11 Best Kitchen Weighing Scales in India (October 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Are you getting anxious about finding the best kitchen weighing machine in India?

Well, congratulations! You have reached the final destination.

It is hard to cook food without being able to measure the ingredients correctly. Isn’t so?


If you are crazy about cooking, you must know that how much the last gram of the ingredient matters. And that is the reason you need to get a kitchen weighing scale.

A kitchen weighing scale is a machine that measures the exact amount of the ingredient. The kitchen weighing scale ensures every ingredient that goes into your recipe is of the correct amount. The precise amount of ingredients enhances the taste and texture of your dish.

Most of the Indian dishes are flexible to accommodate variations of spices or condiments but there are some of the recipes that require, like baking, exact measurements for successful results. So a kitchen weighing scale will sharpen your culinary skills.

Today, the market is clogged with thousands of companies offering the best quality kitchen weighing scales. With so many options it will become very difficult to sort out which one will be the perfect one for.

To help you out with this problem, we have done all the hard work for you. Our research team has gone through all the brands in the Indian market and examined each kitchen weighing scale.

After comparing all the aspects like features, characteristics, and price, we have jotted down the list of 11 best kitchen weighing scales in India.

We have also listed down some of the key features in the Buying Guide. Referring to the buying guide will ensure that you get the best kitchen weighing scale in India.

So let us start!

Table of Contents

These are the Top 11 Best Kitchen Weighing Scales in India

Best Kitchen Weighing Scales in India in 2021

1. Generic ISCALE-1 Electronic Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

Since the launch, Generic has been rapidly moving towards success. The impressive portfolio offered by Generic has gained a fan base. The company has always believed in selling superior quality products, because of which Generic is one of the most reliable companies in India.


Generic ISCALE-1 is an electronic kitchen digital weighing scale. It a is stylish, technologically superior kitchen scale that is immaculately designed to satisfy the growing requirement of consumers all round. 

This product will give you the accuracy and precision of a higher level. The impressive point of the kitchen scale is its design. Formulated with the help of artistic designers, this model is perfect for your kitchen.

This kitchen scale will not only help you in your kitchen but it is also very useful for mailroom and workshop. This product carries a lot of benefits that will impress you. This model of the kitchen scale has a round washable tray on the top. You can put the ingredients on the tray to measure it.

The round top makes the process much easier and ensures accurate measurement. High humidity level doesn’t affect the measurement because of the splash-proof design of the top.

The kitchen scale is made with superior quality materials. Employment of the highest quality material makes it a strong machine that can undergo harsh usage.

Because of the robustness, this kitchen scale can sustain the heavy pressures of the ingredients. The design of the kitchen scale is amazing. It matches your standards and will perfectly fit in your kitchen counter.

The beautiful appearance is carried with a smooth surface. There is the incorporation of a high load cell on the scale. It guarantees that the scale will give accurate measurements. And as a result of exact amounts, the taste of your dish will jump into a higher level.

  • The Ideal Tool For Measuring Everything
  • Sleek Design
  • Easy Storage
  • Energy Friendly Built
  • Relatively Small Size


2. HealthSense Chef-Mate KS 33 Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale

Today, HealthSense is working as a leading supplier of kitchen appliances all over India. It is the preferred brand for consumers. The brand is known for producing some of the best forehead thermometers in India.


HealthSense Chef-Mate digital kitchen scale is a next-generation product designed with the latest technology and innovation. This kitchen scale has delivered joy to millions of customers. It is an effective and efficient product always giving excellent performance.

The scale is an amazing instrument that will help you in your kitchen. The strong machine can hold ingredients up to 5 kilograms. It also has 1 gram of graduation which makes it perfect. You will be able to improve your cooking and baking.

The amazing feature of the scale is that it automatically turns off after 120 seconds. It will prove to be a great advantage as the auto-off feature will save the batteries.

It also helps in situations where your hands are dirty and you cannot touch the scale or you are busy somewhere else. The digital display is the most important thing in a kitchen scale.

The digital display of this product is big and wide for you to read properly. The blue LCD has black fonts so that it is easily recognizable for you to read. This kitchen scale model has been upgraded with the latest technology.

The innovation incorporated confirms the accuracy of the scale. As soon as you put an item on the scale, you will quickly get a precise and sharp weight.

The main role of a kitchen scale i.e. weighing things accurately, the HealthSense Chef-Mate does it properly. With the G-force facility, this kitchen scale makes sure to deliver the only accuracy within a short period.

HealthSense Chef-Mate is made to fulfill your requirements. This purchase will give you a free plastic bowl. The bowl can be used for various purposes. You can use it for mixing or storing food. You can also prepare various kinds of dishes in the bowl and present in itself.

  • Versatile Usage
  • Decent Design
  • Wide Digital Display
  • Low Maintenance
  • Not So Lightweight


3. QERINKLE® Digital Kitchen Weighing Machine

Over several years Qerinkle has maintained its reputation as a brand that provides quality, reliable, and affordable kitchen appliances. Qerinkle specializes in manufacturing the finest selections of kitchen scales that cater to the need of the households.


It is a great company that has been growing rapidly.  Qerinkle Digital Kitchen Scale is the product that will give an accuracy of a higher level. The design, plan, and detailing of the Qerinkle kitchen scale has been carried out with utmost care.

The product has been made keeping in mind the requirements of the consumers. If you want to track down your food intake, you must purchase this kitchen scale.

Qerinkle kitchen scale will give exact measurements and thus you will be to know exactly how much you are eating. It will help you with your diet. This kitchen scale is built to give exact measurements.

You will be able to read the numbers on a wide display screen. The digital screen will show you the weight of the ingredient in big and bold fonts, because which you will be able to read the content, without putting a strain on your eyes.

One of the great features of the kitchen scale is that it shows your measures in different units. You can easily switch into Imperial measures. It proves to be a great feature in the times where you are making a dish by referring to a cookbook.

Another advantage of this product is the Tare function. Because of the Tare function, you don’t have to remove the previous ingredient to measure a different item. You just have to press the reset button and then you measure all the items together.

It is a small-sized and compact device. The kitchen scale is portable and you can carry it wherever you want to. The scale has only 1 gram of graduation. This means it will always provide you accurate and precise measurements. Chance of getting wrong measurements is eliminated.

  • Top Performance
  • Value For Money
  • Keenly Priced
  • Good Absorbent
  • Readings May Differ


4. RYLAN Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale22

The services provided by Rylan have marked a distinct position in India. From providing superlative products to maintaining friendly customer service, it is a great company. Rylan’s team evaluates your precise requirement and provides a solution accordingly.

RYLAN -Digital-Kitchen-Weighing-Scale

Rylan Digital Kitchen Scale ensures that you get the exact amount of ingredients to make the tastiest dishes. With its stunning design, it is easy to operate and is highly appreciated. It has gained 5-star ratings also.

Made with superior quality materials, this kitchen scale is a robust machine. It is strong enough to weigh 10 kgs of ingredients at a single time. This kitchen scale also delivers only accurate measurements so that your dish turns out to be best.

In certain cookbooks, you will find the measurements written in different units. To tackle such problems, this kitchen scale has imperial measures that are switchable. You can switch any measure to easily cook a recipe from a cookbook.

One of the great things about this kitchen scale is the Tare application that is installed in it. On a regular kitchen scale, you have two take-ups out of the existing ingredient to measure another item.

You just have to reset the settings and can measure two ingredients at the same time. The best thing about Rylan Electronic Digital kitchen scale is that it consists of only 1 gram of graduation.

Such a minimal amount of graduation will eliminate the risk of getting the wrong measurements.

The unique feature of this kitchen scale is the overweight indicator. Whenever you will put extra weight on the scale the display will show EEEE. This way you can avoid putting overweight on the scale.

  • Perfect size
  • High standards
  • Made with the strong material
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Not strong enough


5. Aliston SF400 Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

Aliston is a leading supplier of kitchen appliances in India. It manufactures a wide range of products that helps you with better kitchen experience. Aliston is striving to grow, reach the top, and emerge as a leading brand.


Aliston SF400 is a product that can be synonymous with exactness. Made with honesty and integrity, this product helps you to measure ingredients in the right way. This is a reliable product that has high durability score.

With the help of this kitchen scale, you will get to know the numerical figures of how much you intake in a day. If you keep a record of the food intake, you can maintain your diet.

You can reduce the intake to reduce days and increase the intake if you are skinny. This model of kitchen scale is not limited to your kitchen shelf but can also be used in your mailroom. Also, this can be used in your workshops.

It will produce accurate measurements which will help you to fulfil a lot of purposes. Aliston SF400 kitchen scale has a round tray on the top. You have to put the ingredients you want to measure on the top of the round tray.

The round tray is detachable and is easily washable. Because of the tray, you get accurate measurements even in places with high humidity. The kitchen scale is designed with superior quality materials.

The high standard material provides strength to the machine to undergo everyday usage. The kitchen scale is highly durable and has a life expectancy of many years.

Unlike any other standard kitchen scale, this model has Tare functionality. It is a great feature that reduces your work. While measuring different items, you now don’t have to remove the ingredient into another bowl to measure the different ingredients.

You just have to restart, and you can weigh different items in the same bowl. Along with all the other features, there is another fantastic feature included. The digital display of the kitchen scale is quite big and wide. You will be read the content displayed on the screen.

  • Best Quality
  • Easy To Use
  • Inexpensive
  • Great Reviews
  • Too big


6. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale Weighing Machine

Dr Trust is a highly reputed company in the market. Almost every household uses kitchen appliances from this brand. With great value, transparency, and integrity, Dr Trust Store is ranked among the best companies. 


Dr Trust Store Electronic Kitchen Scale will never leave you disappointed. It is a high-quality product that gives accurate measurements that enhances your dishes. It is an inexpensive kitchen scale model with great features and reviews.

It has a very beautiful design. The elegant design, the slim and trim model, and the excellent finishing of the kitchen scale makes sure that it matches your high standards. It will beautifully get fit into your kitchen shelf.

If you are diet conscious about your health and body, then surely this kitchen scale is going to help. You can measure all your food and record it. This way you will be able to know how many calories you are taking daily.

You will find the Tare function on the kitchen scale. This function will help you measure different types of ingredients in the same bowl. You now don’t have to tell replace the ingredients from bowls to bowls.

You just have to reset the settings and everything will be sorted. Because of the Tare feature, the weight of the bowl is also eliminated. This scale has a lot of units.

There are kilograms, grams, and many more. These different types of units is a very good advantage for you. You can choose the unit as per choice. The feature-rich kitchen scale is formulated using the best quality materials.

Because of superior quality material, this kitchen scale is so strong. It is a powerful kitchen scale that can weigh up to 5 kilograms at a time. The kitchen scale has indicators to make your work even easier.

One indicator is for the battery. When there will be a low battery, ‘Lo’ will be displayed on the screen. Another indicator is for excess weight. There is one indicator that indicates as to when you need to replace the batteries. All these indicators work as a reminder in case you forget.

  • Great For Accuracy And Precision
  • Incorporation Of Innovations
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Built With Durable
  • Small Display Screen


7. Hesley Kitchen Scale 3 in 1 Digital Kitchen

Hesley is a trusted name in the kitchen appliance world. The company was established years ago and now Hesley has become a full-fledged grown company. The wide spectrum of kitchen appliances has spread all over India. All the products are of high-quality.


Hesley Kitchen Scale is generally the first choice of consumers. Involvement of innovation and the latest technology, this kitchen scale is a great choice. Buying this product will never bring disappointment to you.

This is a great scale with multi-benefits. You can use this weighing scale to fulfil different purposes. The best thing about this scale is that 3 different functions.

Therefore, you will be able to use this product as a nutritious scale, a coffee scale, and as a normal kitchen scale.

This kitchen scale is designed to simplify your kitchen life. This kitchen scale is guided by APP. This makes most of your tasks easier and smoother. Hesley Kitchen scale is meant for efficacious delivery.

There is the blending of innovation and the latest technology that makes this kitchen scale a next-generation product. The weighing sensor is made with high-grade platinum.

As platinum has a high level of sensitivity, this kitchen will give only accurate measurements.

Another amazing feature of the kitchen scale is 4 different measuring units. The different measuring units become beneficial when you are making a recipe from a cookbook.

You can convert the measurements in the cookbook with the help of a kitchen scale at your convenience. Because of the APP feature, you will also get to know the nutritional value of an ingredient.

You will get to know the fat, carbohydrate, protein, and the other nutrient content of an ingredient. With the help of this kitchen scale, you can count the calories you are taking.

This will be a great advantage for those who are on a diet plan.  For example, if you are hitting the gym, you need more intake of protein. So you just have to measure the ingredients and can plan your diet accordingly.

  • High Durability
  • Great Texture
  • Strong And Robust
  • Fantastic Product
  • High Power Consumption


8. RYLAN Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale, Kitchen Scale

Rylan has a strong foothold in the market. Because of its effectiveness in the production of excellent products, it the top brand in the market. People find Rylan as a trusted and reliable company. This company is the best choice.


The best thing about this kitchen scale model is that it can be operated both through electricity and batteries. It is great because in case you run out of batteries you can use electricity to operate the scale.

In the opposite scenario, if there is a power cut, the kitchen scale can be operated through batteries. The kitchen scale is formulated with high-quality materials.

As a result, it is a very powerful kitchen scale that can handle the pressure of harsh usage. This kitchen scale can hold 10 kilograms at a time without applying much effort.

This kitchen scale model has been made while keeping all your daily requirements. The scale is not only limited just to the kitchen shelf. You will be able to use this scale in your mailroom and also in your workshops.

And obviously, it is excellent as a regular kitchen scale. Another fantastic feature of the kitchen scale is that there are 4 different measuring units.

It is beneficial as you can measure an ingredient in any unit as per your choice and convenience. The Tare function is also included in the kitchen scale. Now you don’t have to remove the previous ingredient to measure another ingredient.

You can measure the two different ingredients in the same bowl. You just have to reset the settings. This saves your time and effort.

This kitchen scale is a generous model with lots of features. It has great reviews on the Amazon website. It has also gained 5 stars and much appreciation over a few years. This kitchen scale will never be a disappointment to you.

  • Great Reviews
  • Easy To Use
  • Has A Great Size
  • Can Weigh Up To 10 Kilograms
  • Very Heavy


9. Warmex Digital Kitchen Scale (KS 99)

Warmex Home Appliances is one of the manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of electronic home appliances. Infused to deal in the best quality electronic home appliances. The company has made a continuous improvement in the supply in the past few years.


Warmex Digital Kitchen Scale is a genuine and trusted tool for weighing different types of ingredients. This product is formulated with the idea of meeting the ever-increasing demands of the consumers.

The scale is the first preference for consumers. It is effective, efficient, and has a high level of accuracy. This kitchen never gives you the wrong measurements. Because of the precision, it is highly rated on the Amazon website.

The kitchen scale is formulated with superior quality materials only. The employment of high-grade materials provides strength to the kitchen scale. It makes the scale a robust machine.

This kitchen scale is a powerful machine. Even if you use this scale every day, it can withstand the wear and tear. The scale can undergo harsh usage. It also has high durability. Therefore, this kitchen scale will stay with you for a long period.

You will get a huge plastic tray along with the kitchen scale. You can easily mount the tray on the top of the scale and put ingredients on it for measuring. The tray is of superlative plastic. It is wide enough to encompass each ingredient very easily.

There are several indicators to make work easy. The digital screen will display ‘Lo’ whenever the battery is low.

Thus, you get an indication as to when to recharge the battery. Also, in the case of battery replacement, the digital screen will show ‘Er’. You will now when to replace the battery.

This purchase will give you a 6-month warranty. You can contact the responsive customer care services for any kind of replacement or repair. You can also call customer care if you face any kind of difficulty in operating the kitchen scale.

  • Consumer’s Choice
  • Fantastic Design
  • Accurate Reading
  • Portable
  • Can weigh only 3 kilograms


10. iScale Digital Kitchen & Multipurpose Weighing Machine

From the launch, iScale has been rapidly moving towards success. The impressive portfolio offered by iScale has gained a large fan base.


The company has always believed in selling superior quality products, because of which Generic is one of the most reliable companies in India. The scale is stylish, technologically superior, and immaculately designed to satisfy the growing requirement of consumers all round.

The product will give you the accuracy and precision of a higher level. This is a great choice for measuring the weight of the different ingredients. This kitchen scale never shows incorrect measurements and is generally always correct.

It will enhance the taste and texture of the dish. It is a multi-purpose kitchen scale that can be used outside the kitchen shelf. You will be able to use the kitchen scale for general use also like weighting for certain items.

It can also be used at the grocery store and also at the restaurants. The best thing about the kitchen scale is that it runs both through batteries and electricity. This is a huge advantage.

Like for example, the battery runs out while you are measuring an ingredient, then you can plug and continue measuring. It is a smart device that automatically turns off after a few minutes.

If you leave the kitchen scale in on position, then after 2 minutes it will turn off and your battery will be saved. This way you don’t have to take extra tension about the kitchen scale.

Various features are included in the kitchen scale to help you out. One of the unique features is the legs of the scale. Unlike any other kitchen scale, this model has 4 rubber legs. These prevent the machine from slipping.

Now you will be able to measure the items very easily. The display screen of the kitchen scale is excellent. It is huge and wide. The font is green in colour making it easily readable. Also, the platform of the kitchen scale is large. It can hold several items very easily.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Classic Build
  • Unique Features
  • Easy To Clean
  • Durable but to a point


11. MCP Kitchen Weighing Machine

MCP has incorporated years ago. Till now it has delivered thousands of products all over India. MCP  has continued to evolve progressively with time and has been at the top of the technology evolution curve. This has enabled us to deliver the most positive impacts.


This kitchen scale has so many features incorporated in it that it makes it a fabulous kitchen scale. You will get all the features at such a low price. It is affordable for everyone. The kitchen scale has been with the employment of high-quality materials. 

It assures the sturdiness of the machine. Their kitchen scale is powerful and can sustain even harsh usage. The life expectancy of the kitchen scale is very long and has a high durability score.

The finishing touches on the kitchen scale are outstanding. The kitchen scale has a SS platform. The platform is brushed and is wide enough.

The platform has an anti-fingerprint facility that makes it easy to use. You will be able to clean the scale also very easily. The kitchen scale is designed in such a way that it will deliver only the accurate measurements.

The kitchen scale has a high level of precision which never allows the machine to show incorrect measurements. The high level of accuracy and precision is the result of the G-sensors.

Another great thing about the kitchen scale is that you don’t have to remove the previous ingredient to measure another ingredient. Because of the Tare function, you will be able to weigh different ingredients in the same bowl.

You just have to reset the settings. The display of the kitchen is large and big. You can easily read the fonts. There is also the incorporation of doesn’t indicators. You will an indication when the battery is low and when the kitchen scale is overloaded.

  • Ideal for everyone
  • Good for aspiring chefs
  • Great design
  • Robust machine
  • Weight is heavy


Buying Guide – Kitchen Weighing Machines in India

It is interesting to know that the ancient way of weighing ingredients was two plates hung on either side of an overhead beam, fixed through a strong pole.


The item that had to be measured had to be kept in one plate and the other plate use to contain stones and then both the plates were balanced.

With the boom of inventions, weighing scales has been improved. Today, there are so many types of kitchen scales in the market. The development of science and technology has resulted in various types of kitchen scales. Let us have a look!

Types of Kitchen Weighing Scales

1. Balance Scales

Balance scales are probably the earliest method of weighing ingredients. Though their existence dated long back, still some of the households accommodate the balance scales.

The balance scales help you to measure ingredients by comparing it to the weight of already set known masses. It is like a seesaw with two plates at the ends.

You keep the ingredients that have to be measured in one plate and the other plate contains the weight stones and then you compare them both. The weight stones are easily found in any store.

The reason why they are still being used is that they are easy to use, affordable and you can measure any kind of weight very easily.

But also people are switching to other kitchen scales because balance scales don’t give you an accurate measurement. But it a good choice for measuring bulky ingredients. It can also be tricky and that is the reason, balance scales are diminishing from the market.


2. Mechanical Kitchen Scales

Mechanical scales are also known as spring scales because of its mechanism. Mechanical scales measure the weight with the help of the spring. The ingredient is placed over the mounted platform.

When the force of the ingredient is applied to the scale, it compresses the spring, giving you the right proportion and estimation of the weight. However, the concern related to mechanical scales is that the springs do not always provide the correct measurement.

Also, the compression rates can vary with time. Moreover, after repeated usage, the spring tends to lose its original length. So you might have to change the spring from time to time.

Another disadvantage of the mechanical scales is that they are not efficient in measuring small quantities. This is because small quantities don’t create much pressure to compress the spring. It makes it hard to read the small movement of the spring.

But not only all the mechanical scales are inaccurate. Some of the high-end mechanical scale models are of excellent quality and measure accurately & precisely.

These mechanical scales are easy to clean and maintain. They run on batteries and don’t require outlets or any sort of power for operation. Hence making them portable.


3. Digital Kitchen Scales

These digital scales are the latest model of kitchen scales that measures with accuracy and precision. You need to put the ingredient on the top of the digital scale, and it will measure it accurately. 

It is a good choice for bakers when you need specific measurements for desired outcomes.

The digital kitchen scales are not only good at precise measurements but they are also easy to use. You can easily operate the machine and clean and store it.

They might be the best option for you if you are looking for precision. Try usually run on batteries. This could be a con because you have to replace the batteries more often. You can face inconvenience in doing so.


Factors to consider while buying the best kitchen weighing machine in India

1. Precision

Accuracy is the most important feature that a good quality kitchen weight scale must-have. Kitchen scales are meant to give you accurate measurements so make sure that your kitchen scale gives you accurate measurements.

Kitchen scales from popular brands are best for accuracy. You can also check the ratings and reviews from the users. It will give you a fair idea about the accuracy level of the kitchen scale.

You can measure the accuracy level with the help of the degree of graduation. Generally, the kitchen weighing scales in the market have graduation of 1 gram or 0.05 ounces.

It is not recommended to purchase a kitchen scale having larger graduation than 1 gram or 0.05 ounces. Larger graduation will affect the accuracy level and will not give precise measurements.

2. Size

As you will use the kitchen weighing scale daily, the size of the kitchen weight also carries importance. If you purchase a big kitchen scale, then you might face a problem with portability and usage.

A compact and small-sized kitchen scale can get easily get fit into your kitchen shelf. It will not eat up much of your space. You will be able to carry and move the scale wherever you need to.


3. Easy Usage

The kitchen weighing scale you buy must be easy to use. As you are going to use a kitchen scale on an everyday basis, you need a scale that can be easily operated. If the kitchen scale is easy to use them even a naive will be able to use the scale with much ease.

You need to keep in mind to choose a kitchen scale with a removable cap. If the cap is detachable you can easily clean the kitchen scale. The maintenance also becomes much smoother.

4. Readability

You should look for a kitchen weighing scale that has an easy to read digital display. You should also check a clear label. When you are weighing ingredients you must be able to read the display. This will avoid any kind of confusion.

Also, a digital display should have a maximum screen timeout of 5 minutes. A maximum timeout will allow you to clearly understand the things on the display before it goes off.

If the kitchen scale has a memory recall facility it will be an added advantage. You will be able to read the previous measurements in case you forget.

Also, it would be great if the digital display shows you much battery is left. This way it becomes easy to manage and you know in advance as to when you have to recharge the batteries.


5. Capacity

Ask a question to yourself: how much do I need to weigh? This will give you an insight into the capacity of the kitchen weighing scales. Commonly, in households, people weigh ingredients up to 5 kilograms.

But there is some situation where you might need to measure higher weights. So you need to see the capacity of the kitchen scale. Today you will find kitchen scales which can hold up to 11 pounds.

Additionally, you must remember that the maximum weighing capacity of the kitchen scale includes both the weight of the ingredient and the weight of the tray or bowl that holds the ingredients.

6. Durability

You must have figure out that the kitchen scales goes under harsh and rough usage. You will use the kitchen almost every day to prepare meals. So you need to make sure that you choose a kitchen scale that can undergo harsh situations.

It is best to choose a strong and robust kitchen scale that will outlast its life expectancy. You can check the durability of the product from the reviews and stars given by the customers. This will give a fair idea.


7. Long Auto-Off Duration

As your digital kitchen weighing scale will be running on batteries, the auto-off duration is an important aspect to look for. The presence of the auto-off feature will prevent the wastage of battery.

The auto-off duration is that duration after which the kitchen scale will automatically shut off if left alone. If your kitchen scale will automatically switch off after a few minutes then you will be saving a lot of batteries.

Some of the kitchen weighing scale models switch off after 3 minutes while other models switch off after 5 minutes or so. You will not be able to check the previous measurements once the scale shut-offs, so you need to choose sagaciously.

8. Waterproof

There are some of the dishes which might require measuring liquid ingredients. In that case, you need to buy a waterproof kitchen scale. You might want to keep the kitchen scale as dry as possible because kitchen scales are not for liquid ingredients.

But now, most of the kitchen scale models present in the market are resistant to water. A waterproof kitchen scale will be a great advantage to you. You will be able to measure ingredients milk, oil, or water. You can also easily clean the scale without damaging it.


Advantages of Kitchen Weighing Scales

Till now, you must have the idea of the best kitchen weighing scale. You must also know which features you have to look for to get the best kitchen weighing scale. But why do you think you need a kitchen scale?

There are so many answers to this question. A kitchen weighing scale is not just a tool to measure the ingredients, you can do wonders with a kitchen scale.

Whether you want to track down your calorie intake or need the exact amount of an ingredient for a dish, a kitchen scale has many advantages. It is an essential tool for bakers, home cookers, and health-conscious individuals.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of having a kitchen weighing scale.


Improves Baking

One of the greatest advantages of having a kitchen scale is that the scale will help you a lot in baking. The scales will measure the accurate amount of ingredients which is very crucial for successful baking. With the kitchen scale, you don’t have to do the guesswork anymore.

You can add the exact amount of ingredient that is needed. You will not have to rely on your spoons and cups for measuring.

As you know that baking requires accuracy and precision, the kitchen scale will make sure that the exact amount of ingredient is added and the dish will taste better.



Another great advantage of the kitchen scales is that they are keenly priced. You can easily find the kitchen scales online. Some so many models are inexpensive yet they are reliable.

Though most of the kitchen scales are cheap, they still work efficiently and have all the features. All the kitchen scales are very useful and will help you with your cooking process.

Cooking Becomes Easy

If you are a keen chef or a baker then you must know the value of exact measurements of the ingredients in the dish. The kitchen scale becomes handy whenever you need to measure any kind of ingredients.

You can weigh both liquid and dry ingredients within seconds with the help of the kitchen scale.

The kitchen scale will teach you the science of cooking and thus you can avoid the guessing trick. Whenever you are making a dish for your family then just measure the ingredients and start cooking.

The exact amount of ingredients will enhance the taste of the dish. The significance of the exact amount is at the peak when you have to make a dish with a lot of spices and herbs.

If you are not able to put the correct amount of spice then the whole dish will be ruined. So to maintain the balance of the taste and texture in the dish, a kitchen scale is a must.


Track of Calories Intake

You must have dreamt about losing weight and tracking down your calorie intake but instead, you find yourself binge eating or eating snacks throughout the day. In this situation, a kitchen scale can help you out.

A kitchen scale will measure all the snacks and food you have been eating. Measuring the food will give you the data of calories you are eating all day. Thus, if you know that you are eating too much you can immediately stop.

The measurement of the calorie intake gives you insight into the nutritional value and how much you are eating.

 When you have the exact number of calories you have eating, you will be able to restrain yourself from reading unnecessarily. This in return will help you in your weight loss.

Avoid Food Wastage

Think of a situation, You are cooking fried rice for 3 people. Now you do the guesswork and take rice as per your guess. But your guess doesn’t work out and you take rice for 4 people than 3 people. What will be the result? You will make extra fried rice. And the extra food gets wasted.

To avoid this type of food wastage, a kitchen scale makes your work easy. You just need to measure the ingredients to avoid cooking extra food.

This will prevent your food from being wasted. If your food doesn’t get wasted then your money is saved. As the groceries will stay for a longer period you will also not have to visit the market often.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s) – Best Kitchen Weighing Machines in India

Q1. How to clean a kitchen scale?

Ans. Many people have the same question regarding the cleansing process of the kitchen scale. The cleaning of a kitchen scale is very simple.

You just need a mixture of water and soap. Dip a cloth in the mixture and soak it. Drain the excess water by squeezing it. Now take the cloth and gently wipe the scale. It will clean all the dirt and grime.

Q2. How to use a regular kitchen scale?

Ans. The operation of a kitchen scale is a very easy task. Just the on the button and wait. Wait till the machine starts and 0 appears on the digital screen.

Then put a bowl or tray on top of the scale. Then automatically the kitchen scale will calculate and display the weight of the ingredient.

Conclusion – Best Kitchen Weighing Machines in India

Till now, you must have known the importance of a kitchen weighing scale. You know that guesswork doesn’t go well while cooking food. If you add on the ingredients based on your assumption then probably you might not get the desired results.

To make your dish with great taste and texture, ingredients with the appropriate amount of ingredients are mandatory. And that is the reason why the kitchen weighing scale has become an indispensable tool from the kitchen.

Whether you want a kitchen scale for cooking or baking, you just want a good quality scale. You will want your kitchen scale to be precise. But the problem arises when you have to purchase one kitchen scale from the heap of a thousand kitchen scale.

To help you out, we research each kitchen weighing scale present in the Indian market. After making an analogy, we listed down 11 best kitchen scales for you.


Out of all, our recommendation will be Aliston SF400 Digital Kitchen scale. These product has all the features and characters and also falls under a reasonable price range.

You will also get a buying guide that covers all the aspects of the kitchen weighing scale. Going minutely through the buying guide must have helped you in your purchase.

We anticipate that the information we have provided must have benefitted you. However, if you have any other questions related to kitchen scales you can contact us anytime.

Also, feel free to share your comments and thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy Shopping!

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