10 Best Pedestal Fans in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Are you irritated with this summer & looking for a cheap solution?

The best thing that you can do to enjoy this summer is to get a Pedestal Fan.


Here, we have discussed some of the best pedestal fans in India that are readily available in the market.

Without any further delay, you must check them out.

These are the Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans

Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans

1. American Micronic AMI-PFT-55WDx Pedestal Fans

American Micronic has always been a giant in the Indian market since its beginning. It produces a wide range of appliances like vacuum cleaners, water heaters & many more. They are one of the best pedestal fans sellers catering to world-class customers.

American-Micronic-Pedestal-FansAmerican Micronic AMI-PFT-55WDx comes with the three-speed controller settings to provide you with the cool breeze. The speed controller feature helps you to reduce the burden of increased electricity bills by reducing the wattage consumption.

Primary Features

  • 3 Speed Controller
  • Auto-Cut Technology
  • Adjustable Height Function
  • Copper Winded Robust Motor
  • Blade Sweep: 400 mm
  • Warranty: 3 Years

The most unique feature of this model is auto-cut off. This fan is capable of retaining the speed for two hours. After which power will be cut off automatically by the fan. The auto cut off technology reduces the chance of overheating and thus protecting the fan in all means.

It comes with an adjustable height function. This fan is suitable for your children as well as adults. With its adjustable height feature, air can be circulated at any height to every corner of your room. This makes it perfect for large rooms as well for outdoor purposes.

This AMI pedestal fan comes with a copper winded robust motor. Copper winding helps to prevent any chance of easy corrosion & gives more life to this pedestal fan. The manufacturers are always concerned about your requirement.

So they have come with the option in which you will be able to replace the motor up to 3 times against any problem. It has back-to-back 3 years motor replacement warranty. It helps consumers with a hassle-free experience and easy maintenance.

It comes with a unique oil reservoir that helps to lubricate the fan giving it a long life. This ensures the reliability and confidence of customers on the product.

This variant has 3 aerodynamic polypropylene blades (PP blades) that ensure uniform oscillation around the room. The powerful delivery of air is capable of sweeping up to 400 mm in just one sweep.

Moreover, the model is exquisitely designed for your decorative purposes. The stand of the fan is quite strong and makes sure that powerful air delivery provides you with a cool breeze of air.

  • 3 year back to back motor replacement
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable height
  • Auto cut off technology
  • Copper winded motor and low wattage consumption
  • Little heavy ( 7.3 kg), but it is due to its tough body


2. Havells Augusta Pedestal Fans

Havells is the leading fast-moving electrical goods company. They produce not only fans but also other home and kitchen appliances like mixer grinder, sandwich maker, microwave oven, etc. Havells Augusta Pedestal fan comes with a sturdy base.

best-havells-augusta-pedestal-fanThe base has attached wheels that help you to drag the fan easily to different locations as per your need. Thus, it is easy to use the portable property. This pedestal fan works on the latest technology. It is also decorated with a beautiful combination of red and black.

Primary Features

  • Blade Sweep: 400 mm
  • 25 mm Copper Winded Motor
  • Sturdy Base
  • Easy Maintenance Expense
  • Mounting Accessories Kit
  • 2 Years of Warranty

Its beauty caters to your aesthetic demands and so can be easily kept in living, dining, bedroom, or the office. It can efficiently sweep upto 400 mm in one stroke. It delivers a powerful blow of air through its aerodynamic PP blades.

The blades are specially designed for uniform oscillation throughout the room allowing cross ventilation. The PP blades are made to prevent any chance of easy erosion. It comes with a 25 mm copper winded motor.

It is a lightweight motor that functions on less power consumption. This reduces the chance of overheating. The copper winding protects the motor from corrosion.

The product comes with a package of the motor, mounting accessories kit, blade, guard set, guard ring, guarantee card, and pole assembly and base assembly.

The hard body of the fan can go through rough use and as the model has easy maintenance expenses, this model has earned trust and confidence from customers all over the world. The manufacturers ensure 2 years of warranty and free servicing during the warranty period.

  • Sweep upto 400mm
  • It comes with a user-friendly guide and warranty card.
  • It has a Copper-winded motor, functioning at low wattage
  • Attractive look in red and black combination
  • Light in weight and easy portability
  • The warranty period could have been a little longer.


3. Bajaj Pedestal Fans with Remote

Bajaj company is among the old market players in the appliance industry. Bajaj is known for its cooling appliances like ceiling fans, coolers, table fans. When it comes to pedestal fans, this brand claims to produce the best pedestal fans in India.

Bajaj-Pedestal-FansThis model, as the name suggests comes with a remote that helps you to operate the fan from any corner of the room. The remote control feature makes it easier to control the speed of air delivery without physically touching the fan.

Primary Features

  • Remote Control Feature
  • Powerful RPM 1300
  • Noise Cancellation Feature
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Thermal Protection Feature
  • Remote Control Facility
  • 2 Years of Warranty

This pedestal fan has a high-speed copper winded motor that works only at 55 watts of power consumption. This copper winded motor works with a powerful speed which is measured in RPM of 1300. The body of this pedestal fan is ergonomically designed.

The soft tilting property ensures the air delivery capacity can be adjusted as per your need. The most striking feature of this pedestal fan is silent operation. The noise cancellation feature makes it popular among the users.

The fan has another important feature of the acrylic blade. This blade works for longer than usual blades. Its exclusive design is specially made to work efficiently for any kind of Indian weather conditions.

If you face frequent power cuts in your area, no other pedestal fan would be as perfect as this one. This model can work on an inverter, which means the air delivery would not be affected by power cuts.

It has a separate oil reservoir that can help you with cleaning and easy maintenance of the fan. The oil reservoir can auto lubricate the fan, which improves the durability of the fan.

The remote control facility includes the timer function which includes power-on, off, and speed controlling functions. With this, you can take all your power and beauty naps without having any burden of shutting it down. The thermal protection feature prevents the fan from overheating.

  • Noise cancellation Function
  • It can be remote controlled and has timer settings
  • Acrylic blades for uniform oscillation
  • High motor speed, low wattage consumption
  • Has a heavier body
  • Aerodynamic pp blades are better than acrylic blades


4. ANSIO Pedestal Fans

Ansio company always is top-ranked by the customers around the world. Since the beginning, they have earned trust and confidence by producing appliances that consume less power but never fails to give the best experience.

ANSIO-FansThis fan comes with a minimum RPM of 1750 to maximum RPM of 2300 which allows the powerful motor to provide you with 30% more qualitative air delivery than normal pedestal fans. This pedestal fan has ranked top for this feature among its consumers.

Primary Features

  • Powerful RPM 2300
  • Timer Settings
  • Adjustable Height Feature
  • 1.8 Power Cable
  • 100% Copper Motor
  • Blade Sweep: 400 mm
  • Powerful Delivery of Aur upto 16 inches Sweep
  • 2 Years of Warranty

ANSIO pedestal fans have a unique feature of timer settings. This feature allows you to set the speed of the fan for upto 2 hours. Once the set time is over, the fan gets turns-off automatically. This helps to reduce any chance of overheating and saves the motor from burning as an inevitable result.

It can effectively provide mist air blows even in humid days. The adjustable height feature helps you to get air from any direction as it provides air for a larger dimension.

The fan has a head tilting feature that would let you enjoy the proper flow of air. This pedestal fan variant has 1.8 power cable, which helps you to drag the fan up to a certain place. So you can easily carry your fan from indoors to outdoor.

If you have a lush green lawn or a big dining room, this fan variant is perfect. The product has a 100% copper motor. This powerful motor is capable of using less power to perform efficiently.

The copper motor always has been an important part of a pedestal fan. This prevents unnecessary erosions, as sometimes, the metal may react to the natural oxidation process forming rust.

This can damage the motor and hampers its functioning quality. This product, being 100% guaranteed by manufacturers, earns most of the trust from customers who have ranked it top.

The model is quite affordable and the best feature is sweep. This model can sweep upto 400 mm. The Powerful delivery of air upto 16-inch sweep can definitely provide you with the best experience.

The motor only uses 120 watts to provide you with the greatest speed. The air delivery is more than that of 30 % of air produced by other fans of the same category. The manufacturers provide you with 2 years of warranty and free servicing during the warranty period.

  • RPM of 2300
  • 1.8 meter of cable for easy dragging to your convenient place.
  • 30% more air delivery than other products.
  • 100% copper motor
  • More speed of motor consumes more watts, which is beneficial in case of the best experience.


5. Havells Sprint LED Pedestal Fan

Havells company is among the top companies that have captured a great audience in the Indian market. The sprint led pedestal fan also comes from the house of Havells. If you’re in search of a model that can be easily operated, this pedestal fan is the best option for you.

havells-best-sprint-pedestal-fan-indiaIt has LED lights that indicate the speed of the fan and make it visible even in the darkness of night. The combination of blue and white body of the pedestal fan gives it a beautiful look that would surely attract the eye of visitors at your place.

Primary Features

  • Powerful Copper Motor
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Blade Sweep: 400 mm
  • Consume upto 55 watts of power
  • Noiseless Jerk Free Performance

This Havells fan comes with a powerful Copper motor that sweeps air smoothly. It can uniformly distribute air at any corner of your house, ensuring the best oscillation throughout the room. The aerodynamic PP blades allow better performance by equally distributing the air. 

The PP blades are better than heavy metal blades. The blades are specially designed to disperse air into every direction and never form warps from the air pressure. The body of the fan has very lightweight.

You can easily drag it to any place in no time. The strong base of the pedestal fan is ergonomically designed that holds up the fan sturdily. It has thermal overload protection that protects the Fan from burning up the coil inside the motor.

It has a heavy stable base which makes the fan sturdy & ensures that the fan stands erect. Thus, it is meant for your office room, kitchen, dining, bedroom, and even for a garden or outdoor purposes.

To ensure equal air delivery to every corner of your room, the fan comes with 60° oscillation. This helps you to get air from any angle. The 60° tilt is specially designed for the Indian weather conditions as it reduces the humidity.

The fan further comes with the unique latest technology of noiseless jerk free performance. The aerodynamic blades help the fan to deliver powerful air streams without causing the noise.

With 60° tilt, the fan goes move back and fro without any jerk. This feature is craved by customers all over the world. This Havells pedestal fan takes consume upto 55 watts of power to perform effectively.

The fan can sweep upto 400 mm on one stroke that ensures equal distribution of air to every corner of the room. It comes with an ergonomically designed switch box which is easy to handle even during the night time with the help of LED engraved in it.

  • LED light for easy controlling during night or darkness
  • Light in weight
  • Noiseless jerk-free performance
  • Less wattage consumption
  • Uniform oscillation throughout the room
  • The motor is not copper winded


6. Usha Maxx Air Pedestal

Usha has been a household name that has been offering a quality product for decades. Local markets are always flooded with this brand. Usha Maxx air pedestal fan has maintained a position in the list of the best pedestals fans in India for a long time now.

Usha-Pedestal-fanUsha Maxx air pedestal fan comes in either white or blue color with ABS corrosion prove body. The stylish look gives it a natural gravity that makes it attractive to anyone. Thus, it can perfectly decor your office room, balcony, garden, as well as drawing and bedrooms.

Primary Features

  • ABS Corrosion Prove Body
  • Blade Sweep 400 mm
  • RPM upto 1280
  • Consume upto 55 watts
  • Powerful 100% Copper Motor
  • Aerodynamic PP Blades

It can sweep upto 400 mm in one stroke. The aerodynamic blades can effectively provide you with the best uniform oscillation and air distribution. It has an easy tilting feature with which the fan moves to and fro without any jerk and noise.

The aerodynamic pp blades help in better rotation of air along with the room. The PP blades never react with the atmospheric oxygen. Thus, you can be assured of the fact that it will never form any rust.

The blades are specially designed to disperse air into every direction of the room. The ergonomically designed fan comes with a soft head tilting the latest technology.

The power delivery of air is powered mainly by its copper winded motor which can speed upto 1280 RPM. It comes with a unique oil reservoir that ensures longer performance by lubricating the fan during its need. Thus, helps you with easy maintenance at a low cost.

It has a fuse to auto-protect the fan from thermal overloading. Also, this pedestal fan can be controlled by a remote. It consumes upto 55 watts to provide maximum cooling experience. This Usha fan features noiseless jerk free performance ensuring uniform oscillation.

  • Available on cheap price
  • Noiseless jerk-free performance
  • Powerful 100% copper motor
  • Aerodynamic pp blades
  • It can be controlled by a remote
  • RPM speed could have been a little more.


7. Starvin Laurels Mini Pedestal Fans

Starvin laurels is an establishing company that sells premium quality & affordable pedestal fans. Starvin Laurels pedestal fans are among the top-selling products on a lot of online shopping platforms. This model comes with the unique feature of the oil reservoir.

Starvin-Laurels-Pedestal-FansThis reservoir helps the fan in auto-lubrication during functioning. Easy lubrication makes it easier for you to maintain the fan. This ensures long life and reliability. Starvin Laurels mini pedestal fan has a three-speed controlling option from high to low. 

Primary Features

  • 3 Speed Controlling Option
  • 100% Copper Winded
  • 12 inches of Blades
  • High-Speed Low Voltage Technology
  • HSLV Technology
  • 1 Year of Warranty

It provides you with a powerful mist of air to every corner. It delivers a jerk-free experience that has earned it the customer’s trust. The fan rotates with a high speed rotating motor with a high RPM.

The motor is 100% copper winded and is made mainly for reducing the humidity of Indian weather conditions. The fan comes with removable or detachable grills which makes it easier for you to clean and maintain it.

Furthermore, the blades are covered with sturdy grills that reduce any chance of accidents for the toddlers. It has 12 inches of blades that ensure a better user experience.

It also has an option of adjustable height. The unique PP blades are aerodynamically designed for uniform oscillation around the room. This ensures you receive strong powerful streams of air.

The product has all the latest technology incorporated within it. The high-speed low voltage technology allows the fan to work efficiently by consuming less Power. This three-speed air control fan comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturers.

  • It uses HSLV technology
  • Jerk-free performance
  • Adjustable mini pedestal fan
  • 100% copper motor
  • Unique oil reservoir tank for easy maintenance
  • Warranty periods could have been more for a renowned company like starving laurels.


8. Usha Mist Air Duos

This product too comes from the house of Usha. Usha manufactures a variety of products ranging from small electronic goods like mixer grinders to heavy home appliances like air coolers. This model has a fuse to auto-protect the motor.

Usha-Mist-air-Duos-pedestal-fanIn India, due to voltage fluctuations, often there’s a chance of overheating the motor. The PP blades are aerodynamically designed for uniform oscillation. The PP blades are always safer than metallic blades.

Primary Features

  • Adjustable Height
  • Jerk Free Uniform Oscillation
  • Soft Hand Tilting Mechanism
  • Auto-Protect the Motor
  • 2 Years of Warranty

These blades are capable of forming less dirt that usually stuck up due to air pressure into the blades. The powerful Copper winded motor promises to deliver powerful air streams at only 55 watts of power consumption.

It can function at low noise which is almost negligible & you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. It can serve you with a jerk-free uniform oscillation. This Usha pedestal fan has a soft hand tilting mechanism.

It comes with dual options of knob and ratchet type mechanism. The head of the fan can be easily tilted without the fan getting toppled over.

It is available in a purple color that looks very elegant. You will get 2 years of warranty on this purchase. To get this amazing deal, hit the red button given below.

  • Ensure Noiseless & jerk-free performance
  • Lower wattage consumption
  • Soft hand tilting head
  • Adjustable height
  • Aerodynamically designed PP blades
  • You may have to assemble this pedestal fan by yourself.


9. Orient Electric Stand Fan

Orient electronics is a renowned player in the market for over 6 decades now. It has taken over Indian markets and produces different types of fans like table fans & pedestal fans. The Orient Electric Stand-82 has a sophisticated & attractive look that can add elegance to your property.


If you’re looking for a pedestal fan that can cater to all your requirements, no other fan would be as perfect as orient stand fans. The fan has extra protection with a powder-coated guard and polymer ring. This helps you to reduce the chances of burning the motor during the overloading of power.

Primary Features

  • Piano Switchboard Feature
  • Blade Sweep 400 mm
  • Consume only 55 watts of Power
  • Auto Thermal Protection Feature
  • High-Speed Copper Winded Motor
  • 2 Years of Warranty

It has a telescopic arrangement for full height adjustment. With this feature, you will able to experience uniform oscillation. The model further has a piano switchboard feature.

This switchboard has three-speed controller keys that are capable of functioning with a slight feather touch. This feature makes it easier for you while operating the device.

The fan comes with a unique feature of 90° oscillation and has an adjustable upward and downward tilt mechanism. This mechanism ensures equal distribution of air. Orient fan is capable of sweeping 400 mm in one sweep.

The powerful Copper motor does not consume over 55 watts of electricity. This high speed in low wattage technology will ensure that you never end up paying high electricity bills.

It comes in a dual-color tone of blue & white. The brand is offering 2 years of warranty on this pedestal fan. To grab this deal, tap the button given below.

  • 90° oscillation
  • High-speed copper winded motor
  • Attractive look
  • Auto thermal protection fuse
  • PP blades for equal distribution of air
  • It has a heavier body which is not easy to drag or use for outdoor purposes.


10. V Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Fan

V guard brand is considered one of the supreme brands which have made a great brand image in very little time. This finesta model has taken over the market because of its unique features.

V-Guard-Finesta-Remote-Pedestal-FanIt perfectly blends the stylish look and qualitative experience in its sturdy body which can be controlled with a small user-friendly remote. It can easily sweep upto 400 mm in one stroke. The larger sweeping capacity ensures the air to be circulated to all parts of the room. 

Primary Features

  • 3 Different Speed Setting Modes
  • Sweep upto 400 mm
  • User-Friendly Remote
  • RPM of 350
  • High-Speed Low Volatage(HSLV) Technology
  • 1 Year of Warranty

The product is 100% made in Indiawhich earns most of the confidence from customers. This V-guard variant has a baby motor that is very light in weight and powerful in performance. It has an RPM of 1350 which can work efficiently without consuming much of power.

The High-speed low voltage ( HSLV) Technology is incorporated in it. The fan is capable of functioning by making almost no noise. Its noise cancellation function also is complimented with the jerk-free performance.

It comes with a sturdy base that can perfectly stand on any flat surface, be it indoors or outdoors. The blades are protected by Strong ribs.

When blades are in motion, it can be dangerous for the children, for it can cut through anything causing great damage. The ribs are closely attached which helps you to clean the fan.

The fan has a remote with the timer which has a thermal protection feature incorporated in it that has maximum synchronization with the fan. Finesta has 3 different speed setting modes, natural mode, sleep mode, and normal mode.

The remote further comes with timer settings that can be set upto 7.5 hours. It comes with a one year warranty period ensured by manufacturers which means free servicing is available during the warranty period.

  • The remote-control has timer settings for 7.5 hours
  • Jerk free performance and uniform oscillation
  • RPM of 1350 and 120 guard ribs
  • 400mm of sweep in one stroke
  • It has a small motor which is light in weight but powerful in performance.
  • No oil reservoir is there for auto lubrication.


Buying guide – Best Pedestal Fans in India

Nothing can be a close substitute for a pedestal fan in this hot summer. By now, you might have shortlisted few pedestal fans from which you would have to select a specific model.

It’s an easy task to shortlist 2 or 3 variants out of 10 best pedestal fans but it becomes tough when you need to select the final product out of the shortlisted pedestal fans.


Now, we will be discussing some features that you need to keep to check out in the specific pedestal fan models that you have selected. You might have gone through our reviews on different models thoroughly.

Now, you want you to read the features given below that will help you make the final selection.

Features in the Best Pedestal Fans

Fan speed

Fan speed is the most important thing to seek before you buy a pedestal fan. Usually, it is measured in RPM ie. Rotation per minute.

This measures the capacity of the air delivery of the fan. We recommend you to buy the pedestal fan that has atleast 1200 RPM. If you live in a hot region, buy the fan that has a minimum of 1500 RPM.


Motors are the powerhouse of a fan. To protect the motor, all the above-mentioned pedestal fans use the auto-fuse feature which can reduce and protect the motor while thermal overloading during voltage fluctuations.

The motor should always be copper winded as copper protects it from unnecessary corrosion. You cannot miss this feature on a pedestal fan.


The number of blades should be considered very important. You should always look for a 3 bladed fan which is scientifically best in performance. The blades in most of the pedestal fans are made from polypropylene or pp material.

This premium quality blade material would protect the fan blades from reacting to atmospheric oxygen. Furthermore, these PP blades are light in weight and easy to clean.


Adjustable height

While looking for the best pedestal fan in India, you have to sort out your priorities. To get powerful air delivery that can be received from all heights, make sure to never overlook this feature.

Today, most of the good manufacturers have come up with the option where you can adjust the height of the pedestal fan as per your comfortability. Fans are ergonomically designed that helps you to adjust heights as per your requirement. So, always choose the fan that has a height adjustability option.

Power consumption and sweeping power

Often, it is seen that customers tend to believe a myth that the fan which has more sweeping power consumes more power to function efficiently. However, that is not the real case.

Above, we have talked about a few pedestal fans that work efficiently without any complaint of serving powerful air streams at high wattage consumption.

Most of the fans in our list of top 10 Best pedestal fans in India are incorporated with high-speed low voltage (HSLV) technology. The fans can sweep an average of 400 mm with low power consumption. So, you must look for this technology while buying a pedestal fan.

Remote control

The remote controller is the latest up-gradation for pedestal fans in the Indian market. It is always an added advantage to control the speed and modes of airflow of the fan without physically getting up from your place to change those settings. A small remote can do this work efficiently.

Today, most of the good companies are producing fans with a remote controller. Though, the pedestal fans that come with remote control are a little expensive but worth it.


Removable grills

Who even wants a fan that is never easy to maintain?

No, Not you. You don’t ever want to have this burden. There are a lot of pedestal fans with this feature. The detachable grills catch less dirt from the air and you can open them for cleaning purposes. So, here’s our best guide helping you to sort out the best fan by stating all the properties of a good pedestal fan.


You can never ignore this feature while buying the best pedestal fan. A minimum oscillation of 90° is the best feature to make the fan function properly. This oscillation ensures that the fan delivers a powerful blow of cool air & distributing that air equally around the room. It would let you relax while sitting at any corner of the room.

Fan modes

Another important function in a pedestal fan is the fan mode. There are mainly 3 types of modes in a pedestal fan, Natural mode, Sleeping mode, and Normal mode. These modes functions using different speeds while performing.


Local markets are always filled with products that are less genuine & cheap. While branded products use the best materials and ensure fewer customer complaints by earning their trust with qualitative products.

As mentioned earlier, the motor should be made of copper, and blades should be of polypropylene material which should be aerodynamically designed.

The body of the fan should be ergonomically designed and soft tiling mechanism would help you to adjust the oscillation angle as per your convenience.

The base should be sturdy enough to make the fan stand erect without toppling over while adjusting the tilt or its height. 


This is one of the best features of pedestal fans. While you’re working on something that needs concentration, it is very annoying if the fan is constantly making unfavorable noise while functioning. Thus the manufacturers are here with this latest noise cancellation feature. This makes the fan work in almost negligible noise.


In this guide, we are suggesting you to always go for the pedestal fan which has at least a 1-year warranty. Few good companies in the Indian market sells only genuine products that can be serviced anytime within the warranty period. You must always buy fans that come with a warranty card ensuring the warranty period.


It is to our great pleasure to inform you that all the companies that are mentioned above in the top 10 best pedestal fans are the best brands available in the Indian market. These companies have ranked top with the trust and confidence of customers around the world. So, please go through them if you’re planning to buy the best pedestal fan.


Last but not least is the budget. If you are looking to opt for a pedestal fan that is genuine and have powerful functions as well as, is decorative in look, you have to go through our review list. All the models on the list are quite affordable and in exchange, they provide qualitative experience.

Like all the other electronic appliances, pedestal fans also have a few advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons of pedestal fans.


✅ Pedestal fans are always best in providing powerful blows of air without consuming much power thus reducing your electricity bill.

✅ Branded products come with genuine materials that are long-lasting and reliable in exchange for the less economic cost. They are easily available in the Indian market. They are easy to maintain.

✅ The inbuilt oil reservoir helps in auto lubrication. The copper-coated motor provides you with powerful air delivery. The aerodynamic PP blades always ensure uniform oscillation and a jerk-free noiseless operation.

✅ Pedestal fans can perform both the tasks, cool air delivery indoors as well as outdoors and the aesthetic beauty of the fan can be decorative in beautifying your dining room, office room as well as the bedroom.

✅ You can control the fan by using the remote which even comes with a fuse of auto thermal overloading protection during voltage fluctuations. These fans can also work during power cuts with the help of an inverter.


🚫 Sometimes pedestal fan is heavy

🚫 If the cables are short, dragging the fan as per your convenience becomes difficult

🚫 Free servicing is not available after the warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1) Is buying a Pedestal fan with a remote, a good option?

Ans. It’s always best if you’re able to control the speed settings and modes of air delivery without actually physically reaching the pedestal fan and pressing buttons engraved in it. So, if you get an opportunity to buy a pedestal fan with remote control, you should never miss that.

Q2) Which one is best a tower fan or a pedestal fan?

Ans. A pedestal fan is always the best option. Though it tends to cool most of the space in your room, however, it serves a larger area in terms of air delivery.

Pedestal fans come in exquisite designs that are stylish and have all the latest technology incorporated in it. In terms of cost, pedestal fans are less expensive and more affordable, unlike tower fans.

Q3) Do pedestal fans cause a lot of noise?

Ans. The traditional pedestal fans used to make a lot of noise. But with the advancement of science, the latest technologies are incorporated.

The pedestal fans that we are mentioned above make almost negligible noise. More precisely, these fans come with noise cancellation features. 


Above, we have discussed almost everything that you need to know before buying the Best Pedestal Fan in India. After analyzing all the factors, we selected the top 10 best pedestal fans in India.

Never forget to check out our reviewing section where all the pros and cons are mentioned along with the latest features of each pedestal fan model.

Furthermore, we have selected Orient Pedestal Fan and Usha Maxx Air Duos as the best pedestal fans. You can surely lean on them.

Also, let us know in the comments which pedestal fan you liked the most?

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