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9 Best Massage Chairs in India (October 2020) | Buying Guide & Reviews


Tired after a hectic day! Want to visit a spa! Oops, forgot to get the appointment!

Dont fret at all! Seems like a good massage chair can literally solve your problem. Well, the idea looks great, isnt it!

Indeed, a massage chair is the best option to go for, when the requirement is to relieve pain, stress, and fatigue.


In India, massage chairs are enormously available under different brand names possessing remarkable attributes, outstanding features, and supreme quality.

To aid you with the reliable and acclaimed brands for massage chairs in India, we have presented a work of ours to enlighten you with the best massage chairs in India.

Also, a Buying Guide awaits for you which you will find, while going through the article below which is brought up solely for you to chose a resilient and captivating product.

Get yourself updated with the attributes mentioned below which should be taken care of while buying a massage chair.

These are Top 9 Best Massage Chairs in India

Best Massage Chairs in India in 2020

1. JSB MZ22 Massage Chair

JSB being a trailblazer in the industry of health care and fitness. Apportioning a wide range of products ranging from body massagers, massage chairs, body support to wellness outputs with best quality attributes & excellent care at the core.



JSB MZ22 is an acclaimed way to relieve stress and make yourself feel relaxed. The massage chair is a full-body recliner with zero gravity suited for both home and office usage. It is provided with back rollers which are perfectly cushioned for a gentle soothing massage.

Primary Features

  • Zero Gravity Chair
  • 3D Kneading Massage For Calf
  • Bluetooth Music Connectivity
  • Effective Foot Roller Massage
  • Provided With Airbags And Rollers
  • Good Heat Massage
  • 3D Technology With Track Massage System

The massage chair is inflicted to have the largest roller and you can easily adjust your height as per your need and comfort. The chair provides L-Track massage aided with 3D technology. The massage chair is well equipped with soft rollers to massage your neck and hips. 

It also has multiple airbags pressed against shoulder, arms, hips, calves, and foot for muscular relaxation of the whole body. This body massaging chair relaxes your calf through kneading & rubbing massage techniques.

The blood circulation in foot soles is improved with scrapping massage. The zero gravity massage attribute helps in elevating pain in the spine and can point out massage making it effective to be used for specific pain regions in the back and lumbar areas.

The massage chair also has functions like Bluetooth and USB pen drive. It allows you to listen your favourite track while relieving pain & stress.

You can effectively release your fatigue and relieve the tired muscles through stretching massage attribute devised in the massage chair. The flexibility of the waist is assured through the X twist massage. In addition to this it delivered to your doorstep with a 1-year warranty.

  • Best pain reliever to relax muscles
  • Very unique design for back and neck care
  • A dedicated product to ease stress
  • Provides full body massage at one go
  • A little towards the expensive side


2. Robo Touch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

Robo Touch is an eminent brand enlightening you with the best of facet and excellent quality checks along with workmanship. The advance high tech health care equipment dispenses a plush feel pacifying your body and mind pragmatically. Calm your stress and pain.


The broad range of outputs placates you comfortably and wonderfully with care at the marrow. The Robo Touch massage chair is powered by artificial chattels which are driven by 4 wheels and to tranquillize pain and fatigue in muscles.

Primary Features

  • 3 adjustable levels of comfortable massage
  • Featured with one button recline
  • Pressed with 20 airbags
  • Massage at different points with multiple position attribute
  • Opportune storage box
  • Automatic timer programming for effective massage
  • Pre arrangement of time in multiples of 5
  • Devised with legion massage modes

It is designed to provide whole-body massage with an automated programming aspect availing the user diverse methods of massage. It is designed with zero gravity characteristics to massage at specific points making you feel relaxed and floating.

The legs and torso are elevated at 118 degrees locating thighs and calves above the heart. This technique helps in releasing pressure leaving you to feel weightless by exuding comfort and relaxation.

The safety of the buyer is a must for Robo Touch. Keeping the same in mind, the chair is equipped with 20 airbags pressed to provide leisurely massage to whole body making you feel calm.

The armrest is devised with a user-oriented storage box to place your manual controller or mobile phone in place while enjoying massage. The solo button recline attribute transforms it into space-saving structure.

The chair is created as per the engineering principle of the human body mainly in the S-shape structure in the backrest in order to make you avail the best massage during the back and lumbar region pain.

It is devised with 3 tiers of massage speed comprising of wide, narrow, and middle which can be adjusted accordingly.

Accuracy in a massage at particular points in the body adds another flower to the bouquet allowing you to enjoy massage in accordance with your height and width of the back.

The intensity of air pressure is adjustable as well. The chair is automated with a timer setting in a multiple of 5.

The duration of the massage is strictly inspected by the timer assisting a comfortable massage. The L shape design is one of its kind for delivering perfect therapy through sole points.

The general working time for this massage chair is 15 minutes. The offer list of massage modes is really diverse making the brand stand apart. Your comfort is ranked first. Also, the chair comes with a one year warranty ensuring proper relaxation and plush feel for your body.

  • 100 percent beneficial in stressful situations
  • Best suited for home and offices
  • Assisted therapist with pain relief features
  • Provided with adjustable leg rest
  • Fits aptly to the budget
  • Bluetooth connect is not available


3. ARG AROGYA 3D Luxury Massage Chair 

ARG AROGYA is a prominent brand working efficiently to serve customers with premium health care commodities with the best of the quality and unmatched comfort levels.

ARG AROGYA massage chair is carbon fibre, zero gravity massage chair devised with 3D technology for massaging the whole body. It is strictly based on ergonomics and biomechanics serving an amazing model for physical therapy.

Primary Features

  • Whole body massage chair with 3D technology
  • Premeditated with physics stretch, zero power and space
  • Contrived with 48 airbags
  • Bluetooth pairing feature available
  • Foot rollers carved from silica gel serving dual purpose
  • Carved from carbon fibre
  • Fitted with infrared heating aspect
  • Diverse modes of effective massages

The spa moments can be enjoyed at home with this massage chair. The SL design of the rail for massage marks the uniqueness of the product. The zero gravity characteristic accompanied by zero power and zero space add up to the list.

The chair is automated to scan your body shape and fits you aptly inside easing the massage therapy for soothing and relaxing your body and mind. The infrared heating system provides opulence and reduces fatigue.

The chair is lined up with intelligent mechanical hands for massaging the full body. Talking about the airbags, the chair is contemplated with notably 48 airbags along with 1 air pump.

It comes with silica gel balls that are devised for massage and the foot rollers fitted serve dual purpose giving you spa experience. The stretch mode for the full-body feature adds cherry to the top.

20 relaxing minutes of the massage therapy by this massage chair has been proven a boon for the buyers relaxing them completely from neck to sole.

The automated timer setting program checks on properly ensuring complete pain relief and surpassing restfulness.

The 3D massage chair is engaged with Bluetooth connectivity pairing the chair with a speaker and let you enjoy your playlist while taking the massage. The combination of therapy and music with this spa experience chair contributes another star to the band.

The chair is designed aptly to remove stiffness in the neck, back, and lumbar region. The technology equipped in this product is modern & advanced which would enhance your relaxing experience.

The massage chair is created with modular functions and one can easily set a profile of his own for daily or weekly usage. Overall, it as an excellent product which makes a great deal. Another best part about this modular massage chair is that it holds a warranty of 2 years.

  • Effective for an enjoyable massage
  • Apt for use at office and home
  • User friendly automated profile
  • Extremely safe with a high number of airbags
  • Expensive with limited options


4. Robotouch Relaxo Pro Massage Sofa

Robo Touch is another famed brand when it comes to tackling your wallet for a massage chair. The brand devises products with advance and modern technology keeping in mind the requirements of the buyers.

The massage chair is contemplated with advanced 3D technology based on biomechanics. The availability of 2 sets of hands aided mechanically can walk up and down providing effective massage in the neck, back, and lumbar region.

Primary Features

  • 2 sets of mechanical hands for effective massage
  • Available with 3 massage modes
  • Concepted with airbag massage feature
  • 3D audio present on either sides
  • USB mobile charging point provided
  • Driven by 4 wheels
  • Elegant style and advanced

The first set is devised especially for the neck to relief stiffness. The second set is available for massaging the whole body from arms to fingertips. The hands for massage can be adjusted positioning up and down in fixed and partial states.

The massage chair is equipped with automated massaging modes ranging from 1 to 3 conferring different regions of the body. All the massage settings can be adjusted via 3-speed modes based on the requirement as per the stress levels.

The 5 artificial techniques presented for massage include tapping, kneading, knocking, and shiatsu. These techniques are synchronous and effective in releasing pain, stress, and fatigue.

The massage chair is designed with 2 digital 3D audio features at either of the shoulder places to calm you twice, once through massage and other through music. It is available with a USB charging port and Bluetooth connectivity.

The massage ball present in the chair can be adjusted wide, narrow, and medium. The airbag massage attribute adds up to the feature list accompanied by hip and leg massage through pressure. This feature is available with 2 intensities.

The massage chair elucidating comfort to the whole body is efficiently driven by 4 wheels. The massage sofa is destined with a lot of attributes. The footrest of the sofa is foldable making it stand apart. The design is muted, despicable, and quiet.

This amazing massage sofa can aptly help you put aside your stress and relieving your skin. The manual massage functions comprise of full range, fixed points, upper body, lower body, partial, and blend. The massage sofa is well designed to ease you with comfort.

  • Effective in massaging the full body
  • Intensity of speed during massage can be adjusted well
  • Availability of charging port
  • Techniques of massage can be increased


5. JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair

JSB is a reliable pioneer when it comes to the health care and fitness industry working for ages to meet the needs and comfort of the customers. This 4D massage chair is well equipped with ultra-modern facilities allowing you to massage your body while watching your favorite TV show.

The rollers are long-reaching providing you relief from a hectic day. Free yourself from stress and laziness with JSB MZ21. The chair can be operated via wireless remotes in addition to buttons for quick launch. Apart from this, it can be fetched through voice commands.

Primary Features

  • Airbag and roller massage for full body
  • Operated via wireless remote and quick launch buttons
  • Footrest devised with auto height adjustable feature
  • Works with zero gravity
  • 3D kneading massage for calf
  • 4D advanced massage technology

The zero gravity characteristic provided in the chair helps with adequate blood flow throughout the body. The massage option especially for the calf region is available as 3D kneading.

The technology is entirely based on biomechanics which is 4D and comprises of L track massage. The rollers are 4D patented with smooth movement massaging the neck, back, and hips.

The back heating aspect adds another feather to the cap. Shoulder, hands, calf, and feet are tapped with gentle massage aided through airbag massage therapy.

The chair is fitted with 79 airbags which is a remarkable attribute of MZ21. The design is bewitching and captivating with the feature of saving space.

Also, rubbing massage brings it to the table in terms of comfort and stress relief. Kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knock, rubbing and vibration are the major amiable massage styles that are used solely and in combinations.

Bluetooth connect option is available and the chair can be connected to suitable features. Music and therapy of massage prove to be the best partners for abolishing stress and fatigue.

Blood circulation in soles and calves can be improved apparently by using the scrapping massage mode featured in the massage chair.

Tired muscles can regain activity up to normal levels through stretching massage options. MZ21 ensures flexibility of waist and back with the massage option available which is known as special X Twist waist massage. This 4D massage chair comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • Best suited for home and office usage
  • A wide range of aspects available
  • Gentle massage for full body
  • Worth the value
  • Quite expensive


6. Irest Full body Massage Chair A-300

Irest-Full-body-Massage-Chair-A-300Irest is an amazing brand inflicting healthcare and wellness products that are worth noticing attributes and quality features. The diverse product range leaves you astonished. A-300 massage chair is contemplated with ultra-modern design and technology.


The device provides massage to the full-body giving complete relaxation and a stress-free environment. The chair is proposed with an adjustable pillow pad which can budge freely up and down respectively. The armrests are quite long and comfortable of about 113 cm.

Primary Features

  • Adjustable pillow pad
  • Devised to carry out massage of full body
  • 300 CC permanent magnet placed for foot massage
  • Floating feel with zero gravity
  • Designed as per technology by NASA
  • Air pressure massage available aided by airbags
  • Sole roller massage option

In addition to this, the armrests are proffered by the storage box for convenience. You can place your mobile phone or the remote in the storage box while enjoying the massage.

The cushion present at the foot of the massage chair is detachable and can be removed if not in use. The blood flow in the feet and sole can be improved apparently through the magnetic sole rollers fitted in the massage chair.

The reflex points of arms and feet can be efficiently stimulated by the 300 CC permanent magnet contrived in the foot region of the massage chair. You can release the pressure of the body despicably.

Apart from this, the aspect of adding another member to the band is the airbag massage option available.

You can freely adjust the intensity of the air pressure via 3 different modes including compaction, pause or relax mode as per your convenience.

The scientific design of A-300 is entirely based on the technique launched by NASA to provide zero gravity and floating feel.

20 pieces of airbags provide a soothing massage to the whole body from neck to sole. This massage chair is made up of ultra soft cushioned fibre over the top to provide you with a plush feel. The chair is elegant and classy in terms of design and style.

  • Magnetic rollers present for effective massage
  • Space saving model
  • Release pressure of the whole body easily
  • Worth buying
  • Not so easy in terms of affordability


7. Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair

Bodyfriend is another prominent brand when it comes to purchasing a heavy-duty massager, especially for the full body. The company acclaims to prioritize the comfort and ease for its buyers thus, producing the best of the assets devised through extensive quality checks.


The massage chair is devised entirely with 4D technology. It scans your body each time you turn it on. This way it transforms itself according to your height and back width. The features are highly advanced.

Primary Features

  • 4D technology with advanced features
  • Scans the body each time it’s turned on
  • 1450mm long S track
  • Bluetooth option for playing music
  • Equipped with a number of airbags
  • Heavy duty chair with zero gravity
  • 3D massage rollers available

The rollers revamp themselves to reach all regions of your body making you feel relaxed and stress-free. The chair is designed with multiple airbags to acclimate as per your convenience.

You can easily enjoy head, foot, and back massage using this amazing device both at home and office. The massage chair is contemplated with a long S Track of around 1450 mm length.

The zero gravity aspect confers to its merits pragmatically. The chair is equipped with vertical mechanical hands which drive by the help of 4 wheels intelligent enough to emulate soothing massage to your whole body.

Shiatsu kneading massage mode is the best option for relieving stress and muscle stiffness. The other options in the massage mode list comprise of knocking, tapping, flapping, and mix of kneading and flapping.

The chair is made to set the characterize massage function automatically. It is completely automated to detect and rejig shoulder positions.

The chair can adjust as per the manual massage option concepted for the upper body with three choices viz fixed, partial, and over all.

The speed intensity is standardised as per the requirement from levels one to five during flapping, shiatsu, and knocking massage modes.

The width between the kneading balls can be twiddled depending upon the height and pain of the user under three levels ranging from one to three.

The massage chair comes up with a Bluetooth option to connect to a suitable speaker system. The music play is offered by the intensity control aspect keeping your comfort and peace of mind.

The rollers fitted in the massage chair are 3D patented and can feasibly move up & down, right and left, in and out, of the chair providing you complete spa feel sitting at home with deeper massages.

The massage chair is the best option to destress yourself and relieve pain and fatigue while sitting at home watching your favorite TV show or listening to your favorite music.

Apart from this, you can also relax yourself even at the office during lunch time complimented with a quick nap. The amazingly featured device is presented with on-site warranty for one year.

  • Music system provided with intensity control
  • Complete package for full body massage with 4d technology
  • Comfortable design with a classic style
  • Limited color options available


8. HCI eRelaxic a Japanese Therapeutic Massage Chair

Care yourself with HCI. HCI eRelaxic is an acclaimed Japanese brand to accomplish your search for a personal therapist successfully who accompanies you at your home 24/7.


This 4D massage chair is dedicated to full-body stretch while placing your thighs and calves above the level of the heart. It is an acclaimed device for recharging yourself at home.

Primary Features

  • Air cell massage through advance technology
  • HSL track technology for extended massage to hips
  • Requires 3 inches from wall with space spacing feature
  • Full body scanning for perfect fit
  • U-shape head massager for Temple
  • 4D SL massage track of 145 cm in length
  • Foot scrap massage therapy with Thai-style

This personal therapist is equipped with HSL track technology with a high-performance massage which follows the body curvature very efficiently extending coverage from neck and shoulders to thighs.

The number of auto wellness programs installed within the massage chair is 9, which comprises of full body massage, stretch, and recovery. It is an effective solution to relax you from day to day stresses and fatigue generated in the muscles.

The space-saving mode features allow the chair to require just 3 inches from the wall at the time of zero-gravity mode abolishing extra space requirement in the back. This aspect promotes the chair to acclimatize with the rest of the furniture.

The advanced air cell massage technology adds another feather to the cap. The unique design of the air cell massage system covers most of the surface area of your body minimising the number of air cells.

The programming of air cells is done such that they inflate separately causing the body to twist and stretch deeply. The massage chair is developed in such a way that it moves along the natural curves of the body to give optimal outputs.

The chair is embedded with a handful of massage modes to intensify pain and relax you down. The customised modes confer kneading and flapping along with a blend of the two for soothing effects.

Greater effects are given through shiatsu and knocking modes. Rolling, air compression, and vibration add more comfort to the list soothing your muscles and easing tension just like a spa.

A total of 107 airbags are pressed against the sliding chair that constantly pampers all over your body. The estimation of calf muscles to part deeply is ensured by the calf rolling massage function.

The sliding chair is contemplated with carbon fibre far infrared which heats up the waist, legs, buttocks, and heel soothingly by 50 degrees Celsius simultaneously. The sliding function automatically helps in spine alignment if used regularly.

  • Full body stretch at one go
  • Easy working along the spine curvature
  • Customized modes are effective for usage on regular basis
  • Quite expensive


9. ReLife Royale Solo Shiastu Massage Chair (RL 158)

ReLife Royale works professionally to contemplate the physical and mental well being of the customers with premium quality health care commodities for years.

ReLife-Royale-Solo-Shiastu-Massage-Chair-(RL 158) iBeige

The solo massage chair is an eminent device in this modern era embedded with high tech advance technology for extended comfort for the user. The innovative SL program of massaging promotes the spinal curvature very well.

Primary Features

  • Strong and circular SL massage function
  • Revamping of speed with 3 levels
  • Integrated speakers and bluetooth connection system
  • USB charging port
  • LED lights on either sides
  • 5 modes of effective massage
  • 180 degrees reclination of footrest

The airbags are pressed carefully for long-lasting relax from neck to hips. The footrest can be rotated freely up to 180 degrees till closed completely. The zero gravity sliding chair can be reclined to 180 degrees providing despicable relax feel abolishing stress and fatigue.

5 different types of massage ways can be set up in the sliding chair including circular kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, and a combination of kneading and tapping simultaneously.

The massage is extremely soothing as it is aided by artificial hands that works mechanically with precise locomotion and calibrated under each detail.

The scanning system is extremely intuitive for providing an unmatched level of relaxation while covering apparently the muscles of arms, legs, back, and lumbar region.

The external look of the chair is enhanced with the presence of LED lights on either side adding class to the look. The advanced Bluetooth pairing feature along with integrated speakers is just amazing.

The availability of a USB charging port for mobile or iPad adds another attribute to the list. The cutting-edge technology comes with flexible headrest and wireless remote operation which can be calibrated precisely.

The features and functions are simply elegant. The chair is designed with 3 automatic programs for providing massage viz whole body care, neck, and shoulders in addition to back and waist stretching.

The modes of massage speed can be tailored as per your convenience ranging from level one to three. Two different types of air pressure massage options are provided for relieving stress devised with various decompression effects.

The shoulder widths can be modified from 6 to 21 cm, depending upon the width of your shoulders. The rhythmic pressure reliever adds more value to the reliability of the product. Apart from this, the sliding massage chair is premeditated with a warranty of one year.

  • Elegant and classy in style
  • Acclimatize well with the furniture
  • Friendly with the wallet
  • Massage modes could be increased


Buying Guide – Best Massage Chairs in India

Experiencing a spa massage at the end of a tiresome day is something that feels like heaven. But paying to masseuse every day is too expensive in terms of money as well as time. The awesome alternative to this problem is going for a massage chair.

A massage chair is not a toy to buy. Being a much expensive device, illuminating oneself with its attributes and features along with pros and cons is what to be taken care of. An enormous number of massage chair options are available under various brand names.


Making a clever decision to grab the best equipment is the need of the hour. There are numerous points to be kept in mind while buying a massage chair. This ultimately proves that decision making is quite a difficult task.

So to tackle your problem, we have come up with a buyer’s guide which surely will help you in making a careful and attentive decision to choose among the best suitable options.

The guide not only directs you to draw the best conclusion in accordance with the features and aspects projected in front of you but also tweak you all the possible options and ways to make a great deal.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Massage Chair

Amid such an intense number of brands and options available for the buyers, to help you carry out a supreme decision is what we feel as our moral service.

Hence, the following aspects are to be glided upon when you decide to spend for your personal therapist, the sliding heavy-duty massage chair:

1. Size and space

An important aspect while buying a massage chair is the size of the chair and the space it accommodates. The massage chairs generally take a lot of space as they are heavy.

Though, some of them are featured with space-saving structure but that recline attribute too requires a minimum of 4 inches of space for the wall behind and adjacent to it.

Generally, a massage chair requires 18 to 24 inches of space clearance at the place they are to be placed.

2. Weight

Due to the big size, mostly the chairs are heavy and can’t be located here and there. They require atleast 2 people to move them. But some light-weight options are also available under various brand names.


3. Types of chairs

There are many different types of chairs presented in the market under different brands. These include zero gravityreclinefull-bodyottomanchair/seat pad.

Zero Gravity

The most expensive among all, the zero gravity massage chair is designed to ease the circulation of blood in your body. The body is positioned such that it does not need to sustain its weight.

The weight of your body is distributed in the whole of the chair making you feel relaxed and weightless.

The thighs and calves are placed above the heart level in this position to give a better and effective massage.

In this way, the heart needs not to work hard to pump blood to the legs and thighs, hence improving the efficiency and working of your heart.

The expertly done massage through rollers and airbags in zero gravity mode works well in relieving stress.


Recline chair is the dime-store version of zero gravity. The legs are not raised to a level above the heart.

Hence, the ease of relaxation is somewhat of low degrees as compared to zero gravity.

Talking of the comfort level of a recline massage chair, it is quite amazing and makes you feel relaxed while watching your favourite TV show or movie or while enjoying a book.

Full Body

Acclimatizing the hands of a professional masseuse, the massage chair for full body stretch are a bit on the expensive side providing another level of comfort and relaxation.

The massage relieves stiffness and fatigue in muscles helping you feel soothing and calm to rejuvenate you with immense care.


This kind of massage chair is premeditated with a foot-stool empowering despicable massage through various options and techniques. It is best suited to those looking for a traditional chair.

Chair/ Seat Pad

In case of a stiff budget, you can go for a seat pad. It can be placed over a normal chair and the same massage relief can be experienced as is with an actual massage chair.

This option suits well in case you are running out of space for a whole massage chair. The seat pad can be placed even on the bed while sitting or lying down.

4. Roller Tracks

The central role in any massage chair is played by the rollers installed into it. The rollers are the crucial part.

Impersonating the touch of a human hand, the rollers are devised of round balls which are destined to move forward, backward, lateral, vertical, inside and outside to perform soothing massage in different modes.

The speed and duration of massage of the rollers can be revamped as per your requirements in relation to the stress and fatigue. These rollers are characterised into 2 categories based on the shape, S Track, and L Track rollers.

S Track

Normally, the massage chairs are fitted with the S track rollers. Theses rollers function synonymous with their name. They move in S shape from neck to tail bone conferring placid massage down the curvature.

This type of roller is appropriate for people with back pain. The massage experience rendered by S track rollers is consistent.

L Track

Many Massage chairs come up with the extended version of S track rollers known as L track rollers popularly. The L track rollers are the advanced rollers that can reach up to your thighs and glutes.

These make the best choice for those suffering from sore thighs, immense leg pain, pain issues with lower back, or cramps in the muscles of legs. The L track rollers prove to be an amazing solution to the above problems.


5. Massage Styles

Another important aspect to be considered while tackling a wallet for a massage chair is the massage styles it offers. Many of the devices inflict two or more than two different styles of massage to make you feel relaxed.

These include kneadingtappingknockingrubbingvibration, and shiatsu. Some other special types are also available with superior brands. 


This type of massage style is done in circular motions. It is mainly to stimulate the soft tissues compressing them with each other or to the bones associated with them.

This mode of massage is beneficial in enhancing flexibility, softening tighten muscles, and relief of pain.

At times, the massage chair is equipped with airbags that work under this style with compression and deflation allowing the tissues to relax.


Tapping is a thwack style for massaging. It mimics karate chop movements which are produced by the rollers mainly on the neck and back areas.

The striking and pounding movement done by the rollers equipped in the massage chair stimulates the muscles.

In some cases, it is acclimatized via inflation and deflation of airbags pressed against in the chair. Blood circulation, homogeneity in temperature, and elasticity of tissues is maintained through this technique.


Traditionally this mode of massage comprises of rolling and lifting of the skin in between the thumb and fingers.

The rollers in the massage chair are designed to fulfill the function which is played by the fingers and thumb. Also, airbags are used sometimes. Muscular tension and loose skin can be treated well.


This style of massage is effective via targeting stress points of the body mainly the back region. The pressure in shiatsu increases according to the user’s need for the massage.

The intensity is well-calibrated in the massage chair as per the convenience. Restore energy, relief pain, stress, and tension through this amazing mode.


The vibration massage option is available in some of the massage chairs mainly in the hip region. This gives extra comfort while enjoying massage. This is particularly for the thighs and glutes.

Other Special Techniques

The massage techniques have been updated with technology from time to time.

To increase the features and options with their products various companies tend to modify the massage chairs with a blend of modes and techniques.

These dole out spinal relief, heat massage, infrared heating, muscle stretch, reflexology, and yoga.

6. Coverage

Some of your body parts might require extra care, this may be due to some medical reasons.

So, we suggest you to take your decision smartly by having a glance over the coverage features of the massage chair you are investing in. The following are the aspects to be looked upon:

Head Massager

Generally, massage upto the neck area is available with the massage chair.

But people with problems of migraine or head pain are suggested to look upon the presence of a head massager within your massage chair.

Investing in a massage chair lacking head massager will be a loss.

Foot Massager

This option is provided with almost all massage chairs. The foot massager is contemplated with rollers, airbags, and massaging discs to ease pain and make you feel relaxed.

The heating system of massage in the foot massager adds one more flower to the bouquet.

Neck Massager

The neck massager implies relief in cases of stiffness, neck pain, and suckle aches.

It is advised to undergo the user manual thoroughly before you spend a penny. The shape of the chair plays a necessary role in relaxation.

Hip Massager

The massage chair precisely aims the buttock region along with the lumbar and lower vertebrae aided by airbags and rollers.

The 3D movement of the rollers exudes plush feel relieving pain and helps in relaxation. Proper alignment of the spinal curvature and the tail bone is ensured via a good hip massager.

Arm Massager

The armrests in the massage chair are designed in various lengths to make the user feel relaxed.

The special pockets for resting arms are conceived with airbags that deflate and inflate accordingly. The rollers move in and out, up and down to soothe muscles of the arms.


7. Duration

The time duration for which the massage is done varies with the brand and model of the sliding chair.

The general time includes massage dosages for 15 to 20 minutes with revamping speed intensities. The blend of 5 to 10 minutes of two or more massage combinations is ideal for everyday care.

8. Intensity

The speed and intensity of locomotion of rollers and discs aided for alluring massage in the chair are also important to be considered. Normally, one can easily adjust the massage intensity ranging from level 1 to 3 or 4 depending on the number of levels available in the product.


9. Settings and Programs

The massage chairs are operated through a pre-programmable system normally. Some of them even record the massage profile of the user for easy programming.

The control settings are either operated through wireless remotes or quick launch buttons. The knowledge about the usage and program operation of the chair must be ensured for proper usage and safety.

10. User Reviews

To go through the reviews of the users is a must. It gives you an outlook about the pros and cons of the device you are indulging in for purchase.

The complete knowledge about warranty and guarantee of the product is something worth investigating. Do not forget to go through the ratings of the product you are tackling your wallet for.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Massage Chairs in India

Q1. Which massage chair to buy?

Ans. Since, massage chairs are quite an expensive deal to carry out. So to invest in the correct brand is a must. All the attributes should be checked and inspected thoroughly.

We will suggest you to go with the one which provides the maximum number of massage styles so that you can extract the best of comfort and can relax better.

Q2. Are massage chairs safe during pregnancy?

Ans. Yes! It is safe to use a massage chair during pregnancy. Some of the pressure points must be avoided.

According to the experts, the pressure points associated with pelvis, wrists, hands, and ankles must be avoided to stay safe as massaging these points may lead to the risk of blood clots or pre-mature labour. Also, deep tissue massage must be avoided.

Q3. Will a massage chair help sciatica?

Ans. Percussive massages are ideal for sciatica pain. Many of the users find relief from sciatica by using a massage chair.

The best brands assure comfortable chairs to sit which can overcome what seems counterintuitive while finding relief in sitting. Hence, sciatica can be reduced very much by the use of a good quality massage chair under the best brand.

Q4. How does a massage chair work?

Ans. A massage chair works with motors, gears, rollers, and airbags accompanied by vibration mechanisms (if present) which are implemented for its function. 

It basically works on ergonomics, biomechanics, and human engineering principles with much advanced and updated 4D and 3D technologies.

Conclusion – Best Massage Chairs in India

Glancing upon such a wide range of options, you might be confused about which product to buy and which brand to rely upon!! Set your mind at rest!

Investigating the attributes and compulsory aspects necessary for a massage chair to possess we have bought a suggestion to the table help you out.


JSB MZ22 Massage Chair is the best massage chair in India. For you to make a great deal, MZ22 is the best option to gain restfulness and a completely stress-free body to rejuvenate from a hectic day.

The sliding chair is a heavy-duty fulfillment device that is contemplated with the maximum number of massaging styles with supreme combinations and tweakable time settings and speed intensities as per the expert’s guidance.

The 4D patented rollers to carry out easy and gentle massage mimicking professionals. The Bluetooth connect option accompanied by zero gravity heat massage therapy makes the brand stand apart.

Enjoy the spa with MZ22 while sitting at home. It is the best massage chair worth buying for due to the excellent features and bewitching quality making a despicable deal for the buyers.

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