10 Best Non-stick Cookware Sets in India (October 2021) | Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Non-stick cookware is among the colloquy most of the time apposite of kitchen appliances and tools.

Appertaining to, these are super-efficient to transform the glance of your kitchen. Apart from the design, non-stick utensils are more convenient to use as compared to the traditional sticky ones.


Well, spending on non-stick cookware for an inevitable experience with lesser cooking time and easy cleaning, can be considered an awesome profitable deal. Also, talking of handling and maintenance, non-stick cookware is a far better choice.

In India, non-stick cookware ranges are sold under various proclaimed brands conferring the best quality and resilient features. Modern advanced technology has led to an increase in sales.

The products are contemplated with the best of features adding up to the life and performance of the commodities.

To help you out with reliable and eminent brands for non-stick cookware sets in India, we have bought some research to the spot-light to illuminate you with the 10 best non-stick cookware sets in India.

Also, you will get to read a Buying Guide while going through the article below which is devised only for you to make an outstanding decision.

Enlighten yourselves with the following aspects before you chose to loose your pocket to grab the best available option.

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These are the Top 10 Best Non-stick Cookware Sets in India

Best Non-stick Cookware Sets in India in 2021

1. Vinod Supreme Induction Friendly Nonstick cookware Set (4 Pieces)

Vinod intelligent cookware is an acclaimed brand serving its customers for ages. The supreme quality of the cookware is available with adorable designs to add up to the look of your kitchen. The wide range of products can leave you astonished.


It comprises of a set of 4 amazing non-stick cookware. The set includes Dosa Tawa, frying pan, Kadai with a glass lid, and mini fry pan. The set is featured by non-stick coating allowing you to go for cooking option with lower-fat cooking. 

Primary Features

  • Induction base
  • Thick gauge to ensure even heat distribution
  • Fixed Bakelite handles
  • Outer coating for a longer fresh look
  • Amicable for induction as well as gas stove
  • Captivating and durable finish
  • Satin free interiors

The glass lid can be used with the frying pan as well. The cookware is assembled with 100 percent virgin aluminum to help in fast cooking and ensuring even distribution of heat. The set will become an indispensable part of your kitchen in no time aiding your work.

The mini fry pan is provided with long-lasting strength. The structure is thick and the storage is convenient.

The fry pan goes handy in your kitchen for cooking delicious meals like omelettes, cutlets, pancakes, and a number of shallow fry food items. The frying pan is super compatible with induction.

It is strong aided with a long-lasting body that is notably thick. The glass lid can be used with the pan for faster cooking with proper inspection. The veggies can be cooked quickly and help them to retain beneficial nutrients.

The non-stick Kadai is efficient in retaining more heat to aid faster cooking. The glass lid is transparent to keep a glance over the food while cooking.

The cooking capacity of the Kadai is good and can allow you to prepare a meal for 4 to 5 people at a time. It is best suited for sauteing, deep-frying, and making tasty curries as well as gravies.

The next member of the set is the non-stick Dosa Tawa. The bewitching design delivers premium quality to the product. It is also induction friendly. The structure is thick with a long-lasting lifespan.

All kinds of crepes from Dosa, Chillas, Uttapam, and Pudas can be cooked easily without any compromise with the taste.

The cookware is devised with non-toxic 5 layer coating which is completely non-stick which does not allows the food to stick to the utensil.

This attribute adds up to easy cleaning. The finishing is adorable and durable simply adding colors to your kitchen.

You can cook delicious food for your family leaving all worries behind as the utensils are PFOA free completely. The handles are fixed with bakelite and are long-lasting.

The ergonomic design abolishes the need for separate fixation. The interiors are featured with a stain-free aspect. The design is despicable. The cookware comes with alluring gift box packaging. Apart from this, the cookware set is delivered to your doorstep with a warranty of one year.

  • Can be stored conveniently
  • Easy cleaning and free from hassle
  • Glass lid serves dual purpose
  • Best suited for daily quick recipes
  • A bit towards expensive side


2. Cello Prima Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set (3-Pieces)

The company is an eminent one working with supreme quality products to help you cook healthy and tasty food at home with less oil as much possible. The wide range of products undergoes harsh quality checks to meet the requirements of the user strictly.


The exquisite cookware set comes with three pieces of non-stick coating with durable and supreme quality comprising of one Dosa Tawa, one Kadai with a lid of glass, and one fry pan. A healthy meal awaits for you with Cello Prima.

Primary Features

  • Suitable for induction as well as LPG stove
  • Immobile bakelite handles
  • DuPont American heritage coating
  • High gauge aluminium
  • Glass lid tempered with steam hole
  • Firm grip spots on the handle
  • Thick body structure for long lasting strength

The cookware set is concepted through the latest technology with advanced features and allows you to cook food with extremely low oil content to avoid many health-related problems arising due to food with high oil levels.

The utensils are provided with better heat retention properties assuring quick and better release of food. It is assembled with high gauge aluminium to heat the utensil quickly.

The cooking is simplified and so is the experience with the uniform heat transfer attribute of the cookware set. The handles are riveted with the bakelite aspect. No separate fixation is required.

The ergonomic style confirms a firm grip on the handles while tossing your veggies. The sturdy cookware is reliable for everyday use. The original DuPont American heritage coating adds up durability and usability to the product.

A variety of meals from Aloo Tikki to cutlets, omelettes, and uttapam can be easily cooked with this cookware set compatible with both inductions as well as LPG stoves.

The handle of the Fry Pan and Tawa is provided with a hole at the lower end to hang it up on the wall adding to the space-saving feature.

The cookware can be held easily and comfortably before, while, and after cooking. The utensils look cumbersome at the time of cleaning.

This problem is efficiently solved by Cello Prima as the cookware is very easy to clean and have interiors with stain-free attribute. In addition to this, they can be cleaned easily by loading in the dishwasher.

Another feather added to the hat is the availability of a steam hole in the glass lid. Also, care is to be taken while washing the glass lid as it cannot be loaded in the dishwasher. In addition to all this mentioned above, the cookware set is delivered with a warranty of one whole year.

  • Elegant and captivating design
  • Super fine finishing
  • No problem with cleaning
  • Worth buying
  • Available in one color only


3. Prestige Omega Deluxe Induction Base Non-Stick Kitchen Set (3-Pieces)

Prestige is an acclaimed brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. The varied portfolio for products with alluring designs and quality are the remarkable features of the brand.


The products range from pressure cookers, non-stick cookware, gas stoves, induction cooktops, mixer grinders to several other electrical kitchen equipments, and tools. It is one of the best and fast-growing companies in the field of kitchen appliances.

Primary Features

  • Heat resistant material for handles
  • Harmonious with induction and LPG stoves
  • Metal spoon 3 layer friendly coating
  • Well built handles with compacted grip
  • Non abrasive teflon coating
  • Stain resistant interiors
  • Simple and captivating design

The Prestige Omega Deluxe cookware set has been devised to meet all your requirements in the kitchen. The cookware set includes a Kadai with glass lid, a Tawa, and a Frying pan. All the cookware is 100 percent non-stick.

Ensuring very less oil usage, the non-stick cookware can be easily used to cook a number of delicious recipes brought to the table after shallow or deep frying. The set is extremely reliable when health is the supreme priority.

The cookware is made up entirely of aluminium enduring fine quality and proper distribution of heat for quick cooking. The glass lid is provided with a hole for the passage of steam.

The set is a perfect fit for everyday use. The non-stick coating is layered thrice to add up to the strength and durability of the product. The cookware is metal spoon friendly.

The handle is built from heat-resistant material adding convenience in handling and affirming close-grained grip. It is extremely safe in terms of usage. The cookware is harmonious with induction as well as gas.

The flat solid base ensures even and quick heating. Prepare delicious and healthy food for you and your beloved ones with Prestige cookware. The safety of the user is ensured by Teflon coating which is non-abrasive.

In addition to this, the Teflon coating prevents any sort of scratches or marks in the cookware during cleaning to ensure the amiability in style and design.

The non-stick attribute protects your food from burning or sticking to the utensil. The interiors are stain-resistant and extremely easy to clean manually as well as in the dishwasher. Also, the deluxe set of cookware comes with a one year warranty.

  • Easy to clean and store
  • Teflon coating protect from scrub
  • Suited to be used daily
  • A little expensive to the wallet


4. Pigeon by Stovekraft Mio Aluminium  Set (8 Pieces)

Pigeon is an eminent brand providing modern kitchen appliances and cookware with advanced technology to increase your experience. The range of commodities is aesthetically appealing and durable also.


The Mio aluminium cookware 8 piece set is concepted with advanced Italian technology ensuring durability and smooth finish to the product for a joyful and healthy cooking experience. The cookware set is completed with a Kadai with a glass lid, a Frying pan, a Tawa accompanied by 4 kitchen tools.

Primary Features

  • PFOA free
  • 5 layer non stick with pure coating technology
  • Enhanced strength and flexibility with Italian technology
  • Certified by ISO
  • Handles with ergonomic design and solid grip
  • Smooth and scratch resistant interiors

The product range is entirely non-stick coated with five-layer pure coating technology. The P.C.T increases the smoothness of the interior manifolds. The high-quality promise to the buyers is fulfilled successfully with the help of non-stick coating which ensures minimal use of oil while cooking to keep you healthy and hearty.

The cookware is 100 percent worry-free as it is POFA independent along with light-weight and completely non-toxic. The flexibility and strength are enhanced up to the heights through the Italian technology contemplated in the cookware.

The designs are despicable and captivating to suit your contemporary kitchen absolutely. Another remarkable feature about the brand is the spiral bottom which allows even heating of the utensil.

Thus, ensures hustle-free cooking for you. The cookware is certified by ISO for excellent quality in terms of class and meeting the regulatory and statutory requirements.

The product range is being checked by SGS, Intertek, TUV, and BV to inspect the products to meet the needs of the customers. The cookware is provided with durable handles that fit as a fiddle for ensuring a rigid grip.

The design is ergonomic for effortless and safe use. The surface of the utensils is made smoother, scratch-free to ease washing through pure coating technology. This is entirely assembled from high-quality aluminium.

The utensils are strong. There is no compromise with the elegancy in style making the range captivating and alluring. The high durability and efficiency for day to day usage adds another star to the band. Apart from this, the cookware comes with a warranty for complete one year.

  • Easily cleaned and scratch free surface
  • Makes a good gift
  • Worth the value
  • Suitable for gas stoves only


5. Familia Nonstick Aluminium Cookware Set (3 Pcs)

Familia is an acclaimed brand working with the utmost concern for premium quality and superb value for the buyers. Cooking makes love visible. The company ensures all the possible efforts to meet the requirements of the customers keeping health at the core.


The wide product range can leave you surprised. The 3 pieces cookware set by Familia is one of the best options to go for cooking delicious meals. The set comprises of a Kadai with a lid, a Frying pan, and a Dosa Tawa.

Primary Features

  • High grade non stick coating
  • Cool feel bakelite handles
  • Ideal thickness of 3 mm
  • Spiral bottom for induction
  • Friendly with metal or wooden spoon
  • Cleaned in dishwasher
  • Acid free surface

The cookware contains a high-end non-stick coating which ensures the long life of the cookware. The look and color are strikingly awesome adding charm to the kitchen. The design and style are elegant and classy making it durable for regular cooking purposes.

The base of the cookware is entirely assembled from aluminium giving the surface a stubborn non-stick attribute that abolished the fear of spoilage of food through overcooking or burning.

The cookware can withstand multiple washes because of the 3-layer of high-grade non-stick coating contemplated in the utensils. The surface is metal and wooden spoon friendly.

The handles are made up of bakelite which has a very low capacity of thermal heating to provide cool touch even after long time usage. In addition to this, the handles are robust for a close-grained grip.

The ideal thickness of 3mm makes the range stand apart. The lightweight of the cookware makes handling quite easy, quick, and comfortable. The cookware is amicable for both gas stove and induction cooktop.

The base of the set is spiral for equalized distribution of heat which makes the cooking process fast. The thermal heating property of the virgin aluminium reduces the cooking time.

The non-stick coating ensures the long-lasting performance of the cookware. The interior of the cookware is stain free and can be cleaned easily. The surface is acid-resistant.

You don’t have to worry about the problem of scratches after washing as the surface is scratch-free.

The glass lid serves a dual purpose and can be used with both Kadai and the frying pan allowing you to have an eye over the meal you are preparing. The steam hole on the glass lid adds another flower to the bouquet.

Explore an amazing and genuine cooking experience with familia as the cookware set is elegantly crafted. Also, the cookware is provided with a heat resistant coating on the outside. Apart from this, the cookware set is supported by one year warranty.

  • Easy and excellent clean performance
  • Safe with dishwasher
  • Makes an amazing gift
  • Expensive with limited color options


6. iBELL FTK2245 Non-Stick Cookware Set Combo (4 Pieces)

Determine the quality of your cookware with iBell. It is a prominent brand with superb attributes and excellent quality promoting the needs and demands of the customers. The range of products is likely to be considered to add charm to your kitchen.


Bring home the authentic cookware set of 4 pieces comprising of a non-stick frying pan, a Kadai, a glass lid, and a Tawa for efficiency in cooking with health at the marrow. It ensures uniform heating of the product due to aluminium base for quick-cooking. 

Primary Features

  • 100 percent non stick coating
  • Metallic glossy exterior
  • Ensures cooking with less oil
  • Multilayer inner coating
  • Congenial with gas stove and induction cooktop
  • Bakelite handles with heat resistant property
  • Simple and classy in design and craft

The non-stick coating with layering on the inner side promotes less oil cooking making it ideal for those who are fitness conscious. The Tawa and fry pan are harmonious with induction while the Kadai is suitable for gas stove.

The cleaning is easy and the food does not stick to the surface at all. The exterior is sparkling in look due to the glossy metallic exterior. This adds to the feature list of the product.

The interior is stain-free and scratch-resistant and can be cleaned through gentle scrubbing. The handles are rigid entirely made up of bakelite. The firm grip is assured accurately.

The material is long-lasting and durable adding years to the life span of the cookware. The glass lid can be placed over the Kadai as well as the frying pan while preparing food for proper inspection.

The steam hole in the lid adds another member to the band. The design is alluring, captivating, and stylish according to the pattern in trend. The set undoubtedly makes your kitchen look attractive.

Apart from the color and texture are simple, elegant, and ultra classy. The glossy metallic look on the outside won’t allow you to walk on the product. The cookware is durable, strong, and efficient for cooking delicious and healthy meals in lesser time.

  • Can be cleaned easily with hands
  • No worries about scratches
  • Most competitive prices
  • Worth purchasing
  • Limited color options available


7. AmazonBasics Non-Stick Cookware Set (15-Piece)

Amazon Basics is a well-known brand when it comes to tackling wallet for efficient services and genuine experience with cooking. The product range is diverse exuding superior quality and long-lasting performance.


Choosing from such an enormous list with remarkable attributes is not an easy task. It is packed with everyday essentials, the set comprises of 15 pieces with kitchen tools like pasta server, soup ladle, slotted turner, serving spoon and slotted serving spoon.

Primary Features

  • Non stick coating
  • Assembled from 100 percent aluminium
  • Riveted handles with soft comfortable touch
  • Vented glass lids for escape of steam
  • Spiral bottom which heats up evenly
  • Unanimous with gas, electric and glass stove tops
  • BPA free

The cookware is completely non-stick allowing you to use less butter or oil for your dishes. This attribute also makes the serving process easy and gracious. The food does not adhere to the utensil and is transferred easily to the platter without any trouble.

The handles are designed such that they stay cool during and after the cooking process. Also, the handles are made robust for rigid grip and convenient handling.

The structure of the cookware is carved entirely from aluminium with non-stick coating which aids in cooking as well as cleaning. The cookware is strong, long-lasting, and can be stored easily.

It is BPA free. The glass lids are provided with steam holes siding in the ventilation of steam. The spiral bottom is suitable for uniform heating to make the cooking process fast.

The cookware is amicable with gas, electric, and glass stovetops. The scratch-free surface ensures proper and easy cleaning through gentle scrubbing. The cookware should be washed manually.

The use of a dishwasher is prohibited. The cooking experience is enhanced very much genuinely through the deluxe cookware and tools.

The attributes are excellent and quality is supreme keeping in mind the health and convenience of the buyers. The design imprinted on the set is simply classic and captivating.

This can easily acclimatize with the rest of the kitchen equipment feasibly.  The cookware is extremely light in weight and hence optimum for everyday use. You can easily prepare food for 8 to 10 people with the cookware range of Amazon Basics.

  • Maintenance and cleaning is very easy
  • Efficiency of tools for serving and cooking purpose
  • Heats up quickly and evenly
  • Not suitable for induction cooktops


8. Bajaj Majesty Duo Non-Stick Cookware Set (3 Pieces)

Bajaj is another reliable brand offering the best quality kitchen appliances and tools for an amazing experience of cooking delicious and healthy. The products are designed with trendy color and textures to update your kitchen with time.


The tough quality checks and workmanship leads to the foundation of the brand. The majesty duo by Bajaj is a strong cookware set of 3 pieces comprising of a non-stick frying pan, a non-stick Tawa, and a Kadai with a glass lid. 

Primary Features

  • Light in weight
  • Strong material with long lasting performance
  • Agreeable with induction as well as gas stove
  • Sturdy bakelite handles
  • Carved from 100 percent aluminium
  • Eco friendly with heat resistant handles
  • Stain free interiors with non stick coating

The cookware set is concepted with modern design adding charm to your kitchen undoubtedly. The set is strong, durable, and has long-lasting performance as it is carved from 100 percent aluminium. The weight is extremely light. 

The handling and maintenance of the cookware are not at all cumbersome. The utensils are eco friendly and ensure healthy cooking with lesser oil or butter.

The multi-layer non-stick coating not only ensures good health but also promotes faster cooking due to uniform heating property.

The handles are sturdily made up of bakelite and confer congealed grip before, during, and after cooking. The material is heat resistant with high thermal insulation aspects.

The interiors are stain-free and completely non stick. This makes the cleaning process extremely easy.

The non-stick attribute contributes to the effortless serving of food as the food does not adheres to the utensil and is transferred easily to the platter. The cookware is agreeable with both gas and induction cooktops.

The surface is metal and wooden spoon friendly, so you can cook with your favorite spoon. Also, the glass lid is supported with a vent for the escape of steam.

In addition to this, the cookware is delivered with a ladle and serving spoon which adds another flower to the bouquet.

The design is elegant and bewitching as per the texture and pattern in trend. The cookware set is not far behind in adding charm to your kitchen. The utensils acclimatize with the rest of your kitchen appliances in no time.

You can cook delicacies like omelets, cutlets, uttapam, dosa, Tikki, and a number of shallow and deep fry food items quickly and easily. Apart from this, the deluxe cookware set arrives at your doorstep with a warranty of one year.

  • Easy cleaning manually
  • Makes a great deal
  • Ensures fast cooking with less oil
  • Available in only one color


9. Lifelong Popular Non-Stick Cookware Set (3-Pieces)

Lifelong is an acclaimed brand working for notably 5 years with lifelong promises conferring the best quality products to the buyers. The product range comprises of home, kitchen, grooming along with wellness fitness commodities.


The products are available at reasonable prices with quality at the marrow. Lifelong non-stick cookware is popular among kitchen appliances for the excellent experience and promotes healthy cooking habits.

Primary Features

  • Thick aluminium body
  • Hefty bakelite handles
  • Transparent glass lid
  • Multi purpose functionality
  • 100 percent greblon coating
  • Induction and gas amicable
  • Durable cookware with even heating aspect

The non-stick cookware set includes a set of 3 pieces viz a non-stick Kadai with a lid, a non-stick frying pan, and a non-stick flat Tawa. The cookware is strong and durable as it is crafted with a thick aluminium body. The non-stick coating ensures healthy cooking with less oil. 

It is an essential addition to your kitchen making a great deal for you. The cookware is entirely made for you to ease your cooking process reducing time and increasing efficiency.

The innovative product serves multiple purposes from cooking omelettes, dosa, uttapam, chillas, to shallow and deep-fried delicacies.

The long-lasting German coating known as the greblon coating on the non-stick cookware ensures cooking with minimal oil and butter making it ideal for the fitness conscious people. The greblon coating is non-carcinogenic as well.

The cookware is harmonious with gas and induction cooktops efficiently. The bottom is made such that it heats up quickly and evenly for uniform heating and fast cooking.

The cooking process can be timed and a glance can be kept on the food while preparing due to the transparent glass lid. The steam vent for easy escape of steam adds another feature to the list.

The bakelite handles are robust and support a rigid grip making them convenient in handling and storage. The material is heat resistant and cool in touch. The handles need to be assembled.

The cookware is carved elegantly meeting all your cooking needs. The design is aesthetically appealing and unique. The cookware is a perfect friend for you in your kitchen. Also, the cookware set is provided with a warranty for complete one year.

  • Can be cleaned easily with hands
  • Multi layer coating aids in cooking
  • Worth the value
  • Handles need to be assembled timely


10. Wonderchef Royal Velvet Induction Base Cookware Set (4 Pcs)

Bring loyalty to your kitchen with Wonderchef. It is an eminent brand that brings the best of quality and attributes for the customers for ages. The product range can embellish your kitchen splash of bold colors and innovative designs with trendy looks.


The royal velvet cookware set comprises of a non-stick Dosa Tawa, a non-stick Kadai, and a mini fry pan accompanied by a glass lid. Enhance your kitchen experience with style and comfort with Wonderchef.

Primary Features

  • Healthy met tuff 5 layer non stick coating
  • Ergonomic handles with soft touch
  • Pure grade virgin aluminium
  • Marble coating on inside
  • Durable with superlative performance
  • Congenial with all cooking surfaces
  • Flaking as well as scratch resistant
  • Made from 100 percent aluminium

It is POFA free with 5 layers of non-stick coating conferring health and healthy cooking habits at home. It enables cooking with low degrees of oil promoting fitness. The nine times better virgin aluminum conducts heat better and cooks food fast reducing your time and trouble. 

The rim and bottom are 3mm thick and are strong and made up of heavy quality. The accumulation of food residue is prevented by seamless inside walls without any rivets.

This maintains the hygiene of the product aptly. The handles are carved out with ergonomic design and cool touch material which fit as a fiddle conferring close-grained grip. Thus, effective and convenient handling is ensured.

The coating material is non stick professional-grade meta tuff. The food release properties are excellent offering smooth plating and transfer from cooking pan to serving tray.

Enabling years of healthy cooking, the life span of the cookware is enhanced due to attributes comprising of high thermal stability and durability. No complaints about peel off or loss of effectiveness as assured by the company.

The cookware is hefty with all kinds of cooking surfaces whether it is a stovetop, gas cook top, induction cooktop, hotplate, infrared cooktop, or ceramic cooktop. Even heating and fast cooking are ensured in all cases.

The shape along with its design is sophisticated. The flat bottom and round edges are ideal for faster cooking. You can cook a number of delicacies in no time.

The glass lid helps in ensuring perfection in cooking allowing to keep an eye over the food while preparing. The construction is so well that the cleaning process of the cookware is so simple and easy.

It can be cleaned feasibly with hands. The design is alluring with a royal look and vibrant color options. A perfect accompaniment for every day use for your kitchen. In addition to this, the royal cookware is dispatched to your door with a warranty of two years.

  • Easy cleaning, handling and maintenance
  • Scratch free hence no worries
  • Peel off guarantee
  • A bit towards expensive side


Buying Guide – Best Non-stick Cookware Sets in India

Cook your food joyfully in a stress-free manner with non-stick cookware range eminent nowadays. Experience genuine, quick, and healthy cooking with the latest non-stick coating utensils.

Save your time and get relief from the cumbersome cleaning process by replacing your traditional sticky pans with advanced non-stick cookware. Apart from this, there are several other attributes taken into consideration while going for the deluxe cookware options.


In India, the non-stick cookware range is supplied by various brands conferring an enormous number of features. The need of the hour is to make a clever decision.

To grab the best from the options available, it is necessary to look upon all the aspects like weight, durability, warranty, maintenance, handling, and quality before tackling your wallet.

It is really a tough decision to carry out amid such a diverse product range.

In order to help you out to make a smart move, we have organized a buyer’s guide for you. It will surely help you to distinguish between good and the best. A careful decision is a must before spending a penny.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Non-stick Cookware Set

The following factors are to be looked upon while purchasing the best non-stick cookware set:

1. Non-Stick Coating Type

The type of non-stick coating is an  important aspect to be taken into consideration. There are 2 types of coatings done on the non-stick cookware viz PTFE and Ceramic or Sol-gel.


PTFE commonly known as Teflon is the most eminent coating type found on the non-stick these days.

The synthetic coating is hydrophobic I.e. water repelling in nature. The coating is durable, strong, and have a long-lasting performance.

Ceramic or Sol-gel

This is a ceramic-like coating known as sol-gel which means solution gel coating. It is a silica-based coating that is durable and makes the product lighter.

Both the coatings mentioned above prevents the adherence of food to the surface of the cookware. If taken care of the product as per the guidelines, Teflon coating is much better as compared to ceramic coatings.

2. Material

The next comes the material from which the cookware is carved out. The material used is generally metals like hard-anodized aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, and copper.


The most popular material for making non-stick cookware is aluminium. However, the metal is a reactive species which needs to be anodized first before carving out the utensils.

The cookware companies allow oxidation of the metal making it hard and anodized so that it won’t become the part of your food as no anodized aluminium might be soaked by the food.

The anodized aluminium makes the cookware light, durable, non-stick, and scratch-resistant.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is also heavily used in making pans and other utensils. The metal is the hardest among all. Being the heaviest too, the cookware made from cast iron is not efficient in handling.

Also, you have to use many high degrees of oil if there is no special coating on the cookware.

Stainless Steel

The uniform heating property of stainless steel makes it perfect for making cookware with non-stick aspects. The alloy is very durable and an amazing option after aluminium.

Also, to enhance the heating aspect and performance, the cookware is provided with a clad of aluminium within the steel coating which makes a great deal.

Though a bit expensive, but the stainless steel cookware with aluminium disc is a great accompaniment for you. Stainless steel pans are the cheapest options to rely upon.


Another metal used for making non-stick cookware is copper. Copper is the best conductor of heat, is an amazing option to go for while carving cookware.

The traditional copper utensils were coated with tin on the inside conferring non-stick properties. Nowadays aluminium coated copper utensils are available.

The copper cookware is difficult to clean and maintain along with being very expensive.

3. Number of Non Stick Layers

The number of layers of the non-stick coating present in the cookware is also an important attribute to be looked upon. Good non-stick cookware contains a minimum of three and a maximum of five to six non-stick coatings.

The number of coatings makes the utensils durable, strong, and highly efficient in performance. The surface should be smooth. The higher the number of coatings, the more durable the product is. The matte finish is considered great when bought in comparison with a shiny one.


4. Number of Pieces

The number of pieces you are getting in the set for the cookware you are purchasing is worth checking for.

The set should contain a deep as well as a shallow frying pan accompanied by a stockpot of suitable capacity to cook delicious meals in no time. The availability of about four to six pieces in a set is worth grabbing.

5. Handles

The handles of the cookware are another member in the checklist which needs attention to be given. The convenience while handling the cookware is an important aspect upon which buyers fail to check on. To have proper control over the equipment while cooking is a must.

Generally, the handles are devised from bakelite which is a sturdy material offering close-grained grip. Other materials like stainless steel, wood, and silicon are also used for making handles.

6. Even Heat Distribution

Even distribution of heat in the skillets is really important helping the cooking process to hasten and easy. The cookware to be purchased should be checked properly for even and uniform heating attribute.

The spiral bottom with induction compatible base heats up uniformly which adds up to the cooking experience.

We will suggest you to buy inexpensive anodized aluminium cookware which is a good conductor of heat. The even heating property of the cookware prevents the food from scorching and promotes healthy cooking.

This also prevents the problem of the generation of hotspots over the utensil which can ultimately lead to the shortening of the lifespan of the product. Aluminum and steel utensils are considered best.


7. Size and Weight

Well, this is something that can be called tricky. To buy the correct size and weight is strict as per your accordance. The lightweight pans are convenient to use but lack a uniform heating attribute.

The reverse happens in the case of heavy pans, they heat up evenly but are not easy to handle and work with. Hence, going for a moderate weight option will be a resilient decision.

Both problems are solved simultaneously. In addition to this, the performance is decent. But in case, where weight is no more a concern, one should go for heavy pans. The durability is best with heavy pans.

8. Surface

A flat cooking surface is really important when heat distribution and efficiency in quick-cooking are given supreme importance.

The non-flat surface provides uneven coverage for oil or butter and interferes in through outspread over the surface. Sometimes, convex surfaces do cause problems. Hence, flat surface cookware is ideal in every case.

9. Shape

The flared sides of the non-stick pans provide enough room to flip the food items being prepared with and without a spatula.

The easy splitting makes the food looks gracious and tasty while serving. Also, it ensures proper evaporation when required to make the bottom crispy in a few cases.


10. Lids

Another important aspect to be noticed while purchasing non-stick cookware range is the supply of lids along with the utensils. The lids supplied are generally made up of glass to provide transparency in cooking.

This allows you to keep a glance over the food while cooking. The vent for steam escape present in the lids adds another feather to the hat. Also, the knob over the lids is made from cool touch material conferring a congealed grip.

11. Rim Design

To improve your cooking experience genuinely, you should check the rim design. Although, it doesn’t have much to add to the non-stick cookware range but to enhance ease and comfort this aspect can be brought to light.

12. Cleaning and Maintenance

Now, this is something that needs to be given spotlight when it comes to spending for cookware range. The non-stick pans are really easy to clean and no scrubbing is required generally. The cookware can be cleaned easily with a liquid soap washer and a sponge.

The scratch-free surface abolishes all the worries. The non-stick feature avoids the adherence of food residue on the surface, thus making the cleaning and maintenance of the product range extremely easy.


13. User Reviews

It is really very important to illuminate oneself with all the user guidelines before buying any product. The knowledge about the pros and cons proves really effective.

This knowledge is very well gained by going through the product reviews and ratings given by the users. This will not only help you to invest correctly but also make a resilient decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Non-stick Cookware Sets in India

Q1. Which non-stick cookware is best?

Ans. To choose the best non-stick cookware, we suggest you to look for all the necessary attributes with affordable prices. 

The aspects to be taken care of includes coating type, a number of coatings, design, color options, durability and strength of the material, heat conductance along with convenience in handling and storage. The best can easily be chosen if you go through the ratings and reviews of the products once given by users.

Q2. How to clean non-stick cookware?

Ans. After every use, you should wash the inner and outer surfaces of the cookware with hot water, liquid detergent, and a sponge. The utensil should be rinsed thoroughly then.

Do not use metal scouring pads, abrasive wool wire, or harsh scrubs which can cause harm to the coating. It is also advised never to put cold water into a hot pan or not to plunge hot cookware in cold water. Also, some cookware can be cleaned by loading in the dishwasher but only if mentioned in the user’s manual.

Q3. Can non-stick pan go in oven? 

Ans. Non-stick skillets can be safe with an oven if they are designed so. The stainless steel or silicone-coated handles provided non-stick cookware are oven safe. They are good for long usage but only when not used under the broiler.

The oven-safe skillets come with an oven-safe symbol on them. Those with wooden or plastic handles are not to be placed in the oven.

Q4. Is non-stick cookware harmful?

Ans. The Teflon coated non-stick cookware is considered harmful as Teflon coating starts breaking down at temperature above 300 degrees Celsius releasing toxic chemicals into the air.

Inhalation of the fumes may lead to polymer fume fever also known as Teflon flu. Hence, Teflon is replaced by ceramic which is considered safe. Thus, the ceramic-coated non-stick cookware range is absolutely harmless, durable, and scratch-resistant.

Conclusion – Best Non-stick Cookware Sets in India

The options above sound good, but keep your options open until you are sure it’s the best choice. Baffled with too many options? Put your mind at ease!!!

Based on the necessary features and inescapable properties that cookware should possess, we have come up with a suggestion to lighten your burden and help you to carry out a smart decision.


Cello Prima Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set is the best cookware option available in India today. The brand is an eminent and reliable one to tackle your wallet for. The quality conferred is supreme and the experience of cooking is authentic.

Amicable with both induction as well as gas stoves, the non-stick cookware is coated with 5 layers of the scratch-free and flaking resistant surface. The interiors are stain free. The cookware set is easy to clean.

The structure is carved from virgin aluminum making the product strong, durable, and light-weight. The handles are robust conferring firm grip.

The design is alluring with advanced features adding charm to your kitchen. The product range acclimatizes well with the rest of your kitchen equipment aptly. All these attributes might help you make a better choice.

It is the best non-stick cookware set in India which is worth buying for due to excellent features and bewitching quality.

Let us know in the comments if you still face any trouble in selecting the best cookware set for your kitchen!

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