11 Best Electric Rice Cookers in India (November 2021) — Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

“Good food is good mood”. Yes, You read that right. For every India, tasty food is the way to a good mood.

To make it easy in our daily busy schedule, some inventions cook food easier and in a short period. One of those which is more preferred by the people is an electric rice cooker.

If you are the one who wants to spoil your family with tasty food, you are in the right place. Here, we will be educating you about the best electric cooker in India that would able to cook tasty food in no time.

Also, You will find a detailed Buying Guide in this article that will help you to choose the best electric cooker in India.

Below, you will find the Top 11 Best Electric Rice Cookers in India.

These are the Best Electric Rice Cookers in India

Best Electric Rice Cookers in India

1. AGARO – 33307 Supreme 1-Litre Rice Cooker

Agaro holds a good name in the market, as they sell efficient products from different categories. The excellence in their product’s quality and performance is what makes the brand among the best brands in the country.


This would be an ideal option for a rice cooker for a family of 2 members. It is made out of aluminium material, which is an added advantage as it is very easy to maintain. The rice cooker is designed with a base as well as a steamer portion over it. 

Thus, you will be able to cook rice and boil vegetables at the same time. The inner side of the pot is made out of an aluminium anodised material, which would improvise the cooking efficiency altogether.

The rice cooker is provided with a stainless steel lid, which is a very durable option as it can withstand high heat levels. You can cook all types of ingredients, be it brown rice, white rice, vegetables, or meat.

This can be used in dual modes of operation, depending upon your requirement. Cook and Warm are the two options in which it can be used. The cook mode can be used to boil the necessary ingredients, which would be the fundamental usage of the appliance.

The Warm mode can be used if you want to keep the food in a warm and ready to serve state for quite some time. Keep in mind that you should not open the lid of the cooker when it is powered on as this will increase the time required to cook the product.

The additional components that come along with this appliance are a rice scoop and measuring cup. These add-ons can be used along with the appliance for various purposes if needed.

The design of the cooker is in such a manner that its outer part is resistant to heat. Thus, the handle will not be hot when you touch it, making it easier to hold the product.

Once the power is turned on, it will be reflected on the indicators. This way, you will know if the cooker has been turned on and if your food is done getting cooked. The power that is utilised by this appliance is 400 W. The heating plate comes with a warranty time span of 3 years.

  • Compact rice cooker with apt capacity
  • Can be operated in two distinct modes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Less expensive
  • Certain quality parameters need to be improved


2. Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700-Watts Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Prestige is a popular brand that has been crowned among a few of India’s kitchen appliances industry. The brand has built a great reputation in the eyes of customers because of their quality products.

Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 Delight is an awesome rice cooker which is not only limited to cooking rice but is also efficient in cooking dishes like porridge, pulao, stew, soup, etc.

Now, you don’t need to wait for hours near the stove and stir the dishes. Using this cooker, you can cook up to 1 Kg of rice & steam the vegetables. As steaming the vegetables helps us to lock the nutrients in them.

This rice cooker comes with a user-friendly option, that is it has a control switch. This control lever is used when the food is cooked, it would automatically switch the food to the “Keep warm” mode.

It has a double-wall body and a cool-touch handle which gives more advantages in selecting this product. It comes with good quality and an attractive lid to close the cooker and to decorate your table.

You can easily carry this rice cooker anywhere because of its detachable cord. It’s highly portable & easy to use the appliance. With this rice cooker, the brand is offering complimentary pans

You have an option to buy the solo Pan deal or go for the set of 2 pans with this rice cooker. Prestige also offers a warranty of 1 year on this rice cooker with zero-cost EMI option. Not only this, you even get a warranty of 5 years on the heating plate.

  • It features cool-touch handles
  • 2 Cooking Pans complimentary on this purchase
  • 5 Year brand warranty
  • Best-selling Rice Cooker on amazon
  • Little expensive but worth the cost
  • Not much power effecient


3. Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker

Panasonic is one of the other popular company India that manufactures a range of home appliances. The brand is producing quality & winning hearts for over 30 years. They have got a great brand image in the market.

The capacity of the Panasonic SR-WA18 E4.4L is a 1.8-liter Automatic Rice cooker which is best-suited for a nuclear family. The cooking pan in this rice-cooker is made of anodized aluminum that offers better durability.

The handle is made of stainless steel which gives more advantages for the body design of the cooker. The type of handle designed in this cooker is a bridge-type handle which adds comfort when you will be holding the cooker.

The two plastic handles are heat resistant and it will protect your hands from getting burnt. The body of the cooker is made of ROHS compliant material.

ROHS is Restriction of Hazardous Substances, the restriction for the use of hazardous materials in electrical and electronic products. This product also comes with a cooking pan. It is a highly energy-efficient appliance that is also eco friendly.

You also get options like auto cooking and auto-cut that adds makes it stand out of the crowd. It is one of the highest selling product on Amazon India which is available on a discount of over 20%

The Panasonic SR-WA18E comes in white color that looks very elegant & classy. This product exclusively comes with 2 years of warranty and amazing offers. It also comes with free delivery CashBack offers and 10 days replacement facility.

  • Easy to operate
  • It features Auto-cooking function
  • It ensures low electricity consumption
  • Dull color & looks


4. Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker

Bajaj is a well-known company that producers some of the Best Water Geysers in India. Bajaj is ruling the Indian markets for a long time & is known for providing excellent post-sale services. Bajaj RCX 5 1.8L Rice cooker tops the list of best rice cookers in India.

This appliance is available in white color and looks very stylish. All you need to do with this rice cooker is put the right amount of water and rice and the rest will be done with this smart rice cooker. This Cooker is designed with cool-touch handles which will make your job easier. 

You can easily lift the cooker without a second thought. Else, most of the cookers have handles that burn hands. This electric rice cooker consumes 550W of power which makes it a power-friendly appliance.

Thus, using this rice cooker will never affect your electricity bills. Also, it needs a voltage of 230 volts to work efficiently. It also features an auto shut-off mode which assures that your rice never gets overcooked and does not get burnt.

This auto shut off feature is rare to find in the normal rice cookers. This variant comes with a corrosion-resistant bowl that keeps your food healthy and traps the essential nutrients into your food. The cord of the rice cooker is detachable, which makes it highly portable.

Coming to one of the significant parts of the cooker, which is the stainless steel lid. It has steam vents to regulate the release of steam. This product comes with 24 months of warranty and to reduce the burden of the customers it also has an extra advantage of having a zero cost EMI.

  • Value for money product
  • It is a popular brand
  • Easy to clean rice cooker
  • It has cool-touch handles
  • Less capacity


5. Prestige Delight PRWO 1-Litre Electric Rice Cooker

Another rice cooker coming from the house of prestige might have justified the brand value of the company. It is one of the fast-growing companies in India. The giant company also manufactures top equality induction cooktops and has a great customer base for their other products too.

Prestige Delight PRWO 1-litre Electric Rice cooker comes in two attractive and beautiful colors. This electric rice cooker is available in 2 colors, White and Red. Both the colors very premium. t can take up to 400g raw rice at a time. This cooker also comes with cool-touch handles.

These handles would save you from hot burns. This cooker has a double-layered body which makes it durable and gives it a longer life. The automatic system in this cooker gives you an extra hand.

The appliance automatically turns off and turn-on to warm mode to save your food and electricity. This cooker is portable, ie, it can be carried anywhere.

At times, if you are traveling with your family, this cooker will make your day as you can easily enjoy delicious home-cooked food anywhere.

It consumes only 500W of electricity & needs only 230 volts of power to run smoothly. It has a premium quality lid which would prevent the nutrition in the meal & would keep the food hot for hours.

Prestige is offering 12 months off warranty on this electric rice cooker. Also, 5 years of warranty is provided on the heating plate. This product has already been bought by a lot of customers who have given it a high rating.

  • It is very travel-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • It is handy in nature
  • The design looks very Beautiful
  • You get 2 colour Option, Red & white
  • Only 1 yr warranty whereas other brands are offering a better warranty period


6. Brayden Rizo, 500 W Electric Rice Cooker

Brayden is a new entrant in the kitchen appliance industry. The brand is actively growing nationally and in the online markets. Brayden Rizo is one of the most affordable Electric Rice Cooker in India. This is available in 3 soothing colors include Ivory white, Raspberry Red & Crimson Red.

Also, you have a choice to choose among 2 variants, there is a 1.5L variant & the other is 1.8L cooker. 1.5L electric cooker size is perfect for nuclear families. Though, we recommend 1.8L variant for large family. It comes with a measuring cup & an aluminum pan.

The measuring cup would help you to add the perfect amount of water & rice so that you get the desired texture of the rice. You can cook different types of rice in this Cooker like white, brown, yellow rice, etc.

Not only different types of rice but also you can cook oatmeal, soups, pasta and all the food which you love. In this cooker, the food will not get stick to the base.

As the cooker is made from anodized aluminum coated pan that withstand for long years of exposure to heat. It features a unique function of automatic cooking. In this feature, the appliance senses the rice.

If the rice gets softer (cooked), this function cut-off the power &amp the appliance gets off. This not only saves the meal from overcooking but also saves electricity. You can operate this feature from the front panel.

It can be easily used in homes by anyone without any expert knowledge of cooking & operating a traditional Cooker. You will also get a manual that will give more convenience in operating this electric rice cooker. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • Great built quality
  • Perfect for a small family
  • Easy to use
  • The design looks elegant
  • Tough to accommodate because of big size


7. Preethi Touch EPC005 6-Liter Electric Pressure Cooker

Preethi is one of the oldest producers of Kitchen appliances in India. Their best selling product in the national market is Juicer Mixer Grinder (Mixie). The company also produces premium quality rice cookers. It comes with a capacity of 6 liters.
If you live in a joint family, then this particular rice cooker would be an excellent purchase for you. This rice cooker uses a new & an advanced technique called nutri++ Technology. This Technology increases nutrient bioavailability in the body by cooking the food with the required temperature and pressure.

It has 15 one-touch Indian menus which is like a magical stick for the housewives. You would able to cook rice, khichadi, veg Biryani, dal, rajma, soup, idli, steam vegetables & many more.

This Preethi appliance is a 5-in-1 multifunctional cooker that makes it among the top products on amazon. Preethi Touch EPC005 electric pressure cooker is highly effective in trapping the essential nutrients in the food.

It has a front panel with a small screen that would notify you of the cooking status. Also, it features a delay timer option which would let you increase the delay time for 30 minutes to 8 hours to start the cooking process.

The auto warm mode keeps the food warm and fresh up to 4 hours and traps the aroma. It consumes 1000 watts of power which is very less as per the 6 ltr capacity of the electric cooker. You will get a 1 year of product warranty from the house of Preethi.

  • Old & trusted brand
  • It features great functions like Nutri++ technology
  • It has delay timer & alarm
  • 15 single touch menu option
  • The settings are difficult to understand


8. Butterfly Wave 1.2-Litre Multi Cooker

Butterfly Wave 1.2 L Multicooker is one of the cheapest cooker available on amazon. It is among those brands which have captured a great market share in very little time. It is a multi-functional cooker which is also known as an electric kettle. 

butterfly-wave-electric-rice-cookerIt is mostly suited for boiling egg, water, milk and it is used to make noodles and pasta excellently. You can also cook rice in this cooker but it does not satisfy all the options of the advanced electric rice cookers.

It has a concealed element which kicks out corrosion & thus the cooker may last longer. The important feature of this cooker is the design of its handle.

Unlike other cookers, it is designed in such a way that it would give you a proper grip to hold it properly. It has a unique power cord. The Swivel power base makes this cooker an ideal choice.

It would let you plug the cooker in any direction according to the position of the handle. For boiling eggs, this cooker has an egg boilerplate. On this plate, you would able to boil a maximum of 6 eggs.

There is a transparent crystal glass lid with this electric cooker. Through this, you can easily check whether the food inside the cooker is cooked or not. Most of the people, open the lid a lot of times while cooking. Because of it, most of the nutrients are lost.

The glass lid takes care of this situation very well. The cooker has a power indicator that will notify you, whether the appliance is connected to power or not. If the power would be on, it would show a red indicator & if it would not be connected to power, the red light would not light up.

You will get 12 months of warranty on this butterfly Wave Multi-cooker. A lot of customers have purchased this appliance from amazon. If you get this deal today, you will get a whopping discount of over 30%.

  • It is a fully automatic multi cooker
  • Can be easily carried anywhere
  • Auto turn off function
  • Keep warm feature
  • Very less capacity


9. Geek Robocook Automatic 5 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker

This is an all in one electric Cooker which is an ideal appliance for Baking, Sauteing, steaming, Stewing, braising, and frying. The Geek Robocook Automatic Electric cooker does all these things with a single touch.

It works on PIC (Programmable Intelligent Cooking) which is the automatic control system that controls all the factors like, temperature, heat, pressure and time. It is a micro-computer based technology. This is a multifunction type of rice cooker. 

It does not only work as a rice cooker but also works amazingly fine as an egg cooker, steamer, simmer, slow cooker, saute, & pressure cooker.

You get 11 preset menus through which you can choose your favorite Indian cuisine & enjoy the flavors in no time.

It features Nutri++ technology, which entraps the nutrients in the food and will give you healthy & tasty food. This Cooker gives a very good texture for the steam cooked rice.

This Cooker has an advanced cooking technology with digital timer controls. It is available in 2 variants, the capacity of 5 liter & 6 liters. Geek is selling this product with two years of product warranty. It comes in a dual shade of silver & black.

  • It has a small display that notifies the cooking status
  • Easy to clean
  • It features Pic technology
  • 11preset cooking menus
  • One of the best electric rice cooker in India
  • Little expensive but you won’t regret spending on it


10. Panasonic SR-Y22FHS Automatic Electric Cooker

This SR-Y22FHS Automatic Electric Cooker is a popular appliance from Panasonic. The company has made a great reputation in the home & kitchen appliance industry. 

This automatic electric cooker has a capacity of 5.4 Litres that makes it an ideal appliance for a family of over 4 members. It has a non-stick pan that has an anchor coating which improves the life of the cooker. It consumes a power of 750W and works well with a minimum of 220 volts. 

This cooker comes with a cooking plate and a scoop holder which are very essential for good cooking. Like other cookers, the Panasonic SR-Y22FHS Automatic Electric Cooker also has bridge handles that would give a perfect grip to hold the cooker.

This handle is made with an insulating material so that won’t ever hurt you. To ensure more safety, the Cooker comes with a lid holder that has a good quality handle at the top. The body of the Cooker is made with high-quality material, CRCA material.

This appliance has some amazing functions that include Auto Cooking, 5 hrs keep warm function, one rice scoop, etc. It is available in red color which would add elegance to your kitchen. This product comes with 2 years of warranty and 5 years heater warranty with no cost EMI service.

  • Non-stick Coating
  • Convenient to use
  • Well-built
  • Easy to operate
  • Rich color
  • Delicate glass panel around the lid


11. Usha (3650) 5L Electric Pressure Cooker

Brands never speak, the quality says it all. Yes, here we are talking about Usha, which is one of the most preferred brands for Indians. Whether, it’s about ceiling fans, or it’s about water heaters, Usha is leading in all.

Usha also makes an electric pressure cooker that is increasing the customer base of the brand. Usha (3650) is a new product in the market. This Cooker has all the necessary options and an automatic pressure maintenance system. If you purchase this, it will reduce your work.

This amazing Cooker comes with 10 built-in safety features. For Usha, your safety is the priority. This rice cooker is best suited as it ensures hassle-free cooking, unlike the conventional cookers.

The product features the automated keep-warm function. In this feature, once the cuisine will be fully cooked, it will automatically maintain a temperature that the dish would be warm for 6 hrs.

So, you can eat hot rice even if it was cooked 6 hours prior. This cooker spreads the heat uniformly throughout the base so that the rice is cooked precisely in all over.

This cooker is coated by both aluminum and Teflon i.e. So that it gives a standard and a strong inner surface and avoids the sticking of rice at the bottom of the cooker. This cooker best suits for all types of dishes and it will let you prepare food without any problem and tension.

This electric cooker saves your time taken for cooking. The product has a regulator knob in the front panel that would help you to adjust the settings. You also get two years of warranty on this Usha product.

  • Noise-free cooking
  • It comes from the house of few of the most popular brands in India
  • Easy to operate via regulating knob
  • It has a keep-warm function
  • It is heavy in weight in comparison to other rice cookers


Buying Guide – Best Electric Rice Cookers in India

Everyone has a pressure cooker at home. But now, the trend is shifting towards an Instant Electric Rice Cooker through which you can enjoy the hassle-free cooking experience.

Above all, it saves precious time and ensures more safety. Below, we are discussing some important features of the Best Electric Rice Cookers in India.


Measuring Cup & Spatula

You will get a measuring cup and a spatula if you buy an Electric Rice Cookers. The measuring cup will help you to measure the ingredients correctly. Make sure that you only use a wooden spatula, which you will receive with the appliance.

We don’t recommend you use the metal spatulas or spoons particularly when the cooker is switched on. Make sure that you get these two things with the Electric Rice Cookers.

User-Friendly Controls

It has user-friendly controls like one-touch control options. Today, there are many types of new and advanced Electric Rice Cookers available in India.

These advanced cookers have a digital display. It is not ideally possible to keep on checking for the instruction manual every time you operate the cooker. The controls are so easy that you would understand it in no-time & will get well versed in that.

Digital Timer

The Elementary Electric Rice Cookers models come with manual timer knobs. But the digital timer is an added advantage. It will notify you via the digital display when the meal will be ready to serve.

The digital timer also gives a clear view of the numbers from a distance and thus it makes things easier.

Easy to Clean Bowl

Some rice cookers in the market come with a steel bowl and undoubtedly it is the most challenging job to clean it. The only reason behind it is that the food sticks into it.

Good brands produce quality Electric Rice Cookers with non-stick coating. This non-stick coating makes the cleaning and washing process very easy & simple. Also, products from premium brands have anodized aluminum coated bowls. At present, most advanced electric rice cookers come with Teflon coated bowls which are more user-friendly.

Maintaining a Cool Exterior

The body of the rice cooker should be insulated so that you can be safe from burns. The handle must be designed in such a way that it should allow the user to hold it with a proper grip.

The body of the rice cooker comes with a double-layered insulated body. An Electric Rice Cookers uses cool handle method so that it ensures your safety.

Automatic Keep Warm Setting

Almost all the Electric Rice Cookers come with the automatic keep-warm option. This function helps the cooker to keep the food warm for a maximum level of 12 hours.

It keeps the food warm, fresh and locks the aroma in the food. After the food is cooked, the cooker turns off and the “Keep Warm” feature automatically turns on and does its work.

Quick Cook Setting

When you are running out of time and you are in a hurry, this option comes will help you at that time.

When you want to cook the food & you don’t have much time, you can go for the quick cook option and the cooker will produce more heat and will spread it equally along the base of the cooker. This will cook the food in a fraction of seconds and would serve you with mouth-watering food in no time.

Specific Modes for Different Electric Rice Cookers

If you are a food lover then obviously, you should buy an Electric Rice Cookers with particularly this option.

This mode helps you prepare different cuisines like Pongal, Biryani, pulao, & much more. It’s an automated cooking function where the appliance has been programmed by various Menus. You just need to touch the name of the dish that you want to eat & everything will be processed on its own.

Detachable Power Cord
Most of the Electric Rice Cookers come with a detachable power cord which gives an extra advantage of portability. You can remove the cord and can even take it anywhere. This makes it highly portable.

The capacity of an Electric Rice Cookers plays a vital role. This factor depends on the size of the family.

If you live in a nuclear family, we recommend you to buy an Electric Rice Cookers with a capacity of 1-3 liters. If your family is large, then you can go with a cooker of over 4 liters of capacity.

Anodised Aluminium Coating
The anodized aluminum coating in the bowl of the cooker prevents the food from sticking in the bowl. The anodized coating of aluminum prevents aluminum from leaching into the food.

Safety System

The advanced Electric Rice Cookers come with maximum safety options. Preethi Touch EPC005 and Usha (3650) are the 2 Electric Rice Cookers that come with a maximum number of safety options. The safety options include:

  1. Pressure limit protection
  2. Overpressure self-release
  3. Open and close lid safety device
  4. Microswitch for open and close
  5. Pressure control safety device
  6. Temperature limit protection
  7. Thermal limit protection
  8. Over-current protection
  9. Anti-jam protection

 These are the inbuilt safety options of these modern and advanced electric rice cookers. 

Advantages of Buying an Electric Rice Cookers

The pressure cooker allows you to cook a variety of dishes but you need a gas cylinder or an induction cooktop for that. On the other hand, Electric Rice Cookers are an appliance that fully works on electricity.

In the conventional pressure cookers, if you forget to switch off the stove, the water may boil too much and the food might get burnt. These types of problems will not occur in an Electric Rice Cookers.

In some rare cases, the pressure cookers might get burst. This may happen when the whistle is not placed properly over the cooker. You can completely avoid this problem in Electric Rice Cookers as it has a hole in its lid which pushes out the steam.

Types of Electric Rice Cookers

Basically there are 4 forms of electric rice cookers. They are,

  1. Standard rice cookers
  2. Improved rice cookers
  3. Multifunction rice cookers
  4. Induction heat rice cookers

These are the very common and basic types of rice cookers. It is the first form of electric rice cookers distributed all over the world. People showed a great interest in buying these cookers.

In this, a thermal sensor was fitted inside the cooker which used to sense the heat and if the cooking is done it switches to auto-warming mode. This was the initial phase of electric rice cookers.

These improved rice cookers are nothing but the standard rice cookers with some extra features. This cooker also has an extra advantage of adding steam to the rice and some extended warming options and also digital timer was builtin. This also has a delay timer options.

This type of rice cooker is a little bit costly in the market. These cookers use microcomputer technology ie. they are mostly controlled by themselves using the latest technology.

These cookers can not only cook different types of rice but also different types of recipes like sushi, pulao, porridge, etc. It saves the user’s time as it is an automatic-working appliance. It also has an LCD control panel to ensure safety & makes things easy


The high-tech form of an electric rice cooker is the induction heat type of rice cookers. They not only cook many types of dishes but also does other cooking tasks.

You will not be less than the king of cooking, if you have this type of electric rice cooker. These cookers are the top-rated electric rice cookers in the market. Though it is the costliest electric rice cooker, but the investment would be worth every penny.

This creates a majestic impression of your kitchen. This induction heat type cooker does not work like other rice cookers. This cooker produces a magnetic field, when this magnetic field comes in contact with the cooking pot it superheats the bowl.

With this technology, the food is made in very little time. The other normal electric rice cookers simply work on transferring the heat to the cooking pot through the method of thermal induction.

On the other hand, this is the advanced form of rice cooker which has multifunction control pads.

Conclusion – Best Electric Rice Cooker in India

You might have gone through the top 10 best electric rice cookers in India. We have carefully analyzed every feature of each electric rice cooker. In our opinion, Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 Delight Electric rice cooker is the best of all.

It has all the essential features that we have stated in the Buying Guide. If any question related to the electric rice cooker is bothering you, please let us know in the comment section below. We would be glad to help you to buy the best electric rice cooker in India.

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