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9 Best Fingerprint Scanners in India (April 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews


Are you looking for the Best Fingerprint Scanner in India?

If Yes, you are at the right place!

Fingerprint scanner is a smart invention by us that uses fingerprints, which is supposedly a very unique feature of every individual, in order to gain access to any personal information or for banking purposes.

Biometric technology is used in the fingerprint scanner. This technology has the ability to scan every individualistic trait whether it is fingerprint, face, DNA; signature, etc which makes sure that every personal document is being safely accessed.


Nowadays every organization, like schools, colleges, workplaces, and banks has got fingerprint scanner to secure the inter-relationship between the organisation and the employees or people.

It saves a lot of time, is completely accurate, and at the same time trustworthy! The basic idea behind a fingerprint scanner is that it basically recognizes the pattern of lines on our fingers which is different for every individual.

After this, any kind of software will search through the files and allow us to gain access to the files or documents that we want to access.

The optical sensors in the fingerprint scanners do the giant work of recognizing and using that information to allow us to get to our files. It is a highly demanded form of the security system.

If you are confused about which fingerprint scanner to get for yourself, then your worry ends here because we have lined up the 9 best fingerprint scanners in India. So without any further ado, let us have a glance through all of them!

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These are the Top 9 Best Fingerprint Scanners in India

Best Fingerprint Scanners in India in 2021

1. Techleads R307 Optical Fingerprint Reader Sensor Module

Techleads has successfully marked its place in the technological world with its exceptionally leading products that aim to ease the everyday corporate life. This Techleads R307 Optical Fingerprint Reader Sensor Module is one of their greatest creations of Techleads of all times!


Techleads is always in the lead when it comes to providing exceptional security services via small devices to various organisations and workplaces. This R307 Optical Fingerprint Reader Sensor Module is a proud representative of what this company truly stands for!

Primary Features

  • Both integrated image collecting and algorithm chip together
  • Consumes less power
  • Can capture image of 500 dpi resolution
  • Operating temperature from -20°C to +50°C
  • It stores the fingerprint data in a module

It has got all the essential features that are required for a company to safeguard its confidential employee data or any important document for that matter!

This fingerprint scanner from Techleads has got both the amalgamated algorithm chip and the image collecting technology together embedded inside it.

That means when you will place your finger on the sensor, it will freeze that moment and save it inside the embedded chip.

It comes with a connector called the MAX232 or simply a USB adapter that basically is used to directly connect it to either your computer or the microcontroller UART with the help of a TTL UART interface!

With this USB adapter, you can embed it anywhere you want to like for college, school, workplace attendance, access control, medical purposes, safety deposit box, and even the door lock of a car or house.

It captures the image of the fingerprint at a great resolution of 500 dpi. It has an ultra-fast scanning speed of around 0.2 seconds. It has a character file size of 256 bytes and a template size of 512 bytes and comes with a storage capacity of 1000.

It has a 3 out of 5 security level which a pretty decent and appropriate especially for attendance purposes. It has been rated 3.8 stars on Amazon! To add it to your Amazon cart, hit the button given below!

  • An all-in-one fingerprint scanner
  • Decent security level
  • Amazing storage capacity
  • Can be connected to a computer with an USB adapter
  • Best suitable for attendance purposes
  • Is not modish looking


2. Mantra MFS100 Fingerprint Scanner

The best thing about this company, Mantra is that they always strive to push the boundaries of biometrics and take the game to the next level with their every product! This one of their latest creations that have all the latest day innovations!


As promised by Mantra, it has finally launched this amazing fingerprint scanner that is created specially keeping in mind the modern life problems and situations.

Primary Fetures

  • Resolution of 200 dpi
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth
  • USB 2.0
  • Scratch free scanner surface
  • Is STQC/ UIDAI certified sensor

Not only the built of this Mantra MFS100 Finger Print Scanner is top-notch, but the features are modish and are definitely something to vouch for! You can absolutely close your eyes and purchase this product!

The most amazing thing about this fingerprint scanner is that it is small, compact, and at the same time extremely easy to use. So you can carry it anywhere you want to and face no difficulty at all.

The longevity of this fingerprint scanner is added by a particular feature – the surface of the scanner is scratch resistant. So even if it falls down by mistake or comes in contact with long nails, the surface will remain unaffected!

This scanner has the ability to scan both fingerprints and signatures in the digital form. It also falls under the rarest of the fingerprint scanners that can be used for multiple purposes like for verification, enrolments, and offcourse.

It is used for identification purposes with the help of biometrics! It is super easy to use. All you need to do is just plug in the USB cable to your computer or laptop which has Windows operating system inbuilt and that’s it!

Not just that, it even works with any OTG adapter that supports USB 2.0. You can even customize it on your own choice. This scanner is a “one device with multiple functions”.

It is in favour of version 2.0 of the API specification of aadhar authentication. The various arenas in which it works are KYC, CSC, digital signatures, mutual fund KYC, digital locker, jeevan pramaan, sim activation, etc.

It is the most highly rated fingerprint scanner on Amazon with 4.1 stars and is also given the title of the best selling product!

  • Small and compact
  • Easily transportable
  • Easy operation
  • Works for mostly everything
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Cannot be used for any other operating system other than Windows


3. Super Startek FM220 Fingerprint Scanner

Startek is an international company that has gained global trust and acceptance that has completely dedicated their entire business motto in providing the customers with user-friendly fingerprint sensors or scanners that uses biometric technology.


This Super Startek FM220 fingerprint scanner is one of the most wanted and famous fingerprint scanners in India! Startek is actually known to manufacture the most user friendly yet stout fingerprint scanner that will make our lives both secure and easy.

Primary Features

  • USB for mobile and computers
  • Can detect fingerprint under any situation
  • STQC certified
  • A capacitive scanner
  • Supports RAW and WSQ format

In this fast-moving world, this Startek FM220 fingerprint scanner will detect the fingerprint at a very high speed and will make your job done very smoothly yet effectively.

Like they say modern life problems require modern solutions, this fingerprint scanner is the solution of security in this latest day world. This fingerprint scanner is a capacitive scanner.

That means that the surface which is actually a touch screen will predict and catch hold of anything that is a good conductor of electricity.

As our fingers are known to be great conductors of electricity, this scanner immediately senses that and sends that information to whichever device it is connected to, whether a mobile phone or a computer via the USB cord.

There are many fingerprint scanners which does not work if the finger is either sweaty or have any injury on it or if it is stained. But this fingerprint scanner beats every other fingerprint scanner in this feature.

It perfectly detects the proper fingerprints even if the finger is not in the appropriate situation as mentioned above. This one fingerprint scanner covers a lot of work at the same time.

It can be used for purposes like Aadhaar, NDLM, PayTm, HPCL Gas, etc. You can also use it for sim activation purposes and the sim cards you can use it for are Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Idea, Telenor, Aircel, and Tata Teleservices.

It totally supports RAW and WSQ format and it is an STQC certified fingerprint device. This Startek FM-220 is best suitable for enrolment applications and attendance verification purposes.

It has been loved by a majority of users and they have showered an immense amount of love to this fingerprint scanner with amazing ratings & customer reviews on amazon.

  • Can detect fingerprint even if the finger is injured
  • Supports RAW and WSQ
  • Capacitive scanner
  • Can be used for sim activation purpose as well
  • STQC certified
  • Works only for android devices


4. Cogent CSD 200 Fingerprint Scanner

Cogent is a company that has developed and come into existence especially for customers all over the world. They inculcate the latest optical system in every fingerprint sensor that they manufacture.


This Cogent CSD 200 Fingerprint Scanner has got that professional look and features that will lure some of you towards it!

Primary Features

  • Distinctive images of fingerprint captured
  • Captures with the speed of 10 frames per second
  • Features like auto capture and gain functions
  • Brightness and contrast can be regulated
  • Resolution of 500 ppi

This Cogent CSD 200 Fingerprint Scanner is perfect for all of you who need it for professional purposes like in banks or office work or for any kind of registration process.

This has got the looks and the features that resonate with such important professional usage which means it is capable of working at quite a consistent and fast speed while you do not have to put in a lot of effort in the work.

If you are looking for a less complicated fingerprint scanner which needs no external help as such, your search ends with this product. It is kind of square in shape and is quite small so it will not take up a lot of space in your working area.

The scanner is placed on the top for the ease of placing fingers and getting the job done in a matter of a few seconds.

It will capture a top-notch quality picture of the respective fingerprint as it has the ability to capture the pictures at 500 pixels per inch and it captures them with an exceptionally high speed of 10 frames per second!

After capturing the picture, it travels through the USB 2.0 interface and gets saved in the system it was connected to.

It also comes with a few complementary features that will give some corrections to the fingerprint picture taken by the machine itself.

When you will place your finger on the sensor, it will automatically sense it and capture the fingerprint. It also has the features to regulate both brightness and contrast of the captured picture if it is necessary.

It has got a larger surface area so that every finger of all shapes and forms can fit in it properly and the sensor can detect it with utter ease. It will not demand a lot of maintenance because of its ergonomic built and design.

Just make sure to keep it away from dust particles. It has great longevity and is certified by STQC, so you can remain to rest assured about its quality. To grab this amazing deal on amazon, hit the button given below!

  • Ergonomic and light weight
  • Larger surface area sensor
  • Less complicated functionality
  • Captures in 10 fps
  • Auto captures and brightness and contrast can be adjusted
  • No warranty


5. StarLabs Realtime Startek Micro USB Port Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Startek, since its birth, has been producing fingerprint sensors that will cater to people all around the world to secure their personal life by providing the smoothest and the most accurate performance of all times.

StarLabs-Realtime-Startek-Micro-USB-Port Biometric-Fingerprint-Scanner

Be it for government use or for corporate, this Startek’s fingerprint scanner is the first preference of everyone, irrespective of the field of work. This StarLabs Realtime Startek Micro USB Port Biometric Fingerprint Scanner is one of the most sophisticated looking fingerprint sensor of all times.

Primary Features

  • Government approved product
  • All kinds of sim activation possible
  • No software installation required
  • Eligible for aadhaar based biometric check
  • Certified for aadhaar

Startek has manufactured this StarLabs Startek Biometric Fingerprint Scanner to take forward their legendary and age-old promise to fulfill the gaps pertaining in the security section and establish a secure environment between the various kinds of interactions inside the organisations.

This job is done very effectively and simply with the various features that are inculcated in this futuristic fingerprint scanner. This fingerprint sensor understands time is money and it does both the job of capturing and verifying the fingerprints at a turbo speed.

Now, you might be wondering that the quality of the image might get distorted or bad in that process but Startek has taken care of this as well. There is near to negligible image distortion which is less than 1%.

It quickly scans through every detail of the finger and with that exact same speed it does the remaining job as well!

One of the coolest features of this amazing fingerprint scanner is that you are given the free will to choose any kind of security level when you will be working on a different kind of application like for FRR or FAR demands.

It has been verified by the government and you can actually use it to activate every kind of sim of any company. It will not give you restrictions in this arena like other fingerprint scanners.

It can be used even for those sim card activations that require the usage of the aadhaar card. You do not even have to install any kind of external software to make it work.

Its functionality revolves around a simple plug and play. It can also be used for recording attendance of institutions because of the authorized biometric attendance system.

It is suitable for various departments like banking, post office, school, workplace, e-shopping and ERP, voting verification, club memberships, ISP and logical access control, etc. The 3.8 stars it has received are completely justifiable due to such amazing features!

  • Certified for adhaar
  • No software needed for it to work
  • Less amount of image distortion
  • Fast operation
  • Can be used nearly everywhere
  • Does not have any correction features
  • Does not come with a warranty


6. Futronic USB 2.0 Fingerprint Scanner (FS80H)

If you run an organisation that requires an extremely tight and stout security system and you are looking for a fingerprint sensor that will do your job, then you have landed on the perfect company because futronic is actually the future of online security.


This Futronic USB 2.0 Fingerprint Scanner (FS80H) is small but holds the power to hold all the information of your company safely. Futronic always makes sure to inculcate such features that are unique and such technology that is one step ahead of the latest day.

Primary Features

  • Discards fake fingerprints
  • Can scan problematic fingers with ease
  • Control over the finger detection
  • Scans undistorted fingerprint images
  • 14 mm crown glass used for platen

This Futronic USB 2.0 Fingerprint Scanner (FS80H) is the best example of this as the features like live finger detection and the material with which the platen is made is extremely rare and these few features make this product one of the best and definitely one of the front liners in the market.

The feature of live finger detection is a really important feature for a fingerprint sensor and it literally speaks out how good the fingerprint scanner is.

This feature means that it will both perceive and abandon the fake fingerprints that are made out of substances like silicone, rubber, play-doh, etc that try to copy the real fingerprints to get undue access to other’s information.

This is possible because of a particular electronic circuit pre-installed in it. If you have the appropriate software, you can control and regulate the usage of this feature.

It can catch hold of any type of fingerprint image, especially if it is nearly an actual undistorted image of a fingerprint, and save into a system with a speed of around 100ms.

The infra-red illumination is another interesting and eye-catching feature of this fingerprint scanner. When a finger is placed on the platen, it is lit up by four infra-red lights while getting scanned.

The advantage of this feature is that, even if the finger is not in a good condition like if it is wet or too dry, it will perfectly scan the characteristics through this situation and get an optimized fingerprint image.

The sensor is broad and is made up of the crown glass material which is 14 mm thick. This material increases the durability of this product. It is one of the highest-rated products with 4.4 stars on Amazon!

  • Strong sensor
  • Infra-red reading
  • Special in built circuit for live fingerprint detection
  • Has warranty policy
  • Precise optics
  • Capturing time is slower


7. Mantra MFS100 v54 OTG with RD Service Finger Print Scanner

Mantra has been working sincerely towards utilising biometric technology in securing different organisations of the world. Just like every patterned line on a finger is unique.

Mantra-MFS100-v54-OTG-with-RD-Service FingerPrint-Scanner

Mantra tries to introduce such unique fingerprint scanners by adding a hint of innovation in them. This Mantra MFS100 v54 OTG with RD Service Finger Print Scanner has successfully attained the love from the customers and is even the chosen one from Amazon!

Primary Features

  • Both STQC and UIDAI certified
  • Has lowest FAR and FRR value
  • Made up of plastic
  • Has a 16 x 18 mm platen area
  • Optical fingerprint sensor

Mantra has taken innovation and advancements to the next level with this idiosyncratic and distinctive MFS100 v54 OTG with RD Service Finger Print Scanner.

It is a standalone company that can actually turn even the common characteristics into distinctive ones with their vivid blend of technology and innovations.

If you face the issue of space and you still want a modish fingerprint scanner, you have found yourself one right here! This Mantra fingerprint scanner already comes with a cleaning cloth so that you do not have to put in extra effort for maintaining it.

If you find a hint of dust particles near the platen, use to cloth to wipe it off. It is as simple as that! The total dimension of the platen is around 16 x 18 mm which is an average dimension for the topmost portion of the finger.

So, this means that the sensor will welcome all kinds and types of fingers irrespective of shape and size. Mantra has included advanced optical technology in the sensor.

This indicates that it will definitely not allow any kind of scratches on the surface of the sensor and at the same time can perceive and detect fingerprints under any circumstance very easily.

That’s not all. This fingerprint scanner has the least value of both the false rejection rate and false acceptance rate.

As it is certified by STQC and UIDAI, it definitely supports the aadhaar authentication process of the API specification of the latest version. It does allow sim card activation but you can use it only for the activation of airtel sim cards.

Other than that, it can be used for KYC verification in general and even the KYC for mutual funds. This fingerprint scanner is perfect for bank usage. It is one of the most reviewed and loved fingerprint scanners with 4.1 stars on Amazon!

  • Supports aadhaar authentication
  • Amazon’s choice product
  • One year warranty
  • High speed USB
  • Compact and portable
  • Only used for one type of sim card activation


8. SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 Fingerprint Scanner

When it comes to fingerprint scanners, then SecuGen is such a company that is known by all because it is the most widely used and famous provider of the greatest fingerprint scanners not just in India but all around the world.


This SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 fingerprint scanner is one of the strongest and stout looking fingerprint scanners of this company!

Primary Features

  • Raw and WSQ formats supported
  • 378 template formats
  • Have a 500 dpi
  • Available for all android users
  • Made for desktop, mobile, internet and network connections and enterprise

Being the world’s greatest manufacturer of fingerprint scanners, SecuGen exactly knows what any kind of organisation will vouch for. It does not overcrowd a fingerprint scanner with a lot of functionalities and make it complicated to use.

This SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 fingerprint scanner has been specifically made for just a few sectors and it has the characteristics and attributes that constitute for a good fingerprint scanner.

This fingerprint scanner from SecuGen is one of the most simplistic looking fingerprint scanners in the market. It is only made for all kinds of android devices like mobile phones and tablets.

It is truly very reliable and accurate because once you register your fingerprint with the help of this, it will behave like your password for lifetime that no one else can steal and there is no chance that you would forget it as well.

It will do the work within a few seconds and thus you do not have to wait to prove your identity with your own fingerprints.

It has around 378 template formats and it also supports various important and crucial format systems like RAW, WSQ, and NFIQ calculations.

Simply link the fingerprint scanner to your mobile phone or tablet with the help of the USB cord available and that is how swiftly and smoothly your work will be done.

Being a fingerprint scanner of a trustworthy company, you do not have to worry about the reliability factor of the product.

It will give you consistent results for a really long time. It perfectly fits in for various uses like that of computer, mobile phones, internet, and network connectivity as well as enterprise. It has hit the bull’s eye by receiving exactly 4 stars on Amazon!

  • Used for android devices
  • An entire year warranty
  • Can be used for eKYC and Aadhaar verification
  • Quick operation
  • 500 dpi resolution power
  • Cannot be used for iphone, Microsoft and Blackberry devices


9. Safran Morpho Icons MSO 1300 E3 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

The various fingerprint scanners that are produced by Morpho are technologically advanced specifically for verifying and registering purposes.


This Product is with RD Service also has been created for one specific job role which will be discussed further. This particular Safran Morpho Icons MSO 1300 E3 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner is one of the most famous products from this company.

Primary Features

  • High level performance
  • Software for biometric check is linked
  • Great for registration, identification and verifying
  • Auto detect function
  • No software needed for operation

As this has been specially made for one on one verification process, this has been in high demand by the various governmental departments and banks and even the organisations like schools, colleges, etc.

It has got a very straightforward and effortless working methodology that will help you in every step of your day.

It has been approved by the government of India and it supports the UIDAI. This clearly means that you can absolutely use it for the registration for aadhaar card as well as for verifying the identity with the help of the UIDAI.

Thus, this fingerprint scanner is perfect for such utility and the small size makes it easier to use! This fingerprint scanner comes with one of the longest USB cord that has a total length of 1 meter.

So, even if your system is a little far away from the position of enrolment or whatever purpose you are utilizing it for, you will still get the exact same fast result as you would get if it were near the system.

It adds to the convenience factor and gives you the flexibility to use it! Another convenient attribute of this fingerprint scanner is the “auto-detect” function.

As soon as the sensor senses a finger on the platen, it immediately transcends that information on to the system without giving any kind of error on the detection. It is one man army which means that no external software is required to make this fingerprint sensor work.

  • Government approved
  • Auto detection function available
  • Longest USB cord of 1 meter
  • Great for aadhaar verification
  • 12 months warranty assurance
  • Slim USB cord
  • Can only be used for aadhaar verification


Buying Guide – Best Fingerprint Scanners in India

The major use of a fingerprint scanner is to secure ones identity so that no one else can try to steal it away. These days every other institutions and organisations have a fingerprint scanning system whether it is for attendance purposes or just for verifying identities.

Fingerprint scanners are basically the authenticated and right way of keeping away from unprofessional means and making the entire process of identifying a lot safer and easier.

As it has turned out to be one of the highest demanded products and has been adopted and used widely in schools, hospitals, banks, offices, etc.

It is very important to get the best fingerprint scanner available in India. But before you head over to choose your one, you need to have some background information regarding fingerprint scanners and the technology behind it.


There are various types and kinds of fingerprint scanners in India with different features and maybe with different usage factors. Some of them might be used for all kinds of sim card activation; some might not give you this advantage.

So, you also need to get the priorities of your needs and requirements straight like what purpose you want to be fulfilled with it, what features you want, the size you want to go for, and so on so forth.

If you are feeling lost and confused by seeing so many kinds of fingerprint scanners and are unable to come to a conclusion, then know this much that you are on the right path.

This comprehensive buying guide has every detail about the fingerprint scanner that will diminish your worries and help you find your perfect match.

So let us start this journey by first getting to know about the type of fingerprint scanners along with their uses.

Types of Fingerprint Scanners and their Uses

Optical Fingerprint Scanner

Optical fingerprint scanners perceive a digital photograph of the fingerprint which is then processed by a set of algorithms. They have a LED light which just lights up once it senses any finger as it comes in contact with the platen.

That light is used to figure out the numerous lines and patterns on the finger to get a perfect photograph.

Capacitive or CMOS Fingerprint Scanner

The working principle of a capacitive fingerprint scanner is basically the use of a capacitor and electric signal to attain the photograph of the fingerprint. What happens here is that there is a small capacitor circuit inbuilt which is electrically charged and that circuit is behind collecting the information from the finger.

Thus, this type of fingerprint scanner is safer than the optical ones because there is no room for being fooled. It saves the information for future reference.

Multispectral Fingerprint Scanner

It is quite an advanced type of fingerprint scanner wherein there is a technological system pre-installed in it that does not allow any kind of threats and secures your network that way.

It has the power to get under your skin and examine the tissues that not just lie inside but also on the surface of your finger.

Ultrasound Fingerprint Scanner

It also comes under the most technologically advanced fingerprint scanners that hold the ability to capture a 3-dimensional image of the fingerprint to give it a real look. But there is a huge drawback of this fingerprint scanner. It lacks the speed with which other types of fingerprint scanners work.

Thermal Fingerprint Scanner

Just like the name given to it, instead of using any kind of light or electricity to scan the fingerprints, it utilises thermal energy or heat energy to first scan the finger and then get a photograph of it.

Now, that we know about the various types of fingerprint scanners, let us have a look at the various features that a good fingerprint scanner is expected to have.

Features of Fingerprint Scanners

1. Automatic Detection

There are some fingerprint scanners that have this very useful feature inculcated in them. This feature reduces the extra effort of the user and that means you do not have to give and provide assistance to the fingerprint scanner to scan the finger properly.

Once an individual places their finger on the surface of the platen or the sensor, it immediately starts to collect data and scans through every detail of your finger.

2. FPS or Frames Per Second

FPS is the frame rate which actually controls the total quantity of images that accumulates in a second. The higher the frame rate, the better will be the quality of the picture. Thus a good fingerprint scanner should have higher value of FPS.

You might be wondering how this is useful in the entire verification process. Well, it apparently is quite an important feature. It makes the verification and scanning task a lot easier even when the fingers are not static.


3. Operating System Support

An ideal fingerprint scanner should be able to support not just one but all kinds of operating systems like Linux, Windows, and even OS platforms.

There are certain fingerprint scanners that cater only to android mobile phones and do not work at all for other kinds of the operating system. This becomes a barrier in your work and does not give you the flexibility to work under any circumstances and for any kind of operating system.

4. USB cable

While this might be a very obvious feature, it is still one of the most important attributes of a fingerprint scanner. Try to get yourself a fingerprint scanner that has thick and long wire so that even if you set up your system a little far away from the position of your scanner, you can work peacefully.

The wire should be thick so that it lasts longer. This is partly responsible for adding to the durability factor to the fingerprint scanner.


5. Encryption

When we are talking about security, ofcourse this word will drop by. When there is end to end encryption between the person and the scanner, no third party can drop by and attack the connection.

After a long walk with the features as well, it is finally the time to get to know about the things to consider before buying a fingerprint scanner. After going through these pointers, I am sure you will be confident enough to go and get yourself one. So without any further ado, let us hop right into this part of the journey.

Factors to consider while buying a fingerprint scanner

1. Accuracy

This has to be the most important feature to keep an eye on. An appropriate fingerprint scanner should be extremely accurate with the scanning process. It may sometimes show errors and glitches and may give you false negatives and positives.

While such errors can happen in a fingerprint scanner especially in the optical ones, it is necessary for you to know that any kind of illicit activities may take place in that time frame.

So, make sure to check a feature called the equal error rate or EER in the specifications section before purchasing one. If you find the EER value to be low, then consider that you have found yourself a good fingerprint scanner.

2. Protection against any kind of scratches

This is a feature that is responsible for the durability of the fingerprint scanner. Thus it becomes very crucial to get yourself a scanner that has a scratch-proof surface.

There might be certain instances when you might come across a person who has long nails or in some other case, the fingerprint scanner might fall down by mistake. So if it is protected, it will not face any kind of scratch marks.


3. Brand

The brand also plays an important role in determining a good and appropriate fingerprint scanner. It is a matter of security here and security correlates to trust.

Thus, if you get yourself a fingerprint scanner that is manufactured and produced by a very reputed and trusted company, then you can remain assured about the quality, trust factor, accuracy, and effectiveness of the product.

If you go for some local brand, there might be a hint of risk that it can interfere with your personal data and information. The brand should also offer a good warranty period along with greater customer service.


4. Responsiveness

While you are on a search for the best fingerprint scanner, you might stumble upon some fingerprint scanners that work just fine even when the finger is too wet or too dry or is injured in some way or the other.

The other kinds of fingerprint scanner can show some error or might not read the finger if they are injured or even aged. Accuracy in this factor is very important so that any kind of people irrespective of colour, age, and race can have the security that they deserve.

5. Price

Price does not determine if a particular fingerprint scanner is good or not. It is definitely important to have a fix-budget but along with that, make sure to check the features that a fingerprint scanner will offer you. Remember, features and attributes are more important than the price tag.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Fingerprint Scanners in India

Q1. Which is the best fingerprint scanner?

Ans. From our expert list of the best fingerprint scanners available in India, Cogent CSD 200 Fingerprint Scanner is the best because of the kinds of features it has like the high frame rate and the auto-capture and brightness and contrast regulating features.

Q2. Which fingerprint scanner is best for government usage?

Ans. Undoubtedly, StarLabs Realtime Startek Micro USB Port Biometric Fingerprint Scanner for All Type of SIM Activation is the best fingerprint scanner for government use because for starters it is manufactured by a trusted company and has all the modern-day features that will make your work much easier.

Q3. How to maintain a fingerprint scanner?

Ans. It is actually quite easy to maintain a fingerprint scanner. Take a cloth and gently rub away the places that have accumulated dust particles. That’s all! If any fingerprint scanner has a different instruction to clean, follow the steps given by the company itself!

Q4. Where to find the best fingerprint scanner?

Ans. The e-commerce sites like Amazon is definitely the best place to find the perfect fingerprint scanner for you.
You will find a lot of options there and you can even compare products and conduct detailed research at the same time of your search. You can even judge a fingerprint scanner by the kind of reviews and ratings it has got from the existing customers.

Q5. Will a dirt or moisture affect the fingerprint scanner?

Ans. Often dirt gets accumulated in the corners of the surface of the fingerprint scanners and when that happens, the fingerprint scanner might not be able to read properly.
If you own a good fingerprint scanner, then you do not have to worry because it will be unaffected by any kind of dust or scratch and will be water and electricity resistant as well. If any dust comes to your notice, just wipe it off!

Conclusion –  Best Fingerprint Scanners in India

Now that you have reached the end of this article, you know how important a fingerprint scanner is and how technology is linked to it.

Security has always remained mankind’s one of the biggest problems and at the same time priority and with time, even the various kinds of fingerprint scanners have evolved due to the technological advancements.


Optical fingerprint scanners are the most widely used fingerprint scanner in India. If you are on the lookout for the best fingerprint scanner in India that uses optical technology, Futronic USB 2.0 Fingerprint Scanner (FS80H) must be the option to consider.

It is also the highest-rated fingerprint scanner on the list! So, we hereby hope that every doubt is cleared regarding fingerprint scanners and now you can go ahead and make your choice!

Shop safe and stay safe!

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