10 Best Ceiling Fans in India (October 2021) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Are you looking to buy the best ceiling fan in India?

If yes, then you would be glad to know that you have reached the correct place.


You might feel that buying a ceiling fan is an easy job, but it requires a smart mind to understand its features and buy the best ceiling fan.

Best Ceiling Fans in India (2021)

1. Orient Electric Aero-Slim Smart Premium Ceiling Fan

Orient is one of the most popular ceiling fan brands in India. It is well known for its quality of products and services. Indeed it makes the next generation fans that blend style and performance.


Orient 1200 mm Aero Slim-Smart Premium ceiling fan has got good reviews in terms of power-saving capacity and efficiency. The underlight attached, has the option to switch (dim or faint down and brighten up) according to the surrounding scenario.

Air Delivery240 Cfm
Power Consumption45 W
RPM310 Rpm
Sweep Size1200 mm
Warranty2 years

This aero slim fan was crafted with the ability to be noiseless with the touch of new designs that helps to save energy. It can be controlled by remote which makes it easy to operate.

Few other features are regulating fan speed, fan scheduling, reversing the rotation, allowing multiple mode operation, etc. You can also pair this ceiling fan with smart technology, like Alexa and Google assistance.

It has got rust-proof blades that are aerodynamically designed which allow maximum air delivery. Having a BLDC motor attached, this ceiling fan has got its workability and durability increased.

You get 4 color options in this particular appliance, marble-white, champagne brown, white and black. You even get a warranty of 2 years that has been provided on the manufactured products with the offer of free installation.

  • Highly Power-efficient
  • Rust-free, premium quality body
  • It comes with a remote control
  • It offers reverse rotation
  • You might find it a little expensive but worth the quality & features


2. Gorilla Efficio-1200mm-3 Blade-Energy Saving-Ceiling Fan

Gorilla is famous for its products running under high speed at low consumption of electricity. This breed of a ceiling fan is among few of the best appliances in India. It is the most energy-efficient fan, available in India.

This is a 5 star rated ceiling fan that is one of the most suggested in the market. It has got a brush-less DC motor that makes it consume less energy, eliminate heat loss and increase efficiency.

Air Delivery230 Cfm
Power Consumption78 W
RPM350 Rpm
Sweep Size1200 mm
Warranty3 years

You get an option to control the ceiling fan by a smart remote control that allows the operation of ceiling fan under various modes. It claims to have a longer battery life, which boosts up its life span.

These fans are designed in such a manner that they can provide airflow in the corners of the room and they go well with any type of room. Improved reliability and silent working are a few of the additional assured features.

There are a variety of designs and sizes available in this particular product. The brand is offering 2 years of warranty on this appliance with an additional 12 months of on-site warranty. Exclusive deals and discounts are also ensured on the purchase of this product.

  • The air delivery is amazing
  • It comes with remote-control
  • It has 3 unique modes, i.e timer, sleep & boost
  • Not an ideal appliance for big rooms


3. Gorilla Renesa-1200mm-Energy Saving-Ceiling Fan

One of the brand names that might hit your mind while buying the best ceiling fan India is Gorilla. Gorilla Renesa’s energy-saving and efficient ceiling fan brought a revolution in the ceiling fan industry. They turned out to be the best when compared to their competitors in the market.


This ceiling fan has got a super-efficient BLDC motor that would not only cut your electricity bill but also the buying budget. Low power consumption and long life is its highlight. This pearl white ceiling fan has got 5 stars as its average rating.

Air Delivery220 Cfm
Power Consumption28 W
RPM300 Rpm
Sweep Size1200 mm
Warranty3 years

It also works on using the smart remote which makes it convenient for the user to operate the fan on multiple modes. It is designed in such a way that it regulates the airflow and provides maximum and uniform air delivery across the room.

They are light in weight and have got unique designs that make it looks classy and adds elegance to the room. There is a lamp attached which will consume less than 1 watt of power.

This particular variant is available in various sizes, according to the usage area. An extra feature is a night lamp, that consumes less than 1 watt, is attached as under light.

Gorilla is offering a warranty of 3 years on this ceiling fan along with cash-back offers. Also, you even get an option of no-cost EMI. To make this deal better, you will also get Free delivery and some amazing bank offers from the house of Amazon.

  • It does not produce any noise
  • Efficient BLDC motor
  • It has multiple modes like timer & sleep
  • One of the most elegant ceiling fans
  • Little Overpriced, but worth every penny


4. Havells Nicola-1200mm-Ceiling Fan

As soon as you think to buy the best ceiling fan in India, the first name that may hit your mind might be Havells. This popular brand has done a marvelous piece of work in this field of electrical appliances.


This is a fan of modern times as it has been beautifully trimmed down along the blades to give a stylish structure. It spreads the air around in a regulated manner, thus giving high air delivery. This ceiling fan has got a Low power consumption makes it eco-friendly. 

Air Delivery225 Cfm
Power Consumption68 W
RPM350 Rpm
Sweep Size1200 mm
Warranty2 years

This ceiling fan is an ideal choice for office and home space. It will not only add elegance to the room but also deliver you amazing fresh air. Moreover, it’s highly power-efficient as it has a motor of 72 watts.

Low voltage will not be a problem anymore as this fan can give optimum performance at any voltage. You get a color option among gold mist copper, pearl ivory, bronze-copper, off white, gold.

Havells Nicola comes with two canopies, which will not only help you to cover the mount fitting of the ceiling fan but also give a pinch of style statement to this product.

The company has always kept an eye on decor and elegance, so you get a pack of 2 fans in one box. It will let you match one room’s decors with other rooms of the property.

The metallic paint finish over the solid aluminum body helps in smooth and noiseless operation. It is a high standard product that is easy to install and has procured a 4.3-star rating.

No cost EMI and 2-year warranty is guaranteed. Discounts along with free delivery are provided. Other bank offers, freebies, and cashback offers are valid under the applied terms and conditions.

  • Stylish designs on trims
  • Option to buy a pack of 2 fans
  • A lot of color options
  • Consumes more power than other fans of this segment


5. Havells Leganza 4 Blade-1200mm-Ceiling Fan

Havells does not need an introduction to the electrical appliance industry. It is one of the biggest brand names in the list of well-known ceiling fan manufacturers in India.


Havells Leganza has secured and maintained its name among the best selling products in the offline & online markets. The product has got fantastic reviews from users based on quality, appearance & after-sale service.

Air Delivery230 Cfm
Power Consumption72 W
RPM350 Rpm
Sweep Size1200 mm
Warranty2 years

You might have noticed that most of the ceiling fans have 3 blades but Havells Leganza comes with 4 blades. The appliance looks unique, alluring & ensures fine air circulation. It comes with an HPLV motor that grants the ceiling fan, a high potential of air delivery.

This product has sturdy blade holders and down rods. The fan blades have an aerodynamic design which eliminates the buffeting & unnecessary noise which is very common in most of the ceiling fans.

Leganza can rotate up to 350 times in a minute, which makes it one of the best ceiling fans in India. It also features unique trims on the body and blades that looks aesthetic & stylish.

Appealing & durable canopies are also attached, to protect the internal mechanism. The metallic paint finish and the creative designs, add elegance to the fan, making it appear prettier.

You get diverse color options like bronze-gold, gold, off-white, white and silver, bronze-gold looks the most appealing. A warranty of 2 years is guaranteed along with the free shipping of the product. On Amazon, this Havells appliance is available on over 20% discount.

  • High Rotational Speed
  • Premium design
  • Perfect for big rooms
  • 2 years of company assistance
  • It is not much power efficient


6. Orient Electric Apex FX-1200mm-Ceiling Fan

Orient has secured high and reputed status in the industry of ceiling fans. It has launched many useful and quality products in the Indian market in the last few years. Orient is popular for its affordable products & high customer satisfaction rate.


Some of the best products manufactured by orient include Ceiling Fans, Water Heaters, air purifiers, coffee makers, etc. Orient Electric Apex FX has got a powerful motor that allows smooth functioning and makes the appliance more reliable.

Air Delivery200 Cfm
Power Consumption78 W
RPM370 Rpm
Sweep Size120 mm
Warranty2 years

The fan motor is made of copper and has the power of 78W, which makes the product highly power-efficient & would never dig a hole in your pocket.

It comes with wide and ribbed aluminum blades with an angle that helps in providing thrust and high air delivery even in the acute corners of the room.

For high efficiency and elimination of noise, Orient Electric Apex features double ball bearings in the fan. These bearings give this product a better life and smoothness in operation.

Don’t worry if you are fed up with excess power cut in your area because this appliance is even compatible with the inverter. This product has got simple design to add elegance to your lifestyle. Its download has got a length of 8 inches (approx.).

It is available in 2 colors, white and brown. Both the colors look premium & classy. Over 3000 families have rated this product on amazon with over 4.8 stars, which adds it to the list of best ceiling fans in India. Orient is offering a 2-year warranty on this ceiling fan.

  • Highly pocket-friendly product
  • Made of heavy-duty material
  • Power-efficient appliance
  • Best-selling product on amazon
  • Some users have mentioned heating problems


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7. Orient Electric Aero Auiet 1200mm Premium Ceiling Fan

Another great product from the house of Orient is Aeroquiet 1200mm. This ceiling fan is equipped with 3-dimensional aerodynamic profile blades that lend a hand in maximum airflow & smooth operation.Orient-Electric-Aero-Auiet-Premium-Ceiling-Fan

Its efficient working capability under noiseless condition is assured by the dual ball-bearings. It is packed with a powerful 18 pole motor (heavy-duty) that adds stability and a better life to the ceiling fan.

Air Delivery240 Cfm
Power Consumption62 W
RPM310 Rpm
Sweep Size1200 mm
Warranty2 years

The ceiling fan blades are made of high-quality rust-free glass-filled compound ABS material which not only makes the blades look sturdy but also ensures that it performs effectively.

The airflow cubic feet every minute is up to 8122, which is considered very good in comparison to other ceiling fans in India. This appliance is powerful as it’s motor that has a capacity of 62 watts.

The ceiling fan has been given a high-gloss premium finish &amp gives the product a rich look and style. You get 4 color options in this particular fan model that includes white, caramel, roasted coffee & wooden finish.

If you are looking to buy a good ceiling fan for your home or office, this might be the right choice. With this product, you get a user-manual & warranty card of 2 years company-assistance by the house of Orient.

  • High gloss PU finish, which gives it a premium look
  • Rust-free coating
  • Aerodynamic profile blades
  • High-quality motor
  • Zero-Noise operation
  • Not perfect for big areas


8. Super Fan X1-Remote Control Ceiling fan

Super Fan X1 is a recently launched ceiling fan company that is crafted with aesthetic built quality & is exclusively the next generation ceiling fans. One of the best Super Fan variants is X1 which is featured with a lot of functions & setting-options.


This ceiling fan is one of its kind. It assures the best quality and excellent performance. It has been awarded by India design Mark in 2018 for its premium design and appearance.

Air Delivery240 Cfm
Power Consumption35 W
RPM385 Rpm
Sweep Size1200 mm
Warranty5 years

It has got a Brushless DC motor, which helps in reducing 56% of the power consumption & making it India’s first Super-energy efficient ceiling fan. It consumes only 35W of power, which is very less than other ceiling fans available on amazon.

The BLDC motor does not emit any much heat and keeps the fan cool which lets the fan operate continuously for weeks.

You can easily control this fan while relaxing on your bed as the Super Fan X1 comes with a remote, which has various modes like speed, power, sleep mode & breeze function.

The remote control feature adds this appliance to the top choices of customers. Super Fan X1 has got high air delivery ability and is available in 10 various colors. This high speed featuring fan consists of a high-quality aluminum body.

The product is manufactured in such a way, that it not only works efficiently but also avoids speed fluctuations and overheating. This award-winning ceiling fan has got enhanced technology like semiconductors.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has given this ceiling fan a rating of 5 stars, which makes it highly power efficient. This super Fan X1 comes with 5 years of warranty. Not only this, but you also get a surplus of discounts and cash-back offers.

  • One of the most Power-efficient product
  • It comes with a remote control
  • 10 color options
  • Great Air delivery
  • Over 99% of satisfied customers
  • 5 years of warranty
  • A new entrant in the market


9. Jupiter Quadcopter 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Jupiter is an amazing brand that manufactures some of the best ceiling fans in India. You might not find this brand in the local Indian markets but is one of the best selling appliances in the E-commerce industry.

Jupiter-Quadcopter-1200 mm-CeilingFan

Quiet unusual performance has been driven by the Jupiter Quadcopter Ceiling Fan. This brand has earned a large customer base in the ceiling fans industry because of its low power consuming ceiling fans.

Air Delivery250 Cfm
Power Consumption30 W
RPM350 Rpm
Sweep Size1200 mm
Warranty3 years

BLDC motor is installed in this ceiling fan which provides efficient workability and high air delivery. Overheating & unnecessary noise are being discarded by this motor that functions effectively with the help of a permanent magnet.

Good performance is exhibited, even when there is a power cut from the power distribution authority & the electricity is supplied from the inverter. As it comes with energy-efficient inverter drive technology which gives increased inverter backup.

There are 4 blades in this ceiling fan and it consists of an aerodynamic design that gives can flow the air in all the corners of the room. It can rotate in both directions thus spreading cool air during summer and warm air during the cold weather.

The Jupiter quadcopter can be controlled from a smart remote control that enables the ceiling fan to be operated under different modes. This low energy consuming ceiling fan has got dynamically balanced blades.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has Rated this ceiling fan 5 stars for its power efficiency. It comes is a snow-white color which would look classic in your house as well as office. This aesthetic design fan comes with 3 years of warranty which makes this deal stand out in the market.

  • It features reversible rotation
  • High-quality copper winding
  • Slim & aero-dynamic design
  • It also comes with remote control
  • It produces little humming noise


10. Crompton Uranus 48 inch Ceiling Fan

Crompton is one of the top brands in the electrical appliance industry. The company is popularly known for its affordable and superior-quality products in the Indian market. It also makes some of the best geysers in India. Another product line by Crompton is ceiling fans.

Crompton-Ceiling-FanCrompton Uranus is one of the best ceiling fans in India which is not only available at an affordable price but is also is a decorative appliance. You might have noticed that a regular ceiling fan has only 3 blades but when it comes to Crompton Uranus, it has 4 blades.

Air Delivery200 Cfm
Power Consumption72 W
RPM320 Rpm
Sweep Size1200 mm
Warranty2 years

These blades ensure that the airflow is perfect and the cool air reaches in even the small corners of the room. This ceiling fan takes up to 320 revolutions every minute & the product consumes only 72W that makes it a highly power-efficient product.

Not only this, but the minimum air delivery by this ceiling fan is at least 200 cubic meters per minute. This ceiling fan comes with 3 decorative lampshades attached to its base.

There are 2 cords attached to the lampshade which can be pulled for changing the light & speed mode of the fan. It has an excellent gold finish design at the beautiful and perfect carvings. The blades have exquisite motifs and shiny golden finish.

This ivory colored, stylish ceiling fan suits well with modular rooms and assures value for money. You get a 2-year warranty from the house of Crompton upon buying this product. This appliance is available on a discount of over 20% on amazon India.

  • Rich look & design
  • Cords for changing fan speed & light
  • High RPM
  • It is a heavy-weight appliance, thus produces little noise


Buyer’s Guide – Best Ceiling Fans in India

A ceiling fan is an electrical appliance that you will find in every property. It is the most convenient and cheap way to get air circulation in any particular area.

India has got very hot climatic conditions due to which, this appliance has always got a blooming statistics in this nation. It is very common to have at least 2-3 fans in every house, that would run all day long, all over the year.


Due to which, the sales graph of ceiling fans is always increasing & over 10 million ceiling fans are sold every year across the nation.

Though, we have got you an amazing buying guide, which will guide you about the factors that you should consider at the time of buying the best ceiling fan in India. It is the invention that bought a revolution in Electrical Appliance Industry and made living cool at many homes.

You might not find buying a ceiling fan a tough task but it does require a smart mind to know which ceiling fan would be best for your house, office, or any other property.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Ceiling Fan

1. Budget

Being an Indian, budget is one of the most necessary and looked upon the factor that can not be eliminated at all. There is a wide range of ceiling fans available in India that starts from Rs.1500 & goes up to Rs.5000.

Pre-planning the budget would help you to get the best ceiling fan in India at the best price. A remote-controlled or a BLDC fan wouldn’t settle at a low budget but if you are looking to buy the duo-ball bearing fan, you may probably get few options to consider under Rs. 2000.

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2. Room Size

When it comes to ceiling fans, there is a lot of variety available based on the size of the ceiling fan. The size ranges from 900mm (36inch) to 1400mm(56inch) but the most opted size is 1200mm(48inch).

Room size is a significant factor that would help to get the perfect fan for the room. You can even install multiple ceiling fans if the room is big. 

A chosen fan size is based on the room size as follows:

  • 900mm fan size sets for a room with less than 75 sq. feet area. 
  • 1050mm fan size goes well in a room with 100 sq. feet area.
  • 1200mm fan size suits in a room area 100 to 130 sq. feet.
  • 1400mm fan size sets a room with 130 to 150 sq. feet area.
  • Fan size with more than 1400mm can be taken for room with over 150 sq. feet area.

3. Motor

A body can only function well when the brain is healthy & functioning properly. Similarly, a fan runs perfectly only when it has a motor that works properly constantly. Characteristics of a good motor are observed through the following:

  • High Energy efficiency
  • Allow maximum airflow
  • Made of high-quality material(Copper-coiled)
  • Ability to rotate in both directions.
  • No heat loss
  • Easy to maintain
  • Long life

4. Air Flow

A fan must be able to provide airflow to every nook and acute corner of the given area. The air delivery capacity must be high and it must be spread across the room at a uniform rate. This feature purely depends on the speed and the angle of the blades of the fan.


5. Blade Pitch/ Tilt

Tilted blades are more efficient in air-delivery than flat blades. Thus, one should buy fans with blades that have a tilt angle of around 12 to 15 degrees. If this angle exceeds 15 degrees, then the motor efficiency would reduce and you may end up paying high electricity bills.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rates the ceiling fan based on its power consumption and efficiency. Ceiling fans with 1200mm size are rated efficient if they have power consumption less than 45 watts. Any ceiling fan that consumes over 80 watts is rated as inefficient.

6. Types of Ceiling Fans

There are no specific classifications of fans but they are differentiated according to the climatic conditions.

  • Summer Ceiling Fan – There isn’t a big difference in the structure and function but there is a noticeable change in the direction of rotation. The fan rotates in a counter-clockwise direction thus pushing warm air upwards and cool air downwards. It is the most common type of ceiling fan that is widely preferred by people in India. 
  • Winter Ceiling Fan – This ceiling fan rotates in clockwise direction thus pushing warm air downwards and cool air upwards. This is one of the latest technologies, so you may not easily find it in the local markets. Though, the product is available on amazon.

7. Drop Rod

A drop rod is one of the most necessary, yet ignored, parts of a ceiling fan. A minimum distance of 2 to 3 feet from the ceiling, 1 foot from the sidewalls and 7 feet from the floor must be maintained. It ensures proper rotation.

It is necessary to ensure that the fan and the roof-ceiling maintain a gap of at least 24 inches, for which a drop rod is required.

The length of the rod is dependent on the height of the ceiling. A 13 feet high ceiling requires a 48-inch long drop rod while a 12 feet high ceiling requires a 36-inch long drop rod. In most of the Indian houses, a 36-inch long rod is required.

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8. Location of installation

The purpose of a ceiling fan can be more effective if it is installed at the proper location in a room. Its location is based on the height of the ceiling and shape of the room, which has been discussed above.


It is mandatory to make sure that there is enough space between the fan blades and the surrounding walls and ceiling. In India, most of the houses have a flat roof, which reduces the complexity of installation work when compared to a sloping roof.

A sloping roof needs the fan below beneath the roof while a flat roof just needs the fan to be installed at least 6 feet above the floor level. One must note that a ceiling fan must not be installed necessarily at the center of the room. It can vary according to the room dimensions.

9. Maintenance

Ceiling fans are those electrical appliances that require less maintenance but a bit of consideration would add a few years to the ceiling fan’s life span. Fan motor lubrication would work out quite well but it is not required as nowadays most of the motors have sealed bearings.

A ceiling fan begins to make a noise when its vibration increases. But, Changing the fan’s ball bearings would decrease the noise & makes the operation more smooth.

A lot of companies are trying to eliminate the user’s hustle, as the good companies are producing the ceiling fans with Brushless DC motor in the current scenario.

Few do’s in the maintenance also includes replacing fan regulators(it may get damage frequently) and cleaning the fan blades to avoid it get heavy through dust settling and few don’ts that wins the list includes interchanging of fan blades.

10. Fresh Features

The latest feature in the ceiling fan is the ability to control it using the remote. This feature is making the customers go crazy to get this trend at their home as it helps to adjust the fan speed without even getting up from your bed.

Ceiling fans with low power consumption ability, decorative lights are also available. These lights can be operated and controlled through various means and they can switch according to the situation.


Ceiling fans are the most ignored appliance because its presence is not considered until and unless a need occurs. Their absence makes one realize its importance and value.

 In India a day doesn’t go by without switching the fan on. This is not just because of its climate but also because people got used to it. With the changing climate resulting in increasing temperatures, the ceiling fan has become a must-buy appliance.


Today, there is a ceiling fan at every property, not just across the nation but also across the world, regardless of the quantity of its usage.

The markets began to understand the silence behind the importance of ceiling fans. And in the thirst to increase and fulfill customer’s demand, the companies began to bring in improvised versions and additional features ceiling fans in this electrical appliance industry.

As mentioned earlier, the sale of this product is touching the sky today and there is no stopping in its growth, even in the future. Indeed, this fascinating invention that bought a revolution in the industry has traveled a long way.

In our opinion, Gorilla Efficio-1200mm is the best ceiling fan in India. If you have any queries related to the best ceiling fans in India, let us know in the comment box below.  

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