Top 12 Best Inverter AC in India (July 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, July 25, 2021

In India, getting cool air in the peak summer months is something that everyone falls for. There are some weeks during the hot weather when the Fans and coolers are not much efficient.


Owning a regular AC is an expensive affair that is preferred by the audience at large but it doesn’t have the performance efficiency like that of an Inverter AC.

The only solution left out is to buy an inverter AC that not only cools efficiently but also consumes over 40% less energy in comparison to a regular air conditioner.

Alike any other appliance, buying an inverter AC also requires a lot of research.

We have written a detailed Buying Guide on this page that will walk you through all the essential factors that you must consider before buying an inverter AC.

After Analysing the specifications, features, pros & cons of over 300 Inverter Acs, we have shortlisted the Top 12 Best Inverter Air conditioners in India.

These are Top 12 Inverter AC in India

Top 12 Best Inverter AC in India

1. Sanyo Dual Split Inverter AC (15T3SCIC)

Sanyo is one of the top companies that manufactures and markets high-quality inverter ACs in India. Their performance has always been par excellence for over 70 years now.


This 1.5-ton inverter AC from Sanyo is a type of split AC type. This AC comes in white color and has procured 3 stars from BEE for its power efficiency.

It has dual inverter technology which implies that there are 2 independent rotors included in the compressor. Their speed can be adjusted based on your requirements. On putting these features together, this inverter AC can perform at more efficient and faster rates.

The corrosion-resistant, 100% pure copper coil in the condenser enables the quick transfer of heat while the glacier mode increases the fan speed by 35% under normal conditions to instantly cool the surrounding.

Air quality and cleanliness are maintained by the dust-resistant and PM 2.5 filters. This inverter AC comes with a remote control that has a small display and glowing buttons for better visibility during night times.

The trouble-shooting activities are carried out automatically & you will get the notification on the remote control display. The auto-restart feature allows the AC to resume the settings after getting switched on after a current cut.

It not only Possesses higher ISEER ratings & R32 refrigerant but it also has amazing eco-functioning ability which reduces high power consumption but also turns makes this inverter AC a nature-friendly product.

The blend of hidden display of settings and the unique designs of the AC body assures an elegant look.

It contains sleep function and timer which enable the automatic setting of temperature and auto-on/off on the set time, respectively.

You will get a total of 7 years warranty on the purchase of this Sanyo Inverter AC. You can avail a discount of over 30% if you purchase it now from amazon. This discount is also applicable on EMI.

  • Noise-free operation
  • Contains dehumidifiers
  • Optimum dimensions
  • Stabiliser-free
  • 3 stars for Energy Efficiency


2. LG Inverter Split AC (KS-Q18HNZD)

LG is a famous brand name that might hit your mind as soon as you think about any electronic appliance. They have been producing and serving high-quality Inverter Air conditioners in the Indian markets.Lg-inverter-ac

This LG AC KS-Q18HNZD is a split AC that has a capacity of 1.5 ton & comes in white color. This Inverter Air conditioner has been awarded 5 stars energy rating by BEE.

The dual cool technology is embedded within the system to support the sturdy, anti-dust, anti-corrosive gold fin condenser. The coil of this Inverter AC is made of 100% copper & has been painted with ocean black protection cover.

They all tend to maintain a rust-proof condition of the AC parts and improvise the speed of the cooling action even under extreme heat in the ambience. Efficient cooling is obtained by the variable speed of the compressor.

Optimum cooling can be achieved with the help of sleep mode. It has hi-grooved copper pipes to spread the heat out and sustain adverse climatic conditions. One can also save on the power costs by activating the active energy control mode.

This inverter AC can fix the problems in the system on its own and intimate you the problem via a connection with the smart-phone. Usage of R32 refrigerant type makes it eco-friendly and constant cooling makes it smart.

The 4-way swing enables the widespread reach of cool air uniformly. The HD filter ensures that the air is free of bacteria and many other such particles which are as small as 10 micro-metres.

On the other hand, the auto-clean feature and EZ clean filter help you in the maintenance of the AC.

12 months of warranty has been offered by the manufacturer on the product with a 5-year warranty on PCB and a 10-year warranty is applied to the compressor. To buy this amazing Inverter AC, click on the button given below.

  • Free of stabilizer support
  • Smart and efficient
  • 100% Copper mechanism
  • High cooling score
  • Available on discount of 30%
  • The internal unit size is bigger than other variants of this segment


3. Toshiba Inverter Split AC (Prodig.i3, RAS-18PKCV2G-IN)

Toshiba is a way old company that is well-known in the field of production of qualitative inverter AC. The market in India is indebted to its

A Prodig.i3 model of the split inverter AC that is presented from the house of Toshiba has been given a rating of 4.8 stars by the customers for its performance. It comes in a glossy white color that would add elegance to your room.

The i3 inverter technology is integrated into this Air Conditioner which ensures high ROI along with superior efficiency in cooling and supports longer life.

With high ratings by ISEER and 5 stars rating by BEE, its efficiency at lower power-levels is undoubtedly marvelous. It is achieved by the strong compressor which has the option of speed variation.

Faster cooling is acquired by the copper coils of this 1.5 ton-capacity AC’s condenser, which doesn’t demand much maintenance. The anti-bacterial coating supports the IAQ filter to avoid the penetration of harmful microorganisms in your environment.

The dust-filter keeps itself clean by maintaining a dry state, thus avoiding odour, mould-formation, and pollution of air.

It has an auto-clean mode that adds to the maintenance by running on fan mode for 20 minutes, hence avoiding the collection of dirt.

This inverter AC uses R32 refrigerant which makes it nature-friendly. You also get a remote control with this inverter AC. The remote also has a display and a lid, to protect the buttons.

There is a list of salient operations that are preset, quiet, hi-power, and timer. The preset feature enables the AC to get activated according to your desired settings which you would have saved before-hand.

It features sound reduction which is ensured by the fan-blades that are designed in an inclined fashion. Instant cooling is obtained under Hi-power mode and the timer shuts on or off the AC as per the timings set by you.

The aqua-resin coating adds life-time to the coil and avoids the accumulation of any type of pollutant. hence, creating a clean and safe-to-breath ambience.

The manufacturer is offering 5 years warranty on compressor along with a 1-year warranty, each on the product and the condenser. Click the button given below to grab exciting discounts up to 20%.

  • Less power consumption
  • Silent working
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Low Maintenance AC
  • Expensive but worth it


4. Daikin Inverter Split AC (FTKG50TV)

Daikin is one of the top-class companies that is recommended by many in the Indian markets. They are recognized and appreciated for their excellent productivity & post-sale service.


Daikin FTKG50TV is a white-color inverter split AC that has got a high-impact polystyrene IDU which makes it stand out of the crowd. The product has achieved a 5-star rating for energy efficiency by Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

This 1.5-ton AC comprises a neo-swing compressor that has varied speed settings. The anti-frictional and leak-proof nature adds to the smoothness and efficiency of working.

The Coanda airflow technology ensures that cool air is thrown at a uniform speed to even the acute corners of the room. The Econo mode would bring down the figures in your electricity bills.

Putting R32 refrigerant in use supports the green nature of the appliance. It comes with a compact-structured remote that has a lid.

The smartness of the appliance can be observed through the feature of self-diagnosing the errors, where the trouble would even be popped up on the remote display.

Good sleep off timer is a unique option that lets the inverter AC control the temperature as per your requirements, while you are sleeping. The smell-proof operation assures the removal of foul smell.

The power chill operation gives you the experience of fast, effective, and efficient chilling of the area. The anti-bacterial coating and dust-filter ensure that the air-cooled down is free of pollutants and microorganisms.

10 years of the warranty period is given for the compressor in addition to a 1-year warranty on the product and the condenser, individually. Undeniable offers and discounts are also available.

  • Stabiliser-free operation
  • Quiet functioning
  • 2 times stronger XLPE insulation kit
  • Powerful air distribution
  • Only 1-year warranty on condenser


5. Voltas Inverter Split AC (123V_DZX)

Voltas is the name of that successful company which has been ruling the Indian markets through the production of high standard electronic appliances. This Voltas white-colored inverter split AC has a capacity of 1-ton. It has procured an energy rating of 3 stars.


The steady compressor promotes efficient and stable cooling as it has variable speed and load-withstanding capability. 100% pure compressor coils are sturdy and durable and adds to the above trait.

The self-diagnosing ability checks for malfunctions and faults. This AC can effectively cool your surroundings even if your ambient temperatures are high.

Advance air purifier ensures that you breathe fresh and pure air only. This parameter is implemented more effectively with the help of a multi-stage filtration process that removes odour and pollutants.

Special features like low-frequency torque control and 4-way auto louvre are also included in this system. The torque control helps in the control and setting of constant temperature at a low power supply.

The 4-way auto louvre assures even distribution of the cool air at a constant rate in all possible directions. Sleep mode takes care of temperature optimization according to your needs and environment.

It comprises of remote-control trait and a LED- display which adds to the user-friendly nature of the device. It uses R-410 refrigerant that makes it a green appliance.

This inverter AC has been awarded a rating of 3.8 stars and consists of stabilizer-free operations.

Voltas is offering 5 years of warranty on the compressor and 12 months warranty each on the appliance and the condenser. Buy this inverter AC now to get a hold on amazing offers and discounts that are available up to 50%.

  • Affordable Inverter AC
  • 10 Years compressor warranty
  • Modern design & looks
  • High discount on amazon india
  • Installation charges are seperate


6. Carrier Inverter Split AC (R32CAI18EK5R39F0)

Carrier is an excellently performing company that has been providing India’s market with first-class inverter ACs for a long time.

Carrier offers a white-colored, 1.5-ton inverter AC of the split model. It has been provided with a 5-star energy rating and got a 4.62 ISEER value which makes it among the best Inverter ACs in India.

The variable-speed compressor type, condenser coils made out of 100% pure copper and ESKO neo inverter enables the proficient functioning of this appliance.

Hybrid jet technology varies the efficiency rate for setting the most suitable operating mode, as per the ambient conditions. There will be no drop, in-class performance even under adverse weather.

The durable design of the AC’s power pact outdoor unit enhances the cooling rates of the indoor unit. Its high-profile performance cannot be altered under the range of 150-280V power supply due to the in-built stabiliser. Low voltage operation also extends support to the above factor.

The specialty of this inverter AC is that it contributes to the green world by using the R32 type of refrigerant gas. Refrigerant-leakage detector stabilises the operation of AC and intimates you to check out through the follow-me mode.

The electrostatic dust-filter and air purifiers assure that the air is devoid of harmful agents and is cleaned properly. Air quality is extended to maximum terms by the PM 2.5-micron filter and air-freshening mesh.

Sleep mode optimises the temperature and my-mode option switches the AC to your favourite mode. It has an Auto-cleanser function that maintains the AC from the inside and makes it highly durable.

The hidden IDU temperature display adds elegance to this device that has 3.9 stars rating on average. 12 years of warranty is guaranteed in which 1 year is for condenser and 1 year is for the appliance.

The remaining 10 years is for the compressor unit. To access no-cost EMI payment option and exclusive discounts, order the Inverter AC now by hitting the red button given below.

  • Has louvre position memory
  • Available in 2 variants, 2019 & 2020
  • 10 years warranty
  • Amazing design internal unit
  • Expensive but you can get a 30% discount by hitting the button below


7. Whirlpool Inverter Split AC (MAGICOOL PRO + 3S COPR INVERTER)

Whirlpool is a world-renowned brand name that is appreciated and recommended by everyone in the Indian market for any electronic device, especially inverter AC.whirlpool-inverter-ac-india

Whirlpool ‘Magicool Pro’ is a 1.5-ton inverter split AC which comes in white color. It has procured 3 stars of energy rating and have a great customer satisfaction record.

The smartly designed evaporative circuit board of MPFI (Multi-Port Fluid Injection) technology enables rapid heat exchange. It is combined with turbo cool mode to enhance faster and efficient cooling even when the temperatures are high, outside.

On the other hand, sleep function regulates the temperature to enable optimum cooling. Eco mode slows down the variable-speed compressor to reduce the pressure on the condenser. This allows lowered power consumption.

R32 refrigerant gas is put to use for making the appliance eco-friendly. Self-diagnosing and self-cleaning modes pop an error notification on the display and provide cleaned air, respectively.

The HEPA filter media has a fine structure of mesh which further cleanses the air from various pollutants and minute organisms. 2.5 micron PM filter, dust filter, and air purifier lend a hand to the above process.

Efficiency is displayed at the next level by the 100% pure copper-made condenser unit and pipelines. The 6th sense fast-cool technology enables powerful cooling at quicker rates.

Special features include auto-restart and auto-air swing. The former lets the AC begin at previously set operating conditions, on restarting, and the latter alternates between on and off louvre mechanism to endow you with swing mode.

Whirlpool is offering a 1-year warranty is offered on the product and the condenser, separately and a warranty of 10 long years is given on the compressor.

  • Turbo cool function
  • Total copper material used in the external unit
  • Renowned brand all around the world
  • High customer satisfaction record
  • 3-star energy efficiency rating


8. Hitachi Sugoi Inverter Split AC (Sugoi RSH317HBEA)

Hitachi is a giant in the market of India whose products and services are par excellence. You think of any product and Hitachi has it.

Hitachi presents a silver-colored Sugoi RSH317HBEA model of split type inverter AC which has a capacity of 1.5 tons. It has achieved energy efficiency ratings of 3 stars.

The sturdy tropical compressor proficiently cools the air without being a strain on electricity bills. The backlight remocon is an added specialty of this inverter AC.

The stylish display goes along with a designer plastic body. Having remote control features, this AC can be easily controlled and operated.

The auto fan speed regulates the speed of the fan based on the ambient requirements. Timer permits you to set the timings for auto on or off of the AC.

The condenser unit is made out of 100% pure copper. This appliance is approved after passing 43 quality tests, so it would an undoubtedly qualitative product.

Air purifiers, dust filters, and anti-bacterial filters ensure that you breathe not just cool air but also safe and clean air. It requires just 230 V of power supply and needs alkaline battery cells for operation.

Freon is used as refrigerant gas and has an in-built stabiliser which avoids the AC from being affected by fluctuations.

The warranty period is split as 1+1+5, where one year is for the inverter AC, one year for the condenser, and 5 years for the compressor. To grab this amazing inverter AC now on unbelievable discounts, click the button below.

  • Most stylish inverter AC
  • 5 years compressor warranty
  • Remote-control is easy to use
  • Free home delivery
  • Amazing reviews for performance
  • larger dimensions in comparison to other Hitachi ACs


9. Hitachi Gold Inverter Split AC

Hitachi is an old establishment that has successfully set up a standardized name in the Indian markets through the provision of quality

Hitachi gold inverter AC is a 1.5-ton split AC. This white-colored AC has a gold strip over its body which gives it a modern look. The one-touch super silent feature allows working at atmost silence.

Similarly, one-touch super cool mode activates efficient cooling at more speedy rates. The fan mode enables power saving by just operating the fan when the ambient temperatures are low.

Auto fan speed mode does a similar function as that of fan mode but has the ability to regulate or adjust that fan speed without manual interference.

It demands 5275 watts of power to carry out the operations effectively. it consumes 1720 kilowatts of energy per hour.

It comes with a remote as this inverter AC can be controlled by a remote. This adds to the user-friendly nature of the device. Batteries aren’t included but alkaline battery cells are required.

The 100% copper condenser implements better chilling of the air at minimum time. A stabiliser is required to save the appliance from getting affected by fluctuation, as it lacwq2ks an in-built stabiliser.

On this inverter AC, you will get a 1-year warranty. 5 years of the warranty period is offered on the compressor unit. Invest in it today to enjoy the cool air, at a discounted rate.

  • Noise-free operation
  • The looks are more of traditional
  • Powerful performance
  • Great post-sale services
  • Needs stabilizer for smooth working


10. O General Inverter Split AC (ASGA18JCCB)

O General is one of the highly-rated manufacturers of the best inverter ACs in India. Their excellence in quality & productivity rate is beyond compare.ogernal-split-ac-india-inverter

This inverter AC has got 5-stars for energy-efficiency that ensures superior cooling effects with minimal power consumption.

Usage of copper to build various parts in the condenser unit makes it robust, durable, and easy to maintain. This results in the next level of proficiency rates.

This white-coloured split system does not require batteries to operate. It consists of an anti-dust filter that purifies the cool air. They ensure you with the provision of clean air in the given area.

Special features include sleep mode, turbo mode, and auto-restart. Sleep mode regulates the temperature automatically to optimise the cooling based on the surrounding temperatures.

Turbo mode enhances the quickness of the implementation of the cooling effect. They are one of the power modes that are power-friendly. The strong compressor also helps in the above process by accommodating its speed accordingly.

Auto-restart is the setting option that enables your inverter AC to recollect the previously set options and resume the working after a power cut.

5 years of manufacturing warranty is given on the compressor and 12 months of the warranty period is given on the inverter AC. To purchase this O General inverter AC, tap the button given below.

  • Better efficiency rates
  • Power-friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Robust product
  • No remote-control with this AC
  • Most of the times, it gets out of stock due to high demand


11. Sanyo Dual Inverter Wide Split AC (15T5SCIA)

Sanyo is popular in the markets of India as they are recognized as the best among the leading manufacturers of high-quality inverter AC.Sanyo-Split-AC-(SI:SO-15T5SCIC)

Sanyo offers a wide split, dual inverter AC that has a capacity of 1.5 tons and is white. Their ISEER value goes up to 4.60 and energy ratings are 5 stars.

This AC has a robust compressor that has variable speed. 100% pure copper is used to make the condenser unit. All this enhances efficient functioning.

2 independent rotors strongly function with the help of duo cool inverter technology to provide better chilling experience to you. Glacier mode denotes a 35% higher fan speed rate to reduce power consumption and extract maximum chilling.

2.5 micron PM filters, anti-dust filters, and air purifiers assure that the air is free of any kind of pollutant, thus making the surrounding air safe to inhale.

Eco-function elaborates on power-saving performance and the R32 refrigerant adds to the eco-friendly nature of the appliance. The hydrophilic fins are rust-resistant and corrosion-proof which ensures durability.

Having back-lit remote to control, it is easy to operate the AC under the dark and dim scenarios. The glow buttons are added advantage to the feature.

It has an auto-restart feature to resume operations under the condition set previously, by the user. Self-diagnosing capabilities ease troubleshooting activities.

The timer helps in auto shut on/down of the AC on the set time while the sleep function adjusts the temperature automatically to suit the ambience. It has been given an average rating of 4.1 stars by the customers.

A warranty period of 5 years is proffered for the compressor unit while the product and condenser unit is supplied with a 1-year warranty, each. Click on the below-given button to buy this inverter AC now, at the cheapest rates.

  • Noise-free working
  • It has in-built stabilizer
  • Power-packed device
  • 5 star energy efficiency rating
  • The external unit of the AC is very heavy


12. Onida Wifi Inverter Split AC (IR185ONXS)

Onida is a world-famous company that is known and honored for producing high-class equipment. They are among the leading organization for inverter AC in the Indian markets.onida-inverter-ac

Onida supplies you with a 1.5-ton capacity of split inverter AC that has smart connectivity to Wi-Fi and has acquired an energy rating of 5-stars by BEE.

Their system comprises of a robust compressor that has the option to support variable speed controlled by PET engines. Having the condenser coils made out of pure copper, efficiency rates are higher and better.

This air conditioner stands-out uniquely as they are embedded with IoT technology to enable and enhance accessibility to the device through Infrared technology and Wi-Fi connectivity with your smartphone. It also works with Alexa.

Turbo cooling assures maximum cooling of the given area by faster dissipation of heat while the magnified cooling multiplier advances the capacity to cool.

Self-diagnosing features allow the AC to intimate you with the repairs to be done. The 4-way swing ensures that the cool air spreads out evenly to all the corners.

Dust-filters keeps out the pollutants while the anti-fungus operation devoid the formation of any mould or fungus via the elimination of moisture. R32 refrigerant is used for eco-friendly functioning.

This compactly structured white-colour AC has been given 4.7-stars by customers and has a handy remote to control the appliance in a user-friendly way.

5 years of warranty is provided on both the condenser and compressor. 1 year of overall warranty is guaranteed on this inverter AC. Click on the button below to get a grip on the savings offers.

  • Compatible with alexa
  • 5 years condenser warranty
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Noiseless working
  • The brand is not much popular in India any more


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Buying Guide – Best Inverter AC in India

Smart are those who buy an AC but the ones who opt for an Inverter AC are smarter. Your wisdom isn’t appreciated until you make such a choice.

And to do so, you have to study a set of features, factors, and guidelines, before buying an inverter AC, to experience the best cooling effect.


So, all the essential parameters have been jotted down in a detailed manner for you.

But before starting you must have a clear idea of what exactly is an inverter AC, the difference between inverter and non-inverter AC, and the types of inverter ACs.

Inverter AC and its Types 

Inverter AC is simply defined as an air conditioner, that uses inverter technology in its working. This addition resulted in better functioning of the AC at 50% lower power levels and noise production.split-ac-vs-window-ac

Mainly, this technology has enhanced features of compressor speed regulation and constant temperature control. Like a regular AC, inverter AC is also split into two broad categories based on their working methodology. They are:

Window Ac:

One of the commonly seen types of AC is window AC. It is generally preferred by people living in small areas like apartments as they are well known for being the best choice to cool the smaller areas.

It comprises evaporating coils, compressor, fan, and refrigerator; similar to central AC. All these parts are fitted as one single unit and installed to a window.

They have low capacity levels as they are required in small areas only but are available in a variety of sizes. It has cheaper rates and lesser attachment work; even then it is not suitable for many as they are noisy and have static installation features.

Spilt AC:

Split AC is the modern type of AC that has preference over window AC due to its better performance. They comprise of 2 units, indoor and outdoor. These units consist of a cooling coil, air filter, a long blower, and condenser coil, compressor, capillary tube, respectively.

Both the units are connected through lines that provide refrigerant and carry drainage out. They are expensive but are better in terms of performance, easy installation, & cheap maintenance.

It has more silent working methods. The units can either be placed nearby or far-way from each other based on the convenience. And their locations can be easily changed after installing; thus they enable more convenient installation.

Difference between Inverter and Non-Inverter AC

By now, you might have got some knowledge about Inverter AC & its types. So, it’s time to educate you about the significant differences between an inverter and non-inverter AC.

Inverter AC consists of a compressor motor that has variable speed. This keeps the compressor switched on, all the time and avoids more consumption of energy by not switching the compressor on and off as in a non-inverter AC, which has fixed speed and compressor.

This feature allows inverter AC to ensure the flow of refrigerants in the room whereas a non-inverter AC decides to supply power based on the temperature of the area.

Cooling and heating of the room are done automatically by inverter ACs while non-inverter ACs keep changing between on and off to keep the optimum temperature in a less eco-friendly manner.

An inverter AC significantly reduces the figures in your electricity bills although they cost a fortune when compared to non-inverter AC, even then non-inverter AC’s installation costs are high enough to cover an inverter AC’s price.

Thus, inverter ACs are better and efficient than non-inverter ACs. One must always go with an inverter AC when they are in a dilemma.

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Factors to Consider while buying an Inverter AC

1. Capacity and Room Size

ACs having the right capacity can effectively cool the surrounding without much power being consumed. To ensure that you select the AC with the right capacity, you must know the size of the room in which you will install the device.

Small rooms don’t require AC with high capacity and huge rooms cannot be cooled effectively with low capacity ACs.

The capacity of an inverter AC is measured in terms of tons (weight). Generally, they are categorised as 0.75, 1, 1.5, and 2 tons. Rooms having a very small area (about 1 to 80 sqft) are advised to go with an AC having 0.75 tons.

For comparatively bigger rooms like kids room, guest or study room – the ones which have 80 to 150 sqft, should preferably have AC with 1-ton capacity.

Master bedrooms and living rooms usually cover an area of 150 to 200 sqft and so it would require 1.5-ton capacity AC.

Huge halls or rooms that cover a vast area (200 to 300 sqft) needs 2 ton AC. Mostly in such cases, people tend to go with 2 or more inverter ACs with 1 or 1.5-ton capacity so that the entire area gets cooled up effectively.

It’s typically preferred to smartly save on investment and electricity costs.

2. Coil

Coils are those significant parts that are used by condensers for effective cooling of air. Also, they allow the provision of better efficiency rates which naturally results in controlled power consumption. Coils turn out to be useful for the above tasks when they are made out of either copper or aluminium.

Copper coil

Coils made out of copper are proven to be more favorable when it comes to employing quick cooling. As they require less maintenance and are durable, corrosion-resistant, and long-lasting it is the one that is chosen over other coils. Their cost is the only setback for them.

Aluminium coil

Aluminium coils are malleable and budget-friendly which makes it a desired component. However, they lack in durability, quick productivity, and ease in maintaining.

3. Compressors

A compressor is an essential component that can be found in any cooling device. Its work is to compress the refrigerant gas under high temperature to produce the high-pressure liquid refrigerant, which is then passed to the (above explained) condenser-coil where it loses its heat and becomes cool air that is then supplied to the room. These compressors occur in two types-

Reciprocating compressor

This compressing system consists of a cylinder and a piston which constantly moves front and back to expel gas and create a compressed surrounding.

They can exhibit high-efficiency rates with lower maintenance even under higher temperatures. It is held back in terms of the removal of hot air and noise production.

Rotatory compressor

This type of compressor is the one that is used for compressing air with the help of rotors and can be observed mostly in the latest models of ACs.

Rotors have an unclear arrangement so they need to set up with utmost concentration. Their movement in opposite directions enables the cool air to be thrown out under highly pressurized conditions.

It is expensive and needs a higher frequency of usage to experience moderate results. They also demand high maintaining protocols but assure silent functioning.

4. Refrigerants

A refrigerant is a component that is genuinely used for chilling or freezing. The role of an AC is to bring down the hot temperatures of the specific area. Thus, it requires a refrigerant. They are found in the condenser coils, either in liquid or gaseous state (coolant). Its key role is heat absorption. So, to obtain faster cooling, the refrigerant must be highly efficient.

The coolant from the compressor is pushed to the coil, after being converted into liquid form under high-pressure. Finally, it regains the gaseous state at low temperature, which is then passed to the room by the AC, making the environment cool.

There are 4 kinds of refrigerants used for such purposes. They are as follows-


CFCs are the primary refrigerants which are also referred to as R-12 refrigerant. They were in use until it was found that they harm the ozone layer.


HCFC or R-22 refrigerant is used in most of the modern devices as they are a better replacement for CFC, yet they aren’t the best.


Hydrofluorocarbons are the refrigerants that are quite similar to HCFC but are better coolants because they are eco-friendly and display efficient productivity. Many manufacturers are now opting for this refrigerant.


Hydrocarbons are the most effective and environment-friendly refrigerant, today. These are the ones that are used in inverter ACs and by many other manufacturers. It is the best of refrigerants available till now.

5. Power Consumption and Star Rating

In a hot country like India, air conditioners are needed to be used for a minimum of 3 hours a day to a maximum of the whole night. This would result in a huge amount to be paid to the electricity board. That is why it is necessary to choose an AC that is energy efficient. For this, nothing can be better than an inverter AC.Hit-split-air-conditioners-india-ac

The energy efficiency can be known by EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) and ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) which are important parameters that impact the power ratings awarded by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

It would be wise to invest in the ACs having higher ratings as they turn out to be efficient and power-friendly. It comes with a good fortune to pay at the initial stages but you can cut on the electricity bill from then on.

6. Other Features

ACs tend to have a lot of features integrated into them so that the user experiences the best cooling effects. These features are stated below:

6.1 Temperature setting 

ACs have some basic features incorporated in them like temperature setting from 16 to 29 degrees, operating in auto-mode, etc. With advancements and improvisation in technological aspects, ACs nowadays have a lot of amazing features. Few of them are-

Turbo mode: It activates the instant cooling process.

Sleep mode: It maintains an average of 22-24 degrees for the whole night.

Others include dehumidifiers, filters, connectivity through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, automatic sensors, etc. All these features add to the user-friendly nature of the inverter AC but have higher rates.

6.2 Cooling Speed 

You may find it convenient if you have the option to set the temperature of your inverter AC according to the outside temperatures. To access this choice you should go with an AC having multiple cooling-speed setting options.

6.3 Air Quality 

The quality of air in your room may not be in a high standard condition. AC cleanses and cools the air in your room. So, going for an inverter AC with high-quality filters is recommended. Improvisation of AC’s working efficiency along with your room’s air quality occurs.

6.4 Dehumidification

Inverter AC comes with an ability to control the humidity in your room’s air. Few models have separate dehumidification settings. They are preferred in highly humid areas.

6.5 Remote Control 

Most of the AC models have a handy remote to control the AC from anywhere in the room. It allows adjustment of temperature and setting of different modes.

6.6 Timer 

The timer allows you to set time for your AC operation at a certain temperature. It turns off the AC automatically at a particular time.

6.7 Noise Levels 

Air conditioners are often used in the night time. So, one must ensure that the AC can work silently. Window AC won’t help much but split AC is quite suitable in such cases. It is better to go with ACs that have whisper-silent functionality.

6.8 Fan-only Operation 

In some circumstances, the air in your room is already cool and so it does not require the compressor to work. This fan-only operation is a smart feature that allows circulating the cool air already available in your room. It adds to power savings too.

6.9 Digital Displays 

A digital display is integrated into the AC body which displays information regarding the temperature and modes. It finds its use when the lights are out.

7. Advantages

Few highlighting advantages can be observed and enjoyed only in inverter AC. First is that they are highly energy efficient. They consume up to 50% of fewer energy rates than a regular AC would require.

They work under more silent conditions as they can handle fluctuations more comfortably. The time taken to turn on is 30% less than that of a regular AC. Having the apt mechanism, they can provide a constant cooling effect at quicker rates.

8. Price And Warranty

Inverter AC is available in a range of prices, but quality comes at a price. One can go with any AC that falls in their budget but it would  be a wise decision if you go for the best, because inverter AC is a one-time investment and it would last at least for the next 10 years, from the purchase date.

So, buying the best inverter AC is generally advised. It starts at an average of 30,000 INR and goes up to 50,000 INR. It is not necessary to go for it if your budget doesn’t range near it but if you can afford them, do go for it.

Warranty is a period allocated by the manufacturers, in which the user can get free services or repairs if there is a fault. Like all the electronic appliances, inverter AC also has a warranty provided by the manufacturers. It is better to go with ACs having a longer warranty period.

9. Maintenance

Any appliance would need proper maintenance so that they can perform better and run for a long time. Few tips to maintain an inverter AC are:

  • Air conditioners are normally used during summers alone. So, one must cover the compressor and clean the filters of the AC for they might accumulate dirt and dust when it is not being operated during other seasons.
  • Proper maintenance of the condenser unit and periodic replacement of refrigerants are necessary to allow the AC to perform more proficiently.
  • An AC reduces not only the temperature of air but also that of the objects in that room. So, it is mandatory to ensure that electronic objects aren’t placed near the AC thermostat and those kept in that room are switched off for they emit heat and add pressure to the AC.
  • Proper insulation of the room is important as the cool air mustn’t escape. This can be checked out by properly shutting all the doors and windows of that room.
  • Setting the temperature around 24-25 degrees would save on the electricity bills.
  • Checking up on the AC by a professional, once in a while, would cleanse the coils and the condenser unit and improve AC functionality.
  • Maintaining the rear drain is vital to avoid water accumulation in the coils as it may also lead to short-circuiting.

Conclusion – Best Inverter AC in India

Inverter ACs are one of the undeniable appliances that must be there in every house of India. It can be an expensive deal to get an inverter AC from the offline stores but you can get it on a heavy discount from amazon.

After analysing all the Top 12 Best Inverter ACs, we can say that LG Inverter Split AC is the best of all. It would be a perfect fit in terms of efficiency, capacity, and cooling capability.

Hope, this article has covered all the points that you were searching for and helped you invest in the best inverter AC for your home.

Let us know in the comments that which is your favourite Inverter AC from the list given above?

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