Top 13 Best Instant Water Heaters/ Geysers in India (September 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Why shiver in cold, when you can enjoy a hot water bath with an instant geyser!

Yes, today we will be discussing the most affordable technology to enjoy a hot water bath during winters.


This affordable technology is none other than an Instant Geyser/ water heater that is not only affordable but promises to deliver instant output.

Geysers have become an inseparable part of our lives. It is something we can’t imagine our lives without. So, it is very important for all the brands to know how important it has become to get hot water instantly.

No one these days has the time to wait an hour just for the sake of good hot water. A perfect instant water heater will provide you with an uninterrupted, continuous hot water supply in the minimum time possible.

India has a cluster of companies which produces top-quality home appliance, which may make it tough for you to choose the best one.

Therefore, there are many aspects that must be considered in order to get the best instant water heater in India. All these aspects have been discussed in the most simplified manner in the Buying Guide.

These are the Top 13 Best Instant Water Geysers in India

13 Best Instant Water Heaters in India

1.Havells Instanio 3- liter Instant Geyser

There might not be anyone in India, who may not have heard of Havells. It has a wide range of not just instant geysers but water purifiers, ceiling fans, and many other home appliances. Havells Instanio comes with a capacity of 3 liters with copper as its heating element.


It is available in a dual shade of the most elegant colors, Blue and white. It has a color-changing LED lights which give you an idea of the temperature of the water when it reaches the desired one. 

Primary Features

  • 3 litres
  • White and blue
  • LED indicator
  • Fire retardant
  • Stainless steel inner tank

The LED changes its color from blue to embellish when the water is hot enough. With an ultra-thick inner tank, it provides rust and shockproof outer body too. Not just this but the inner tank is also made of stainless steel.

The outer body is rust and shockproof ABS and goes with a long life. Whereas, the inner tank is made of high quality, 304 grade. The Power cord in it gives the geyser fire retardance and maximum safety.

This Havells instant water heater is Suitable for multi-story buildings and many pressure appliances, it has a 0.65 MPa Bar Pressure. The product has been ISI marked and ISI certified.

You will be provided with a 2-year warranty on the Geyser and a 5 year on the condenser.

Power provided is 3000 watts, with an operating voltage of 230 V. It Includes the geyser, a manual, and wall mounting accessories with 2 flexible pipes.

Installation is provided to you in only metro cities, elsewhere you need to get it installed by your self. The cost also includes the ultimate cost of the connector pipes and valves.

Customers have been going gaga over the product and have rated it a 4 on 5.
Havells has been ranked 3rd in instant water heaters and provides you with the best services possible.

A few of the many positive reviews we saw, was how the product is actually worth the money and is quite easy to install. Havells gives you free installation in metro cities. All in all, it is the best deal to come to your feet.

  • Shockproof
  • Multifunctional safety valve
  • Stainless steel
  • Installation free only in metro cities
  • Not sufficient for big families


2. Bajaj Flora Instant 3 liter Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj is a renowned company known for its amazing home appliances and accountable customer services. It deals with some of the most affordable and amazing products.


Bajaj flora vertical water heater is available to you in white color. You will definitely be smitten with its good looks and elegance. It assures safety and security to your home and family and is very adaptable to high story building.

Primary Features

  • 3 litres and 1 litre both are available
  • Vertical installation
  • White colour
  • High storey buildings are suitable

The capacity variants available in this water heater is 1 liter and 3 liters. So, you get to buy according to his need and nothing less. The product has dimensions of 26.5 cms x 44cms x 26.5 cms coinciding with the 3 liters one.

The dimensions would decrease according to the capacity of the heater you choose. It comes with a fire cable and a corrosion-proof external body made of thermoplastic.

It is the best material for an instant water heater for its long life. A neon indicator attached to it indicates power on and off for heating purposes.

The product is ISI approved and is given to you in its best quality. The product has a 2-year warranty on it. The Bajaj instant heater has been given a rating of 4 out of 5.

The company is considered to be the best one so far with the 1st rank in instant water heaters. The customers have fallen for its compact design and good looks. If you want to grab this amazing deal, click the button given below.

  • Both 1 litre and 3 litres variants available
  • Shock proof
  • Rustproof
  • Suitable for high rise buildings
  • No installation


3. Crompton Bliss 3- liter Instant Water heater (White)

Crompton is famous for its electrical appliances. This company has taken over the market quite fast and has a wide range of consumer products. From bathroom exhaust fans to the instant water heaters, you get everything at Crompton.


The instant heater has a milky white color and an amazing design over it to smite you. This geyser is best known for its sleek design. The body measures to be 350mm x 210mm x 210mm with a weight of 3.5 kgs.

Primary Features

  • 3 litres
  • Instant
  • Milky White
  • Sleek design
  • 3000 watts
  • Anti siphon protection

It is built with a powerful heating element of 3000 watts. It has a copper heating element that enables the geyser to heat the water at its best and faster.

With a 6.5 bar pressure, the instant heater is very adapted to high rise buildings. It can also withstand upto 6.5 kg /cm2 of pressure which makes it among the best instant water heaters in India.

The capacity of this Crompton instant heater has a capacity of 3 litres. So that you receive a continuous supply of the hot water according to your requirement.

The tank of the heater is made up of stainless steel. This ensures the retention of heat and assures efficient working. This is the cause that multiplies the product’s performance to a large extent.

The water heater comes with anti-siphon protection to prevent the backflow of water from its tank. It can also protect the heating element from any damages caused due to dry heating.

It also has a thermostat of high precision, a preset thermal cut out, and a reset knob too. All these provide dual safety to the product from any kind of voltage variations or voltage variations.

Crompton assures easy to use appliances with tiny LED indicators. This LED glows for you to know that the water is ready to use.

The product has been rated 2nd top-selling among instant water heaters on amazon and storage water heaters too due to its large capacity.

As the name suggests it provides you with a blissful experience which would make you but the product again also. With a rating of 4 on 5, It is one of the best instant heaters.

  • A capacity of 3 litres is very beneficial for joint families
  • 2 years of warranty is ensured to customers
  • It is suitable for large wall spaces
  • Being instant, hot water is immediate
  • May or may not be suitable for small families
  • Requires large walls, would not recommend for small houses
  • Installation is not provided to you
  • Does’t include connection pipes


4. Activa Instant 3 KVA 3 liters Special Instant Heater

Activa always comes up with the most premium quality products. It comes with a lot of features along with a long life. Activa is said to be India’s no. 1 kitchen and home appliance company. The activa instant heater has a white-colored Lower body and Persian blue upper body.


It has a capacity of 3 liters and is made of some of the premium quality material. It has an anti-rust coating on the inner tank which you may already have understood protects it from rust or corrosion. 

Primary Features

  • White lower body, blue upper body
  • Premium quality
  • Durable
  • 3 kilo watts

To make you trust the premium quality of the product, the company has got it certified from BIS and ISI. Many heavy-duty elements have been used in the manufacturing of this instant heater. These elements also ensure extra heating.

Durability is a must for any product which is confirmed in this one. All the above-mentioned features provide long life to the product. It has a warranty of 1+5 years.

It means 1 year of warranty on the complete product and 5 years of warranty only on the tank. Overheating is prevented by the usage of the high-quality thermostat.

Many highly qualified engineers have taken part in the manufacture of this geyser. These intelligent minds assure you the long life of it and also makes the appliance completely reliable and trustworthy.

It is a compact size instant water heater which comes with the dimensions 42cm x 23.6cm x 22cm. This not only makes it fit for the bathroom but also for the kitchen and washing area.

This product needs to be self-installed by the plumber of your own and does not comes with an installation by the company.

It has 7th ranking in Instant Water Heaters. The customer reviews have gone quite well as the product has been rated among the top-selling instant water heaters on Amazon.

According to the customer reviews, it is accountable for its money worthiness, energy efficiency, and easy to install. It is totally a purchase worthy product with an abundance of features.

  • Instant hot water is confirmed
  • Energy efficient
  • Long life warranted
  • Products to be repaired by company’s service centres
  • Best materials used
  • Installation is not done by the company
  • Pipes are to be bought by the customer
  • Very small in size


5. AO Smith EWS- 3 glass lined Instant Water Heater

AO has always been in demand for its water purifiers and water heater. It available online as well in retail markets. The company gives multiple energy-saving variants and advanced features. It is known to be one of the world’s best providers of water appliances.


It comes in white color with a company logo on it. It can fill upto 3 litres of water. The product dimensions are 38.4 cms x 24.5 cms x 20.5 cms. It consumes upto 3000 watts and comes with a pressure of 8 bar.

Primary Features

  • Glass lined
  • White in colour
  • 3000 watts
  • 8 bar of pressure
  • Stronger heating gauge

One of the many features that you might really love is that it has a 23% stronger heavy-gauge than the standard copper or stainless steel tanks which is nowadays used in almost all the geysers. It has a blue diamond glass lining.

This is the feature due to which it has almost no competition in the industry. As it provides twice the corrosion resistance according to the company and industry standards.

It has a heating element which can last quite long. It does not accumulate calcium deposits also known as calciferous deposits usually present in hard water like the copper ones. The Incoloy material assures the same.

It further has a coating of blue glass formulation special to this particular instant water heater. This is the reason for the prevention of accumulation and the long life of the product.

The tank has been lined by blue diamond glass which increases the life of the inner tank also. The lining is said to be very corrosion resistant and much strong than any in the industry right now. The outer body is ABS.

The superior thermostat assures of a cut off when the water exceeds the temperature preset level. It prevents any kind of premature failure and extends the life of it.

The brilliance of any product lies in the details of it and this product assures the same and some very peculiar details are provided at many aspects of the product.

Even if the water temperature rises to its maximum, this product ensures safety. It has been made of the alloy that is specially customized to protect the tank and the heating element from any kind of corrosion or rusting.

This feature also promises to give twice the lifespan given by any other heater in the industry which usually has a regular magnesium anode.

It has 8 bar pressure which is the best and the ideal one for high rise buildings. 2+1 years of warranty is offered as extended one glass coating elements and 5 years on the inner tank.

The box comes with 1 instant heater, a user manual, and some mounting screws. The customer ratings have been the best for the AO Smith instant heater. Customers have liked it for its energy efficiency and instant heating of water and also for its compact style.

  • Superior thermostat
  • Long life and durability
  • Can be installed in a kitchen too
  • Superior quality oroducts used
  • Easily installable
  • 2x corrosion resistance given
  • Installation is not free, costs 250 rps
  • No pipes are included


6. Hindware Atlantic Convenio Instant Heater

Hindware is a company that is popular for amazing customer service. They strive for easy living for their customers. It has some of the best models of instant water heaters which promise high efficiency of work.


3 litres is the capacity available to you in this model. The wattage is 3kW & the pressure is 6.5 bars. It has a very convenient LED indicator that would notify you about the on or off of the power.

Primary Features

  • Instant
  • LED indicator
  • 3kW
  • Superior safety
  • Corrosion resistant

The technology used by Atlantic to customize its geysers makes its water heaters heat water at a 25% faster rate than the others in the industry. It is known for its energy efficiency and superior safety too.

The technology used by Atlantic to customize its geysers makes its water heaters heat water at a 25% faster rate than the others in the industry. It is known for its energy efficiency and superior safety too.

It not only brings the customer’s expenses down but also the compact size makes the set up easy. The stainless steel used with the ABS body makes sure of a corrosion-resistant tank.

It can withstand high pressures which makes it a perfect fit for the high rise or multi-story buildings.

The pressure it can withstand can go upto 6.5 bars. It has an all-purpose RPR valve which ensures reheating of the warm water in case it cools down. This feature ultimately saves your time and cuts the cost too.

Connection pipes are to be purchased separately. The body is made by the materials which keep it protected in case the water splashes.

The framed conductor is made up of copper. It converts electrical energy to heat energy in no time.

Installation is not provided by the company and needs to be done by a local plumber. The warranty offered by the brand is 5 years on the tank of the geyser and 2 years on the heating element.

By the customer reviews, we can easily say that the product is easy to use, easy to install, and has great durability also. This one is one of the best and a very wallet-friendly deal.

  • Wallet friendly
  • Durable
  • RPR valve attached
  • Cuts down bills of electricity
  • Energy efficient
  • You need to purchase yourself
  • No installation done by the company


7. Lifelong Flash 3 liters Instant Water Heater

Lifelong is a quite new company in the Indian market, but its amazing quality products have helped the brand to grab a position in the 13 best Instant water heaters in India. It always offers a very friendly deal that would never dig a hole in your pocket.


It is available in white color and the design of a 3D triangle is embedded on it that not only enhances its appeal but also gives an elegant look to your bathroom or kitchen, wherever you wish to mount it.

Primary Features

  • White colour
  • 3000 watts
  • Affordable
  • Energy efficient

It has a capacity of 3 litres and a wattage of 3000 watts. The thermoplastic external body and the copper elements used are the ideals for any geysers. It is energy efficient and this reflects on your electricity bills.

It is a perfect fit for high rise buildings because it can easily withstand a pressure of 8 bars. It can also be used in place with the use of pressure pump applications.

The product is ISI approved and marked. It has an Ergonomic design. This design is a rare combination that has technology as well as style.

With the heating element used in the geyser, you can get hot water in actually no time. It is provided with 3 layers of safety. This saves the water heater from high temperatures and high pressures.

In case the pressure or temperature rises more than the preset ones, it will automatically lead to a cut off providing a safe environment for your family.

It has a thermostat and a valve for the same safety purpose. The thermostat is a stem type kinda thermostat which adds on to its reliability. The external body is a thermoplastic which is completely corrosion-free.

The efficient heating element aims for a longer life of the product. For power on and off it has a neon indicator, it also tells you if the water is heating or not. It has a feature of automatic shut-off which prevents any kind of short circuits.

  • Automatic cutt off
  • ISI approved
  • 3 layers of safety
  • Efficient heating elements
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • No powe plug
  • Inlet and outlet pipes to be bought yourself


8. Racold Pronto Neo 3 liters Instant Water Heater

The capacity of 3 liters makes it more useful as one can bath for a very long duration of time. It gives you an uninterrupted experience of the shower that you may never forget.


The high-pressure resistance makes it more suitable for high buildings. But people living in the low ones can also definitely buy it and need not worry about it. Just to put forth it is better accustomed to those in high buildings.

Primary Features

  • Pressure Resistance
  • Faster Heating Benefits
  • Puff Insulation
  • Anti Syphon System

The faster heating Elements gives you hot water in no time. You just need to put the switch on and the hot water is ready for you to use. The puff insulation helps in retaining the heat and temperature level and hence it also reduces the electricity bills. 

This is one of the main features of this water heater. It cuts down your prices in the long run also. The perfect function and pocket efficient price altogether.

The anti-siphon system plays a key role and prevents the backflow of water. This helps in reducing any kind of dry heating damage to the appliance.

It is a 5-star rating element that provides safety against high temperature and pressure, safety valve, as well as a thermostat, is installed to give you what you expect out of a perfect appliance.

You will also get a great warranty period of 2 years on the product & heating element. Not only this but the brand is also offering a 5 years warranty on the tank.

Most of the customers have given it over a 4-star rating and have loved the product for its instant power of heating the water in no time. If you are looking to buy the best instant water geyser in India, Racold pronto Neo would be an apt choice.

  • Heating elements are of good quality
  • 5 star rating elements
  • Works with shower
  • Price worthy
  • Connecting hose not included
  • No plugs


9. Crompton Rapid Jet Instant Water Heater

Here comes another instant water geyser from the house of Crompton. As already told above, Crompton is one of the best instant water heaters selling companies and promises you the most affordable products.


So that the maximum population can be benefitted by paying the minimal cost. It comes in two of your favorite colors, grey, and white. It has a tank with a single weld SS.

Primary Features

  • Grey and white colour
  • Instant
  • High grade stainless steel
  • 3000 watts of wattage

The stainless steel of the tank is high-grade stainless steel which has a single weld line that can easily reduce any chances of leakage of the tank and thus can go for a long time. Another feature that we need yo emphasis on is bar pressure.

It can withstand a bar pressure of 6.5 bars which is an ideal one for any geyser. The rapid jet in this water heater makes it suitable for high rise apartments.

The led indicator in the middle of the external body which would indicate you about the heating of the water.

The anti-siphon protection has the ability to prevent the backflow of water and thus the heating element doesn’t get damaged. A large number of customers fall for its compact size.

The compact design is one of the most elegant features of the water heater. It gives your bathroom a very modern look, as no screws are visible to hamper the look.

It has a quite powerful heating element that consumes a power of 3000 W. It has copper as its heating material that ensures water to heat the water in less time.

With 3 litres of capacity, it makes water sufficient for a family of upto 3 members. It has an overheat safety feature.

This feature is to cut-off the connection of the geyser as soon as the water reaches high temperatures and pressure. To add more value to the deal, the company has also added a thermostat cut-out feature that gives dual safety.

This instant water heater can not only be installed in the kitchen but also in bathrooms. Today, this amazing water geyser is available at a high discount. To avail the discount, click the buy button given below.

  • No screws visible
  • Powerful heating element
  • Siphon protection
  • No power plugs included
  • Need to buy pipes separately


10. Longway Hot Spring 10 liters Instant Water Geysers

Longway is an international brand that gives you the best prices and is among the biggest market leaders in the instant water heaters industry. It will totally go along your busy schedules and is adjustable in an environment, it is put into.


LONGWAY HOT SPRING Instant geyser is available in a dual color shade of white and blue would make it look decent in any bathroom. This water heater comes with 10 liters of capacity which is specially designed for people who have big families. 

Primary Features

  • 10 litres
  • White And Blue Colour
  • 230 V
  • Rust Resistant Coating
  • 5 Safety Checks Done
  • 15 quality checks done

It is provided to you with a temperature meter. The Longway instant water heater needs 230 V of power supply and consumes 3KW of energy. It can heat 10 liters of water instantly which is enough for a family of up to 6 members.

It is specially made for people who have 9-5 jobs or the ones having a very busy schedule. It has a high-quality Longway thermostat that protects the inner tank of the water heater from overheating.

The material used in making the geyser is top-notch material which will last for a long time and thus improves the life of the water heater as well.

The anti-vacuum, extra heating element, and automatic thermostat give this instant water heater an edge over the other water heaters in the Indian market.

There is also a magnesium anode that gives a longer life to the water tank. The product has 60 months and 12 months warranty on the tank & the heater’s electronic components respectively.

HD elements have been used to give extra heating and durability to the water heater. AVS technology has been used in the making of the geyser.

The box of the geyser contains the main unit of the water heater, a warranty card, and user-manual for you.

The single line welding technology prevents the inner tank from overheating and a 304-grade stainless steel tank has been used to resist rust.

The rated pressure is 0.60 MPA. It has an LED indicator and BEE 5 star rating which has been used to make the tank heat resistant. It has 5 safety check functions and has a been safety checked by a team of professionals.

It has also undergone 15 checks to ensure its safety. The customers have been very happy so far from the performance of this instant water heater. All these features ensure of being this water heater among the best instant water heaters in India.

  • Secure
  • Rusy resistant
  • 15 quality checks done
  • Power saving
  • Installation is not provided


11. Amazon Brand – Solimo 3 liters Instant Water Heater

The Solimo water heater gives you an unwind and an uninterrupted bath. Solimo offers you the products in which the best quality and the great value go hand in hand.


As a brand, it is offering the best thing it can and has come up with a technology that hasn’t been seen for a very long while now. It has a dual color shade of white and grey color. 

Primary Features

  • Instant
  • White and grey
  • ISI certified
  • Super glass insulation
  • Sleek design

The product dimensions are as follows: 42cm x 23cm x 23cm. The weight of this instant geyser is 3.52 Kg. The indicator conveys when the water is heating or the heater has been cut off. As the Solimo Instant water heater with a 3000 watts provides you hot water in an instant. 

This will give you a continuous and uninterrupted bath and very relaxing and refreshing experience.

The Indian standard institute (ISI) has some already set guidelines for all the manufactures to makes sure of the quality, safety, and efficiency of the product.

The Solimo instant heater is thus, ISI marked because it has all the qualities mentioned above. It has a beautiful exterior and a flawless design.

The super-glass wool insulation gives it thermal and unique properties of thermal conductivity. It accounts for thermal protection and energy conservation.

The plug has a low melting point and melts as soon as the temperature rises. This makes the cut-off and the electrical is broken. This prevents the heater from any kind of fire danger.

It also has a pressure release valve that regulated the pressure. This prevents equipment failure. It can thus withstand, 8 bars of pressure. With a precision thermostat, the temperature of the water is controlled.

It has an indicator, of power off and on and of heating of the appliance. The exterior body has a very sleek style and the interior has been mainly made of stainless steel.

This quality makes it rustproof. The ABS body of thermoplastic polymer ensures shock resistance.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty and to claim it you need to contact the respective customer service. You can easily choose it, because of its elegant design and reasonable price. Customers have given it 4 stars for its usability.

  • Accustomed to small families
  • ISI certified
  • Low cost
  • Good features
  • Installation not included
  • Valves not included
  • No connectors


12. USHA Instano Instant 3 – liters Verticle Water Heater

Usha as a company is not just famous for its instant water heaters but also for its sewing machines, air coolers, and many more home appliances. It is a beautiful combination of technology and good looks.


It has a wide collection of geysers with world-class features or safety and much more reliance. It is an instant water heater with a capacity of 3 liters, presented to you in particularly Moonlight white.

Primary Features

  • Moonlight white
  • 3 Litres Capacity
  • Good looking
  • 3000 watts
  • Leak proof
  • Instant

The product has the dimensions of 21.06 cm x 21.06 cm x 17.13 cm and the weight that is 4.1 Kg. It consumes 3000 watts power and has an operating voltage of 220 volts – 240 volts. The origin of the appliance is India itself. It can easily cater to the specific needs of the high rise buildings. 

The Usha water heater can be stated to be the safest of all the water heaters in the market. It is equipped with triple protection of the thermostat, the thermal cut off, and a brass fusible.

All these prevent overheating of the device. It can easily withstand a bar pressure of 65. The outer body is rustproof and is made of durable high-grade abs as the outer body material.

The tank is leak-proof and single bodied. It is built to perform even in the conditions of high pressures. The outer body is a very durable high-grade ABS. The stainless steel tank is of high quality and is non-corrosive.

Hard water is something that bothers most of our livings. So, a magnesium anode has been fitted to protect the heater from calcium and magnesium salts in the hard water.

A brass fusible plug has been added for the double safety of the appliance. The warranty of the appliance is 2 years and 10 years is on the tank. This USHA Instant water heater comes along with a user manual that would guide you about the features and installation.

  • Long warranty period
  • Safe
  • Energy efficient
  • Installation is not free
  • Pipes and plugs to be purchased separately


13. Fisher and Hawk 3 liters Instant Water Heater

It has a very beautiful turquoise and white color which would go with any color of the bathroom. This would give a mesmerizing look to anywhere it is installed. The ABS body has been used to make the outer body.


It is used for heat resistance, it also makes the same abrasion-free. With no heat pressure and abrasion, the product becomes long-lasting and doesn’t need much maintenance time after time. 

Primary Features

  • Instant
  • 3000 watts
  • 8 Bar Pressure
  • Neon Indicator

The thermoplastic outer body makes it more durable and prevents any kind of shocks, making it sock proof. Thermostat and cutout conform to international standards that provide extra safety. All the above-stated features make it safer for you and for your loved ones. 

With a high pressure withstanding capacity is a very suitable choice and is recommended for tall buildings. The capacity to withstand pressure is 8 bars; I.e. 116 psi (85 metres water head is equal to 8 bars of pressure).

Even if you live in a low rise building, you don’t need to worry about anything as this product would he perfect choice for your kitchen and bathroom. The capacity of this water geyser 3 litres.

This capacity of 3 litres enables you to bath for hours in hot water. With a high power spiral tube which is made of copper as the heating element. All these heat up the water real quick and efficiently.

This fulfills the purpose of the product. The thick puff layering helps in retaining the temperature of hot water and thus helps in reducing the electric bills.

The water heater has been marked by Indian Standard Institute, the ISI because of the quality and the safety it offers.

The high thermal efficiency and long life of the product have been ensured by the company to make it the most useful one for you.

The product works for safety and will give you a thermal cut-out so that in any case of the values of the temperature reaches higher than the ones set, the supply of electricity to the geyser will be cut down automatically.

The fire retardant cable also fulfills the same purpose and makes sure that the body of the product can easily resist fire. As it has a neon indicator, you will not have to keep checking the temperature of the water again and again.

But it will indicate you, that the water is heated enough. The company values your time and money, and want to make sure that how important it is to get such minor things in an instant.

It comes with a warranty of 2 years. In case of any manufacturing defects, you can get it exchanges of fixed as per the company’s guidelines.

It is from the day of your purchase that the warranty period would start. The box includes the geyser, warranty card, and user manual.

Another best thing is that installation is included by the company so no extra payments need to be done by you.

Door to door service is provided by the company all over the country so that there is no inconvenience caused to you.

Wherever you may be, you would get the best services from the company. As a whole package, it is a phenomenal instant geyser with an average star rating of 4 stars as given by the ones who already bought it.

  • Economical
  • Instantly Provides Hot Water
  • Electricity Bill Reduction
  • Installation Included
  • Secure
  • Can’t be used for showers


Buying Guide – Best Instant Water Heaters In India

Buying an Instant water heater is not an easy task. There are numerous brands that manufacture instant water heaters in India.


Not only this, but the big problems come into the picture when all these brands promise to produce the best instant water heater. At that moment, It might get tough for you to make the decision.

To make your life easy, we have created this buying guide where we will be discussing various important factors that you must consider while buying the best instant water heater in India.

Factors to consider while buying the best instant water heater in India

1. Size

The size of the water heater plays a very important role as different sizes are available in the market for different kinds of requirements. This feature accounts for the capacity or the water the heater can uphold for your immediate use.

The best instant water heaters that are discussed above as you must have seen have 1 litre to 3 litre and straight 10 litres.

Usually, a 1 litre water heater comes into use for a single person, and for families of good 3 – 4 people, the water heater of 3 litres is required.

A few water heaters also have a capacity of 10 litres which can be used for huge and joint families.

A 1 litre water heater is most likely to be used at the washbasin and to really have a bath and it cannot provide you with the continuous stream of hot water.

But water geysers ranging from 3 liters to 10 liters can be easily used for literally anything in the house, be it washing dishes, bathing, or washing clothes.

2. Geyser Wattage

This is said to be the second most important feature that needs to be checked before you buy a water heater. The instant water heater usually has a standard wattage consumption of 3000 Watts.

Few of the instant water heaters consume upto 4500 Watts but they also tend to deliver better performance.

3. Bar Pressure

The pressure of the water is measured in bars. It can be said that bar pressure is the pressure with which the water will be heating the tank. The tank should be strong enough to withstand the forces of water and not get crushed under it.

This pressure usually varies from place to place and from height to height. The pressure on the ones living on the top will be lesser than the ones living on the ground.

If the walls are thin they might get damaged under the high pressure of the water. An 8 bar pressure tank is an ideal one and is recommended if you live in a high rise building. If you have an independent house you can always go for the one with 6 or 6.5 bar pressure.

4. Tank Material

You must check the material the tank has been made of. This is because it will reflect upon the durability and efficiency of the geyser in the long run.

Generally, a water heater is made of stainless steel, copper, or even thermoplastic. So, let’s talk about all these material individually, so you have a clear vision as to what you should go for.


Copper as you already may know is a quite good conductor of heat and electricity. But the drawback here is that the rate at which the water cools down is also faster than others. We can say that copper tanks have a very low heat retention capacity.


Thermoplastic tanks work the best with an inner coating on the walls. These walls usually are corrosion resistant but the heat retention property is low. And thus, the inner coating on the wall is required.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the best materials that can be used in the making of a tank. It is better from both copper and thermoplastic.

This is because of its great insulation and heat conduction is quite durable and quite corrosive too. This can be easily overcome by the usage of a corrosion-free technology.

Coating of Tank Material:

  • Glass – Lined Coating :

Copper and thermoplastic can be coated by a glass lining. It maintains water temperature. With regular usage, this may get damaged in the long run.

  • Vitreous Enamel Coating :

It is usually used for stainless steel because of its great resistance abilities to prevent corrosion.

5. Heating Element

The usual heating element used needs to prevent the material from corrosion. It is generally a copper heating element that has a coating. The glass-coating is used as the heating element as it one of the best to prevent corrosion.

It is considered to be a bit expensive though but assures a long life to the appliance. It can last upto 4 years. Another can be the glass-coated copper as the heating element that can work wonders and is not very expensive too. It can last upto 2 years.


6. Power Consumption

An energy-efficient water heater is what you should strive for. It will reduce your bill as well as is beneficial for the globe. The energy star rating of the water heater usually determines it’s energy efficiency.

The ones with 5-star ratings are the best. Higher is the rating given by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) the lesser will be the consumption of the power. This in turn also increases the life of the Instant water heater.

7. Hardness of Water

The hardness of water is a thing that is taken lightly by many but is as hazardous. It is harmful for your skin, hair, and many more appliance like the water heaters. Hard water has calcium and magnesium salts which damage.

The heating element and can abrupt the working of the water heater. It is really important for you to choose a water heater that can withstand hard water. Such a water heater has a corrosion-resistant water tank. These tanks are either lined with glass or are Vitreous Enamel coated.

In case you live at a place where hard water persists throughout, the best option would be to buy a water softener. This will serve as a softener and would reduce the effect of hard water on the heating element. Thus, would save it from getting damaged.

8. Fuel Type

Most of the Instant Water Heaters have commonly two fuel types, electrical and gaseous. It can be considered a bit tricky to used the gas geyser in India.

Thus, most of the instant heaters mentioned above and in the industry are usually electrical and reduce the power consumption of it too.

9. Price

You should buy any appliance that has the quality as well as that matches your budget. For that, we would like to tell you that the price of an instant water heater usually ranges from 2000 to 3500.

The ones with high capacity usually cost more than those which have less capacity. The material used inside the geyser also plays a huge role in setting the prices of the appliance.

10. Warranty

Something that you should keep with yourself your whole life is the warranty. The longer the warranty period the better the offer is for you. Instant Water heaters are quite prone to damage and thus, a warranty is a must thing for you.

Many brands offer a warranty period of 4-5 Years while some give for 2-3 years. As already mentioned the longer the better. Some brands offer special warranty on the exterior body and the interior tank.


Conclusion – Best Instant Water Heaters in India

We hope that by now you might have got a clear picture of what and how you should buy it.

We researched over 1000 instant water heaters. Out of them, we shortlisted the 13 best water heaters in India on the basis of performance, looks, capacity, brand, and customer assistance.

To narrow down our research, we would recommend you to go with the AO SMITH INSTANT WATER HEATER. To read about its features that make it stand out of the crowd, click here.

In case of any queries, please feel free to write us in the comment section below and we assure you an instant reply.

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