7 Best Masala/ Spice Grinders in India (September 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, September 25, 2021

A kitchen includes many appliances which help to make the process of cooking easier and quicker.

Among these, the spice grinder is quite common in every household.

It is more important in these times, when people are always busy, as it helps to do the work of an hour within a few minutes. Also, it is easier to use and helps prevent exhaustion. Anyone can use it by simply pressing a button or two.


Masala/ Spice grinders are especially an integral part of Indian cooking because Indian cuisine involves a variety of spices, each with a different texture and a different flavour. The packaged spices which are available in the market are often not of satisfactory quality.

They easily lose their aroma and colour and become unsuitable for use, after being stored for a long time. Moreover, there are cases of adulteration, which become a threat to the health of the people.

Owing to all such factors, it is indeed better to grind the fresh spices at home and use it for a few days. This ensures the safety and also adds a special flavour to the dish to which they are added.

However, grinding these spices in a traditional mortar and pestle would require a lot of time and effort, both of which people don’t wish to put in, owing to their already hectic lifestyles.

That is why the spice grinders, especially the ones mentioned below, were designed to make the work super convenient.

Table of Contents

These are the Top 7 Best Masala Grinders in India

Best Masala/ Spice Grinders in India (2021)

1. Borosil – Dry Masala Grinder

Borosil claims to be the most trusted glassware brand of India since the 1960’s. It is one of the largest glassware companies in India, offering a variety of products, including glass bowls, dinner sets, tumblers, other kitchen appliances and containers for storage, and also the spice or masala grinders.


This spice grinder from Borosil operates using a 200 W motor which is completely wound by copper. It has a great speed and thus quickly grinds all the spices to let you have a powdered mixture of all those spices and of the desired texture.

Primary Features

  • Motor is powerful
  • Copper windings resist corrosion
  • Speed is great and can be set at two modes
  • Lightweight and damage resistant, with a compact volume
  • Blades of stainless steel, which meet food safety standards
  • Lock switch for safety and protection against overheating
  • Skid resistant footing
  • Has a power indicator
  • 2 years warranty

The copper windings make the motor more powerful and rust-resistant. It is light-weight and can be easily picked up and carried from place to place when required.

Along with the spice grinder, you also get a stainless steel jar, which comes with three polycarbonate lids. These lids or covers do not break easily and last for a long time, thus you can handle them without any worries about damaging them.

The grinder has two blades, made of stainless steel which are safe and meet the food-grade standards. It is however not preferable for grinding very hard spices or ingredients like turmeric or rice batter.

The motor heats up a bit after using the masala or spice grinder for sometime, and hence should be allowed to cool down before using it again. There is a feature in this spice grinder to prevent overloading.

The motor is automatically turned off in case it gets heated more than the safe limit. The colour combination of the product is too classy and has a very smooth finish.

The jar and the blades of stainless steel are safe to use and satisfy all such standard requirements. It is compact and has a volume of 60 grams. It also includes a power cord winder and an additional lock switch for safety.

The base of this spice grinder is stable and has feet that don’t skid. Moreover, it has a LED indicator which glows when the power is turned on.

It even incorporates the pulse function and is versatile owing to its two-speed modes. The variable speeds allow grinding spices to either a coarse or a fine texture that is needed.

You can easily clean this masala grinder in no time. Moreover, the brand offers 2 years warranty, availing which would allow you to get the machine repair for free, in case of any kind of trouble with it, which is rare.

  • Double speed modes
  • Damage resistant
  • Stable footing that doesn’t skid
  • Lock switch and food grade quality
  • Warranty period of 2 years
  • Motor heats up after using for some time
  • Not for heavy grinding
Motor Speed200 watts
Product Dimensions12.5 x 12.3 x 21.7 cm
Weight850 g
Warranty2 Years


2. Brayden Spizo Masala/ Coffee/ Spice Grinder

Brayden is one of those companies which seek quirkiness and trend at each level. Its contemporary range of products includes many appliances to be used in the kitchen, which have a cool design that complements your modern kitchen.


This spice grinder from Brayden has a funky design that makes the work swift and gives you energetic vibes. The motor has a power of 150 W, which grinds the nuts and spices and crushes them hard within just a few seconds, turning them into a fine powder.

Primary Features

  • 150 W motor made of copper
  • PRECI Blades of stainless steel
  • Can be operated by pushing a button
  • Clean easily using a brush or cloth
  • Pods of rubber
  • Xwitch lock
  • Good quality and durable

The PRECI Blades do the work very easily. It has an ergonomic design and a push-button which allows you to pound the spices just by pressing it. This one-touch feature makes it easy to multi-task and do the grinding while being busy on the mobile.

It should not be bought in contact with water, not even for washing. It can be cleaned easily by using a brush or by wiping with a cloth which is damp.

The transparent lid cover offers a clear view through, so that you may keep a watch and control over the spices and nuts that you put in for grinding. It can be stored easily anywhere. The pods have a rubber covering which ensures a secure grip.

The material is of good quality and the motor is made of copper, thus the grinder lasts long. Ultra-modern look is provided by the super-rich base.

There is a specially designed Xwitch lock which doesn’t let the appliance power up unless the lid is securely locked in place. This helps to keep you safe while using this grinder.

It grinds the spices very quickly and also doesn’t heat up easily. This keeps the aroma of the spices intact. It weighs less and can be used conveniently. Moreover, it is good for the wallet as well due to its low price.

  • PRECI blades
  • Operated by the push of a button
  • Xwitch lock
  • Low price
  • Rubber pods and view through lid
  • Should not be brought in contact with water, lest it should get damaged
Motor Speed150 watts
Product Dimensions19.1 x 10.8 x 10.6 cm
Weight630 g
Warranty1 Year


3. Lee Star LE-804 Masala Grinder

Lee star International is a well-known brand that offers many culinary possibilities. It has a range of products and kitchen appliances to offer to the customers, in order to make their lives easier and more comfortable.


The spice grinder, being dealt with here, is a reliable product from this brand. It is made of stainless steel and has a very strong body. It allows you to pulverize the spices and nuts with a single touch, thus ensuring a smooth grinding experience.

Primary Features

  • Strong stainless steel body and sharp blades
  • Single touch operation
  • Fast and durable
  • Secure lid
  • 1 year warranty + 1 year extra on the motor
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Affordable price

Whole spices, nuts, herbs, and other ingredients can be ground easily in a very short time span. The blades are sharp and efficient and they don’t get corroded easily. The motor in this masala grinder comes with a power of 400 W that promises to deliver great performance.

It aims to satisfy you with the perfect results and the trouble-free grinding process. It has a single-speed mode to control which can be started by pushing the button.

The jar made up of stainless steel is suitable for both types of grinding, wet and dry. It has a lid which provides a good fit and secures the grinder, preventing the mixture from spilling out.

A user guide is also included to help you out with the grinding process making it easy to use this grinder. The grinder comes with a 1 year warranty, thus being liable for free repair in case of any damage.

Moreover, the motor has an additional one-year warranty apart from this, that is a total warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase of the grinder, thus alleviating your trouble and tension.

Since it has a power of 400 W, it is not preferable for grinding tough ingredients like turmeric. It needs some time between consecutive usage, to cool down, in order to deliver the best performance.

It is available at an affordable price and has a superb design which looks really good. The jar is detachable and hence can be easily washed by putting it under running water. The size of the grinder is compact and moreover, the after-sales support is just amazing.

  • Doesn’t get damaged by water, easy to wash
  • Sleek design with a single touch push button
  • Stainless steel body and blades
  • Price is low
  • Warranty period of 1 year on grinder and 2 years on the motor
  • Heats up in a short time (thus needs a break between usage)
BrandLee Star
Motor Speed400 watts
Product Dimensions11.9 x 11.9 x 15.8 cm
Weight1.51 Kg
Warranty1 Year


4. Solanki9094371024 Wet and Dry Masala Grinder/ Chopper

Solanki Enterprises is known for the quality of its products. They are a quality-driven firm that offers a range of products which includes mixer grinders, steam irons, toasters, and so on. This spice or masala grinder has a superb finish made of steel.


The blades are made up of alloy steel and are sharp and perfectly suitable for all kinds of regular grinding needs like for making dips, chutney, purees, soups, and milkshakes, or smoothies. It has a strong motor of 200 W which can be operated by simply pressing a button.

Primary Features

  • Alloy steel blades
  • 200 W motor which can be started by pressing push button
  • Requires little space for storage
  • Separate jars for dry and wet grinding
  • Quick performance
  • 10 days replacement
  • Good after sale support

This makes it a convenient and easy to use appliance. However, this grinder is not compatible with tough grinding like dry masalas, turmeric, and coconut or for grinding rice and lentil into a batter.

The grinder, when in use, may get heated up due to which the varnish evaporates and gives out a smoky smell. However, this would happen very rarely when the grinder has been put into use for quite a number of times.

The spice grinder does not make any kind of irritating noise or loud vibrations. It operates at around 80 to 90 dB which is bearable. It can quickly grind fresh spices while retaining their aroma and flavours, thus adding a special touch to your dishes.

It has a compact design and is small and portable. It requires only a little space to be stored. It is suitable for both wet grinding as well as for grinding dry ingredients. It includes two separate jars for the purpose.

It is very useful and helps to manage most of the kitchen needs in an easy way. Grinding fresh coffee beans or crushing pepper for salads is now a matter of a few seconds with this spice grinder, which pounds masalas or spices instantly.

It has a warranty period and the after sale support is good enough. To grab an amazing discount on this spice grinder, click the button given below.

  • Generates very less noise
  • Separate jars for dry and wet grinding
  • Motor grinds very quickly
  • Compact
  • A bit expensive
Motor Speed200 watts
Product Dimensions25 x 13 x 11.3 cm
Weight10.4 Kg
Warranty1 Year


5. SS Premier Spice Grinder

SS Premier has been a leader in cooking technology for the past few decades, using advanced technologies to manufacture home and kitchen appliances with state of the art engineering practices and great features.


This spice or masala grinder is made of stainless steel and thus has a nice, glossy finish. The compact design helps to fit it into a small space in your kitchen and this grinder complements your modern kitchen quite well. It has a flexible wire cord.

Primary Features

  • Stainless Steel body
  • Compact
  • Flexible wire cord
  • Good capacity and quality
  • Overload protection
  • Durable
  • Can be replaced within 10 days of buying the grinder

It can be plugged-in easily into the socket to connect the device to the power source and thus start a smooth grinding session. The flexibility allows the cord to be wrapped and coiled without getting strained or damaged.

However, this restricts the spice grinder to be stored only at a place where there is a socket nearby that can be easily accessed.

The spice grinder has a good capacity with a volume of one and a half litres, thus being suitable for grinding all kinds of ingredients in amounts required by a small family of three or four members.

It is a bit heavy product because it is made up of solid material which is strong and of good quality. This also ensures its durability and resists damage during usage for a long time.

The motor is strongly powerful and helps to easily grind all ingredients of daily use, for preparing dips, smoothies, soups, and shakes and for pureeing the vegetables and making chutnies.

Although it cannot be called the best choice for heavy grinding needs like ginger and turmeric paste or for crushing the coconut, or for grinding dry masalas, or for preparing a batter of rice and lentils, it can still be used for this once in a while if needed.

The motor itself turns off when overheated and this provides protection. Also, there is an Overload protection feature and requires time to cool down after one use, in order to be able to work efficiently again.

The burning smell of varnish when using the grinder for the first few times, would disappear eventually. It operates at a low sound and doesn’t create a lot of disturbing noise. It has a good speed to fulfill your needs quickly.

It offers a 10 days replacement in which you can return it if required. It is quite expensive, however, it can be bought at a lower rate by availing discounts offered online like on Amazon.

An EMI feature is also available for convenience. It is of superior quality and thus has a warranty period offered by the manufacturer in which they promise great customer support.

  • Lasts long and requires small space
  • Wire cord is flexible
  • Adequate capacity
  • Protection against overheating
  • Almost noiseless
  • Slightly expensive
  • Heavy
BrandSS Premier
Motor Speed150 watts
Product Dimensions43.8 x 29.8 x 29 cm
Warranty1 Year


6. Premier Wet and Dry Bamboo-derived Rayon Spice Masala Grinder

Premier is a renowned name when discussing cookware or kitchen appliances. It uses the latest technologies to produce modern appliances with amazing features to meet your needs, always at a reasonable price. This spice grinder has cutting edge technology.


It allows you to grind both dry and wet ingredients. It makes the task simpler by allowing every function to be performed by pushing a button. It starts functioning only when the lid cover is properly placed and securely tightened.

Primary Features

  • Suitable for both wet and dry grinding
  • One touch push feature
  • Switch to lock jar securely before grinding
  • Sharp blades and auto thermal protection
  • Fast and powerful motor
  • Stable, non slip footing
  • Anti spill
  • 1 year warranty

This protects you from any kind of accident in the kitchen and ensures safety. The premium blades are sharp and provide a fine and consistent texture of the grinded spices.

It operates very fast at 20000 RPM and can meet both dry and wet grinding needs efficiently in the same jar. It has a copper motor of 350 W power. This makes it strong and durable.

It can dry grind many food ingredients, which are tough, like coffee beans, turmeric, and whole spices. It can also grind sauces, chutneys, batters, and other wet ingredients.

It has a transparent polycarbonate lid of great quality that doesn’t break easily. It is strong and resists scratches or dents. Moreover, it is secure and doesn’t allow the mixture to spill.

The transparency allows you to keep a watch and the switch provided ensures that the jar is locked properly before grinding. It has a stable footing which is slip-resistant.

The sharp blades of stainless steel are good enough for pounding and crushing the mixtures. The spice grinder has a body made of ABS plastic which makes it sturdy, stylish, and easy to clean by simply wiping it off.

This mini spice grinder is lightweight and easily storable. It is made of Rayon derived from bamboo materials. The one-touch push button feature is easy to use. The jar can be detached and washed easily.

It is perfect to cater to small family needs. It provides auto thermal protection which prevents overheating and also saves you from injuries or burns.

It is available at an amazing price which would not disturb your budget in any way. Also, it is tagged with a 1-year warranty which helps you to get the assistance required for free, when the grinder doesn’t function satisfactorily. The customer service provided is commendable.

  • Auto thermal protection
  • ABS plastic body is strong and sturdy
  • One touch push feature
  • Anti spill transparent lid which is break resistant
  • Anti slip footing
  • Capacity of jar is small, could have been a bit larger
Motor Speed750 watts
Product Dimensions14 x 15 x 23 cm
Weight1.5 Kg
Warranty1 Year


7. Glen 4045 NG Electric Mini Grinder

Glen is an Indian company which aims to be the most sought after brand of home appliances. It is one of the most popular and trusted brands. It provides good quality products, ranging from kitchen chimneys to spice grinders, which can be used for a long without any trouble.


This spice grinder has a body made of ABS plastic and is thus strong and unbreakable. It is incredibly lightweight and has a powerful 350 W motor. Storing this grinder is quite easy. The eye-catching design of this grinder makes a great fit for your modern kitchen.

Primary Features

  • Sturdy ABS plastic body
  • Lightweight 350 W motor
  • Corrosion resistant blades of stainless steel
  • Single speed mode
  • 2 years warranty
  • Compact
  • Affordable

It is efficient enough to grind all those hard ingredients within a few moments. The blades are made up of stainless steel and resist corrosion, thus increasing durability. However, they are not removable and have to be wiped using cloth while cleaning the grinder. 

This spice grinder is quick and doesn’t heat up quickly. It retains the aroma and flavours of the fresh spices and coffee beans ground using it. It is automatically stopped from working in case it gets overheated.

Moreover, the varnish coating which emits a burning smell, stops doing so after a few uses. The grinder can be started by simply pushing a button and it allows processing the ingredients faster.

The grinder functions at a single speed mode, which keeps confusion away and makes it easy to use by eliminating all sophisticated controls and mechanisms. The lid of the jar is transparent and thus allows you to clearly view what is happening inside the grinder.

Its size is compact yet its capacity is good enough. It is ISI Certified which makes it among the best masala grinders in India. Thus, it meets the required safety standards and is safe for health and use.

It offers a 2 years warranty which shows that its quality is trustworthy. It usually lasts long, however it can be repaired easily within this warranty period at no extra cost. The jar can be easily detached and cleaned under running water.

It just needs to be wiped dry after that before using it again. It works well and is perfect for preparing a dip or dressing for 2 people. It is available at a very reasonable price which makes it an ideal product for anyone.

  • ISI Certified
  • 2 years warranty
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Blades aren’t removable
Motor Speed350 watts
Product Dimensions12 x 12 x26 cm
Weight740 g
warranty2 Years


Buyer’s Guide – Best Masala Grinders in India

How do you know which is the best spice grinder? For this, first, you need to know the features to be looked for. Also, requirements vary from person to person, and thus, you need the one which suits you.


Also, you should have a basic idea about what is the amount you would naturally pay for the product so that you don’t end up spending a lot, unnecessarily.

To help you out with all such confusion and to try to solve your doubts and queries, here is a Buyer’s guide, aimed to help you in your purchase. Let us see what all features a spice grinder must have in it and what factors you should consider before buying one.

Types of Masala Grinders

Grinders are quite important in the cooking routine. They play an important role in every household, from pureeing, grinding and grating, a grinder is a one-stop solution for many kitchen chores. They reduce manual labour and save time and effort.

They help to prevent you from getting tired easily thus allowing you to enjoy cooking. However, the type of grinder decides how suitable it is for you. There are stand mixer grinders which are powerful and convenient to use.

However, they have to be stored in one place and cannot be easily transported from one place to another. The hand grinders are better in this respect. They are portable and can be used anywhere.

They can be held in the hand and used to blend and mix semi-liquid ingredients. The egg beater is its example. Food processors are a complete set of appliances that solve many of the needs of your kitchen.

All the three are normal mixer grinders, which usually come with 3 Jars, a large one for preparing the batter, a medium-sized jar for grinding pastes, and a small jar for making chutneys.

However, spice grinders are a special type that comes with a single jar, very often suitable for both wet and dry grinding. Another type is the Juicer Mixer Grinder which comes with three jars of the same size along with a separate Juicer jar. They are perfect for small families including 3 to 4 people.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Masala Grinder in India

1. Number of jars and their sizes

The number of jars depends on the number of people the dips and purees have to be made for. In case of small families, a normal grinder with either one jar for dual function, or two separate jars for wet grinding and dry grinding needs, will be sufficient.

However, in case of large joint families, or in case of food joints and event planning and catering organizations, a heavy duty grinder with a motor mixer, having 3 to 4 jars will be enough.

More number of jars of larger size, allows you to complete the task within a short time and hence is beneficial.

However, if there’s no such time constraint, and only a small amount of ingredients have to be grinded, a small-sized grinder with a lesser number of jars is a better choice as it saves space and costs less.

Moreover, the size of jars depends on the purpose it is meant for. Wet grinding jars are usually larger to provide enough space and come with a tight cover to prevent spillage of the liquid or paste while it is being grinded.

It can grind hard ingredients like coconuts to prepare dips and chutneys. The jars for dry grinding are usually smaller in size than their wet grinding counterparts.

They can be used to grind nuts, spices, and grains into a smooth texture powder, which is fine and consistent. The normal grinders available in the market usually come with 2 or 3 Jars.

Some even offer separate jars, large-sized ones for the batter preparation, medium jars for wet grinding, and the small ones for making dips and dressings and also for grinding dry spices. These jars should be adequate for meeting the needs of most families.

2. Types of blades and their functions

Grinders incorporate different types of blades with different functions and specialties for meeting different requirements. The most common material used for the construction of grinder blades is stainless steel. It makes them sharp and quick to operate.

It also makes them corrosion resistant and thus increases their durability. Apart from this, it provides a shimmering finish which looks great. Some blades are removable, some are not.

Removable blades are a better choice as they can be detached and easily washed to clean them regularly and thus keep them efficient for a longer time. It also allows you to change the blade when required depending on its usage.

Blades are of different types, with many specialized functions. The most common types of blades used for mixers and grinders are the shredding discs which are very helpful in shredding cheese and also fruits and vegetables for salads, toppings, and for mixing in gravies.

The coarse grater blades help to grate the fruits and vegetables for salads, and also chocolates for a variety of dishes. The slicing discs, as the name suggests, are used for cutting fruits and vegetables into slices of thick and thin sizes.

The dry grinding blade is used for grinding spices, almonds, nuts, sugar, and rice. The wet grinding blades are used for pureeing ingredients, for blending lassi, and for grinding lentils, fruits, and vegetables to make a fine paste.

Last but not the least, chutney blades are used for making dips, chutneys, and pickles. You need to buy a grinder which has the specific blade as required by you or should have removable blades that can be exchanged as per requirement.

3. Speed of the motor

A grinder which has many speed settings can be beneficial to ensure a smooth grinding experience. It helps to grind and blend spices and nuts into desired textures, without having to grind all of them into the same coarse or fine powder.

However single speed control is also good enough especially if you don’t wish to get into complicated settings and mechanisms. A simple push-button will do your job. Thus you need to get a grinder with the speed settings which you find convenient.

These speeds are dependent on the motor which efficiently operates to control the speed at which the blade moves. This speed also ensures that the pastes or mixture inside the grinder do not overflow and thus prevents spillage while in use at the highest speed.

This helps to keep your kitchen slabs safe and mess-free. The speed of the motor is the calculation or measurement of the number of times the blades rotate per minute, and is known as rpm or revolutions or rotations per minute.

Usually, the motors of the mixer grinders have a speed of 9000 to 23000 rpm. A powerful motor makes the work quicker as it rotates the blades of the grinder faster and thus helps to grind ingredients in a shorter time period.

For the majority of the tasks and kitchen chores, grinders with an average speed of around 15000 rpm are sufficient. One thing to take care of is to avoid operating the grinder continuously on a high speed, for a very long time.

4. Power of the Motor

The regular grinder for daily use should have a power of at least 300 W. On an average, grinders with a 500 W motor are well suited for grinding basic ingredients like ginger, garlic, chilies, nuts, and spices which are required in everyday preparations.

Grinders with a power of 750 W or more are suitable for grinding coconuts and turmeric, and other hard ingredients like rice and lentils for preparing a batter.

However, they can create quite an amount of noise which might be irritating. Also, they consume more energy. The motors of grinders having higher power can handle heavier loads and are suitable for larger families.

You also need to consider the efficiency of the motor, which saves energy and thus reduces your electricity bills.

You need to buy a grinder with motor Power of either 500 W or less, or of 750 W or more, depending on your own needs, the number of people the grinder would serve, and also the noise factor.

5. Easier Controls And Settings

The grinder should have a simple design with easy controls. You should be able to set the controls as per cooking requirements, for instance, the speed controls.

Different speed settings should be provided for high, medium, and low speeds and the controls should allow easy shifting from one mode to the other as required, preferably by pressing the specified buttons or by turning the dials to switch between modes.

The high-speed mode ensures faster and quicker completion of tasks. The slow speed mode ensures a delicate and smooth grinding to retain the flavours.

It is an added advantage if a pulse function is also included. There should be an electronic sensor to monitor and control the speed during the grinding process to prevent any kind of accident.


6. Capacity

Usually, the spice or masala grinders are compact and have less capacity. However they still have a volume good enough for small and medium-sized families. Usually, you can grind around 70 to 100 grams of spices at one go.

If you need this amount daily, you’ll have to grind the spices daily. However, you may even grind spices like cumin and coriander seeds, all at once and store them in air-tight containers.

If you need larger amounts of spices daily, you would probably have to look for larger grinders and then this factor becomes quite important for you to consider.

7. Time Rating

This is the continuous-time interval for which a grinder can be operated. Usually, it is somewhere around half an hour, with a running time of 4 to 5 minutes and a 3 minutes alternate break for the device to cool down. This ensures that the motor doesn’t heat up or get damaged and thus works efficiently.

8. Overload and Overheating Protection

When the jars are overloaded or filled more than their safe capacity, and then the grinder is made to operate for a long time, the motor may burn or there may be risks of motor failure.

This is where Overload protection proves to be helpful. It helps to break the circuit in case of any such incident in order to prevent more damage.

Also, some grinders have an overheating protection feature which is specially designed to cut off the connection and turn the grinder off automatically in case it gets heated more than the limit that is considered safe.

 9. Safety Lock

Safety comes first, hence the safety lock is a very important feature to consider when buying a spice grinder. It ensures that the lid or cover fits in securely and is in place, thus properly locking the machine tightly, so that there are no accidents or damages while the grinder is in use.

When blending liquids, this safety lock is quite important as it helps to prevent spillage by locking the jars securely and thus does not create a mess. The earthing, cables and connections should be in good condition.

The base of the appliance should have non-slip footing, preferably of rubber, to provide grip and ensure that the grinder is balanced, else it would fall while being operated and cause trouble.

10. Switch Type

Grinders have two types of switches, either piano type or rotary type. The piano types have switches or buttons which can be pushed on and off and ensure easy operation by just pressing them.

While the rotary type has knobs which have a dial that can be rotated to set a particular control as per requirements.


11. Spatulas Included

Some grinders include a spatula, made of either wooden or plastic, to mix the ingredients within the jar while the grinder operates.

Compared to hands, spatulas are more hygienic and also safe to handle the ingredients inside the jar. This isn’t a necessity but of course an additional benefit if included.

12. Quality of the Grinder and its Durability

Grinders are common appliances which are used in the kitchen most every day. Thus they should be durable and should last long so that the money spent doesn’t go down the drain.

For this, the grinder and its components should be of good quality and made from strong and sturdy materials. The outer body should preferably be of plastic to avoid breaking it in case of mishandling.

The jars should be of stainless steel and should meet the required safety and food standards. The motor is most commonly made up of copper, and this is preferred as well because it helps to make it strong and corrosion-resistant.

The lids should also be break-proof and scratch-resistant. The blades should be of good quality stainless steel in order to make them sharp and efficient. These parts and the grinder as a whole should be durable so that it can be used for a long time without any worry.

13. Warranty

The warranty offered by manufacturers or companies varies. Thus compare and check the warranty periods offered by different brands and manufacturers before making the purchase.

It is important because in case something causes trouble or the appliance doesn’t function properly, it can be fixed and repaired by contacting the manufacturer and this would not cost you anything. Thus, it helps to cut additional expenses.

Moreover, longer warranty periods indicate better quality, because if the quality is bad, and the appliance is bound to get damaged after a certain time, the manufacturer wouldn’t offer a long warranty period because this would result in his loss.

But if a long warranty period is offered, it shows that the manufacturer trusts the quality of his product and thus it becomes more reliable for you.

Most grinders have a minimum of 1 to 3 years warranty offered, with some having even more. Sometimes there is an additional warranty on the motor. Thus, make sure that you go for a grinder which has a warranty tag attached.

14. Cleaning and Maintenance

Choose grinders which are easy to clean and maintain. Grinders which have removable blades are more preferable because they can be detached and washed conveniently. Also, the jars which don’t need washing with water are easier to clean as they only need to be wiped with a cloth.

Apart from this, a grinder should be easy to maintain and should not require monthly servicing as this can be costly. Thus, look for a grinder which has this feature because this will make your work easier and keep you stress-free.

15. Cost of the Grinder and your Budget

Depending on your budget you should compare the prices of the grinder’s available and also look out for deals and schemes available which ensure a discount and thus help you to get the spice grinder at a lower price.

Buying online is better as there is always a good amount of discount offered. The price of spice grinders varies from around INR 1500 to INR 6000 or more. The grinders with both dry and wet grinding capabilities cost more than the others.

Like every other appliance, more features, renowned names and greater service quality results in higher prices. Depending on the amount you can spend, look for grinders which have the required features and do not disturb your budget.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Masala Grinders in India

Q1. What components are included in a mixer grinder? 

Ans. A mixer grinder includes a main unit mostly made of plastic, stainless steel jar or jars, and lids and covers to close those jars during the grinding process. Usually, the grinder has anti-slip footing and an ergonomic design. The blades are usually of alloy steel and there are knobs or buttons to control the settings. The number of jars varies, some having just one jar suitable for dry as well as wet grinding, like in most spice grinders, while others may have around 2 to 4 jars, separate for dry and wet grinding, juicing and making purees, dips, or chutneys.

Q2. Are grinders safe to use with water or liquids? 

Ans. Yes, the grinders are safe to use with water or liquids. Some even have additional features to ensure safety. The ABS shock resistance and Overload protection feature ensures a smooth and safe grinding process, without any damage, and minimize the chances of shocks due to any such reasons.
Moreover, the plastic body doesn’t conduct electricity to the hand even if you hold it, thus keeping you safe while using the grinder. 

Q3. Is it necessary to hold the lid while the grinder operates? 

Ans. No, it isn’t necessary. You may or may not hold it. Even if you do hold it, the safety features mentioned above keep you safe from any kind of shock or injury. You can even prefer not to hold it if you wish to do something else while the grinder operates. Just ensure that the lid is properly closed and do not stuff ingredients more than the capacity of the jar.
The safety lock helps you in this by ensuring that the lid is intact before the grinder starts. Moreover, features such as Overload and overheating protection are beneficial in preventing any kind of damage or accident even if you do not hold the lid of the grinder jar while using it. 

Q4. Can a spice grinder be used for coffee? 

Ans. Yes, spice grinders can be used for grinding fresh coffee beans. However, the grinders with a motor having less than 200 W power are not suitable for grinding hard ingredients like coffee beans or coconuts.

Conclusion Best Masala Grinders in India

A spice grinder is a must-have for every kitchen. It is a necessity for the household needs and also helps to make your work much easier and time-saving. However, among so many options, it is of course not a very simple task to choose any one.

Every model has its own advantages and flaws as well. You need to see which among them balances this well and meets your needs.


To help you out, we reviewed the 7 Best Spice/ Masala Grinders in India. However, in case it is difficult to decide, we, from our end, recommend Premier Wet and Dry Bamboo-derived Rayon Spice Masala Grinder.

It is suitable for both wet and dry grinding and has a one-touch push-button to start working. It ensures safety by locking the lid securely and also provides thermal protection. The non-slip footing makes it easier to handle.

The anti-spill feature prevents creating a mess. The plastic body is strong and unbreakable and the transparent lid resists scratches. It is great for a small family, easy to use, store, and clean. Moreover, it is affordable and has a 1-year warranty.

To grab this amazing spice grinder, click here.

Also, let us know in the comments which masala grinder you liked the most!

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