9 Best Table Fans in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Are you looking to buy the Best Table Fans in India?

If yes, then you have reached the right destination.

buy-top-table-fan-in-indiaIf you can’t concentrate on your work or studies due to hot weather, then you need a good table fan. we suggest you read the specifications & features of best table fans in India to select your summer companion.

On this page, you will also find a detailed Buying Guide that will help you select the Best Table Fans in India for your home.

Below are some of the Best Table fans which are readily available in Indian markets at affordable prices.  

These are the Top 9 Best Table Fans in India

Top 9 Best Table Fans in India

1. Geek Air GF-2 Mini Fans

Geek air company is another popular brand that is popular on the online shopping platforms in India. When you are looking for the best table fans, never overlook this brand name.

buy-Geek-Air-GF-2-Mini-FansGeek air mini fan is a 4-inch long portable fan that is easy to hold and you can even keep it inside your handbag and even in your pocket. It comes with 5-speed settings from low to high and can powerfully blow mist air out at a length of 27 feet per second.

The model is mainly powered by a brushless DC motor. It comes with a detachable battery. It functions with a 2600 mAh high-quality lithium-ion battery which can help you with the best air experience.

The detachable battery compartment can be used as a Power Bank to charge your digital gadgets. With a single charge, the fan can work efficiently for 3 to 9 hours as per the speed setting of a fan.

The fan also comes with a charging dock as the convenience of use. You can make the fan stand in times of need. It has 6 aerodynamic blades that are best for uniform oscillation at high speed. It is easy to control with an intuitive indicator.

A small LED light is there inside the speed button to indicate the speed of a fan. The battery has a white LED light to indicate a power gauge. Its lightweight sleek handle design helps it to be carried to your work even on small trips. The company is offering a warranty for 1 year on this fan.

  • portable
  • sleek handle design helps to carry it
  • affordable
  • 6 aerodynamic pp blades.
  • LED lights to indicate power gauge and speed of the fan
  • A Small body is not suitable as permanent table fans.
  • Neither suitable for small rooms not for Office purposes.


2. Usha Maxx Air Table Fans

Usha is a market giant that has expanded as a most successful consumer durables producer. The brand manufactures some of the best ceiling fans, table fans, mixer grinders & a lot of other appliances. Usha Maxx Air table fan is always the best selling variant in the Indian market.

buy-Usha-Maxx-Air-Table-FansUsually, it is observed that old table fan models are damaged by excessive thermal overloading. So, Usha has come up with 100% copper motor in this table fan for longer life. It comes with a powder-coated guard with 120 ribs and a PPCP ring. 

It has high air delivering capacity of 67 cubic meters in a minute. Thus this model has a unique feature of corrosion protection with its PP blades which gives a better life to the table fan.

The dual pivot mechanism enables the fan in easy tilting and sweeps up to 480mm. With its efficient powerful air blast delivery, which is always at the top priority of any table fan, it has earned top ranks among the customers.

It Uses 55 watt of power for functioning efficiently. It comes with aerodynamic polypropylene blades that are best for delivering air at low noise. The Usha Maxx Air can take 1280 revolutions every minute.

It features auto protection for the overheating of the motor. It has a unique pivot arrangement and uniform oscillation and tilting, designed for best results.

The model comes with a copper motor for longer performance. Cooper bodies are tough and they do resist all kinds of erosion that can hamper the working quality of the fan. It is available in white color. The manufacturer has promised 1 year of warranty on this product.

  • novel based design for an elegant look.
  • 1year warranty
  • comes with led light
  • less current consumption
  • affordable
  • Might be a little heavyweight but as you know with great weight comes great results.


3. V guard Personal Fans

V guard is a famous brand that is craved and preferred by most of the customers in India. When it comes to buying the best table fan in India, this brand does total justice.V guard personal fans come with an option to adjust the airspeed.

It has 3-speed control settings that can be done with a knob as per your convenience. It is a compact lightweight box fan that is aerodynamically designed. The aerodynamic pp blades always help in equal distribution of air.

The tilting of the fan helps in a good flow of air to any angle. The tilting angle of the fan can be adjusted as per the requirement. The product has an RPM of 1200 and the motor is copper winded which prevents corrosion.

It can sweep up to 250mm at one blow. The lengthy air streams can reduce the heat flow transforming it into a cool breeze. This model has unique pivot arrangements for the best results.

The V guard Personal fan consumes 40 watts of power which makes it energy efficient. It makes this product popular among users. This variant of a personal fan can be easily fixed at your workplace or home.

It is a lightweight table fan which you can easily carry to any place. The product comes with a one-year warranty card. The product comes in a brown color. To buy this elegant fan now, click on the button given below.

  • lightweight
  • the motor is copper winded
  • long enough sweep
  • three-speed controlling settings
  • tilting angle is adjustable
  • Warranty of only one year, though it is a standard warranty for table fans.


4. Enamic UK laurels Table cum Wall Fan

This British company has set sensation all over the Indian market for its best electronic appliances. The Indian market has always been a regular customer of this brand. For table cum wall fans, customers always crave this brand as one of their most trusted choices.

buy-Enamic-UK -aurels-Table-cum-Wall-FanEnamic UK laurels come with a 3-speed air controller knob and have the latest high-speed low voltage Technology. It has high-speed RPM motor which is fully copper coated.

The copper winding always protects the motor from corrosion & gives great life to this multi-purpose fan.

It features special graded plastic-bodied blades that give air in 225 mm sweep at 2800 (RPM) speed. These specially designed blades are made for equal distribution of air.

Powerful sweeps can completely nullify the humidity and stuffiness and deliver you the best cooling experience. This is a hotel all-purpose fan that has a unique pivot feature along with all the latest technology.

It has a unique oil chamber for lubrication purposes that makes it easy to maintain. To give this fan more reliability, life & appeal, it comes in an elegant & decorative design that would look good anywhere in the house. This model is fully assembled in India and comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • affordable
  • copper winded high-speed RPM motor
  • plastic-bodied blades with a powerful mist of airflow
  • decorative style Fully assembled in India
  • 1-year warranty on any parts of the product.
  • can be used as a table and wall fan
  • Heavy body, which makes it much more resistant to corrosion.


5. Usha Duos Mist Air Table Fans 

The duos mist air table fan comes from the house of Usha. As it is already been mentioned, Usha is the evergreen brand that has achieved a great platform in the local Indian market since the beginning. This model has a unique feature of noise cancellation with its aerodynamic pp blades.

buy-Usha-Duos-Mist-Air-Table-FansThe 3 blades are capable of equal distribution of air and a good oscillation frequency produces a sweet breeze of air. It is specially designed with dual colors of white and purple to make it more attractive and decorative in style and look.

It comes with a soft hand tilting mechanism with dual options. It has the latest feature of knob and ratchet type mechanism for an exquisite flow of air.

It has an efficient copper winding motor that is corrosion resistant and comes with an RPM of 1280. The motor has a separate lubricating oil chamber for better and regular hassle-free functioning.

It has a fuse to protect it from short-circuits & voltage fluctuations. The model has the latest technology of auto-protection which auto-cuts the power when the motor is overheated.

The Thermo protect technology has always been in the top list of priorities among the customers. The model is capable of jerk-free and uniform oscillation around the room with its powerful blow of sweet breeze.

It can sweep 480mm which suits best for this kind of weather. Air delivery is 60m³/ min while the blades are specially made with its noise cancellation property.

Often it is seen that with added features comes added watt consumption. However, it is an exceptionally good win case of this model. It consumes only 55 watts of current to perform the best experience. The product comes with 2 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

  • aerodynamic pp blades
  • function with low noise and jerks and provide uniform oscillation
  • the product comes in a pack of two.
  • has two years of the standard warranty.
  • One extra Machine comes with it as it is sold a pack of two.


6. Bajaj Esteem Table Fans

Think of any kitchen or home appliance, the first name that may hit your mind might be Bajaj. It manufactures some of the top appliances in India that include table fans, food processors, juice mixers, induction cooktops & list can never end.


Bajaj esteem table fan is one among the top 9 best table fans which are available in the Indian market. Bajaj esteem table fan has always been in high demand by customers because of its best economical price.

It can be placed anywhere, at your home or even it suits best on your office desk or your workplace. It gives the best cooling effect with its uniform oscillation at very low noise.

Customers have always top-ranked this model for its durability and lightweight. The model has a copper motor that works only on 55 watts on current. The copper motor feature helps to prevent any corrosion.

If you’re planning to shift your belongings, don’t forget to take your Bajaj table fan as it has an added advantage of the lightweight. It sweeps 440 mm in one flow and produces maximum air breeze at a time for cooling purposes.

It is perfect for any small room and kitchen. The product comes with a one year warranty. It has a tough body and base. It comes with a durable motor of high power and blades that are aerodynamic, design for a better flow of air along with the room.

  • comes with a one-year warranty card.
  • less wattage consumption
  • lightweight
  • affordable
  • Suitable for only small rooms


7. H Hy-tec Wall and Table Fans

H Hy-tec has always been one of the fastest-growing companies in the Indian market. This model is a sleek rust-free noiseless fan. It has a mainly 3-speed controller knob attached to its body.


It is a jerk less product that produces a powerful mist of air. This fan has been designed specifically for Indian weather conditions, which makes it stand out among the other products.

The noise makes while functioning is almost negligible. It is, thus convenient and friendly to ears. You can always lean on this product for its aesthetic beauty.

With its ingenious blade desig often which we call aerodynamic design, oscillation is uniformly distributed throughout the room allowing the air ventilate properly.

It consumes less energy and produces powerful air delivery with its specially designed blades. Along with its aesthetic look, it gives the maximum cooling effect.

It has a blade sweep of 225 mm and a motor with a speed of 2400 RPM. The model has a fuse to the auto-protect motor during thermal overheating. This feature always saves yours from great damage and accidents.

The product consumes very less watt and produces maximum air breeze which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. This product has a separate lubricating oil chamber that gives long life and regular hassle-free functioning that will long last.

  • affordable
  • unique pivot arrangements feature for better oscillation
  • a powerful copper motor at low wattage consumption
  • suitable for outdoors and indoors
  • wall cum table fan
  • A little heavyweight
  • Not a portable fan


8. Isabella Powerful Rechargeable AC DC Fan

Isabella is a German company which for 35 years, has gained consumer’s trust. It produces more of wireless electronic products. Isabella powerful rechargeable AC DC fan is produced with premium quality plastic bodies.


They usually have a rechargeable battery for better performance. If you’re sweating while working on the office desk or at home, you can always lean on this product. It is not only a table fan but also can be hanged on the wall as a wall fan. 

This product has an elegant look, which is much craved by customers. This model comes with 19 surface mounted devices (SED) LED lights.

These small lights have tiny metallic contacts that are directly attached to circuit boards inside the fan. These lights are firmly attached to the central part of the fan which makes it easily visible in the dark corners of your room.

It has few flexible joints which you can fold as per the convenience. If the joints are folded, it would become an elegant wall fan and if flexible joints are opened, it can be used as a table fan.

The head of the fan is 18 mm in length, which is efficient enough to provide you with blasts of a cool breeze. The head is 360° rotatable. Thus, you can experience cool winds from any angle.

It also has a temperature controlling regulator that successfully allows air to blow in different powers and speed as per your need. To get this amazing power-friendly table fan, click the button given below.

  • Table fan as both for office desk as well as for your home
  • Easy controlling guide
  • Affordable
  • Elegant look
  • Less power consumption
  • A little expensive but worth your every penny and efficient in providing with the best results.


9. Yozo Multifunction Table Desk Fan

  • Check Price at Amazon

Yozo multifunction table desk fan comes from the house of Yozo technologies Pvt Ltd. which is an Australian company. The brand has made a large group of customers around the world in the last few decades which inevitably has expanded the company’s branches.
Yozo Multifunction table desk fan has the best-added advantage of portability and also has a rechargeable battery. The product is powered by 18650 lithium-ion battery which is guaranteed to work up to 6 hours if charged once.

The product comes with a removable base. The tough body of the fan is perfectly sized to carry it or hang it with a small rope. Its portability makes it perfect for a short trip.

It perfectly stands erect with the help of its base if you’re thinking to keep it on the table. It is easy to hold in hand as it’s approximately 9 inches in height. It is not more than 180gm in weight which makes it easier to accommodate anywhere.

This model comes with three different airspeed control features, from high to low. Its cool strokes of breezes can reduce any stuffing conditions preventing the melting it from the heat outside.

It has aerodynamic blades that can give you a perfect cooling experience. The neck of the fan can be tilted up to 30° which helps it flowing the streams if a cool breeze in all directions.

This variant also has a feature of noise cancellation. This fan only makes noise which can go up to 40 decibels and thus never disturbs you while performing any task which requires concentration or even if you’re sleeping.

You will get a small micro USB cable with which the fan can be charged by any USB enabled power devices such as laptops or pc or any other devices.

  • small USB cable included
  • easy to hold in hand and portable
  • light in weight and can be kept in a handbag or small bags
  • has noise cancellation property
  • affordable
  • removable base and easily rechargeable battery.
  • Cannot be used more than 5 hours if fully charged once.


Buying Guide – Best Table Fans in India

After going through the list of Best table fans that are readily available in the market you need to know the features in detail before you buying the product. It is to our pleasure to always provide you with the best buying guide.

  • Power of the Motor

Power consumption by the motor depends mainly on the speed of the Motor. You should always keep in mind that a table fan tends to consume more energy than that of a ceiling fan. The CFM factor is another factor to determine the power consumption of the motor. 

CFM Stands for cubic feet per minute. The amount of air delivery that is the range of sweeping power of the fan determines the power consumption. Thus you should always look for a table fan that uses less wattage in performing its best results.


  • Portability & Weight

When you’re looking to buy a table fan, always look for its weight. If you’re planning short trips, shifting to a new place, or holidays, you might think to take your table fan with you. So, we always suggest you buy the best table fan which is light in weight and easy to port along.

While large fans are always heavier in weight which makes it difficult to carry them. Another important thing is if you’re planning to buy portable fans, always look for the best battery lives.

Rechargeable batteries are always the best. Who even bothers to face the problem of battery life when you have the latest technology and upgraded versions of portable fans. You can charge it from any power device.

  • Blades of Fan

There are several blade patterns and designs that are available in the market. However, it is best to buy a 3 bladed fan that will be best in rotating and ensures delivering the best cool air. The fancy designs are not always best in performance.

Before buying table fans, what you should never overlook is the size of the plates. If the blades are medium-sized, you should always go for the fan.

However, it is to be kept in mind that all table fan bases should be pp in nature that has polypropylene property. This will give you a corrosion-free & noiseless performance.

  • Oscillation

Rotation of the blades of fans is mainly called the oscillation. Swing mode always helps in better rotation of the blades which helps to distribute the air delivery equally to all corners of your room. 

You have to make sure that some models are meant for small rooms while some others can be used for outdoor at the same time indoors purposes.

This feature comes in two modes – automated and manual. The manually built feature is generally a bit tough to maintain and use while the automated feature is easy to maintain. 

The job of a fan is to prevent the air from getting trapped in a place, this helps to reduce the humidity and temperature. Thus, uniform oscillation at a very affordable price is the key factor in buying the best fans.

  • Noise Cancellation Feature

This feature has always been in the top list of customers. Earlier, it was seen that most of the customer complaints were mainly about the noise made by the fan. 

It is very annoying and undesirable when you’re concentrating on some important tasks and constantly being distracted by the noise. The latest technology and upgraded versions of table fans come with their noise cancellation or almost negligible noise feature. 

This Buying Guide always is concerned about the convenience of users. Thus, before buying the fan, you must know about this feature.


  • Quality of Material used

Do you want to buy a product that will last for only a few days and start creating problems while functioning? Who would even think of something like that? 

The best quality comes with the best brand. Few models in the market are made of genuine products. Users should always look for the copper-coated metallic motors that are made to prevent easy corrosion.

 Aerodynamic pp blades always help in uniform oscillation. And a good table fan should always have a lubricating oil reservoir that will make the fan work longer. Fancy designed products are often seen to be less durable. So, before buying a table fan, you should know the quality of the material used in it.

  • Provisions for safety

Before using any electronic appliance, always try to avoid using it with wet hands. If not needed, you should not go near the fan when it is functioning. 

Great tragedies have often occurred when accidentally things get inside the fan ribs. Especially the blades when in motion, should strictly be avoided from the reach of children. These are a few safety measures. 

The products always come with a safety manual guide which should always be the thing to look for while purchasing the table fan.

  • Brand

Nowadays, local markets are filled with brands that are not efficient enough to work properly. So, the brands that we have already mentioned earlier are some of the best brands that have earned the trust of customers for years.

The good products are specifically made to meet up demand that is mainly for Indian climate and temperature. Few brands manufacture expensive products that are sometimes not advanced enough to meet the demands of customers. You should always look for brands that produce efficient products at much minimum cost. 

  • Easy to Use and Maintain

You should never look for a product that is meant to be serviced at service centers only. Nowadays with the latest technology, manufacturers are producing some easy to use products.

These appliances always come with user manual guide which makes it easy to use. Another important feature is the oil reservoir which helps to lubricate the fan for longer life. buy-best-table-fans-in-india

  • Attachment to the grills

Cleanliness is next to safety. Thus, you should always keep looking for a fan that has detachable grills. The function of the grills is mainly to secure younger naive members of your family from putting their hands inside the fan.

This can cause great damage. The blades, when are at full speed can cause great cuts to soft delicate things. It is always best to buy a table fan which has removable grills than permanently attached grills.

Over time and after multiple uses, it is observed that sometimes the grill catches dirt from the air. This can cause problems for asthmatic patients. So, for better maintenance, detachable grills are best.

  • Price

Last but not least, is the economic value of the product. Few brands are genuinely selling their products. The brands that we have mentioned above are 100% guaranteed brands. We always suggest you buy the best product available at less cost. 

Fancy looking fans tend to be expensive and often fails to provide you with the best function. Thus, always look for a table fan which can be used to decorate your home. At the same time, it functions best among others, at the cost of much less expensive.

So, if you are looking to buy the best table fan India, get a budget-friendly friendly fan from good brands. We hope, you’re finished reading the features of best table fans in India from the buying guide. Now, its time to get some knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a Table Fan

✅ Portable & thus light in weight.

✅ Equally distributes air to get rid of humidity and stuffiness.

✅ Consumes less power than a ceiling fan and comes with easily rechargeable batteries which can be recharged from any power devices.

✅ Easily available and affordable.

✅ It comes with noise cancellation property which is unique and mostly craved by customers for this reason.

Disadvantages of a Table Fan

🚫 Table Fans with a rechargeable battery only last for a maximum of 8 hours.

🚫 Plastic bodies are less durable and are more brittle than metallic blades.

Conclusion – Best Table Fans in India

We hope that you have gone through the list of the best table fans & the buying guide. All the fans listed above are the top choices of millions of customers. After a deep analysis, we recommend you to go with the Isabella AC DC fans if you are looking to buy a rechargeable table fan.


If you someone who prefers solid material, electricity operated table fans, Usha Maxx Air would be an apt choice for you. Both of them have almost all the latest features incorporated and provide excellent results.

Hope this article helped you to select the best table fans in India for your home that meets all your requirements and expectations. If you have any issues or queries related to this Best Table Fans in India, let us know in the comments below. 

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