10 Best Dosa Tawa in India (September 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Dosa is one of the most famous and loved dishes of all times in India.

It is a popular South Indian dish that has gained such a massive fan base because of its light surface, the stuffing of the spicy vegetable mix, and the fact that it is served with two types of chatnis.

You can very well make it on your own in your own kitchen with the most basic ingredients which are easily available in the market. But, there is a small catch here.


The layer of coating of dosa is extremely light and thin. You cannot cook in your normal frying pan or the pan you use to make chapattis.

This compelled us, the mankind to create a dosa-making pan that would have all the qualities that are required to make a perfect dosa at home!

Now, you probably might be wondering how a dosa making pan is different than the normal pan. Well, the three main important factors that segregate it from the rest of the pans are material, the thickness of the pan, and the size or the diameter of the pan.

Do not have to worry anymore because we have accumulated some of the best dosa making pans available in India from which you can easily choose.

At the end of these options, you will land into a comprehensive set of Buying Guide which will further feed you with information regarding the dosa making pan so that you can choose one with your intellect.

Without any further ado, let us start our journey by looking at the 10 Best Dosa Tawa in India.

These are the Top 10 Best Dosa Tawa in India

Best Dosa Tawa in India in 2021

1. Prestige Hard Anodized Aluminium Chapati/ Dosa Tawa

Prestige is hands down the best company that manufactures the best kitchen appliances that are bound to make your life easier. Prestige Hard Anodized Aluminium Chapati Tawa is definitely one of the best creations of Prestige and is a trustworthy product, for sure!


Prestige has been successful in inculcating modern life into a dosa tawa that will make cooking a lot easier and less painful. This particular Prestige Hard Anodized Aluminium Chapati Tawa can be used both on the induction cook-top as well as on your regular gas stoves

Primary Features

  • Hard anodised aluminium material
  • Has a induction base
  • Total thickness of 4.88 mm
  • Comfortable handle
  • Metal spoon friendly

So whether you are out of gas or out of electricity, you can still make delicious dosas! This dosa Tawa has a broad surface area so that it can soak up a larger amount of heat. This is a super-smart feature because due to this large surface and better heat conduction, you will get a nice and even surface.

Most importantly, it will cook up way faster. Even if you are cooking at high flames, your food will not get burned because the surface is heat resistant. The body of this dosa tawa is made with anodised aluminium which makes this product non-sticky.

That means your food will not stick on the surface easily. This also adds to the durability factor of the Dosa Tawa and will prevent the disruption of your food. The heat which is absorbed by the body gets evenly distributed to every corner of your food item.

One of the best features of this product is that, even if you use metal spatulas or spoons on it, it will not leave marks on its surface. Another feature that makes this Dosa Tawa long-lasting.

It has a “Perma cool” handle which makes it really comfortable to hold and to endure the weight of the pan. The base of this dosa pan is both gas stove and induction friendly!

The magnificent 2-year warranty makes this product better than no other. It has received over 4 stars on Amazon which makes the customers want it more and surely is making you want it more as well!

  • Aluminium material
  • Can work on both gas and induction
  • Long and comfortable handle
  • Wide base
  • 2 years warranty
  • A little heavy


2. Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Tawa

Hawkins is one of the oldest runners in this competition and is still one of the top companies that manufacture vogue kitchen appliances, including dosa making pan.


Year after year, Hawkins has been successful in upgrading their products to the next level as per the advancements of everyday life as well as bringing out solutions for all the problems that the customers face.

Primary Features

  • Steel handle that stays cool
  • Has four stainless steel rivets
  • Heavy base and gauge
  • Hard anodising surface
  • Pure aluminium

This Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Tawa has the attractive looks and all the features that you and your kitchen needs. This dosa Tawa has a concave surface for better and more efficient cooking and is literally the future of dosa making pans. 

This has a hard and tough anodised aluminium base which will give you crunchy and savoury results of food items like dosa, parantha, and many more items. This product not only protects itself but also prevents the food from getting destroyed.

Let us get into some more details. The best component of this product is the handle. The trick is, it is made up of stainless steel material but, it does not get heated up even after an elongated cooking time.

It is angled in a way that it becomes easier to hold and does not put much strain in your hand. The handles are attached to the body of the pan by four rivets which are extremely hard and strong and are capable of holding the weight of the body.

The base is concave shaped. This allows your food item to get the optimum heat that it requires to cook perfectly! It is nearly 4.88 mm thick and is made up of the purest form of aluminium.

You can now cook in minimum oil quantity and stay healthy and fit! The advantage of such a base is, that the material is aloof from any kind of toxins and does not have any reaction irrespective of the kind of food you are cooking.

Even after several uses, it will show no signs of corrosion and will look fresh and new for a long time. The 4.2 stars it has received are completely justified because of the brilliant attributes it holds.

  • Comes with 5 year warranty
  • Concave base
  • Pure aluminium material
  • Angled handle that remains cool
  • Multi-purpose pan
  • Hefty to use


3. Amazon Brand – Solimo Non-Stick Dosa/ Chapati Tawa

Solimo is one of the associate brands of Amazon and it manufactures and sells brawny and latest day design products and dosa making pan is a speciality of Solimo. This Tawa, 26cm has the exact looks and the attributes you have been looking for, for a very long time!


If you have a special attraction for sophisticated looks, sleek design yet stout built, then my friend, you have landed on your dream dosa Tawa. This product is the finest example of Amazon’s age-old promise of being the best and delivering the best and this Dosa Tawa will continue to shine even after rigorous everyday use! 

Primary Features

  • Hindalco aluminium used
  • Perfect for daily use
  • Has a width of 2.9 mm and weighs around 640 gm
  • Has sleek metallic red paint on the base
  • Has a 13 cm long Bakelite handle

It has high longevity due to the material with which it is built. The weight of this pan is something to vouch for. It is extremely light in weight and this is made in consideration of the fact that you will be using it on a daily basis and your wrist might end up getting injured if the weight exceeds a particular limit.

You can look at it and tell that it indeed has a thin structure. With a thickness of 2.9 mm and a minimum weight of 630 gm, it makes this product stand out from the rest.

The aluminium that is used for building this product has been taken from Hindalco, which is known to be one of the leading and famous manufacturers of aluminium in Asia!

So, you do not have to put a second thought on the built quality. The dual non-stick layer gives you the advantage of cooking low oil dishes and it is tested according to the food grade.

The body is surrounded by an uplifted wall to prevent any spilling and the height of it from the surface is around 2.5 cm.

The handle is coated and has a length of 13 cm which gives you enough space to hold it comfortably and is affixed by two rivets only. You can definitely wash it with your regular dishwasher and it is metal friendly. It has perfectly filled up 4 stars on Amazon with more than 1600 reviews.

  • Gas stove and induction friendly base
  • Long handle
  • Light weight and thin
  • Elevated sides
  • Food grade safe material
  • None, it is perfect!


4. Cello Hard Anodized Concave/Roti/Paratha Tawa

Cello is such a company that is known and loved by every generation in every household. It has gained the trust of every individual by manufacturing products for everyone.


This dosa Tawa by Cello has preserved their tradition of having a premium and classy look and the most attractive feature about the Dosa Tawa is the sturdy look and feel. This Cello Hard Anodized Concave/Roti/Paratha Tawa (25cm) is conveniently taken to the next level.

Primary Features

  • Anodised surface for tough feel
  • Complete flame proof
  • Suitable only for gas stove
  • Easy grip handle
  • Stainless surface

If you come under that percentage of people who are looking for a Dosa Tawa that can also be used for making chapattis, paranthas, omelettes, etc, then Cello Hard Anodized Concave Tawa is the perfect match for you.

Everything about this product is top-notch, starting from the patterned coating on the handle for a more firm grip, the two rivets on two respective sides joining the handle to the body, and many more features that have compelled the customers to throw all the love that it rightfully deserves.

This product is perfect for all of you who have a small kitchen and do not have much space to store utensils and in dire need of a pan that can help you cook a lot of things at the same time.

The exterior of the body is hard and anodized that aids the entire body to absorb the gas flame quickly so that you do not have to waste your time in waiting for it to heat up at the beginning and then waiting for your dish to cook perfectly inside out.

This material is also responsible for exposing the correct amount of heat and flame to the food and not burning it. Due to this factor, the food items do not stick to the body and leave any kind of stain at the end.

So, at the end of the day, maintenance and cleaning of this pan become extremely easy. The handle has a unique shape to it. There is a soft coating of a material that is a non-conductor of heat on the stainless steel handle.

It is smartly patterned in such a position that will give your fingers respective compartments to rest so that you do not get hurt in any way. It is even riveted in a different way than the others. Two rivets are positioned in a parallel fashion on the two sides where the handles come to meet the body of the pan.

  • One year warranty
  • Concave shaped base
  • Unique patterned handles
  • 25 cm diameter
  • Flame proof
  • It cannot be used in an induction


5. Pigeon by Stovekraft Special Non-Stick Aluminium Flat Tawa

A brand like Pigeon needs no special introduction. Whenever there is a need for any kind of kitchen appliance, the name Pigeon pops up in everyone’s mind. Make the best tasting dosa of your dreams with this stunning Pigeon by Stovekraft Special Non-Stick Aluminium Flat Tawa.


If the words superior and elegant could be transformed into a real-life solid form, then this dosa making pan is a live example of it. There is a reason why so many Indians have bought this particular dosa Tawa and has made it the best selling pan on Amazon!

Primary Features

  • 27 cm broad diameter
  • Has 3 layer of non-stick coating
  • Wavy handle
  • Is dishwasher safe
  • Flat base

The matt finish of the surface, the curvy handle, and the flat base is enough to steal everybody’s sight and make them fall in love with this absolute beauty! What makes this pan most attractive is the non-stick layer on the surface. 

The body has been coated 3 times with one of the most famous brands of coating solutions – greblon. This extremely favourable special feature is alone responsible for several advantages.

Because of so many additional layers, the pan will never get overheated and thus you will not face any problem while handling it. You will not have to spend hours in cleaning the stains from the food as well!

Another interesting feature of this pan is the handle. The foundation of this handle might be made up of stainless steel material but it is coated with non-conductive material that not only is stout but it helps you to have a good grip while you are sautéing your dish, even when it is extremely hot.

On the onset of the handle, you will find a subtle triangular-shaped space. It is specially made so that you can rest your thumb on which the whole weight of the pan rests.

Use a wooden spatula on the surface and do not use metal scrubbers to clean the surface. It is dishwasher safe so you can gently clean it. With over 4000+ reviews, it has been successful in scoring a great deal of 3.7 stars on Amazon.

  • Flat base
  • 27 cm diameter
  • A yearlong warranty
  • 3 layers coating from greblon
  • PFOA safe
  • Cannot be used in induction cook-tops
  • No metal spoons or spatula can be used


6. Prestige Hard Anodised Plus Cookware Induction Base Roti Tawa

The quality of the products from Prestige is unarguably the best in the market. One of the most interesting facts about Prestige is that, all the dosa tawa have some unique characters in it that matches with no other pans of the same company.


This Prestige Hard Anodised plus Cookware Induction Base Roti Tawa, 225mm, Black looks simple but has pretty good longevity! Whether you are a pro or just a beginner or an intermediate in the game of cooking, this 225mm is going to help you by easing your job to a great extent.

Primary Features

  • Extensive base
  • Steel handle with a coating
  • Elegant look
  • Has an induction base
  • Dimension of 225 mm

Be the style statement of your house and directly serve from the super stylish and sophisticated dosa making pan that will also increase the aura of your kitchen! If you start by looking at the distinctive feature that makes it unique from the crowd, then that particular feature must be the handle.

It is slightly diagonal angle wise and the black material coating on it completes the look of this product and makes it look more attractive.

The end part of the handle forms a semi-circle shape and can even be hung if you have a problem with space in your kitchen. This “black coating” keeps the handle cool and you will not have to use any kind of mitten or cloth before holding the pan.

The induction base gives a vogue touch to this pan. This pan is eligible and safe to be used both in flames and electricity.

The diameter of this vast base is 225 mm. This explains that it has a pretty large surface area and you have the freedom to cook a medium size dosa or large parantha and these food items will get flawlessly cooked swiftly also due to this wide surface area.

The non-stick coating will not be a threat to your food because the coating on this hard anodised surface has been done with the latest technology.

You can use metal objects as much as you want and they will not leave a hint of scratch on the surface because of this coating. It has been showered with 3. 7 stars on Amazon!

  • Different handle style
  • 225 mm diameter of the base
  • Can be hanged
  • Two long year warranty
  • Metal resistant
  • Little uncomfortable handle


7. Rock Tawa Dosa Tawa Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Rock Tawa is one of those companies that is underrated yet produces high quality cast iron built Tawas or pans that makes the products tough and long-lasting. Get ready to rock your way through the entire process of cooking with this Rock Tawa Dosa Tawa 12 Inch.


Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet which is super compact and easy to use as well! If you are a traditional person and you like old school concepts and designs, this Rock Tawa Dosa Tawa 12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet will surely attract you towards it in the very first look!

Primary Features

  • Suitable for extracting excess oil and butter
  • Can work on any type of cook-tops
  • Has the power to increase iron content in your food
  • Super easy to use and store
  • Cast iron material

This particular dosa Tawa is the real deal and you will get perfectly round shaped dosas by using this product. The convenient design and usage makes it one of the best products in the competition.

This Tawa or pan is made out of cast iron which is known to be one of the toughest and sturdiest materials available. The round shape of this dosa tawa gives a natural round shape to your dosa without you having to struggle to do so.

You can finally start your diet journey by making delicious and nutritious dosas and you do not even have to worry about patting the excess oil with tissue paper.

The material cast iron soaks all the excess oil or butter from your dosa, making it super healthy! This dosa pan has a total diameter of 12 inches. Get ready to cook some of the ideal sized dosas and consume it hot and fresh!

You will get the sleek and thin dosa edges owing to the skillet feature of the pan having a slim edge itself. This will allow you to turn over the dosa easily and you will get to serve crispy dosa immediately on a plate.

Your food will not undergo any kind of chemical reaction with the material but nonetheless, it will add iron to your cooked food. Not just dosa, you can even make any kind of fries, omelette, and pancakes. The body will never get damaged or torn in any way possible. It has hit the perfect mark of 4 stars on Amazon!

  • Light and compact
  • Can be stored anywhere
  • Cast iron material
  • Thin edges makes cooking easier
  • Adds iron to your food
  • Does not have any handle


8. Sumeet Non-Stick Aluminium Dosa/ Roti Tawa

Sumeet is that company that will always create something that is unique and modish than the other competitors in the market. They know what exactly the customers want and prioritize convenience and comfort.


This Sumeet Non-Stick Aluminium Tawa, 30.5 cm looks beautiful and easy to use! You are bound to get lured towards this peach Sumeet Non-Stick Aluminium Tawa, 30.5 cm because of the high-class mosaic appearance.

Primary Features

  • Built with aluminium
  • 4 mm thickness
  • Two loop handles on both sides
  • 4 layer of non stick coating
  • Complete circular shape

Usher this beauty inside your house to brighten up your kitchen corner and to enhance your taste in things as well as in your food. Get ready to have a healthy alternative to live with this non-stick Sumeet modern Tawa pan.

Let us first look into the most important component with which you have to operate this pan – the handles. Unlike other Dosa Tawa that have a single long handle, this Sumeet Tawa has two handles on the two respective sides.

These two handles are in the shape of a loop and this allows distributing the weight of the pan in both of your hands, thus making it easier to carry around. It has been designed keeping in mind your comfort and ease.

Aluminium is the material used to build this stunning tawa. As chemistry has taught us, this material is one of those substances from where heat energy can flow easily without facing any obstacle.

So, the heat from the flames has the ability to reach up even to the corner of the pan. The thing that makes it a unique non-stick pan is that it has a graphite non-stick surface.

This makes it easier to release the food off the surface and you will have to face no hassle when you will clean it. It has 4 layers of coating and has an induction safe base.

This means this particular pan is going to be by your side and help you cook delicious dosas for a lifetime! There will be no risk of any kind of heart disease because this pan cuts off the excess oil from the food. This has been rightfully conferred with the deserving 3.7 stars on Amazon!

  • Two handles for best balance
  • Graphite surface
  • Perfectly round shaped body
  • One of the thinnest dosa tawa
  • 4 layers of coating
  • Consumes a little extra space


9. Celebrino Flat Tawa for Dosa & Roti

The speciality about this company, Celebrino, is that they can make simple and subtle designs look alluring and marvelous. This Celebrino Flat Tawa with Removable Heat-Resistant Handle is one of the best dosa tawa in India.

Celebrino Flat Tawa for Dosa & Roti

Celebrino stops at nothing. It keeps on innovating and inducing some amazing features and characteristics that help the company to stay consistent in their service as well as staying in the top position from the very beginning of its birth.

Primary Features

  • Aluminium built
  • Thin body with just 4 mm width
  • 3 layers of eco-friendly coating
  • High class material free of any harmful material
  • Detachable handle

The thin minimalistic design with the stout form of this Celebrino Flat Tawa with Removable Heat-Resistant Handle, Heavy Gauge Aluminium Cookware is the most interesting thing about this product.

This pan is so thin that it will make you feel like a feather in your hands.The uplifted edges makes it safe for your food and it will be advantageous for you at the exact moments when you will show off your flipping skills.

Every inch of this dosa tawa is built with aluminium which is the best material that can be used for a non-stick tawa pan. It is only light-weight but it is one of the affordable tawas in India.

It is highly capable of absorbing heat and spreading it throughout the surface in a matter of seconds and retain the heat on the surface as well.

It can consume less heat energy and a minimum amount of oil or butter and still give the highest result possible without creating a lot of fumes inside the kitchen.

Celebrino has played with the handle in this particular product. The handle has a button that will allow you to detach and re-attach the handle whenever you want.

With just one tight push it will quickly come off. Similarly, when you have to attach it back, all you have to do is press that button again and release it when it has attached itself to the body.

To add more value to this crazy deal, the brand is offering a special discount on this item on Amazon India, to avail of the discounted price, hit the red button given below.

  • Flexible handle
  • 3 layer induction bottom
  • Super thin body
  • Free of harmful material and is eco-friendly
  • You can cook anything with the help of any kind of cook-tops
  • If the button becomes dysfunctional, you will lose a handle


10. Vinod Supreme Induction Friendly Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

Vinod is also one of the oldest companies that have been manufacturing and dealing with cookware for a very long time now. All the Tawa pans that come out from their factory are the specimen of nothing but excellence.

Vinod Supreme Induction Friendly Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

Every new designs that they formulate are the inspiration and experience that they have gathered from the last tawa pan. This Vinod Supreme Induction Friendly Non-Stick Cookware Set is indeed one of the most supreme products from Vinod.

Primary Features

  • PFOA free aluminium material
  • 5 toxic free layers of non stick coating
  • The thick gauge saves a lot of energy
  • Double rivets handle
  • Concave tawa has a diameter of 26.5 cm
  • Dosa tawa has a diameter of 25 cm

It has compiled happiness in two forms, a concave tawa, and a dosa tawa so that you can use any one of them as per your requirements. The non-stick coating on the surface makes sure you are consuming less amount of oil and the staggering looks and design increase the fashion quo of your house.

The base has been built for making the pans compatible for both induction and gas stove use. This hefty gauge not only has this advantage but it will provide a lot of benefits to you.

It will take in all the heat energy and keep it safe at that exact level for a long time. So you no longer have to worry about burnt and overcooked food and you can get the most delicious food at low or negligible energy once it has soaked all the heat in.

The handle has been especially made so that it can fit completely in your palm that will give full support to the pan and will allow you to hold it firmly.

It has got a total of five layers of coating that is aloof from any harmful chemicals especially PFOA and hygiene will always sit on it and your food.

This makes the pan durable as well as it will always ensure the safety of your family! This two-n-one set has gained a lot of popularity that can be seen from amazing customer ratings & feedbacks.

  • Pack of two
  • Perfect size handle
  • Starry design
  • Reasonable price
  • Aluminium material
  • Smaller in size


Buying Guide – Best Dosa Tawa in India

Dosa pans are extremely beneficial if you like to experiment with your food sometimes. They have certain characteristics and features that make it unique and different than the regular pans.


The best part about a dosa pan is that their surface is non-stick which is quite self-explanatory that whatever food you cook will not tend to stick on the surface.

But before jumping to a conclusion, you need to know certain things about dosa pan that comes together to constitute the best dosa making pan that you dream of.

But first, you need to think and consider what are your own needs and requirements. Like for example, if you have a small kitchen and you do not have enough space to fit in anything extra, you need to go for a pan that you can store anywhere you want.

Or if you have a designer kitchen, also known as a modular kitchen, you would want a pan that will enhance the aura and beauty of the kitchen.

After having prominence in your personal requirements, you need to learn everything about a dosa pan so that you do not end up buying the wrong product and at the end of the day, lose the money you had invested on it.

This buying guide is here for you to feed you all the necessary information you need. All you need to do is relax and read! So without any further ado, let us get into the ultimate buying guide that will guide you towards the best one!

Factors to consider while buying a Dosa Tawa

1. Material

There are three materials used mainly for the production of dosa Tawa – aluminium, cast iron, and anodized aluminium.

All these materials have their own perks and disadvantages which should be known by you before you choose your one. Let’s look at all the materials one by one:

Cast Iron

Cast iron is considered to be the leading material as it can hold the heat it has absorbed for the longest time. It takes really less amount of time to heat up but it can save that heat for the longest time once it has absorbed the required heat.

They are inexpensive and will stay with you for the longest time. You need to put in some effort for the maintenance and cleaning but it is not at all a hectic job.

On the other side, cast iron dosa tawas are heavier than the other materials. Most of these dosa pans do not have an induction base and can only be used in gas stoves.


If your preference is to get a light weight feel pan, then aluminium material pan should be your choice. It takes comparatively less time to heat up as they are the best conductors of heat and it is known to be the anti-rust material.

You will find a wide range of aluminium tawa available but one thing you need to keep in mind is how many layers the surface has been coated because this factor will determine whether your food will stick on the surface or not.

This material is not that stout as cast iron. So while you clean it, you need to keep in mind a lot of things so that there are no scratches on the surface.

Anodized Aluminium

Anodizing is done to make the material anti-corrosive. When you put the aluminium in an electrolyte bath and allow electricity to run through the metal, the entire process is known as anodizing.

The surface colour changes to dark grey and becomes hard as well. This constitutes the non-sticky surface and it naturally conducts heat better.

2. The Size or Diameter

If you think about it, a dosa pan is supposed to be as flat as possible. The size usually revolves around 8 inches and can be as high as 16 inches and the ideal size is around 12 inches.

But it is supposed to be wide and thick so that it can absorb the heat energy properly and hold that absorbed heat for quite a long time. Try to go for a dosa pan that does not have an elevated surface.

The size, of course, depends on your preference. If you are quite a professional, you can buy a large pan. But if you are still in your early stage, it is preferable to buy a smaller one.

3. Thickness

Just like it is mentioned in the previous point, a dosa pan has to be thick to that extent that the heat that it has absorbed is distributed completely to the entire surface area.

The thickness of the chair is directly proportional to its heat-conducting capability. If the base of the pan is thick, the pan will not overheat. You are going to get the perfectly cooked dosa every time!

4. Non-Stick Properties

The coated dosa tawas may cost a bit too much, but they are very convenient because it will save your batter from sticking to the surface. This type of dosa pan is perfect for all of you who are at the early stage of cooking as you will have to face less hassle.

They make sure your food has less amount of oil and they are super easy to clean. Look for these few things when you are going for a non stick pan:


There is a lot of layering done in a non stick pan. A good dosa pan should have 2-3 layers of coating to give the best non stick feel. You can know this by touching the surface. The feel is usually even and soft.

Aloof from Any Harmful Substances

A good non stick pan should not have PFOA, that is, polytetrafluoroethylene, a chemical made by humans that is used to artificially create the essence of non-stick on the surface.

This material can cause extremely severe health conditions. Always check on the specifications section that the pan is free of PFOA.

Lastly, the surface should feel smooth and have an even surface. If the pan does not have that kind of a surface, do not buy that pan as it might not be durable.

5. Should Work on Induction

If the pan has an induction base, then it is versatile and can work under any circumstances. Even if you suddenly go out of gas, you can certainly cook in your induction cook-top. Yet again, check the specification section before buying a dosa pan.


6. Shape

Here comes the twist: you might think that the concave tawas are good and better than the flat ones. But it is not true. The dosas cooked in the flat tawas obtain the perfect shape. Go for the round-shaped Tawas which will give you the ease to make or form the perfect shape.

7. Handle

You should be comfortable when you hold the handle of a dosa pan. It should have a firm grip so that it does not slip away from your hands even if your hands are slippery. It should also stay cool even if the pan is burning.

If you are going for a cast iron Tawa, then you should definitely check whether the handle is ergonomic or not and is hard and stout.

The pans that have two handles are better because the weight will be distributed equally to both hands and you will find it safer and easier to hold. But the handles should be hard and tough.

8. Price

Without a discount, a good Dosa Tawa can be purchased between the price range of 1000/ – to 3000/-. This factor may vary according to the kind of features the dosa tawa has. If it has an induction base, the price will be higher.

9. Warranty

Always go for that company that will give you a good warranty period. Famous companies like Prestige, Pigeon, Hawkins, etc, offers 1 to 5 years of warranty against any manufacturing defects or fault in any part of the tawa.

Check before clicking on the buy now option if you are getting a warranty card and if so, then for how many years or months.  

Ways To Maintain A Non-Stick Tawa

Given below are some of the best tips which you can utilise in order to keep your tawa intact:

  1. Do not cook on high flames while you use a non stick tawa as the middle portion of the tawa can get deformed and get swelled.
  2. While cleaning, never use a metal scrubber to rub on the surface because as the non stick layer will come off, it will seem as if there are scratches and marks on the surface.
  3. Even if it is said that the pan is metal safe, still avoid using metal spoons or knives on the surface. It is best if you use spatulas that are made of wood. It will look and feel good as well as your pan will be safe.
  4. Allow the temperature of the surface of the pan to cool down after using it. Clean it after it has cooled down completely otherwise, due to such drastic temperature change, your pan may bend through the edges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Dosa Tawa in India

Q1. Which dosa pan is the best?

Ans. From our expert list of the 10 best dosa tawas in India, Amazon Brand – Solimo Non Stick Tawa (26cm, Induction and Gas Stove Compatible) is the best in our eyes, because starting from looks to the important features; this tawa has got everything you need!

Q2. Which company is the best for buying a dosa tawa?

Ans. There are many brands that manufacture some of the great tawas like Prestige, Pigeon, Hawkins, Solimo. But if you want the ultimate best company, then you should definitely check out Prestige. They give amazing warranty period and their products are well built and durable.

Q3. Where to buy the best suitable dosa pan?

Ans. Online shopping is always the best option because you can find everything at one particular place like the specifications, characteristics, pictures, reviews and all of these will help you to decide which one will work the best for you! You can also go for offline shopping but you will not get the discounts and the other perks.

Q4. How to clean a dosa tawa?

Ans. Do not, by any means, use metal scrubbers to clean the tawa after use. Use a cloth or something soft and a good dishwasher to clean the tawa. 

Q5. Are dosa tawa safe?

Ans. It is absolutely safe to use as long as you handle the tawa carefully. Do not touch the surface even by mistake otherwise you might end up bruising yourself. Try to buy a tawa with two handles because they are comparatively easier to manage and use. 

Conclusion – Best Dosa Tawa in India

With this, we have finally reached the end of this journey of getting to know about the dosa pans. We hope that you are filled with every ounce of information you need to make your choice because the time is finally here to decide which one to go for.


If you are looking for convenience and comfort and ravishing looks, Sumeet Non-Stick Aluminium Tawa is the best option for you. It has two loop handles and has a completely flat surface with a mosaic design!

If you want to go for a dosa Tawa that is manufactured by a well known and famous company, Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Tawa, 26cm is a good one to go for.

Happy cooking and happy shopping!  

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