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7 Best Kitchen Chimney in India (October 2020) | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews


No doubt technology has gone far and has touched stars in terms of success and progress. Technology not only provides ease and comfort to the lifestyle of humans but also helps humans to perform every task peacefully and easily.top-choice-best-kitchen-chimneys-in-india

One such technology aid to humans are the kitchen chimneys which has today made work of our kitchen super effective and efficient.

Firstly, Let’s discuss why chimneys have become a need for your kitchens?  A Simple answer to this is, to escape from those odors from the kitchen. Today in every house where there are fashion and style of modular kitchens and the days have gone when the cooks used to sweat while cooking food, kitchen chimneys in India are a must-have.

If you live in India and are willing to invest in an effective and reasonable kitchen chimney then you can gain knowledge about some of the best kitchen chimneys available in India by continuing reading the article mentioned below and deciding the best kitchen chimney which is suitable for you and your kitchen.

These are 7 Best Kitchen Chimney in India

ProductsPower SuctionWarrantyBuy Now
Faber Chimney1000 m3/hr1 yearamazon-button
Sunflam Chimney1100 m3/hr2 yearsamazon-button
Hindware Chimney1200 m3/hr1 yearamazon-button
Prestige Chimney850 m3/hr2 yearsamazon-button
Elica Chimney1200 m3/hr1 yearamazon-button
Faber 60 cm Chimney1200 m3/hr1 yearamazon-button
Glen 6071 EX Black Chimney

Best Kitchen Chimneys Available in India

1. Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney

Faber is the company that is developing kitchen chimneys for over 50 years. It’s an Italy Based Brand that has high standards & Premium quality and conforms to European safety standards. They are serving their products not only in India but to the different parts of the globe.

Faber’s 60 cm chimney comes with a suction power of 1000 m3/hr. It is one of the most premium Faber products that are available in the market at such an economical price.  It offers 2 Triple Layer Baffle Filters, which makes it unique to other chimneys.

This chimney is operated via buttons for its operation, which makes it convenient for all kinds of users. It comes in a steel/grey color that makes it easy to clean.

  • Faber Technology
  • Availability of 3-way Exhaustion Power
  • Three Layers of Baffle Filters
  • CFL Lighting to ease out the process of cooling
  • Excellent Quality of Filters
  • Lifetime Warranty of the Chimney
  • Turns out to be expensive And not so pocket-friendly
  • Only 1 color option available

2. Sunflame 90 cm 1100 m3/hr Auto Clean Ductless Chimney

This Chimney comes from one of the most leading Indian brands, i.e Sunflame. You can even avail of massive discounts at Amazon.in when you buy this chimney. This chimney has a maximum suction power of approximately 1100 cubic meters per hour, which makes it one of the best choices that are available in the market. 


For the ease for its customers, this chimney is made available in two different sizes, i.e 60 cm, and 90 cm, depending on the need and requirements of the user.

One of the best features of this chimney is that it comes along with a very unique function of auto cleaning. It is one of the most cost-effective chimneys as well as its soft-touch feature makes it the most unbeatable chimney available at amazon.

  • It comes along with the auto-clean feature
  • This chimney is made available in two different sizes so that the customer can use chimney which suits him the most
  • This chimney has an amazing suction power
  • This chimney can be a little costly affair due to the requirement of a long exhaust pipe

3. Hindware 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware Nevio has a unique hood range that comes with a blend of style, design & advanced technology. The chimney comes with a powerful suction of 1200 cubic meters and is even available in 2 different sizes.

This hood comes with an air tunnel that helps in maintaining a smoke-free & clean environment. It comes with 1 baffle filter & an “auto clean” feature that would save your major time and effort which makes it the best option for Indian homes. It comes in stainless steel material that is rustproof and be cleaned easily with a soft hand.

  • It comes with the thermal auto-clean feature
  • Energy-saving LED lamps
  • It has a touch-control feature
  • It has a great suction power of 1200 cubic meter
  • Free Installation Kit
  • It offers only 5 Years of motor warranty whereas other companies are offering 12 years warranty

4. Prestige 90 cm 850 m3/hr Chimney

Prestige, One of the most known brands in Indian Markets. It is serving in the Kitchen appliances industry for a long time and has become a trusted name for every Indian. This Chimney comes in 90 cm size with the suction of 850 cubic meters per hour.


Like its other competitors, prestige is even offering you an auto-clean feature. Its unique features make it a cost-effective and hustle free product. It is unique because of it’s soft-touch control which makes it easy to operate for everyone.

  • One of the largest sizes available at this price thus best suitable for big Indian kitchens
  • Best quality of baffle filters
  • Turns out to be expensive because of the high maintenance cost

5. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

Avail massive discount of over 45% if you buy Elica 60 cm chimney from amazon.in. It comes with a powerful suction of 1200 cubic meters per hour & an auto-clean feature.


It’s motion sensor and touch control makes it unique among all other competitors in such low price segment. The chimney is black in color & the company is even offering a free Installation kit with this chimney, which makes it super saver product.

  • Effective suction power
  • It comes with both touch control & motion sensor
  • This chimney saves electricity and thus is cost-efficient
  • It comes with filterless suction
  • It is a small chimney, thus buying it would not be a good idea for people with big kitchens

6. Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Chimney

Faber is the brand that manufactures one of the best kitchen chimneys & water purifiers in India. This chimney comes with amazing features. It has won the heart of customers through its great power and unique design. The chimney comes with a suction of 1200 meter cube which makes it most powerful among other leading chimney brands in size of 60 cm.


The chimney offers great touch as well as gesture control that makes it very user-friendly. It comes with a filterless variant that is black in color that makes it more attractive.  It even has an auto-clean feature which has become a must for Indian kitchens.

  • It has Oil collector which helps to keep the chimney clean
  • It is a filterless variant that comes with an auto-clean feature
  • In the same design, a 90 cm size available for large kitchens
  • It does not have a Free Installation Kit

7. Glen 6071 EX Black Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

It is one of the best kitchen chimneys available under Rs 10,000. You have massive & attractive offers available on this chimney on Amazon.in. The baffle filter is of premium quality. It’s a ductless chimney that comes with a lifetime warranty. The stainless steel body saves it from rusting and ensures a longer life.


The 60 cm kitchen chimney comes has a powerful suction power of over 1000 cubic meters per hour. It comes in black color that makes it look very stylish for your Indian Modular Kitchen. It even comes with 2 LED Lights and has push buttons control in such a low price & discount of over 45% which makes it a perfect buy.

  • It comes along with the auto-clean feature
  • This chimney is made available in two different sizes so that the customer can use chimney which suits him the most
  • This chimney has an amazing suction power
  • Available under Rs 10,000
  • Italian Design with Italian motor
  • Suction power is low as compare to competitors
  • Does not have an auto-clean feature
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How you can choose the Best Kitchen Chimney in India?

A chimney is one of the best kitchen appliances that help to keep the kitchen and entire home free from fume & smoke. It prevents the kitchen from oil, smoke & helps to keep the kitchen clean. 

To choose the best chimney for your kitchen, go through the entire buying guide. The buyer’s guide would make your work easier as that includes all the essential factors that would help you to choose the best kitchen chimney that suits best and give an elegant look to your kitchen.

In this buying guide, we have discussed essential factors like different types of chimneys, different chimney sizes, suction power, Maintenance & some other factors that would help you to select the best kitchen chimney for your home.

Let us Consider different factors of selecting the best chimney for your kitchen. 

You need to look at some essential factors before choosing a chimney for your kitchen, which is listed below.

  1. Different types of Kitchen chimneys 
  2. Different types of Kitchen Chimney filters
  3. Different Sizes of Kitchen chimneys
  4. Suction Power of Chimney
  5. Cleaning & Maintenance 

Different Types of Kitchen Chimneys

Island chimneyWall-mounted chimneyBuilt-in chimney
Island Chimney are the Chimneys that are usually used in the big modular kitchens. Island chimney is mounted in the middle of the kitchen & away from the wall.
These are one of the most modern chimneys that are available in the Indian market which is mostly used with the designer stove/hob that is placed in the center of the kitchen which gives your kitchen an elegant and modern look.

Most of the Island Chimneys comes with premium quality stainless steel Baffle filters with high suction power. It requires a lot of ducting/pipes, which makes it the most expensive type of chimney that is available in the Indian Market. The Best Island Kitchen Chimney that is available in India is Bosch Serie| 4 90 cm Island Stainless Steel Hood.

The Wall-mounted chimney is the kitchen chimneys that are widely bought by the people in India. It is the most popular kitchen chimney most cost-effective chimney that is available in the Indian market. This chimney is mounted against the wall where the stove/hob is placed, that is usually placed near the wall in the traditional Indian Kitchens. These Chimneys comes in both the variants, with duct and ductless, though very less duct/pipes are needed for this type of chimney to release the smoke. The wall-mounted chimney is mostly available in 2 sizes, which are 60 cm and 90 cm.

This chimney starts from the price range of Rs 6000 and goes up to Rs 40,000 for a premium quality chimney. Brands like Glen, Faber, and Elica are leading in wall mounted chimneys in India. One of the Best wall-mounted kitchen chimney that comes under the price tag of Rs 10,000 and is full of Latest features and low maintenance is Faber 60 cm 1100 m³/HR Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney.

Built-in Chimneys are the kitchen chimneys that are rarely used in Indian kitchens & is mounted below the wall unit across the wall so that chimneys extra parts like the stainless top cover, ducting can’t be seen. People can only see the glass top of the chimney which gives it’s a designer and modern look. Built-in chimneys are designed for the latest modular kitchens and for the people who want compact chimneys for their Kitchens. Installing this type of chimney can be a little expensive as it needs some extra woodwork to cover the extra parts.

Though, it pairs up with the latest designers kitchens but is even a little expensive than the wall-mounted chimneys and comes up with all the latest features like touch control, auto clean and high suction power. Best Built-in Kitchen chimney available on amazon.in is Seavy 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit.

Different Types of Chimney Filters

A filter is the main component in the chimney. The smoke is sucked by the chimney and then passes through a tray which helps to filter or separate the oil, dust & odor.

These days, we even have an option of a filterless chimney that is available on Amazon.in. There are 3 different types of Chimney filters. All the filters have some features, that are discussed below. 

Baffle Filters

Most of the chimneys in India come with baffle filters. As per research, Baffle filters are about 30% better than Cassette filters. It is always a smart idea to buy the chimney that has baffle filters, as it is easy to clean and maintain, it can be easily cleaned with a soft hand.

The chimney with these filters are the best buy for Indian kitchens as when the oil and solid particles get collected in the filters, the filter has big panels due to which, it does not impact much on the motor and suction of the chimney.

These filters are made of aluminum materials & come with designs that have big panels in the filter through which the smoke easily passes through. It needs minimum cleaning, once in a quarter.

Cassette Filters

It is even known as mesh filters. It is made by overlapping aluminium wires that have small holes. In the chimney with this filter, as the suction pulls the smoke, solid particles, the grime and oil get locked in the aluminium mesh filters.

The disadvantage with this filter is that its pores get locked and thus this filter needs to be cleaned once every week or bi-week depending on the usage. If you will not clean this filter on a regular basis, it will hamper the suction of the chimney.

The kitchen chimneys that come with cassette filters cost you the most in comparison to other kitchen chimneys as these chimneys require more maintenance, due to filter cleaning, filter replacement, and other issues that occur because of filter blockage.

The best way of using the chimney with mesh filters is to wash and clean the filters regularly at home or by hiring the services of an agency. 

Carbon (Charcoal) Filters

The carbon filter is an optional filter that may come along with a cassette filter or baffle filter. The tiny holes in this filter will absorb the solid particles, oil & smoke. The biggest disadvantage of carbon filters is that it can’t be washed or reused.

The oil, solid particles and other sticky particles get blocked in the carbon filters. Thus, you need to replace it in the span of every 3-6 months, as per the usage of the chimney.

These kinds of filters are usually seen in expensive chimneys, it works the same ways as of the filters in air purifiers. These filters can be used in both the type of chimneys, with duct and ductless, which makes it popular in the Indian market. 

Size of the Chimneys

The Selection of an appropriate size in the kitchen chimney is an essential aspect. There are different sizes in kitchen chimneys that are available on Amazon.in, the ideal way by which you can choose the best kitchen chimney with correct size is to always select the chimney that is bigger or has the same size as of your hob/gas stove. You will notice, that in India we usually have two different sizes, 60 cm, and 90 cm.

In most of the Indian kitchens, a 60 cm wide variant will perform in the best way; as in India, a large percentage of homes have small kitchens. A 60 cm wide kitchen chimney is best suited for Indian homes as most of the people in India use a 2 or 3-burner stove, but in case you have a 4 or more burner hob/stove, you are advised to buy a 90 cm wide variant.

Note: You must keep in mind that the gap between the chimney and the cooktop should be optimum. You must maintain a distance of at least 26 inches and utmost 30 inches (approx.) between chimney & the hob. If the distance would be much less than an optimum figure, in that case, the chimney may catch fire and if the distance is much more than an optimum gap, then suction power won’t work the way it should and it would affect on the internal mechanism of the chimney.

Suction Power of Chimneys

The major phenomenon for which the kitchen chimney works – Suction Power. Suction Power is the most essential aspect that needs to be considered before you buy any chimney.

Is there any road map that needs to be followed for knowing the right suction? Yes, there is one which you need to check out before buying any chimney.

The thumb rule says that the kitchen chimneys should able to pull 10x volume of air in the given space. In India, we measure Suction power in m3/hr. A chimney is considered as powerful from its suction power.

As per the Research, Most of the kitchens are small in size in India, which has an average volume of 48 cubic meters which is very almost half than the size of the kitchen in western countries.

To properly serve the area of 48 cubic meters (approx.), you need a chimney that has a minimum suction of at least 480m3/hr. Most of the Kitchen chimney that is available in the Indian market have an average suction of 800 cubic meters per hour.

It is always advisable to even consider some other factors before calculating the average suction for your kitchen, the factors like the gap between hob/gas stove and the vents, Distance between stove and kitchen window, etc.

If you wish to know the correct suction of chimney that you should buy, then follow the road map as given above, you just need to multiply the total volume in cubic meter by 10, and you will get the suction power that is essential in the chimney that you must buy.

For Instance, if the Length x Breadth x Height is 4 X 4 X 4, that is 48 cubic meters, then multiply it by 10, and you get 480, which says you need a chimney that must have the suction of at least 480 cubic meters per hour.

Read the Example below to understand in brief: If you want to know the right suction power, then here is the math rule for it. Measure the kitchen volume in cubic meters and then multiply it with 10 then results is what the suction power required. For example, kitchen volume is 40 cubic meters, then 40 multiplied by 10 is 400. So the suction required is 400 cubic meters. 

Maintenance & Cleaning

The most essential aspect which is usually ignored by people at large is the Cleaning and maintenance of kitchen chimney. If you want that your chimney performs at par and lasts for a long time, then it is important to clean it and get it serviced once in a half year. The function of the chimney is to suck the smoke, solid & dust particles around your hob/stove in order to keep the kitchen clean.

If you feel that cleaning a kitchen chimney is a tough job or you wish to escape from the maintenance expenses, it is advisable to buy a chimney that comes auto-cleaning feature. These days, Most of the kitchen chimneys come with an auto-cleaning function, which would save your hustle, maintenance cost, and will clean your chimney filters automatically. 

Below, we are sharing some tactics by which you can clean the filters of your chimney quickly. 

Blower fieldCleaning of filtersCleaning the hood
This is an essential part of cleaning your kitchen chimney. For cleaning the blower field you either need to contact the chimney company from which you have bought the chimney or have to reach the authorized chimney agency that specializes in chimney maintenance and related tasks.
It is always recommended to opt for an AMC with any chimney agency to save yourself from the hustle.
Cleaning of the filter is important if you want you to chimney to give you an effective output and last for a longer time. If you have chimneys that come with the mesh filters, it is advisable to clean it once in a week. If you are using a chimney that has baffle filters, you should clean it once in a quarter in order to maintain good suction power & if you have a kitchen chimney that has carbon filters, then we advise you to replace it once that gets blocked. It is always recommended to clean the chimney filter with a soft hand to save it from damage. Though, these days we even have options of choosing filterless and auto-clean chimney in the market.
You are advised to clean the chimney hood once in every few days from a wet cloth. If you find the big and dark stains on the hood, you should seek some professional help to clean the some, as in most of the chimneys the hood is of glass, which is delicate and may get damaged.

Are you confused that what is the difference between a ducting chimney and a ductless chimney? 

The difference is explained below on the basis of a few factors

The ductless chimneys use the Charcoal filters for extra protection whereas the ducting chimneys come up with cassette and baffle filters.
Ductless chimneys are difficult to maintain in comparison to ducting chimneys as ductless chimney comes with carbon filters that need to be changed on a regular basis.
The ducting kitchen chimneys are comparatively expensive than the ductless chimney as the ducting chimney involves a high cost in installation but have a cheap operating cost.
As per some facts, it has been analyzed that the ducting chimneys are 30% more effective than ductless chimneys because the ductless chimneys throwback the air back into the kitchen and do not allow the smoke to escape, thus most of the people in India prefer ducting chimneys in spite of high installation cost.
Shifting the location of a chimney is never a smart idea. Though, shifting a ducting chimney can be a difficult job as compare to the ductless chimney.
Suction Power
When we consider suction power, ducting chimney always wins over the ductless chimney.
By the above aspects, one can easily deduce that ducting chimneys are always a better buy for your home kitchen as it easy to clean and maintain in the long run.

We have just discussed the factors to consider when you are looking to buy a kitchen chimney for your house. Now, you are advised to look at some of the best chimneys that are given above. 


Lastly, we believe that all the homemaker deserves an excellent kitchen chimney, which has become a need these days for every home. By the reviews of most of the buyers and our experts, we can say that Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr is the best option to buy as it is an auto clean chimney, which will make your work easier and will save your time and money in the long run.

Which is your favourite kitchen chimney? Do you still have any questions related to kitchen chimney? Let us know in the comments below. We will be happy to help you in the best possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Best Kitchen Chimney

1. Which are the best chimney brands in India?

The Best Chimney Brands in India are:
i. Faber
v. Glen
vi. Prestige

2. Which is the best model in Faber chimney?

The Best Faber Chimney in India is Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/hr chimney that comes with 2 triple-layer baffle filters, View on Amazon.

3. How much electricity does a good kitchen chimney consume?

The power consumption depends on the type of kitchen chimney you purchase. Most of the best kitchen chimney brands in India are highly energy-efficient and thus consume very less power.

4. Which chimney shall I buy in 2020?

In 2020, you can consider any good brand like Faber or Elica that offers the auto-clean feature as it would save you from hustle during after-sales service.

5. Is it good to use kitchen chimneys?

Yes, In the modern era it is great to use kitchen chimney as it eliminates the smoke, dust & grease particles from your kitchen & gives you a healthy and hygienic environment in the home.

6. How to choose the appropriate size of a chimney?

To choose a perfect chimney for your kitchen, you need to calculate the total space in your kitchen. For example, the length*breadth*height of the kitchen area is (10*10*10)ft = 1000 ft3=29m3. If the air needs to be clean 10 times/hr. So, the minimum suction power of the chimney that is needed is 29*10=290.

7. Which is the best chimney in India under ₹10,000?

The best kitchen chimney in India under 10,000 is Hindware 60cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean , View on Amazon.

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