10 Best Surge Protectors in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

How many times have you seen your house regain power after an electricity cut, only to see the fans running at variable speeds, and the lights tripping? And how many times have you used your precious appliances in the midst of such fluctuations anyway?

We admit that weve all turned a blind eye to voltage fluctuations every now and again.

We all think that paying thousands of bucks on our microwaves, laptops, televisions, and refrigerators somehow automatically immunizes them to voltage fluctuations.


Well, thats not entirely untrue, bigger home appliances like refrigerators do come with comprehensive technologies to save them from the ills of voltage fluctuations. These inbuilt technologies, however, no matter how complex, are not exhaustive.

Frequent and substantially large voltage fluctuations will slowly wear your appliances down in the long run, unless you take certain measures to safeguard your appliances.

The most economical and effective way to protect your device from these threats is via the means of a surge protector.

A surge protector is essentially a voltage stabilizer and multi-plug extension board amalgamated into one device.

Surge protectors look like traditional multi-plug devices. What they do is that when theres a surge in voltage, these appliances allow some of the current to pass through, while absorbing the rest on their own and carrying that extra current to the fuse, thereby effectively disabling it.

We’ll get back to these pointers along with some others in the Buying Guide. But for now, let us walk you through the ten best surge protectors dominating the market today.

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These are the Top 10 Best Surge Protectors in India

Best Surge Protectors in India in 2021

1. Honeywell Platinum 4 Out Surge Protector

Honeywell is a good old brand that started out with simply the production of thermostats, and now grosses billions of dollars yearly. The Honeywell Platinum 4 Out Surge Protector is a Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) surge, protector.


A MOV surge protector works with a coil of metal oxide at its helm. This chunk only comes into play when there’s a surge in the voltage by absorbing the extra power. When the voltage levels are normal, this part remains dormant.

Primary Features

  • Metal Oxide Varistor Technology
  • Reacts and fights off surges in less than 1 nanosecond
  • Comes with circuit breaker
  • Comes with indicative LED lights

This protector can easily withstand voltage surges rising as high as 6000 volts and can absorb 306 joules of energy, thanks to its Metal Oxide Varistor technology. Even if the surge protector’s maximum capacity is exceeded substantially, it’s fireproof built keeps you and your home safe.

The best part is that instead of employing a fuse, which needs to be replaced every time voltage surges, this appliance comes with a circuit breaker that can simply be reset.

Consider it like the restart button on your phone, that’ll make your device as good as new after every glitch. As we have mentioned before, surges in voltage can arrive and vanish in just 5 nano-seconds.

This means that if your surge protector isn’t quick enough to respond to the surge in voltage within that time frame, then all the devices that you have plugged into the surge protector will bear the brunt of the surge.

This will render your surge protector useless and nothing short of a wasted investment. Thankfully, this Honeywell Surge Protector detects and wards off voltage surges in under a nano-second.

So that your appliances don’t even get a whiff of the rising energy levels. This device comes with two indicators, one to inform you that it’s up and working, which is the protection indicator, and the other to tell you that it’s grounded.

The grounding light indicates that the socket your surge protector is connected to is well grounded>, this implies that any voltage surges will be carried to the ground and not to the socket or your devices.

If the grounding light is not on, then there’s either an issue with your surge protector or with the wiring of your home. Either way, you should get an inspection at the earliest. Finally, this surge protector comes with 4 sockets, so you can plug-in your LCD and laptop, all at once.

  • Fireproof appliance keeps your home safe
  • Reacts to surges in under 1 nanosecond
  • Comes with a circuit breaker
  • Substantial capacity of withstanding surges as high as 6000 volts
  • Each socket doesn’t come with a separate power on switch


2. Belkin Essential Series 4-Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket

Belkin is an American brand that creates a range of daily-use electrical appliances at minimal costs. It produces a number of adapters and chargers for your laptops and tablets, and what’s better is that it also produces surge protectors.


So you can safely plug in all your other Belkin products! This product, as the name suggests, comes with 4 plug points that can sustain all the lighter appliances in your home like desktops, laptops, etc.

Primary Features

  • Comes with a 1 ½ meter long cable, and four plug points
  • Successfully detects and fights off surges and spikes within a nanosecond
  • Has an absorption rate of 200 joules
  • Capacity of withstanding 6.5 kilo amps of current surge
  • This 0.48 kilogram heavy appliance
  • Comes with a five year long warranty period

It comes with 4 plug points that are each connected to two lines that are grounded and one that conducts energy within the system. These three lines that are connected to each of the four slots ensure that any excess energy flowing in the circuit, that could potentially harm your gadgets, is effectively grounded. 

This appliance comes with a sufficiently long cable that runs up to 1.5 meters. This ensures that you can comfortably sit wherever you want in your house, without being chained to a plug point.

This surge protector has an absorption rate of 200 joules; this means that when there is a surge in voltage and the power flowing through the circuit increases, this surge protector can easily absorb 200 joules of that extra power.

This device has its limit set at 6.5 kilo-amps of spike in current, which is more than enough for home use. This means that this device can successfully ward off sudden rises in current flow of upto 6.5 kilo amps, however if the surge is greater than that, the device will break down.

Since, the current and voltage spikes appear and disappear within a couple of nanoseconds, this surge protector comes equipped with a reaction time of 1 nanosecond, so that the current spikes never reach your expensive gadgets.

  • Super reasonably priced
  • Each of the 4 plug points comes connected to 3 grounding lines
  • 1.5 meters long cable doesn’t constrict your movement
  • Absorption rate of 200 joules is a little low


3. Goldmedal Curve Plus 205101 Plastic 240 i-Strip LED Spike Guard Adaptors

Goldmedal is an Indian brand, which was brought together by the best minds in the business from the South back in ’79. Since then, it has become one of India’s foremost brands in the field of electrical circuits and all things related.


This product is a comprehensive, all-in-one product that not only safeguards your appliance from voltage surges and spikes, but also provides a blanket of defense from possible short-circuit malfunctions and even overloading.

Primary Features

  • This appliance comes with surge protection
  • Aesthetic body comes with six universal plug points
  • The cable is 2 meters long and comes with a Velcro tie

You’d think that defense against a triple threat would spike this device’s price up, but no! It costs just as much, if not lesser than most surge protectors out there. It also comes with 6 plug points that are compatible with Indian, American, and European adaptors alike. 

Let us first start with the aesthetics of this appliance. While the exterior comes with a glossy, white finish, that’s not it. There are also LED light panels on either side of the appliance, that turn on when the device is in use.

This gives the device a sophisticated look and an edge over its competitors. Now let’s talk about how this appliance guards your gadgets and gizmos.

As we know, it functions as a surge protector by detecting sudden spikes in voltage within nano-seconds and absorbing the extra energy, without letting the excess energy ever reach your gadgets.

Next, it keeps your appliances safe from the ills of short circuits. Short circuits basically refer to phenomenon wherein current flows through channels it isn’t supposed to go to. This excess in current in areas where it isn’t intended can cause fires.

To prevent such fires and overheating instances, this appliance comes with an inbuilt switch that trips and breaks the supply of current off, killing off the possibility of fires.

Thirdly, this appliance provides defense against overloading. Overloading refers to situations wherein more power is drawn out of plugs than they are equipped for.

Additionally, this device is also made entirely out of fire-proof parts, so that even if its protective capacity is exceeded, the appliance simply breaks down, instead of succumbing to fires.

It can withstand a surge of at most 6.5 kilo amps, which is more than enough protection your home will ever need. Finally, the plugin cable is 2 meters long and comes with a Velcro tie so you can neatly wrap it around the device’s body when traveling.

  • Sufficiently long cable, comes with a Velcro tie
  • 6 plug points, compatible with all types of plugs
  • Provides protection against not just voltage surges
  • Fully fireproof body
  • LED light panels add to aesthetic qualities of the device
  • No light to indicate grounding


4. FEDUS Switch Board Surge Protectors Spike Buster

Here’s another all-inclusive product that has picked the best features out of every appliance we’ve seen so far and has even incorporated technology to work on the few shortcomings we could find.


This best of the very best surge protector is brought to you by Fedus, an electrical appliance brand that has been dominating all Indian retailing platforms with its economical and user-friendly products.

Primary Features

  • It can withstand the load of multiple appliances together
  • It comes with 4 plug points
  • It helps eliminate excessive flow of current through the board
  • The surge protector is encased in Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic
  • This 0.49 kilogram heavy appliance can easily be fixed onto walls

The FEDUS Surge Protector comes with 4 sockets, and each of these sockets comes with a power switch. This ensures that there is no excess current flowing through the surge protector and that current only flows to the sockets where devices are plugged in. 

Next, just like the last appliance, this one too not only combats surges and spikes in voltage but also other common threats like short circuits and subsequent fire hazards, and even overloading.

This appliance can withstand a power load of 1.5 KWatts, so you can easily connect it to your computers, home theaters, laptops, etc.

Additionally, the appliance is covered with high-quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic which greatly adds to its resistance against heat and fire.

In fact, this appliance can withstand temperatures as high as 135 degrees Celsius, ensuring that no-overheating during short circuits or overloads will lead this device into catching fire.

The sockets are carved out of copper, and the cord is covered with Polyvinyl Chloride plastic, both of which show great heat resistance.

Speaking of the cord, this cord is as long as 4 meters, meaning that you never have to be confined to a spot near a plug point, and can seat yourself in whichever cozy corner of your house you prefer.

Additionally, the copper-based plug points are pretty well spaced out and act as universal sockets, compatible with plugs from just about anywhere in the world. If you don’t want a coiled cord giving your table or your floor an untidy look, you can easily fix this board onto your walls, as it comes with 2 gaps for nails in the back. 

  • ABS plastic body provides great thermal and flame insulation
  • Each of the four plugs has its own power switch
  • Combats voltage spikes, short-circuits and overloading
  • Exceptionally long cord, measures 4 meters in length
  • One of the most affordable products on this list
  • Absorption rate isn’t mentioned


5. ELV Surge Protector and Spike Guard

ELV is a famous Indian brand that essentially retails the more sophisticated electronics youll find in the average Indian household. ELV deals in some of the best Surge protectors in the country. This product acts as an all-in-one barrier to the triple threats of voltage surges.


Absent-minded exceeding of the devices energy capacity, and finally of overheating as a result of short-circuits. The best part about this appliance is its ability to support the heavier electronics in your house, like your refrigerator and microwaves. 

Primary Features

  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic encased body
  • 3 pairs of sockets, all with plastic insulated internal wiring
  • Grade A Brass and copper interiors
  • Ten Ampere Metal Oxide Varistor Technology
  • Allows you to plug in heavy-duty equipment

However, bear in mind that this appliance can capacitate an energy requirement of 1 kilowatts, so ensure that you never plug these devices in together. There are 3 pairs of plug points, all once again lined with grade A copper and brass, to only bring to you the most enhanced quality of care.

Since this device is circular in shape, it’s 17.4 cm wide diameter ensures that all the plug points are adequately spread out. This implies that you and your family can simultaneously charge your phones and laptops without having to fight for space.

Like the first product we discussed, this surge protector too is a Metal Oxide Varistor, which as we mentioned before, makes use of a coiled chunk of metal oxide to soak up the excess current flowing through the device.

This very mechanism comes into play with short-circuits as well, along with a trip switch that turns the appliance off on its own accord should an excess in current flow, overheating, or overloading be discovered.

The Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic body provides great thermal insulation and also comes with loops that allow this appliance to be fixed on your wall like a hanging. It’s not just that the plug-in cable is long, measuring over 1.8 meters.

Also that it comes with a thick smear of rubber coating, for insulation, flame, and heat resistance. The coating is 0.75 mm thick and what’s interesting is that even the wiring inside the surge protector is properly insulated via the means of this same rubber coating. 

  • 3 pairs of adequately-spread plug points
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic
  • Protects against not just voltage surges
  • Can support heavier appliances
  • All six sockets are controlled by only one switch


6. Bajaj 4-Way Spike and Surge Protector

India without Bajaj is as incomplete as a picture could ever get. Bajaj has been the pioneer of automobiles and electrical appliances in India since as far back as our memories could go. This product comes with two pairs of plug points that are all spaciously spread out.


Allowing you to plug in varying sizes of plugs into the sockets together, without any blocking. This surge protector makes use of fuse technology, which is unlike what we’ve seen so far. Most surge protectors we’ve seen so far make use of circuit breakers as opposed to fuses.

Primary Features

  • 2 pairs of sufficiently spaced out sockets reduce blocking
  • Comes with an indicative Led light
  • Allows for flow of 6 amperes of current
  • Can capacitate heavy activity of 1.5 kilo volt-amperes
  • The plug in cable is a couple of meters long

If there’s a surge or spike in voltage, circuit breakers break the flow of current and after that allow for the appliance to simply be restarted. Fuses on the other hand, are where the excess current is carried to, after the conductor has reached its absorption rate.

Thus if the surge or spike is too high, then the fuse may even blow, which is not entirely uncommon. This calls for regular servicing and frequent replacement of the fuse, which may not be too convenient, especially when there’s more enhanced technology out there.

This Bajaj surge protector performs exceedingly well in all the parameters. It comes with a capacity of 1.5 kilo-Volt-Amperes which is roughly the same as 1.5 KiloWatts, meaning that overloading this appliance would be a difficult task.

This surge protector works on a flow of 6 amperes of current, which is exceedingly suitable for home use. Additionally, the cable is a couple of meters long and what’s better is that its thick plastic insulation makes it highly flame resistant.

  • Least expensive appliance on the list
  • 1.5kilo Volt-Amperes is incredible load capacity for home use
  • Long cord with thick, flame-resistant, heat-insulating plastic coating
  • There’s an LED light to indicate active protection from surges
  • Fuse may blow and need replacement


7. Syska SSK-EBS-0402 ABS 4 Way Power Strip Surge Protector

Syska is easily one of the most trusted brands present in the market today. It is economical, stylish, and has taken over the Indian market in the blink of an eye, which is definitely not a surprise because when it comes to quality, Syska never holds back.


This Syska surge protector definitely carries the brand’s baton of quality forward, given that it is one of the most comprehensive appliances on this list. What’s better is, that it not only does a good job at protecting your gadgets, but it also looks superb while doing it!

Primary Features

  • Comes with Universal Serial Bus portals
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic body
  • Featherweight appliance comes with a 0.35 kilogram

First of all, let us start with the aesthetic appeal of this product. We know that how your surge protector looks are the least of your worries when frequent voltage fluctuations are slowly eating away at your gadgets’ lives, really, we get it.

But we also get that no one would willingly open their house to guests with an untidy, coiled, mess of a switchboard lying on the floor, at least not when there is a better option available. That option is this Syska product.

This product comes with a matt grey finish, which gives it an exceedingly classy look. In addition, its featherweight body weighs only 0.349 kilograms, allowing for it to be mounted easily.

This surge protector makes use of unique technology, wherein it doesn’t ground or absorb and fuse the excess current that seeps into the circuit during voltage surges or spikes, rather it does something else entirely.

It acts as a dam for the extra current, which keeps the excess in a reservoir for a while, and just as the floodgates of the dams are opened at regular intervals to let small amounts of water out.

This product in a similar fashion lets the current back into the circuit. This ingenious technology comes coupled with the fact that each of the four plug points comes with its own power switch.

So current only flows to the plugs where it’s needed, reducing the excess even when there is no incidence of surge or spike. Apart from the plug points, there are also Universal Serial Bus Portals, so if your phone or camera charger is missing an adaptor, you can just plug the cable in and relax.

  • Comes with additional Universal Serial Bus portals
  • 2 pairs of plug points are adaptable both with local and other types of switches
  • Lightweight appliance, weighs only 0.349 kilograms
  • Load capacity isn’t given


8. EMBOX LDNIO Extension Boards Surge Protector

This is yet another all-inclusive product that not only caters to all your needs but also to all the different types of plugs your adaptors fit into.


This surge protector comes with three plug points that are adaptable as sockets from all over the world, and if your adaptors still don’t fit into them, you can simply make use of one of the three pairs of Universal Serial Bus slots provided along with!

Primary Features

  • Comes with 9 sockets
  • Universal Serial Bus sockets come with smart sensors
  • Comes with a load capacity of 2.5 kilowatts
  • Safeguards your gadgets from overloading

Although each of the 9 portals doesn’t come with its own power button, there is a central power button and a white LED light that tells you that the surge protector is up and running. There’s no light to inform you of grounding, however.

Next comes the extension cable, this is as per usual, a couple of meters long and comes with a 0.75 mm thick coating of Polyvinyl chloride. This ensures that the cable insulates heat and doesn’t succumb to flames.

Likewise, to protect the main body, the most premium type of plastic among surge protectors, that is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is employed.

While the appliance protects your gadgets and gizmos from the threats of voltage spikes and surges, it also caters to the problems of overloading and an excessive flare-up in body temperature as a result.

Since, this surge protector comes with almost ten outlets, its ability to capacitate that many appliances is also a must. Thankfully, this appliance shines out here also with its mammoth 2.5 kilowatt capacity.

The flow of current allowed through the surge protector, at any given time, is 10 amperes. Moreover, the Universal Serial Bus outlets come with a special feature. These outlets are equipped with sensors that relay to the outlet information regarding what kind of appliance has been connected to the outlet.

After this information has been gathered, these smart sensors automatically adjust the amount of power passed through the outlet and into the appliance, with respect to the specific requirement of each different type of appliance. This helps in optimizing and significantly cutting down on the amount of time your appliances require to be plugged in for.

  • Can plug in almost ten devices into a single, compact switchboard
  • Smart sensors in Universal Serial Bus outlets optimize charging time
  • Caters to surges as well as overloading
  • Comes with mammoth maximum load capacity of 2.5 kilowatts
  • Slightly expensive


9. Goldmedal Essenza 09211 Plastic Plugged-in Spike Guard

Goldmedal is here to outshine the rest once again, with yet another banger of a product. This product is one of the most affordable, versatile, and durable models on the market and has an absorption rate high enough to render countless other surge protectors useless.


It comes with 3 pairs of plug points, that are all adaptable and fit in adaptors from anywhere in the world, Indian or not. What’s better is that this model accommodates as many as six outlets in its compact frame that only stretches upto 27 cm in length and about 24 cm in breadth.

Primary Features

  • Comes with three pairs of plug point
  • Effectively protects your appliances from voltage surges
  • Each of the outlets comes attached with grounding lines individually
  • Additional features include an LED light, flame proof plastic body

Additionally, the interiors of the outlets are lined with phosphor bronze, which is less susceptible to overheating related problems. It is a heavy-duty switchboard that allows you to connect energy-consuming appliances like home theatre systems, heavy bass sound systems, and etcetera.

Each of the outlets comes with its own grounding connection, via the line-ground and neutral-ground lines. Not only do these grounding lines run centrally, but they also connect separately to each of the outlets for added protection.

This appliance comes with an absorption rate as high as 6.5 kilo Amperes, which as we mentioned before, would bring several of its competitors in the business to shame.

6.5 kilo amperes worth of surge protection is more than your household will ever need, especially if your connections are well-grounded.

Both the body and the cable are carved out of plastics that provide sufficient thermal insulation and flame protection.

An LED light turns on whenever the appliance is in use, telling you that the surge protector is actively monitoring any changes in the flow of current.

There is also a power button for the entire circuit; however, there are no individual switches to dictate each of the outlets. You can wrap up the extension cord neatly around the switchboard, when in transit, by the means of the Velcro wrap provided.

  • Can connect heavy duty appliances
  • 6.5 kilo amperes of surge absorption is ample protection
  • Velcro wrap makes the appliance convenient
  • Compact size
  • Just one central power switch, cannot control each of the sockets separately


10. Havells 6A Four-Way Extension Board

Havells is an Indian gem that has completely redefined the Indian landscape in terms of the market for electrical appliances. This brand always produces economical and durable products, incorporating all the best technologies in the world, whether it’s a ceiling fan.


This surge protector allows a maximum power of 6 amperes and is designed to function at 240 volts. It can capacitate a load of 2.4 kilo watts, making it suitable for most of your home appliances.

Primary Features

  • Comes with two pairs of plug points
  • Protects your appliances from voltage surges
  • Can capacitate a current flow of 6 amperes and a load 2.4 kilo watts

There are two pairs of plug points, which as per standard, come incompatibility with local as well as foreign plugs. Although these outlets don’t come with individual power switches, there is an overall power button that regulates functioning.

Placed on the other end is a little red light, which tells you whether the surge protector is functioning or not. There is no light to indicate grounding. This product, too, makes use of fuse technology to prevent surges from damaging your appliances.

Fuse based surge protectors generally cost half as much as other types of surge protectors, wherein lies their allure. This appliance has an absorption rate of 6000 amperes. This implies that when there’s a voltage surge, of the entire rise in power, 6000 amperes is absorbed by the conductor and taken to the fuse.

If the surge exceeds the absorption rate then the fuse may blow and need replacing. The body is carved out of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene which shows excellent thermal resistance.

Doesn’t melt until temperatures rise up to 135 degrees Celsius, giving it inbuilt protection against flame. Finally, the plugin cable extends to 2 meters in length, which can stretch across the floor or easily fixed onto your walls.

  • Can be easily set up on your walls
  • Has excellent absorption rate of 6000 amperes
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene body
  • Fuse may need regular replacement


Buying Guide – Best Surge Protectors in India

Surge Protector can seem like quite a complicated device. And we’re not denying that it is, the difference between watts and volts and amps is a bit of a puzzle for the best of us.


However, keeping a few pointers in mind can simplify the process of choosing the best surge protector for your home.

Factors to consider while buying a Surge Protector

1. The Greater the Absorption rate, the Better

The absorption rate is what defines the capacity of your surge protector. What this means is that when there’s a rise or surge in voltage, the amount of energy in the circuit also rises substantially.

This sudden rise in voltage and energy is what harm’s the appliances as they’re designed to operate within a range of volts and amps.

Thus, what the surge protector does is that it simply absorbs this excess, and keeps it from traveling to your appliances.

The amount of excess energy it can contain is called the absorption rate. When the absorption rate is exceeded, the surge protector breaks down and your appliances suffer.

This is why the greater the absorption rate, the better. The absorption rate is usually either measured in Amperes or Joules. Any amount over 5000 amps or 300 joules should suffice in keeping your appliances safe.


2. Check for the Clamping Voltage before you plug-in your Devices

Clamping voltage is the maximum number of volts that are let through the surge protector in case of a surge. Once that limit is exceeded, the absorption process kicks in.

This measure is important to note because if your appliance is designed to operate at say 170 volts, and the surge protector allows for a clamping voltage of 240 volts, then the surge protector is of no help to your device.


3. If your Surge Protector doesn’t react within three Nanoseconds, then it may already be too late

Response time is again of crucial importance. As the terminology suggests, the response time is the amount of time it takes your surge protector to detect and then adequately react to a spike or surge in voltage.

A spike differs from a surge in the sense that a spike appears and vanishes in under three nanoseconds, while a surge may exceed 5 nanoseconds typically.

3 nano-seconds or 5 don’t really matter because even a spike that comes and goes within one nanosecond can harm your appliances. This is why you should always go for a surge protector with a response time equal to or less than a nanosecond, otherwise, it’s of no use.

4. Is Surge Protection Enough Or Do You Need Safeguards Against Other Threats Too?

Short circuits and overloading may not be as common as voltage fluctuations, but they sure do deserve their fair share of importance. Short circuits basically refer to phenomenon wherein current flows through channels it isn’t supposed to go to.

This change in channels can lead to overheating, spark generation, and in extreme cases, fire. Overloading, on the other hand, refers to situations wherein more power is drawn out of plugs than they are equipped for.

Surge protectors often also employ technology to combat these two problems, while staying in the same price range. So isn’t it always better to go for three at the price of one?


5. Check the Number of Sockets & If they come with Individual Power Switches

While the number of outlets is an obvious consideration, what we often forget to look into is whether all of these sockets are controlled by one central power switch or if each of these sockets comes with its own controls.

The latter is always preferred because even if you haven’t plugged anything into an outlet, if it’s switched on, it’s still consuming energy.

Therefore, even without surges, if you’ve only connected devices into two out of the four sockets provided, you’re consuming more energy than required. This doesn’t harm your devices, but it’s certainly inefficient.


6. Fireproof

Well, no surge protector is entirely fireproof, all the substances that go into the making of a surge protector, like plastic or copper wiring are inflammable, albeit at higher temperatures than other materials.

But there are some materials like Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Polyvinyl Chloride plastic that show greater resistance to fires and tend to insulate heat much better. So, it’d be beneficial to opt for an appliance that makes use of these materials and not cheaper, less resistant plastics.


7. An Led Light is Not Enough, Your Light should indicate Grounding

Okay, this one might limit your options a little bit, because most surge protectors, like normal switchboards, come with a single LED light to tell you that the appliance is functioning.

However, it really would be in your best interest to go for a device that comes with a light that indicates whether the socket your surge protector is plugged into is grounded or not.

If it’s well-grounded the light turns on, if it is not, then the light won’t turn on. Either way, you’ll know when your home’s wiring needs an inspection.

8. Additional Features

Factors like warranty, length of the cable, the option of Universal Serial Bus ports, whether the appliance can be mounted, make for additional factors.

The price of the appliance may also make for consideration, but surge protectors typically cost over 400 bucks and less than 1500, so the price shouldn’t factor in too much, as compared to the other features.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Surge Protectors in India

Q1. Are surge protectors and surge suppressors the same?

Ans. You can use the two terms interchangeably but there’s a little bit of a difference between the surge protectors we’ve discussed and surge suppressors. 
Surge suppressors are fit directly into your house’s mains and protect the whole house, whereas surge protectors work more like switchboards that protect the devices plugged into the board.

Q2. Will a surge protector work with an ungrounded outlet?

Ans. A Metal Oxidized Varistor will work with an ungrounded outlet, but this is because it comes with either its own circuit breaker or fuse. Surge protectors without this technology will simply act like switchboards and do nothing to protect your appliance. Even MOVs can only withstand small surges without the backup of a grounded outlet. 

Q3. Are surge protectors the same as power strips?

Ans. Surge protectors sure look like power strips, but you can consider them like their more enhanced versions that not only power multiple appliances but also protect them from spikes in voltage, which is something that power strips don’t do. 

Q4. Will a surge protector stop a circuit breaker from tripping?

Ans. Simple surge protectors will not prevent a breaker from tripping, in fact, they rely on the breaker to trip and cut off the supply of energy to the plugged-in appliances, when the capacity of the surge protector is exceeded
If your surge protectors trips, you should disconnect it because if voltage fluctuations are erratic and frequent then the breaker will keep tripping and possibly lead to sparks and fires. 
Surge protectors that also protect against short circuits and prolonged flow of excessive current can stop the breaker from tripping if they have sufficient capacity. 

Q5. How often should your surge protectors be replaced?

Ans. This is pretty crucial because most people go on assuming that buying a surge protector will keep their appliances safe forever. This is a fallacy. Surge protectors, just like other electronics, deteriorate slowly as a result of withstanding too many fluctuations.
As a result, they become less effective over time. So if your house experiences a substantial amount of power cuts and fluctuations, you should replace your surge protector yearly. Other cues include frequent tripping and non-functioning lights. 

Q6. Can you use heating appliances on surge protectors?

Ans. Heating appliances like ovens, irons, and water heaters take up much more energy than surge protectors can accommodate for. Connecting them to a surge protector would lead to overloading and so heating appliances are never connected to surge protectors. 
Some surge protectors can capacitate microwave ovens though, however, for the sake of your expensive microwave, it is advisable not to test this theory. 

Conclusion – Best Surge Protectors in India

So there you have it, you’re now partially equipped with the ability to choose the best surge protector for your home. But given the complexity of this appliance and the sensitivity of the products it protects, we advise you to research a bit more before you make your pick.

At our end, we suggest you to go with the Honeywell Platinum 4 Out Surge Protector with Master Switch is a Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) surge, protector.


It comes with its own circuit breaker, which is much more durable than the standard fuse, and also comes with indicative lights for functioning as well as grounding.

Its only drawback is that it doesn’t cater to overloads and short-circuits. However, we leave that cost-benefit analysis up to you.

Do reach out to us through the comments, should you find yourself in need of any assistance.

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  1. I really liked this blog very much as I am searching it for last 3 days . Very useful info for deciding which one i should buy.


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