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11 Best Wall Clocks in India (December 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


Wall clock is among the vital products, whose absence gives an incomplete look to your home décor.

Nowadays, wall clocks are available with a lot of variations starting from time display type to design and construction.

You must know the variety and match it with your needs, so that you can get the best wall clock for your office or home.


Also, we recommend you to read the Buying Guide that talks about the necessary features and factors, whose consideration would ease your search process.

Without any further ado, let us walk you through the detailed explanation of the 11 Best Wall Clocks in India that would educate you about features, specifications, pros & cons of each one of them.

These are the Top 11 Best Wall Clocks in India

ProductsSizePrimary MaterialWarrantyBuy Now
Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock32 x 32 x 32 cmMetal1 yearamazon-button
Ajanta Quartz Office Clock20.5 x 3.5 x 20.5 cmGlass1 yearamazon-button
Click n Ship Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock36 x 27 x 7 cmPlastic1 yearamazon-button
IIK Collection Analogue Round Plastic Wall Clock28 x 28 x 6 cmPlastic1 yearamazon-button
Amazon Brand - Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock30 x 6 x 30 cmPlastic1 yearamazon-button
Oreva Plastic Wooden Look Designer Wall Clock32 x 32 x 4 cmPlastic1 yearamazon-button
Oreva Roman Figure Round Analog Wall Clock28 x 28 x 3.9 cmPlastic1 yearamazon-button
Jaipur Crafts Plastic Antique Wall Clock30.48 x 5.08 x 30.48 cmPlastic1 yearamazon-button
Oreva Night Glow Round Plastic Analog Wall Clock31.5 x 4.5 x 31.5 cmPlastic1 yearamazon-button
Ajanta Plastic Wall Clock20.5 x 3.5 x 20.5 cmPlastic1 yearamazon-button
RAG28 Plastic Designer Wall Clock31 x 31 x 7 cmPlastic1 yearamazon-button

Best Wall Clocks in India in 2020

1. Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock

When it comes to wall clocks, Ajanta is the name that might strike your head in the first shot. The brand is highly popular and deals in some of the top-selling wall clocks in India. This wall clock by Ajanta comes in 2 colors, Silver & Gold.


Both colors look classy & ensure to add elegance to your room. The stick and Arabic time markers have been used to print the bold black numbers and minute spikes due to which the classy look of the clocks retains for a long time.

This along with optimally wide dimensions of the clock enables you to read the time more conveniently, accurately, and pretty quickly, even from a distance.

It also features a beautifully designed black colour hour, minute, and second hand that adds to the analogue display and, the white dial of this round quartz clock.

Not only this but it also ensures clarity of the numbers & ease in viewing the time even at odd hours, i.e. mid-night.

The metal body and acrylic frame combination of this light-weight wall clock is beautifully designed, so that it goes well with the traditional or contemporary theme of the home, office, or any other room.

The synthetic footboard upholstery, high-quality imported acrylic dial, and metal hands not only adds to the aesthetics but also ensure durability and long life span.

The wall clock can be easily maintained by just wiping it with a damp cloth which ensures a long-lasting shiny appearance of the gloss finish.

Along with all the features mentioned above, you will also get a warranty of 12 months from the house of Ajanta. To avail a crazy discount on this wall clock, click the button given below.

  • High-quality acrylic material
  • Stick and Arabic time marker
  • Light weight
  • No ticking sound
  • Isn’t suitable for small rooms


2. Ajanta Quartz Office Wall Clock

This Wall Clock also comes from the house of Ajanta. The brand is the biggest market giant in India whose consistent performance has been recognized and appreciated all over the world.


Ajanta puts forth a cheap priced, blue colour wall clock AQ-2147 that has accessibility to multiple colours, red, orange. This product is quite light in weight which in addition to the oval shape ensures easy handling and appealing looks.

The sturdy built, thick plastic frame and front glass panel eases maintenance and enhances the durability and longevity of this Ajanta wall clock.

It comes with a stylish black colour hour, minute & second hand. This enables you to read the time vividly, accurately and rapidly, on the white dial of this analogue display clock.

The numbers are printed in a contemporary font which is huge enough to be seen even from a distance and thus, making the clock get along traditional as well as the modern theme of the room.

The given dimensions make it a miniature clock that would suit a decorated wall or a small room, whereas, higher battery efficiency enables it to run accurately for a long time with just one battery.

All in all, it would be a worthwhile investment if you opt this wall clock that is made of premium quality raw material. A variety of savings offer like free delivery, cashback and other discounts are available on this purchase which can be accessed with a click on the button given below.

  • Compact and stylish
  • Uniquely designed hands
  • Thick frame
  • Light weight
  • Produces loud ticking sound


3. Click n Ship Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock

Click n Ship is one of the well-known and reputed brand names, which has secured high positions in the Indian markets through its supreme quality products and excellent performance.


Click n Ship offers a brown colored wall clock CNS-07 at a reasonable price, which runs on 2 AA batteries. This product consists of a supreme quality plastic body, whose structure resembles the design of a ship steering, thus adding to the aesthetic factor of the clock.

It also has a pendulum which is designed in such a way that it matches the clock features, which makes this piece to be a perfect fit for vintage style bedrooms, dining, living room.

Not only this but it is an ideal gift which you can give to your dear ones on any occasion.

The slim frame provides a wide area for the circular dial whose white background not just goes well, but also highlights the boldly stamped black colour numerals.

The well planned, uniquely designed plastic hand hour, minute, and second follow quartz movement. All this enables clear and easy reading of time in addition to the contribution of a fashion statement.

The optimal weight and dimensions of this clock allow it to fit in any place without making a fuss, whereas the pendulum makes it a silent or non-ticking wall clock.

From an overall point of view, this clock is a durable item that is worth every penny you decide to spend on it. The manufacturer is even offering a 1-year warranty on this deal. To avail a maximum discount of over 80%, hit the button given below.

  • Non-ticking wall clock
  • Sensational body design
  • Sturdy built plastic body
  • Super slim frame
  • Poor functionality


4. IIK Collection Analogue Round Plastic Wall Clock

IIK Collection is a renowned and reputed brand name that is recommended by many in the Indian Markets due to its outstanding customer feedback. IIK Collection proffers a black and gold colored wall clock IIK-732C that is round in shape and comprises of clear cut-finishing.


The high-grade ABS plastic has been used to construct the outer-body of this wall clock. The front transparent glass is pasted using rich quality vinyl, thus ensuring a durable and long life span.

The quartz movement of the hands enables it to point accurately and display the right time on its analogue display, which keeps you on your schedule.

The big size of the wall clock and numbers enables you to see the time without any strain on the eyes. On the other hand, the black dial imprinted with golden designs makes it suitable for any kind of room like bedroom, office, etc.

The simple yet elegant timepiece doesn’t require much maintenance but can be wiped occasionally, using a wet or dry cloth to maintain the fresh shine.

Its easy installation is promoted, by the provision of hooks, which allows the clock to be hung near photo frames or all alone, either way, it adds to the stunning appearance of the wall.

It is an ideal home décor item that is available in a vast range of colors, hence being a classic fit for any occasion. 1 year of brand warranty is given on this product. Also, you can avail discount upto 55% along with cashback, bank offers, and other exciting deals.

  • High-grade ABS plastic body
  • Transparent front glass
  • Perfect combo of style and functionality
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Expensive
  • Heavy


5. Amazon Brand – Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock

Solimo is the first brand name that would come to your mind as soon as you think about the best brands that provide premium quality and better performing products.


Solimo presents an attractive wall clock SOL-HD-CLOCK-118 that features a wide black frame and has been awarded a 4-stars rating.

This multi-coloured timepiece is crafted to experience the pleasure of a contemporary look with a vintage touch, and this ensures zero compromises on the beauty of your room interiors.

It runs on just 1 AA battery and utilizes sweep movement which enhances the silent or non-ticking motion of the second’s hand.

The durable plastic frame and front glass panel ensure the long life span of the wall clock, whereas, the 12-inches wide-body and boldly represented numerals, which can be observed from a distance, adds to the convenience and clarity of reading time.

The provision of minute spikes in both white and black colours, in addition to the softly pointed hour and minute hand, enables accurate time reading and keeps you in the schedule track, punctually.

Its availability in various designs and patterns would give you more choices, while the proper sealing of the machine compartment keeps the clock away from damage and eases installation.

The high-quality raw material used for constructing this sturdy wall clock and its top-notch finishing adds value to your investment.

12 months of warranty is being offered by Amazon on this purchase. There is a special offer that is available for a limited period on this Solimo Wall clock. To avail it, press the red button given below.

  • Silent sweep movement
  • Big size
  • Ideal designing
  • Provision of bold and clear numbers and spikes
  • Comparatively, costly option


6. Oreva Plastic Wooden Look Designer Wall Clock

Oreva is a famous brand name whose expertise in the production and sales of such high-class products has gained fame and consideration among Indian customers.


Oreva puts forth a cola colored, AQ-6217 wall clock that has been given an average rating is 4.2 stars which makes it among the best wall clocks in India. It runs on a single AA battery for a long while.

It is a limited edition wall clock that has the appearance of a wooden material, which in addition to the stylish cursive font of numerals, ensures an aesthetically appealing look.

The wooden finish and high-quality sturdy built plastic material enhances the durability of this designer piece that would suit any theme of room interior but would be highlighting in vintage-styled rooms.

With various sound options available, in addition to the classy shades of this round wall clock, it would be an ideal pick for your home or office.

The decorative and uniquely styled hour and minute hand have sharp edges that point to the correct reading, thus keeping you accurate in your schedule.

The step movement of the second’s hand, along with the high torque movement induced by Japanese technology, keeps the ticking noise to minimal levels.

The combination of white dial and bold black colored numerals add to advanced clarity in time reading even from a distance, while the battery backup and wide structure makes is a considerable choice.

Bank offers, no-cost EMI, free delivery, and similar other amazing offers can be accessed to obtain this product, having 1 year of warranty, at a steal deal.

  • Limited edition of designer piece
  • Premium grade plastic with wooden appearance
  • High torque movement with Japanese tech
  • Perfectly sized and styled
  • Complaints against defective pieces


7. Oreva Roman Figure Round Analog Wall Clock

Oreva is a popular and highly recommended brand name whose performance has been par excellence due to which it has secured the top position in global markets.


Oreva AQ-1457 is a white-colored analog wall clock that is made out of durable plastic, is round in shape, and consists of a silver color frame.

Big roman format numerals are given only for 3, 6, 9, and 12 meanwhile, other numbers are provided as spikes, which are imprinted in black colour on the white dial, thus enabling you to get a clear vision of the time.

The square hands provided for an hour and minute enables you to read the time accurately, while the second’s hand runs in a step movement, without producing much sound.

This simple, elegant, and contemporary-based wall clock is available in various other designs, patterns, and shades that match your taste and stand up with your plain or decorated wall.

With a formal look and wide dimensions, it would be a perfect selection for office rooms, conference halls, and other such places.

This sturdily built and long-lasting wall clock runs on a single AA size battery and adds to the given ambiance.

All in all, it is a worthwhile product to be invested in as it is a clean, simple, and exquisite timepiece that blends gorgeously with interiors. Hurry! Purchase this product now to grab hold of instant discounts by clicking the “buy at amazon” button given below.

  • Easy to read
  • Accurate
  • Fashionable
  • Roman format numerals
  • Slightly costly


8. Jaipur Crafts Plastic Antique Wall Clock

Jaipur Crafts store is not just a familiar and trustworthy brand name but also a highly reputed and commonly suggested name when it comes to buying high-class products.


Jaipur Crafts wall clock JC02826 is available in multi-color and made of a huge structure. The highly qualitative plastic material and durable front glass not only gives a classy touch on the wall clock but also adds to the life span of the clock functionality.

The round shape and black frame enable the clock to fit perfectly and blend with any style statement or fashion quotient that you have given to your room.

The plastic hook ensures that installing the clock in your favourite spot is hassle-free, whereas the low requirements of maintenance assure you of a clean and shiny designer piece.

The giant and bold numerals allow easy and vivid time reading, while, the sweeping movement of the second’s hand adds to the silence of its surroundings.

This analogue display wall clock adds a vintage touch to your modern room in a stylish way which would make it a considerable option for your living space or office rooms.

The various sizes, shades, and designs, available for this product provide you with multiple choices.

On the other hand, it’s functioning on a single AA battery for a long while proves its performance. To add more value to this deal, the company is also offering 12 months replacement warranty on the machinery of this wall clock.

  • Silent sweep movement
  • Antique piece
  • Supreme quality plastic material
  • Reasonable rates
  • Very heavy


9. Oreva Night Glow Round Plastic Analog Wall Clock

Oreva is one of the finest and reputed brand names that have been ruling the market places of India through its top-class and qualitative performance and products, respectively.


Oreva presents a black colour, round-shaped wall clock AQ1837NG which comes with large dimensions. The highlighting feature of this clock is the radium font provided for the numerals which enable a clear view of the time even during the dark.

Accurate time reading is promoted by the provision of minute spikes and point precise, radium hour and minute hand, and quartz movement of the second’s hand.

The usage of sturdy plastic material for constructing the wall clock’s body ensures long-lasting functionality while it’s elegantly simple design enables it to fit anywhere.

With the availability of a variety of patterns, designs, and shades, they would be suitable for traditional, contemporary, or vintage room set-up.

It can run for a long time in a single AA battery which ensures its battery efficiency and contributes to durable functionality.

The provision of front glass reduces the maintenance requirements, whereas the hooks given behind the wall clock eases installation.

The large dimensions add to the clear, and easy reading of time, whereas the minimal sound production of ticking ensures a silent and disturbance-free experience, thus making it an ideal pick for bedrooms.

1 year warranty period is provided on this Oreva clock. If you will buy it now, you will be able to enjoy no-cost EMI that is given in addition to various other bonus offers.

  • Radium dial and numerals
  • Minute spikes provided
  • High build quality
  • Highly accurate
  • A bit heavy


10. Ajanta Plastic Wall Clock

Ajanta is one of the highly recommended, reputed, and famous brand names that has procured top position in the markets through their excellence and consistency in this field.


Ajanta puts forth a round-shaped, 2147-BLUE model of lightweight wall clock which comprises of a blue color frame and runs on a single AA battery.

It comes in multiple sizes, shades, and design options so that you can choose the aptly styled clock which satisfies you and stands up to your room interiors.

High-grade plastic material is used to construct this robust clock’s frame and, it is designed to exhibit simplicity in the most superior and modern way.

The optimally sized clock consists of large numerals, given in deep blue colour which, on the white dial, makes it easy for you to read the time even from a distance.

The uniquely structured hour, minute, and second’s hand follow quartz or step movement with minimal production of ticking sound, thus denoting the right time accurately.

The sturdy front glass and the properly sealed machine and battery compartment ensure less and stress-free maintenance requirements, whereas the provision of hook eases installation.

It is ideal for homes and offices as it can get along with almost any type of wall, especially the ones based on traditional or contemporary set-up.

Hence, going for this wall clock would be a smart investment & is a value for money deal. Click the red button given below to buy this wall clock, which comes with a bundle of other savings offer.

  • Easy to read dial
  • Light-weight
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Resilient grade plastic
  • No warranty


11. RAG28 Plastic Designer Wall Clock

RAG28 is a well-known brand name that has been giving a tough time to its competitors through the production of outstanding products and an exhibition of marvelous performance.


RAG28 offers a multi-colored wall clock that will beautifully fit into any kind of wall or room interior due to its smartly designed structure and appealing looks.

The strong plastic frame and qualitative raw materials add to the long life of this timepiece, which runs on a single AA battery. The variety of design and pattern choices provided by it gives you a vast range of options to choose from.

With almost 12 inches of dial size, this large wall clock can be viewed and read from quite a distance and, convenient and easy reading is promoted by the white colour numerals on the dark background.

The hour, minute, and second’s hands are also provided in white to show accurate time and they follow superlative quartz movement with minimal production of ticking noise.

This round clock is quite light in weight and comprises of the durable front glass, thus enhancing easy handling with minimal maintenance requirements.

It is styled and designed to match modern trends and taste of the user that gets along in bedrooms, living room, and offices.

On an overall aspect, it is a must buy-product whose addition would enhance the elegance and superiority of your room. 18 months of replacement warranty has been provided by the manufacturer on this product.

  • Wide range of design
  • Premium grade raw materials
  • Wide and durable frame
  • Long warranty
  • Batteries aren’t included


Buying Guide – Best Wall Clocks in India

If you are concerned about your interiors, wall clocks aren’t easy to buy products. Its work might be just to show the time but is quite essential and one of the unavoidable items in home.


There are a lot of considerable and vital parameters which have to be known by you to get the best. They are:-

Factors to consider while buying a Wall Clock

1. Digital or Analogue

Clocks of any type are broadly classified, into 2 types based on the time display style, that is, digital or analog. Digital clocks display accurate time when compared to analog and, these unconventional clocks don’t have minute and seconds hand.

They consist of LCD or LED to show the time and, it includes the minute and seconds division. The power source can either be a battery or an external AC supply, but their designs are usually monochrome.

It features bright red numbers, being lit on a black background which is either plain or designed mildly. Analog clocks are the most commonly found type of clocks and, it has hour, minute and second or just hour and minute hand.

There is a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs available in addition to stunning antique pieces of this clock type.

The numeral format and font also have a lot of variations which adds to the extended range of possible options. Their sub-types are mechanical or quartz and, be it of any kind they have to be set, manually only.

2. Ticking or Silent

When it comes to the ticking sound, the Analog type of clocks comes in two options, Silent or with Ticking-Sound. On the other hand, digital ones are always silent as they don’t comprise of any hands.

It should be fine to go with clocks having ticking sound, provided it doesn’t bother you but if it is necessary to have silence in the room then it is better to go with non-ticking clock models.

Such silent clocks should be apt for conference rooms, bedrooms, and kid’s room. Ticking-clock is the clock having its second hand producing the tick-tick noise every second.

If you want it to be silent even while it has the second hand, then you can go for wall clocks having pendulum or rotating swan or duck. These models not only make any noise but also add to the elegance.

3. Battery Life

Battery life is a common aspect that must be considered for both analog and digital clocks. Most of them run on batteries and, the required battery count depends on the features of the clock.

Wall clocks that do fine would have reasonably durable battery life while the ones on the higher end would offer prolonged battery life.

Changing batteries will be simpler if you know the battery slots and their role. Frequent battery changing is not necessary if your clock can sustain with the given battery for an optimally long while.


4. Size

Wall clock size is one of the vital factors that must be analysed, in coordination to the room or wall size. If the room is huge, then take a clock that is significantly big else medium or small-sized pieces should do fine.

Also, look out for the wall decorations because either the wall would seem too congested or, the clock will lose its charm if it’s not noticeable, so, get a big one if it is to be hung in a plain or less decorated wall else opt for optimally sized clocks.

You must also ensure that the chosen size of the wall clock will suit the selected location, for instance, if you have plans for placing the clock on the opposite wall or above the door then its size should match the needs.

All in all, you must ensure that your wall clock is rightly sized, based on your requirements, is visible and doesn’t ruin the wall by giving a messy appearance to it.

5. Theme and Decoration

Wall clocks are crafted in many styles and designs so that they can stand up to your room theme. Wall clock themes are categorized depending up on the wall and room purpose and, few of these commonly used themes are antique, modern, designer, cartoon-based, etc.

If you buy a clock for your home then ensure that you choose its styling that matches your room furniture setup, so that, there is no compromise in the elegance and warmness.

Modern clocks are preferable for office rooms as its formal appeal would be a perfect fit, whereas antique clocks are preferable for museums and vintage-styled room.

Antique clocks either have traditional or retro-style pendulum while few wall clocks have rotating swan. These minute detailing gives more options for you to select.

Kid’s room clocks have got the maximum number of variations as they are generally of the cartoons or toys other kid’s characters kind.

Nowadays, interior designers provide you with the aptly designed clock for a particular room or, you can personalise the design to match your taste and also to enhance the plush feel of your room.

Few clock models can measure and display the atmospheric pressure, humidity levels and temperature and these models are always better than the usual ones.

6. Colour

The wall and wall clock colour must blend because the whole feel and appearance would be destroyed if the colours don’t go well with each other thus, it is quite necessary to choose the right colour of the wall clock.

You need not worry about the colour range as there are various shades of wall clock available and, these shades can either be monochrome or fusion or any other classic shades.

Contrast colours are not only eye-catching but are also a trending combination that enhances the aesthetic factor for any product.

Dark coloured or wooden finished wall clocks will be a perfect match for light coloured walls or rooms with contrasting furniture.

Another point of view involves the dial colour. Double coloured wall clocks have either a pleasant shade in the background that contrasts the colour of numerals, thus making the number visibility to be more vivid, or dark shaded background with a light yet bold numerals.

When you opt for such clock shades, ensure that they don’t spoil the wall instead of adding to its elegance. With a vast variety of shades and tint of colours, wall clock colour can be easily matched with the walls, even if they have unique paint shades.


7. Style

The style of the clock, here, refers to its structure and numerical format. It is generally observed that wall clocks are either square or circle in most of the common-places and it is quite relatable to small-sized clocks with pendulum.

But, wall clocks can be obtained in several different shapes and patterns like guitar, peacock, wheels, stars, and much more.

These differently shaped clocks are suggested according to the room. Most of these designer pieces’ style gives a visual treat, among which some of them do not have a front glass.

Hour/minute spikes or no numbers at all give a classy look to your modern clock, whereas the embossed numerals in 3D clocks highlight the room elegantly. Hanging wall clocks and other stylish and decorative clocks can be used to decorate your space in the way you like.

8. Outer Material

Wall clocks that comprise of additional designer pieces have their outer body or frame made out of sturdy and durable materials like brass, wood, fibre, hardened, high-quality plastic or other shiny materials like metals.

DIY clocks, constructed using recycled materials or acrylic materials, are trending in the markets along with 3D and frameless clocks. Check for the warranty availability on these aspects too as it ensures the worth of investment.


9. Music or No Music

Clocks that feature music bring an aura every time it plays and, such clocks are still in demand today. The pendulum strikes on each hour in a conventional clock while the vintage style pieces have a bird, usually cuckoo, coming out and producing melodious music.

These clocks do not make ticking sound and, its recent versions play the counting music to indicate the hour count.

It might seem similar to a pendulum, but there is some soft music played before it and, such pieces would suit the living room. If the clock includes sensors that reduce the sound volume along with rising darkness, then it would be suitable in kids or bedrooms too.

10. Others Features

Wall clocks can be obtained in various sizes, colours, and shapes but before going for these elements, it is better to ensure a few of the basic features that are stated below-


Whenever you turn to the clock, then you should get a clear vision of the time which means that the figures should be vivid from an average distance.

Also, the glass in the front shouldn’t be too shady or flashy that reflects light, thus making it difficult for you to get a clear view most of the times.


Wall clocks are not bought frequently as they are one-time investments and so, their body material must be sturdy and durable.

Battery Life

Usually, wall clocks require 2 to 3 batteries to exhibit a long-lasting performance.


The outer structure and design must satisfy you and match your room walls.


Some wall clocks plays sounds every hour and, it is usually some pleasing music. The sound frequency can be lowered automatically when the lights go out if the clock consists of such sensors.

Number Display

The numerals can either be in a regular format or roman format so, you can choose the wall clock which comprises of any one of these numeral formats.

Some of them do not have any numbers and, you can opt for them if you like blank background.

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Conclusion – Best Wall Clocks in India

A wall clock is an essential part of your home or office décor, be it mechanical or quartz, or digital type. It plays a single yet the most vital role, that is, to display time and keep you in your schedules.

Choosing the ideal wall clock for a room isn’t that easy. It’s not just because of the variety of options accessible in terms of shape, size, and designs, but also due to the availability of few, yet considerable, parameters.


Oreva Roman Figure Round Analog Wall Clock would be a perfect pick for you as it features the best options in every possible aspect.

Hope, this article helped you to get the best wall clock for your home!

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