Top 12 Best Hand Blenders in India (October 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Are you finding it tough to find the best hand blenders in India?

Well, don’t be tensed!

It is nice to have kitchen appliances that can do your little chores at a snap. A hand blender is the best solution for blending, chopping, and whisking needs. Hand blenders also are known as immersion blenders are great kitchen equipment that has varied uses.


The hand blenders can do away the need to set up bulky food processors. This modern equipment can complete your chore within minutes which otherwise would have taken extra effort and time if done manually.

The top kitchen appliance makers in the market produce a distinct type of hand blender. The country is bombarded with fantastic hand blenders with outstanding features.

Among thousands of fabulous hand blenders, it is very imperative to choose the right model that will do your task effectively and efficiently.

The correct hand blender can do wonders and therefore, you need to have proper knowledge before purchasing one. We consider the information on this page will help you select a suitable handheld blender in harmony with your preferences and needs.

We have got a detailed buying guide which has features that would help you to make the right selection. 

Also, after searching through hundreds of hand blenders, we have shortlisted the Top 12 Best hand blenders in India. Now, without any further do, Have a look at the list given below!

Table of Contents

These are the Top 12 Best Hand Blenders in India

Top 12 Best Hand Blenders in India

1. Orpat HHB-100E WOB 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)

Orpat is a great choice for home appliances. Orpat has consistently raised the standards for the durables. The varied range of products by Orpat has high product utility, innovation, and durability. Orpat HHB-100E is the hand blender with a great positive response from the customers.


It is the hand blender that can do your task quickly and fast. With good durability scores, the Orpat HHB-100E is an excellent product that can be trusted. Getting this hand blender means bringing home afabulous hand blender that eases up all the things. 

Whether it be your smoothie or guacamole, with the help of this hand blender, everything gets ready within minutes. The cleansing of the hand blender is the most uncomplicated thing. The blender has detachable parts.

Just detach the blender from the motor and wash each part with soap and water. You can also wash the blender in a dishwasher after removing the slip grips. The hand blender has a powerful motor to operate.

Running on only 230 Watts, the hand blender does its work in a snap. You can crush hard veggies to soft meat just like that. Very food item requires different speed settings.

Some need more power to crush and some can be crushed at low speed also. To tackle this situation, this hand blender has 6 different speed settings.

The different speed range allows you to change the speed as per the requirement and convenience. This hand blender is made to keep your requirements in the picture.

The hand blender is made with ergonomic design. The stylish design will suit your kitchen. The handle is also made to give a firm grip. The great design will help you to handle the blender very easily.

The amazing thing about the hand blender is that it is compact and lightweight. Moreover, the blender can be mounted on the wall which makes this hand blender a perfect fit for your kitchen.

  • Customer-friendly
  • Perfect size and handy
  • Worthwhile investment
  • Easy to use
  • Cleaning can be a little bit difficult


2. AGARO – 33286 Marvel 800-Watt Hand Blender & Chopper

What makes Agaro a well-known brand is its diverse range of products. The blend of innovation and quality makes their products one of the best in the market. Get your food cooked much more easily with this highly effective hand blender.


It is designed with superior quality materials which are so convenient to use on a daily basis. You can use this machine for two varied purposes as it can be operated in two modes. The first mode can be used to make purees or chop and mix vegetables. 

The chopping bowl that comes with this appliance has to be used while you use this mode. It has a capacity of 500 ml, which is well-sufficient for you to get most of your veggies chopped at once.

It is equipped with super-sharp stainless steel blades, which would enhance the chopping mechanism and make sure that your vegetables are cut properly. The second mode of operation is for crushing ice and making smoothies.

Basically, it functions as a blender, giving you the option to try out various milkshake recipes of your choice.

The powerful blend mechanism can squish all the ingredients and make sure that you end up with the tastiest smoothie, without any lumps. The beaker jar that comes for this blend mode has a capacity of 600 ml.

It would be perfectly sufficient to make a glass of shake. Apart from these two modes, you can also use the whisk attachment, in case you want some whipped cream. This would be exceptionally useful as it can be really hard to hand whisk.

It is time-consuming and physically tiring as well. This whisker would bring your job down and would definitely be a blessing, especially if you are into baking. One of the best features of this appliance is that you can operate it in two different modes.

The speed regulator lets you adjust the intensity based on what suits your needs. Also, all the attachments such as the chopper, blender, whisker, and blades are detachable. This would make it very easy for you to clean every part of the machine.

The maintenance of the machine is simplified due to this detachable feature. Its niche functionality is reflected not just in the resulting products but also externally.

It functions noiselessly, giving the best user experience. The energy that is consumed by the machine is 800 W, which is average for an efficient machine like this.

In order to allow you to use the machine at a good distance from the plug point, it is designed with a 1.5 metre long cord. You can use the 2 year manufacturer warranty if in case you happen to face any issues with the machine.

  • Enhanced flexibility with dual modes of functionality
  • Effective blending and chopping results
  • User-friendly
  • Noiseless operation
  • Higher chances of receiving damaged products


3. Boss B101 125-Watt Portable Blender, Grey

Boss has been striving to become the leader in the consumer section goods. Boss enterprise has been enhancing its people’s lives through its excellent products. A varied spectrum of home appliances is prepared with value, integrity, and scrutiny.


Boss B101 has touched thousands of Indian households. This hand blender is usually the first preference of the consumers. Also, it has gained much appreciation for its exceptional work. This hand blender is formulated with the best quality stainless steel. 

The shining steel makes the hand blender efficient, good looking, and durable. The blending process is done using less time and effort. To help you complete your kitchen work much smoother, this hand blender comes with 3 additional blades.

These are the whisking blade, mincing blade, and beating blade. Together, these splendid stainless steel blades make your chopping, slicing, and dicing very easy and super fast.

This Boss hand blender incorporates a robust motor that delivers excellence. The excellent motor needs only 125 Watts to operate. Because of the powerful motor, there are fewer chances of you getting disappointed.

The star feature of the hand blender makes it of high demand. Unlike any other standard hand blender, the design of this model consists of a wall-mounting stand. This added feature makes it wieldy and easy-to-use, even for naive.

Some food items require less pressure to blend, whilst other food articles may require a higher speed. In such situations, the dual-speed settings of the hand blender is an advantage.

You will be now able to choose the speed as per your wish. Blenders are multifunctional and can be used for various uses.

The constant use requires proper maintenance of the hand blender. You have to carefully wash the blender after being used. Taking good care of the hand blender will guarantee high longevity. You will get a 2-year warranty on this hand blender from the house of Boss.

  • Warranty is great
  • Made with stainless steel and powerful
  • Versatile use
  • Cost-efficient
  • May produce a little bit of noise


4. Morphy Richards HBCD SS 400-Watt Hand Blender (Stainless Steel)

Morphy Richards is a leading manufacturer of home appliances like food processors. The company has a culture of excellence. While strengthening transparency and ethics, Morphy Richards has a diverse portfolio of home durables.


Morphy Richards HBCD SS is a good looking hand blender with minimal consumer dissatisfaction. Made with high-grade stainless steel, this hand blender is supposed to be with you for a long time. This hand blender needs 400 Watts to operate.

Employing 400 Watts makes the process smooth and fast. It is a valuable asset to the kitchen. It makes the blending, grinding and many tasks without any hustle. High-grade steel is used while making the hand blender.

The sparkling stainless steel makes enhances the look of the hand blender. It makes the hand blender match your high standards and beautify the kitchen. The best thing about the hand blender is the variable speed settings.

The hand blender has the feature of two-speed dials. You can now change the speed of the hand blender as per your requirement and convenience.

The impressive thing is the comfortable design of the hand blender. Formulated with ergonomic design, this hand blender is very easy to use. You can comfortably hold the blender and use it the way you want.

Cleaning of electronics is the most complicated thing but not with this hand blender. You can easily clean the hand blender because of its fantastic design. You can detach the leg for easy clean-up.

The locking system is an added advantage which allows the cleansing in a hustle-free way. The 2-year warranty period makes the deal for this hand blender unavoidable. You will be able to contact the customer care services anytime in case you face any difficulty.

  • Flexible work range
  • Presence of fantastic features
  • Strong and durable
  • Intuitive operation
  • The locking system is tricky


5. Philips Daily Collection HL1655/00 250-Watt Hand Blender (White)

Philips has been enjoying its leadership position for many decades. Philips is a top supplier of a varied range of products and gives you an unmatched high standard. It is a solid platform for getting a perfect hand blender.


This hand blender from Philips simplifies most of the tasks and saves your time and effort. The Philips hand blender has set up a benchmark for other hand blenders in the market. With its superlative quality, this is a great choice. This hand blender is extraordinary with its work.

It is a powerful machine that can operate for a continuous 20 minutes straight. It can blend large quantities at the same time. The blades which are the most imperative part of the hand blender is sharp, pointed, sleek, and thin.

The powerful stainless steel blades can blend everything into a puree. You will get an additional two more removable blades. You can use one blade for whipping and the other blade for whisking purposes. A robust motor lies in the heart of the hand blender.

The powerful motor employs only 250 Watts. It supports crushing, blending, & mixing hard ingredients very smoothly. Now you can easily make lassi or palak paneer or anything you want.

The function of the hand blender can be done at a single trigger press. Just hold the press button to start the operation. It helps you in better handling and movement the hand blender while operating.

The sleek and trim body shape of the hand blender without any grooves allows you to clean up the machine without any hustle or difficulty. You will get a warranty card with a full 2-year period. The strong hand blender has many advantages which will make most of your things easier.

  • Great performance
  • Has unique features
  • Usage safer
  • Time-efficient
  • The design might be not pleasing


6. KENT Hand Blender- 300 W (White)

Kent is a leading and popular company in the market. Kent has formulated a variety of home appliances. The products are very easy to use and equipped with great features. It is the next generation product that delivers the best.


The blending and whisking task has become much easier with the Kent Hand Blender. It has gained 5-star ratings which guarantee the quality. This robust blender from Kent is a powerful appliance to make your kitchen chores done within minutes.

It has a turbo function which stimulates the speed of the blender. The motor of Kent Hand Blender is made with 100% unalloyed copper. The copper requires 300 Watts for its optimum utilization.

The copper material ensures that the motor will run for a long duration. Also, the copper motor will deliver the top performance. The unique feature of the hand blender has overheating protection.

This feature doesn’t let the machine go beyond a certain temperature. It helps when the blender tends to heat while being operated. The overheat protection system will keep you and the machine safe.

This hand blender does justice with the money you spent on it. This Kent hand blender is a perfect tool for blending any dish.

It can be done so with the various accouterments that come with the blender. You will get multiple beaters, dough hooks that will help you to do the whipping, mixing, and blending.

This hand blender comes with 5 different speed settings. So, if you are looking to buy the best hand blender in India, this Kent model would not disappoint you. Buy this amazing product, by clicking the button given below.

  • Easy to carry
  • Portable and movable
  • Inexpensive
  • Matches the requirement
  • Can be a little noisy sometimes


7. Inalsa Robot 2.5SS Hand Blender with Stainless Steel Stem, (White)

Inalsa corporation is enjoying dominance in the kitchen appliances market. It sells over a thousand products that are designed to ease out your kitchen life. It is a powerful brand that everyone can trust.


Inalsa 2.5SS is a powerful force in the kitchen that makes the blending, the grinding, and the mushing a lot easier. This product has never been a disappointment to anyone. The motor of the hand blender is a powerful one.

It requires 250 Watts for optimum utilization. It is a DC motor that guarantees efficiency and durability. This hand blender can be easily managed. It has a detachable stem which makes it a wieldy machine.

The movement of the hand blender becomes easy. It also makes it portable. The shape of the hand blender is made to meet your requirements. It is sleek and thin.

It will allow you to hold the blender easily and give you the strongest grip to work. This hand blender from Inalsa is the safest appliance to use. The motor doesn’t start automatically without pushing the start button.

The hand blender is convenient for use and has many advantages. This amazing blender has a full 1-year warranty package.

During this warranty period, you can contact the customer care services for any repair or change of the blender. The cleansing of the hand blender is the easiest part. You just have to detach the plastic bar and then wash the parts of the blender with soap and water.

  • Delivers the best performance
  • Approved by customers
  • Super efficient and effective
  • Gained positive reviews
  • The very short warranty period


8. INALSA Robot Inox 1000, 1000 Watt Hand Blender with 600 ml

Inalsa is a firm that we rely on providing us with the best. Inalsa has been up to your expectations for decades. Designing great products with fantastic features that will stand the test of time has been the sole motto of Inalsa.


You can find innovation behind every nut and bolt. With this powerful hand blender, you can blend whatever you wish to. So grab this hand blender, because it will be a huge advantage. Inalsa Robot Inox 100 hand blender makes the food preparation fun and easy.

The hand blender has a lightweight nature. It makes the blender movable and portable. Thus, You can carry the blender anywhere you want. The hand blender is slim and thin.

It can easily go into a bowl of any size. Also, the hand blender has good looks and fantastic features that make it one of the hand blenders in India. This product from Inalsa has a multipurpose facility.

It is a 3 in 1 appliance. You can use this hand blender as a chopper and whisker too. This means this product has many advantages compared to other standard blenders. The ergonomic design and the SS stem of the blender make it best for experts.

If you are the first-timer, then need not to worry, because the operation of this hand blender is easy and can be handled smoothly. This hand blender has a powerful motor that uses 1000 watts to operate.

Such high power ensures that the grinding, mixing, or crunching will be done in a spur of the moment. The robust motor has good durability scores.

The design of the hand blender is made with great care. There is a hanging loop given along with this hand blender. You can use the loop to hang the blender on the wall. This way it will not eat up space and storage problems will be avoided.

  • Best for blending purpose
  • Added accoutrements
  • Consumer’s choice
  • Very fast speed
  • Can develop noise


9. Maharaja Whiteline HB-116 130 W Turbomix King Hand Blender

Maharaja is the ever-growing and the strongest company in India. It has always been a company of innovation employing technology and science. Maharaja Whiteline HB-116 hand blender gives you premium performance. It is also now synonymous with high-quality.

Maharaja Whiteline-HB-116-Turbomix-King-Hand-Blender

It is through the efficiency of the hand blender that it has so many positive responses. This hand blender from the reputed company is the best deal. The blades of the blender are super sharp to give the highest level of performance.

The stainless steel blades are so powerful that it can be used to crush hard substances like ice. The blades grind and mix even the hardest vegetables within a spur of the moment. All electronics tend to make noise while being operated.

But this hand blender from Maharaja Whiteline has a noiseless feature installed in it. Now, you can use the hand blender to make a great breakfast in the morning without disturbing the other members. A strong and powerful motor is used to run the blender.

The motor needs only 130 Watts to run to ensure that a minimal amount of electricity is used. This will save both energy and your money. Also, the minimal amount of watts guarantees that the motor will go in the long run.

Maharaja Whiteline HB-116 hand blender is made with high food-grade safe material that ensures the freshness of the food items. It keeps the food healthy and safe to consume.

The hand blender has a detachable metallic base. It is an added advantage. You can easily detach the base and wash the blender. It will raise the durability as well as the efficiency of the machine.

This hand blender was made to make the blending perfect. To achieve this goal you will get an additional 500 ml chopper and 800 ml beaker. You can use this chopper for chopping onions and tomatoes while an 800 ml beaker can be used to prepare delicious beverages.

  • Premium design
  • Availability of superb features
  • Effective and efficient results
  • Delivers high-quality performance
  • Unsuitable for slow mixing


10. Maharaja Whiteline HB-115 130 W Turbo-mix Hand Blender

Maharaja Whiteline is a reputed company in the market. It has roots firmed in India. The root of the company is built on the innovative products that the consumers wish for. Maharaja Whiteline HB-115 hand blender is a durable product that has high efficiency.

Maharaja Whiteline-HB-115-Turbo-mix-Hand-Blender

The purpose of the hand blender is to make your kitchen life easy. It is a unique blender with great value. The hand blender has powerful stainless steel blades. The blades are designed to be sleek and sharpness.

The blades are so strong that even it can crush hard items like ice into small pieces. It can blend even the hardest vegetable without putting much effort.

Unlike any other standard hand blenders, Maharaja Whiteline HB-115 doesn’t produce any kind of sound while being operated. The blender has a noiseless feature installed in it.

Now, prepare the best breakfast for your family in the morning without disturbing them. The hand blender is equipped with a robust motor. Employing only 130 Watts, this powerful motor delivers effective performance.

The great motor ensures the minimal use of electricity. You can now be relieved of the usage of extra energy and huge electricity bills. The food should be always safe to eat.

To ensure that the quality of food, the hand blender is made with food-grade safe material. This will guarantee the freshness of the food you will be serving.

Another fantastic advantage of the hand blender is the detachable plastic bottom base. It gives the hand blender durability and convenience.

You can easily wash the blender with such a great design. To make sure of your safety the hand blender has a push button. The hand blender will not start operating until you press the button. This button makes sure that nobody gets hurt.

  • Innovative product
  • Sturdy body
  • Has a variety of features
  • Easy-to-use
  • Some switches are very delicate


11. Kent Hand Blender SS-16044, 400 W, Silver

Kent is considered a champion in the market. Began years ago, Kent has been manufacturing excellent home appliances throughout this time. Kent has made a lot of tasks in the kitchen smoother. Kent hand blender SS-16044 is a great deal to make.


It has high and exacting standards that makes it outshine the other hand blenders. It has gained a strong reputation for delivering always the best. The Kent Hand Blender is finished with a sleek and beautiful design. The thin design of the hand blender makes it convenient to use.

You can easily carry and move around with the blender. This great blender works on both hot and cold food. Thus, you can now make your favourite dishes whenever you want.

It will make your kitchen experience beautiful and smooth. This hand blender from Kent incorporates a strong motor. It uses 400 watts to operate.

The amount of energy used makes sure that your work doesn’t take much time. Be it blending, whisking, or mixing, this hand blender can do everything within minutes.

You will also get the option of speed settings as an added advantage. As you know some of the food ingredients need more power to blend than others. In such situations, the speed dial is the best thing.

You can easily change the speed from high to low as per requirement. Kent hand blenders are best known for its noiseless operation. The hand blender works in pin-drop silence.

It is good for the time when you wish to prepare meals for your family and do not want to disturb them. The design of the hand blender is made as per your convenience. It consists of a sleek and stylish design. Such a great design doesn’t eat up space and is easy to use.

  • Blends both hot and cold items
  • Powerful machine
  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic design
  • The machine tends to overheat after a few minutes


12. Prestige IRIS 1.0 Hand Blender

Prestige has been in the business for many decades. It has maintained its excellence with high standards. It is specialized in diverse home appliances and has gained trust from most of the Indian households. Prestige IRIS has a great influence in the Indian household.


It has durability and a powerful catalogue that makes it deserve to be taken seriously. This hand blender is successful because of its development and work. The hand blender boasts the sharp blades. The blades are made with superior quality stainless steel

The steel makes the blades sharp at the points. This makes the blender efficient in its work. The design of the hand blender has been created by talented brains.

With great care, the design of the hand blender is made so that it becomes a wieldy machine that is extremely easy to use.

The materials used during the creation of the hand blender is the utmost quality. Therefore it makes the blender highly durable. It safe for daily use.

With proper maintenance, this hand blender can outlast its life expectancy. There is an incorporation of a powerful motor in the heart of the blender.

The motor requires only 250 Watts to deliver effective results. Usage of such a high power guarantees that all the kitchen work can be done within a flash. The purchase of this product brings a full 1-year warranty.

During this period you can approach the responsive customer service and ask for any type of repair or replacement. If you face any type of difficulty while using the hand blender, the customer care will be delighted to hear solve all of your problems.

  • Saves time and effort
  • Long power cord
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Functions great
  • Needs thorough cleaning of the attachments for longevity


Buying Guide – Best Hand Blenders in India

How many times do you need to whisk, blend, or mix things in the kitchen?

Probably many times! You must have noticed that blending, whisking, or mixing experience must have been strenuous and time-consuming. So why don’t you buy a hand blender? Bring home the most suitable hand blender for you and bid farewell to traditional ways of blending.


Bringing home a hand blender will do most of your kitchen chore effortlessly. The hand blenders make the cooking easy, simple, and fun.

But before you show up in a store or browse an online shopping website to purchase a hand blender you need to know that the process of selecting the ‘perfect’ model is not as easy as it is painted.

The market is flooded with thousands of companies and brands offering fantastic hand blenders. Each hand blender has a unique characteristic, features, and traits. Among thousands of products, it is almost impossible to get the correct one for you.

To solve this problem, you need to know about hand blenders. You need to know what types are there, what features it incorporates, and what is the price range. After researching through the market we have listed down the things you must look into.

Here we go!

What to look for in an Electric Kettle?

1. Cordless or Corded Hand Blenders

There are two types of hand blenders in the market

  1. Corded, and
  2. Cordless

As the name suggests corded hand blenders are the type of hand blenders that have a power cord attached to it. The cord must be plug into an electric socket to operate the hand blender. Therefore the corded hand blenders run on electricity.

Another type of hand blenders is cordless. The cordless hand blenders run on batteries and don’t require electricity. The cordless hand blenders are portable and can be carried anywhere.

While the corded ones are more efficacious. However, you should go with the hand blender that will serve your requirements pretty well.

2. Warranty & After Sales Service

If you are buying a hand blender, then make sure that you get a minimum 1-year warranty period. The warranty period is the assurance of product quality. Usually, the hand blenders from reputed companies give you one warranty period on every piece of the hand blender.

While some high-end brands give a 2-year warranty. You should be provided with good customer service even after the product is delivered to you. Responsive customer service will hear out all your problems and provide you solutions.

3. Weight

Weight is important to look aspect to be considered because you will use only one hand while operating the hand blender. The other hand will be holding the vessel. A good hand blender can be easily lifted and carried.

Though most of the hand blenders found in the market does not have much weight, some of the models can weigh up to 2 kgs. Because of the heavyweight, you will not be able to properly handle the blender.

The weight of cordless hand blenders is more as compared to the corded one. It is so because the cordless ones have batteries inside them. The weight of the batteries is added, making them a little bit heavy. The lightweight hand blenders are the best for usage and portability.

4. Trusted Brand

When purchasing an electronic item, the name of the brand plays an important role. Buying from a trusted brand will ensure that the appliance will do justice with the money you will spend on it. Also, appliances from popular brands are reliable and are of high quality.

It has fantastic features and great durability. Hand blenders from trusted brands like Philips, Morphy Richards, Bajaj, Orpat, and Prestige are the best. It will give you a minimal amount of disappointment and high satisfaction.

5. Power

As you will use hand blenders almost every day, the amount of power used has a crucial impact. Hand blenders using large amounts of power will result in huge electricity bills at the doorstep.

On the other side, hand blenders that will use less amount of power will not give the desired results.

Usually, the hand blenders that uses 200 Watts to 500 Watts, delivers effective performance. For daily usage and crushing soft food items, 200 Watts is great enough.

However, if you want to crush items like ice, then look for hand blenders that use a high amount of energy. High power will crumble everything very quickly and easily.

6. Design

The design of the hand blender needs to keep in mind. It is an important aspect to look for as you will use the hand blender almost every day. Getting a blender with not a perfect design will ultimately make you feel uncomfortable.

It is so because you will be using one hand to hold the vessel and the other hand to hold the blender. Therefore, choose a hand blender with ergonomic design to have the best experience.

The ergonomic design will help you to hold, handle, and clean the hand blender smoothly and easily. The size of the hand blender should be appropriate. It should be neither too big nor too small. Select the size that can be used in any vessel. The location of the power buttons also has a crucial role.

If the power buttons are located in the perfect place, it will be convenient for use. You should also keep in mind the grip factor. While holding the hand blender you need to have a strong grip so that it doesn’t fall off. It will also foster an easy movement of the hand blender.


7. Attachments

A standard hand blender has a stick and blades that can be used only for blending and mixing. But some of the high-end hand blender models come with some extra additional advantages. Some of the products will have extra blades and wands.

The blades can be used for varied purposes. You will be able to use the hand blender as a whisker, a chopper, and many more.

The multipurpose blenders increase the potential use of the blender in daily kitchen life. As the number of accouterments rises, the price of the hand blender will also be more. The cheapest models only have blades that can be used for blending purposes.

8. Easy Cleaning

As the food we consume must be healthy, the blenders should be cleaned and well maintained. It will assure that the food is fresh and without bacteria. Thus, you should choose a hand blender that is easy to clean.

The cleaning of some models needs more attention, while some of the models can be easily rinsed and dried. Some of the blenders also have detachable wands. You just have to separate the motor handle and then clean it.

It is also recommended to pick up a blender that is dishwasher safe. One thing that you need to keep in mind that, clean the blender straight after using it. Leaving the blender aside will make the food particles stuck inside. Also, the food will get dry and it will be difficult to clean.

9. Maximum Runtime

The temperature of the hand blender usually tends to heat up after using it for a few minutes. These kinds of blenders need to keep aside for a while before using it once again. Thus, you need to have a hand blender that has a specific runtime.

The runtime denotes the duration till when you can use the hand blender at a go. Always look for maximum runtime. This will be good in the long run. And also at times when you have to blend large quantities at a single time.

10. Speed Control

The speed of the hand blender is an important aspect to look for. It is so because each food item requires a different speed to cut through. For example, hard vegetables like potatoes or carrots need a higher speed than soft vegetables like tomatoes.

The benefit of having variable speed control is that you can apply only that much of power that is required. This saves energy. Most of the hand blenders have to speed settings i.e. high and low.

It is enough for daily use and preparation for normal dishes. But, some of the models have 5 to 6-speed settings. Remember, the cost of hand blenders with fewer speed settings is cheap than the ones with various speed settings.

11. Blades

The blades are an important part of the hand blenders. They are responsible for cutting, crushing, blending, and mixing of the food items. The blades should be of high-quality. They should be sharp and designed in such a way that they will cut even the hardest vegetable very easily.

Some hand blenders have blades made up of plastic. These are not favourable because they are not efficient and are exposed to breakage. While blades of stainless steel have great performance and high durability.

The position of the blades should also be checked. If the blades are positioned in a higher position then, it will not be able to blend small quantities. Therefore choose a hand blender where blades are positioned in the right place.

12. Cage

The cage is the place of the blender that holds the blades. It carries special importance because the cage decides how finely the food will be blended. The house of the blades should have enough cutouts and gaps. Space will allow the food to circulate in a better motion. 

Cages with not enough cutouts will trap the food and cut it and blend it to such a fine paste that you may not even want for some dishes like pesto. Therefore choose sagaciously the type of cage you want for better results. The material of the cage holds equal importance.

The stainless steel cages have high durability and pretty strong. Where on the other hand, the plastic cages may be gentle on the cookware but are not good for hot food items. It also doesn’t have a long life expectancy.

13. Locking System

To operate the hand blender, there is usually a button. In some of the models, this button has to be pressed continuously to operate the blender and in some models, you just have to press the button once to start and press again to stop.

Some people like the former and some of them like the latter. Now, it’s entirely your choice to make.

14. Motor

The motor is the most important and foremost thing that you have to look out for. The motor will decide the efficiency of the hand blender. A good quality motor has enough torque to create a vortex to make the food ingredients pass through the rotating blades.

A high vortex will give the desired results and make a smooth puree. While, a low vortex will leave chunks, strings, and disappointment. The power of the motor is denoted by wattage consumption.

Higher the wattage consumption, the higher will be the power of the motor. A higher wattage is always better for efficient work. Generally, the motor of hand blenders in the market requires 100 Watts to 500 Watts.

But the motors of high-quality blenders may require more power. For a basic task like blending and mixing, 100-200 Watt motor is sufficient. It will give you smooth functioning.

But for chopping and other activities, a motor of 200-250 Watts is needed to obtain desired results. If you are planning to crush ice and hard items with the hand blender, then you will require a powerful motor of more than 500 Watts.


Tips to consider while using a Hand Blender

Cleaning of a hand blender

It is a good tip to clean the hand blender after every use. You should always wash the blender after using it because leaving it aside will make the food item stick inside and eventually it will dry up. The food items will harden up and later the cleaning process will hard.

Move Consistently

To get the desired results, you need to move the blender inside the bowl simultaneously. This will crush the food ingredients evenly.

Best for large quantities

Hand blenders come handy when you have to blend large quantities. Just put the hand blender into the bowl and blend the ingredients. It is good for families having many members.

Avoid blending hot food items

It is always recommended to avoid blending hot ingredients. Avoiding the hot ingredients will result in the long durability of the hand blender. The efficiency will remain the same and you will get the desired results for a long time.

Frequently Asked Question – Best Hand Blenders in India

Q1. Does cordless hand blenders less powerful?

Ans. Well, that’s a pre-described notion that cordless hand blenders do not produce sufficient power. But that’s not the reality.

A high-quality cordless hand blender can give you as much as satisfaction you will get from the corded ones. The high-end cordless hand blenders have batteries installed in it and can even have more runtime.

Q2. Does the material of the stick in hand blender matters?

Ans. Yes, definitely. The material of the stick does matter. The plastic tends to diminish after a certain period. As far as stainless steel is concerned, it promises to support you in the long run.

The price of the hand blenders with the plastic stick is cheaper than the stainless steel ones. The plastic ones also tend to heat up and will be difficult to use.

Q3. What is BPA? Why it is important to look for it?

Ans. BPA is the acronym of Bisphenol A. This chemical is generally used to make polycarbonate plastic. PC is generally that is often used in making home appliances.

It affects the hormone estrogen, and this is why companies have stopped using it to make their plastics. There is a lot of controversy over this, and some legislation.  You can be sure that as time goes on there will probably be controversy over the alternatives too!

Conclusion – Best Hand Blenders in India

Today, hand blenders are considered as inextricable equipment of the Indian kitchen. The hand blenders not only blend and forms puree but can also mix, grind, and even pound the food.

The advantage of hand blenders over any other blender is that you don’t have to transfer your food in another vessel for blending purposes.

The hand blenders are designed in such a way that you can blend the food straight by immersing the blender in the vessel you have cooking. This saves time and effort. But choosing the correct model among so many models in the market can be a difficult task.

You must pick the right product without wasting time, that to ensure that we have put all the knowledge together at this place. It will help you out selecting the best hand blender for you.

We have spent hours and inspected over thousands of products to get the best 11 hand blender in India. Though all are fantastic and have a brilliant feature, we would recommend you to go with Morphy Richards HBCD SS.

This blender is tall and slim, gets into every vessel, gets its job done quickly, and most importantly is keenly priced. We have also included a buying guide for your reference. You can find all the features that a hand blender should have.

We believe that the information we provided will be beneficial for you. Still, if you had some kind of questions in your mind, feel free to reach us. Also, you can present your views in the comment section below.

Happy Shopping!

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