7 Best Portable Air Conditioners (AC) in India [November 2021] – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Air conditioners are one of the most essential home appliances which are becoming increasingly popular in households.

Air conditioners help in reducing the temperature of your room and thus keeping you cool.

The air conditioning system is a must-have for all the places which are known to reach very high temperatures when the season changes to the summer season.


But there are certain disadvantages of an air conditioner. An air conditioner is very expensive to purchase and to maintain. It is a known fact that air conditioners jack up your electricity bills and cost a noticeable amount.

In events of breakdown, it is very expensive even to repair the air conditioner. Cleaning the air conditioner also is an important factor to describe the disadvantages of air containers. These products are very hard to clean and maintain.

Adding to this, the air conditioners mostly come in a capacity of 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 ton, which will be a little much if you are planning to use the air conditioner in a small room. It can add greatly to your expense.

But there is an option which will overcome most of these disadvantages presented by the air conditioners. That is by using portable air conditioners.

A portable air conditioner can easily cut your costs to a reasonable amount. It is less expensive to buy and it consumes less power when compared to that of a split air conditioner.

After deep research of over 100 portable Air conditioners, we have shortlisted the 7 best Portable AC. Now, without any further ado, let us walk you through the list of Best Portable AC in India.

These are the Top 7 Best Portable Air Conditioners in India

ProductsPowerCapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC 3500 W1 Ton1 yearamazon-button
KORYO Lifestyle Portable Air Conditioner1650 W1.2 Ton1 yearamazon-button
Blue Star Portable AC1404 W1 Ton1 yearamazon-button
Croma Portable AC1320 W1.5 Ton1 yearamazon-button
EURGEEN 4 in 1 Model A5 Portable Air Conditioner1200 W1 Ton1 yearamazon-button
Geek Aire Portable AC 1200 W1 Ton1 yearamazon-button
Lloyd Portable AC1200 W1 Ton1 yearamazon-button

Best Portable AC in India in 2021

1. Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC

Being one of India’s biggest manufacturers of air conditioner, Cruise air conditioner introduces you to the portable unit which ensures optimum cooling. There are so many features which are being offered in this air conditioner to make sure that you will have the best comfort from this device.


This product from cruise is extremely stylish and has quite a modern look and can easily blend with the theme of the room. Additionally, it is also very easy to move. It has 4 different modes of operation (dehumidifier, air conditioner, air purifier, or only just as a fan) which ensures the versatility of the product.

Primary Features

  • Easily movable castor wheels (4 in number) installed
  • Dust and anti bacterial filter to ensure clear air
  • User friendly and easy installation
  • It’s also very easy to maintain
  • 1 Ton of capacity

This product also has copper tubings which are installed in it, which increase the efficiency of the heat transfer in the range of 30-50%. Moreover, it is common knowledge that copper is meant to last and can offer you 3 times longer durability than the other materials.

One more important feature which is offered by this product is the wide-angle of operation. This product has an ability to affect 120 degrees by a wide-angle swing.

This makes sure that the airflow is able to reach a larger volume of the room and hence provide efficient cooling for you. This product also has a very powerful compressor which guarantees you superior quality cooling.

It can provide you with easy cooling even with a high outdoor temperature of 50 degrees celsius. This product is fitted with 4 movable castor wheels which ensure the smooth and effortless travel of your air conditioner.

These castor wheels are ensured for durability and easy operation for your air conditioner with minimal effort from your side. The product gives you to control the air conditioner in two different ways.

It has a feather touch, sleek control system which also contains a very smart LED display to display the temperature. There is also a 24-hour timer which is available in the air conditioner which gives you an uninterrupted sleeping time.

The other method by which you will be able to control the air conditioner is through a smart remote, which can assist you in controlling the device remotely.

As mentioned above, this air conditioner has many modes of different operation. The first one is the dehumidifier. This is especially useful in extra humid areas with a lot of moisture content in the air.

This function allows the product to eliminate the steamy heat, which is a result of high humidity. This also prevents the condensation in the room and ultimately reduces the formation of mold in the room.

It also has a mode of operation for air purification or sometimes you can just use it as a regular fan. This product will not give you an added responsibility of maintaining it.

These filters ensure that you are breathing in pure and odour free air but these filters can be removed easily by just sliding them out, and hence giving you a comfortable way to clean them regularly and efficiently.

One more great feature of this product is that it has an auto evaporation system. This makes sure that you will not have to empty out the water tank at regular intervals and hence you get to avoid this messy job.

The remaining water in the tank is instead used to cool down the inner mechanism of the air conditioner and thus improving the efficiency of the product. And the other part of the excess water gets evaporated outside with the hot exhaust air.

This product is also instilled with the blue tech protection, which prevents the inner mechanisms from rusting. There is a blue hydraulic coating for the product which reduces the damage which is caused by humidity and moisture.

Another essential point which has to be noted is that the product is extremely user friendly and easy to handle. The product is very easy to install and set up eliminating any need for drilling to set up or mount the product.

There is also an included exhaust pipe which is used to divert the hot air outside effectively. The length of the pipe is about 11 feet which makes it easy for you to adjust and plan the exhaust route for the pipe.

This pipe can easily extract all the hot air and hence will allow the product to get up started within 30 seconds. The brand offers this product a warranty of 1 year on the product and 1 year on the condenser and 1 year on the compressor. 

  • User friendly and easy to install
  • Very easy to maintain and clean
  • Superior compressor installed
  • Smooth portability
  • It is suitable only for small and less crowded rooms


2. KORYO Lifestyle 1.2T Portable Air Conditioner

Koryo is one of the brands that provide you with high quality electronic and electrical goods for your household or office needs. Koryo offers you a portable air conditioner with some of the most amazing features.


The air conditioner has a sleek and pretty exterior which can be quite adaptable to any kind of room without contrasting the theme of the room. This product is also small and compact and hence will be easy to store and it can also be moved with ease. 

Primary Features

  • It has 3 in one operation
  • The air conditioner has a capacity of 1 ton
  • The product can also be controlled remotely
  • It has a power consumption of 1650 watts

It is designed to provide efficient cooling and comfort to its user. This air conditioner is made to be very easy to move around and hence is very portable.

It has castor wheels which are attached to it in order to help the user to move the conditioner with no effort and hence provide a very smooth movement to the portable air conditioner.

This product is very versatile as it is able to provide you three functions in a single design. This product is designed to work as a regular air conditioner, but it can also be operated as a normal fan as required.

The third function of this air conditioner is the dehumidifier, which ensures that all the humidity in the room is removed and hence makes sure that you do not have to tolerate the humid heat.

It also helps in reducing the moisture in the air, which makes sure that your environment is unsuitable for any kind of mold growth. This product is equipped with an anti-bacterial filter, which ensures clear and purified air in the surrounding.

This anti-bacteria filter will make sure that your airflow from the air conditioner is hygienic by removing dust, pollen, and other allergens. This increases the purity and quality of the air. This product is installed with blue fin technology.

This property makes sure that you will not have to worry about maintaining the air conditioner. Blue Fin technology is an anti-corrosion coating which is applied to make sure that the product does not undergo any kind of damage due to constant exposure to moisture and it also makes sure that the air conditioner is more durable.

The inner construction of the product is made from copper, which is an ideal material for constructing air conditioners. This is due to the high heat transferring ability of the copper material and it is known that copper tends to be more durable and efficient in the long term usage of the product.

The air conditioner also comes with a timer which ensures that there is no overuse of the product. The air conditioner also has a standard quality front panel and display for controlling and adjusting the features of the air conditioner.

But this product can also be accessed remotely by the remote control. This air conditioner has a 4-way airflow, which ensures effective cooling in the room.

The product has an anti-drip technology, which makes sure that you will not have a mess to clean up due to the air conditioner.

The air conditioner will also not require the draining of the water tank and hence saving you some time and effort. This product is hence easy maintenance. This product has an assured warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer.

  • 3 in one operations
  • No installation required
  • The product is also very easy to maintain
  • The product can also be controlled remotely
  • The air conditioner has a less capacity of just 1 ton


3. Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

Blue star is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands when it comes to manufacturing and designing reliable and efficient portable air conditioners. This product has a very sleek and stylish design which will go perfectly in any kind of surroundings.


This portable air conditioner is designed to be environmentally friendly. This air conditioner introduces a new and latest refrigerant named R410A, which assures you to be free of ozone depletion substances.

Primary Features

  • It has the capacity of 1 ton
  • It has a highly efficient and a high performing compressor
  • It has a protection against dust
  • It is also environmentally friendly

It also contains a polyester oil that has more efficient numbers when it comes to heat transferring capacity and it is also better at lubrication and etc. This product comes with another amazing feature. In order to make this air conditioner more user friendly, it comes with a timer.

This timer has a 24 hours option, which means that you will be able to enjoy continuous and effective cooling without any interruption. This portable AC will shut down automatically once it reaches the preset time.

Another feature which is being offered by this product is the alarm. This air conditioner has an alarm that will go off once the water level of the condensate water reaches up to the tank.

When this alarm goes off, you will be able to drain the water manually. This product has a dry mode which can be extremely useful during monsoon. This product can hence work as a dehumidifier which helps in removing all the sticky heat which is produced because of the increased humidity.

During the monsoon season, the air has a lot of moisture which causes the surroundings to feel clammy and sweaty. The dry mode which is available in the air conditioner will help in removing all the moisture from the surrounding air.

The product has a high performing compressor which has an accumulator built inside, this ensures effective cooling and helps to maximize the effect of the cooling.

The product also has an anti-freeze technology which is installed to make sure that there is no frost formation of the heat exchanger and hence protecting the product.

The product has special hydrophilic golden evaporation fins which increase the performance and the efficiency of the air conditioner. This ensures that the condensate water will not get accumulated.

There is also reduced accumulation of dust and other pollutants which increases the effective cooling of the air conditioner. The product also has a self-diagnosing feature that allows itself to locate any problems that may arise in the air conditioner.

It produces an error message which can help the technician to solve the problem quickly. This air conditioner also has a memory backup system, which ensures that the air conditioner is retired to its original settings whenever the product is cut off from the power unexpectedly.

The product also has a sleep timer, which ensures that you get uninterrupted sleep with your room set at the desired temperature. The sleep mode also helps to conserve energy.

The air conditioner can be controlled in two different ways, it has a feather-light control panel situated on the top of the product.

This feather touch control ensures that the user gets an unmatched and easy way to give inputs to the air conditioner. But these features can also be edited remotely using a remote control provided by the company.

The product also has some additional features which are worth mentioning. The product has a dust and bacteria filter which ensures your health and welfare.

The dust and anti-bacteria filter helps to maintain your hygiene by reducing the air transmitted diseases. This product has a filter which has bactericide in it, this prevents the growth and development of bacterial germs and hence provides safe air for breathing.

Another feature that makes the maintenance of this product easier is the space to roll up and store the electric cord in an easy and simple way. The company provides a 1-year warranty on the product, 1 year on the condenser, and 5 years on the compressor.

  • Intelligently designed to suit your needs
  • Powerful compressor having 5 year warranty
  • Remote and panel control available
  • Timer and alarms
  • Available in a single color


4. Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC

Croma is one of the go-to companies when it comes to buying electronic goods, be it for personal, household, or office use. This company produces genuine products and goods, which always nearly meet the customer’s needs.


Ir can easily provide you with effective and convenient cooling while also simultaneously covering a large area. Design: The air conditioner has a stylish and sleek exterior, which can look fabulous in any room.

Primary Features

  • It has a capacity of 1.5 ton and can hence work for a medium sized room efficiently
  • It requires zero or very minimal installation
  • It has versatile applications
  • It is easily portable

It is also designed to provide the most effective cooling experience to its consumers. It has a capacity of 1.5 ton, which means it will easily be able to cool a medium-sized room without a crowd. The condenser is one of the most important components of an air conditioner.

As it is responsible for exchanging heat. This product has a 100 percent copper condenser, which will ensure better efficiency as copper has better heat transferring properties.

Copper also has an added advantage of being much more durable than other materials. In an Air conditioner, it is essential for the product to have good portability. This product has a good mobility design.

It weighs about 52 KG, therefore you will be easily able to transfer it from one place to another with the help of the wheels. The air conditioner is also compact which implies that there will be a hassle-free movement of the unit.

This product is very versatile when it comes to working. It has three different modes, which are air-conditioner, a regular fan, and a dehumidifier. A regular fan can be quite useful when you have to use the unit on a chilly evening.

During the monsoon months, it is known that the air has a lot of moisture, due to which a sticky form of heat gets generated. This product ensures that all the moisture from your air is removed and thus getting the room rid of the clammy heat during monsoon.

Air conditioners can be used on hot and dry days. But the dehumidifier is an added advantage. This feature ensures that your air conditioner works, without creating a lot of mess.

No drip technology makes sure that the condensed moisture is eliminated through an integrated exhaust system hence being very convenient for the user.

This also avoids the user having to worry about maintaining the condensate manually. Sometimes the installation and working of an air conditioner can be a quite tedious job for the user.

This product has an easy installation method, which requires no additional steps. This Air conditioner can be shifted to the required area to enjoy the cool airflow from the product.

The air conditioner has two methods to help you adjust the settings of the product. The first one is the manual panel which has been installed on the surface of the air conditioner.

But to increase the user-friendliness of the product, there is a means for you to control the product remotely. The remote control provided with the product ensures that you will be able to adjust the settings conveniently. 

  • It is extremely stylish and sleek
  • It is installed with a no drip technology
  • It has 3 in one operation
  • It also has easy installation and mobility
  • It can be just a little noisy


5. EURGEEN 4 in 1 Model A5 Portable Air Conditioner

Eurgeen has introduced one of the most stylish and modernly designed portable air conditioners, which can be moved across a room according to the need and requirements of the user. The air conditioner is designed to have a professional and modern exterior.


Hence can fit in with any kind of decor in the room. It is also designed to have multi-functionality. It also has a very stylish looking display panel which has an LED display to indicate the temperature and other settings of the air conditioner. 

Primary Features

  • This air conditioner has a few good features
  • The fan can cover a wide area, upto 150 Sq meter
  • It can be easily portable through wheels
  • It has an auto swing option
  • The power rating is 1320 watts

The product also has two different colors for you to choose from. The portable air conditioner has 4 modes and hence is very versatile in its applications. The first one being a regular fan, when an extreme shift in temperature is not required.

You can change the mode to an air conditioner when there is a requirement for additional cooling. The third mode is the dehumidifier, which ensures that your room can be rid of sticky heat during the monsoon season.

This product extracts all the moisture in the air, which causes humidity, and hence will provide you a chill environment.

There is another mode which can be used during the cold months, this air conditioner can also act as a heater, which can be used to keep warm during the winter months.

Hence, this air conditioner can be used according to the convenience in almost all seasons. To ensure the easy movement of the air conditioner, the product is provided with 4 sturdy wheels. These wheels have a smooth movement which increases the convenience of the user. 

And hence this portable air conditioner can easily be moved from one place to another. The power rating of this air conditioner is just about 1320 watts.

This means that it can be operated at just 5 amps of electricity and hence you will not have to worry about the extra cost this product acts to your electricity bill. It has very less power consumption.

And in order to safeguard itself from power surges, this product has an inbuilt stabilizer. The product can be easily installed with the help of the installation kit which is provided with it. This increases the user-friendliness of the product.

Moreover, the product also has an auto-swing option, the auto swing option ensures that the air conditioner is able to provide airflow to different parts of the room. The air conditioner is also provided with an exhaust pipe which will take care of the drained water.

The condensed water is easily evaporated and hence helps you avoid having to manually dispose of the water. It also has a technology for rapid cooling and heating of the room, which ensures less power and time consumption.

  • It can be used in all the weather conditions
  • It has 4 in one operation
  • Easy installation
  • Less power consumption
  • It cannot produce cooling as effective as a split AC


6. Geek Aire, 1 Ton Portable AC

Geek Aire understands that it can be quite tedious to install and maintain a regular air conditioner and hence it has introduced the market with a portable air conditioner which is guaranteed to fulfill the requirements of its user.


The air conditioner is made to be very stylish and sleek in appearance. Additionally, it is also made to be extremely user friendly by being very easy to install. It also has 3 modes to operate from. The air conditioner also has 2 different options for capacity.

Primary Features

  • Sleek design and it is intended to be quiet
  • Easy installation and is user friendly
  • Efficient and easily portable
  • 3 in one usage and hence can be versatile in operations

That is the product is available in 0.7 ton, for a small-sized room with no crowd, it can also have 1 ton capacity for a bigger room with more number of people. The portable Air conditioner has an easy way to be shifted from one place to another.

It has 4 castor wheels, which are also four-way that is it can be rolled in four different directions. These castor wheels ensure the easy and smooth movement of the product and they are sturdy which ensures a long lifetime.

The product can be used in 3 different ways as per the convenience of the user. It can be used as a regular fan with three speeds. This can be used to give a breeze without needing to affect the room temperature.

It also has an option for an air conditioner and a dry mode. The air conditioner can be used to lower the room temperature as per the requirements of the user.

The dry mode can be used for monsoon season, it can help you to eliminate the heavy and steamy heat from the room. This mode will be able to extract all the moisture in the air.

The installation of this product is very quick and easy, it can be set up without a lot of effort. It comes with a window kit, to help you to set up the exhaust of the air conditioner easily. This product will not require any assistance for setting up the air conditioner.

Controls: The product has a control panel which is available on the surface of the air conditioner. There is also an LED display to show the settings and the temperature of the room.

There is also a remote control which is available in order to help you to manage the humidity of the room and also the temperature of the room. The product also has an option for a timer.

The 24-hour timer can alert you when the air conditioner has been running continuously. This can help you to control the overusing of the product.

The product is designed to be quiet and soundless. This air conditioner can provide effective cooling silently. This can promise you a peaceful and undisturbed environment in your house or your workplace.

The product is also very easy to maintain and clean. The product has removable filters, this enables the user to clean the filters and the product with convenience. The filter is also washable, which is an added advantage.

  • 3 in 1 function of the air conditioner
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Is equipped with a 24 hour timer
  • It can work silently and efficiently
  • It is available in a single color


7. Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC

Lloyd is one of the most heard names when it comes to household electronic goods. It has a huge range of home appliances. They produce goods which are equipped with the latest technology in order to increase customer satisfaction in their products.


Lloyd introduces a portable air conditioner which can be easily moved from one corner to another corner room. This can be a relief from bulky and uncomfortable window air conditioners.

Primary Features

  • The capacity of the air condone is 1 ton
  • It has a sleek and modern design
  • It is easily portable
  • No installation required

This product is very attractive to the eyes and has a stylish and modern design. It is white in color and hence can be easily placed in any room without worrying about it clashing with the home decor.

Installing the product can sometimes be very confusing and tiring. But this air conditioner comes ready to use, without any additional need to call an expert for installation.

The mechanism which is found in this air conditioner is made up of copper which can be an added advantage. The copper fittings increase the efficiency as copper is more effective in heat transfer and it is also twice as more durable.

This air conditioner has a capacity of 1 ton, which means it can easily cool up a small room or even a medium-sized room with less number of people.

This product costs a little less than the other products in this range. It gives you the same kind of service and as it is from a reputed company you can even count on the customer service.  

  • Cost effective
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Made up of copper
  • It has a capacity of 1 ton
  • It is a little noisy


Buying Guide – Best Portable Air Conditioners in India

With the increasing size of the market, it is essential that the consumers are educated about the products which they are buying. A buying guide will help the consumers in choosing and selecting the product of their requirements.

It is very essential for consumers to know their needs and requirements before purchasing a product.


This article has 7 best portable air conditioners to buy with an attached buying guide, which will give you a proper reference about the factors that have to be looked into before buying an air conditioner.

This article will also include a section that answers all the frequently asked questions about portable air conditioners. 

While buying a portable air conditioner, it is essential for you to understand the requirements and close attention should be paid to the following factors which ensure that you get the best air conditioner for your requirements.

Factors to consider while buying a Portable AC for Home

1. Room Size

Before making a decision about which air conditioner you want to buy, it is of utmost importance that you plan for which room size you are going to be buying it for. The room size will decide the capacity of the air conditioner that you will need to buy.

If your room is small and the air conditioner is required for less number of people, then it makes sense for you to go for a 0.7-ton air conditioner which is the most basic capacity for an air conditioner.

But if you are looking for an air conditioner for a bigger room and for more number of people present in it, 1.0 ton should be enough to fulfill your requirements.

And if you are looking for an air conditioner which can cool a larger space, then 2 ton should be the ideal choice. It is very important for you to check this factor before buying a portable air conditioner.

2. BTU Required

It is advised to check the BTU of the portable air conditioning system before buying an air conditioner. The measurement of BTU describes the power of the air conditioner that you are purchasing.

BTU refers to the British thermal unit, which is associated with the measurement of energy. This will be able to explain the amount of time which is taken by the air conditioner to cool down a room.

Effectively higher the BTU, the more efficient the air conditioner is going to be. The amount of BTU which is mentioned should be proportionate to the size of the room. These factors should be taken care of before making the purchase.

3. Operating Modes

Most of the air conditioners which are mentioned in the list above have 3 or 4 modes of operation. This is also an essential factor for you to keep in mind before buying an air conditioner.

The different modes which will be available are a regular fan mode, this can be used for the situations when you do not require a change in the temperature of the room but you just need a breeze.

An air conditioning system will help you to cool down the temperature of the room. There is another mode which is available, this can be called dry mode. This mode is especially important for the people who are living in a monsoon climate.

During the monsoon season, the air feels heavy and sticky, this is mainly because of the moisture which is dispersed into the air. A dehumidifier helps you in extracting all this moisture out of the air and making the air dry again.

This gets rid of that clammy heat present during the monsoon season. Sometimes the 4th mode which is added is a heating mode, this can be an essential requirement for chilly regions.

4. Noise Level

One more disadvantage of the conventional air conditioner that had been added to the list was that the air conditioner was noisy and distracting. But when it comes to portable air conditioning systems, you will not have to worry about that as most of them work silently.

If the sound which they are producing is less than 50 dB(decibels), then the air conditioner is truly soundless and silent. But anything less than 65 decibels is quite fine. But if the noise levels are going beyond that range, then it is not a wise choice for you to make. 

5. Exhaust

These portable air conditioning systems work by disposing of the hot air outside the room surrounding. And hence they come with an exhaust pipe, which has to be fit through a window to expel the hot air out.

Hence before buying a portable air conditioning system, it is necessary for you to plan the place where the exhaust pipe can be fitted.

While most of these tasks are very easy to do, some of the products offer an easy installation kit. And it is important for this to be fitted properly.

A few products come ready to use without any requirement for an external installation process. Care should be taken that the exhaust pipe which has been provided is of good quality as leaking of hot air will lead to reduced efficiency of the air conditioner.  


6. Water Removal System

The portable air conditioner boasts of being very easy to maintain and to use, hence it is important for you to concentrate on the type of water disposing system of the air conditioner.

Most of the air conditioners nowadays have a self evaporating system, where the water condensate which has been collected is recycled and can be used to cool down the inner tubes and can work as a coolant for the pipes.

This can be a very important factor as it will improve the efficiency of the air conditioner. But sometimes this system will not be able to recycle the condensate and during that part, you will have to empty the water which has been collected in the tank.

In some of the advanced models, the water tank also has an alarm which will indicate the time to empty the water tank. This can be an important feature, hence it is necessary for you to note down the type of water disposal system installed into the air conditioner. 

7. Cost

When compared to conventional air conditioners, portable air conditioners are phenomenally affordable. Most of these portable air conditioners begin at the price of Rs. 20,000 & go upto Rs. 37000.

Hence it is important for you to plan your budget and look into the features which are offered by them before making a decision about this. Some of these more expensive models will have some better features too. You will need to see if you can benefit from these features before making a decision.

8. Portability

Obviously, portability is an important factor to look into, before buying that product. As in a portable air conditioner, that is the most important feature. Most of the portable air conditioners use castor wheels. Castor wheels have a lot of advantages.

They are mostly 4-way wheels, which means there will not be any restrictions on the movement direction. More than this, castor wheels are also very sturdy and hence will be able to lift even a little heavy air conditioner.

9. Hose

There are again types of air conditioners which are available. They are double hose ventilated air conditioners and there are single hose air-conditioned ventilators.

Single Hose

This has a single hose or pipe to perform the necessary actions. In a single hose air conditioner, there is a single hose which is used for input and for output.

That is a single hose is used to take the intake and also the exhaust of air in your room. This type of air conditioner works very hard.

Double Hose

This has two separate hoses, one is used to take the input air and the other hose is used as an exhaust pipe for disposing-off heated air.

10. Additional Features

There are some extra features which are being offered to a lot of air conditioners. Most of the air conditioners have a feather touch control system, which will ensure that the user can access these settings effectively.

There are also options for remote control in some of these air conditioners. Additionally, some of these air conditioners also have a timer, which ensures that the air conditioner is turned off automatically once the timer reaches a preset time.

Some of the very advanced models have a self-diagnosing feature, which ensures that any repairs and fixing can happen very quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Portable Air conditioners in India

Q1. How do portable Air conditioners work?

Ans. When it comes to portable air conditioners, there are two different types. 
The first is the single hose air conditioner. In this type of air conditioner, the air conditioner pulls the still air that is available in the room, and the air which is obtained is cooled through the motor and the chilled and cooled air is expelled out to the room, while the hot and humid air which contains moisture and other materials which are not required are disposed outside the surrounding of the room. 
The expelling of the cool air and also the disposal of the warm air happens through the same pipe. But when it comes to double hose pipes, there are two different hoses for the air conditioner, one for the intake and one for the output. This increases the efficiency of the air conditioner and hence it enables it to cool the room faster.  

Q2. Why do portable air conditioners need to be vented?

Ans. Portable air conditioners need a place to expel all the heat and other factors outside. This can be done by arranging a place where the exhaust air can be vented properly. 
If this setup is not done, then the air can get cool by the air conditioner, but the hot air which had been expelled reaches the room eventually thus decreasing the efficiency of the air conditioner. Hence, care should be taken to make sure that the exhaust pipe which is being given by the company is of good quality. 

Q3. Are portable air conditioners efficient?

Ans. Portable air conditioners are the best alternative for an expensive split air conditioner. Although their cooling effect is not as good as the air containers, they can easily be one of the most cost and energy-efficient home appliances until today. 
When compared to air conditioners, these appliances easily consume less power and they are also easy to maintain and clean. 
Oftentimes, these have an upper hand as these air conditioners can be shifted according to the requirements of the user. These air conditioners are also very cost-efficient when compared to that of the split air conditioners. 

Conclusion – Best Portable AC in India

The above article has a lot of information about portable air conditioners. It encloses a buying guide which will help you choose the air conditioner which suits your requirement. It also contains 7 best portable air conditioners for you.

The article also contains a section where we try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about air conditioners.


In today’s age and time, it is absolutely necessary for the users to be very educated about the product that they are trying to buy.

If you are still unable to make the right selection, then we recommend you to go with Blue Star Portable AC (PC12DB). To know about this amazing product, click here.

We hope that this article has helped you in trying to find the best portable air conditioners in India. 

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