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11 Best Forehead Thermometers in India (September 2020) | Buying Guide & Reviews


With the rising threat of infections and health complications, it is very important to constantly monitor your vital health factors.

One such important detail is body temperature. A significant rise or fall in the body temperature may denote abnormality, in which case it is better to consult a medical expert.


It is to common knowledge that the instrument that is used to measure the body temperature is a thermometer.

However, the typical mercury thermometer that we often use at home will certainly not be ideal to test the temperature of multiple people, especially in public places such as workplaces and shopping malls. 

In such cases, a forehead thermometer would be extremely handy to quickly monitor the temperature reading of a person.

This instrument utilizes an infrared scanner that identifies the body temperature from the temporal artery that is located on our forehead. To take the reading, the device has to be pointed parallel to the forehead.

As the device is used without physically touching the person’s body, it can be used on multiple people at once with more ease.

Also, it is capable of providing the readings instantly, in a matter of seconds which is relatively faster when compared to the traditional thermometers.

Table of Contents

These are the Top 11 Best Forehead Thermometers in India

Best Digital Thermometers in India

1. Dr Trust (USA) Forehead Digital Infrared Thermometer 603

Dr. Trust is a very reputed brand when it comes to healthcare appliances and wellness products. They stand out due to their extremely appreciable quality and perfection in terms of performance.


This highly flexible forehead thermometer is capable of operating in two different modes, that is, object mode and person mode.

Primary Features

  • Dual mode options – object and person
  • Measurement in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Infrared temperature probe
  • Arterial heat balance software
  • Immediate result in 3 second duration
  • Red and green light display for indication
  • Indication for high temperature values
  • Memory capacity of 30 readings
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Storage box

The person mode can be used to measure the temperature of individual people and the object mode will be suitable to measure the temperature of the room or a particular surface.

The product is designed with arterial heat balance software which is capable of detecting the reading and determining the body.

The device must be placed at about 5 cm from the object or the person. Once the start button is pressed, the device will utilise infrared radiations to detect the temperature of that particular surface or person.

Also, it can display the temperature reading in two different units, Celsius and Fahrenheit. This flexibility helps in using the device with added ease.

Also, based on the normalcy of the result, the large-sized LCD screen displays the reading in either a red or a green backlight.

This thermometer is also designed to indicate the user with the help of an alarm if the temperature value is higher than the normal temperature range.

The last 30 readings that have been monitored by the device will be stored in the memory. The device can automatically turn off if the device is left unused for more than 1 minute.

There is a compact storage box that comes with the appliance which can be used to store the device when it is not under-use. Also, the product comes with 2 AA batteries. There is a 10-day replacement policy that comes with this device.

  • Extremely Convenient to use
  • Alternative Modes
  • Dual units of Measurement
  • Memory Feature
  • Accuracy of the result needs improvement


2. TCL Non-Touch 3-in-1 Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer

TCL has been an electronics manufacturing company for about 4 decades now. They are recognised in the market for their high calibre products. Also, they have won some of the most notable awards.


This contactless forehead thermometer is a highly efficient one that can be used in 3 different move variations. This can be used to detect the temperature of bodies, solid and liquid surfaces, and rooms.

Primary Features

  • 3 mode variations – Body, surface, room
  • Infrared sensors for accurate results
  • Measurements in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Alarm indication for fever
  • Auto turn off after 60 seconds
  • 20 readings memory capacity
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Additional components – 1 storage pouch, 2 AAA batteries
  • 1 year warranty period

It has enhanced options that the device provides make it very convenient to use it with ease. The device is equipped with infrared sensors that capture the temperature of the body when the device is placed at a distance of 1cm to 5cm from the body.

The thermopile and the measurement circuit capture this energy and transform it into the temperature measurement.

The combination of high-quality digital sensors and smart chips helps the device to provide results with high accuracy in a very short span of time.

The thermometer is designed in such a manner that it can display the result in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit units.

If the temperature detected by the device is higher than the normal recommended value, the device beeps. This alarm provision in the device helps to easily identify abnormalities in the temperature values.

If the device is left unused for more than 60 seconds, it will automatically turn off, thereby saving energy. The LCD screen clearly displays the output details making it easier for you to read the content.

Also, you can comfortably use the device even in darkness as it is equipped with a backlight which is bright enough to illuminate the closest surroundings.

There is also a memory storage feature, which stores the last 20 readings measured by the forehead thermometer.

The device comes with a pouch that gives you the option to safely store the device when it is not being used. Also, there are 2 AAA batteries that are a part of the package. The product has a warranty time which lasts for 1 year.

  • Fast detection of Temperature
  • Temperature can be measured in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Memory feature for Added Comfort
  • Battery chamber design requires modification
  • Inconsistency in results


3. Vandelay Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact IR Thermometer Forehead Thermometer

Vandelay is a brand that has established its business in multiple sectors, providing the utmost perfection and efficiency in all the categories. Their high standards and consistency are what make them stand out from the rest.


This is a very efficient forehead thermometer that is mercury-free and provides promising efficiency. It can be used to measure the temperature of people, rooms, and objects as well.

Primary Features

  • Measures temperature of people, room and objects
  • Infrared radiations for quick and reliable results
  • Laser pointer for accurate readings
  • Results in both units of temperature
  • 3 coloured backlights for normalcy indication
  • Alarm for high temperature alert
  • 32 reading memory capacity
  • LCD screen with clear display
  • Automatic turn off feature
  • Warranty period of 3 years

The ability to measure multiple surfaces makes the device very much flexible and adequate to use for various purposes. The thermometer makes use of infrared radiations which detect the temperature of the surface with maximum accuracy.

The laser pointer helps to precisely point the device gun at the right point on the forehead to get the best possible accurate results. The device must be about 3 cm to 5cm parallel to the surface of the body that you are about to check.

The resultant temperature will be displayed in both the units of temperature, being Celsius and Fahrenheit. The error margin of the results is very low.

Also, the backlight of the display screen is designed to light up in three different color codes, based on the normalcy of the result. The green, yellow, and red lights indicate, normal, high, and very high respectively.

Also, if the temperature is too high, the device will ring an alarm to alert you regarding the abnormality. The memory storage feature of the device adds more convenience to the usage of the device.

This is because it helps to keep track of the results and periodically look back at the previous results. The maximum number of readings that can be stored is 32.

The clear LCD display adds more comfort to the usage of the device as it presents the results in a very understandable format.

The device also optimally uses the energy by automatically shutting down the device when it is left unused for a while. The device has also been approved by the FDA, FCC, and RoHS, thereby assuring optimal performance and safety. The product has a 3-year sensor warranty.

  • Minimal error margin
  • Colour coded display for better understanding
  • User-friendly design
  • Memory feature for result retention
  • Reliability of results is low


4. Quantum QHM-500 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Quantum’s outstanding policy of excellence, quality, and reliability has helped them grab an amazing position in the list of 11 best forehead thermometers in India. They strive to level up their performance so as to match the expectations of their customers.


This is a non-contact forehead thermometer which can be used to identify the temperature of humans, surfaces, and food. This multi-usage device is very much accurate in terms of results and also detects the temperature within 1 second.

Primary Features

  • Ideal for detecting human, surface and food temperatures
  • Infrared sensors for temperature capture
  • Alter between results in ̊ C and ̊ F
  • Stores 32 readings in memory
  • Beep alarm for high temperature
  • Colour based backlight for indication
  • Auto shut-off after 10 seconds
  • Indicator for low battery
  • 1 year warranty

The device uses an infrared technology that captures the temperature of the surface that the device is pointed towards. This energy passes through a lens and reaches a detector which transforms the energy into an accurate and measurable temperature.

For better protection and optimal output, place the temperature at a distance between 2cm and 10 cm. The device gives you the option to alter between two various modes of the result.

You can obtain readings in the unit of Celsius or Fahrenheit, based on what suits your comfort. The backlight of the device is of three different colours when the result is being displayed.

When the temperature is between 34 ̊ C and 37.3 ̊ C, it uses a green light indicating normal. The orange light shines when the temperature is between 37.4 ̊ C and 38 ̊ C, indicating a low fever.

If the temperature is between 38.1 ̊ C and 42.9 ̊ C, the red light shines indicating high fever. The result may differ by plus or minus 0.2 ̊ C, if the temperature is between 35 ̊ C and 42 ̊ C.

The difference can rise up to 0.3 ̊ C for any temperature level that is outside this boundary-value. Also, it is equipped with a number of indicators that further eases the usage of the device.

If it detects a high temperature, then it alerts you with the help of a beep alarm. There is also a separate indicator which indicates if and when the device runs out of charge.

The LED digital display legibly indicates the output values, making it very convenient to use the device.

The device shuts off on its own if it is left in an idle state for more than 10 seconds, saving energy. There is also a memory storage feature, which has the capacity to store up to 32 readings.

This gives you the option to look back at the results and keep track of your health. The device has been certified by FDA and CA, which makes it all the more reliable. The warranty time period for the product is 1 year.

  • Detects temperature of multiple surfaces
  • Low error range
  • Separate indicators for added comfort
  • Ease of use
  • Working and durability of the product is questionable


5. Beurer 79518 Infrared Multi-Functional Thermometer

Beurer has been in existence for more than a century and has been manufacturing products in different sectors such as beauty, healthcare, and baby care, and so on. Their products stand out in terms of quality and performance.


The trendy and comfortable forehead thermometer can be used for measuring the temperature by various different means. It can measure the temperature of any type of surface and fluids as well.

Primary Features

  • Temperature measurement of humans and surfaces
  • German Technology for better precision
  • Measurement in ̊ C and ̊ F
  • Colour based LED backlight
  • Fever alarm for alert
  • Memory up to 10 readings
  • Automatic turn off when unused
  • 5 year Warranty Period

Also, apart from measuring the human temperature via the forehead, it is equipped with a special knob that facilitates the measurement through the ears. In order to provide the best accurate results possible, the device is designed with German technology.

It helps to obtain the temperature readings faster and also ensures that the output precise. The end result is displayed in two different temperature formats.

The output is obtained in both the Celsius as well as Fahrenheit units of temperature, making it more comfortable to utilise the device.

Based on the values, it is displayed with a different colored backlight, indicating the normalcy factor. If the obtained temperature is within the normal recommended range, then the results are displayed in green colour backlight.

If the values are more than 100.4 ̊ F, then the backlight colour used is red. Also, for indicating fever, the device is equipped with an alarm.

There is also a memory storage option in the device which gives you the facility to store previously obtained results. You are given the option to store up to 10 readings.

The thermometer also comes with an auto shut off mode which enables the device to automatically turn itself off when it is left unused.

In order to power on the device, you require 2 AAA batteries. The large digital display screen represents the result with utmost clarity, making the device very convenient to use. The product also comes with a warranty period of 5 years.

  • Better accuracy with german technology
  • Measures temperature via ears also
  • Backlight with color codes
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Low Memory Storage


6. Leeford Infrared Digital Thermometer

Leeford brand has been there ever since 2006, manufacturing a variety of different products. The brand has seen amazing growth ever since, especially because of its excellence is efficiency.


This forehead thermometer can be used to measure the temperature in two different modes – forehead and object. The forehead mode can be used to measure the temperature levels of humans by pointing the gun-like thermometer parallel to the forehead. 

Primary Features

  • Measures temperature of body and objects
  • Smart sensors for precise results
  • Dual units of measurement
  • Special indicator for fever and low battery
  • Automatic turn off feature
  • Memory storage of 10 readings
  • Easy readable LCD display
  • 1 year warranty time

The object mode can be used to measure the temperature of the room and food. The device is equipped with specialized smart sensors and infrared radiation which assist the device to provide the most accurate results.

It also quickly obtains the output temperature within 1 second. Also, the results can be displayed in two temperature units, that is, Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The thermometer also has specific indicators that indicate if the temperature obtained is higher than the normal value range. A beeping alarm rings every time the result value lies in the fever range.

There is also an indicator that denotes low battery levels. If the device is left unused for more than a certain time limit, it automatically turns off thereby ensuring that the energy is saved.

The last 10 readings as measured by the device can be stored in the memory storage option.

The thermometer has a large LCD display which displays the result with high clarity, making it very convenient to read the output. The device also comes with 2 AAA batteries which are required to turn on the device. There is also a warranty period of 1 year for this product.

  • Quick testing and result generation
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Specialized indicators for easy usage
  • Handy and convenient to use
  • General AAA batteries are not compatible


7. Cloc Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Digital Forehead Gun

Cloc is a recognized brand in the healthcare domain. Their products are trustworthy and accurate in terms of the output produced.


This multi-purpose handheld forehead thermometer is a very convenient one which can be used with ease at home as well as in public locations and workplaces. 

Primary Features

  • Infrared technology for precise detection
  • Body and object modes
  • Spontaneous result generation
  • Alarm for high temperature indication
  • 32 readings memory storage
  • Automatic turn off after 90 seconds of unused
  • HD LCD screen for readable view
  • 1 year warranty period

The device is designed with a top-notch infrared technology, whose efficiency helps in detecting the temperature of the surface with super high precision. It can measure the body temperature within the range of 32 ̊ C to 42.9 ̊ C.

In the object mode it can measure the temperature in a wider range, starting from 0 ̊ C to 100 ̊ C. For obtaining accurate results, the device has to be placed at a distance of 5 cm to 15 cm.

The device is efficient enough to spontaneously generate the results within a span of 1 second. This ability to produce quick results makes the device to be more comfortable to use.

If the temperature detected by the device is higher than the average value, then the device would ring an alarm, providing the indication.

The results that are being obtained can also be stored in the memory storage space that is designed as a part of the forehead thermometer.

This makes it capable of storing a maximum of 32 readings. You can keep your health records in check with this special feature.

The HD LCD display screen is designed to perfection so as to display the results in an understandable format and font size. Without much effort, you can easily read the contents that are shown on the screen.

Also, in case you forget to turn off the device, it can automatically shut down if it is left unused for more than 90 seconds. This ensures that the energy does not get wasted unnecessarily.

The thermometer has to be used with DC9V batteries for ensuring that they have better battery life. Further proving its quality, the product has been certified by CE and FDA and also complies with the standards of RoHS. The thermometer has a warranty time span of 1 year.

  • Can Be Used For Measuring Body And Objects
  • Optimal Memory Storage
  • User-Friendly Design And Build
  • Authorized Certification
  • Results generated are inaccurate


8. Smile Mom Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Smile Mom is a very reputed brand which has recently established its presence in India. It offers a variety of different products ranging from kitchenware to basic home appliances.


This forehead thermometer is designed to be the utmost comfortable for usage and is also capable of producing maximum accuracy in their results. It is designed with infrared sensors that can perfectly obtain the temperature with more precision.

Primary Features

  • Infrared sensors for maximum accuracy
  • Compatible to measure various surface
  • Measurement in ̊ C and ̊ F
  • Voice assistance
  • Backlight with colour codes
  • 50 readings memory storage
  • Automatic shut down in 20 seconds
  • LED display screen

Also, it helps to obtain very fast results at a duration of 1 second. The device is capable of measuring temperatures of various surfaces such as human bodies, food substances, and room. This flexibility provided by the device makes it suitable for multiple usages.

The result generated by the thermometer is in both the Celsius and Fahrenheit units of temperature. Also, the results are vocally recited with the help of voice assistance, which adds more comfort to the usage of the device.

The possibility of error in the results is very low. However, there might be a variation of plus or minus 0.2 ̊ C in the resultant output.

The backlight of the LED display screen is also colour coded, displaying results with respect to the normalcy of the values. There are three different colours which are altered between, adding more clarity to the comprehension of results.

The results can be stored in the memory option which has adequate storage space to store readings of 50 numbers at the most.

The device has been approved by various reputed standards namely, CE, FDA, RoHS, and CNAS. This further provides assurance regarding the performance and quality of the forehead thermometer.

For powering on the device, it requires 2 AAA batteries. However, it must be noted that the package does not include batteries. Also, there is an automatic power-off feature that allows the device to shut-down automatically after 20 seconds of idleness.

  • Fast generation of results
  • Voice assistance for ease of use
  • Certified by FDA, RoHS
  • Compact build
  • Not much efficient Results


9. Omron MC 720 Non-Contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Omron is a very trustworthy healthcare brand that is popularly known for its outstanding quality and performance. Their products are one of the most preferred one by medical professionals.


This ergonomic forehead thermometer can be utilized for finding the temperature of the body, room, and surfaces. Its highly efficient infrared radiations help in identifying the temperature of multiple surfaces with better accuracy. 

Primary Features

  • Measures body, room and surface temperatures
  • Instantaneous result generation in 1 second
  • Alteration between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Memory function up to 25 readings
  • Backlight for clear display
  • Silent mode
  • Automatic turn off
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Also, it can provide instantaneous results in a matter of 1 second from the time of detection. The temperature result can be displayed in two units of temperature, Celsius and Fahrenheit. This helps in easily comprehend the result based on your understanding and comfort.

Due to its excellent design and safety, it can be used on people of various age groups, be it babies or elderly people. The result can also be stored in the device itself which poses as an added advantage.

The device is designed with a memory function which can store a maximum of 25 readings. This gives you the option to look back at your previous results and helps you keep track of your health.

The clear display screen is equipped with a backlight, which helps to read the contents on the screen without much difficulty.

There is also a silent mode option that can be turned on to eliminate the buzzer sound. The backlight also turns off on its own after a certain time of being unused.

The usage of the device is very easy to comprehend. This helps you to quickly check your temperature even if you are in a rush. The product also has a warranty period which lasts for a duration of 1 year.

  • Sturdy and sleek design
  • Can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Immediate generation of output
  • User-friendly mode of operation
  • Low accuracy in the results


10. Lifelong Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Digital Thermometer

Lifelong is a well-known brand that produces various products starting from healthcare to kitchen appliances. All of their products, irrespective of their category exhibit great quality and reliability.


The contactless forehead thermometer is ideal for usage at home as well as in public places. It makes use of infrared radiations which allow the device to detect the temperature of the surface with high accuracy.

Primary Features

  • Infrared radiation for optimal results
  • Immediate results in 1 second
  • Coloured backlight indicators
  • Stores up to 32 readings in memory
  • Automatic shut off in 60 seconds
  • LCD screen for clear display
  • 1 year Warranty Time Period

The high-quality sensors and working of the thermometer give it the ability to generate the results in 1 second. The device can be used to measure the temperature of food substances, humans, and pet animals.

For obtaining accurate results, the device must be placed at a distance of 5cm to 15 cm from the surface that is being tested.

The backlight of the device shines in 3 different colours based on the results. If the results are within the normal range, it shines in green.

The yellow light indicates that the result is slightly higher or lower than the recommended value and the red light denotes high abnormality.

The results generated by the thermometer can be stored in the device as it has an in-built memory option. This can hold up to 32 readings, making it easy to have a look at the previous results.

For utilising the power optimally, the device is equipped with an automatic shut off mode. This allows the thermometer to turn off by itself if and when it is left unused for 60 seconds.

The LCD screen displays the results in a readable format, making it very comfortable to use the thermometer. There is also a mute and unmute option which can be used if you would want to eliminate any kinds of alarm sounds.

The forehead thermometer has been certified by reputed standards such as CE and FDA, which makes the product all the more reliable. The warranty period for this device is 1 year.

  • Immediate generation of output
  • Colour coded backlight for indicating normality
  • Comfortable user interface
  • Memory storage for retrieving old result values
  • Cannot obtain results in both ̊C and ̊F


11. Everycom IR37 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Everycom manufactures multiple devices such as projectors and other typical home appliances which are intended to simplify everyday works. Their products are of high calibre and offer optimal levels of performance.


This infrared thermometer is extremely handy to use and can be used for multiple purposes. The device can be used to detect the temperature of various surface types apart from the human body such as rooms and food objects.

Primary Features

  • Obtains temperature of body, room and food
  • German infrared sensor technology
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit result options
  • Quick results in 0.5 seconds
  • Colour based backlight
  • Memory storage of 99 readings
  • Alarm for indication
  • 1 year Warranty Period

The German sensor technology used by the device helps it to obtain highly precise results, making it very much reliable. The results are produced within a very short time period of 0.5 seconds.

Also, you can easily opt for the option of displaying the result in Celsius or Fahrenheit mode, based on what suits your convenience.

To indicate if the result is generated in normal or not, the device displays them in a color-coded backlight which indicates the normality factor.

The green, yellow, and red light indicated normal, abnormal, and high respectively. The result can also be stored in the built-in memory storage which can store up to 99 values.

This will be extremely comfortable for future reference and to keep a record of your health. There is also an alarm sound that acts as an indicator. The display screen shows the output in a very legible and readable format.

The large-sized display makes it easier to read the contents on the display without much effort. The product comes with 2 AAA batteries that are required to turn on the device. There is also a warranty time span of 1 year for this thermometer.

  • German Sensors for Quick Results
  • Colour coded backlight for better understanding
  • Large Memory Storage Space
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Accuracy of Readings Require Improvement


Buying Guide – Best Forehead Thermometers in India

Selecting a forehead thermometer that is flexible and precise can be quite an arduous task. As this device comes with a number of different features, it requires clear comprehension of all the prospects in order to conclude with the right thermometer that would suit all your needs.

To clarify all the aspects that you must look for in a forehead thermometer, we have framed a thorough and detailed buyer’s guide.


This will help you understand the different specifications of the thermometer and would also help you to recognize the ones that you must pay close attention to.

This guide will enlighten you with all the details that you must know about a thermometer and will thereby ease your task of opting for the right forehead thermometer.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Forehead Thermometer in India

1. Level of Accuracy

This is the foremost factor to consider while buying a thermometer. Obviously, you wouldn’t want a thermometer that provides erroneous results. A thermometer must be able a reliable one. Thus, before you buy a forehead thermometer, ensure that the results are highly accurate.

It is normal for a thermometer to have error margins but ensure that the results vary by a value which is not more than 0.3 ̊ C. It is very important that you pay topmost attention to this factor, as it is not something that can be compromised on.


2. Speed

It would definitely be very much annoying and inconvenient if the forehead thermometer takes forever to generate the result. This would be a mighty challenge especially when it is being used in public places.

Thus, make sure to check how fast the thermometer can generate the output. The average recommended duration for a forehead thermometer to display the output is between 1 second to 2 seconds.


3. Units of Measurement

It is common knowledge that temperature can be measured in two units, namely, Celsius and Fahrenheit. Make sure that the thermometer that you are about to buy can display results in both these units.

Most forehead thermometers come with the facility of altering between the Celsius and Fahrenheit mode while others display the output results in both the units simultaneously. Either of these two options would be feasible and would help is the ease of usage of the device.

4. Normalcy Indicator

A normalcy indicator is very much required in order to understand the status of the results. This indicator would indicate via color codes if the measured temperature levels are normal or not.

The backlight of the display screen in the forehead thermometer glows in different colours such as green, yellow, and red, indicating normal, high, and very high levels of temperature.

Ensure that the thermometer that you buy has this feature as well as it can be very useful to comprehend the normality factor of the results that are being generated.


5. Memory Storage

Ensure that the forehead thermometer comes with an in-built memory storage option. This would give you the privilege to store the previously obtained results in the device itself.

This would come very handy especially if you are using the device to track the health of an infant or an elderly person. The average storage capacity that would be suitable is between 30 readings to 50 readings.

6. Quality Certification

There are many quality standards and safety checks that are performed by authorities. The device would be approved and certified by them if and only if it meets the standards and quality that are recommended for efficient usage.

Some such certifications for healthcare products are FDA, RoHS, and CE. All of these thoroughly check if the product is suitable for use and if they meet the specifications as promised by them.

Products with these kinds of certifications are more reliable and you can be slightly more confident about their accuracy and performance levels.


7. Additional Features

  • Pay attention to the battery life of the device. This would strongly reflect on how long the device would last for each charge. Opt for a device that has a better battery life so that you wouldn’t have to charge it or change batteries every so often.
  • Check if the device has an automatic turn off the option. This would ensure that the power is conserved, even if you happen to forget to turn off the device after use.
  • Make sure that the design of the device is handy to use. Also, check if the display screen is large and clear enough to showcase the output in a precise manner.
  • Check if the device is designed to have any alarms as an indicator of high temperature or low battery. This will be convenient as it would grab your attention more easily.
  • Check if the thermometer comes with added components such as batteries or a storage pouch.

8. Warranty

Especially when it comes to healthcare products, a warranty cannot be overlooked. Do ensure that the device has a minimum warranty period of at least 1 year.

This gives you the opportunity to get your device checked if it happens to have some kind of damage or malfunctions.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) – Best Forehead Thermometers in India

Q1. Can forehead thermometers be used on the wrists?

Ans. Yes, forehead thermometers can be used on wrists in order to measure the temperature of the human body. There will be negligible or no difference in the results that are being generated. 

Q2. Can forehead thermometers be used to measure the temperature of pets?

Ans. No, it is not recommended to use the typical forehead thermometers to measure the temperature of pets.

This is because, the infrared radiation from the thermometer must be able to reach the ear-drum of the pet animal, especially dogs and cats, and reflect back. 

This method of checking the temperature is what would be most accurate. Most forehead thermometers do not have such a feature and hence cannot be used for pets.

However, you can use those which specifically mention that it can be used on pet animals. It is to be noted that it is most recommended that you opt for a veterinary thermometer for better accuracy.

Q3. Are forehead thermometers accurate?

Ans. Rectal temperature is what is said to be the most accurate form of measuring body temperature. However, this can be slightly uncomfortable and very much tedious to perform, especially on kids.

The next most accurate form of detecting temperature is the forehead temperature. The infrared sensors detect the temperature of the body and precisely convert the energy into the form of temperature units.

Although forehead temperatures are accurate, it widely depends upon the quality and accuracy level of the thermometer that you use.

Q4. Is it safe to use a forehead thermometer?

Ans. The non-contact forehead thermometers use infrared radiations in order to detect the heat levels of the body. Although it is believed that it poses risks, it is not true.

The radiations emitted by this device have the capability of detecting the temperature levels only. It is not harmful and does not have any risk factors associated with it.

If you are concerned about the safety, it is more ideal to use the thermometer by pointing it to your wrists. This will provide the temperature level with the same accuracy. 

Q5. How to correctly use a forehead thermometer?

Ans. 1. Power on the device and place the device parallel to the forehead. Please note that you can also point the device to your wrists.
2. While using a non-contact forehead thermometer, make sure you maintain a gap of about 5cm to 10 cm at the least. 
3. Allow the device to scan your temperature and you would most likely obtain your results in less than 2 seconds. 

Q6. Can forehead thermometers be used on babies?

Ans. Yes, you can use a forehead thermometer on babies and children as the infrared radiations are not harmful.

Compared to the rectal thermometers, forehead thermometers are very much easy to use, especially in the case of babies. They also produce the most accurate results.  

Conclusion – Best Forehead Thermometers in India

Are you still uncertain about choosing the right forehead thermometer?

Worry not! It is totally understandable as it can be quite a task to comprehend the features and choose the right device with all the specifications.

To help you out with that, we have come up with the ideal suggestion for you with all the prospects and specifications kept in mind.


Beurer 79518 Infrared Multi-Functional Thermometer is an excellent choice as it significantly stands out among the rest in terms of its quality, performance, and reliability.

It is designed with German Technology which helps the device to provide results with a maximum level of accuracy. It is also capable of providing the results in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit units of temperature.

The device also has additional features such as memory function, color-coded backlight, and alarms which makes it more comfortable to handle. Also, the device has a warranty period of 5 years, which acts as a bonus point.

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