11 Best Frying Pans in India (September 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Are you a cooking Enthusiast?

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A frying pan is an innovative and smart utensil that plays a vital role in the kitchen of several Indian homes. They are one of the easy to maintain vessels that contribute to a variety of health benefits.


Being made out of different metals and featuring quite a number of considerable parameters, analyzing and matching the factors with your requirement is necessary.

Instead of wasting your time in tedious search activities, go through our Buying Guide that details all aspects, which would help you find your ideal frying pan.

Without any further ado, let us walk you through the list of the Top 11 Best Frying Pans in India.

These are the Top 11 Best Frying Pans in India

Best Frying Pans in India in 2021

1. Vinod Cookware Induction Frying Pan (22 cm)

Vinod is a very popular and renowned brand name in the markets of India that are in high demand for their premium quality products. Vinod presents a 22cm, steel-colored frying pan with a mirror finish that has gained an average rating of 4.4 stars from its users.


The product is available in various sizes. A strongly riveted stainless steel handle, with an ergonomic structure, is provided for enabling easy as well as convenient handling and usage of the cookware.

Its built quality is the highlighting feature as this tri-ply pan comprises of 3 layers in which the first layer is the interior which is the food-grade 18/8 stainless steel.

This ensures healthy cooking and a long life span of the product. The 2nd layer is provided in the body as well as the base.

It comprises of aluminium encapsulated between the first and third layer. It enhances the uniformity of heat distribution, thus reducing the cooking time by 20% and eliminate the burning of food.

The last or outermost layer is 3SS 430 magnetic stainless steel and its role is to make this frying pan compatible with both the styles of cooking, that is, conventional and induction.

The heat-retaining ability keeps your food warm for a long time whereas, the sturdy built ensures long life.

It is a modernly structured frying pan whose surface minimises sticking and functionality makes it ideal for homely and commercial purposes.

5 long years of warranty is given by the manufacturer and you can save more by obtaining the exclusive deals and undeniable offers through a click on the button provided below.

  • Tri-ply cookware
  • Food-grade stainless steel
  • Mirror and matte finish on the interiors and exteriors, respectively
  • High ratings
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Clean is time-consuming process


2. Amazon Basics Induction Frying Pan (24 cm)

Amazon Basics is a reputed brand name that has been ruling the Indian markets in the field of manufacturing and selling such utensils. Amazon Basics puts forth a 24cm size of 4.6-stars rated frying pan that is very light in weight and has the availability to other size options.


It is multi-purpose cookware constructed from supreme quality stainless steel that gets along with induction, is dishwasher safe, and can we used with an oven too.

The exterior is silver-polished for a shiny finish and, the pan surface is coated with Teflon for a non-sticky experience while cooking, whereas, the flat, wide base along with slightly flared sides ease flipping and cooking.

This cookware can be used for frying, searing, and browning the dish and all these are done, without compromising on the health factor, that is, with reduced oil consumption.

User comfort and convenience are ensured by the pan-handle that consists of soft-grip and cool to touch feature. Also, the provision of the hole at the end of the handle adds to simplified storage.

Mess-free pouring of the dish or ingredients into a plate is enabled by the uniquely designed ergonomic lip whereas, the huge structure assures it to be an ideal pick for intermediate to large-sized family.

With such a considerable amount of thickness and long-lasting nature, it proves to be the perfect choice for anyone. 12 months of warranty is provided on this product and you can grab hold of it under discounted rates via cash backs, bank offers, partner offers, and much more.

  • Cool to touch handle
  • Better grip
  • Teflon coating
  • Wide base
  • Flared sides
  • Expensive


3. Prestige Omega Deluxe Fry Pan (20 cm)

Prestige is one of the evergreen brand names when it comes to the production and marketing of supreme quality kitchen products and utensils. Prestige offers a black colored, lightweight frying pan of 8-inch size. The Prestige Omega Duplex comes with a base thickness of 2.8mm.


The product has been awarded a rating of 4.1 stars by its customers for durability. The strength and durability of this cookware are ensured by the 5 layers of the pan body, which is incorporated using German technology.

The top layer comprises of PTFE coating which gives non-sticky nature to the pan surface and when this is topped with the granite finish, the pan gets an amazing and long-lasting shiny look.

Both, the second and third layer consists of reinforced spatter coat which makes the pan to be metal spoon friendly while, the fourth or intermediate part is layered with a coating that enables the pan to retain and spread the heat, evenly.

The final base coat keeps the non-stick coating and substrates together and also provides abrasion resistance to the former, thus contributing to the pan’s performance and life span.

It is an aluminium frying pan that is coated with black colour powder for enhancing the ease of maintenance and, on the other hand, the sturdy handle is attached with screws whose heat-resisting capability assures user safety and convenience.

The porous base of the frying pan makes it compatible with both stove and induction top, whereas its dishwasher-safe nature reduces your burden when it comes to cleaning it.

2 years of warranty has been provided in addition to a variety of saving offers such as cash backs, discounts, no-cost EMI payment options, bank offers, and many more.

  • Free of PFOA
  • 5-layered multi-ply pan
  • Granite finishing
  • Metal spoon friendly
  • Optimal base thickness
  • Not much suitable at high temperature as it cause discolouration


4. Hawkins-Q22 Futura Non-Stick Frying Pan (26 cm)

Hawkins is one of the experts in exhibiting consistent performance and productive results due to which their name and fame have high regards in the Indian markets. Hawkins proffers a 4.5-stars rated, black colored this model of non-stick frying pan whose thickness is 3.25 mm.


It is available in a variety of sizes. It comprises of hard-anodized pure aluminum base and body that not only spreads the heat and retains it for a long time but will also stay resistant to pitting, tarnishing, and corrosion.

Being non-reactive and non-toxic, it proves to be safe for cooking, while, the lesser to no oil consumption requirement enables healthy cooking.

This uniquely processed pan consists of long-lasting and qualitative non-stick coating that is Germany-made, which assures a stick-free experience.

The provision of the plastic handle ensures that it is convenient to use and stays cool even when the pan is on the stove and, with this sturdily riveted handle the pan will be in a well-balanced manner.

An additional provision of a snug-fit dome-shaped lid adds with the deep base pan to increase the capacity and makes it an elegant serving bowl.

The frying pan is suitable for large-sized families and can be used to cook a variety of dishes.

It is an all-purpose pan can fry, sauté, deep-fry, and simmer which adds taste and flavor to the food. Hurry! Purchase this product that has 2 years of warranty along with access to discounted rates, lots of unavoidable offers, and exciting deals.

  • High thickness
  • Hard-anodized aluminium
  • Glass lid
  • Cool to touch handle
  • Incompatible with induction tops


5. Amazon Solimo Fry pan (22cm)

Solimo is a well-known company that is recognized and appreciated all over the world for its consistent performance and unparalleled excellence. Solimo presents a 2.9 mm thick, 4.1-stars rated lightweight frying pan.Amazon-Solimo-Fry-pan

It has a black inner surface and glossy red metallic painted outer body that adds to the sleek and aesthetic look. The body and base are 100% pure virgin aluminum that is obtained from Hindalco- a renowned and huge producer of aluminum.

Thus the pan’s durability is not an issue to worry about. 2 layers of the imported, food-grade non-stick coating are provided for stick-free cooking and, it also reduces the oil consumption which adds to the health benefits.

The 12cm long handle is attached to the pan through double rivets and is constructed from Bakelite material that offers a firm grip and stays cool.

With 5.4cm and 1.8L of depth and capacity, respectively, this frying pan turns out to be suitable for sautéing, shallow, and stir-frying and enables you to cook a variety of dishes.

The cookware’s compact structure eases its usage, handling, and maintaining, which is further supported by the dishwasher safe nature and flexibility with both induction and stove cooktops.

It’s handle comprises of a hole that eases storage and all in all, they are a good-quality user-oriented frying pan that is worth the investment.

1 year of the warranty period is available on this purchase along with cashback, 10 days replacement option, and other exclusive deals that can be accessed with a click on the button.

  • Food-grade non-stick coating
  • Cheap price
  • Bakelite handle
  • Sturdy-built
  • Top notch quality
  • The coating doesn’t last long


6. Nirlon Ceramic Non-stick Induction Frying Pan

Nirlon is a giant in the markets of India whose products exhibit better rates of performance and durability and has high recommendations by many happy customers.Nirlon-Ceramic-Non-stick-Induction-Frying-Pan

Nirlon puts forth a 1.5L capacity of a stunning orange-colored frying pan that does not react to metal spoons and, it’s designed in an ergonomic shape. High-grade aluminum and stainless steel are used in the construction of this robust cookware.

It has a coating that is devoid of PTFE, PFOA, Cadmium, and Lead, thus ensuring a 100% non-toxic surface.

The ceramic non-stick coating is provided, in 4 layers which assures resistance against scratch or blister and contributes to oil-free cooking that adds to health benefits.

User-friendly nature is denoted by the spiral designed bottom, which enables induction usage, and the specially designed handle that has heat protection based insulation.

The wide-base improves on even heat distribution that keeps your food from burning while the anti-skid lid made with tempered glass comprises of steam vents that allow you to look or monitor your food.

It is an ideal pick for an optimally sized family who will use the pan on a frequent or regular basis as it is easy to handle and maintain. This 4-stars rated frying pan has it’s exterior painted in various colours.

It is assured of high-temperature resistance and easy cleaning, which adds to the keeping up of its aesthetic look over a long period. 12 months of the warranty period is provided on this product that can be purchased at reduced rates or better deals through a click on the button given below.

  • Tempered glass lid
  • Ceramic non-stick coating
  • 100% toxic free
  • Metal spoon friendly
  • Costly


7. Prestige Omega Deluxe Frying Pan (20 cm)

Prestige is the first brand name that would come to your mind as soon as you think of purchasing strong and qualitative utensils, whose domination in the Indian markets is unbeatable. It offers an eye-catchy red colored frying pan at a very reasonable price.


The base thickness is 2.8 and the average rating is 4-stars. This advanced cookware’s body and the base is made using high-grade aluminum which enables it to be compatible with both conventional and induction cooking style.

A tough non-stick coating and finish are provided at 3 layers in the pan surface whose metal spoon friendly nature enhances user convenience along with the life span of the utensil and even heat distribution.

Smart appearance and better cooking are ensured by the uniquely designed concave shape of Tawa, whereas strong-hold of the pan is ensured by the pan-handle whose core material is resistant to heat.

The ergonomic handle shape added with the hole, carved in the handle, eases storing, and on the other hand, the dishwasher-safe nature eases washing and maintenance of the cookware.

Thus making it a considerable option for everyday use. As it promotes healthy cooking and is optimally structured, durable, robust, and safe for use.

It would be a smart choice if you go with this high-quality frying pan, especially if you are single or living in a small-sized family. Save extra on the purchase of this product that comes with 1 year of the warranty period. Place an order via a click on the button given below.

  • Concave shape
  • Metal spoon friendly
  • 3 layers of non-stick coating
  • Metal spoon friendly
  • Heat-resistant handle
  • Complaints against the strength of handle attachment


8. Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Fry Pan (24 cm)

Prestige has secured the top position in the Indian market by standing up to its name, not only in being prestigious but also by providing such products. Prestige proffers a 4.3-stars rated, black colored frying pan at a reasonable price which is metal spoon friendly.


It has 2.8mm of thickness. This multi-ply pan comprises 5 layers that are made using German technology which contributes to 3 times long lasting life of this pan.

The attractive surface is finished, with granite, over the top layer of PTFE coating that is usually, given for non-stick trait and the second and third layers are of reinforced spatter coat which is given for maintaining the new and fresh look.

The intermediate coat forms the fourth layer and, it is provided for enhancing the uniformity of heat distribution and retaining it for a longer time.

The base coat is the final layer that acts as an adhesive between the PTFE coating and other substrates.

All these layers promote healthy cooking and keep the interior to be free of stain, whereas, the black colour powder coating over the aluminium assures a better appearance.

Its flexible usage over both gas and induction cooktops along with the dishwasher-friendly nature adds to the user convenience and, on the other hand, better handling of the pan is enabled, by the heat-resistant handle.

The ideal size, weight, and appearance of the frying pan make it a considerable option for everyday use. 24 months of warranty is provided and it covers only the manufacturing defects. Get hold of it at cheaper costs and exciting deals by buying it now.

  • High abrasion resistance
  • 5 layered body
  • Granite finishing
  • Best quality aluminium
  • Isn’t stable at high temperature


9. Tefal Simply Chef Non-Stick Frying Pan (28cm)

Tefal is one of the renowned brand names in the marketplaces of India that has secured a high-class position through the production of qualitative products. It presents a classy non-stick frying pan of Rio red colour that’s designed in France without compromising on the environment.


It has been awarded 4.3-stars on average. The resist plus coating provided at the interior ensures the durability and glide nature of the surface whereas, the PTFE coating enables stick-free cooking.

The 2-way coating, that is, the provision of interior and exterior coating eases the cleaning activities and on the other hand, its compatibility with gas, electric, ceramic, and halogen cooktops ensures versatile use of the cookware.

Comfortable and safe handling of the cookware is enabled by the smartly designed robust handle that features silicon thumb rest for added grip.

You would get a feel of safe and healthy cooking while using this pan for creating different cuisines because of the food-grade stainless steel material of the pan body and the low oil-consuming surface coating, respectively.

This ergonomically structured multi purpose frying pan features the ideal size and weight to use for both homely and professional purpose, in a day to day life.

The availability of other standard sizes, the superior quality of raw materials, and aesthetic finish assure strength, long-lasting life, and a perfect addition to your modern kitchen.

2 years of warranty is given by the manufacturer on this product that has the availability to cash backs, bank offers, no-cost EMI payment option, and many more.

  • Silicon thumb rest
  • 2-way coating
  • Food-grade material
  • Resist plus interior coating
  • Flexible with multiple cooktops
  • It is not induction friendly


10. Borosil Impact Bonded Tri-Ply Bottom Frying Pan

Borosil is a standard brand name that has gained recognition and appreciation from many customers. It is one of the most suggested brand names in India’s market. Borosil puts forth a multipurpose stainless steel frying pan in silver color which has secured a rating of 4.3-stars.


The SS 304 heavy gauge stainless steel is used to create a SAS combination for the pan body, that is, a tri-ply layer of stainless steel, and it is held together by the impact-bonded technology.

With the help of this tech, the layers are held together without any air gaps in between, thus spreading the heat uniformly and increasing the life span of the base.

The highlighting feature is the energy-efficient base which heats up quickly with the provision of optimal quantity of heat source and it would turn out to be a useful trait while using the pan on a gas stove, induction, hot plate, or halogen.

Many different dishes can be cooked in this frying pan without the fear of burning food or the fear of getting hurt due to slippery grip, as a comfortable and firm grip handle is provided.

The lightweight and compact structure adds to user convenient handling of the cookware whereas, the easy to clean nature reduces the user efforts while washing the pan.

With the help of this tech, these metal layers are held together without any air gaps in between them.

Thus the spreading of heat uniformly and increased life span of the base are assured. 5 years of warranty is available for the base exclusively, in addition to 1 year of product warranty. Click on the button to buy it at better deals.

  • Energy saver
  • Tri-ply fry-pan
  • Impact bonded bottom
  • High-quality and durability
  • Not much deep; shallow pan


11. Chef Direct Induction Base Frying Pan (12 cm)

Chef direct is reputed and recommended brand name that has secured the name, fame, and the top position in India’s market for producing and selling high-quality utensils. It offers a steel-colored, non-sticky mini frying pan that is made out of 100% premium quality stainless steel.


It comprises of a mirror finish. Being compact in size and structure, it is easy to use and store. The sturdy grip is ensured by the stainless steel handle provided at the side of the pan through strong screws. 

You can fry eggs, make an omelette, pancakes and many more and, with hygiene primary material, healthy cooking isn’t a matter to be worried about.

This frying pan is vitro-ceramic and dishwasher safe which eases the cleansing process while your cooking experience is enhanced by the optimally thick base that enables uniform cooking.

Due to its lightweight structure, they are quite convenient to handle and this, in addition to the 4-inches of size, makes it suitable for bachelors.

Their availability in different sizes and colour options and its compatibility with stovetop, induction top, and electric cooktop adds to the user-friendly nature of the cookware.

Their compactness, core material, easy handling, and quick heating traits enable it to get along with the oven too.

All in all, it is a worthwhile, durable, and sturdy product that would be apt for individuals or 2 member family. Save extra on purchasing this product now and get access to a variety of offers such as cash backs, partner offers, no-cost EMI payments, bank offers, and discounts.

  • Small
  • Simple maintenance
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Comfortable and strong grip handle
  • Poor quality of non-stick coating


Buying Guide – Best Frying Pans in India

A frying pan’s quality and durability depend on the material that is used in its production.


Also, the base, the handle, and other such parts play a vital role along with the pan’s size, thickness, and other similar parameters. All of them are stated and explained below for your better understanding of the utensil.

Factors to consider while buying a Frying Pan

1. Parts of the Frying pan

Frying pan comprises of 6 considerable parts whose availability is either mandatory or makes a frying pan a better option over similar other pans. These parts are-


Handles are one of the essential parts which enable you to hold the pan and the ones made out of wood or coated with metal or silicon are cool to touch, ensuring safe cooking.


Rivets are the joining areas that can be observed between the pan and the handle or the pan and the lid. It is either made of screws or weld.

Body and Cookware Surface

The body of the pan is either aluminium or cast iron or stainless steel and, you must choose among them depending on your cooking style. Stainless steels are preferable for deep fry while cast iron enamel suits braising.

Similarly, the cookware surface would be either of stainless steel or cast iron and, both of them resist sticky nature and ease maintenance.


Rim or the edge is one of the significant yet least considered parts that make pouring liquids and tossing the ingredients in the air, easy and hassle-free process if it were straight.


Base is another vital part that needs your attention as it should be flat and compatible with both stovetop and induction. Generally, conductive metals like aluminium and copper are provided for the base in multiple layers.


Sides should be high and vertical as it suits cooking with liquids. On the other hand, flared sides enable cooking with liquids that tend to reduce in quantity due to quick evaporation.

2. Size

Frying pans are available in 3 standard sizes and, they are 8, 10, and 12 inches. The size selection should be done in accordance with your family size, as bigger the family, bigger the pan required.

Usually, the depth ranges around 1.5 inches, and regardless of the size, frying pans are maximum light in weight and manageable.


3. Primary Material

The core and base material of the frying pan is a very significant factor since it not only defines the quality and durability of the cookware but also affects the cooking. The primary pan material is broadly categorized into 3 types which are-

A. Aluminium

Frying pans designed using aluminium which is available in either of the 2 ways.


As the name suggests, pure aluminium is put to use for constructing the pan and, it lacks non-stick coating, thus it’s lightweight and though unevenly, heats up quickly.

But, it is not that healthy option when compared to others so, this is neither suggested nor bought frequently.

Hard Anodized

It’s an aluminium frying pan that is naturally non-sticky due to its manufacturing technique and, they are all-purpose cookware that can effectively cook in high temperatures.

Being sturdy-built, durable, and easy to clean, they should be the aptest choice for your kitchen but cost you more.

B. Stainless Steel

Frying pans cast out of stainless steel material are durable and versatile in usability. They feature rust and scratch resistance in addition to the oven-friendly ability and, the dish can be cooked under high heat, but it might lead to discoloration.

Not being the best in heat conductivity, the pan core is layered, with copper or aluminium as in tri-ply or multi-ply and, this makes them a bit heavy and expensive.

You might need to use more oil to avoid your food getting stuck on the pan, else, it is strong, dishwasher safe, and long-lasting cookware that is best for making sauce and searing meat, due to which it’s an ideal option for many cooks.

C. Cast Iron

Cast iron frying pans are the best, compared to all the other types in terms of strength and versatility. It handles any range of temperatures and distributes the heat evenly, which ensures better cooking till the corner.

Due to its heat-retaining ability, the cookware would be apt for any type of cooking, like braising, searing, sautéing, roasting, frying, and baking.

The pre-seasoned surface enhances its non-sticky trait after every use which, if considered with the oven-friendly feature, makes it an ideal choice that is worth the expenditure.

If the heavy body and tiring maintenance don’t suit you, then hold back on cast iron frying pan and go for the stainless steel version as they are comparatively lighter.

4. Coating Material

Frying pans are generally coated with 2 types of materials, and they are-


When cooking involves the usage of sticky ingredients, opting for a non-stick pan would be a smart move. Frying pans, coated with Teflon, technically called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), provide low to non-sticky surface and thus, are known as non-stick cookware.

Usually, aluminium pans are given with coatings so the product would be cost-effective and light in weight.

They tend to heat up quickly so, cooking in low or mid heat range is advised, and they offer healthy cooking by reducing the requirement of oil content.

Also, you must be careful while washing because it is sensitive to scratches and it might also lead to scraping off the coating so, manual maintenance is recommended.


Ceramic is another type of coating provided on frying pans to support non-sticky surfaces and, they are called green non-stick pan.

It’s so because the coating material does not comprise of any chemical substances as it is a sand-based silica gel that ensures a sleek and non-sticky surface.

Other features like lightweight, hand-wash, and scratch vulnerability are similar to that of Teflon non-stick pan.


5. Pan Thickness

Pans that have a thick body and base are anytime better than the thinner ones because they ensure better cooking of food through even heat distribution. Their ability to sustain heat for a longer duration, adds to the user-friendly trait of the cookware.

6. Induction Compatibility

Having an induction in addition to a stovetop indicates the modernity of the kitchen and induction tops are much easier to handle and use hence, many prefer to have an induction top in their kitchen.

The frying pan that you buy must have an induction-compatible base so that it can be used on both the stove and induction top.


7. Handle Types

The handle of a frying pan can be considered, in 2 criteria and they are- the attachment type and cool to touch. Depending on the attachment type, the handles can be either riveted or screwed, or welded to the pan. 

The riveted handles are better, permanent, and more durable than the screwed or welded ones as they don’t require frequent tightening works and stay in place for a long time.

Though riveted handles are anytime better due to advanced sturdiness, they need proper maintenance since they build bacteria in the uncleaned areas.

If the handle’s coolness is your focus, then you can go for either hollow stainless steel handles or silicone coated stainless steel handles since they will be cool to touch even while the pan is hot. Moreover, the latter is suggested over the former, due to their provision of enhanced grip.

8. Maintenance and Usage

Below-given are a few of the commonly suggested tips which ensure the best and long-lasting performance of the pan if followed.

  • Put the pan on the stove or induction when it has contents in it, not when it’s empty.
  • Never put the pan for washing while it’s hot.
  • When placing the non-stick pans one above the other, place the liners in between to avoid scratching.
  • Use detergents that are smooth on metal while putting the pan in a dishwasher.
  • Polishing paste provides better results on copper surfaces.
  • Manual rinsing of the pan manually is anytime better than any other means and while doing so, avoid using soap instead use unsalted cooking oil and hot water.

Lastly, you must check whether the frying pan is dishwasher safe or not, although washing them with your hands is always preferable, it saves time at the end moment in particular occasions.


9. Advantages & Disadvantages

Frying pans are usually designed, in a shallow and wide structure which enhances cooking speed and adds flavour to the dish.

Also, resistance against scratch is assured by the stainless steel or aluminium body, thus adding to the benefits of owning a frying pan.

If not for the below-mentioned drawbacks, the frying pan would be perfect-

  • While cooking a dish on the frying pan, you must be attentive and careful as lack of attention may get the food overcooked or unevenly cooked.
  • A continuous watch on the flame is also necessary as overheating may burn the food.

10. Budget & Warranty

The cost of a frying pan differs mainly due to its primary material, for example, cast iron frying pans have a higher price tag than the other types. Thus, the price range of this vessel falls between INR 500 to 1700 and, the best option would be an optimal priced frying pan.


Likewise, the warranty period offered for this cookware also depends upon its core material and brand.

This warranty usually ranges between 1 to 5 years and, the higher the warranty period, the better the product. Ensure that you check out the manual for the area of warranty coverage on the frying pan parts and the specific rules or occasions where you can claim for warranty.

Conclusion – Best Frying Pans In India

Frying pans are one of the unavoidable utensils, especially when you are cooking Indian dishes. You can smartly invest in one if you buy a pan that stands up to your needs.

Having so many brand options may be confusing for you, so we went through the product details thoroughly and have come up with a recommendation for you.


In our opinion, “Vinod Cookware Induction Friendly Platinum Fry Pan” is the best frying pan in India. It features the best possible option in all the aspects when compared to others. To know more about this product, click here.

Hope this article assisted you to figure out your ultimate destination and got you your ideal frying pan.

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