable with the device when working in the kitchen.

The body of the device is made of stainless steel which you of course know to be rust and corrosion-resistant. The material, if nothing, guarantees the durability of the device and ensures that the device can maintain its efficiency for all that time.

The top half of the body is layered with hard plastic in order to insulate the device so you do not get hurt by the heat or any electric default. The device is equipped with the latest safety features that prevent any accidents that might cause you harm.

They are long enough to operate it from a good distance from the burner or grillers so that you do not come in contact with the hot burner. It is light and sleek which ensures your ease of working. There are no hassles while using the device.

This makes your kitchen organized more clutter-free. There is a 1-year warranty with this device you can call customer service if you ever face some kind of problem with the device and they will guide you through it. 

  • The product has a one- year warranty
  • There is table top stand that comes with the device
  • The shape of the device handle is extremely comfortable
  • The customer service is very helpful
  • The batteries need to be changed from time to time


10. FILPO 2 in 1 Electronic Plastic Gas Lighter

Filpo is an amazing brand if you are looking for kitchen essentials. They have these innovative designs that are also very affordable and efficient. Their products have a great customer review stating the satisfaction brought to them after using these devices.


This device is operated by Lithium AA Batteries that are easily available in the markets. They take time to completely drain off so you do not have to worry about changing the batteries so frequently that it ends up becoming a hassle.

The device is of the optimal length and gives you the leverage of using it from a safe space away enough from the burner to avoid some kind of accident. You also do not have to worry about handling the device. It is extremely easy to do so.

The cleaning process is also very simple but you just need to make sure that the device does not get rinsed or comes in contact with a large amount of water. It is an electric device and it may cause some defects and hamper its working.

The device is made of stainless steel from the very top to the bottom to give it a long, efficient life. You do not worry about the material getting corroded or worn off, for the very same reason. This device is also properly insulated for your convenience and safety.

There is a child lock on the device so that there are no unexpected accidents if the device is being mishandled by a child or an adult by mistake.

You just have to click it on before you need to work with it. There is an LED light on the base of the handle so that you have no difficulty using the lighter in the darkness of the kitchen or the outdoor patio if you are cooking on the grillers.

  • There is a child lock on the device
  • The handle is very comfortable
  • There is an LED in built the device so you can work around in the dark
  • The stainless steel makes it durable
  • The product has not been provided with a warranty


11. LITEX Kitchen Gas Lighter

LITEX is a company that deals in a variety of kitchenware and kitchen appliances, they make a household much more smooth running and minimize the efforts you put into a bare minimum. Their products are cost-effective and the bests of the markets.


This device has a unique ergonomic handle that makes it comfortable enough to hold whilst giving you a good grip on the device so you are able to hold the device at any angle you feel comfortable with.

The safety standards of this device are at par with what is set by the national as well as international institutions, the proof of which you will find on the delivered package, this means that you can rest assured about the device in this regard.

It comes in a vibrant shade of red so that you can easily locate the device even if it is in a midst of the clutter. It is attractive and elegant and will perfectly suit your kitchen. You can also buy it in a different colour, there are more options available.

This is quite a multi-purpose device. It works with not only the burners of your stove in the kitchen but also on the griller, the fireplace if you want. This is all a part of your cost-effective experience promised by the manufacturer.

The handle on the device is made of hard plastic and also has slots made up for your finger so you get a strong-hold on the device and you can grip it comfortably at an angle you are comfortable with. PVC does not melt at even extremely high temperatures.

  • The company and a smooth running and very helpful customer service
  • The price range is affordable and the device durable
  • The handle is made of PVC that stays same for a long period of time
  • The device is very multi- utility
  • The length of the device is less that what is optimum


12. HD ENTERPRISE® Fast Steel Kitchen Gas Lighter

HD Enterprise is a Chinese company that is an international supplier of the world’s one of the most efficient and affordable devices. They have a very good establishment in the kitchenware markets because of their commendable products.


This device is a unique blend of convenience and efficiency. It is small, sleek, and light-weighted and thus can easily handle around. It comes in a very conspicuous shade of red which lets you spot it easily on your kitchen counter.

The whole lighter body is made of stainless steel instead of the top half including a handle that is also layered upon by hard plastic to provide insulation and the much-needed convenience of handling the device.

For a strong grip on the handle, there are grooves on both sides. The stainless steel that is used to make the device gives it an elegant finish and the ability to resist corrosion which allows it to maintain the same standards of working as it had when you bought it.

The device has a long life owing to this factor. The usage of the device is not just limited to the stove in your kitchen, you get to use it on the barbeque grills that have to be lit up by kerosene dropped over lintels and wood carvings.

This is why the device is so versatile. It operates on a very simple principle that just needs you to punch in the clicker.

You do not have to go through the trouble of changing batteries and managing refills of the packed butane that you require for the other kind of lighters. You get a warranty period of 1 year, so you can get your problem resolved conveniently and do not go through much trouble for it.

  • The device is light and compatible with any user because of its simplicity
  • It is easy to clean thus maintain
  • The device is versatile on the side of being safe
  • It has a warranty of one long year on it
  • The device is shorter than other similar ones


Buying Guide – Best Gas Lighters in India

These devices have become a very important part of every kitchen since people have grown to use gas stoves which were quite a long time ago. It has come to be an innovative, safe, and convenient alternative to the matchsticks that were traditionally used for the same task.

The Indian Markets have a huge variety of these products that are progressively becoming more and more useful around the kitchen and for the outdoor Barbeque luncheons and late-night parties that require grills lit up with coals.


It has become a preferred choice of many over the years and can be as easy to use. They come in two types that each has its own merits and can be bought in a variety of options that differ in color, length, and price ranges.

To give you a specification of the factors that you have to look at before you buy the product, here is a list of features that you can refer to:

Factors to consider while buying a Gas Lighter

1. Type of Lighter

There are three different kinds of lighters that are available in the markets, all three of them are readily available and serve the same purpose with a little more variety. The most common and simple of the three being the manual lighter that is being used in almost all households.

They are to be clicked on the top which proceeds to produce friction and light up the burner of your stove.

The other one is the electrical type, which takes its power from a battery and converts electrical energy into heat energy. There is a button on the handle that is to be pressed to do the task.

The last one being the metal lighters that use lighting fuel to generate a flame. It can be used to light a lot of different things like candle-sticks, agarbattis. It is not a very safe choice regarding gas stoves and thus is not preferred for the same.

2. The body of the Device

The body of the device should be made of a material that lasts for a good amount of time and at the same time, the quality of the body and the way it functions should not be compromised.

This can only happen if you make sure that the lighter you choose is made of stainless steel that looks and works like a newly bought product for a very long time.


3. Insulation

The handle area and the half that is used to hold the lighter upright should be properly layered on with hard plastic that excels in quality so that you do not hurt yourself.

The plastic also makes it easy to hold the device and gives you a strong grip. Thus, for your safety and comfort, this factor is very important and should be considered.

4. Length of the Barrel

The length of the barrel should be exactly apt for you to be able to use the device with comfort. An efficient and convenient length of the barrel is necessary so that you can be able to handle it with ease and stay safely away from the burner.

This required length should be 15 to 17 cm starting from the top of the clicker to the very bottom that is the lighting head. This is the most appropriate dimension.

5. Warranty Period

The warranty period is a very crucial factor that has to be considered before making your purchase so that you are secure with it. If the device turns out to be a defaulted piece and you discover it after using it for some time, it will be an unnecessary waste of money.

These products are provided with warranty time of anything in the range of two to twelve months and it goes without saying that the more time you get for your device, the better it is.


6. Brand and Model

There are many brands out there in the competition in these markets and many of them usually provide products of the same quality that are very similar in their price ranges as well. But do not fall for an unknown brand that tries to sway you with some high discount rates.

The quality of these products is compromised and they do not last very long which is what ends up costing you more than what you should have spent the first time around.

7. Customer Service

A good brand also implies good customer service that runs smoothly and readily offers you help and assistance when you need it.

If you find any defaults in your device, what you have got to do is just contact them and they will guide you through the whole procedure, and getting your device fixed, replaced of recompensated is not a hassle at all.

8. Handle Design

A proper handle design is very important so that your grip on the device is strong and holds sturdy which allows you to hold the product at any angle.

The manual lighters have grooves on each of the sides so that your fingers fit around them perfectly and the electric ones come in a very comfortable dolphin ship that ensures good grip.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Gas Lighters in India

Q1. Which is better, manual gas lighter or electric gas lighter?

Ans. Manual Lighters: You just need to do so much as clicking the top of the device that creates friction on the piezo-electric crystal that immediately manages to light up the burner.
Electric Lighter: These devices run on batteries and have a button on the handle to press and start the lighting process. Electric stress is then converted to heat energy that then does the required job.
The manual devices are preferred over the electric ones because of two reasons- one being free of the hassle of changing the batteries regularly and the other is that they are less expensive than the latter devices.

Q2. For how much time does this lighter works perfectly?

Ans. You can use these products for as long as eight years without any kind of drain in its functioning quality. These are quite cost-efficient devices and work for as long as you get all your money’s worth out of the product.
If someone uses matchsticks like they were traditionally used, the amount spent on the lighter accounts for only a sixth of the impractical alternative.

Q3. Can I also use a lighter to light up my griller for barbeque?

Ans. Yes, you can very comfortably use one of these lighters to burn up some paper mesh, wood shavings, or other lintels that can further light up the coal in your griller. You probably do not need these lintels if you use some kerosene.
Before these lighters came into the picture, people used matchsticks for the job. One can only imagine the probability of getting burnt doing that with something as a flammable present.

Q4. What is auto- ignition gas top stove?

Ans. Auto-ignition gas top stove is the one where there is an exclusive gas lighter attached to the top of the burners so that there is no hassle of buying and handling a gas-lighter.
The only troublesome part of these stoves is that they are much more expensive than the usual stoves that are used in most households.

Q5. What are the safety measures I should be looking for in my lighter?

Ans. There are two safety features that you should be concerned about before purchasing a gaslighter, the first being the length of the lighting rod- it should be at least 16 cm so that your hand is at a certain distance from the lit burner that is safe for you.
The other should be the insulated covering of the top half of the gas-lighter that also includes your handle so that it is comfortable to hold and does not hurt your finger or palm while holding it.

Conclusion – Best Gas Lighters in India

Out of the twelve selected items in the list that is given in the article the one that stands out the most is the Pigeon Gas Lighter Super with Stand.


This device does not only have all the safety features at par with all the other devices reviewed here but also has been provided with a knife that comes in quite handy in the kitchen, free of cost. It is an excellent deal at a very reasonable price.

All of its features like the length of the barrel, the handle design, and ease of pushing the spring top to light the burner are the very best provided by the manufacturer. It also comes with a warranty period that lasts for a year.

Also, let us know in the comments which gas lighter you liked the most!

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