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14 Best Weighing Machines in India (September 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


Do you want to remain fit throughout your life?

We know, the answer is Yes. So, the major step for that is tracking your weight for which you need to have a good quality weighing machine.


Maintaining your fitness is as important as being fit and in order to do so, you need to track your weight at regular intervals.

With a weight machine, you will able to check your weight anytime and anywhere you want.

Modern weighing machines not only help you to monitor the changes in your weight but also display BMI index, body fat percentage, water weight, and other such supportive parameters.

Know and analyze all the necessary factors and features of a weighing machine before going for the best one, which we understand is a tedious process.

Thus, we simplified it for you by providing a Buying Guide and a list of the Best Weighing Machines available in India.

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These are the Top 14 Best Weighing Scales in India

ProductsWeighing CapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Health-Sense-Weighing-Scale5 -180 kg1 yearamazon-button
Dr-Trust-Weight-MachineUp to 180 kg1 yearamazon-button
ActiveX-Weighing-Scale3 -180 Kg1 yearamazon-button
Health-Sense-Dura-Glass-Weighing-Scale3 – 180 kg1 yearamazon-button
Charge-Zero-Weighing-Scale5 -150 Kg6 monthsamazon-button
NS-Nivansh-Weight-MachineUp to 180 kg6 monthsamazon-button
ZOSOE-Electronic-Weight-MachineUp to 180 kgNAamazon-button
Health-Sense-Weight-Scale5 -150 Kg1 yearamazon-button
Warmex-Weighing-MachineUp to 180 kg1 yearamazon-button
Hoffen-Weighing-Scale2.3 -180 Kg1 yearamazon-button
HNESS-weight-machineUp to 180 kg1 yearamazon-button
Equinox-Personal-Weighing-Scale130 kg18 monthsamazon-button
Hesley-Weighing-Scale-MachineUp to 180 kg1 yearamazon-button
Gvc-Large-Weighing-Scale136 kg6 monthsamazon-button

14 Best Weighing Machines in India in 2020

1. Health Sense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

Health Sense is one of the leading companies in the Indian markets that exhibits excellent performance in the production of supreme quality products.


The brand puts forth this 4.2-stars rated lightweight PS 126 digital weighing machine that comes in a dark grey colour. This colour adds to its aesthetical appeal & elegant body designs.

The unbreakable and durable ABS plastic platform is ergonomically designed which enhances ease and makes the device ultra-light in weight.

Highly accurate reading can be obtained as this machine is integrated with 4 precision-G sensors that confine the range of graduation near +/-100g.

Instant activation of the auto-calibrated platform occurs due to the incorporation of step-on technology that ultimately results in the display of the weight readings when you step on it.

This scale also consists of a unit button through which you can change the measurement unit from kg to pound and vice-versa.

The wide display has got backlights that ensure the clarity of the readings even under dim conditions. The readings blinks and vanishes after 10 seconds from the moment of display.

The bottom of the machine is provided with anti-skid silicon pads which assure skid-proof and non-slippery use on any surface.

This weighing scale requires 2 alkaline batteries of AAA type and the low battery indicator intimate you when they run out, so that you can replace them accordingly. An off-site service warranty is provided for 1-year along with free delivery and cashback for this product.

  • Error indicator
  • High accuracy
  • Low battery indicator
  • Anti-skid silicon pad
  • Supports any measurement unit
  • Less durability


2. Dr Trust (USA) Digital Smart Electronic Weight Machine

Dr Trust is a trustworthy brand that is quite popular for its high-class products, remarkable performance, and selfless provision of service. This stunning black colored digital personal body weighing scale is handy, portable, and has acquired a rating of 4-stars for its efficiency.


Along with 6 mm thick, sturdy tempered glass body, this weighing scale is also embedded with 4 high-precision strain gauge sensors that enhance the accuracy of the reading up to 2 digits.

It is the ideal option for fitness freaks as it can track 18 essential body parameters like BMI, bone mass, water level, fat level, etc.

With the availability of a Bluetooth connection, all these data can be synced in the app for your record.

This weighing machine also features multi-user data tracking with which you can store the data of 8 individuals.

A micro USB cable is also provided to recharge the 500mAH battery, thus you need not worry about battery replacements.

The incorporation of sensor technology has not only contributed to the accuracy but also enables you to measure the room temperature as soon as you step on it.

180kg is the maximum reading available in this lightweight, wireless body composition analyzer which is very sleek. Its handy designs enhance aesthetic appearance and portability.

The user-friendly nature of this scale is proven by the provision of the anti-skid base and the option to measure weight in the most suitable unit (kgs or pounds).

The availability of a 1-year warranty, attractive deals, undeniable offers, and the 10 days replacement option makes this a smart product that has got high demands.

  • Auto Power On/Off
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Display 18 Essential Body Metrics
  • High Precision
  • Strain Gauge Sensors
  • Low Service Centers
  • Less Colour Options


3. ActiveX (Australia) Savvy Smart Weighing Scale

ActiveX is the name of a popular and reputed brand that has been manufacturing and selling quality products and services all over the world.


ActiveX offers a savvy coloured, digital bathroom body weight scale that has been awarded 4.7-stars as average rating by customers.

You can obtain 13 vital body composition metrics and precise weight reading due to dual-frequency BIA technology, the 0.05kg of increment, and 4 durable sensors that are placed below the sensitive ITO electrodes.

All these data are recorded, tracked, and checked for progress level by syncing it to the user-compatible app through Bluetooth connectivity.

The scale is powered by 3 AAA batteries and its app allows setting goals to help you achieve your fitness targets at a faster rate, in the apt direction.

This device is approved of premium quality by FDA and consists of ergonomic designs, compact dimensions which all together enable handy use and hassle-free portability.

It is a user-oriented scale that has a capacity of 180kg, features auto-calibration, 32-bit processor, and 24-bit ADC, and displays the reading in terms of kilograms with utmost clarity in the wide display area, thus being a perfect pick for you.

Up to 50% of discounts, cash backs, and many more savings offer is provided on this product in addition to a warranty card that is valid till 1 year, from the purchase date.

  • High Precision
  • Dual Frequency BIA Technology
  • Activex App Syncing
  • FDA Certified
  • ITO Electrodes
  • High Rating
  • Expensive


4. Health Sense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Weighing Scale

Health Sense is an expert in producing high-quality products, whose durability and supreme performance has won the hearts of many Indian customers. Brand proffers PS 115 model of zebra black coloured electronic bathroom scale that has gained a rating of 4.2-stars, on an average.


Accurate readings are assured by the precision G sensor which is integrated beneath the solid glass platform that has got 6mm of thickness.

The readings are displayed under the range of 5 to 180kgs and its units can be toggled with the unit conversion button, based on your convenience.

This digital scale is powered by 2 AAA batteries whose charge is conserved from time to time by the auto-off feature and it lasts for 6 months when used continuously at optimal rates.

Being compact and handy, carrying them isn’t a trouble at all and in addition to that, the translucent modern designs just add to the aesthetic appearance.

The anti-collision curved edges and anti-skid padding provided at the base enable you to use the scale safely at any surface, provided it’s flat and sturdy.

An optimally sized area is given for the blue backlight display that not only shows you the weight readings in the black font but also indicates low battery level, errors, and room temperature.

This reasonably priced durable scale comprises of a sturdy surface that resists stain eases maintenance and assures user-friendly trait.

Only manufacturing defects are covered under the 12 months warranty period. Click on the button given below to get this machine now, at an amazingly discounted rate.

  • Error Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Precise G Sensors
  • Auto-Off Feature
  • Unit Conversion Button
  • Anti-Collision Curved Edges
  • No added body parameters are measured


5. Charge Zero 6-in-1 Smart Digital Weighing Scale

Charge zero is a classy brand that has always exhibited superior performance in bringing out high-quality, elegant products in the market places of India.


Charge Zero presents the world’s first battery-free digital bathroom weighing scale that is of white colour and has gained 4-stars of rating from the customers.

It consists of a tempered glass body whose thickness is 5mm and is integrated with highly precise sensors of +/-0.5% tolerance beneath the steel electrodes, thus ensuring better accuracy in readings.

The curved edges and skid-proof platform finishing induces safer use of the device whereas the compact structure enhances portability and handy usage.

Body-weight, body fat, body water, bone mass, muscle mass and body mass index (BMI) is the 6 vital body metrics that are displayed one after the other, with utmost clarity, on the wide LCD.

Power on the device by pressing the push button 4 to 5 times and enter your profile details using the numbered button, then you can check and store your data on this scale.

A maximum of 3 more various users, except you, can do so. This weighing machine has a weight capacity ranging from 5 to 150kgs, low battery indicator, and 2 units of measurement- pounds and kilograms.

This smart, sturdy, and reliable weighing scale is designed in Germany and it features unique technology that works on the Piezo-electric effect, which eliminates the requirement of using or charging batteries.

Hurry! Buy this product now at flat 50% off with a cashback offer, which has got 6 months of guaranteed warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • Battery-Free Technology
  • Anti-Skid Finish
  • Higher Accuracy
  • User-Friendly
  • Piezo-Electric Effect Based
  • Multi-Data Tracking
  • Readings vary if you wear watches or fit-bits as it works on electrical/magnetic field


6. NS Nivansh Electronic Digital Weight Machine

NS Nivansh is a well-known name that is quite famous in the markets of India due to its excellent products that last long and are highly affordable.


It put forth an aesthetically designed, black color personal electronic body weighing scale whose average rating is 4.5 stars for its excellence.

Vivid readings are displayed on the extra-large LCD screen that features a blue backlight and indicates error/overload, battery level, and room temperature.

This square-shaped scale is embedded with a highly precise strain gauge sensor system and hi-tech load cell sensors which along with 100g graduation enables the utmost accuracy in readings.

The availability of sense on technology not only provides you with the data in 5 seconds but also adds to the auto power on and auto shut off features, thus extending the battery life of the pre-inserted 2 AAA batteries.

The auto zero feature eases and quickens the calibration process of this attractively designed scale which consists of a sturdy platform made out of 6-8mm thick, unbreakable, rounded, and durable tempered glass.

The weight range provided is 0.2 to 180 kgs and the measurement unit can be set either in kgs or in pounds according to your convenience.

The ultra-slim edges, compact and lightweight structure enables handy usage at any flat surface and adds to hassle-free portability.

All in all, it is a stylish, reliable, and long-lasting product that comprises of good build quality and includes advanced technical features, ensuring user-friendly nature.

In addition to discounts, cash backs, free delivery, and various other exclusive deals and undeniable offers, the manufacturer offers 6 months of the warranty period.

  • Multiple Indicators
  • Precise Sensor System
  • Sturdy Glass Platform
  • Trendy Looks
  • Large Area of Display Panel
  • No other body parameters can be calculated


7. ZOSOE Electronic Digital Weight Machine

Zosoe is that brand name that has not only procured a highly reputed position but also has consistently been on the top level in the Indian markets.


This weighing machine by Zosoe has a transparent glass bodied digitalized personal bathroom weighing scale whose elegant and trendy design presents a modern look.

It is a multi-utility item that fits perfectly with any ambience due to the transparent, round tempered glass platform that is sturdy, durable, and 8 mm thick.

High-precision strain gauge sensor system and load cell sensors are included in the scale for showing readings that are accurate to the maximum level.

You need not worry about calibration as the auto zero feature will take care of it. Also, the readings can set to be read either in kg or pound depending on your choice with the unit conversion button.

The data is displayed brightly on the largely sized LED display along with error/overload indicator and low battery indicator.

The auto power on and auto shut off features are incorporated, which enables you to measure weight only when you step on it and turns off automatically once you step out, thus adding to the consumption and extension of battery life.

This long-lasting, lightweight, compact, reasonably priced, attractive, unbreakable, and smart weighing machine has a weight capacity of 180kgs and is a very user-friendly choice.

Click the button given below to get this product at the lowest rate and to get it delivered at your home without any extra cost.

  • Cheap
  • Accurate sensor system
  • LED display
  • Essential indicators
  • Auto-zero, auto-on and auto-off features
  • The base can be slippery


8. Health Sense Dura-Lite PS 129 Digital Body Weight Scale

Health Sense is an evergreen brand in the markets of India, especially when it comes to the field of manufacturing and marketing qualitative and durable products.


Health Sense proffers PS 129 model of a sturdy built digital weighing scale that feels like a feather on your feet and has a finishing of black matte.

ABS plastic material is used to build this scale in a streamlined structure that blends in any ambience quite attractively and gives a strong grip to your feet.

The anti-skid padding ensures non-slippery use of the device while its lightweight and compact shape enables easy handling and porting.

The self-lit wide LCD screen produces clear and bright readings that vanish after 10 seconds of display and these readings units can be set in kg or pound or stone.

Most accurate readings are assured by the provision of 4 precise G sensors and a 100 grams graduation while the step-on tech ensures instant activation and action of this appliance, once it is calibrated.

A rounded curving is provided at the edges for enabling safer use of this scale which indicates low battery levels when the charge is low and displays an error when the applied weight exceeds the weight range of 3 to 180kgs.

Being a digitalized type of scale, it powers up with the help of 2 AAA batteries whose charge consumption is minimized by the auto-off function that turns off the device after seconds of inactivity.

An off-site service warranty of 12 months has been provided by the manufacturer and the seller offers unavoidable deals, thus saving on your cost of purchase.

  • Anti-skid pads
  • G-sensors
  • 3 measurement units
  • ABS material
  • Black matte finish on platform surface
  • No other parameters are measured


9. Warmex Home Appliances U Power Digital Weighing Machine

Warmex is a giant, which is recognized and appreciated for its superior quality and supremely elegant products. The customers in India are indebted to their products and services.


Warmex presents one of its patent tech equipped product- a personal body weighing machine which is based on kinetic energy and certified as India’s no.1 scale for accuracy.

This scale has a capacity of 180kgs under which the readings shown are ensured to be precise by the strain gauge sensor system and 0.1kg divisions.

It comprises of battery-free tech and runs on kinetic energy with zero carbon content emission, thus being an eco-friendly choice.

A button with the U-Power stamp on it is provided in the middle of the bottom region of the platform that features automatic power generation control and instantly activates the scale when pressed.

The auto zero setting parameter is integrated to take care of calibration whereas the auto power-off feature shuts down the device automatically when not in use.

The readings are displayed quite clearly on the 3-inch digital LCD screen, in either kgs or pounds, along with other indicators like low power and overload.

The 5mm thick toughened tempered glass surface is equipped on the huge sturdy platform that is skid-proof, easy to maintain, and resists scratch.

Having a 50,000-lifetime usage limit, this scale turns out to be extremely durable, safe, and an ideal pick, for any regular user.

Grab this machine now to enjoy 3 months of additional free service period with 1 year of warranty. Also get hold of discounts, cash backs, and other exciting offers.

  • Battery Free Tech
  • Kinetic Energy Based
  • Scratch-Resistant Platform
  • Zero Carbon Emission
  • Long-Lasting
  • More complaints about defects


10. Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Body Fitness Weighing Scale

Hoffen is that brand name that would come to your mind as soon as you hear classy, efficient, and qualitative weighing machines. It is one of the top brands in India.


Hoffen puts forth a stable and efficient digital bathroom weighing scale that has a black colour body and grey border and is an ideal partner for any type of user.

This compact appliance is equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system which promises increased accuracy in the figures of your weight.

It has a 6 mm thick, durable and sturdy tempered glass provided on the platform surface which ensures reliable usage and storage of the scale.

A digitalized Electronic LCD panel is given with a wide area to enhance the readability of the data and ensure a clear view without the requirement of bending or straining.

2.3 to 180 kg is the capacity range of this product and if the weight kept on it doesn’t come within this range then the display indicates overload.

Room temperature and low battery levels are few additional indicators exhibited on the screen which adds to the user-orientated nature.

2 AAA batteries are the power source for this scale whose life is economized and extended by the auto shut down feature that switches off the scale after some time of inactivation.

The 4 anti-skid pads, slim structure, and classy appearance enable the light-weight scale to blend trendily in any hard and flat surface.

1 year of warranty is given for this product that can be bought at a flat 60% discounted rate. To enjoy more of these savings offer click the button.

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Strain Gauge Sensor System
  • Auto Power Off
  • Strong Bearing Tempered Glass
  • Slim Structure
  • A bit slippery to hold


11. HNESS Electronic LCD Display weight machine

HNess has been ruling the Indian markets for quite a while by providing excellently performing, supreme quality, promising, and long-lasting products and services.


HNess offers an attractively designed black color electronic bathroom personal body weighing machine that is structured in square shape.

This fitness tracking assistant features an 8 mm thick tempered glass platform that offers both sturdy grip and smooth feel on your feet while the anti-skid padding ensures skid-proof and safe usage of the device by anyone.

4 highly precise weight sensors are equipped in this slim scale that consists of auto-zero, auto-calibration parameters, and graduation of 0.1kg, thus enhancing the accuracy of the observed readings.

Clear and bright figures of measured mass and room temperature are displayed on the backlit LCD panel that is widely sized so that you can read the numbers without much bending, even in dark places.

Instant activation of the scale occurs when you step on it as it features an auto on/off parameter that also adds to the reduced consumption of charge from both the AAA batteries.

Having compact dimensions and trendy designs, this weighing machine blends smoothly in any ambience and can easily be carried around.

The measured values can be set to display either in kgs or pounds but it must fall under 180kg else overload/error is indicated on the screen.

The availability of a low-battery indicator helps you replace the batteries on time and ensures uninterrupted usage. Click on the button given below to place an order or purchase this product, right away at reduced prices along with free delivery availability.

  • Multiple Indicators
  • Anti-Skid Padding
  • Back-Lit LCD Screen
  • 8mm Thick Glass
  • 100g Graduation
  • No warranty offered


12. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale-Mechanical EQ-BR-9201

Equinox is a reputed brand that has acquired the top positions in the market of India through the exhibition of remarkable performance and the provision of excellent products.


Equinox proffers an EQ-BR-9201 model of an analog type weighing machine that has got navy blue colour and durable construction.

The weight capacity provided is 130kg, with an increment of 500grams and a scrolling zero adjuster dial that enables you to calibrate the reading.

Accurate readings can be read, when you are wearing minimum accessories, on the large display without much stress and strain as the digits given are quite big and clear.

As it is a mechanical scale you need not worry about battery installation and requirement and it gets along with any ambience quite stylishly, which additionally eases the use of the appliance.

Supreme quality materials are used to build the scale that ensures compatibility with any body type and provides a skid-proof grip to your feet and the floor.

You must take care of placing the device on a strong and flat surface while using otherwise it consists of a strong and long-lasting platform that is quite broad and sufficiently spacious for any kind of user.

All in all, it is a very effective, strong, fine quality, and optimally weighted device that has a tough fibre base and comes at a reasonable price. 18 months of warranty is given for this product by the manufacturer. Buy it now to enjoy various deals and offers.

  • Solid Built
  • Zero Adjuster
  • Skid-Proof Surface
  • Wide Platform
  • High-Quality Product
  • Measurement can be done only in kgs


13. Hesley Weighing Scale Machine

Hesley is a high-class company whose rule over the markets of India is going to last for a while as the demand for their products and services have always been progressive.


Hesley presents a splendid black colored digital multifunctional weighing scale at reasonable rates which features user-friendly parameters.

Four, highly precise, 5th generation German tech sensors are integrated into this weighing machine which along with sense gravity zero tech and 0.1kg of graduation increment enhances the precision of measured reading.

Instant activation, calibration, and power off can be observed due to the auto on, auto-zero, and auto-off feature, respectively. Such activities enable lower charge consumption of both the 1.5V AAA batteries.

The room temperature and battery levels are indicated on the red coloured large-sized backlit LCD screen where the figures of the observed readings are displayed.

The platform comprises of the crack-resistant tempered glass layer, whose 6mm thickness ensures safe and sturdy use of the equipment.

The anti-skid padding provided at the base and rounded edges add to the above purpose.

Overload indicators are activated once the weight kept on it exceeds the range of 5 to 180kg and this varies according to the respective pound and stone unit of measurements.

As it is light in weight and compactly structured, they are handy, easy to carry around, and simple to maintain, also the simple yet classy appearance makes it blend elegantly.

  • German Tech Sensors
  • Crack-Resistant Glass
  • 0.1kg Increments
  • Backlight LCD Screen
  • Automated Features
  • Low warranty period
  • Not safe with children


14. Gvc Large Surface Iron Analogue Weighing Scale

GVC is a commonly suggested name in the markets, all over the world as their remarkable products and excellent performance outshine everyone else.


GVC offers an eye-catchy light blue coloured stylishly designed analog weighing scale that has been rated with 4.2 stars on an average by the customers and is also available in black and white colour variants.

It is constructed using robust iron material that resists rust and offers a long-lasting shell life and a stronger grip with the floor.

The skid-proof mat provided on the platform surface adds to the safety of any kind of user.

The weight range goes to a maximum of 136kg and the readings with 500g graduation, under the specified weight capacity, are accurately displayed on the vivid and wide display.

An adjustable dial is provided for simple and smart calibration of the weighing machine, which must be done before usage especially during the initial period.

Hassle-free portability of this ISO certified weighing equipment is ensured by the curved edges and compressed structure.

One of the salient features is easy storage of the device, as it silently fits into any corner of your room without damaging the aesthetics of your interior decors.

Lastly, the provision of large and spacious platform space for this battery-free scale proves this scale to be a user-friendly product.

Half a year, from the date of purchase, is the warranty period, provided by the manufacturer. Get access to crazy deals and offers to save on your purchase cost, with a click on the button below.

  • Iron Body
  • Wide Display
  • Large Platform
  • Skid-Proof Mat
  • Affordable
  • Analog Type
  • Calibration Might Take Some Time


Buying Guide – Best Weighing Machines in India

Purchasing a weighing machine is underestimated to be a light task, but the fact is, it’s not. You might not need to break your head but then, there are a variety of aspects that need to be considered to get the best of weighing machines.


We have enlisted and detailed all of them so that you can analyze and choose the ideal one for you.

Types of Weighing Scales

Depending on the mechanism and display style weighing machines are broadly classified into two types-


Analog weighing machines are the cheapest and traditional types of scales that work on the spring mechanism as its interiors comprise of the mechanical string setup.

On stepping on the platform, the spring depresses, thus displaying your weight in dial mode readings, in this mechanical scale.

The drawback of the analog machine is that their accuracy in readings decreases overuse and they cannot display any other factors except your body mass.


Digital weighing machines are the advanced versions of traditional scales that comprise of sensors and digitalized display.

They facilitate you to compare and know your change in weight by storing the figures, in addition to the exhibition of multiple health factors like BMI index, body fat, bone mass, body water levels, etc.

Updated versions of digital scales feature Bluetooth connectivity with which you can not only monitor and track your readings but can also share it with your doctor or consultant by connecting it with your smartphone.

The readings are accurate to the maximum extend and the device switches on or off automatically with the help of embedded sensors.

All in all digital weighing machines outstand analog scales in many aspects and thus, it is recommended to go for digital scales.

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Factors to consider while buying the Best Weighing Machine in India

1. Weighing Capacity

The weighing capacity or weighing range is the highest limit of readings that is available in the device. The standard capacity of an analog scale goes up to 150kg while it is 180kg on a digital scale.

You can choose the capacity depending on your measurement requirement. Heavy-duty models comprise of readings in and above 250kgs.

2. Material and Durability

Most of the scales are made out of plastic, tempered glass, wood, or metal, among which tempered glass is the ideal one as they resist crack and moisture, are shatterproof, long-lasting, and have a low probability of breakage.

Plastics are cheap but aren’t much durable whereas metal and wood lack moisture resistance which makes them hard to use in humid areas like bathrooms.


3. Size

By size, we refer to the dimensions of both display and the platform of the device. You must choose a scale that has a wider and larger display because you should be able to see without much bending or crouching, as they vary the figures.

The display size varies with the brand and model of digital weighing machines, so it totally depends on your call.

Also, ensure that the platform provided for placing the foot has sufficient dimensions and is optimally sized so that it is not only convenient for placing your foot but can also be easily ported and placed in a corner.

Altogether, you must assure that the scale you choose has a wide display that can provide vivid reading even under dim lightings and has at least 12-inches of the platform.

4. Accuracy

Displaying accurate results is very important regardless of the purpose of usage and thus, it is better to go with digital weighing scales that have the most minimal increments.

You can always cross-check this factor by either noting the difference between the same weight that’s measured at two times a day or by placing a known weight.


5. Environment and Shape

Before you buy this equipment, decide a location to place it, and depending on the location conditions choose the scale that has the apt features. If you want it to be placed in a bathroom then go for a model that has waterproof features.

Similarly, if there are children or elderly at your home, then buy a scale consisting of shockproof and skid-proof features. Checking out these factors is necessary for the safety of both the device and the user.

Usually, rectangular or round shaped models of scales are only available, so you can pick anyone based on your taste and convenience.

6. Measurement Units

Kilograms or kgs is the most suitable and preferred unit of measurement for Indians, so the majority of weighing machines sold in India displays the readings in kg.

Another unit available is the pound, which would be suggestible mostly for NRIs only. Ultimately, it is all about your convenience so check the measurement unit provided in the scale and then book it.


7. Warranty and Cost

The warranty period offered for a weighing machine generally ranges from 6 months to 1 year, max. So, assure that the model you have opted has a warranty of 12 months.

Purchasing a weighing scale wouldn’t be a huge investment, but every penny counts, and we want you to spend your hard-earned money most appropriately.

You must remember that the cost increases with size, durability, quality, and the number of functionalities available. Thus, we suggest you to get a reasonably priced weighing scale.


8. Additional Features

A weighing scale might seem like an easy to shop equipment but that’s not completely true. There are a lot of minute features that need to come into your attention, especially when you are searching for the perfect partner to track your fitness.

1. Functioning

Some of the weighing scales have a manual power button to switch on/off the device. This isn’t much user-friendly as you might not always be in a comfortable position to manually turn on/off the scale.

Now almost all the models comprise of sensors that automatically switch on/off the scale, thus putting an end to this issue.

2. Low Battery Indication

Digital weighing machines run on battery power and these batteries need to be replaced time to time on frequent usage. With the low battery indication you can easily keep an eye on the charge levels, thus being able to use the machine without any interruption.


3. Backlit Display

If your scale consists of a backlit display then you would be able to read the figures with much ease even in dark conditions. The presence of this feature is not mandatory although it is integrated for user-oriented purposes.

4. Multi-User Memory Capacity and Data Tracking

Some scales can store the weight that you measure and that is possible when it comprises of internal memory or a cloud-based memory. If the appliance features multi-user memory capacity then it can store and track the readings of not just an individual but of multiple users.

Similarly, multi-user data tracking is also possible.If a particular scale features data syncing ability, then it records and tracks your data which is either displayed in the machine itself or can be viewed in your smartphone through the connection established with the respective app.

When this is done for multiple users then it’s called multi-user data tracking.

On possessing this parameter, comparison and follow up on your fitness stats can be done quite quickly, anytime, and anywhere. It is an essential parameter for fitness freaks.


5. Batteries

Digital weighing machines are anytime better than analog ones and as mentioned earlier these types of scales run on batteries.

When considering this factor, weighing machines are available in either of the 2 kinds- One is the device having button cell lithium batteries, which has got a long battery life but very little comfort in replacements.

Another kind is the ones having regular use batteries like AA or AAA, whose availability and replacing process is comparatively simpler, except their life is short-termed.

6. Portability

Portability is the most fundamental, yet neglected feature, especially for such types of equipment. Owning a small and handy weighing machine enhances portability, thus allowing you to carry it anywhere you want.


7. Extra Measurements

As mentioned earlier, few expensive models of modern weighing scales enable you to measure many other parameters and not just the body weight. These readings are very much essential if you are planning for serious and meticulous workouts in order to be fit.

The ultimate point is that you can go for such smart scales having advanced features depending on your budget plan, requirement, and fitness goal. 

BMI, BMR, body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, water content, etc. are the names of a few extra measurements that can be read in the weighing machine itself. They are detailed as follows:-

Body Fat Analysis

Smart weighing machines estimate the fat content in your body by bioelectrical impedance analysis.

This data is then displayed in terms of percentage (%) which you can analyse or change your style of workouts.

Lean Muscle Mass

By analysing and working on the lean muscle mass, your muscle strengthens and this automatically gets your body into shape by getting rid of the extra calories.

Cardio Rate

The Availability of this feature enables you to track your cardio rate which you can record for health reports and improving your result by bringing change in the pace or pattern or technique of your workout.

Water Content

Being in an optimally hydrated state is also necessary for bringing an effective impact on your fitness level.

On having this feature the machine can display the water content in your body according to which you can focus on the areas that need improvisation.


Being able to provide accurate readings of a mass is quite essential and tracking them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is also important for keeping track of your fitness levels.

With the appropriate reading and their record, you can simply compare, analyse, and work on the areas that need more of your effort and attention.

Conclusion – Best Weighing Machines in India

Weighing machines are those worthy essentials, which have always been considered to be one of the least valued devices. You might not turn to them frequently but you would end up searching for one when you need to check your body mass.

So, do buy a weighing machine after understanding and analyzing all the above-detailed parameters.


In our opinion, the ideal choice for you would be ‘Dr. Trust (USA) Digital Smart Electronic Fitness Body Composition Weight Machine’ as it is durable and comprises of all the apt features.

Hope this article helped you reach the best weighing machine in India.

In case of any query, let us know in the comments!

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