12 Best Refrigerator under 25000 in India (October 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Are you looking to buy the best refrigerator under 25000?

If Yes, your search is over.


Refrigerators are a very important investment, especially given their longevity. So it’s natural if you find it surprising that we’ve lined up a good number for you in this incredible price range.

But fear not, we’ve brought you the best by the most trusted brands in the business.

There are hundreds of brands selling thousands of refrigerators models which might have a lot of features but are not budget-friendly. Considering your budget, we have shortlisted the top 12 best Refrigerators under 25000 in India.

Also, we suggest you to read the buying guide on this page because it would walk you through the factors that must be considered while buying the best refrigerator under 25000.

So scroll through and be amazed!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

These are the Top 12 Best Refrigerator under 25000 in India

Top 12 Best Refrigerator Under 25,000 in India

1. Godrej 260 L Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RFGF2604 PTRI)

Godrej is an evergreen brand that has been serving India pre and post-independence. It has diversified from its hugely popular home appliances to now cover even agricultural technology. The brand is known for producing some of the best window ac and microwave Ovens.


Godrej Double door fridge RFGF2604 PTRI comes with 260 liters of capacity which makes it ideal for a family of up to 4 members. With 4 stars of energy efficiency, this model will serve both you and your electricity bill.

Primary Features

  • Inverter Refrigerator with Frost-Free technology saves energy and effort
  • Capacity of 260 liters with a 59 liter freezer
  • 2.75” PUF Insulator and fast pull down time keep your fridge cool
  • 4 star achiever in terms of energy efficiency
  • Consumes 202 kilowatt hours of energy annually
  • Made in India

This refrigerator has a Jumbo-sized vegetable tray, wide shelves, and can capacitate 2.25 ltr worth of water bottles. So you’ll never fall short of space, especially with the 59 ltr freezer, stock up enough frozen lasagnas for the entire year.

This fridge uses inverter technology which is extremely energy efficient and allows the compressor to change its speed as per requirement instead of repeatedly shutting off and on.

This technology increases the average lifespan of your appliance and makes it environment friendly.

The frost-free technology saves you the trouble of defrosting manually and allows for better air circulation within the refrigerator which prevents odor build-up as well.

This refrigerator also sports an Aroma-Lock feature that aids in the prevention of odor build-up by locking in the natural scent and freshness of your delicious food.

Another important feature of this incredible Godrej refrigerator is its Fast Pull Downtime, this allows the refrigerator to cool down quickly and return to optimal temperature after electricity cuts or being powered off.

The 2.75” Polyurethane Foam (PUF) insulation helps to retain the cool temperature making sure that when you go to sleep, dreaming of having your delicious takeout leftovers for breakfast, you’re not disappointed.

You don’t have to be Joey to not want to share your food with bacteria, thankfully the removable anti-bacterial gasket swoops right in, ensuring you only eat fresh and healthy.

Made and assembled in India, this Godrej refrigerator has a child-lock and LED light that makes this appliance accessible while also keeping its operation safe from unnecessary interruptions.

If you are looking for the best refrigerator under 25000 in India, this Godrej refrigerator can be one of the best options available on amazon. To avail more discounts on this fridge, hit the button below.

  • Extremely energy efficient inverter compressor
  • Auto-defrost
  • Anti-bacterial gasket
  • Lacks auto connect feature for home inverters


2. Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28M3022S8, Inverter Compressor)

Samsung is a household name across the globe, thanks to its cutting-edge technologies. The brand delivers nothing short of perfection.


The Samsung RT28M3022S8 double door refrigerator comes with an Inverter Compressor technology. This appliance has a capacity of 253 Ltr that makes it among the top choices of customers.

Primary Features

  • Works without stabilizer
  • Smart Inverter Connect Technology
  • Self-defrosting through deodorizer
  • 253 liters capacity

You could compare this refrigerator’s features to an entire naval fleet. The RT28M3022S8 comes with an inverter compressor that protects your refrigerators systems from continually powering off and on by allowing the compressor to adjust its speed as per requirement.

The inverter compressor also comes with a stabilizer-free feature that keeps your refrigerator safe in times of voltage fluctuations and accommodates for auto-shutoff when fluctuations are on the rise.

Next comes the Smart Inverter Connect technology which powers your refrigerator even during electricity cuts. The Coolpack technology sustains near-arctic temperatures for around half a day in cases of blackouts.

The frost-free feature ensures auto-defrost and makes sure you neither have to see nor manually remove icicles from your food packaging.

This refrigerator also dons a Movable Ice Maker that allows you to freeze ice and retrieve it by simply twisting the ice tray and unloading the ice in the given container.

To add to sturdiness and convenience to your life, this refrigerator is equipped with two toughened glass shelves and one easy-slide shelve which as the name suggests slides in and out of its hinges so you can easily extract your preferred food items.

There’s also a big bottle guard that is wider than the fence provided by most water bottle shelves, this allows you to store your more jumbo-sized bottles.

The inbuilt LED light illuminates every time you open your fridge and the Deodorizer helps you retain the aroma of your food as if it’s freshly cooked, keeping foul smells out.

  • Inverter Connect and Coolpack technology
  • Maintain cool temperatures for up to 12 hours
  • Stabilizer free technology
  • Not Noisy
  • Only 1 star BEE rating for energy efficiency, which may hike the power bill


3. LG 260 L  Double Door Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZL)

LG GL-I29RPZL can never go from the list of Best Refrigerators under 25000 in India. The company is for the best post-sale services and various product lines.


The LG GL-I29RPZL L is a Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator that is loaded with every feature that your imagination can conjure out of thin air.

Primary Features

  • This appliance boasts of being energy efficient, stabilizer free, and its Auto-Defrost Technology
  • 260 Liters of total capacity with 23L vegetable bin and 75L freezer
  • Ice beam Door Cooling and Multi Air Flow technology
  • Sports LG’s Smart Self-Diagnostic Technology
  • Has inbuilt LED lights, humidifier and deodorizer

Adorning a 3-star energy efficiency BEE rating, save the environment and your money while having an incredible appliance fulfilling all your refrigerating needs. This LG Double door fridge makes use of an inverter compressor.

It is a technology that you’ll find in most refrigerator models on this list. This refrigerator doesn’t leave you in the dark during power cuts as it can easily be plugged into your domestic inverter units.

Stabilizer-free technology allows your appliance to run without the need for a stabilizer while effectively protecting it from any harm during frequent voltage fluctuations between 100 and 310 Volts.

This refrigerator doesn’t make too much noise and also makes for the perfect, most natural addition to your home.

Again the frost-free technology shines bright, adding to the good life with the Ice Beam Door Cooling system which maintains cool air and the Multi-Air Flow system.

This refrigerator has an incredibly spacious freezer with a capacity of 75 Ltrs. The freezer also caters to instant ice and ice cream preparation through its Jet Ice feature.

Another noteworthy compartment is the 23 ltr vegetable storage tank, that comes with its own technology to retain just the right degree of moisture and the crisp texture of your fruits and veggies by the means of a lattice-pattern box.

The humidifier and deodorizer maintain fresh air with an appropriate degree of moisture. There is an anti-bacteria gasket that kills and keeps the germs outside.

The LED light illuminates better and for much longer than your standard bulbs. There are a total of 3 shelves in the main space and the door dons shelves that can accommodate 2 ltr worth of bottled water.

Finally, we come to the most winning feature of this appliance which is the smart self-diagnosing technology.

If your refrigerator starts to give you trouble all you have to do is call the LG helpline, place your phone on your refrigerator, and like a stethoscope your phone communicates to the servers the issues with your appliance, making service quick, easy, and instant.

  • Smart Self-Diagnosis
  • Stabilizer Free Technology
  • Lattice-pattern box
  • The door shelves can only hold 2L of water


4. Whirlpool 265 L Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S)

Whirlpool does not only come to your home with its refrigerator but also with a promise to assist you in the best possible way. Whirlpool has spread its wings across the globe and rightfully so, for its products scream perfection.

Whirlpool-Double-Door-Refrigerator-(INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S)

The Whirlpool Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (INV CNV 278 3S) is loaded with auto-defrosting, stabilizer-free technology.

Primary Features

  • 3 Star rating by BEE for Energy efficiency
  • Auto-Defrost and Stabilizer-Free Feature make the appliance convenient and reliable
  • It comes loaded with intellisenors that detect extraneous factors like temperature, usage and load to provide effective cooling
  • 75 liter Freezer cones with 5 different modes to cater to your more specific requirements
  • Auto Connect Feature to home inverters for continued operation during electricity cuts

The inverter compressor detects power cuts and comes with the option of connecting to home inverters, protecting your food no matter what. Aiding to the freshness, the Zeolite Technology which keeps your veggies and fruits as good as new, preventing over-ripening.

The Micro-block technology keeps germs and bacteria out, this makes your food last longer, up to 15 days, by extinguishing 99% of the bacterial growth inside your fridge.

To help the circulation of fresh air across the appliance and maintain even coolness, this refrigerator employs a Freshflow air tower with Flexi-vents.

The Freshonizer and Honeycomb moisture lock maintain optimal levels of moisture and prevent oxidation in your veggie bin, keeping the integrity of your fruits and veggies intact for days and days.

  • Compatible with home inverters
  • Smart Sensors
  • The freezer comes with multiple modes
  • Energy Efficient consumes only 190-kilowatt hours annually
  • Marginally costlier than the other models on the list


5. Godrej 236 L Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RF EON 236B 25 HI SI ST)

Godrej is back to show off its brilliance once again. The Godrej 236 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (RF EON 236B 25 HI SI ST) is among the top-selling refrigerators on amazon.

Godrej-Double-Door-Refrigerator-(RF EON 236B 25 HI SI ST)

The inverter compressor saves energy and helps the appliance live a longer life by completely eliminating the need for the compressor to repeatedly turn itself off and on, and allows it to function at varying speeds as per the cooling requirement.                                              

Primary Features

  • Total capacity of 236 liters with a 64 liter freezer and a jumbo sized fruit and veggie tray
  • Inverter compressor model uses a special reciprocating compressor to maintain an even, cool temperature
  • Auto-Defrost Technology
  • 2 stars for energy efficiency by BEE
  • Consumes 246 kilowatt hours of energy annually

This refrigerator also comes with the auto-defrost feature. This refrigerator hosts a 64 ltr freezer, a jumbo fruit, and a veggie tray. The chiller tray is also huge and can accommodate up to 5 one-liter water bottles.

Next comes the removable anti-bacterial gasket. This gasket is combined with silver ions in the air ducts, rids the interior of your refrigerator of any germ and bacteria growth that could hinder the preservation of your food.

Frequent circulation and even cooling of the air inside the refrigerator is extremely important. So, 2 out of the 3 given shelves come attached with air vents to do the job.

Talking of these shelves, it’s important to mention that Godrej Equips its refrigerators with extremely sturdy toughened glass shelves that can withstand upto 150 kgs of weight.

To add more value to this double door refrigerator, Godrej is offering 2 years warranty. To avail an unbelievable discount on this deal, click the red button given below.

  • Extremely reasonably priced
  • Comes with auto-defrost, anti-bacterial gasket to fight germs and long-lasting LED light
  • Doesn’t come with an Auto-Connect Feature
  • It isn’t too energy efficient as compared to other models out there


6. Whirlpool 265 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (NEOFRESH GD PRM 278 2S)

If you are thinking to buy a refrigerator that is the best refrigerator under 25000, whirlpool NEOFRESH GD PRM 278 2S would be an apt option for you.

Whirlpool-Double-Door-Refrigerator-(NEOFRESH GD PRM 278 2S)

The staples include the auto-defrost technology and stabilizer-free operation that make this refrigerator an extremely convenient choice. BEE has awarded this Whirlpool fridge with a 2-star rating that makes this appliance save you money on power bills.

Primary Features

  • Total capacity of 265 liters with a 75 liter freezer
  • Auto-Defrosting Refrigerator works safely without the need of a stabilizer
  • 6th sense Deepfreeze technology to circulate and retain cool air inside the freezer
  • Zeolite, Microblock Technologies
  • Fresh air and even distribution is provided by the means of strategically placed air vents and air tower

Whirlpool has equipped this refrigerator with the 6th sense Deepfreeze technology that keeps cool air inside the refrigerator and stops it from slipping out the thirty times we open a fridge a day.

What comes with this is the chilling gel that keeps your freezer cool even during power cuts. To help even cooling and circulation, this refrigerator sports an air tower with flexi-vents that are smartly positioned so as to optimize preservation.

These vents also allow you to cool water bottles 40% faster than other models on the block.

This double door fridge easily keeps fruits and veggies fresh for upto 12 days. The micro-block technology kills almost 100% of the germs and bacteria that build up inside the fridge.

The honeycomb moisture maintains the ideal level of moisture to retain the texture of your food.

The active deodorizer keeps odor away and preserves the natural aroma of your delicious food. Also, Zeolite technology slows and prolongs the over-ripening of fruits.

The easy-slide tray and the twister ice tray with a bucket in the bottom, make this refrigerator an extremely comfortable buy for your house. To grab this best in the quality refrigerator, click the button below.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Air vents cool water bottles 40% faster than other models
  • Aesthetic look
  • Not too energy efficient
  • Consumes 253-kilowatt hours of energy annually
  • 2 stars by BEE
  • This is a non-inverter refrigerator


7. Samsung 253L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28T3782UT/HL, Convertible)

Samsung is here with another product that’s nothing short of fabulous. The Samsung Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28T3782UT/HL) in one word is Versatile.

Samsung-Double-Door-Refrigerator-(RT28T3782UT:HL, Convertible)

With a choice of 3 operating modes and a freezer that needs no more than the touch of a button to cool like a fridge, giving you an additional 88 liters of space.

Primary Features

  • Turn your freezer into an additional refrigerating zone, creating an extra 88 liters of space.
  • With two stars for energy efficiency, this product consumes 242 kilowatt hours a year
  • No more stabilizers needed, this appliance protects itself in the face of voltage fluctuations and connects to domestic inverter units in times of blackouts
  • Coolpack technology maintains cool environment in the freezer for a round half-a day in case of no electricity
  • Self-defrosting fridge with inbuilt deodorizer

Don’t lose your decadent pastries and doughnuts to electrical blackouts with this noiseless digital inverter that is compatible with domestic inverters as well.

Stabilizer free technology allows the refrigerator to effectively withstand voltage fluctuations between 100 and 300 volts, without bearing any electrical damages.

You must be well versed with the auto-defrost feature, which this refrigerator proudly has.

Next comes the Cool Pack technology in the freezer door which maintains temperature under 0 degrees for over half a day during electricity cuts, making this refrigerator as self-sufficient as one can get.

To ensure that the cool air is spread out and circulated evenly throughout the refrigerator, this appliance makes use of something called the all-round cooling system that covers every nook and cranny inside your fridge, keeping food on any and every shelf as good as new.

The easy-slide shelf makes accessing the food buried deep inside easier to access and the moist fresh zone retains the ideal level of moisture in the veggie bin to keep your fruits and veggies fresh for days.

The deodorizer traps the natural scent and aroma of the food placed inside the refrigerator keeping away foul smells and odor.

Toughened glass shelves and big bottle guards are present in this Samsung appliance as well. The touch panel centered on the exterior of the freezer makes the fridge not only good in looks but also easy to use.

  • Convertible, 3 in 1 mode
  • More space for storage
  • This refrigerator connect to them automatically during power cuts
  • Cool Pack Technology maintains the Temperature
  • Low BEE star rating
  • Not as Energy Efficient as some of the other refrigerators


8. Whirlpool 240 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator(FP 263D Protton Roy)

We present to you the Whirlpool 240 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator (FP 263D Protton Roy). This 3 doors refrigerator comes with the freezer, the main compartment, and the third, a separate 32-liter bin for fruits and veggies, called the Active Fresh Zone.

Whirlpool-Double-Door-Refrigerator-(FP 263D Protton Roy)

It features the Active Fresh technology that keeps your perishables fresh for twice as long.

Primary Features

  • Total capacity of 240 liters with a 32 liter fruit and veggie bin
  • Auto-Defrosting Refrigerator
  • It employs the 6th sense ActiveFresh technology to keep perishables fresh
  • Zeolite, Microblock technologies keep fruits and veggies fresh for longer
  • Fresh air and even distribution is provided by the means of the Air Booster
  • You can also control temperature inside the fridge with a given circular knob

Contributing to this freshness are Whirlpool’s staple micro-block and zeolite technology that kill 99% of the total germ and bacteria buildup and protecting your fruits from over-ripening, respectively.

This refrigerator seems to give special attention to give these gifts of nature an added importance with its fruit crisper and moisture retention technology that provide the ideal space and moisture level so your fruits retain their odor and texture.

The air booster provides cool, fresh air evenly and circulates it at regular intervals to ensure that every corner of your refrigerator is provided with the ideal conditions to preserve your delicious food.

What’s more is that you can also control the temperature inside your fridge with the given knob, to suit your requirements. Set and get ice easily with the twisting tray and cube collector and a simple rotation of your wrist.

Speaking of ice, enjoy the trouble-free life that comes with not having to defrost manually time and again with this frost-free refrigerator. And enjoy your fridge doing all of this while consuming less energy than a sixty watt CFL bulb!

  • Give your super healthy fresh foods space and care they deserve with separate cooling compartment
  • Be completely in-charge of the level and temperature of cooling within your fridge
  • No BEE star rating to Compare Energy Efficiency
  • Non-inverter Refrigerator


9. Haier 258 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HEF-25TDS)

Haier has been crowned the world’s no.1 major appliances brand every consecutive year, for a whole decade from 2009 to 2018. So, if you are someone who wants to get the best refrigerator under 25000 in India, Haier can be a good choice.


The Haier 258 L Double Door Refrigerator (HEF-25TDS) flaunts a winning twin inverter that simultaneously runs and regulates a fan motor and a compressor at continually differing speeds.

Primary Features

  • Convertible refrigerator comes with 5 operating modes
  • Twin inverter technology is durable, energy-efficient and can run the motor and compressor simultaneously at different speeds for optimal cooling
  • Auto-defrosting refrigerator with stabilizer free operation that can withstand voltage fluctuations between 135 and 290 volts
  • Has a 3 star BEE rating and only consumes 182 kilowatt hours of energy annually

This is as cutting edge as inverter technology in refrigeration gets and it comes to you at the most reasonable price.

This convertible refrigerator comes with 5 different operating modes: Normal Mode for daily needs, Turbo Ice mode for greater freezing space, Retention mode that can maintain a cool temperature for upto 12 hours during power cuts, a Veg mode for only refrigeration in both compartments, and finally the Energy Saving mode.

This auto-defrosting refrigerator is also stabilizer free and can withstand voltage fluctuations between 135 and 290 volts without causing any damages.

A beefy PUF insulation doesn’t let cool air slip outside. While an easy slide shelf and along with three others are fashioned from toughened glass to ward off-breaks and spills.

Multiple air vents keep cool air evenly spread out and well-circulated, while the anti-fungal gasket keeps germs outside and your food fresher for longer.

Apart from being an all-rounder in just about every sense, this refrigerator is also extremely environmentally friendly as it uses the R600a as its refrigerant that has a much lower global warming potential as compared to the other commonly used refrigerants out there.

  • Extremely energy-efficient machine uses environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Has 5 different operating modes to suit your changing requirements
  • Keep food fresh for 12 hours during energy cuts
  • Inverter doesn’t come with auto connect feature to home inverters


10. Whirlpool 265 L Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (NEOFRESH DF 278 PRM 2S)

The Whirlpool NEOFRESH DF 278 PRM 2S is here to shine like a diamond in your kitchen and fulfill all your needs while doing it.

Whirlpool-Double-Door-Refrigerator-(NEOFRESH DF 278 PRM 2S)

This refrigerator has the 6th sense Deepfreeze technology that keeps cool air inside the refrigerator and stops it from slipping out every time the fridge is opened. In addition, the chilling gel keeps the freezer cool during power cuts.

Primary Features

  • Total capacity of 265 liters with a 75 liter freezer
  • Auto-Defrosting Refrigerator
  • It employs the extremely effective 6th sense Deepfreeze technology to circulate and retain cool air inside the freezer
  • Zeolite, Microblock technologies keep fruits and veggies fresh for longer
  • Fresh air and even distribution is provided by the means of strategically placed air vents and air tower

This fridge is equipped with the auto-defrost technology and stabilizer-free operation that make it an easy, user-friendly choice for your home. It has also been awarded 2 stars by BEE for energy efficiency that makes  it highly power-efficient

Smartly positioned air tower and flexi-vents help in even cooling and circulation. These vents also allow you to cool water bottles 40% faster than other models on the block.

This fridge easily keeps fruits and veggies placed in the fridge for upto 12 days, using its micro-block technology that kills almost 100% of the germs and bacteria that build up inside the fridge and also using the honeycomb moisture lock crisper cover that maintains the ideal level of moisture to retain the texture of your food.

The active deodorizer keeps odor away and preserves the natural aroma of your delicious food. And the Zeolite technology slows and prolongs the over-ripening of fruits.

The easy-slide tray and the twister ice tray with a bucket in the bottom, make this refrigerator an extremely comfortable buy for your house.

  • Advanced technology keeps fruits and veggies just as good as new for 12 full days
  • Air vents cool water bottles 40% faster than other models
  • Aesthetic look
  • Not too energy efficient
  • Consumes 253 kilowatt-hours of energy annually
  • Gotten 2 stars by BEE


11. Samsung 212 L 3 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (RR22T272YS8/NL)

The RR22T272YS8/NL may raise some doubts with its size, but you really have no reason to worry because Samsung has packed it with all its world-class technology and an unending array of features that are bound to surpass all your expectations.


This refrigerator runs on a digital inverter compressor that can adjust its speed as per requirement, giving your food the optimal environment for preservation.

Primary Features

  • Total capacity of 212 liters with a 25 liter freezer
  • Inverter compressor is energy efficient
  • Consumes only 166 kilowatt hours of energy annually
  • Awarded 3 stars by BEE
  • This refrigerator also effectively runs on solar energy
  • Smart Connect Feature

It is also stabilizer-free and can withstand frequent voltage fluctuations while effectively protecting itself from any kind of resulting damage. In this day and age, you can’t be more woke than you will be when you make the shift to clean energy-powered appliances, like this fridge.

The solar panels generate electricity during day time, which the batteries of the refrigerator used to store energy and run on after dark.

Blackouts are an issue for anyone without solar energy powered electricity, but erase that frown, for the Smart Connect technology by Samsung helps this appliance to run using your domestic inverter units.

Inside the refrigerator find a long-lasting clear view lamp, perfect for when you need to look for those buried brownies in the middle of the night.

Toughened glass shelves make for the interior of the refrigerator and quite a sturdy one at that as they can easily carry weights up to 175 kilograms, so you can place all your jumbo pans right in, without a worry.

  • The environmentally conscious product makes use of clean, solar panel generated electricity
  • Sturdy shelves hold greater weights and avert spills
  • This isn’t a self-defrosting fridge


12. Whirlpool 190 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 CLS 2S)

Whirlpool has to be the most unrelenting brand on the block, it simply refuses to let its presence go by unacknowledged. It not only manufactures some of the top water purifiers but also some other amazing appliances like refrigerators.

Whirlpool-Double-Door-Refrigerator-(WDE 205 CLS 2S)

The Whirlpool 190 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (WDE 205 CLS 2S) is a total pocket-sized (in fridge size ratios) bomb that will make just the perfect addition to your home.

Primary Features

  • Insulated capillary technology
  • No stabilizers needed with this small but strong fridge that can withstand fluctuations from 130-300 volts on its own accord
  • 2 star rating by BEE
  • Consumes 203 kilowatt hours of energy annually

The aforementioned insulated capillary technology might sound complicated but essentially what it does is that it injects and sustains cool air within the airway that carries the refrigerant to the compressor, this is why your fridge can protect your perishables for long hours during blackouts.

This refrigerator sports wired shelves that provide ample space and are sturdy and the shelves on the door allow you to place 6 ltrs of water in 3 bottles of two ltrs each.

The vegetable crisper is large and has a honeycomb pattern moisture lock-in technology along with a moisture slider to help maintain the appropriate environment to retain the texture and freshness of your fruits and veggies.

Though you’re required to defrost manually, there’s a convenient knob to make your defrosting process not too much of a task. There’s a chill tray specially dedicated to keeping your cans and milk packets.

The anti-bacterial gasket is removable and fights from all harmful germ and bacterial buildup that tries to make its way into your fridge and ruin your perishables.

This stabilizer free refrigerator can easily withstand fluctuations ranging from 130 to 300 volts. To grab this best refrigerator under 25000, tap the button given below.

  • Stabilizer free refrigerator withstands a huge range of fluctuations
  • Can keep food fresh for over 9 hours during power cuts
  • Requires manual defrosting
  • This is a no-inverter refrigerator


Buying Guide – Best Refrigerator under 25000 in India

Over the course of your life, you won’t have to invest in more than three or a maximum of four refrigerators. These are extremely long-lasting appliances and are incredibly sturdy.


If you subject them to regular maintenance, they’ll be as undemanding as commonplace doormats. Since most refrigerators can last half of your adult life, it is important that you go with a refrigerator model that meets all the requirements.

A model that is self-sustaining, has reliable service, and gives effective results, with any and every feature to inject ease into your busy lifestyle.

So to ensure that you make the best choice, we present to you the factors that combined together make a great, hassle-free refrigerator.

Have a look!

Factors to consider while buying the best refrigerator under 25000 in India

1. Size and Capacity

The basics include the size and capacity of your refrigerator. Naturally, the price of your refrigerator tends to rise up with its capacity.

Usually, refrigerators over 280 liters of capacity are ideal for families of four or more, meaning the refrigerators mentioned in this list are ideal for families of three or lesser and for bachelors.

Keep in mind the dimensions of the model you’re interested in and ensure that it fits into the space you’ve designated for it in your household.

2. Number of doors

Next comes the classification of refrigerators based on the number of doors they have.

Single-Door Refrigerators

They are smaller, cheaper, and usually more energy efficient. Their capacity usually tends to be lower than 250 liters and they are easier to fit into confined spaces.

However, there are several drawbacks to this kind, they don’t boast as many features such as deodorizers and they require manual frosting.

Double-Door Refrigerators

They are bigger and better. They essentially have separate units for the freezer and refrigerator and have frost-free technology.

Their capacity ranges from above 240 liters and goes up to values greater than 500 liters, even. They have a greater number of features and make your life substantially easier.

Three-Door Or Multiple Door Refrigerators

They have an additional division, that is a different compartment for your fruits and veggies. These compartments have their own moisture blocking technology and retain the texture and odor of your fresh foods.

Side-By-Side Refrigerators

They are large appliances that take a ton of space and have capacities usually over 500 liters. They have huge freezing spaces, ideal for storing large pieces of meats and cold cuts.

Most households don’t have a need for refrigerators this big, but they sure look elegant and give your house a touch of class, which is probably why they come at the cost that they do.

3. Compressor

Another important factor is the type of compressor your refrigerator utilizes, whether it’s an inverter or a general compressor. Inverter compressors generally cost slightly more but they’re what you find on most models these days.

They consume less electricity and are therefore much more energy efficient. They last much longer and require lesser maintenance.


4. BEE Rating

The best way to judge how energy-efficient a refrigerator is its BEE star rating, which is a government authorized measure and gives an accurate measure of how much money you can save depending on how many stars the product has achieved.

For example, A refrigerator with a 5-star rating can help you save almost Rs.2000 a year.

5. Stabilizer Free Technology 

Refrigerators, like other major appliances, often require stabilizers to protect them from electrical damages resulting from voltage fluctuations.

Plenty of refrigerators eliminate this need by the means of their stabilizer-free technology, which allows them to withstand fluctuations anywhere between 100 to 300 volts.

6. Compatibility with Home Inverters 

In case your refrigerator doesn’t support this technology, it may be in your interest to go for a refrigerator with a CoolPack technology that can keep your freezer cool for up to 12 hours and prevent your frozen from rotting.


7. Auto-Defrosting

It is another important feature. It implies that your refrigerator is capable of regulating its temperature on its own to prevent ice buildup.

The alternative to a frost-free refrigerator is a direct cool refrigerator, this is usually present in single-door models and requires manual defrosting as it cools unevenly without allowing for the temperature of regulation.

8. Convertibility

Next comes convertibility, this means if your refrigerator offers different modes of operation like whether or not you can convert the freezer to work like the rest of the fridge.

This is important if you don’t have a heavy consumption of frozen foods and require extra space for your cooked ones especially on special occasions with dinner guests.

Some refrigerators allow for multiple other modes that are more specialized in their functioning like Desert mode. However, none of this would matter if the interior of your refrigerator isn’t sturdy and optimally designed to fit your needs.

Make sure the shelves are sturdy, well-spaced, and with easily accessible corners. The door shelves need to be spacious to hold enough water and should have wide guards to ensure that the shelves can hold bigger bottles.

9. Deodorizers

They are required to keep out foul odors and maintain the original scent of your cooked food. The Fruits and veggies are often protected by the means of crispers and moisture blocking technology that helps protect their texture, keep them from over-ripening, and stay fresher for longer.


10. Anti-bacterial gaskets

Air filters and other technologies like the Micro-block technology kill germ and bacteria buildup. This is essentially important for preservation and again, it keeps out foul smells. While you’re at it, you may want to opt for a refrigerator that comes with a temperature control knob.

Although frost-free fridges are good at regulating their temperatures themselves, this allows you greater specificity and greater precision as per your requirement.

11. Noise

It is another important consideration. Go through customer reviews to ensure that the refrigerator of your liking doesn’t sound like a swarm of bees.

Speaking of customers, service is an extremely important deciding factor with major appliances. Go for a trusted brand with authorized service centers in your vicinity.

12. Warranty

Best-Double-Door-Refrigerators-in-IndiaIt is again of utmost importance. Most refrigerators, including every single one on this list come with a 1-year warranty with 10 years on the compressor.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Refrigerator Under 25000 in India

Q1. How is one supposed to defrost a refrigerator?

Ans. Defrosting your refrigerator is a simple but time-consuming process and can take as many as eight hours. You’re required to empty your fridge, remove the shelves, and unplug your refrigerator first.
The next step is to leave it open and simply wait for eight hours or preferably more. To speed up the process, you can leave a pot of boiling water inside the fridge to increase the temperature and have the ice melt fast.
Use steamers and blow driers to melt the icicles jammed in the corners. Finally, leave a fan on the front of your fridge to help dry up the faster.

Q2. How and when is one supposed to clean the refrigerator?

Ans. For optimal and efficient functioning, ensure that you clean your refrigerator at least three times a year.
This involves emptying the fridge, removing the shelves, cleaning them, and the interiors of the fridge with light, soapy water and allowing them to dry completely before placing the shelves back inside and turning the refrigerator on.
If you place them in while still wet, then will lead to fungal buildup inside your refrigerator which is extremely hard to get rid of. Spraying the insides with vinegar and water also helps in the cleaning process.

Q3. How often do inverter refrigerators require maintenance?

Ans. Most people never give their refrigerators a servicing, not until they stop functioning at all. But it’s always best to call a professional once, maybe even twice a year for efficient functioning.
This involves inspecting the battery, cleaning condensing coils, and water filters. While you can seek help from the internet and perform these tasks on your own, calling a professional in will always be better.

Conclusion – Best Refrigerator Under 25000 in India

So now that we’ve introduced to you all the best, under budget, refrigerators in the market, including all the features that go into the makings of a well functioning refrigerator, we hope that you have at least a picture of what you want.

Fridges are essential to any and every household and since they stay with you for years, it is important to make the right choice.

At our end, we suggest to you the Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S, Convertible) which sports five different operating modes and a host of intelligent sensors to analyze weather conditions, load, and usage patterns to give you the best possible results and optimal cooling conditions. This refrigerator is not only the best refrigerator under 25000 in India but also has been top-selling on most of the online platforms.

So that’s it from our side, folks!

Do drop in a comment if you have any queries or feedback, thank you!

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