9 Best Dish Drainers in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Do you regularly wash utensils and keep them on the kitchen top for draining/drying?

If yes, then, you might have faced the problem of drenched kitchen tops and surrounding areas as the aftermath. To solve this problem, you need to buy a dish drainer/basket.


A dish drainer is a rack which is generally made of plastic or stainless steel. It can be used for various purposes, but mostly it is used as a storage space for both wet and dry utensils.

It is used to store utensils and kitchen equipment when they are not in use. And also, to store dishes/utensils after they have been cleaned, for draining and keeping them dry.

Dish drainers can be of various types, one racked or two racked. Also, depending on their function, they may be foldable or simply in a basket form.

If you are looking to buy the best dish drainer in India, you must read the Buying Guide in this article.

These are the Top 9 Best Dish Drainers in India

Best Dish Drainers in India (2021)

1. Rixim 3 in 1 Kitchen Sink Dish Drainer

Rixim is one such brand which is known for producing modern and stylish kitchen accessories. Their products are designed by trained officials and come with acute precision. The RIXIM plastic basket is made of high quality, matte, non-slip, safe, and harmless PP plastic.


The PP plastic ensures that the product is durable and lasts longer. This particular dish drainer comes with a new and unique design that introduces a human diversion bottom tray that is easier to clean.

Primary Features

  • Material type: Plastic
  • Removable draining tray
  • Extra knife and fork holder
  • Internalised hollow design

The tray can be pulled out easily at any time to remove the excess water. The bottom of the tray has a 4-padded waterproof design which also helps in proper ventilation under the tray.

The internal hollow design makes sure that the excess water seeps out and the contents inside (such as utensils, etc) get dried easily.

Presence of such a ventilation system ensures that no bacteria breeds inside the basket and also so that the basket remains odour free.

The basket is very large and can hold many dishes and cutleries at once. All kitchen equipment such as sponge, hand towels, utensils, etc can be put inside or on the basket for drying.

There is also a plastic holder that comes with this basket. This holder can be used to store knives, spoons, fork, etc, and is very easy to install.

The basket has an ergonomic design and has a compact size. It won’t occupy much of your kitchen platform. However, it is advisable to keep the basket beside the sink, so that the excess water can directly seep into the sink.

  • High quality plastic
  • Padded human diversion tray
  • Internal hollow design
  • Ergonomic design
  • Available in various colours
  • No guarantee periods
  • Capacity not clearly mentioned
  • Not budget friendly


2. Raawan 3 in 1 Plastic Kitchen Sink Dish Drainer

Raawan is an Indian brand which focuses on making new kitchen accessories that we can use to keep our kitchen organised, clean, and neat. The Raawan basket, as the name suggests, can be used in multiple ways.


First of all, it is made of durable light-weighted plastic which is not only safe for use but also environment friendly. This plastic also makes the basket durable and long-lasting.

Primary Features

  • Material type: ABS Plastic
  • 3-in-1 function
  • Convenient hollow design
  • Human Diversion tray
  • Easy cleaning
  • Large capacity
  • Portable rack

It comes with a matte finish which gives the basket a polished look and resists for a long period. The basket has a 3-in-1 feature.

It not only can be used as a basket to drain and dry wet/washed dishes but also can be used as a storage basket to keep the kitchen utensils/accessories when not in use. The basket has a compact shape and is portable.

Thus, it can be placed anywhere and set up anywhere as per your choice. The capacity of the basket is quite high. It can store up to 12 bowls, 2 dishes, and 10 plates.

It comes with a hollow design and comes with a diversion tray at the bottom which makes the excess water easy to drain. The tray also comes with a separate drain place for chopsticks or spoons or knives.

The separate places for the dishes and the smaller cutleries make the entire process of draining and drying convenient and hassle-free. The tray is a modernised human diversion tray, which makes the cleaning process easier.

The draining rack can be easily hung from the basket at any side which can then be used to drain and dry chopsticks or spoons.

It’s ideal to keep the dish basket near or beside a sink so that the water can easily drain. The craftmanship of this basket is extremely professional and thus makes it sturdy.

  • Available in multiple colours
  • Environment friendly plastic material
  • 3-in-1 unique feature
  • Available in various colours
  • Portable
  • Value for money
  • No guarantee periods


3. Planet Dish Drainer Basket

Planet company excels at producing all type kitchen baskets. They are heavily inclined towards craftmanship, so that they can offer a wide range of products both for commercial as well as domestic purpose.Planet-Dish-Drainer-Basket

The PLANET storage basket or dish drainer can be used for both purposes. That is, it can be used to store all the utensils that are not in use and also to drain out the excess water from the utensils which have been washed.

Primary Features

  • Material type: stainless steel
  • Separate space for dish and cutlery
  • Plastic coated handles for better grip
  • Double wired circular support
  • Anti-rust and mirror shine property

The entire basket is made of high-quality stainless steel. The stainless steel gives the product a premium shine as it has a matte silver finish, also makes it durable and long-lasting.

The stainless steel also makes sure that the product is rust-free and corrosion-free. The handle of the basket comes with a plastic coat which enables better grip and portability.

Unlike other baskets, this one comes with a surface which has very dense wire moulding; almost nest-like to ensure the durability and strength of the product.

Another unique feature is the double wired circular support which further adds to the strength and durability of the product. The product is suitable for draining wet dishes and cutleries.

However, it is ideal for storing wet vessels. There is also a separate space for the cutleries and chopsticks. Such a separation for dishes and cutleries also makes the basket convenient for daily use.

In conclusion, the product is attractive with a mirror like finish, rust-free, and durable which makes it a must-to-be considered option. It is ideal for a small family with 3 people at most.

  • High-quality stainless-steel finish
  • Separate space for dishes and cutleries
  • Attractive, mirror look technology
  • Ideal for draining and storing utensils
  • Plastic coat in handles
  • Not suitable for large families
  • Not budget friendly
  • No guarantee periods


4. Embassy Dish Draining Basket

If you are looking for the best dish drainer, Embassy is the brand that must be considered. Embassy’s dish drainer is among the top choices of the customers in the online & offline market.


The entire body of the basket is made of high-quality stainless steel and is efficiently crafted. The stainless steel makes the product strong, hard, and long-lasting. The stainless-steel body also makes the basket rust-proof and durable.

Primary Features

  • Material type: stainless steel
  • Drip tray included
  • Dish drainer cum drying rack
  • Rust proof and durable

This basket can be used for dual purposes, for storing dry dishes when not in use and to drain wet dishes after washing them. This drying rack comes with the drip tray which holds the excess drained water and can be thrown away later after washing the dishes/utensils.

The tray is also detachable and movable. The presence of a tray makes the entire process of drying spill-free. But, the colour of the tray varies. There are four stands underneath the drainer basket so that it can be placed on any surface.

The stand makes sure that the drainer doesn’t skid or slip and stays put. The basket can be placed anywhere due to its compact size be it on the kitchen sink or under the kitchen sink.

There are two stainless steel handles on the sides of the basket which can be used for a better grip of the drainer. Also, it comes with extra space on one side of the basket for hanging spoons, chopsticks, and other small items.

Such a feature makes the draining process a lot easier and hassle-free. The basket comes in two sizes, standard and small, and is perfect for a family of 4 members.

  • Stainless steel body
  • Extra tray
  • Extra space for spoons/cutleries
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • No guarantee
  • Storage capacity not specified


5. TS WITH TECHSUN 3 in 1 Sink Set Dish Rack Drainer Drying Rack

TS with TECHSUN promises amazing and affordable dish drainers. So, if you are looking for a top-class dish drainer, that makes a permanent place in your kitchen, you must think of buying this dish drainer.


The Techsun basket can be used both at your office and your home. It can be used in the kitchen for not only storing the utensils and cutleries that are not in use but also to drain or dry the wet utensils.

Primary Features

  • Material type: Plastic
  • Ideal for home and office use
  • Hollow design at bottom
  • Diversion tray
  • Special drain holder for cutleries
  • Ventilation
  • Easy draining

At the office, it can be used as a tray or holder for organising important documents or files. Thus, it can be used extensively as a storage shelf as well. The next important thing about this basket is its material.

It is made of plastic, but not any random plastic but durable, light-weighted, environment-friendly plastic which is also safe and healthy. The basket comes with a hollow design as well.

And the grids are not too large so that no item can fall through them. An adjustable diversion tray is also present at the bottom of the basket to drain out the excess water.

An extra drain case/holder is also present for smaller objects such as cutleries, spoons, etc. Other small objects including products that have hooks can also be hung from the body of the basket in certain cases.

The tray ensures that no water drains out from the basket and wets the kitchen floor/office kitchen. However, it is advised to place the basket near/beside the sink after placing wet dishes inside it so that the water drains straight into the sink.

Every family (with 4 members or more) should have a storage basket and this is the best option for that purpose.

  • Dual usage
  • Environment friendly plastic
  • Hollow base
  • Diversion tray
  • No guarantee periods
  • Capacity not specified
  • Available in 1 colour


6. Supreme Mall 2 Layer Kitchen Dish Rack

Supreme mall is among those brands that are known for manufacturing products that are convenient and long-lasting. The entire body of this rack is made up of polished stainless steel.


The stainless steel also further adds to the durability and unbreakable nature of the rack; making it rust-proof, stable, and long-lasting. Not only that, it is also crafted with high-quality chrome graded iron.

Primary Features

  • Material type: stainless steel
  • Extra mug stand
  • Extra cutlery holder
  • Holds up to 18 plates/bowls
  • 2-tired rack
  • Plastic pan for holding excess water

Both the sides of the rack come with stainless steel holders. One side is for the cups/mugs and the other side is for cutleries, chopsticks, etc.

The holders are made in such a dense and accurate style that no mugs or spoons slip off or fall through the holes of the stand. A special feature that separates this rack from other racks is that it has a 2-tyre rack system.

And it can hold up to 18 bowls or plates. However, the size of the bowls/plates should be 9 inches or smaller. This 2-tyre rack system provides more storage space but at a lower cost and minimum occupancy space.

It will take the same space that of a 1 tyre dish rack. Hence, this is convenient and also makes the kitchen look clean and organised.

And, there is also a plastic tray at the bottom of the rack to drain out the excess water after putting out the dishes for draining and the side holder too comes with a plastic base. To grab this product at a crazy discount, click the button given below.

  • 2-tyre rack system
  • More space, low cost
  • Side holders
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Suitable for joint families
  • Cannot store large dishes
  • Plastic quality not mentioned
  • No guarantee periods


7. Parasnath Small Dish Drainer

The Parasnath dish drainer has a coat of stainless steel which makes the product rust-free and corrosion-free. Durability and unbreakableness are the quite renowned properties of stainless-steel products.


This stainless steel should not be washed or wiped with anything acidic; this is advised so that the steel doesn’t corrode and lasts longer. Dual-purpose is served by the drainer.

Primary Features

  • Material type: Stainless steel
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Dual purpose
  • Easy to handle
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Warranty of 10 days

It can be used to store dry dishes or utensils when they are not in use and also wet dishes or cutleries after they have been washed and have to be drained to remove excess water.

It also comes with extra space at one end to place/store spoons, forks, etc. Though the product is made of stainless steel, it is not heavy to carry and is very portable.

It can be carried and placed anywhere be it at the domestic kitchen or the office kitchen. It has also a high load intake capacity and doesn’t break easily. For its easy portability, it has two handles on both sides with an excellent grip.

It also comes with 4 stands so that the product can stay put at one place and doesn’t slip or skid. The dish drainer comes in 3 different sizes.

The sizes are small, medium, and large. This helps you to choose the same drainer (if you have other requirements) with a size suitable for you.

The drainer can store any dishes, utensils, cutleries, or chopsticks. But it is ideal for storing wet vessels. To buy this top-end dish draining basket on a great price from Amazon India, hit the red button given below.

  • Stainless steel finish
  • Dual purpose
  • Portable
  • 10 days warranty
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • No draining tray
  • No cup holder
  • Not a proper value for money


8. Ikea Plastic Dish Drainer

  • Check Price at Amazon

Ikea is a very popular brand not only in India but all over the globe. 1 out of 5 Indian households uses IKEA products. The brand produces some amazing furniture items & kitchen products.


The IKEA dish drainer is made of high-quality polypropylene plastic. The plastic is BPA free. The plastic material also makes sure that the product can be easily washed or cleaned only by hand.

Primary Features

  • Material type: Plastic
  • Large capacity
  • High load intake
  • Compact and sturdy

The material (plastic) of this product is also recyclable. The next amazing feature of this product is its storage. It has a high storage capacity.

It can store lots of washed utensils (maximum 18 plates and an extra bowl/pan) in a small space due to its convenient design and proper spacing. It can hold up to 9 glasses at the outside for draining/drying/storage.

And the utensils that can be placed can have diameters up to 32 cms, hence proving that it can store large dishes as well. It also comes with a cutlery stand which is attached at a corner inside the rack thus making it more convenient to dry cutleries.

The dish drainer has a compact and small size which enables it to place it literally anywhere be it on top of the sink or under the sink or simply inside the kitchen wardrobe.

It is ideal for users who stay in flats or PG’s. This is the perfect product since it has a high capacity but takes minimum space. And it also costs low due to its material type.

  • Small size, high capacity
  • Recyclable plastic material
  • Value for money
  • High storage capacity
  • No draining tray
  • No guarantee periods


9. Levon Stainless Steel Folding Dish Drain

Levon deals in complete range of interior design solutions and accessories for a smart kitchen experience. The LEVON dish rack is your ultimate go-to option if you are looking for a dish rack which costs less, is durable, has a large capacity, and is stylish.


It also requires minimum space and has a low maintenance cost. This dish rack is made of stainless steel. Not only that, the stainless steel on the top has a Chrome coating for scratch resistance and surface protection.

Primary Features

  • Material type: Stainless steel
  • Multilayer chrome plating
  • Sturdy design
  • Grinded wire
  • Anti-rust nano coating
  • Maximises storage
  • Easy to clean

The product has been given Nickel coating for rust resistance, Copper coating to provide adhesion between nickel and copper, and lastly, a nano-coating which keeps the rack dust and water repellent and makes it further corrosion-free.

This product is among the most demanded dish drainers in India because of its ergonomic and sturdy design.

It can be folded up when not needed and placed at any corner of the house, thus occupying the minimum space and enabling easy storage. This is useful for houses that do not have much space or for houses which do not plan to give much space to dish racks.

It can be used to dry utensils after washing them and kept near the sink then. It gives the kitchen an organised look and saves space because it keeps the tableware away from the mess.

The rack comes with hooks attached to it for hanging glasses, mugs, or cups. It has several racks for storing different sized dishes/thalis.

Also, a separate space is present inside the rack for bowls/cups so that they dry up easily and do not get mixed up with the dishes. Spoons/spatulas can also be easily hung from the side of the rack for easy drying.

Last but not the least, the product is also easy to clean and can be cleaned /wiped with a mild soap or simply water. No harsh chemicals/detergents should be used for cleaning. Warm water can be used for cleaning if needed.

  • Stainless steel material
  • Foldable
  • Minimum space required
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Chrome wired frame
  • No guarantee periods


Buying Guide – Best Dish Drainers/ Draining Racks in India

Before buying a dish drainer, there are a certain number of factors that you should consider before finally investing in the right one. Here, there are a wide range of factors that can be considered before buying the desired dish drainer.


We hope that these factors will help you to choose the best dish drainer in India.

Factors to consider before buying a Dish Drainer

1. Size and Capacity

It is one of the very important factors that have to be considered before buying any dish drainer/rack. The first and foremost step is to identify the maximum number and size of dishes that you wash on a daily basis and then according to that choose the dish rack.

Some dish racks have a small and others have a large capacity. Some other dish racks look small but have a large capacity. Also, the correct size has to be bought depending on the space available in your kitchen.

If it is a small space, then a smaller or compact or foldable dish drainer should be bought. Hence, depending on your available space and your requirement needs, the correct dish drainer should be purchased.


2. Utensil-type

This factor is also somewhat related to the previous one. The size and type of dish drainer depend on the kind of utensils used by you on a daily basis. It can vary from bowls, pans to glasses, chopsticks, etc.

Hence the right choice depends on the type of utensil used. Some dish drainers have a constraint on the diameter or the radius length i.e., the dishes/plates cannot be stored if it is beyond the certain given size.

Thus, if necessary, you should first check the radius of your plate/dish and then accordingly purchase the dish drainer.

3. Type of drainer

There are two types of dish drainer in general. The ones which can be placed anywhere such as near the sink or anywhere on the kitchen top.

And the other kind is which can be attached to the wall. Thus, depending on the space available or convenience, the dish drainer should be chosen.


4. Function

The function is also an important factor. Some drainers have a hollow bottom for the easy drain of the water and others have a tray system to drain out the excess water. Thus, choosing the function type can help one to choose the best product.

Other functions include presence of spoon holders or mug/glass holders. This feature can come handy if you drink beverages or juices a lot from glasses and mugs and then want to wash them and dry them completely before your next sip.

The last feature is the tyred racks. Some drainers have a two-tyre rack system and others don’t. It is useful if you want to store large number of dishes/utensils but have space for only one dish drainer.

The foldable style dish drainers are also handy with this feature. Other features include, serving dual or triple purposes such as wet dishes or unused dishes can be stored in the rack. Or it can also be used at offices to store and organise papers and files.


5. Material Type

The material type is yet another important factor that has to be kept in mind before buying a long lasting and durable dish drainer. Usually, dish racks/drainers are made of either plastic or stainless steel.

It is not, that the plastic ones are less durable or lighter than the stainless-steel ones. It solely depends on the quality and the percentage of the material used.

The stainless-steel ones are definitely long lasting and so are the plastic ones. The longevity and the cost of the product varies from company to company and material to material.


6. Budget

Your budget is the most important factor to consider. Dish drainers come in variable sizes and the cost of each varies from brand to brand.

Thus, to choose the best product at a reasonable price and from a good brand is the worry of every rational consumer and should be thought over very accurately.

7. Weight

The weight of the drainer and the load capacity of the drainer should be noted before making the purchase. Some drainers feel heavy when dishes are stored but others can easily be portable.

The presence of handles with a proper grip help in this case. Hence, the weight and the grip of the drainer should be considered as well.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1. What is a dish drainer?

Ans. A dish drainer is a rack which is used to store utensils, cutleries or any other kitchen accessories.  A dish drainer is generally used to drain out the excess water from utensils or cutleries after washing them so that they can dry easily without any hassle.
Dish drainers are also used as a storage unit for utensils which are not in use. And some other dish drainers can be used in the office to store important papers or documents and keep your office clean and organised.
They come in various shapes, sizes or materials and you can choose from any one of them according to your requirements.

Q2. Is the spoon/chopstick holder detachable in dish drainers?

Ans. Spoon/chopstick holders are detachable in some dish drainers, not all. In the non-detachable ones, the holder usually lies inside the basket attached to a side so that the size remains compact
And in the detachable ones, the holder can be put off when not in use. This feature varies from product to product.

Q3. Which is better material-plastic or stainless steel?

Ans. There is no written or proven facts that stainless steel products are better than plastic ones or vice versa. Definitely, the stainless-steel products are rust-proof, corrosion-proof, durable, portable, and light-weighted.
But the plastic ones have their own qualities like environment-friendly, BPA-free, etc. And also, the cost depends on the percentage of the material used and brand instead of the actual material type.

Q4. Where can you buy a good dish drainer?

Ans. Dish drainers can be bought both online and offline. Though, some brands sell their products online, others sell offline as well as online However the product bought anywhere will be the same depending on the brand.

Q5. Are dish drainers dishwasher safe?

Ans. No, dish drainers are not dishwasher safe. The dish drainers should be hand cleaned or even if washed, should be cleaned with a mild soap/detergent.
However, chemical soaps should not be used to clean the stainless-steel drainers as it may affect the stainless steel. You must be careful about cleaning/wiping the drainer.

Q6. Can dish drainers be places/stored anywhere?

Ans. Smaller dish drainers can be stored anywhere be it inside a kitchen wardrobe or on or above the kitchen table. The foldable dish drainers are also handier as they can be folded easily and can be stored anywhere.
And when needed again, they can be opened and utilised. Other dish drainers are large enough and occupy a lot of space. Depending on the available space and on the capacity and requirement, a dish drainer should be bought accordingly.

Conclusion – Best Dish Drainer in India

By now, you must have made the right selection. But if you still are unable to make choose a dish drainer for your kitchen, then we have a recommendation for you.


The first recommendation is the Supreme Mall Stainless Steel 2 Layer Kitchen Dish Rack Plate Cutlery Stand. This particular product is long-lasting, durable and your go-to option if you are looking for a long-term investment.

To grab this dish drainer, click here.

The next product that we recommend is the IKEA plastic dish drainer. To know more about this dish draining rack, click here.

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