10 Best Pressure Cookers in India (September 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Are you looking to get Best Pressure Cooker for Indian Cooking?

If yes, you are at the right place.

best-top-10-pressure-cookers-in-indiaPressure cookers are the most utilized and valued utensils in a kitchen, which are used for cooking the food by inducing pressure.

There is a wide range of variety of this appliance available based on the quality, durability, and material. Without any further, delay scroll up to read more.

These are the Top 10 Best Pressure Cookers in India

Top 10 Best Pressure Cookers in India

1. Pristine 1.5 L Pressure Cooker

Pristine is a world-renowned brand name that has been successfully manufacturing and marketing quality pressure cookers. They are consistently giving tough competition to top brands in the Indian market.


Pressure cookers consisting of a name tag that reads pristine are the ones that are manufactured for quality usage. This cooker has a capacity of 1.5 litres & is produced by implementing the latest and best technology in manufacturing practices.

Capacity1.5 Litres
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Dimensions30.9 X 17.8 X 14.4 cm
Weight1.3 Kg
Warranty5 years

This pressure cooker is made of premium quality of heavy 304 gauge, 18/8 prime stainless steel that is imported from Europe. Stringent tests and procedures are carried out to produce the best of the best.

These energy-efficient cookers are suggested for having healthy and nourishment–rich cooked food. The safety valve and gasket release system are thoroughly checked and tested to ensure safety.

Its tri-ply sandwiched base assures even distribution of heat that adds to the efficiency and less time consumption factor. All this would give your food a pleasant taste & would prevent food from getting burnt.

It consists of a silicon rubber gasket that can survive for a lifetime. It has an ergonomically designed, stay-cool handle that claims to be durable and easy to use.

The compact dimensions make this product the best choice for a family of 2-3 members. This pressure cooker is available in silver color. It is compatible with both induction and gas cooktops.

The matt finish coated at the inner surface adds to the aesthetically designed structure. Pristine is offering 5 years of warranty and no-cost EMI payment option. Flat cash backs and exclusive discounts of 30% can be accessed with a click on the button given below.

  • Safety plug
  • Weight valve
  • Gasket release system
  • Inner surface is matt finished
  • Affordable.
  • Outer lid model


2. Butterfly Curve 2 L Pressure Cooker

Butterfly is another famous brand that is known for its quality products and affordable prices. Their outstanding performance and distinguished standards got them to the top level in Indian markets.


Butterfly curve Pressure cooker is available in different sizes. This offers you an option to choose a stainless steel pressure cooker with the required capacity. The smallest butterfly curve pressure cooker has a capacity of 2 litres. The maximum size available in the butterfly curve is 5.5 litres.

Capacity2 Litres
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Dimensions30.48 X 20.32 X 10.16 cm
Weight1.9 Kg
Warranty5 years

These cookers are crafted with aesthetic design, in a unique curve shape that goes well with your modular kitchen and provides room in the bottom portion of the cooker facilitating a better stirring experience for the user.

The aluminium thermal base makes the product compatible with an induction cooktop too. The stay-cool handle is designed ergonomically, ensuring the provision of a better grip and thus making it convenient and easier to handle.

These handles are also embedded with a good-locking mechanism that supports uni-directional rotation with added safety.

The peel-proof, thick base enables even heat distribution; fast and energy-efficient cooking without developing hot spots. Not only this, but it also ensures that the fuel consumption is as minimum as possible.

Safety measures like food –grade rubber gasket and gasket release system are integrated. This compactly designed pressure cooker comes in silver color and has a faster cooking ability which is supported by the precisely designed weight.

They are rightly awarded the rating of over 4 stars which makes it among best selling pressure cookers. You will also get 5 years of warranty and exclusive discounts on the purchase of this product.

  • Dish washer safe
  • Non-porous
  • Hygienic
  • Luster finish
  • Costly but worth it


3. Prestige Deluxe Alpha 3 L Pressure Cooker

Prestige is a way old company that has been successfully providing quality, ever since its establishment. This top standard company has been ruling over the Indian markets for decades.


Prestige Deluxe Alpha Pressure cooker is among the top choices of the customers because of its unbeatable toughness and style. The high-quality stainless steel body and cover provide faster heating. The exceptional alpha Euro clad base has aluminium sandwiched between steel.

Capacity3 litres
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Dimensions38.1 X 20.32 X 20.32 cm
Weight2.09 Kg
Warranty5 years

This heavy-duty base is constructed to increase compatibility with induction and for distributing heat evenly, without hot spot development. The precision weight valve releases pressure above 1 kg/cm2 for safety purposes.

This is supported by a metallic safety plug that releases excess pressure, and a controlled gasket release system, that releases steam from the cooktop when there is a blockage in the vent.

This variant is available in 2 different capacities, 3 and 5.5 litres. You can save a lot of time and energy by using separators to cook multiple dishes at a time, in this cooker. The handles are screwed up with 2 screws for better grip and durability.

An additional feature like pressure indicator is incorporated in the pressure cooker that would intimate you about the right pressure at which you can open the lid.

The trendy design and stainless steel body of this multipurpose pressure cooker blends with traditional ingredients as well as the aesthetics of the modular kitchen.

On the purchase of this pressure cooker, you will get 5 years warranty. Also, there are amazing discounts that are applicable to this deal only if you buy it today.

  • Dish washer safe
  • Pressure indicator
  • Induction compatible
  • Sturdy accessory attachments
  • Heavy in weight but premium in quality


4. Butterfly Standard 7.5 L Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker also comes from the house of Butterfly. Their excellence and performance have impressed a lot of people in Indian. Butterfly standard is an aesthetically designed aluminium pressure cooker that has a wide range of capacity starting from 1.5 litres to 7.5 litres.


They are available in a wide range of sizes. The butterfly standard variant comes in silver color that looks pretty decent. The body is made out of food-grade virgin aluminum that ensures healthy and hygienic cooking.

Capacity7.5 Litres
Product Dimensions40.64 X 30.48 X 30.48 cm
Weight3.18 Kg
Warranty5 years

Being a good conductor of heat, this cooker enables streamlined heating. It consists of a handle that features ergonomic design assuring better gripping and durability.

The special lock arrangement allows unidirectional rotation of the lid that adds to the convenience of handling the utensil with ease.

High-standard safety measures like food grade rubber gasket, gasket release system, and sturdy handles made out of durable plastic material come with this pressure cooker.

The precise weight setting design of the product ensures faster and efficient cooking along with lower levels of energy consumption. All these make the product to be user-friendly and easier to operate.

The peel-proof thick base of this 4.6 stars rated pressure cooker goes well with both gas and induction cooktop. The long shelf life, compact dimensions, and affordable prices make it to the Top 10 pressure cookers in India.

Guaranteed warranty of 5 years and zero-cost EMI payment option is available in addition to 10 days replacement on the purchase of this pressure cooker.

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to handle
  • Incorporation of high safety standards
  • Efficient cooking
  • Aluminium body
  • It is not dishwasher safe


5. Pigeon 3 L Pressure Cooker

Pigeon is among the market giants in the Indian market when it comes to producing and selling a pressure cooker or such appliance.


Pressure cookers offered by Pigeon are made of high-quality aluminum which is constructed in the inner lid model. This 4 stars rated, the silver color cooker comes with a capacity of 3 litres which is a great buy for a family of upto 5 members.

Capacity3 Litres
Product Dimensions33.5 X 18.5 X 17.5 cm
Weight1.41 Kg
Warranty5 years

The aluminium body ensures easy and even cooking at a faster rate. Increased convenience is made certain by the sturdy plastic handle that has a user-friendly structure. This cooker is made of high-quality virgin aluminium and you can it on a both gas stove as well as induction top. 

The solid plate and ceramic hob heat sources are suitable for this durable product. Safety measures like metallic safety plug and food-grade nitrile gasket are integrated in addition to the precision weight valve.

The strong metal bracket is featured for keeping the handle from parting from each other while cooking. Optimum and safe cooking is assured when you operate it at 2 by 3rd level

It is a light-weight pressure cooker that is certified by ISI, thus ensuring safety, standard, and quality. The fine polishing adds to the aesthetic finishing. Its cheap selling prices make it the most preferred choice of the customer.

5 years of warranty on manufacturing defects is offered on this pressure cooker. To avail this great deal today, click on the red button below & take this pressure cooker home at an unbelievable discount.

  • Durable handle with added grip
  • Light in weight
  • Inner lid model
  • Cheap
  • It is made of Aluminium material
  • It is not dishwasher safe


6. Hawkins Miss Mary 5 L Pressure Cooker

Whenever you think to buy a pressure cooker, the first brand that may hit your mind might be Hawkins. It is a top-notch company that has procured great heights through its excellent performance in producing pressure cookers.


Hawkins “Miss Mary pressure cooker” is among the few pressure cookers which are quality certified by ISI. It is available in silver color. This cooker’s body is manufactured from Virgin aluminum, which makes it reliable and leakproof.

Capacity5 Litres
Product Dimensions42 X 23 X 20 cm
Weight2.09 Kg
Warranty5 years

To prove this fact, this cooker goes through various rigorous tests after production. Cooking is carried out at the temperature of sterilization, which allows you to save over 53% of your time and energy in the preparation of a nutritious meal.

Hawkins Miss Mary Pressure Cooker ensures evenly cooking of the food & gives it a pleasant taste. Not only for cooking purposes but you can also use this pressure cooker for sterilizing baby bottles.

You get a sturdy handle on this pressure cooker which is made of high-quality metal and plastic. The safety measures are ensured by incorporating a safety valve and a durable rubber gasket.

With this product, you will also get a vent weight in addition to a precise whistle and unbreakable metal handle bracket that is fixed strongly on the stay-cool handles.

This inner lid model pressure cooker is available in a wide range of capacity, hence varying the cooker size.

But the 2.5-litre model is apt for a family of 2-4 members and has been awarded an average rating of 4.1 stars.  To make this Hawkins pressure cooker deal better than other cookers, the brand is offering 5 years warranty on this cooker.

  • Inner lid model
  • Cheap
  • Light in weight
  • Availability in varied sizes
  • It cannot be used on induction cooktop
  • It is not dishwasher safe


7. Prestige Popular 7.5 L Pressure Cooker

Prestige is an evergreen name, especially in the Indian markets as they have been the king of this industry for quite a while. Quality of their products and service are known to be consistent and everlasting, in this industry.


The prestige popular pressure cooker assures supreme quality and excellent performance. This cooker comprises of high quality and durable, virgin aluminum body that is designed elegantly with a polished finish.

Capacity7.5 Litres
Product Dimensions40.6 X 20.3 X 20.3 cm
Weight2.1 Kg
Warranty5 years

It consists of a 3.5 mm thick, machine pressed aluminum base that is carved into a concave shape for conducting and retaining the heat. The precision weight valve is one of the integrated safety measures that is made of brass and has steel coated upon it for ensuring durability.

Metallic safety plug and gasket release system ensures the inclusion of other advanced safety features. The sturdy and durable Bakelite handle is provided with 2 screw design and extra grip for increasing the ease of usage of this multipurpose cooker.

Additional security features like safety valves capped with heat-resistant materials are also included in this aesthetically designed cooker. It is a 4-star rated pressure cooker that consists of an anti-bulge base.

The food quantity must be filled up to 2/3rds of the cooker only. It should be operated after cleaning the vents and supports both direct and separator cooking.

This silver-colored pressure cooker is available in different sizes that vary in holding capacity. A warranty period of 5 years and no-cost EMI payment option is offered by the producer along with some unbelievable cashback offers.

  • No contamination
  • Light in weight
  • Hygienic and smart choice
  • Higher safety usage
  • It is Outer lid model
  • Not compatible with induction cooktops


8. Prestige Deluxe Plus 8 L Pressure Cooker

As the name suggests, prestige offers prestigious pressure cookers that outlast the other brand’s pressure cookers, in terms of durability and quality. The Indian market is indebted to its masterpiece products and its excellent performance.


Prestige Deluxe Plus offers hard-anodized aluminum pressure cookers that are in the shape of hands. These are available in all the standard range of capacity. It ensures resistance against scratch, stain, and stick.

Capacity8 Litres
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Dimensions41.4 X 27.6 X 24 cm
Weight3.28 Kg
Warranty10 years

This black colored cooker is aesthetically designed to match with your classy kitchen. The exceptional base is made of stainless steel material that is perforated and machine pressed with aluminium. This multipurpose cooker is a classic example of the outer lid model.

The controlled gasket release system lets out pressure in case of the presence of any blockage in the vent. On exceeding 1kg/cm2 pressure limit, the precision weight valve comes into action, to protect you from any accident.

The pressure indicator indicates the pressure level, thus allowing you to experience convenient and safe usage of the pressure cooker. The durable handle is user-friendly and comprises of flame-guard and extra grip.

Its body consists of high-grade anodized aluminium. The heavy bottom of this 4.3 stars rated cooker ensures uniform heating and is compatible with induction stoves too.

Its body is constructed in Handi shape which not only allows you to cook multiple varieties of Indian cuisines but also enjoys them by serving them directly from the cooker. To buy this pressure cooker that comes with a warranty of 5 years and other money-saving offers, click the red button given below.

  • Safe and healthy cooking
  • Crafted in unique shape
  • High quality
  • Higher efficiency
  • It is not dishwasher compatible
  • Costly


9. Hawkins Contura 3.3 L Pressure Cooker

Hawkins is that brand name that comes to your mind as soon as you start thinking about pressure cookers. It has been maintaining the top position in Indian markets, not just by supplying quality but by also performing consistently.


Hawkins Contura pressure cooker is available in black paint and has procured a rating of 4.5 stars from its users, which makes it among the best pressure cookers in India. The stainless steel lid and hard anodized body ensure efficient and effective cooking at a quicker rate.

Capacity3 Litres
MaterialHard- Anodized Aluminium
Product Dimensions34.3 X 20.3 X 17.1 cm
Weight1.21 kg
Warranty5 years

The 3.25 mm thick base retains heat. The 60-micron thick body coating makes the pressure cooker heat absorbent, durable, and energy-efficient until the end of its lifespan. The cool-touch ergonomically designed handle provides a better grip and ensures user-friendly nature.

The locking loop integrated on the handle and the sealing gasket adds to the safety features. The cover interlock feature keeps the cooker locked until the steam reduces to a safe level.

The base diameter of this pressure cooker is 130 mm. It is a stain-proof product that makes sure that food taste and nutritional value are always maximum. It consists of compact dimensions and non-sticky traits.

You can buy Hawkins Contura pressure cooker in two different sizes, 3.3 & 4.8 litres. Being sold at an affordable rate, this pressure cooker company has become the customer’s favorite choice.

No-cost EMI payment option and 10 days replacement are provided on this not-too-heavy pressure cooker that carries a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. Buy now to enjoy your delicacies cooked in a pressure cooker having more discounted rates.

  • Inner lid model
  • Nourished food
  • Safe cooking
  • Stain free
  • Costly
  • Not compatible with induction cooktops
  • Cannot be washed in dishwasher


10. Hawkins Stainless Steel 10 L Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker also comes from the house of Hawkins. The brand does not need any introduction in the Indian market because of its large customer base. This Hawkins Pressure Cooker is made of high-quality surgical-grade, non-magnetic, 18/8 food-grade, 304 stainless steel body with a steel polish finish.


This particular variant is available in 5 litres capacity that makes it a great pressure cooker for a family of upto 7 members. The high-quality material used in producing this pressure cooker would have high resistance against corrosion and reaction with acids.

Capacity10 Litres
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Dimensions45.7 X 30.5 X 20.3 cm
Weight3.1 Kg
Warranty5 years

Hygiene and durability are ensured by the stainless steel body of the inner type lid 4.1 mm thick aluminum is sandwiched between the stainless steel plates to form a 5.8 mm thick base.

This enables burn-free and non-sticky cooking without developing hot spots that usually arise due to uneven heating. This flat, grade 430, non – magnetic base is suited for deep frying too.

The pressure locked safety lid is integrated to ensure safety. The lid handlebar is attached to perfectly seal the lid against the rim. This factor is supported by a fixed sturdy pivot that additionally ensures a steam-tight seal.

Superior pressure regulation is featured for energy and time-efficient cooking. Safety measures like an automatic safety valve and long-lasting gaskets are included in this uniquely curved body which eases cooking.

Provisions of strong and durable handles are assured in this pressure cooker that has been awarded an average rating of 4.4 stars.

They go well in gas, induction, ceramic, halogen, and electric stovetops. This light weighing cooker is certified by UL. On this purchase, you will get 5 years of warranty that makes it among the top 10 pressure cookers in India.

  • Compatible with induction cooktops
  • Pit and Corrosion resistance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Inner lid model
  • Very-heavy in weight
  • Expensive


Buying Guide- Best Pressure Cookers in India

Pressure Cookers are indeed one among the most required kitchen appliances that cannot be denied by any cook or homemaker. This sealed vessel is utilized for cooking food at high pressure after employing water or water-based cooking liquid, which gets released as steam.

top-pressure-cookerThere are a lot of aspects that have to be checked out to obtain the pressure cooker of superlative quality in the cheapest way possible.

The associated features and factors, for the same, are briefed below.

1. Types

Pressure cookers are broadly categorized into 2 types– 

  • Stove-Top Pressure Cooker

The most commonly used and preferred type of pressure cooker is stove-top. Depending on the material used to manufacture it, they are further classified into 3 types, i.e

  1. Aluminum Pressure Cooker
  2. Stainless steel Pressure Cooker
  3. Hard-Anodized Pressure cooker
  • Electric Pressure Cooker

They are popularly known as Rice Cookers as it is used only for cooking rice. You don’t require a stove to operate it. It feeds on electricity & is a little expensive than normal pressure cookers.


2. Materials

These appliances are classified into 3 subclasses based on the material used and their names are mentioned above, under the stovetop pressure cooker. The hard-anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and aluminum pressure cookers are the types and they are detailed below.

Aluminium Cookers

This type of pressure cooker consists of the aluminum body, as suggested in the name. They do not go well with induction and are unsuitable in terms of durability. It can be an economical selection but not a healthy choice.

It is because, there are several negative effects that may lead to Parkinsonism, Alzheimer, Breast-cancer, and other neurological disorders as inferred from the analysis of certain studies.

Thus, for vessels like cookers, aluminum is not preferred and it is strongly recommended to avoid using aluminum pressure cookers. These are most primarily used pressure cooker, which is defined by the following characteristics:

  • Light in weight
  • Good conductors of heat 
  • They are scratch-free
  • Most economical choice 
  • Susceptible to corrosion
  • Reacts to acids, thus making it an unhealthy choice
  • They are neither durable nor lustrous 

Stainless Steel Cookers 

These cookers comprise of stainless steel body and are compatible with induction too. They are appreciated in terms of durability but not much opted as they are not good conductors of heat.

The base is sandwiched between aluminum and copper material to overcome the former but this impact in the increase of weight of the cooker. So, if you require a stainless steel pressure cooker, then you must look for a variant that has a strong handle.

They are characterized by the following points:

  • Not good conductors of heat when compared to the hard-anodized aluminum pressure cooker
  • Lustrous
  • Durable
  • Inert to acids, ensuring health and safety
  • Claims resistance against corrosion
  • Scratch-free
  • Heavy, in comparison to the rest
  • Less expensive 
  • May develop stain on using hard water, to clean


Hard Anodized Aluminium Cookers 

Aluminum pressure cookers are exposed to the anodized current which develops a hard, non-reactive surface that can be easily maintained and is less sticky. The non-toxic nature adds an advantage to the fact that they are induction friendly.

Usually, the hard-anodized aluminium pressure cookers occur with grayish-black color appearance. The pressure cooker needs to be replaced by a new one when the coating starts peeling.

It is an affordable choice but expensive than stainless steel cookers. Their unique characteristics include the following:

  • Light in weight
  • Durable 
  • Lustrous
  • Excellent conductors of heat 
  • Inert to reactions which implies safety and health
  • Stain-free and corrosion resistant body
  • Costly choice
  • Susceptible to scratches 

We recommend you either buy a stainless-steel or Hard-anodized pressure cooker.


3. Size

Pressure cookers are measured in terms of litres, which denote the capacity of ingredients it can hold. Depending on the size of the family or the number of people, cookers are widely divided into 2- domestic and public.

Domestic pressure cookers are the ones that range in size from 1 to 11 litres. You must decide the size of the pressure cooker that you need based on 2 factors. One is the purpose of usage and second is the size of your family.

If you require a pressure cooker for cooking rice, you need to go for a larger size while if it is for curries then a smaller size would be suitable. Based on the other criterion, you can opt the aptest cooker as follows-

  • Families with 2 – 3 members: Pressure cookers with a capacity of 2 to 5 litres are preferred in this case keeping in mind, the usage frequency and requirement during occasions. A 7-litre capacity cooker would do fine to hold upon every occasion.
  • Families with 3 to 5 members: Cookers having a capacity of 3 to l6 litres are suggested here. But on an overall view, the 8-litre capacity pressure cooker will be sufficient to keep up, even during events and occasions.
  • Families with 4 to 7 members: Pressure cookers having 4 to 8 litres of capacity are recommended for daily purposes while it would be convenient and easy to have a cooker of 10-litre capacity to make up for occasions too.


4. Durability

Durability is one among the vital factors that make every penny spent, worth its value. When it comes to pressure cookers being resistant to corrosion and lustrous helps the appliance to stay strong throughout its life span.

The hard anodized pressure cooker and stainless steel pressure cooker are durable and are generally suggested by many for its long sturdy life. 

5. Compatibility

Pressure cookers are those utensils that are often used in day-to-day life. With the growing technology cooking and washing means are improvised.

This is observed by the increased usage of induction stoves over LPG gas stoves and dishwashers instead of manual washing. Thus pressure cookers must also be compatible with the follows –

Induction stove

It must be ensured that the pressure cooker that you are buying can be operated even on induction cooktops. The cooker must have a base that is compatible with the induction surface. Standard pressure cookers don’t have this feature but the best ones possess it and have the following words in the product description – “with induction bottom”.


Pressure cookers must also be compatible and safe with the dishwasher machine. This feature eases the maintenance of cookers. Hard anodized aluminum pressure cookers are dishwasher compatible but aluminum and stainless steel cookers aren’t. The product description reads ‘Dishwasher safe’ for those pressure cookers which can be put in dishwashers.

6. Lid

There are 2 models of pressure cookers and they are differentiated based on the lid location. One is the inner lid model and the other is the outer lid model of the pressure cooker. The only difference among them is the mechanism of locking the lid of the cooker.

In the inner lid cookers, the top of the lid goes inside the pressure cooker while it’s the opposite in outer lid cookers. The inner lid models are suggested over the other type as they ensure security by the additional locking mechanism which holds the extra pressure that gets built up.


7. Cost and warranty

Pressure cookers are offered with a minimum of 4 years warranty and it varies depending on the brand that you chose. For an extended warranty period choose a top-class brand that offers a maximum warranty. The cost of the pressure cookers usually ranges within 500 to 7000 INR.

It all depends on your choice and budget plan. The cost of the pressure cooker is dependent on 3 factors, namely – type, size, and brand. As mentioned earlier the hard-anodized aluminum pressure cooker is the costliest and the aluminum cooker is cheapest.

The size is decided by the dish and the quantity required. The budget rises along with an increase in capacity or size. And lastly, higher brands provide better quality so they demand a fortune, accordingly. Thus, the cost of a pressure cooker with optimal features, for regular requirement, would come around 2500 INR. Hence, it is an affordable investment

Conclusion – Best Pressure Cookers in India

Pressure cookers are one of the essential and undeniable utensils in cooking regimes. They play a key role in cooking a variety of dishes, especially at Indian homes, regularly. One must ensure that all the features of this appliance are suitable for them.


To make your work easier, we have provided you with a detailed explanation of the features that the best pressure cooker in India must have.

After going through the product details and analyzing them deeply, we recommend you to go with the “Prestige Deluxe Alpha Pressure Cookers as they comprise of all the features that would suit your ambiance and perform excellently producing better results to your requirements.

We hope this helped you to find the Best Pressure Cooker in India for your kitchen that fulfills all your needs and expectations.

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