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11 Best Office Chairs in India (September 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


A perfect work environment includes a comfortable space and the perfect chair that will provide you with the right amount of overall care and support for both your body and mind.

Mankind yet again came out with an amazing discovery for all the hard-working office employees who have to dedicate most of the time of their day in a small office space and it is none other than office chairs.


Office chairs hold a slight difference from the regular chairs. For starters, it has a specially designed back-rest that is in the shape of your spinal cord for maintaining correct posture and a headrest for the extra support of the neck.

The 360° swivel technology, the castors attached at the bottom, and the inclination factors are the star components of any office chair to give you ease and trouble-free, relaxing experience the entire time you stay in your office.

Having difficulty in landing on the best office chair that will embrace your personality?

Well, in that case, you are in the right place! In this particular destination, all your queries will get decoded.

Also, we have a detailed Buying Guide on this page to educate you about the factors to consider while buying the best offer chair.

So, without wasting a minute, let’s dive deep into the list of Top 11 Best Office Chairs in India.

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These are the Top 11 Best Office Chairs in India

Best Office Chairs in India in 2020

1. CELLBELL C99 High Back Revolving Boss Chair

You can always ring the bell at Cellbell without a second thought whenever you are in dire need to replace that old, torn up office chair where you have been struggling since forever just to save money.


This C99 Boss chair completely does justice to its given name and is truly one of the leading chairs among the hundreds of chairs produced by Cellbell and it even comes under a super tight budget as well! So no more excuses now!

Primary Features

  • Soft cushion with premium leather
  • Twirl around 360° smoothly
  • 5 leg wheel base support
  • Class 4 Gaslift that comes along with a cover
  • Has pushback mechanism for extra relaxation

When you will place your eyes on this CELLBELL C99 chair, it is bound to awaken the executive and boss nature inside you owing to its super shiny and silky texture. This solid black deluxe chair has been fitted with cosy and comfortable armrest which has a beautiful smooth texture to it. 

The highlight feature of this product is its leather texture and the soft cushiony seat that has a curved ergonomic structure.

That beautiful cushiony curve of the seat will prevent you from the regular back pain that results in high strenuous work.

The long padded armrest is fixed to the backrest which will allow you to place your elbow and arm as you please.

This chair has 5 legs and each of these 5 legs has a 50mm nylon wheel attached to it that gives you the pleasure of swirling around so that you don’t have to put a pause at your ongoing work.

The push back mechanism and the class 4 gas lift lever for the height adjustment of the chair is the added bonus to this! With high customer ratings on Amazon, the brand is offering an entire year’s warranty to you as a shield of protection!

  • Warranty
  • Affordable
  • Smooth Texture
  • Available in one colour
  • Heavy


2. MBTC Alaska Mesh Office Revolving Desk Chair

When it comes to fashionable, light-weight, and unique looking office chairs, MBTC ranks among one of the best office chair manufacturing companies. It sells a wide range of office chairs with different comfort features and ergonomic needs for all your unique individuals.


With its exemplary looks and top-notch quality, this MBTC Alaska Mesh Office is worth to be mesmerized on!

Primary Features

  • Can Fit In Small Cubicles
  • Mesh Structure At Back Rest
  • Cushiony Foam Material Seat
  • Wheels Roll Fluidly
  • Quirky Design Armrest

If you are given a small cabin space and you want a chair that would make your corner stand out, then look no further because this Alaska Mesh office revolving desk chair by MBTC will fit in your space without any complaints and with utter perfection!

The breathable mesh design of the back-rest snatches away the lead point amidst its other competitors. Its arch shape supports our spinal cord and prevents our back and shoulder area from stooping down.

The armrest is beautifully set in such an angle so that you can easily keep your arms on it and at the same time, finish typing your daily targets!

The mesh seat keeps you steady in a proper position and gives you extra space so that you can stretch your legs and thighs in the middle, in that sitting position itself!

You can easily adjust the height of your chair according to your needs. If you want to relax and rest while keeping your fingers busy, this attribute will help you do so! Hold the lever and push it up till you are satisfied.

Your chair is the means of transportation for you at your office and will give you a smooth, jerk-free ride to your office friend! Thank the 360° swivel mechanism and the smooth casters and spin around with style!

The tilt control function is another attractive feature of this chair. It will allow you to lean back for a quick breather.

You just have to turn the knob and voila! You will not have to leave your spot and rest in the office lounge area anymore. The chair is your lounge! The six-month warranty will attract you more towards buying it and has gained due to its performance is well justified!

  • Permeable Mesh
  • Beautiful Pattern Design
  • Only 4 wheels
  • Back-rest smaller


3. Wipro Furniture Adapt High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

Wipro takes care of your future and the outstanding innovations and it blends all of them in their lustrous designs.


This adapts high back executive ergonomic office chair is proof that Wipro keeps its promise especially when it comes to the quality of its products. The weight-activated and adaptable property are the two best qualities that have still kept it in the arena of the red-carpet.

Primary Features

  • Emperor Of Flexibility
  • Automatic Weight Sensing Mechanism
  • Adjustable Neck, Seat And Armrest
  • Bendable Seat Up To 122°
  • Nylon Base And Castors

What happens is when you will sit on this chair, it will adjust itself according to your weight immediately so that you do not have to take the effort of adjusting it yourself. The inclination system works in the same fashion as well! 

The “airborne” mesh aids to keep the chair clean and maintains the delicate look to it. The strong nylon base is the pillar behind the good foundation and it also adds sturdiness to its appearance.

Recline back up to 122° with this outstanding ergonomic chair! Experience an overall comfort with on your back, arms, and thigh with the adjustable lumbar, seat length, and armrest.

Adjust your lumbar support on the basis of the support for your spinal cord. The armrest has soft padding to it and it swipes down when you place the complete weight of your hands on it.

The lever on the bottom of your chair will give you the opportunity to adjust the height of the chair if your neck gets sore.

The waterfall design of the seat has the ability to take away the weight and pressure off your thighs and legs and you can sit for hours without the feeling of heaviness in your legs.

It gives you an overall 360° support just like its rotating property. The strong nylon base and casters add to the sturdiness of the product. It sweeps away the market with an outstanding 4.1 stars and the package brings to you a yearlong warranty.

  • Adjustable And Flexible
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Inclination of 122°
  • Two Position Locking System
  • No Manual Knob


4. Misuraa Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Misuraa office chairs will make those strenuous hours go by with ease and solace. The designs of these office chairs increase the aesthetic and aura of the place.


Misuraa attends to the ergonomic needs of the company. This chair is a proud representative of Misuraa and one of the highest-rated office chairs in the market. It is currently running in the frontlines.

Primary Features

  • Look Through Mesh Design
  • Additional Head Rest Given
  • Curved Seat For Maximum Serenity
  • Strong Built With Dye Cast Aluminium Base

One chair, seven different functionalities! This beautiful chair can be adjusted in every way you can possibly think of. It is equipped with a different headrest that will take care of both your head and neck and you can move it up or down as and when you feel it.

The lumbar support, that looks like a rib cage, share similar responsibilities. It holds up and supports your vertebrae and the height can be manageable as per your comfort zone.

This chair will give you the privilege to modify the seat depth. This feature comes in handy especially when you want to tilt back and at the same time want to stretch your legs forward.

It also has a tilt tension knob that will fixate you at whatever angle you are tilted at and you can decide the difficulty level of inclination by turning it.

Coming to the quality of material used for this product, it is made with the highest quality nylon mesh for the seat, back as well as the headrest.

The nylon mesh is imperishable and breathable so that your back can get an equal quantity of air. No more humiliating sweaty backs and feeling uncomfortable throughout!

The strong armrest is padded with nylon as well. The base should be the strongest and the dye cast aluminium material has indeed succeeded in making it one of the strongest office chairs.

The smooth and hefty wheels will glide you across the room irrespective of the floor material.

This falls under the top-rated models with an undeniable 4.3 stars on Amazon and Misuraa’s traditional promise of complete 365 days of warranty. You can undoubtedly just close your eyes and purchase this chair.

  • Additional Headrest
  • Seat Extensional Option
  • Aluminum Base
  • Huge in size


5. Misuraa Imported Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair

The logo of Misuraa itself has a sleek chair design in place of the alphabet ‘S’. That is a clear portrayal that this company’s primary focus is the office chair!


The enticing designs of office chairs will make you want to work more and have fun working for those hectic projects and neck-to-neck constant deadlines. It will inspire and motivate you to keep hustling.

Primary Features

  • Amazing Quality Product
  • Suitable For Wooden Floors
  • Adaptable Seat For The Proper Spine Position
  • Worthy Of Both Your Home And Office
  • Durable Nylon And Chrome Materials

This Misuraa Imported Sayl Ergonomic Chair gives you the privilege of five management systems. The first thing that you can alter is your seat height. You can increase the seat height as per the degree of your tiredness and restfulness.

Our body continuously keeps bending forward when it senses a bit of tiredness and it causes harm to our posture. The manageable vertebrae support will keep your back straight in the natural position the whole sitting time, at every point and angle.

Whatever is the position of our arms, whether lowered or perpendicular, the handle or the armrest that has an extra nylon padding system will always give us the required support in any setting.

You can lean your body backward or front however you wish for, due to the tilt mechanism attached to this chair. The one point of control will give you the ease to control both your angle of inclination and locking yourself there.

The wheels connected to the chrome base that emerges from a central cap can revolve an entire 360°. You can gain a nice silky movement while you sail all over your office floor.

The back of the chair design gives the resemblance of the alphabet ‘Y’ that will not only provide support to your shoulders but also will keep the curiousness burning inside.

The mesh back ignites the beauty of this product and nylon helps the chair to stick with you for the longest time. There is a huge advantage of the foam seat.

It does not make the seat too soft which can sometimes be uncomfortable but it strikes an optimum balance of softness. The classiness of this product is authenticated by the 12 months warranty offered by the company.

  • Subtly Flaccid Seat
  • Distinct Y-Shaped Back
  • Padded Variable Armrest
  • No Headrest
  • Small Armrest


6. Dá Urban Boom Mid Back Mesh Revolving Chair with Wheels

If you seek luxury and royalty in every aspect of your life, Dá Urban comes forth with their out of the world designed office chairs to satisfy all your specific demands.


With one of Dá Urban’s office chair, get ready to feel the comfort of nobility while working with utmost diligence! This smart chair will always have your back and will push you towards brilliance!

Primary Features

  • Mesh fabric for no sweaty back
  • Comfort in your hands with tilt lock and control knob
  • Metal legs with nylon castors
  • Push back system
  • Exclusive plastic material

This Dá Urban Boom Mid Back mesh chair will make sure to keep your spine erect at all times and will eliminate all the back pain with the specially designed backrest for the ultimate support to your spine and the cushiony armrest for your elbow.

Elevate or cast down your chair whenever you wish to with the manageable height with the bar affixed underneath the chair.

The mesh is surrounded by an elite quality plastic which gives a sturdy yet flexible feels to your body. The mesh will prohibit you from perspiring which is quite common if you are sitting at the same spot for hours.

You can dip back as much as you want but not beyond 125° and it will still maintain the perfect posture and angle that will allow you to continue with your tasks while resting.

There is two tilting fixation system equipped to this chair. The inclination lock handle allows you to tilt forward or backward and fasten yourself at that point.

There is also a control knob in this office chair though which you can incline with ease or by applying normal force.

Juggle a lot of things at a time by swirling around the 360° spinning mechanism and the durable sturdy nylon wheels.

The polished metal legs have the power to restraint from any kind of destruction and thus adding to the longevity of the office chair. Throw your body on the chair and forget about getting tired.

The price will completely fit your budget size and it has been marked with amazing reviews on Amazon India. Along with this superb chair, you will get 6 months of assurance of protection.

  • Perfect Combination Of Plastic And Mesh
  • Out of the Box Handle Design
  • Fits in Tight Budget
  • No Cushiony Handles


7. Dá URBAN Miller Medium Back revolving Office Chair

Dá Urban is a voguish and concurrently brilliant company that brings to you a wide variety of office chairs of different sizes to choose from.


If you want a fresh look to your office corner or your home desk, look no further because Dá Urban is here to lend the helping hand to you! This one has additional bolster protection for the workaholic you!

Primary Features

  • Polished and high-graded chrome metal handle
  • Special lever for peak and sloping
  • Nylon wheels for scratch protection
  • Supplementary cushion
  • Powerful built for the powerful you

This Dá Urban Miller chair radiates power and robustness. One glance at this chair and you will feel the tranquillity immediately. It has dual cushion assistance of leather material that will feel elegant and will submerge in its comfy world.

It is equipped with shatterproof materials like nylon wheels at the base and chrome metal for the handles for longevity.

The slanting technique works up until 125° and you can fix yourself at one angle and control the difficulty of changing your angles by regulating or rotating the tension knob.

Also, adjust the height according to your wish and choice with the height adjusting lever. The beautiful and cleans padded leather armrest is slightly slanted for you to get the same level of comfort in every way you keep your arms.

Now you can handle multiple things at a time like a pro, all hail to the 360° swivel function, and the thick and shiny 50mm nylon castors. Move with ease and confidence with the wheels of nylon without marking the floors.

The ergonomic design will give your body the rest and support it requires while you focus your attention on your work.

The glossy chrome metal base makes the chair immune to any kind of damage or scratches and thus, it aids in increasing the lifespan of the chair.

The ratings on this office chair are massive. Although it is quite strong, it gives you the privilege of 6 months warranty. Get ready to be the head-turner of your office!

  • 125° Inclination
  • Highly Durable
  • Duplex Leather Support Like Pillows
  • Looks Bulky
  • Only 6 Months Warranty


8. SAVYA HOME APEX Plastic Apollo Medium Chair

Savya is known for delivering the best yet staying within a low price range limit so that you get the essence of satisfaction both in physical form and mentally as well. On Savya’s board, you will only find a broad variety of office chairs. It is oh-so-satisfying!


This model of office chair clubs in strength and dignity and strives for greatness, just like you! If you are looking for a simple and sophisticated office chair that will be cost-friendly, user friendly, and durable, then this chair is the one for you!

Primary Features

  • Strong Built Structure Made Up Of Plastic Material
  • Lumbar Regulating Knob
  • Elevation Of Seat And Tilt Calibration
  • Compact And Solid Seat

It has every feature in it to provide you with maximum contentment and peace and assistance. This is the true flag bearer of the all-in-one compact office chair. This chair can give you a 360° spin with the nylon wheels attached to the 5 legs, just like the all-rounder inside you. 

The strong inclination tension control will give you the permission whether you want your angle to be fixed or slightly flexible to avoid turning the knob multiple times.

Not just that, it has an axis underneath the chair with which you can control the height position of the chair with minimum efforts.

Sitting in one particular place continuously without moving an inch can lead to a stiff and rigid body. The heavily quilted and special mesh patterned seat will never overdo your comfort level which can degrade your performance quality.

Too much of anything is not good and this chair is here to take care of this for you to attain your foremost serenity.

The thing that makes this item distinctive is the single lumbar support managing knob. You can completely control and monitor this while keeping yourself busy.

Another great thing about this office chair is the height control, tilt control they are fixed in the centre, in order to avoid confusion. You will get 1 year of warranty against faulty performance and breakage. 

  • Gaslift Technology
  • Lumbar Support Adjustor
  • Can Hold Up To 100 Kg Weight
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • No Head Support
  • Smaller Tilt Angle


9. SAVYA HOME APEX Chairs Apollo High Back Office Chair

Are you looking for an office chair that has the best possible attributes in a moderate price range? Hold on to your old office chair because finally we have a better alternative for you and it is none other than Savya!


This practical and intellectual chair will challenge you to be the best version of you, every day! This office chair ranks among the top batches of Savya for its furnished looks and various useful attributes.

Primary Features

  • Mesh With Plastic Frame Seat
  • Any Angle Of Inclination Lock On One Side
  • A Shaft For Length Moderation On The Other Side
  • Shiny Metal Base

If you are one of those people who wants fewer complications in life, this model is the live manifestation of this desire of yours.

The smooth surface of the cushion of the headrest will definitely add to your feeling of tranquillity but along with that, your hairstyle will remain intact for the rest of the day due to zero friction.

It is an added bonus for you! With just one pressing action of your fingers, push the height of the headrest up or down for supplementary rest to your head and neck.

It also has mesh padding to it so that you can keep cool and calm while under loads of pressure. The angle is also variable with the same control system.

The abundantly and handsomely padded and minutely patterned mesh will keep you fresh and tidy and also will give you the utmost contentment from the moment you sit on it.

The controller for slanting and upper body height regulator is distinctively on opposite sides so that if you feel the need to readjust it, you can effortlessly do it while typing on the keyboard.

You just have to remember the direction which is not rocket science to get.

The forearm rest can move two inches in wavering motion and the chair inclination angle does not go beyond 125° which is considered as the ideal angle. This not so overrated apex chair is showered with 3.4 stars and you will get the maintenance-free for a year.

  • Cosmopolitan Look
  • Reasonable Price With Exclusive Properties
  • Underrated Knob Designs


10. SAVYA Home APEX Apollo Engineered Plastic Frame Office Chair

If you own one of Savya’s office chairs, you can now proudly say that your one is actually unique and different from others.


But unlike any other things in your life, Savya office chairs strive to keep its promise of forever and always and will never let go of you. This chair is precisely goals that everyone wishes to have in their life!

Primary Features

  • Padded head rest with a length varying technology
  • Lower spine support inculcated with spring
  • Steel base coated with chrome
  • Accurate shape of headrest and backrest

This home apex apollo chair is such a put-together model that it will keep you in a good shape even after the hardest day! The exceptional line mesh will keep you fresh and tidy and the reclining and height adjusting lever will help you achieve that extra dose of relaxation and rest. 

Get the best of your comfort level by inclining backward up to 125°! The headrest has the same quality and material of padding as the seat cushion.

Your head, which is the RAM of your body, will get its optimum rest and support throughout the working hours.

Due to its movable system, along with your head, your neck will also get its support with this headrest. So, no more sore neck from now on.

The hefty and graceful hand-rest may look like it is held up by just one branch but it will hold your arms and hold it up while you will be busy working. It looks like a bridge and functions like one as well-strong and long-lasting.

The lumbar support is so broad that it covers most of the surface area of your lower back and by now you know what that means-maximum support!

It also has a rotatable adjuster which indicates that you can get the comfort of the bed at the office! The base of this chair will radiate its spark from a far distance for its steel material and chrome overcoat.

Have that extra jazz in your movements with the 360° swirling mechanism and finish up your tasks with swiftness.

The polished matt finish wheels contrast the legs and are extraordinarily sturdy. It is another one of the highly-rated models from Savya and it stands tall holding amazing reviews on amazon.

  • High Back Chair
  • Overall Adjustable
  • Heavy
  • High Maintenance


11. SAVYA HOME Apex Chairs Delta MB Umbrella Base Office Chair

The road towards success may be bumpy and full of rocks but the office chairs from Savya will make it smoother for you.


The office chairs are equipped with superior grade wheels that are not only unbreakable but will give you easy and trouble-free gliding experience. This home apex Apollo chrome base office chair has a first-class, chic design that will help you attain the pinnacle of gratification.

Primary Features

  • Minute Hole Patterned Mesh
  • Ingenious And Refined Armrest
  • Brawny Steel Spine Rest
  • Smooth, Rust-Free Nylon Wheels
  • Ultra Strong Base

This Savya home apex office chair will bestow upon you the epitome of satisfaction with its cushioned and the best ergonomic soft seat and sophisticated armrest. This office chair will give you a homely feel even when you are under tremendous pressure!

This office chair is paramount of all chairs. This chair will leave you wanting for more.

The seat of this chair constitutes of heavily padded and minutely patterned polyurethane foam which will give you the best experience of comfort because of its thick quality cushion.

This foam material will not allow you to completely sink down but it actually helps you stay elevated. The mesh allows your back to breathe in the air and thus eliminating the heat to usher in.

The structure and shape of the lumbar support look like a handle but has its medicinal advantages. It will support both your lower back region and the mid-region of your spinal cord which are the prone areas for aches and stiffness.

The 50mm wheels are of nylon material and it is so sleek that even if it is made to move on an uneven carpet, it will not lose its smooth performance and will protect your precious hardwood floor as well.

The sturdy, 26 inch stainless and rust-free plastic legs grasp the chair with pride and strength and will keep maintaining its shiny look forever!

The gas-lift for the vacillating height management increases its lifespan by two times. It has been given the honour of the best selling office chair in India with over 3000 ratings on Amazon.

  • Handle-Like Spine Support
  • Perfectly Positioned Hand-Rest
  • Curved Back-Rest
  • Simple Design
  • No Lumbar Adjustment System


Buying Guide – Best Office Chairs in India

Buying an office chair is fun but it is exhausting at the same time. If you are totally oblivious and have zero knowledge of the primary features of the product and have not done our homework in advance.

Then, it would involve a lot of bewilderment and perplexity and a lot of our time and money will go in vain as well.


This buying guide is going to give you the complete knowledge of an office chair and will prevent you from all the above mentioned unfortunate situations and will lead you to your specific destination and you can thank us later!

There are innumerable varieties of office chairs accessible in the online world that can easily baffle and confuse us. It is quite obvious that a regular chair will not do for you. You need something more than regular now; a chair that is a clear cut definition of merit.

So, before you go ahead and pick “the one”, assemble in your mind all your basic needs such as any health issues or the size of the chair, etc and without a fail decide on a proper and discrete budget.

After figuring all these out, learn about all the characteristics of the chairs that will be the guiding light for you to choose the right one.

Without any further ado, let us hope on the list of attributes that an ideal office chair should contain.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Office Chair in India

1. Lower Back (lumbar) Support

Nearly every one of us tends to slouch down in a few minutes of being in a seated position. This is an unintentional phenomenon that gives birth to bad posture and inflexibility.

If the office chair comes with lumbar-support, it will help you fix your posture and will be a barrier to the unbearable pain.

If you are someone who has back pain and spinal cord injuries, this attribute should be the top point in your priority list.

Look for a chair that will give you strong and cushiony support side by side to your lower back area. If the chair has lumbar support, it must be adjustable.

If it is in such a spot that can poke you and ultimately cause discomfort, the pain might get worse. So an attached knob will give you the controlling option to set the support accordingly.

2. Shape

This is a much-underrated attribute and the majority of people overlook this. Our spinal cord has a nice curve and for this reason, if we try to sit on a straight chair for an extended period of time, we are ought to experience agony.

The “spinal-shaped” chairs, which are identifiable if it is shaped like a slight “S”, will attach itself with the natural shape of your spinal cord and that is how you can have a posture without doing yoga!


3. Height of the chair and Calibration Option

This is another significant feature of a chair. Do you ever notice that sometimes, either the chair is too large as compared to the table or the table is taller than the chair? This disturbs the OCD in all of us, I am sure!

Having an idea on the length of your table and your height is a crucial step before you move forward to the decision whether you want a medium chair or an executor/director chair.

Again, check if it has a calibration option if the height of the chair is increasable or not. The maximum office chairs will give you the liberty to move up to the 5-inch mark. These kinds of chairs will suit you irrespective of your height.

4. Dimensions

Dimension depicts the length, wideness, and the depth of the chair. All these, together, constitute the overall composition of a chair. Your chair should have flexible dimensions that can fit in any shape and size of individuals.

The seat should be wide enough to give you complete support of your thighs and should have such a depth that will not hinder or distort the absolute angle and body position.

A good 35-45 inches height, 20-25 inches depth, and 20-25 inches of wideness are the numerical values for an ideal chair.


5. Material of the Seat + Cushion

It is a fact that the material and fabric of any product is an essential and obligatory component to look at and should be checked before the purchase. The premium and finest material for the seat of an office chair is the smooth overcoat of either mesh or leather.

If your office location is in a humid and warm region, it is always preferable to go for the mesh material.

The mesh has breathable pores which will keep the ventilation running. Otherwise, it is completely up to you which material best compliments you!

The right cushion becomes your best friend if you have to dedicate long hours in your cubicle. Always try to pick a good quality foamy cushion. Your main objective and focus are to stay upright throughout the day and finish your targets, not to sink further-more into comfort!

6. Armrest

We as human beings cannot survive without support. The armrest of the chair also aids in keeping a good stance all around the day. A soft, tender cushion will give your arms to settle in and will take in all the load and pressure off your shoulders!

A modifiable armrest will be the cherry to the cake! Whether your arms are straight or in the right angle, whatever is the position, within the range of 2 inches, you will get all the desirable comfort.


7. Wheels and 360° Motion

Wheels are the very foot and the premise that actually carries the chair. If the base is not strong, then the chair will not last long. A bulk number of office chairs contains four to five wheels.

Whether it is an uneven surface or a costly wooden floor, it will not leave behind any residue or mark on that floor. We tend to become lazier when we are over-burdened with a lot of tasks.

Just in case you have to pick up a document file from the farthest corner cubicle or whether you want to part of the gossip in the adjacent row, with these castor wheels and the 360° swivel technology, hug the laziness in you and be productive at the same time. Be the king of multi-tasking!

8. Assurance

If the chair is solid and firm in nature, it should come with a strong warranty as well! Generally, the office chair manufacturing companies provide a maximum of a years’ warranty for any malfunctions and damages, but not for the fabric though.

So if you unknowingly spill coffee in your seat, the company will not entertain the issue. Thus, you should always play your part in taking good care of the chair, just like it takes care of you.

You should always maintain a healthy and good relationship with your chair by cleaning your chair once a while.


9. Bonus Point

It is highly recommended to go for a chair that can adjust itself in any space. Now that we are aware of the features that every office chair must have, let us know a little more about them by learning some cool facts!

Comfort = Better Yield

Every organisation and institutions should have a healthy work culture that will allow its employees to have fun and be comfortable while aiming to take the company forward.

So, if the employees will have better quality chairs to sit, that will help them achieve the ultimate satisfaction, automatically that will result in a better work rate and output.

So, we can safely say that comfort is directly proportional to better productiveness.

Ergonomic Chair

When you hear this term for the first time, it might startle but it has a very simple hidden meaning. Everything around us affects us in some or the other way.

So, ergonomics is basically how things implanted in the work environment affects you. It can have both positive and negative effects.

Now talking in context to office chairs, the chair you sit on helps you from getting hold of the dream client for the company to getting promoted.

These successes are the resultant of the serene feels and support from the moment your hips and thighs come in contact with the seat.

If the chair you have selected has an ergonomic attribute, you can rest assured that your chair will bring to you all the characteristic qualities that aim for excellence!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Office Chairs in India

Q1. What office chair is best for your back?

Ans. Back pain can be genetic as well as it can be acquired in your lifetime. It especially escalates when you start getting older and when you sit for long hours at your office or home working consistently, day and night.

The office chairs that have ergonomic technology and adjustable lumbar support are the best for your back. 

So, choose your chair smartly which comes with a decent quality of cushion which has a moderate level of softness in it. Nevertheless, please consult your doctor if you have serious spinal cord injuries.

Q2. Are office chairs comfortable?

Ans. Like mentioned earlier, comfort level is distinctive for every human being. Person-X might like a hard surface and person-Y might like a tender and smooth surface.

The changeable inclination option, armrest, foam cushion are some of the attributes that transform a chair into a comfortable one.

Most of the premier office chairs are infused with ergonomic technology. So, if your office chair is ergonomic, then yes, your office chair is comfortable.

Q3. How to clean office chairs?

Ans. The most vulnerable area that can get dirty is your seat cushion. The wheels and the lower side of the chair also accumulate lots of dirt. The cleaning method is very simple.

Grab a bucket of water and mix any soap or shampoo in it. Take a sponge and start rubbing it onto the surface of the seat and all the places where you will find is not clean.

Then leave it to dry or if you are impatient, then blow dry it using a dryer. It is consequential to keep the chair clean. You will feel better when you sit on a clean chair also it will have a good impact on the longevity of the chair.

Q4. Where to buy ergonomic office chair?

Ans. When you can lie back on your bed or sofa and scroll through the options of the item you want and with one click you can get it at your doorstep, why take the pain of going out?

Although, some of us still prefer offline shopping, hopping on to various stores to find the match. But, in the online world, you will be provided with a lot of options and you can finally cling on to one of them.

You can also find lots of reviews and comments by the preview buyers and customers which will make the journey of buying a less bumpy. 

Q5. Which office chair brand is good?

Ans. All office chair brands are good as long as they are fulfilling your desires and requirements. But if you are seeking a specific answer, Savya is the best office chair brand you will find on amazon.

Check out its amazing and alluring models of office chairs and hop on to one of them or how so many you want!

Conclusion – Best Office Chairs in India

Office chairs can be costly because of some of the most effective and amazing features it might have. Even if you have a low budget, try to look at the characteristics of the chair before buying it.

Products like chairs are long time investments. You should never compromise your health. It should be your primary concern. So, always go by the quality of the chair. Invest in it once and enjoy comfort for years!

But if you still have a tight budget, the best chair that you can buy is Da URBAN Miller Medium Back revolving Office Chair.


If you are flexible on the money factor and you always want the best Office chair in India, then go for Misuraa Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Chair with Advanced Synchro-Tilt Mechanism for Office & Home!

Happy shopping and happy office hours!

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