10 Best Induction Cooktops in India (October 2021) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Are you looking to buy an induction cooktop?

If yes, then we will help you to select the Best Induction Cooktop in India.


The induction cooktop has brought a green revolution in the kitchen Industry. It follows an electromagnetic induction principle for efficient functioning.

The incorporation of smart technology in the cooktop, features less energy consumption, providing greater and effective output. Starting from eco-friendly, till user-friendly features, there are a large number of advantages for induction cooktops when compared to gas cooktops. 

The product varies in size, shape, price, and many other features. These differentiations ensure higher comfort and ease, based on the user’s choice and convenience.

We suggest you read the Buying Guide to get in-depth knowledge about different types of Induction Cooktops, Factors that might affect the purchase of this appliance.

This versatile – utility product has proven to be the best appliance for the modern kitchen and it is recommended by many Indian homemakers. 

These are the Best Induction Cooktops in India

Best Induction Cooktops in India

Few of the Best Induction Cooktops in India are listed below:

1. Philips Viva Induction Cooktop

Philips has always been a renowned brand in the Indian kitchen appliance industry. Their quality of products and services has always been remarkable. One of the best product lines by Philips is induction cooktops.

Philips Viva induction cooktop features an electromagnetic induction technology that enables higher efficiency and improves heating ability. The food can be cooked at a faster rate without loss of essential vitamins, minerals & other essential nutrients.

It has a touch control panel in this appliance that makes the operative easy & smooth. You also get an option to set timer up to 3 hours, which relaxes the operation of the device.

It is an eco-friendly product that does not consume over 2100W of power and requires 220-240V of voltage supply for cooking efficiently.

Philips Viva has been programmed for special Indian menus which enables automatic temperature adjustment as per the meal you will select in the panel.

This cooktop is highly compact & portable, thus it doesn’t require any installation and you can easily store it anywhere in your kitchen when not in use.

It can hold weight up to 8kgs. Also, the utensils with a base diameter of 12-20 cm can be comfortably mounted on this cooktop. Safety measures like auto-off sensors are integrated into the system, which ensures that the food is cooked with safety.

Also, the cool-to-touch feature keeps one safe from getting burnt and avoids the unnecessary loss of heat. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the product by Philips along with an option of zero-cost EMI payment.

  • It comes with sensor touch keys
  • It has a child lock feature
  • Compact size appliance
  • Programmed with Indian Cooking Menus
  • High-end Quality product
  • It consumes electricity, but still cheaper than LPG cooking


2. Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop

Prestige is another market giant that manufactures some of the best Induction cooktops in India. The company has been ruling the Indian market for a long time.

Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop is a perfectly designed cooktop for modern kitchens. This variant requires 230V of the voltage supply, consumes up to 1200W of power. It is highly efficient and has amazing healing capabilities in addition to a long-lasting life.

It comes with touch sensors that will make the cooking task very convenient. Indian cooking menus are incorporated in this appliance for easy & quick operation. The anti-magnetic walls add elegance & precautionary measures to the appliance.

It ensures a cool environment and blocks magnetic radiation influence only in the center of the cooktop. This induction cooktop features automatic adjustment of temperature that synchronizes and varies the power supply accordingly.

The smart technology heats only the center of the plate and the cooktop features an aerodynamic cooling system with an inbuilt voltage regulator.

The cooktop is easy to maintain and it is ensured by the provision of soft-touch buttons for adjusting the timer. This high rated appliance can take up utensils from 12 cm to 26 cm of base-diameter and can bear maximum weight up to 2.2kg.

Precautionary functions like automatic shut-down are also featured in the appliance, when turns-off the appliance when not in use.

It also gives protection against overheat, high voltage. The dry heat of the vessel is integrated within the system. Prestige is offering a 1 year of warranty on this induction cooktop. Also, you will get free product delivery by amazon.

  • You get choice to select among 2 variants, PIC 20 & PIC 27
  • It has auto-voltage regulator
  • It is loaded with Indian Cooking Menus
  • It has aerodynamic cooling feature
  • It’s a 1200-watt appliance thus may consume more power in comparison to other cooktops of this segment


3. Pigeon – Cruise Induction Cooktop

Pigeon is one of the top brands in India. This brand is leading in the Indian market for over 2 decades. The company is known for contributing quality products and services to the Indian markets. Their products are preferred on an economical and quality basis.

Cruise Induction Cooktops coming from the house of Pigeon enables smart functioning. It requires an input of 220V and a power supply of 1800W. It features 7 segments LED display that notifies the temperature and time that has been set.

This appliance comprises an auto-off feature that allows the cooktop to shut down instantaneously when it is not in use or after a certain period of inactivity. The induction’s working is designed on an electromagnetic induction principle.

It has soft-touch push buttons, which lets you adjust the time and temperature on the appliance. There are 7 menus that are pre-programmed in the induction cooktop, which allows one to cook quality Indian recipes.

This cooktop is made of the ceramic body, which is more durable and has the ability to consume less energy as it comprises of a dual heat sensor, energy-saving technology.

All these enable maximum power efficiency. This device has the ability to accommodate utensils of up to 14kgs. It is compatible with different types of utensils with a based diameter of 12cm to 26cm.

The high-grade material used to manufacture the cooktop will protect you from short-circuit and over-heating. It is resistant to any kind of cracks and requires sufficient ventilation for proper functioning. You get 12 months of warranty upon buying this product.

  • It comes with a long cord-wire
  • It is programmed with auto-shutdown feature
  • Reputed brand name
  • Cheap cost
  • As per few of the user reviews, the product quality is not up to the mark


4. Prestige PIC 16 Induction Cooktop

Whenever a locality thinks of an induction cooktop, the first name that might hit his mind is prestige. It has always been a big-name that has procured a large customer base in the national markets. Prestige offers a smart induction cooktop at an affordable rate.
The Prestige PIC 16 Induction cooktop consists of various features among which the most essential one is the consistent heating of the cooktop plate at high efficiency. The body of this appliance is anti-magnetic which enables aerodynamic cooling.

Its design and elegance will add beauty to your kitchen platform. These durable products have many safety measures incorporated into the system like auto-off when the appliance is not in use, overheat sensors, etc.

The smart power-saving technology monitors the power level and temperature of the device when not in use. With several pre-programmed menus, cooking is made easier.

An additional feature like pause function enables switching off the cooktop and resume the same process at that particular temperature, instantaneously.

Automatic voltage regulator is embedded in the system which ensures that the appliance does not get damaged at the time of any voltage-fluctuations. It features the pause function that temporarily turns-off the operation when the device is not in use.

This Intelligent product requires a power supply of just 1900W, which makes it highly energy efficient. You also get a warranty card with 1-year of company assistance on the cooktop.

  • Easy to use control panel
  • Highly power-efficient appliance
  • Aerodynamic cooling system
  • Programmed with Indian cooking menu
  • Few of the users have reported about poor post-sale services


5. Havells Insta cook PT Induction Cooktop

Havells with no-doubt is a big brand that is serving the Indian market for over 60 years. Its services & products are appreciated all over the world. Insta cook PT Induction Cooktop is one of the best products manufactured by Havells.
This is a top-class induction cooktop that features modern design and technology for added elegance and efficiency. It comes with a touch control system that allows you to easily get accustomed to its operating features. 

Time setting and temperature variation can be comfortably done using the soft-touch buttons. It also features an LED display, which helps in selecting the menu. It also notifies the cooking status & other features.

There are 6 different cooking modes available in this appliance and also have few preset recipes that enable cooking on an easier angle. So, if you are crazy about eating dosa, curry or some fried food, its easily possible on just one tap.

Havells Insta Cook PT induction cooktop has an automatic shut-down feature that means that the appliance would be turned off on its own when it is overheated or not in use. It ensures the safety of the user and the device.

It has copper coil winding that is built within the system & ensures a better life for the cooktop. The appliance has a ceramic top, which lets you clean the hard-core oily stains from the surface.

This Havells product would not consume more than 1600W of power and it just needs 220V of voltage supply to run efficiently. It is compatible with almost all the type of utensils and is easy to clean and maintain. You get a 12-months of warranty and free door-step delivery is offered.

  • Auto-power off when not in use
  • 6 different cooking modes
  • It has auto-pan detection feature
  • It comes with a long cord-wire
  • Little complicated to understand & use


6. Inalsa Magnum Induction Cooktop

Inalsa Magnum is one of the top-selling products on Amazon India. The product has got amazing customer reviews because of its amazing features & affordable price. This Induction Cooktop is one of the most popular products by Inalsa.

It requires 230V voltage supply, 1800 W power supply and provides an effortless cooking option with the help of electromagnetic induction technology. There are 7 modes of cooking which are programmed in the system along with a variety of menus that comprises a lot of Indian cuisines.

It has of 4-digital display that can notify the time and temperature which have been either set manually or automatically. This cooktop can hold a vessel up to 26 cm (10inch) of base-diameter.

Low energy consumption and safety is ensured by the smart power saving, automatic pan detection, and auto shut-down technology.

The anti-magnetic walls of the appliance have the ability to block the excess-magnetic energy at the time of cooking to get a better experience. It has Air ducts & vents are provided for air circulation and elimination of radiation.

The sensitive touch buttons are integrated into the panel that allows easy operation of the cooktop. The modern designs and compact structure of this cool appliance are improvising the functioning.

A 1 year of product warranty has been offered by the Inalsa. Upon buying this product from Amazon, you get over 50% discount which makes this deal better than other appliances of this segment. To avail of this amazing discount-deal, click the button below.

  • It comes with Digital Time display
  • It can be cleaned easily
  • It works on power-saving technology
  • It has Indian cooking menus
  • The Maintainance cost by a little expensive


7. Lifelong Inferno LLIC20 Induction Cooktop

Lifelong is one of the renowned players in the kitchen appliance industry. It produces mix-grinders, microwave ovens, induction cooktops and a lot of other home & kitchen appliances. The products launched by lifelong have always performed well in the Indian markets due to premium-quality and durability.

Lifelong inferno LLIC20 Induction Cooktop comes with the latest technology and a lot of in-built features. It requires just 1400W of power supply and contains an LED display that shows the figures for temperature and time that have been pre-set in advance.

It has an amazing design that is made of high-quality material. So, you won’t be spending over a minute in cleaning this device. The incorporation of 7 cooking modes & various programmed recipes ensures great cooking experience.

The power saver, pan sensor and auto-off smart technology takes care of energy-wastage and reduces power consumption levels, thus making it power efficient appliance.

It has anti-skid rubber feet that avoid movement of the appliance on the kitchen platform due to spillage or while in work-mode. The safety sensors would secure & safeguard you from any voltage-fluctuations.

The simple controls for operating the Inferno LLIC20 Induction Cooktop are enabled by the soft-touch buttons and tactile switches that have long-lasting life & power.

The smart technology monitors the size and temperature of the vessel for adjusting the power levels required, accordingly.

This induction cooktop is very compact, thus you can accommodate it anywhere in your kitchen without any hustle. You will get 1 year of warranty from lifelong and free home delivery is offered on this appliance from amazon.

  • It comes with voltage fluctuation safety sensors
  • It has preset cooking menu
  • It features power-saving mode
  • Available on massive discount
  • Not much service centers available in Delhi


8. Usha Induction Cooktop

Usha is one of the oldest brands that has been contributing its essence to the Indian markets for a very long period. Usha produces the best ceiling fans in India. Another good product by Usha is induction cooktop. The quality of products and services makes them recommended by many.

Usha induction cooktops have revolutionized the kitchen & home appliance by incorporating a few unique features into the product. The power saver mode & automatic shut down feature reduces the amount of power consumed.

The 5 pre-programmed menus simplify the cooking process and reduce time consumption. It gives you an option to set the temperature and time manually and automatically.

It also features a pan-sensor technology, which turns on the cooktop when a utensil is placed over it. It also features an anti-skid-feet that eliminates movement at the time of processing. It also has a safety device that is embedded in protecting the cooktop against voltage fluctuations.

The user is also secured from getting electrocuted by the provision of a 10A earthing plug, which is already fixed in the product. The temperature is regulated by the copper coil and the loss of nutrition & vitamins are avoided by the nutrient seal technology.

This amazing product has been rated 4.5 stars by the users. It has a classy design that makes it look so attractive and requires less maintenance.

For the Best output from the induction cooktop, you need 1600W power supply and 230V of voltage supply at 50 Hz. Usha is also providing you a 1-year warranty on the cooktop and zero cost EMI payment option.

  • It comes with extra-long cord
  • It has power-saving technology
  • Overvoltage protection mechanism
  • The price is close to 2000 INR. At this price, there are lot of other alternatives.


9. iBell Induction Cooktop

iBell is well known for manufacturing for power machine tools, security systems, vacuum cleaners, Induction cooktops & a lot of other electronic items. The company has always got an overwhelming response for each product in the domestic markets.

iBell Induction cooktops have made an amazing reputation in India is very less period because of their good post-sale services. Ibell induction cooktops are highly efficient & promise to deliver perfect performance in terms of power consumption and cooking of food.

The incorporation of voltage regulation technology ensures safety to the appliance at the time of unwanted power-fluctuations. It also has an auto-shut function which turns off the cooktop when not in use.

There are multiple safety measures available in this device, overheat-protection that gives a better life to this induction.

The smart technology allows automatic temperature and time adjustment for less energy consumption & makes it highly power efficient.

The programmed time and temperature are displayed in the LED display. These features can be adjusted manually using the soft-touch button control that eases the operation and accessibility of the device.

The coils used in this induction cooktop are made of durable & high-quality material, enable higher heating capacity in a safe manner. The cooktop plate is made of crystal glass, which can be easily cleaned with a soft hand.

A wide range of cooking recipes is preset in this induction. It has the capacity to carry out multiple functions in a simple and systematic manner and hence it procured a high customer-rating. You will get 18 months of the product warranty on this purchase.

  • You get an additional 6 months warranty
  • It has auto-shutdown feature
  • It features overheat protection function
  • It comes with a lengthy cable cord
  • It’s a 2000-watt appliance, thus not much power friendly


10. Sunflame Sf-Ic09 Induction Cooktop

With no doubt, Sunflame might be one of the top names that may hit your mind when thinking to buy an induction cooktop. The quality of products and services that Sunflame delivers to the Indian market has been appreciated for a long period.

Sunflame Sf-Ic09 Induction Cooktop is a black color product, which will be a perfect cooking partner for your kitchen that consumes up to 2000W of power. When it comes to looks, this cooktop is made of high-quality crystal glass that gives it a pinch of elegance and style. 

The product exhibits high heat efficiency & great cooking experience. This device comprises an aerodynamic cooling system that heats the plate just at the center and not from the corners and borders which delivers a better cooking experience.

Reduced power consumption and reliability are add-on features of this product. This sunflame cooktop claims to be durable and sturdy through its efficiency in the power and composition of body material.

Several Indian recipes are preset and this eases the cooking process in addition to the provision of soft-touch buttons for operation. The presence of dual heat and automatic shut down sensors makes this appliance stand out of the crowd.

They are designed in such a way that insects or pests do not enter the cooktop from anyway and you may find it easy to maintain. It is available on a high discount on amazon India & to grab this amazing deal, hit the button given below.

  • It is made of Premium Quality Glass Top
  • It has aerodynamic cooling system
  • Highly power friendly
  • Available on over 50% discount
  • The Induction cord is small in length


Buying Guide – Best Induction Cooktops in India

Induction cooktops are essential appliances that are used in the modern kitchen by many homemakers for working out things easily at a faster rate. Choosing the best and apt cooktop isn’t that easy because one has to look into a lot of factors and features that decides the quality and efficiency of this product.

A detailed explanation of the types and the basic entities and properties, which must be possessed by an induction cooktop, is given below. But before we get you going into it, we would like to explain the difference between induction and gas cooktops.

Difference Between Induction Cooktop & Gas Cooktop

Induction cooktops possess several advantages over gas stoves but are a bit expensive. Both have excellent efficiency levels and exhibit great performance. Induction cooktops have higher heating capacity but both of them have the option to regulate temperature.

Nowadays, the temperature is set automatically based on the mode of operation in an induction cooktop. Gas stoves require additional care by the user from time to time while the induction stove doesn’t demand much care after the time is set once, by the user.

The size of a gas stove is bigger than an induction cooktop which makes it difficult to transport or transfer while induction is compactly structured which makes it easy to maintain and shift from one place to another.

Induction cooktops are not preferable when it comes to compatibility with the utensils on the basis of material and base diameter or size.

Another point is that gas stoves are an economical option when compared to induction cooktops. One notable feature is that there are plenty of safety measures enabled in induction cooktops with automatic technology for easy operation.

Types of Induction Cooktops

The cooktop has variations in its structure and sizes which originates from the types of induction cooktops. It can also be classified based on color and some other features. These types are briefly explained below:

1. Built-in stovetops

The cooktops that are inbuilt in the kitchen platform are called built-in stovetops. You can even call it a hob. They highlight the modernism of the kitchen. It gives an additional elegance and space for cooking which makes it suitable for large families. 

It is mostly available in black and white color combination with magnificent designs. This usually turns out well with the background, making it trendier. This type of induction is not transportable but contains 4 to 5 cooking zones and features easy maintenance. 

They are usually placed at the most convenient spot of the platform, easing its access. It might or might not comprise of steel rim and hasn’t been set stably in India, until now. 

2. Freestanding Induction

The cooktop that can be set up or attached between the counters is called as the freestanding induction. They resemble a stovetop oven in appearance. This type of induction gives you an option to select the location of installation and is available in a diverse variety of colors.


Its usage and maintenance are quite simple and sometimes, may possess more than one or two cooking zones. The uncomplicated process of installation and the availability of electric oven as an added attachment are supporting factors that make it one of the highly demanded products. 

3. Portable and Compact cooktops

The most preferred and commonly used induction type is the compact and portable induction cooktop. It comprises of just one cooking zone and is most suitable for small families or bachelors.

Usually, Indians prefer this type of induction as it requires low maintenance and can be ported anywhere, quite easily, but it just requires a power socket. 

It is user-friendly and light-weighted products that are crafted with unique designs. Black and white are the maximum chosen colors, but other attractive colors are also available.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Induction Cooktop

1. Cooking requirement

The availability of cooking zone differs, based on the type of induction cooktop. More the number of zones faster the cooking rate. Usually joint families or families with many members require more zones. 

The maintenance of the appliance and the capability to handle simultaneous actions would require more power setting. Thus, inductions that are mounted on the kitchen platform are preferred for this criterion, as they have many in-built features. 

2. Platform space

The induction selected, must fit in the available area. The compact and portable or freestanding induction would do fine if the space were available for one to two zones, otherwise one can go with a five-zone cooktop. The platform space availability is a key factor that decides the size of the cooktop to be bought. 

3. Burner configuration

High efficiency requires a high wattage supply for the burner. The burner must have a soaring output to provide the best cooking experience and ensure that there is no loss of nutrients with the heat. Burner configuration might seem unnecessary but it’s better to check it as it might cost a good fortune if things go wrong.

4. Safety

The induction cooktop is manufactured with a flat surface to avoid sliding/slipping of utensils of the plate. This trait secures the user from accidents and the device from damage. It consists of many sensors among which the touch sensor is the one that is used to operate the appliance. 

Its role is to initiate the healing process of the plate, on which the utensil would be kept. Accidentally switching it on or forgetting to switch it off might lead to serious burn injuries and accidents causing damage not only to the user but also to the device. 

So, protective sensors are incorporated which shuts down the heating mechanism of the induction and power it off. Additionally, the auto-off features are integrated into the system for conserving energy and extra precaution. This feature is supported by the availability of a timer that switches the burner off depending on the pre-set time.

5. Ease of access

Any product that is user-friendly and simple to operate is the ideal one in the customer’s point of view. An induction cooktop is the center of attraction in the kitchen arena as it is that appliance, on which food will be cooked. 

This device must be compatible with any type of user and should feature easy accessibility. This factor is quite significant, especially when it comes to such appliances. The touch screen control simplifies the process even more. 

6. Sensors

As mentioned earlier, the cooktops usually feature a number of sensors for operation and security purposes. Among them, few are quite essential as they have unique roles to play. 

One such sensor is a panned sensor which looks after the plate on which the pan will be kept. It ensures that the cooktop isn’t turned on needlessly when an empty is pan is kept on the hot plate for using it afterward. It assures no power loss and safety. 

7. Power management

The power consumption must be as low as possible but that must not affect the heating up the efficiency of the cooktop. Thus, an induction must have the capability to manage the power in such a way that the power automatically reduces when a given task or process is complete. 

Once the food is cooked, the heat lowers down as the power gets managed and this saves a lot of energy. This feature ensures that the appliance is utilized to its full efficiency.

8. Heating

Cooking requires constant heat supply which was done using traditional methods. Later gas stoves were used and nowadays induction cooktops are filling up space. The hot plate must have a high heat capacity and should be able to spread the heat over the plate, in all the directions at a uniform rate. 

In short, the plate must be heated up in such a manner that the food doesn’t get over-cooked or burnt. The heating process has to carried out in a different style, as there must be a balance between the speed and working efficiency of the process. 

The overall functioning would be difficult to get accustomed to the initial stages as the timer has to be set accordingly, but it would be easy to handle when one gets used to it. 

This feature is further simplified with the incorporation of an auto-heat up sensor. Also, the food is maintained in a warm condition after the cooktop is switched off. This feature is called warm function and it is set along with the heating time. 

9. Size

Induction cooktops have cooking zones ranging from 1 to 5. The number of zones decides the size of the cooktop. It is based on the preference and convenience of the user. Multiple cooking zones are present in large-sized induction, which are usually recommended for families with many members.

This cooktop is generally designed under the built-in induction cooktop type. The single cooking zone inductions are used by individually-living person or by a family with less number of members. This design is manufactured under the compact and portable induction cooktop type

10. Budget-friendly

Appliances tend to have a range of prices depending on the quality and other features. Some of them have their range at a higher level while some at low but the ones with the range at an intermediate level are targeted the most because those are the only ranges in which a middle-class family can afford. 

The induction cooktop has its price ranging from Rs.1500 to Rs. 1,00,000. The average model with basic features comes around the price of Rs.20, 000 and that is quite feasible for an average income person. Thus, in general terms, an induction cooktop is a budget-friendly product.


An induction cooktop is that elegant appliance which eases the tedious process of cooking. It is very much required as it has many automated sensors and technological advancement in such a way that the user just has to keep the food and look over it until the required time. 

There are many safety measures enabled in the appliance along with the assurance of ease of maintenance. All these add advantage and gets one to buy the appliance. These energy-efficient devices can ensure no nutrition loss and are briefly detailed at the top. 

After a rough analysis, we would recommend you to purchase the “Prestige PIC 20 Induction Cooktop” as it is the aptest one for a person who uses the cooktop on a normal frequency.

I hope the above description of various products and features has helped you gain information and get the Best induction cooktop in India for your kitchen. 

If you have questions, let us know in the comments box given below.

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