11 Best Digital Door Locks in India (November 2021) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Do you want to have an advanced digital security system for your home but don’t know how to get started?

Congratulations! You are at the right place! Here you will get all your questions answered and queries solved.


Locking door with a lock and a key is old school. On the flip side, a digital door lock not only surpasses the downsides of a normal lock but is also very convenient. Plus, safety and security will be added to your house.

The key feature of the digital door locks is that you can connect it with your smartphone and easily configure the settings as per your choice and convenience.

Today, there are a thousand companies that promise to give you the best digital door lock in India. But the big question is with a large number of models in the market, how do you identify the best for you?

To save you from this dilemma, we have tested each product available in the market. After a scrutinized check of every aspect, we have gathered the 11 Best Digital Door Locks in India.

Each smart lock has different characteristics & features that make it unique. You must have knowledge about various aspects to end up with the Best Digital Door Lock in India.

The Buying Guide carries all the details that you need to know before buying a smart door lock.

So let us get started!

Table of Contents

These are the Top 11 Best Smart Door Locks in India

Best Digital Door Locks in India in 2021

1. OPEN 3 Smart Door Lock

Open is one of the top companies that has made a strong position in the market. This company is known for its globally acclaimed products. Open is a powerhouse for providing high-grade products to the consumers. 


Open Smart Door Lock is a solution to provide you with tight security. Your home will be in safe mode with this exceptional digital door lock. This OPEN Door lock is a trustworthy gadget to create a safe space.

It is an intelligent door lock that can be accessed in 5 different ways. You could open the lock with your fingerprint or with a unique password. You could also connect it with Bluetooth and get access.

Also, you will get the extra keys and NFC card to access the door. The thing that you should notice is that this OPEN Door lock can have a database of around 100 fingerprints. As an added advantage, you will also have 100 NFC cards.

Now, you could choose the people you want to give access to. The OTP system in the smart lock sends a one time password and will grant access to your guests.

This is beneficial for times when you are away and there is no one to look after. You will be now able to keep a record of who is going out and who is coming in.

You just need to connect the lock with MyHome App. By doing so you can get the whole list of visitors. The star feature of this smart door lock is the 8 months battery life.

High-quality 4 AA batteries are used in it, so that the door lock can work to its optimal performance. The low battery indicator is a bonus.

You will get a notification before the batteries die. Although, in a worst-case scenario where the batteries die, there is a provision to connect the door lock with a power source.

The masking security code will protect your password. You need to enter an erroneous number before punching in the right code. This way strangers won’t be able to find out the correct password.

  • Strong Machine
  • Installation of Great Features
  • Perfect Design
  • Mobile Connectivity
  • Might Cost Extra Bucks


2. Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock (Black)

Godrej has been catering to diverse requirements for decades now. Godrej is one of the prime industries in India which promises unmatched value and appeal.


The exhaustive portfolio of products offered by this company has been setting a benchmark in the market. It is favourite among the consumers in India. This door lock with its exceptional work has been scoring good remarks on all online platforms.

With its exclusive features and supreme quality, it is one of the Best Door Locks in India. The best thing about this product is, that it will give you 360° fingerprint access.

This means that this door lock is a great sensor which will give you access with ease. The door can remember about 100 unique fingerprints at a time.

Another great characteristic of the door lock is that, you will get access to the door through RFID cards. The RFID cards make entry very easily.

This door lock is so convenient and ideal for home use. To secure your home, this Godrej door lock will provide you with the facility of 4 passcodes.

These passwords will be unique to you, thus creating a high level of security. The other great advantage that this door lock will provide is the keys.

You will get some extra keys through which you can lock/unlock the lock. These keys come handy in case you forgot your password or are not able to access the RFID card.

This digital door lock from Godrej is truly a smart appliance. There are a private function and a multi-volume control feature installed in the lock. In addition, there is a fire sensor included.

The uniqueness of the door lies in the remote control feature. You will be able to connect the door with a video door phone. This will help you out in the operation and make the usage super-efficient.

  • Streamlined Design
  • Presence of Terrific Features
  • High Durability
  • Ideal for Everyone
  • Some Parts Cost Extra


3. Lavna Locks Digital Door Locks

Lavna sits among the top manufacturers of the digital door locks of India. Lavna constantly features new and exclusive products to fulfill the requirements of their consumers.


This company transforms such products into a reality that is designed to improve your life. The lock is compliance with the highest quality. This digital door lock has created a benchmark for other standard door locks with its exclusive design, terrific features, and edge-cutting technology.

With great reviews, this smart door lock will prove to be best. The colour of the door lock makes it an exceptional one that is beautiful along with efficacious. The door lock is finished with shining rose gold colour.

It gives the lock a lustrous look that perfectly fits with the main door. The great thing about this lock is that it is super fast. It can sense your fingerprint and give you access within 0.5 seconds.

In addition to the super fast speed, the lock can have 120 fingerprints at a time. Lavna Digital Door Lock can also be unlocked with RFID cards. You will get 120 RFID cards for your convenience.

Moreover, this lock can also be operated with a password. Upto 120 different pin codes could be registered which will ease out the things.

To make things more convenient, you will get extra keys. You could use these keys to unlock or lock the door whenever you want to.

A battery indicator facilitates you by giving notification whenever the lock is running out of battery. The low battery indication becomes beneficial because you will never be stuck inside or outside the house because of a low battery.

The centre of attraction is the spy code system. You could type incorrect information before punching in the correct password. This way the strangers wont ever get to know the correct password.

  • Customer-Friendly
  • Wonderful Looks and Size
  • Robust Machine
  • Easy to Install
  • Short Battery Life


4. Yale YDME 50 Digital Door Lock

Yale sits among the top companies which produce the Best Digital Door Locks in India. For good reasons, this company is trusted by millions of people. Yale offers you a huge selection of digital door locks to choose from.


It is extensively build to secure your home and build up a safe area for you. The specially crafted digital door lock has the incorporation of the latest technology. The involvement of special characteristics makes this digital door lock a special one.

This door lock from Yale is the strongest that has been built using the supreme quality material. 100% unalloyed zinc was used which provided strength.

The body of the door lock is finished with shiny silver colour making it look fabulous. It is a reliable product from a reputed company with a full 1-year warranty.

During this warranty period, you can contact the customer service and ask them for any kind of repair or replacement. To make your life easier, this door lock can be operated with different options.

You could go with the 30 RFID cards you will get. Or maybe you just tap the password for access. Moreover, you could use the keys to open and close the door. There are several indicators that are pre-installed in the lock.

You will find a low battery indicator. The notification will remind you to change the batteries. It will avoid situations where you could stick inside or outside your home.

Another feature is the fire alarm. This unique feature will ring whenever the door lock will sense fire and smoke inside or near the house.

The YDME 50 door lock is a foolproof solution for security. There is also an automatic feature that unlocks the door from inside. This wonderful feature is helpful in scenarios where you cant find your RFID card or dont have the keys of the door.

  • Powerful Built-In
  • Incorporation of Innovative Ideas
  • Affordable
  • Great Reviews
  • The Design Might Be Not Pleasing


5. amiciSmart Multi-Access Touchless Smart Door Lock

amiciSmart is India’s leading brand name for supreme quality digital door locks. It comes with an array of extensive models of smart door locks with great features. It is an amazing digital door lock that has contributed to securing your place.


It is a good-looking lock system which is a popular choice among digital platforms & can be a good option for you to invest your money on. With this smart lock, you could open and close the door with the help of 5 different ways.

There is a sensor for your fingerprint or you could type your secret code. Additionally, there is a provision of a touch-less RFID card facility.

Moreover, you will have the keys in case any other way doesn’t work. This is a super-fast door lock that can be opened within one second. It can sense your fingerprint and unlock the door in the time frame of 0.1 seconds.

The efficiency is a great advantage in the time of emergencies. The thing that is to be noted is the long-lasting batteries. Superior quality 4x AA batteries are used in the door.

This battery has a life of about 1 year. Now, you don’t have to replace the batteries frequently. The interesting feature of the door lock is that it has a cryptographic screen.

Due to this innovative screen, you can type an incorrect password in the presence of others. The keypad will convert the incorrect message to the correct one. A huge time amount is invested in designing the door lock.

It has a sleek and thin design with a gleaming and shining finish. To make the lock look classy, there is no visible keyboard. Just one tap will make the keypad visible.

This door lock from amiciSmart also has the feature to generate OTPs. The one-time password is sent to the visitors. It is beneficial when you are not in your home and has visitors at home.

  • Gained Appreciation from Consumers
  • High Ratings And 5-Star Reviews
  • Inexpensive
  • Knows to Fulfil Your Requirements
  • No Security Ratings


6. Evotech Residential & Commercial Wooden Door Handle Digital Security Lock

Since its inception, Evotech holds a strong position in the market. It has been delivering superior quality products. The experience and expertise that Evotech holds is a great advantage for making it a reliable and leading brand.

Evotech door lock is formulated in such a way that it will upgrade your home security system. You can fully rely on this digital door lock. You can easily operate the door lock with your phone.

The star feature of the door lock is the voice recognition. The voice recognition feature is unique and can’t be found in other door locks. You can navigate and give commands through your voice.

This door lock from Evotech works very efficiently and is super fast. The lock senses your finger-print and opens the door within the seconds. You don’t have to wait for too much and will avoid any kind of delays.

The batteries installed in the door lock are 4AA. They are of high quality and can have a long lifespan. The batteries can be used up to 12 months. Thus, you won’t have to take a headache for frequent changing of the battery.

The low battery indicator will notify you whenever the battery is about to die. In case you forget to change the dead battery and you are stuck outside or inside the house, there is a provision of an external power source.

You need to plug in the lock with a power socket. There are several ways through which you could get access.

One option is that you could register your fingerprint. Another option is the RFID cards. You could also set a unique passcode to get access. Moreover, there are keys for the worst situations.

It is designed with the highest quality materials. The finishing is being done with supreme quality material giving it a fantastic look. It also makes it waterproof and corrosion doesn’t take place.

  • Delivers High-Level Safety
  • Great Reviews by Customers
  • Super Efficient and Effective
  • Consumer’s Choice
  • Pricy


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7. Evotech Smart Door Lock

Evotech is a company that has ample years of experience in making high standard products. The great and qualitative range of durables is used all over India. The company has been highly recognized by consumers for its work.


This product is an advanced digital door lock with edge-cutting technology. With great reviews, this is a highly rated digital door lock which will make your life a lot easier. It is designed to never generate disappointment and dissatisfaction.

To make things easy for you, door locks from Evotech can grant you access through 4 different methods. You could register your fingerprint on the door lock. You can also enter the passcode.

Additionally, you will get RFID cards that can be sensed by the lock and there are keys for other scenarios. The batteries used in the door lock are high-grade.

The 4AA batteries have a life span of more than 12 months. This reduces your effort and time of frequent changing of the batteries. Another great thing about this door lock is the 1-year warranty offer by the manufacturer.

Within this warranty period, you can contact the customer service provider and get any kind of repair and replacement done. Superior quality materials were used while making the door lock.

The high-quality products resulted in such a beautiful design. The door is water and dust-proof. In addition to that, the material doesn’t allow corrosion or rust.

Along with all the fantastic features, there is a facility of voice navigation. You could control, give commands, and navigate the door with your voice. Also, there is a battery indicator that will notify you whenever the battery is low.

  • Best for Increasing Security Level
  • Sleek Design
  • Consumer’s Choice
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Poor Battery Life


8. Yale Steel Digital Door Lock YDR-333

Ever since inauguration, Yale has been visualized as a company that gives only the best quality products. The name Yale is in the list of top companies in India.


Also, the variety of products offered by this company is considered as the best as per people. Yale (YDR-333) is one of the best door locks that you will find in the market in today’s date. This digital door lock has gained appreciation in the last few years.

It has become a trustworthy product that can be relied upon for safety and security. It is a rim lock that is built with strong stainless steel. All the other materials used are also high-quality.

It makes the lock strong and robust. No one could break in through your home now. The design of the door lock is extensively beautiful and stunning. The black colour gives the lock a standard and classy look.

The finishing gives a glossy touch to the lock. This door lock can be accessed through a password. The password could be 4 to 12 digits long as per your convenience.

The unique password will increase the security level of your home. This product is ideal for everyone. The price range of this door lock is affordable for everyone. The size of the door lock is so perfect that it get fits in every door.

  • Supreme Quality Design
  • Perfect Size To Fit In
  • Easy Installation
  • Delivers High-Level Security
  • High Price Tag


9. Lavna Locks Digital Door Locks

Lavna is a highly eminent company that has been initiated a long back ago and still now has a powerful grip in the Indian market. Lavna comprehends the need and requirements of its consumers and tries to satisfy them.


This firm is growing and reaching heights with high-quality products. This product is among the best selling locks in India. Incorporation of innovative features and the latest technology has made this digital door lock outshine the other standard locks.

It is an affordable smart door lock that is ideal for everyone. This door lock from Lavna is speedy and super efficacious. It can open the door within 0.4 seconds.

The fingerprint sensor senses swiftly and unlocks in a span of a moment. Moreover, you can put a database of 100 fingerprints at a time. The wonderful thing is that you can connect the lock with your mobile phone.

You just have to connect with your phone and then you can easily navigate the lock. Also, the Bluetooth function eases out this process. The fun part is the OTP generation. You can generate a one time password from any place.

This benefits when you have guests waiting out there and you are not present in the home. You can send the OTP and give your guests access. There are several ways through which you could open and close the door.

You will get 100 RFID cards. Place the RFID card in front of the lock and get access. In addition to that, you can have different 100 types of passwords at a time.

Moreover, you will get the extra keys. There are several indicators to help things work out for you. A low battery indicator proves to be a great advantage in the long run.

To make things easier for you, in situations where you forget to change the batteries, you will able to plug in the lock to a power socket and then operate. The most interesting feature in this lock is the spy code.

If you have strangers around and you dont want to show them the password, then type an incorrect pin before dialing the correct one. This way the strangers won’t be able to crack the correct password.

  • Unique digital door lock
  • Strong construction
  • Availability of various features
  • Easy operation
  • Slow customer service


10. IPSA Series 30 Digital Smart Door Lock

IPSA is known to produce a wide spectrum of consumer durables that are of high grade and cost-effective. The core values of the company lie in integrity, honesty, and transparency.


The inspiring line of merchandises offered by IPSA is admired by all. IPSA digital door has been rated highly and recognized by the consumer section. It is a smart pick. This smart lock ensures your security and safety.

The concern of theft and intruders is eradicated. Due to its remarkable characteristics, it makes a consumer’s selection. The remarkable thing is the OTP generation.

You could generate the one time password from any place you are. This will help you at the time when someone is waiting outside your house and you are not present right there to open the door.

In addition to that, to make sure the safety there is a time limit feature. This feature will look out for your house when you are not around.

It is very favourable. This IPSA digital door lock can keep a track of who is going out and who is coming in. Also it could record the specific time of arrival and departure.

This way you know who has access to your house. The unique feature of the passage mode makes it a star product. This feature doesn’t lock the door for a certain period.

It becomes useful when there is a gathering in the house and you could leave the door open for the guests to come in.

The Bluetooth connection makes the navigation easier for you. You need to connect the lock with your phone via Bluetooth and then control the lock as you wish to.

There are several ways through which you could get entry. There are RFID cards that you have to show. You could enter the unique password of yours. There are extra manual keys that come handy and there is a fingerprint sensor.

  • Blend of Latest Technology and Innovation
  • High Value for Money
  • Working Is Great
  • Backup Key
  • The Body Is Quite Delicate


11. Yale YDME 100 Digital Door Lock

Yale is a company with experience of decades of years. With its exquisite product, Yale has been grabbing the attention of the consumers. This company strives to grow and offer incredible products to ease out your life.


The Digital door lock falls under superior quality products. This digital door lock is a fantastic solution to keep your home safe and avoid intruders. The latest technology used while making the digital door lock makes it super effective.

There is multiple access for this door lock. There is a biometric sensor & RFID card entry for you. You could also enter a password that will be unique to you. In addition to all these, there are spare keys for your usage.

The terrific feature is the battery indicator. Whenever there is a low battery, this indicator will notify you. In case, you forget to change the dead batteries, there is a provision of power supply for emergencies.

It is a truly smart door lock. In some kind of situation, the delay can be avoided by opening the door through the inner lever from inside. It is a stunning feature for emergency situations.

Yale is a very reputed company that cares about its customers. So, whenever you face any difficulty in operating the YDME 100 digital door lock, you can directly call their customer service. And their responsive customer care will solve any of your queries.

The high-quality and long-lasting 4AA batteries are used to make this lock outlasts its life expectancy. Also, you will love the fact that whenever you will be replacing the batteries, the memory of the lock WonT Get Erased.

  • Pocket Friendly
  • Unique Features
  • Fantastic Product
  • Superb Functioning
  • The Body Is Not Strong Enough


Buying Guide – Best Smart Door Locks in India

Till now, you must have got a fair idea about the best digital door locks in India. The deadbolt on your front door has served its purpose for many decades. It locks and unlocks with the keys of your choice and keep the unwanted guest outside.

However, you might be tired of keeping the keys under the doormat and multiple locks floating around. So, a digital door lock would be the best solution.


But before the purchase of a smart door lock, you must possess the knowledge about door locks. Otherwise, you would end up getting the wrong door lock for you.

A Digital door lock is now widely available in the market. Knowing how to buy the right digital door lock with precision can be a little daunting because of the variety of products available. It could be very easy to pick up the wrong door lock.

So, to help you out, we have prepared a buying guide where you all find the necessary details. We have listed down the tips that will help you out and factors that you need to keep in mind.

Have a look!

Types of Digital Door Locks

An advanced form of technology has entered our home. Smart digital door locks are an example. Digital locks are unique, keyless, and programmable locks that are used to secure your home.

The advanced technology has given birth to different categories of digital door locks. Digital door locks can be defined by the technology that is used while the formulation of the lock, how they are meant to be open, how they are wired to your house, and how they function.

We have surveyed all the digital door locks in India and came up with some of the door lock categories.

1. Digital Door Locks

The digital door locks are the simplest form of digital door locks. These digital door locks are constructed with RFID and other chips. Therefore, these digital door locks can be operated with the help of the pre-programmed system. 

The digital door locks are pretty much popular in India. They are used in the entry gates of the commercial buildings. The digital door locks are appropriate for everyone and are convenient to use.

You will be able to track who is going out and who is coming. Digital door locks will filter the entry of people rather than giving full tight security.

2. Electronic Door Locks

This category of door locks is older than the digital door locks. The electronic digital door locks were invented a long back ago. Though it is the same as the digital door locks. The electronic door locks are designed with a pattern based on the chip.

Also, a pin code facility is available for more secure safety and security. These electronic door locks can be used for locking any door and securing a place. You can use it in the front door if your home or in an entry gate of a commercial building like an office.


3. Smart Door Locks

This category of digital door locks is the latest one. It has the incorporation of the latest and finest innovation and technology. These smart locks are designed with high configuration settings.

The best thing about the smart locks is that they have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities installed in them. You can operate the lock easily with your mobile phone. You just have to change the settings and you can easily lock and unlock the door.

These smart locks are the most advanced locks. There are different types of smart locks that function differently. The locking system and operating system are different.

Pattern/Pin Based Entry

You will find that some of the smart locks have a patter or pin code through which you can lock or unlock the door. These types of smart locks with a pattern and pin Based entry are very basic and easy to use.

The smart locks will have a digital screen on them. A virtual keyboard will get displayed on the screen. You have to enter a pin code or make a pattern of your choice. This will be the password, thus should be protected.

Although, the security level you will get is very basic they are very efficient. Just share the password among the knowns and get started with the lock.

RFID Smart Cards Entry

RFID is the acronym for Radio Frequency Identification Cards. The RFID cards have a chip inside that are sensed by the locks and then can the locks can be operated. A similar chip card is installed in the locks too.

When the chip inside the lock and RFID cards are placed together, the lock becomes accessible.

The RFID cards are your entry to your house, therefore you ought to protect it. Additionally, the security level generated by the RFID cards is medium. Thus, you can be assured that your place is secured.

Biometric Based Entry

The biometric-based entry locks are best. They are the safest locks that will provide you with a high level of safety and security. No intruder can surpass these locks, thus creating a safe zone for you.

These locks give you access through your biometrics. Your biometric can be your thumb impression or fingerprint. The latest models can detect your retina.

As your biometrics are personal to you, there is no chance of any duplicity. No one can enter your house without your permission. The biometric-based digital door locks are a foolproof solution to provide safety and security.

Factors to consider while buying the Best digital door Lock

1. Integration in the locks

You need to know the integrations your digital door lock will provide. A high level of integration will make sure that your lock is a smart one. The locks with advanced integrations are way better than others.

The integrations will decide the ease of use of the door locks. Some lock models can be connected with your mobile phone while some may not. Therefore, choose sagaciously. We have listed down below some of the integrations that should be available in your smart door lock.

Alexa and Google Compatibility

The presence of Alexa and Google integration will make the door lock accessible through voice commands. Once you connect the door lock with the Google and Alexa application, you will be able to operate it with your phone.

Whenever you want to open or close the door lock you just to tap a button on your phone and your work is done. You can easily reset the settings of the lock whenever you require it.

IFTT or SmartThings Compatibility

If This Then That (IFTT) and SmartThings presented by Samsung is a great advantage. This integration is capable of performing a wide range of functions with much ease.

Because of the IFTT and SmartThings integration, you could control your door lock occasionally and with convenience. Thus, you must look for this terrific integration.

This integration will help you keep a track of people who are going out and who is coming in. Also you could set timings for automatic opening and closing of the door. You could give access to people only you want.

Home Automation Integration

The home automation integration will prove to be very beneficial at all times. The home automation integration requires your home automation. Once the door lock is connected with your home automation then you can easily use it.

The connection of the automation will not only connect it to your home connection bit will also allow you to configure the settings as per your choice. Some of the advanced settings can be done with this integration.

For example, if you want your door to automatically open in case of a fire in the house, then this integration can do that. Thus, the bottom line is that you must look out for this integration in your lock.

2. Power Supply and Indicators

You must know that the digital door locks require energy to run. This energy is provided through batteries. As the door locks address operated through batteries, there is an assurance of a low electricity bill.

There are two types of batteries used in the digital door locks. One is the lithium-ion batteries and the other is super-capacitors. Both of the batteries make sure to give resilience.

As the door lock will operate the whole day and whole night, you must choose a door lock battery that has a high capacity.

If the batteries would have a long life, then you won’t have to change the batteries frequently. The other thing you need to check is the indicator for low battery.

If you get an indication beforehand about a low battery, then you could change it on time. If there is no low battery indicator, you won’t know when to change the batteries. In the worst-case scenarios, you might be locked inside or outside your home.


3. Durability

You need to check the durability of the door lock because it is the question of your safety and security. Given that breaking and entering have considerably grown up, the durability of the door lock should be the foremost thing to discuss.

Durability means that your door lock will provide you with a high level of security. The materials used while making the door lock determines the level of durability.

High-grade stainless steel and die-cast zinc material provides strength and increase the durability of the lock. Although, the latest door locks are invented with much stronger materials and alloys.

The robust material increases the strength and makes it tough to breakthrough. You must know that you need to select a door lock that is tough and not hard.

Hard things are easy to crack and break while the tough stuff is not so easy to crack open. Therefore a door lock with hard materials will not provide the security level that a door lock with tough material can.

If you want to secure your place and create a safe zone you must check the material of the door lock.

4. Installation

Normal locks just need nuts and bolts to attach it to the door. But the digital door locks require a lot of other things to get them installed. The normal locks could be set up and operate by yourself but this not be the same case with the digital locks.

The digital door locks need to configure, set up and connected to your home network to operate. You might also need to connect the smart lock with your phone.

The installation process of the smart door locks is a bit tricky and cannot be done by yourself. Some of the popular companies like Reliance installs the lock without charging money.


5. Customer Service

Customer services provided by the companies are often overlooked, but it is a very aspect to look after. Smart locks need attention for proper functioning. Good customer service will be responsive and will never give you any type of disappointment.

Good customer service will help you out with the installation process, solve any queries you have, and will answer to your every question. If your company doesn’t provide you with good customer service, you should avoid that company and its products.

6. Additional Advantages

Other than other basic features, there are other features that can prove to be a great advantage in the long run. The additional features could include indicators for fire or smoke. More, there could be alarms which will notify if somebody is trying to break in.

All these additional advantages are great features that will make your digital door locker a smart, perfect, and great. Although, you must know that these are the additional advantages. This should not be on your priority list.


7. Warranty

The last and one of the important aspects to look out for in your digital door lock is the warranty period provided by the company. Minimum a full 1-year warranty package is given to you.

Although some of the popular and renowned firms can extend the warranty period two years. The warranty period should never be avoided. You can contact the customer care service for any kind of repair or replacement during this period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Best Digital Door Locks in India

Q1. Are the digital door locks safe?

Ans. The obvious answer to the question is “Yes”. The digital door locks are absolutely safe and secure. These door locks provide much more security than the standard lock and key system.

Though at times, when the digital door locks can get hacked and intruders can breakthrough. But with the advancement in technology and science, the hack is not possible.

Q2. Can we turn off the digital door lock? 

Ans. Yes, a digital door lock can be switched off whenever you want to. You first need to unlock the machine and change the settings.

Pick up your phone and go to the settings and disable it. If the digital door lock is not connected to any of your home network and applications, you might simply turn it off. They can either get closed or get opened.

Conclusion – Best Digital Door Locks in India

To protect your house, you must have been using a key and lock system. But as time flew, you must have known that the lock-and-key system is not efficient enough.

That’s the reason, you need a digital door lock for your home. They are preventative guards that will protect your house. You can keep a track of who is coming at which time and who is leaving when. This will increase your security and safety.

To choose the perfect digital door lock from so many different locks might be bewildering. So, to help you out, we have done the hard work for you. We searched the whole market and found the best 11 digital door locks in India.


All the digital locks are impressive and fantastic. Although, out of the 11 Best Digital Door Locks in India, our recommendation would be “Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock. It has all the features that you would want to ensure your safety.

We anticipate that this information will increase your knowledge about digital door locks and will help through your selection of the best smart door lock for your security.

However, if you still have any question/query in your mind, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. You could also write your views and opinions below.

Happy Shopping!

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