11 Best UV Water Purifiers in India (September 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Water is the most essential thing to sustain life. Everything around us is comprised of water.

So, we need to consume water that is absolutely pure and is not contaminated with any harmful germs or bacteria.

Through the years of existence, we, mankind, have been bringing about new innovations and technologies to move forward to one goal – to obtain pure and filtered drinking water.


From tube wells to UV purifiers, we have come a long way. UV technology is the most famous technology that is being inculcated in all the water purifiers these days.

Why UV water purifiers are the best?

Because they hold the immense power to kill 99.99% of any kind of chemicals or microorganisms that can cause serious and long term effects to your body without having to add any chemicals to do the job or any extra scent or flavour.

A lot of technicalities are hidden behind a UV water purifier which needs to be acknowledged and known by you before going to buy one.

There are a lot of variations in a UV Water Purifier in India with different kinds of features and technologies.

But before you get further confused, we want you to stop worrying from this point on because we have accumulated the Best UV Water Purifiers in India that will help you to make a better choice. So without wasting any time, let us dive into this splendid journey!

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These are the Top 11 Best UV Water Purifiers in India

11 Best UV Water Purifiers in India (2021)

1. A.O.Smith X2 UV Water Purifier (5 ltr)

AO Smith has been successfully taking care of so many lives across India for more than 40 years now. They have dedicated their entire lives in creating the UV water purifiers with utmost authenticity and they also incorporate industrially the best features in all of their water purifiers.


It is compact and has a sleek design that will make you feel good every time you look at it! It is one of the best UV water purifiers in India and has received so much love from the customers. It features subtle design, a compact body, a brand new technology, all of which we are going to get into in detail, one by one. 

Primary Features

  • Has a flow rate of 30 LPH at 25 psi feed pressure
  • Has a indicator for UV life alert
  • Purification process in 5 stages
  • 5 litre of storage capacity
  • Monochromatic color

If you are someone who lives in a moderately advanced locality and your house receives water from the municipal water supply, then this UV water purifier is the perfect match for you because it has the 5S technology.

That simply means that water gets purified inside the system in 5 different stages before it finally meets your belly!

The 5 types of filters start from the sediment filter, then there is a fine sediment layer, it then finally reaches the carbon block after which it gets scanned by the UV light and finally comes to the UF stage that is the ultra-fine stage.

This ensures you double standard protection – the Ultraviolet layer and the Ultra-fine layer, so that you get perfectly pure water. It has enough storage of 5 litres to quench your thirst throughout the day.

The digital display on the body makes it easier to get access to all the information regarding the machine. It also has a UV alert that will alert you from beforehand so that you can change the filter in time.

This machine is so small and compact that you can fit it literally anywhere. It is specially designed keeping in mind the modern life problems. Such amazing features have helped this UV water purifier to grab 4.2 stars on Amazon.

  • Small; can fit in anywhere
  • Digital display
  • UV alert
  • Has both UV and UF protection
  • 1 year warranty
  • Simplistic design


2. Ruby Economical TDS Controller+RO+UV Water Purifier

The vision and mission of Ruby focus only on one thing, which is to produce innovative UV water purifiers which ensure the safety and well being of their beloved customers.


They make sure to include the greatest materials and technologies into their products so that there are no stones left unturned in touching the “perfect” benchmark. This has been demarcated with “amazon’s choice” product on Amazon for several reasons that shall be discussed below!

Primary Features

  • Mega 12 litre storage in one hour
  • 6 stage purification
  • Purification technology includes RO, UV and TDS controller with mineralizer
  • Up to 75 hours of duty cycle per day
  • See through glass design

This Ruby Economical RO+UV+TDS Controller Multi-Stage Water Purifier has everything you need to ensure that you are consuming crystal clear water every day. It is one of the very few water purifiers that functions in a reverse osmosis system and that too under a very low price range.

This product will not disappoint you and will help you live a standardized life, every day! It might look small but it has a gigantic storage space. It is perfect for all of you who have a large family or you own an organization or restaurant or office.

It will give you a vast and relentless duty for around 75 hours every day and up to 12 hours per hour. Not every water purifier and especially of this size, have such immense power.

Such powerful water purifier will need an extra layer of protection. Thus it comes with 6 unique layers of protection, all of which have their respective roles to play.

The first layer, the 5 micron pre-filter layer, removes the primary dirt, sand, and even the rust particles and sediments them into the second sedimentary layer which again filters out the dust particles and leads it to the carbon filter.

This carbon filter has a very important role> to play in the entire filtration process. It removes chemicals like chlorine and other organic chemicals as well. It cuts down the level of colour, any kind of smell or taste as well.

Now, the fourth stage is the reverse osmosis membrane which cuts down the toxins and impurities like lead, mercury, sodium, calcium, magnesium, mercury, nitrate, etc. that may have been responsible for contaminating the water.

The post-carbon filter then removes the collected odour and taste from the purified water.

And finally, it reaches the section where the UV immediately kills off the microorganisms and bacteria and germs and stops the further development and multiplication process. It is one of the most favourite UV water purifiers on Amazon which promises to add elegance to your kitchen!

  • Huge space capacity
  • TDS control valve present
  • Small and economical
  • 6 stages of purification
  • Extremely powerful
  • Dull design


3. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes is such a brand that is known and trusted by people from every generation. It prioritizes safety and their biggest enemies are germs and bacteria which they have been seeking as well as including those solutions into their water purifiers to fight against these harmful particles.


This Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Amaze water purifier does not compromise anything for your health. The name Eureka Forbes Aquaguard is enough to make people believe in their products.

Primary Features

  • 7 litres capacity of tank
  • Smart LED indicator of three things – power, purification and tank full
  • Long life of the cartridge
  • Has energy saving mode
  • 3 powerful purification stage

It is a very well known fact that every water purifier is technologically advanced so that it matches with the fast-changing and evolving life! This stunning and beautifully designed water purifier along with its powerful features is enough to convince you to usher this stunner home!

The three LED indicators add to the vogue look of this water purifier. It will indicate to you at every stage. For example, when you will switch it on, it will signal you the same. It will even tell you when the tank is full and when the purification process is on.

It is as smart as you! It has three primary stages of purification functionality that includes RO, UV, and MTDS. This should be enough to ensure that every drop of water that will come out of this purifier will be absolutely pure.

It has a strong cartridge capacity of around 6000 litres. So you do not have to worry about changing your filter seldom number of times. It will keep on providing you with its services for a very long time!

The 7 litre of tank storage will help you during any kind of unforeseen emergencies like power cuts, uninvited guests, etc. The MTDS adds a unique taste to the water.

Its level reaches up to 2000 ppm and thus, you will get nice and tasty water and at the same time Aquaguard safe water!

This UV water purifier will contribute quite less to your electricity bill as it automatically shuts down once the tank is filled with pure water. The 4.1 stars that it has received on Amazon were absolutely worth it!

  • Modern design
  • Energy saving mode saves money
  • Durable
  • MTDS regulator
  • Complete 12 months warranty
  • Smaller tank capacity


4. Kent – 11076 New Grand RO + UV+ UF + TDS Water Purifier

Kent’s speciality is manufacturing and selling the best RO water purifiers in India. Every water purifier from Kent will make your living healthy and pure and strives to secure your tomorrow.

Kent-11076-New Grand-RO-UV-UF-TDS-Water-Purifier

This Kent – 11076 New Grand RO + UV+ UF + TDS Water Purifier stands tall on the promise that Kent commits to! Kent is one of those companies that give 100% assurance on the purity level of the water from their water purifiers.

Primary Features

  • Four stages of purification process for obtaining 100% pure water
  • Has mineral RO technology
  • 8 litres of storage in the tank
  • 20 litre per hour purification capacity
  • Has a water level indicator

This Kent – 11076 has been specially designed and formulated according to the daily lifestyle of a normal and general household and whether you live in a rural or urban locality, this water purifier will suit your household perfectly and will feed you purity for the rest of your life.

This water purifier has four solid stages of purification that makes water 100% pure. It has RO, UV, UF, and TDS controller that has their respective responsibilities to reach to one particular goal – to deduce the impurities, harmful chemicals, and salts.

The best part about this product is that, it does not eliminate everything from the water and make it naked and void of any minerals.

It holds back the minerals that are healthy in the water so that our body gets the essential minerals from the water as well!

This advanced technology is known as the mineral RO technology and it is the job of the TDS controller which is basically the last stage of purification.

It scans the water for a final check without throwing away the minerals which are good and not harmful! It has a water level indicator at the body of the machine which will tell you how much quantity of water is stored inside the purifier.

If you notice that the level has dropped down, you can switch on the power supply so that it can again start the purification process. It has been poured with 4.1 stars on Amazon!

  • Guaranteed 100% pure drinking water
  • Purifies 20 litres of water hourly
  • Has a 8 litre water retaining tank capacity
  • Comes with warranty
  • Water level indicator on the body
  • No LED indicator


5. KENT Maxx UV + UF Water Purifier

When it comes to the best company that manufactures RO water purifiers with the industrially highest grade materials and system, Kent comes up in the first few companies that have been consistent in delivering top-notch performance throughout the years.


This KENT Maxx water purifier has a very unique design and shape and comes with the age-old durability factor. This water purifier from Kent is the ultimate RO water purifier of the future. The transparent water tank is the show runner and steals all the attention.

Primary Features

  • Uses UV and UF purification process
  • It comes with detachable tank
  • Has a high power 11 watt UV light
  • 7 litres of tank capacity
  • It is computer controlled

What’s more is that this water tank can be manually removed and reattached once it is clean Whether your water supply is from the municipality or from your tap, this water purifier has the power and ability to cleanse any type of water and give you the purest form of water!.

This Kent Maxx water purifier operates on the latest UV and UF purification procedure. That means the Ultraviolet rays do remove all the germs and bacteria from the water but the ultra filter further cleanses it again.

So, it is like a double assurance of safe drinking water. If you go for the components on the basis of their looks, the detachable tank is the best attractive component and feature of this water purifier.

Now, you can be your own boss and clean the water tank without any hassle or external help all by yourself. The 11 watt UV lamp is quite powerful and scans through the nooks and corners of the water to get hold of the microorganisms and finish them off.

It has a nice general level storage capacity of 7 litres so that you do not fall short of water anytime. Kent has used technology to the fullest and has made this product in such a way that it can be controlled by a computer.

It will let you know when the filter and the UV lamp needs to be paid attention to and changed. This UV water purifier is made of ABS food-grade plastic which means that the material will never affect the water quality. It has received love in the form of 3.7 stars on Amazon!

  • Detachable water tank
  • Transparent water tank body
  • Has warranty against the manufacturing defects
  • Computer controlled
  • Made up of ABS plastic
  • Small storage


6. Mi Smart (MRB13) RO + UV Water Purifier

Mi is the brand which is really close to the heart for millions of Indians. Mi makes sure to give you the best at a very reasonable and minimum price range possible. Starting from the sophisticated looks to the modern-day technologies, you will get everything in this product


This UV water purifier has smartness inculcated at every level. It will fit in perfectly in this hectic world where you have to be on your toes every time. It will give you full control over its controller from the comfort of your bed or couch.

Primary Features

  • Can be connected to an app
  • Has 5 stages (Penta) purification process
  • Filter changeable after 12 months
  • DIY filter replacement
  • UV sterilization in tank

How? Let us look at the best features from one of the best water purifiers available in the Indian market! Unlike other water purifiers which need to be controlled by the buttons given on the surface of the machine, this water purifier can be controlled from your phone.

If you have a Mi phone, it will be super easy. You just have to connect your water purifier to your phone from the Mi home application with the help of your Wi-Fi and have fun controlling it with just your finger touch!

That application will keep on updating you about a lot of things like it will tell you about the current quality of water, the TDS level of the purifier at that moment.

How many more days can the filter be used, and also the update on the sterilization process in the tank by the UV rays. It functions with the latest Penta purification system and has a unique feature here.

The first two steps include filtering out the hard and solid particles as well as the harmful chemicals and materials. The next two steps do the same and now cuts off the extra odour and smell and finally, in the last stage.

The water goes into the tank for sterilization by the UV rays/light. The filter can be used for 12 whole months and it takes less than 30 seconds to clean or replace it.

  • Can be controlled by phone
  • Gives present status of the purification process
  • You can replace the filter yourself within 30 seconds
  • Filter works for almost a year
  • Has UV sterilization process inside the tank itself
  • Single solid colour machine


7. Konvio Neer Amrit RO + UF + TDS Adjuster + UV Water Purifier

From its launch, Konvio Neer has been manufacturing some of the authentic quality UV water purifiers that have been rocking the market ever since. It is one of the best products of Konvio and is also voted as Amazon’s choice product.


This particular water purifier from Konvio Neer is the best solution to live in this toxic and polluted environment. This purifier does the job of keeping you and your family under a safe environment and protection but in a smart and intelligent way.

Primary Features

  • Latest TDS up to 3000
  • Has Philips UV lamp
  • Ultra 12 litre storage
  • Artificial Intelligence generated water purifier
  • Control it Konvio Neer application

Its process of purity is top-notch with 6 respective stages of the entire purification process. You get the fresh water because of the TDS regulator which reaches up to 3000.

Now what this TDS reverse osmosis (RO) system does is that it transforms the hard water full of toxins and impurities and chemicals into clear water suitable for drinking.

Once the water gets purified, it is not necessary that you will use all of the water at once. Germs may start to make themselves home in the water that is left in the storage tank.

But the Philips ultraviolet lamp inside the tank comes to the rescue. It always gives us the water we deserve to drink!

You can switch it on only once a day and will get pure drinking water throughout the day without worrying about anything else. It is a technologically advanced water purifier as it is made with the help of artificial intelligence.

You can operate all the functionalities of this water purifier with the help of a Konvio Neer smart application that will help you track the water quality and status all day long.

All this has compelled the customers to shower love upon this beauty with 4.1 stars on Amazon! To grab this amazing UV water purifier, hit the buy button given below.

  • Made with artificial intelligence
  • Philips UV lamp inside the tank
  • Has an app for simpler operation
  • Huge 12 litre storage
  • 6 stages of extra protection
  • Heavy and bulky


8. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier (AR4WHAM01)

Blue Star also falls under those companies that have been consistently famous for delivering great performance since its birth. This UV water purifier has a premium look that will enhance the look of your kitchen!


This water purifier from Blue Star is definitely a head-turner owing to its magnificent subtle looks. It has been fused with a whole bunch of different types of features that have brought this product where it is standing today.

Primary Features

  • Has a double layered protection
  • Equipped with Aqua taste booster
  • 10 inch long filter
  • Child lock function
  • Low pressure alert

It ensures you double safety as the water gets checked and filtered by both RO and UV and it divides the work accordingly. There are additional carbon and sedimentary filters attached in between those two filters.

The work of RO is to delete any harmful substances dissolved in the water and that of UV is to just stop and destroy the functioning of the bacteria and germs present in the water.

This water purifier has been 95995 89828equipped with an aqua taste booster that is used to intensify and add a taste to water while maintaining the required balance of the perfect pH of the water.

The activated carbon layer, which has such properties that help in removing bacteria, is present in the different purification stages has copper in it that is extremely helpful in removing the bad taste and odour as well as other organic compounds.

Now coming to the type of indicators that this UV water purifier has, while the purification process goes on, the LED light remains on throughout that process. There is also a UV fail alert that will tell you if there is something wrong with the UV lamp.

There is a child lock system in the machine so that there is no unnecessary leakage of water. There is a high-class RO membrane inside the filter which allows high-quality purification.

  • Beautifully subtle design
  • Has a child lock system
  • Equipped with aqua taste booster
  • Activated carbon layered with copper
  • Indicates on UV failure
  • None, it is perfect!


9. Livpure Glo RO+UV Water Purifier

Livpure is one of the most prominent and renowned companies especially known in the corporate world. They are known to create water purifiers that are not very heavy weight yet they are durable and industrially well-fitted.


It is the perfect fit for your home and ergonomic as well. If you are a very professional person and like to purchase ergonomically advanced things even for your home, this particular Livpure Glo water purifier will be the perfect match for you.

Primary Features

  • RO, UV and Mineraliser layers adjacent to each other
  • Can purify up to 2000 ppm
  • LED indicators for power, water flow and filtration
  • 12 LPH purification
  • Compact and sleek design

It has got all the essential features that you will be thankful of especially in your hectic schedule days. This will keep you healthy and on your toes everyday! The best thing about this product is its sleek and trimmed design and built.

It will perfectly fit in any kind of kitchen and still will be successful in increasing the essence of your kitchen. There are 3 LED indicators placed adjacent to each other.

The first indicator is that of the power, then comes the water flow indicator followed by the indicator that will tell us about the ongoing filtration process. The six layers of filters will keep the water away from the pollutants that can cause severe diseases.

In this water purifier, the RO and UV layers are placed next to each other so that once the water is aloof from the microorganisms and bacteria, immediately the water can be scanned and UV rays can stop the functionalities of the remaining microorganisms.

The post-carbon filter, which is the second last filter, is platted with silver and the final layer is your mineralizer which retains the essential minerals so that our water and body do not lack the required minerals.

It can purify 12 litres of water in an hour and it successfully purifies 2000 parts per million of the total dissolved solids in that time period. For this and all the other reasons, this Livpure Glo UV water purifier has been conferred with amazing reviews from the customers on Amazon!

  • Smooth design
  • Compact built
  • Has a layer of mineraliser
  • Comes with warranty period of a year
  • 2000 ppm TDS purified
  • Smaller capacity as compared to others
  • Lower purification rate


10. Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Smart Plus (RO+UV+MTDS) Water Purifier

Every water purifier from Eureka Forbes has the stylish looks to vouch for and the unique features that are very rare to find but most importantly, the traditional promise of no compromise with health that Aquaguard ensures.


This Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Smart Plus water purifier is the best-looking product in the market and is really the show stopper! This product is bound to make eyes turn and eventually purchase it.

Primary Features

  • Best looking product in the market
  • Has the smart indicators on the top half
  • Smart energy saving indicator present on the second half
  • MTDS layer present
  • The smart plus keeps performance intact during voltage problems

The design is enough to make us fall for this and believe that this product will give us the performance exactly as it looks like. This is the best suitable product for you if looks is your top priority. The stages of purification in this particular water purifier have unique functionalities. 

There is a filter right next to the first I-filter called the chemi block. Just like the name suggests, chemi block cuts off the bad chemicals from the water before it reaches the next layers.

The first two layers cut off the pollutants and chemicals. The membrane life enhancer has a crucial role to play for the durability of the filter.

In the chemi block layer when the chemicals like calcium and magnesium get cut off, there are high chances for them to start forming a layer onto the surface of the filter. This particular layer prevents such a situation and does not allow them to form a layer on the RO membrane.

After the various viruses, protozoa, and the materials like lead, mercury, and the TDS gets removed, MTDS fixes the taste of the water and the last layer makes sure that the water comes out pure and safe.

The smart plus feature regulates the normal functioning of the water purifier even under low or fluctuating voltage. It has delivered a perfect shot-off the boundary with the 4 stars on Amazon!

  • Out of the world looks
  • Water level and LED indicators placed smartly
  • Smart plus product
  • Has a different layer to protect the RO membrane
  • Taste adjuster present
  • Smaller capacity of tank


11. Havells UF+UV Water Purifier

Havells is a top-class company that has been keeping India illuminated and safe and healthy for many years now. It is one of the most demanded brands of all time because of the quality they deliver. This UV water purifier from Havells is “wow” worthy because of the most distinctive design.


The vibrant colour combination and the smooth surface is an eye-catcher. It has both UV and UF layers that join hands to smoothen the purification process.

Primary Features

  • Has a UF membrane
  • Has a revitalizer
  • Monitors the purification process
  • Has amazing alert system
  • The tank can be removed

While the ultraviolet rays help in inspecting the water to find the impurities or solid particles, the UF layer on the other hand, eliminates the cysts, bacteria, algae, and all kinds of organic and inorganic substances and molecules from the water.

It completely makes the water free from any kind of particle that can have the chance of harming your health.

There is a feature of revitalizer that helps to reconstruct and bring the molecular shape of the water molecules back to its original form and thus by activating the molecules.

It upgrades and makes the hydration and the osmosis process better. This UV water purifier smartly keeps track on the entire purification process, thus constantly ensuring safe water output always.

If there is any default in the UV process, then it will put a pause on the process and it will bring it to your notice so that you can take the necessary actions.

There are two types of smart alerting system – it has the process alerts like purification status, full tank, and the self-diagnosis alert and the alerts for the error in the system includes UV failure. You can even remove the tank by yourself to clean it.

  • Geometrical shape
  • Comes with a tank cover
  • Has a soft touch faucet
  • Electricity protection
  • Can monitor the purification process
  • Capacity too small


Buying Guide – Best UV Water Purifiers in India

A UV water purifier falls under the absolute necessity of a household. So we need to know everything about a water purifier before we move on to invest in one.

We need to consider about our personal needs and requirements like kitchen space, the taste of water we prefer and also the kind of kitchen and house we have.


After clearing out the personal requirements, we need to know everything about UV water purifiers, their purification process, filters, how size, shape, and style can affect the entire kitchen scenario, LED indicators, etc.

It is very important to know all the features and characteristics of a water purifier so that we can make the best decision for ourselves.

You do not have to feel scared because we have accumulated all kinds of information regarding UV water purifiers so that you can relax and have a glance through them. So without any further delay, let us check some of the factors we need to look out for before purchasing a UV water purifier.

Factors to consider while buying a UV Water Purifier

1. Water Quality

Some of the pollutants are strong enough to spread and soak in the UV light. This becomes a barrier in the functionality of the UV light because by eating up most of the part of the UV rays, it is deducting the total quantity of UV rays that fights to kill the microorganisms.

Those pollutants, namely manganese, iron, humic and fulvic acid are present in the top layer of the water. Interestingly, some of the microorganisms are coated with suspended solids.

Sometimes, it even forms into the shape of floating debris. The purification of this water is only possible when these are removed in the entire filtration procedure.

So, you should know about the various pollutants and toxins that are present in the water because this knowledge will help you decide whether you would need to attach an additional pre-filter.

The factors include:

  • Hardness should be less than 120 ppm
  • Iron content should be less than 0.3 ppm
  • Manganese content should be less than 0.05 ppm
  • The state of turbidity should be less than 1 NTU
  • Tannins should be less than 0.1 ppm
  • Level of UV transmittance should be greater than 75%

2. Flow Rate

Flow rate actually means the total water usage in a day. This is quite obvious that different households will have different water requirements as the total number of members vary. So if one particular household has a large family, their quantity of water intake will be huge and vice versa.

So check the water flow rate in the specifications section that will match your family requirements.

There is an easy way to figure that out. Have a rough idea about the quantity of water all of the members of your family drinks every day. And always go for a water purifier that will offer more quantity of water than your actual estimation.

3. Longevity of the UV Bulb

The UV lights may be durable but when they will stop working after a certain point in time, you will have to change it.

So, it is a significant factor to be aware of so that you know how many times you will have to change it and how much it will cost you and be assured whether you are investing in the right one or not.

You need to count this cost along with the water purifier’s total MRP. It depends on product to product how often you will have to replace the bulb. It may be after a few months and some may demand a change after a year or so.

So your calculation here is pretty simple. You need to go for a product that will offer you greater longevity of the UV bulb so that you get to save money at the end of the day and do not have to put in a lot of effort to maintain it.

4. Tank Capacity

This is one of the most important factors that you must keep in mind while buying a UV water purifier. Most of the water purifier does not have a lot of storage. You need to go for a water purifier that will continuously provide you pure and freshwater even when there is an electricity cut.

5. UV fail indicator

This also falls under one of the most important attributes of a water purifier. A UV lamp is the most important component of UV a water purifier. It has a very important role to play in the purification process.

And ofcourse, it is not possible to find out about fact if the UV lamp is working or not. By chance if the UV light stops working, it will no longer be able to do its job, that is, the purification of water.

So if the water purifier has a distinctive LED indicator for the UV fail alarm, we can know if there is something wrong with the UV light and if it requires a change from beforehand. This feature will assure you that you are drinking safe and pure water every time.

6. Wattage

A water purifier requires a certain level of wattage so that it achieves the perfect level of the UV-C generation and its short wave radiation. A water purifier will work smoothly in a regular wattage value between 55 W to 120 W. Sometimes, it can demand even more.

7. The Mode of Operation

A water purifier, which you will be using daily, should be easy to operate. The water purifiers that offer the automatic feature are really convenient because the UV light will predict when the machine is not being used currently and will shut down immediately.

This is extremely helpful as it aids in increasing the lifespan of the UV lamp and thus, the entire machine. The water purifier should be less complicated and it should be able to operate completely with just a single touch!

8. Installation Process

This factor will completely depend on your preference. So you need to get yourself a water purifier that will give you the benefit to fit it anywhere you want, whether hanging on the wall or just simply placing it on a table. You can even go for the water purifiers that are very specific in the installation process.

Installation is a professional job and you will need to call in professionals to fit it inside your kitchen or anywhere you want. So just check whether the company will provide you the privilege to install the machine free of cost.

9. Certification of Assurance

Very few of the water purifiers undergo a certification process. So it is best suited to buy a water purifier that is well-reputed and trusted by majority of the Indians.

Whether you are going for an unknown brand or a known one, you need to do your homework and research about the purifier as well as the company and most importantly, check the kind of reviews it has received from the existing customers.

10. Customer Service

This factor varies from company to company and it is always advisable to go for such companies that are well known for the kind of customer service they offer as sometimes, it can be pretty costly.

So before finally purchasing a water purifier, make sure to check the reviews given by the customers because you will get to know about the kind of problems the water purifiers had and whether the insurance or warranty will have those problems covered.

So, see if the company will give you honest and full support if you face such kind of similar problems after purchasing it.

11. Extra Features

The extra features include the LED indicators that can let you know about the current status like power, purification, etc; the touch screen, the smart app feature, flow meter, etc. These can be extremely helpful and makes a UV water purifier convenient as well!

12. Price

Usually, the UV water purifiers come in a price range between Rs. 5000 – Rs. 20000. Do not fall prey to the cheap price because that water purifier might not have the essential features and can be of very bad quality.

The main point is price does not determine the quality of a product. You should always check its features and how strong the product is.

13. Warranty

Warranty is an absolute necessity for a machine like this so that you can get essential service from the company if there is any problem with the water purifier.

Certain companies even offer a warranty period of over 4 years. Also, make sure to check the various services they provide under that period.


Components of UV Water Purifier

A Reactor Chamber

This component has the UV lamp and quartz sleeve in it. Its main job is to manage the water that flows inside the system. The material used to build a reactor chamber is stainless steel while some companies may use plastic as well.

UV Lamp

The UV-C radiation that is required for the purification process is generated by the UV lamp. It has a small amount of mercury that helps in forming the UV rays.

The lamps have a filament inside it that produces electricity in order to heat the mercury that will result in evaporation inside the lamp. This evaporated mercury contributes in forming the UV rays by creating electrical arcs and then the purification starts.

Quartz Sleeve

It is cylindrical in shape and is made up of quartz glass. It basically prevents the UV lamp from coming in direct contact with the water surface.

The UV rays pass through this sleeve in order to reach the water. Clean it at the time you change the UV lamp because the pollutants might form a layer on the surface. This will help in the smooth functioning of the purifier.

The Controller Unit

The main unit of a water purifier which is also known as the brain of the unit is this particular unit of the water purifier – the controller unit. It looks after the UV lamp’s electricity output. It provides power to the lamp as well.

Advantages of UV Water Purifier

Now that we know about the things we need to check before buying a water purifier, let us glance through the various advantages:

  • UV technology has the ability to kill off 99.99% of micro-organisms inside the water so that it becomes absolutely pure to drink. It is proven to be the most effective method for purifying water.
  • The best thing about UV is that it is eco friendly. It does not contribute to global warming and is actually a greener choice when compared to chlorine without the help of any additional substances or products.
  • This UV filter does not change or add the smell and taste of water. Chlorine on the other hand does add some kind of taste to the water which in turn affects the smell of the water as well. The molecular structure of water remains intact even after the entire purification process.
  • You do not even have to worry about the maintenance process because it is hassle-free. You just have to check your filter and change it as and when required.
  • It is capable of removing more pathogens and protozoa like Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • Less power consumption.
  • They are ergonomic and economical.
  • There is less wastage of water in the UV water purifiers.
  • The water does not have to face the bulb directly; it only comes in contact with the light.

Disadvantages of UV Water Purifier

There are few disadvantages of a UV water purifier. They are as follows:

  • The UV light is only responsible for stopping the microorganisms from growing and multiplying in numbers. You need a whole different kind of filters to filter out the hard water and impurities in it.
  • It cannot even eliminate chlorine, salts, TDSs and the other heavy metals. You will need RO filter alongside the UV filter to get rid of all the toxins and pollutants.
  • UV filtration works only on treated water. Every other impurity has to be removed from the water before it enters this stage of purification. Sometimes when the microorganisms get covered up by the other particles, the water treatment remains incomplete.
  • The remaining and un-used water inside the tank, if kept for a prolonged period of time can get heated up by the UV lamp which is not good.
  • A UV water purifier demands for power supply without which it cannot start the purification process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best UV Water Purifiers in India

Q1. Which is the best UV water purifier in India?

Ans. From our expert list of the best UV water purifiers available in India, Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier AR4WHAM01 is the best because of its beautifully subtle design and so many unique features that make it a show stopper! 

Q2. Where to buy a UV water purifier?

Ans. Online e-commerce sites are the best option to buy a UV water purifier. For starters, there are a lot of options available in front of us and that too in the comfort of our home.
You can even get all the information and facts regarding the water purifier and you can scan through all the reviews given by the existing customers so that you can know if the product is worth buying or not.

Q3. Are UV water purifiers safe?

Ans. The water from the UV water purifiers is absolutely safe to consume because it does not include the usage of any artificial or additional chemicals during the purification process.
It does not have sodium in it which indicates the level of purity of water. The UV rays are responsible to kill off the protozoa and even the FDA has approved the system. 

Q4. When to change the filters of the UV water purifier?

Ans. Some of the UV water purifiers already have a UV fail alert which notifies you from beforehand when the UV lamp has stopped working and needs to be replaced. On the other hand, some companies mention this in their specifications section about when the filters need to be replaced or cleaned. 

Q5. Which brand of UV water purifier is the best?

Ans. There are many well-known companies in the market like Eureka Forbes, Kent, Blue star; all of which deliver the best quality UV water purifiers which have their respective modish designs and unique characteristics. So, you can go for any companies mentioned above!

Conclusion – Best UV Water Purifiers in India

Now that you have reached the end of this journey, you know everything about the UV water purifier and thus, you can finally make the right decision.

Make sure to consider your preferences and always check and research about that particular company and its product thoroughly before going for it.


Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Smart Plus (RO+UV+MTDS) 6L water purifier is the best product if you want to go for a well-reputed company’s product.

Another product that can be considered is the Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier AR4WHAM01.

Let us know in the comments if you have any issues in buying a UV Water Purifier.

Happy healthy life! Happy shopping!

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