9 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India (October 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Refrigerators are those smart and utilitarian devices that complete the kitchen arena in a home.

They keep the food cool and unspoiled for a couple of days and double door refrigerators do the same under higher cooling rate and capacity.


Similar to any other appliance, double door refrigerators also have a lot of features and brands to know. You have to explore various aspects to get the best.

To simplify this tedious process we have given you a list of the top 10 best double door refrigerators in India along with a buying guide to understand the details and specifications.

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These are the Top 9 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India

9 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India

1. LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZL)

LG is an evergreen brand name that is appreciated for its performance and is recommended by many in the streets of Indian markets. LG GL-I292RPZL has a shiny stainless steel look and has procured 3 stars of energy efficiency rating from BEE.


It comprises of smart inverter compressor that enables this double door fridge to work at increased efficiency and reduced noise levels. This feature also sustains freshness for a longer time.

Consistent and effective circulation of cool air is ensured by the multiple air vents while the smart diagnosis feature detects the problem and informs the service centre, accordingly.

This LG double door refrigerator features an Auto smart connect feature that keeps your refrigerator connected to the inverter in your home so that the fridge can work continuously even during power cuts.

The optimization of moisture or humidity levels is enhanced by the lattice-patterned, moist balance crisper which adds to the maintenance of freshness in ingredients.

This 260L capacity of frost-free refrigerator comprises of 3 sturdy, spill-proof glass shelves along with a movable ice tray, which makes it an ideal choice for individuals and small-sized families.

The door lock, door alarm, jet ice technology, temperature control knob, and Catechin deodorizer makes this appliance quite user-friendly while the usage of eco-friendly refrigerant assures that it would be safe and green.

The premium quality LED lighting ensures low power consumption.

The manufacturer is offering 10 years of warranty on the compressor and 1 year of the warranty period on the product. No-cost EMI payment and free delivery are available.

  • Stabilizer independent
  • Fastest ice-making
  • Anti-bacterial gasket
  • Moist balance crisper
  • Doesn’t suit large families


2. Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HRB-3404BMS-E)

Haier is a renowned and reputed name that has been ruling the Indian markets for quite a while through its qualitative products and excellent performance.


Haier HRB-3404BMS-E is a moon-silver colored double door refrigerator. This fridge comes with a capacity of 320 liters that makes it apt for a family of over 3 members.

The auto defrost system keeps the refrigerator frost-free while the anti-fungal gasket maintains a clean and safe interior in the refrigerator.

This bottom-mounted type of refrigerator has aesthetically appealing looks that are attractive enough to stand up to your modern kitchen.

The vegetable box is 2 times more enormous which enhances the airflow, thus increasing the freshness sustainability while the 1-hour icing tech gives you ice, at just 60 minutes.

The compressor and fan can run on two different speeds, based on the load, with the help of twin inverter technology, hence cutting on cost and energy.

The BMR double door refrigerator ensures better rates of cooling through the thick Polyurethane Rigid Foam or PUF insulation, meanwhile the toughened glass shelves provide you with a smart space that can hold even the heavy utensils.

This easy-to-clean fridge can work to its fullest potential even when it is supplied with just 135V of power and this trait sets the refrigerator free from the need of a stabilizer.

Grab this amazing double door refrigerator on a discount of upto 40% by clicking the button given below. LG is offering 10 years of warranty on the compressor and 1 year on the refrigerator.

  • Twist Ice maker Technology
  • 1-HIT tech
  • Twin-inverter Tech
  • Comes with a door lock
  • BEE rating is just 2 stars


3. Samsung 253L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28K3043S8/HL)

Samsung is the first name that may come to your mind as soon as you think of buying the best double door refrigerator in India.


Samsung RT28T3483S8/HL comes in inox colour that promises to add elegance to your kitchen. The product has achieved a rating of 4.2-stars of by the customers that make it among the top-selling double door refrigerators.

This appliance has gained a 3-star rating by BEE which makes it among low energy consuming refrigerators. This factor is also supported by the Digital inverter compressor that works under the utmost silence.

Stable operating conditions are maintained even when the power supply ranges from 100 to 300V, thus eliminating the need for a stabilizer.

All-round cooling and moist fresh zone are the salient features which enhance the optimization of cool air circulation, ultimately resulting in a balanced humid atmosphere.

The ergonomically designed handle and proficient LED lighting ensure that this appliance is user-friendly while on the other hand, the movable ice maker and easily slide-able shelves add to the space factor.

The cool pack or cool wall holds back the coolness and freshness up to 12 hours which turns out to be quite beneficial during power cuts and this trait is supported by the fresh room and power cool/freeze ability.

This Samsung double door fridge features toughened glass shelves that are strong enough to hold up to 150 kg of food. Along with the deep door, the big vegetable box assures full optimization of the available space.

12 months and 10 years of warranty have been provided on the product and the compressor, respectively.

  • Cool pad
  • Digital inverter compressor
  • Maximum space optimization
  • Auto defrost function
  • Low capacity


4. Godrej 260 L 4 Star (2019) Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RF GF 2604 PTRI)

Godrej is a way-old and popular brand name whose expertise in the field of producing and manufacturing top-quality products is well-known and appreciated for years, in the markets of India.


Godrej RFGF2604PTRI double door refrigerator has achieved a 4-star rating by Bureau of Energy Efficiency. This fridge is available in two different colours.

Durable, silent, and efficient operation is exhibited by the compressor whose speed is varied by the smart inverter technology for optimising the cooling load.

Jumbo-sized vegetable tray, 2.25L aqua storage, and wide shelves are provided to ensure that maximum storage space is allotted and used.

Bright LED lightings, door lock, and removable anti-bacterial gaskets are few additional features given to support the user-oriented nature of the device.

The Aroma lock and thick PUF insulation ensure that the freshness of the ingredients locks for a long time whilst enhanced cooling is sought by the fast pull downtime after opening the door and post power cuts.

The capacity of this refrigerator is 260 litres, a frost-free refrigerator that has sturdy glass shelves, a movable ice maker, a knob to adjust the temperature, and multiple air ducts with silver ions to enhance freshness and hygienic conditions.

Supreme performance, attractive aesthetics, smart operations, and quicker cooling are the characteristic features available this energy-efficient product which would be a fine option for bachelors and families with 2 to 3 members.

Get hands-on cash backs, 35% discounts, and various other exciting deals by buying this refrigerator that has 10 years warranty on the compressor and 1 year on the product.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Silver ions in air ducts
  • Door lock available
  • Low durability of compressor


5. Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RR22T272YS8/NL)

Whirlpool is a giant company whose products have never-ending demands, especially in India’s market. It is a leading company that has procured top-class status.


This Whirlpool modern and stylish refrigerator has a grey steel body and has acquired 4 stars of rating by customers and 3-stars for energy efficiency.

The adaptive intelligence tech is incorporated into the fridge which analyses the pattern of usage and senses the surrounding weather and adjusts the temperature and load, accordingly, thus helping you to easily control the fridge.

You can use the freezer under 5 modes based on your convenience and needs, namely- All season, Chef, Dessert, Party, and Deep freeze mode.

The IntelliSense inverter technology produces low to no noise and is available in this appliance which enables your refrigerator to run efficiently even when the supply is cut.

The Zeolite and Microblock technology, along with Freshonizer, ensures the maintenance of consistently fresh ambiance in the interiors of the fridge, thus keeping your veggies fresh for 2 long weeks.

This trait wouldn’t have been so proficient if it lacked the Fresh Flow Air Tower that circulates cool air through the Flexi vents. The auto-connect feature keeps your refrigerator in touch with the home inverter so that, it continues to work even in power blackouts.

The humidity levels are kept under balance at the vegetable crisper with the help of the honeycomb moisture lock-in tech.

This refrigerator comes with 10 years of warranty on the compressor in which the first year also applies to the refrigerator. Get this appliance at the lowest possible cost by purchasing it now.

  • 6th sense deep freeze technology
  • Zeolite technology
  • Ice twister and Collector
  • 5 convertible modes
  • Too compact dimensions


6. Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S)

Whirlpool is a successfully running company that has been consistently performing par excellence and secured top-position in the markets of India.


Whirlpool offers a stunning black color refrigerator that is powered by adaptive intelligence and has procured a rating of 3-stars by BEE for energy efficiency.

The Intelli-Sensor, included in the device, senses the load, weather, and usage pattern to regulate the temperature within the appliance which makes it a user-oriented product.

The bacteria-free environment is ensured by the Microblock technology while 15 days of long-lasting freshness is assured by Zeolite technology and Freshonizer.

Flexi vents of Fresh flow Air tower circulates cool air and the Honeycomb-shaped moisture-lock vegetable crisper adjusts the humidity levels.

The IntelliSense inverter technology efficates the compressor, thus increasing the rates of the refrigerator’s efficiency whilst the auto-connect features keep your fridge connected with the home inverter to work even under power cuts.

The convertible freezer can be used in 5 modes, based on your needs and convenience and they are All Seasons, Party, Chef, Dessert, and Deep Freeze modes.

Ice-cream tray and Ice Twister and Collector are few additional attachments provided in this frost-free double-door refrigerator that doesn’t require stabiliser for stable operations.

Active-deo, toughened glass shelves, door lock, and ergonomic handles make this 265L fridge an apt choice for a middle-sized family.

Click the button to get access to discounts, no-cost EMI option, and undeniable offers for this product that has 10 years of warranty applied to the compressor and 1 year on product.

  • Microblock tech
  • Fresh Flow Air Tower
  • Zeolite technology
  • Durable
  • No LED lighting


7. Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (NEOFRESH 258LH CLS PLUS 2S)

Whirlpool is a famous brand name that can be often heard in the marketplaces of India. Their products are preferred by many due to its outstanding performance.


Whirlpool NEO 258LHCLS PLUS is a grey coloured 2 door refrigerator that has been awarded 4.2-stars by the customers for its looks and performance.

This frost-free refrigerator consists of a Deep Freeze function that keeps the freezer in the coldest state and the knob allows you to set the temperature of the freezer at your convenience.

The scientifically designed air tower along with strategized vent placements ensures uniform and balanced cooling at each section of your fridge, which is retained and held for long periods during power cuts by the chilling gel.

The Honeycomb moisture-lock tech and anti-microbial additive or Micro-block technology enhances the optimization of humidity and bacteria-free environment, respectively, which ultimately adds to the maintenance of fresh veggies in the gasket.

On one side, the Ice twister executes twist action for dispensing and collecting ice in the box, for your use, and on the other, the Freshonizer reduces the oxidative reaction to optimize freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Active deo and Zeolite tech is incorporated into this refrigerator to sustain the fresh and odor-free environment and prevent quick, excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables that you keep in this fridge, respectively.

This manufacturer has provided 10 years warranty for compressor and 1 year for the product. You can buy it now at a better deal by clicking the button given below.

  • Cheap price
  • Microblock technology
  • Fresh Flow Air Tower with Flexi Vents
  • 6th sense Deep Freeze technology
  • Ice Twister
  • BEE rating is just 2 stars


8. Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (NEO 258LH ROY SAPPHIRE RADIANCE (2S)-N)

Whirlpool is the name of a top-class brand that has over 100 years of global expertise. Indian markets are indebted to their superior quality of products and services.


Whirlpool proffers a beautiful blue coloured, NEO 258LH ROY SAPPHIRE model which is a frost-free double-door Neo Fresh refrigerator. It has procured 4.1-stars of rating by customers.

This device comprises of the Active Deo which executes anti-odour action and Microblock tech for maintaining an anti-bacterial interior.

The strategically designed and placed air tower and vents, circulate the cool air in each section at a uniform rate, thus cooling bottles at 40% faster rates and keeping your fruits and veggies in a fresh state.

The Freshonizer elevates freshness levels by reducing the oxidation, thus supporting the above trait in a positive note.

With the honeycomb design on the vegetable crisper moisture-levels can easily be controlled, and when this feature gets along with the Zeolite tech, excessive ripening of your fruits and vegetables can be prevented.

The Deep Freeze tech maintains your ice-cream in a fresh state, even during power cuts, as the chilling gel helps this fridge to tackle power and hence allowing you to serve and enjoy your dishes anytime you want.

This fridge would be an apt choice for individuals and small families as the capacity is 245L and the ice twister, temperature control knob, door lock, and stabilizer-free operation, denotes the user-friendly nature of the product.

12 months of warranty has been offered for the product and 10 years for the compressor. Click the button below to access this device at discounted rates.

  • Zeolite technology
  • Active deo
  • Chilling gel
  • Freshonizer
  • Low capacity


9. LG 437 L 3 Star LG ThinQ (Wi-Fi) Inverter Linear Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator (GL-T432FASN)

LG is the name of an expert brand which has been ruling the Indian markets for a long time through its excellent performance in supplying quality products. LG offers 4.2-stars rated, GL-T432FASN is available in silver and amber steel colour.

LG-Double-Door Re-frigerator

It is integrated with linear cooling technology, which uniformly cools and freshens the interiors, in addition to the door cooling+ feature that assures the retention of cool air even when the door is opened frequently.

The Inverter Linear Compressor regulates the temperature at reduced noise levels and increased efficiency, even during power cuts and fluctuations, thus ensuring stabilizer-free operation.

This 437L frost-free refrigerator’s freezer can be converted into a fridge depending on your requirement and the Smart ThinQ features allow you to be connected to your appliance via Wi-Fi.

Auto-smart connect and Smart diagnosis are the features that enable your fridge to connect to your home inverter and troubleshoot issues, respectively, thus enabling you to access and operate your device smartly and easily.

This refrigerator’s shelves are made out of strengthened glass which can store ingredients that weigh up to 175kg and the door space is also optimised to store 2L water bottles.

In addition to all that, the lattice-patterned vegetable box is also provided to maintain the moisture levels and retain the freshness in your veggies.

1 and 10 years of warranty period has been provided by the manufacturer for the product and compressor, respectively. Free delivery, no-cost EMI, cash backs and discounts are few savings offer available for this device.

  • Convertible
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • Linear Cooling
  • Door cooling+
  • Costly


Buying Guide – Best Double Door Refrigerators in India

Knowing all the features and specifications of an appliance, before buying it, is necessary. Through this buying guide, we are explaining all the details and factors that play an essential and effective role in enhancing refrigerator performance.


Types of Refrigerators available in India

The quantity and incorporation style of the door brings the 4 variants of refrigerators, into the light. These 4 types are as follows-

Single-Door Refrigerators PVC Yoga Mats

Refrigerators that cover all its compartments behind a single door are called direct cooling or single-door refrigerators. They are compact, economical and have a maximum capacity of 300 liters.

Thus, it’s an ideal choice for bachelors, couples, or a family of 3 members. It consumes lower levels of energy compared to other types but you have to manually defrost the freezer regularly, as the freezer will not have ample capacity.

If you are convenient with single-door refrigerators only, then go for the models that comprise digital auto defrost.

Double-Door Refrigerators

Refrigerators that come with a separate compartment for freezer have two doors, one for the main compartment and another for the freezer, hence the name double-door refrigerators.

These fridges comprise of a separate heating element that keeps the freezer box independent from frost and thus this type of refrigerator is also called a frost-free refrigerator.

Based on the arrangement of compartment this variant is further classified into two- top-mount and bottom-mount refrigerators.

In the former kind, the freezer is mounted above the main compartment while in the latter the arrangement is vice-versa. Top-mount refrigerators are quite common and the bottom-mount is designed in a user-friendly way.

Most of the double-door refrigerators have the capacity between 200 to 700 litres, due to which the size and space occupancy is higher than any single-door fridge.

It is a perfect choice for a family which is medium in size, i.e. has 4 to 5 members. Cool air circulation in this big region is carried out by automated fans, due to which the refrigerator consumes 30 to 40% more power.

With so many features and factors, the overall cost would also be high.

Triple-Door Refrigerators

You would be able to infer from the name that this type of refrigerator will have 3 doors for the compartments. There is a freezer chamber at the top, a middle part for general use, and a vegetable basket at the bottom.

The capacity is around 240 to 350 liters, which makes it ideal for a medium-sized family. A higher level of performance is exhibited when it is supplied with a greater supply of power.

Side-By-Side Refrigerators

Huge refrigerators that have 2 or more doors in a side-wise arrangement are called side-by-side refrigerators. Having ample space and flexibility in each section, they turn out to be quite user-friendly.

Its capacity comes around 500 to 900 litres and as a matter of fact, the power consumption would automatically be elevated. Bigger freezer space, water, and ice dispenser are a few specialties of this type of fridge.

All these points indicate that side-by-side refrigerators are suitable either for large families with 6 and more members or for people who often use the freezer space.

Factors To Consider while selecting the Best Double Door Refrigerators

1. Working

A refrigerator’s role is to keep the vegetables and other edible items healthy and freshly, at least for a few weeks. This is done by maintaining a lowered temperature inside the refrigerator with the help of fluid refrigerant, compressor, condenser coils, evaporation coils, and expansion device.

Maintenance of cool temperatures within the fridge is a continuous process.

The heat inside the refrigerator is absorbed by the fluid refrigerant which comes out of the expansion valve, at a cool temperature after flowing all the way through the condenser coils.

The temperature reduces more in the expansion valve which enables the refrigerant to circulate inside the refrigerator as a cool gas.

In a nutshell, compression, condensation, and evaporation are the 3 technical processes whose continuous action ensures reduced temperatures in the refrigerator compartment.

2. Capacity and Size

Capacity and size are the first and primary factors to be considered which play a vital role in deciding the budget of any appliance. Getting the aptly sized device is necessary to avoid wastage of money and energy.

The fridge capacity is divided as- less than 200 litres, 220 litres, 250-300 litres, 280-350 litres and greater than 350 litres for bachelors, couples, small, medium, and large-sized families, respectively.

The size of the refrigerator depends on the model you choose but you have to ensure that there is sufficient place in your house to place the fridge.

Also, don’t place it in a corner, instead leave some space aside so that you can hold the door ajar, especially when it opens at an angle above 90 degrees.

3. Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of an appliance is calculated on the basis of its consumption of electricity. BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency is an agency, certified by the government, whose job is to rate an appliance out of 5 stars depending upon its energy efficiency.

Higher the rating, better the device efficiency, thus you must always go for the models that have 5 stars rating. They might be expensive but would save costs and energy in the long run.

4. Inverter Technology

Inverter technology is a crucial parameter that assures that the power consumed by the refrigerator is reduced by 20c to 40%. The compressor turns on and off, at a uniform rate, to cool the environment inside the fridge.

This process can suck a lot of power, thus the inverter tech was introduced where the compressor is induced to work at different speed levels based on the required cooling load.

5. Defrosting

Refrigerators are broadly classified into two types based on defrosting technology. They are-

Direct Cool Technology

Natural convection procedures are put in use by this technology to circulate cool air inside the refrigerator. Due to the random direction of circulation, the fridge gets cooled unevenly which builds-up frost.

This tech is found mostly in the single-door refrigerator only, that’s why they need to be manually defrosted regularly. Few advantages include cheap rates and easy maintenance.

Frost-free Fridge

Almost all the recent models of refrigerators consist of frost-free technology because it executes defrost cycles which keeps a check on the frost formation.

The double-door, triple-door and side-by-side refrigerators have balanced cool air distribution as they have frost-free technology integrated into them. Power consumption is higher but the device would last long.


6. Maintenance

Maintaining any appliance would result in efficient performance and long life.

Refrigerators do not require frequent maintenance but cleaning them up once every 2-3 months is a good practice to be followed.

The cleaning procedures include the following steps:

  • Before cleaning the fridge, remember to turn it off as keeping the door ajar for a long time would draw more power.
  • Remove all the utensils and edible ingredients along with the shelves, drawers, and, iceboxes.
  • Take a cloth and soak it in the mild soap solution. Use it for wiping the shelves, drawers, icebox and, the fridge interiors.
  • Dry the removed parts by placing them under a shade and while they dry wipe the exteriors of the fridge.
  • You can start using the fridge once you restore the shelves and drawers in their position.

7. Enhancing Efficiency And Durability

To improve the efficiency levels of your refrigerator ensure the enlisted things are executed or followed accordingly.

  • Distance your fridge from heat vents, direct sunlight, dishwashers, or any source of heat as it reduces the load on the compressor.
  • Avoid keeping the door open for a long while and opening the freezer frequently, the cooling effect reduces.
  • Make sure that the food or dishes are not too hot and are well-covered, before storing them in the refrigerator.
  • Organize the dishes appropriately so that you can access them easily, thus reducing the time where the door remains open.
  • Keep the cereal boxes, bread, and serving dishes out of the fridge as they tend to trap heat.
  • Adjust the temperature to be set between 36-38 degrees of Fahrenheit, it reduces the load on the compressor.

Increase the lifespan of your refrigerator by following these simple tips:-

  • Avoid using sharp and abrasive things for cleaning the refrigerator.
  • Arrange the dishes systematically, do not arrange in a congested manner, or overcrowd the fridge.
  • Ensure that the door closes properly, without any gap for leakage.
  • Properly clean and maintain the interiors, exteriors, condenser coil, and door seal, to avoid the occurrence of mold formation.

8. Budget and Warranty

Refrigerators are quite a heavy, one-time investment, so ensure that you are getting the model that has all the required features and suit your needs.

The price range begins around INR 18,000 and can reach up to 3 lakhs. Warranty is mandatory for any appliance as it represents the product’s life and quality.

A higher warranty period is offered for high-end models while others get an average period of warranty. Refrigerators usually have 10 years of warranty on the compressor but the warranty on the overall product varies with brand and model.


Additional Features of the Best Double Door Refrigerators

Other than the above mentioned basic requirements, a refrigerator has various other parameters to look into. They are-

1. Fresh features:-

Maintaining the humidity levels inside the refrigerator is essential for keeping up the fresh state of fruits and vegetables. If there is too much moisture, the vegetables get damp or develop fungus and if there isn’t any moisture then the ingredients tend to go dry, thus you must ensure that the humidity levels are optimised.

You can open or close the moisture vent, if they are available, to control the moisture levels inside your fridge. Most of the lower-end refrigerators won’t have this feature while few brands like Haier and Whirlpool have their fridges incorporated with Vitamin-C filter and ionizer, respectively, for sterilizing the air which results in slower ripening of the fruits.

Other measures, to keep the veggies in a stale-free state, include the availability of an anti-bacterial system. Few models of Whirlpool fridges contain Microblock material for maintaining a contaminant-free refrigerator.

2. Conversion Facility:-

Recent refrigerator versions can convert the freezer into a fridge and vice-versa with the help of this conversion feature.

In India, the major population is vegetarian so the fridge to freezer ratio is 80:20 but non-vegetarians should go for the variant having a 70:30 ratio. One advantage is that depending on your usage you can increase the capacity of your fridge or freezer.

3. Tackling with Power cuts:-

Refrigerators can tackle power cuts for 2 to 7 hours if it has this technology which maintains both coolness and freshness inside the fridge

4. Eco-friendly Nature:-

Demand for environment-friendly products has increased over the period and so, refrigerator manufacturers also bought in an eco-friendly twist in their products. Refrigerant is the major component in a refrigerator and until recent times, CFC refrigerants were used.

It is one of the greenhouse gases that harm the ozone layer, thus CFCs were replaced with R134a and R600a that are much safer and set the track on greener approach.

5. Temperature Control:

You can manually control the temperature of the compartments in your fridge when you have this setting and to experience the utmost potential it is better to go for a refrigerator that has separate temperature controls for the main compartment and the freezer.

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6. Double-door action:-

You can sneak a peek into the refrigerator without opening the door with the help of a lightened up a front panel that is made of opaque glass.

7. Indicators:-

Few higher-end models of fridges have indicators that produce a beep sound when the door is kept ajar for a long while.

8. Built-in Stabilizer:

The compressor is affected adversely when exposed to frequent fluctuations in the voltage and hence, opting a refrigerator with a built-in stabilizer would be better for increased durability of your fridge.

9. Cool Pack:-

Some refrigerators have cooling gel integrated into it, which holds the cool air for an extended period. This feature is really helpful if you live in an area that faces frequent power cuts.

10. Quick-Freeze Compartment:

If you are a frequent user of ice, then this feature would be very comfortable as they will quickly provide you with ice.


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11. Separators:-

As the name suggests, separators divide the given space into multiple sections, thus increasing the space to store different ingredients, simultaneously.

12. Deodorizer:-

This parameter helps you keep the fridge free from odor. They make use of effective and powerful filters that not only removes odor but also maintains the circulation of fresh air inside the fridge.

13. Noise:-

All the refrigerators produce some noise that averagely ranges within 30 to 47dB, but refrigerators with more than 40dB of noise production are considered to be noisy.

14. Build Quality:

Refrigerators made out of stainless steel material are considered to be sturdy, durable, and apt for regular use as they are easy to maintain. They might cost you initially but would be beneficial in the long run.

15. Door Handles:-

Door handles are a simple, yet essential factor to be considered. It is necessary to ensure that they are strong enough to last for a while and open the door effortlessly. Also, they must be correctly shaped and positioned, for convenient usage.

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16. Adjustable Shelves:-

Having the option to adjust the shelves, either by sliding or by flipping vertically from the hinges, would turn out to be quite helpful when you have to put in a lot of ingredients.

17. Crisper:-

Crisper is one of the effective features for keeping the fruits and veggies in a crisp and fresh state. They are sealed compartments which should be at least 45cm wide so that big, leafy vegetables can also be stuffed in your fridge, quite comfortably.

Maintaining them would be convenient if they were removable, so get detachable crispers and do go for more than one crisper if there is a considerable quantity of ingredients to store.

18. Air Filtration:-

An in-built carbon filter would remove all the bad odors and filter the air inside the fridge for ensuring and enhancing fresh air circulation.

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Conclusion: Best Double Door Refrigerators in India

Refrigerators are one of the essential home appliances and are one-time investments. Spend your hard-earned money in the aptest model that can be easily figured out by the details explained above.

Double-door type is a more suitable option as they are trendy, capable, and efficient than any single-door refrigerator.

We recommend you go with “Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S), based on the availability of maximum parameters and performance. To know more about this product, click here.

Hope this article turned out to be helpful in your search of the best double-door refrigerator.

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