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11 Best Adult Diapers in India (October 2020) – Buying Guide & Reviews


People who face problems with muscular control or their nerves often have to deal with urinary incontinence.

This happens because of loss of bladder control which, even though is mostly seen amongst the elderly population, can be an issue for people across many ages.

This is where adult diapers come to the rescue. They are equipped to handle both urinary and bowel leakage.


They do not let active people shy away from life by providing long term and efficient protection. They are also ideal for bed-ridden people who may not be able to access the bathroom whenever they desire.

They are also helpful in severe cases of diarrhoea and are also the ideal solution for people who are prone to infections in public bathrooms.

These adult diapers are available in sufficient variety with all the unique specifications to meet your unique needs.

This article has a detailed summary of the factors that must be considered while buying the 11 Best Adult Diapers in India.

There is also a Buying Guide attached at the end to further aid in your purchase.

These are the Top 11 Best Adult Diapers in India

ProductsItem weightWaist SizeBuy Now
Dignity Overnight Pull Up Adult Diapers860 g24-53 inchesamazon-button
Liberty Eco Adult Diaper Pants1.25 g24-45 inchesamazon-button
Senyar Unisex Adult Diaper860 g28-44 inchesamazon-button
Honor Adult Diaper Pants900 g24-33 inchesamazon-button
Liberty Premium Adult Diaper Pants1 Kg35-40 Inchesamazon-button
Amazon Brand - Solimo Adult Diapers900 g29-46 inchesamazon-button
Kare Med Adult Diapers930 g40-55 inchesamazon-button
Kare In Adult Diapers1.04 Kg30-45 inchesamazon-button
Friends Easy Adult Diapers2.65 Kg38-60 inchesamazon-button
Liberty Eco Adult Diaper1 kg24-39 Inchesamazon-button
Glider Premium Adult Diaper3.85 Kg25-47 inchesamazon-button

Best Adult Diapers in India in 2020

1. Dignity Overnight Pull Up Adult Diapers

Dignity has always been a trusted brand when it comes to Health and Self-care products. This diaper by them lives up to the same reputation and is a reliable solution for urinary incontinence.


These disposable diapers are just the right solution for all kinds of issues that may arise due to urinary incontinence. They are pant-style diapers that come in a pack of 10 and are heavy-duty diapers with high absorption power that can last a very long time: about 12-16 hours.

Primary Features

  • Protection Duration: 12-16 Hours
  • For Both Men and Women
  • Disposable, Super-Absorbent
  • Pant-Style Diapers
  • Advanced Leakage Protection
  • Slim, Contoured Shape
  • Made of Soft, Breathable Material
  • Equipped with ADL Or Acquisition Distribution Layer
  • Dual-Core Padding
  • Hypoallergenic

These diapers can be used comfortably by both men and women. They are carefully formulated with soft and breathable textile material. It features an advanced leakage protection formula that ensures extra efficiency while keeping the skin dry and completely irritation-free.

It is very ideally tailored & made slim with a perfectly contoured shape which makes it comfortable to use for long hours. It makes sure to provide complete protection by providing full profile coverage.

Its high absorption power is achieved by the means of the Acquisition Distribution Layer. The function of this layer is to help rapid fluid dispersion.

After it has been dispersed, this fluid is immediately converted into the gel and locked within.

Apart from heightened absorption due to this ADL, these diapers also take extra care to ensure adequate leakage protection. It is achieved by the means of the leak guard that it comes equipped with.

It is specially designed to minimize any risk of leakage or spillage from the sides due to diaper displacement or any bodily movements.

Its absorption function is further aided by its Extra Absorbent Core that consists of dual padding. It provides much higher absorption capacity, so that the user may feel dry and comfortable even after keeping it on for a long time.

The diapers are made of the softest possible material which is made sure to be hypoallergenic. Thus, these diapers will not be causing any rashes or skin irritations.

These diapers are pull-up style diapers which make them easy and comfortable to use. This is because they simulate the mechanism of any usual underpants and comes with elastic at the waist as well.

  • For both men and women
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dual core padding
  • Can be used for prolonged duration
  • Soft, breathable material
  • May sometimes have fitting issues


2. Liberty Eco Adult Diaper Pants Unisex

Liberty is another company that has been able to garner a positive response from their high-quality products. Their adult diapers are indeed a product to trust. This advanced pant style diaper wins at both efficiency and comfort.


It is shaped to fit like a pant which increases ease of use. It also helps increase ease of movement with the diaper on. Just like regular pants or underwear, it comes with proper elastic at the waist to properly hold the diaper in place.

Primary Features

  • Advanced, Pant-Style Diapers
  • Additional Supporting Elastics
  • Cottony-Soft, Cloth-Like Material
  • Designed For Overnight Protection
  • Fluid Distribution Channels
  • Advanced Leakage Protection

This elastic is strong and trustworthy enough to keep the diaper firmly in place despite repeated and prolonged absorption. Thus, users can move around freely until the last minute without any worry or discomfort.

Its overall comfort is only enhanced by the cottony soft material that it is built with. The material is made to resemble the texture of comfortable cloth which is not just pleasurable to keep on but is also highly absorbent.

The soft-material leaves enough breathing space for your skin while also providing long-lasting freshness. Thus, users need not worry about any skin irritations.

It has an extra-absorbent core that uses efficient gel technology to prevent spillage.

This process involves the conversion of wetness immediately into a gel, which is then absorbed and locked away. This leaves the user feeling dry and clean despite prolonged usage.

This product comes packed with 20 such diapers that are made to accommodate a large and varied range of waist sizes. Thus, this product automatically becomes an ideal fit for a large range of users.

The diaper can last long enough to ensure perfect over-night protection. It is designed for everyday wear and is also usable for bowel control. They are slim, eco pants with double standing cuffs that maximize both comfort and efficiency of leakage control.

  • Overnight use
  • Additional elastic support
  • Slim core
  • Fluid-distributing channels
  • Cottony-soft, comfortable material
  • May sometimes have fitting issues


3. Senyar Unisex Adult Diaper

Senyar as a company is always looking for the most strategic and creative solutions for your problems. This adult diaper by them was made to do the same. These extra-slim diapers are also durable & tear-resistant.



They are made with the aim of maximizing convenience and comfort and do well to achieve it. The material they are made of is cottony-soft for maximum comfort.

Primary Features

  • Advanced Leak Protection
  • High Absorption Capacity
  • Diamond Core Technology
  • Cottony-Soft, Breathable Material
  • Comes With Wetness Indicator
  • Taped Style Diaper
  • Aloe Vera With Super Lock Gel
  • Durable And Tear Resistant

It leaves enough breathing space for the skin while also enhancing the absorption function. Thus, it is soft on the skin yet still aggressively carries out the needed absorption. The breathable soft material ensures a long-lasting feeling of freshness. 

It also comes with diamond core technology which is another method of smart and efficient absorption. By the use of this technology, large absorbing areas are created to aid in faster absorption

This fast absorption is also aided by the fact that the diaper spreads the wetness within uniformly.

These diapers come laced with Aloe-Vera gel as well. Gels are another means for aiding and accelerating the absorption process.

They help trap the wetness, convert it into the gel, and increase the speed and ease of absorption. This will leave you feeling clean and fresh. The diapers are held in place by sticky tapes.

These tapes contain strong adhesive and will keep the diaper firmly and securely held in place. It ensures a strong-hold so that users can move around freely after putting it on.

The diapers come with another very convenient feature called a wetness indicator. This indicates when the user must change their diaper or when the diaper has reached its full capacity.

As the diaper reaches its limit, the indicator begins to fade. Sufficient or almost complete fading of the indicator means that it is the right time to change the diapers.

Even though the diaper can carry out heavy-duty absorption functions, it does not allow the user to feel it.

It is built extra slim and is cloth-like, so that it can stay light, and the user can stay active. Lastly, it is equipped with advanced leak protection function. This makes sure to guard against any leakage from either the tip or the sides.

  • Extra-slim
  • Wetness indicator
  • Cottony-soft, breathable material
  • Super lock gel
  • Diamond-core technology
  • Suitable for relatively less prolonged use


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4. Honor Adult Diaper Pants

Honor is among the very few Indian companies that produce high-quality adult diapers. They cater to the Indian body-type and are specialized for ‘desi’ needs.


This advanced and highly absorbent adult diaper is among the first-ever adult diapers to be manufactured in India. To that end, it is specialized to suit specific Indian needs, especially the Indian body type.

Primary Featuures

  • Advanced, Highly Absorbent Core
  • Odour-Control Technology
  • Newly Developed Shape
  • Elastics For Additional Support
  • Double Standing, Waterproof Guards
  • Diamond Embossed Top Laid With Criss-Cross Channels

It takes into account all the intricate details that can make the experience more convenient and comfortable for its users. This product is built for heavy absorption which is achieved by the means of its High Absorbent core.

This core is also laced with anti-bacterial material. Therefore, it eliminates the chance of any infection. It leaves users feeling fresh, dry, and rash-free as well.

It is a pant-style diaper whose design only increases the convenience of use. It stimulates the function of a regular under pant and can be slipped on and off with total ease.

It has a newly developed shape that comes equipped with additional supporting elastics. This helps the pant firmly hold on to the user’s waist and stay in its rightful place.

The new shape improves the overall fit of the product as well. It is made of soft material that is adequately breathable and doesn’t put any unnecessary strain on the skin.

Users can put it on for a long time without feeling discomfort. It also keeps you fresh with its special odor-lock technology.

Just like the name suggests, it manages to lock any odor within the diaper itself not allowing any unpleasant smell to escape. The diapers come with a diamond embossed top with crisscross channels.

This is a method of smartly distributing the fluid evenly by means of the said channels. This obviously facilitates absorption and helps prolong the longevity of the diaper.

These diapers also come properly equipped with adequate leakage control. It achieves this by the means of two standing, waterproof leak-guards.

The diaper is designed to have a lean and discreet core which greatly facilitates outdoor use. Therefore, it is also the perfect choice for professionals who may find the use of it outside the house and at formal spaces.

  • Highly absorbent core
  • Odour lock
  • Double, waterproof leak guards
  • Diamond embossed top
  • Not suitable for prolonged use


5. Liberty Premium Adult Diaper Pants

Originally a successful shoe company, Liberty has also ventured into the world of adult diapers only to find the same success here as well. Their products are trustworthy and user-friendly.


This diaper is an advanced pant-style diaper and just right for all adults. It’s been suggested, they are shaped to assume like that of a regular form under pant. This increases familiarity and also makes the product more convenient for use.

Primary Features

  • Advanced, Pant-Style Diapers
  • Cottony-Soft, Breathable Material
  • High Absorbency
  • Extra-Absorbent Core With Gel Technology
  • Leakage Protection
  • Extra-Long Elastics

One can easily slip it in or take it off. It is made of smart material that adequately performs the dual function of absorption as well as rendering comfort. To properly fulfill this former function of absorption, the diaper comes equipped with a highly absorbent core. 

This core uses advanced gel technology to properly carry out its functions. Through the use of this technology, the advanced gel core quickly absorbs and locks them within.

This super-fast and efficient absorption leaves the user feeling dry and free. It is made with just the right material with the aim of maximizing comfort of use for the buyers.

To that end, they are made of a material that is cottony-soft and also mimics the texture of plain, soft cloth. It is made smartly so as to provide adequate breathing room for skin at all times and therefore also helps maintain an overall feeling of freshness.

This diaper is made to comfortably accommodate large waist sizes without any hassle of use. Its accommodation range lies within 35-40 inches.

The superior leakage protection that these diapers come equipped with, make them apt for users who need to maintain an active schedule.

This secure leakage protection is achieved by the means of a pair of standing cuffs. They have been installed to ensure absolutely zero leakage and they do their job splendidly. Thus, the users can move around freely without a care.

Not only the diaper is shaped like pants but it also comes with extra elastics to hold them firmly as is the case with regular pants. These elastics help maintain the integrity of the product even after repeated absorption.

  • Highly absorbent, gel core
  • Cottony-soft, breathable material
  • Adequate elasticity
  • Perfect leak protection
  • Not the best choice for overnight use


6. Amazon Brand – Solimo Adult Diapers

Solimo is an Amazon brand that has gained a reputation for its efficient and cost-effective products. These adult diapers by Solimo are not only perfect for long-wear but also smartly adjustable to accommodate a large range of waist sizes.


It is made secure by the means of fastening tape which is easily adjustable. This adjustable function allows a single diaper to accommodate all waist size between 29-46 inches.

Primary Features

  • 8-Hour Long Protection
  • Maximum Absorbency with Gel Technology
  • Leak-Proof
  • Snug-Fit
  • Odour Control Mechanism
  • Adjustable Fastening Tape
  • Unisex

This wide accommodation range naturally increases the cost-effectiveness of the product. As mentioned before, this is an overnight product and therefore great for prolonged use as well.

It provides its users with secure protection and can be worn throughout the day or throughout the night. It is good for constant use up to 8 straight hours.

Therefore, it is also something one can wear to work without worry. The aim of the product is to promote maximum absorbency.

It achieves this function by the means of a smart technology that quickly transforms any form of wetness into the gel.

This gel is then absorbed and locked in. This helps to keep the enclosed area pleasantly dry and fresh. To facilitate more active use, these diapers are properly equipped with the efficient leak-proof mechanism.

This mechanism ensures that there is no sign of any leakage and firmly protects the sides of diapers from any spillage.

It is tailored to sit snugly and be just right fit around the user’s thighs to further lock in any signs of wetness.

The absorption function of these diapers is facilitated by the help of efficient absorbent pads that are installed in them.

These pads help to minimise the absorption function while not hindering the user’s comfort in any way. It works silently and diligently.

Another great advantage of this product is that it comes with an odor-control facility. It helps in locking any unnecessary odor without allowing any chance to escape. Thus, users can easily wear it in public places and stay feeling fresh.

  • Prolonged use
  • Leak-proof
  • Efficient, gel technology
  • Odour-control
  • Adjustable
  • May sometimes display fitting issues for larger waists


7. Kare Med Adult Diapers

Kare Med has produced a variety of adult diapers and is a master of their craft. When in search of diaper-related solutions, they are always a smart choice. This tape-style diaper is available in L, M, and XL sizes as well.


It is made to accommodate and fit a wide range of the masses. Buy the size that is best suited for the user’s body type to make optimum use of the diapers.

Primary Features

  • Netted Channel Facilitating Faster Absorption
  • Inner, Absorbent, Anti-Bacterial Layer
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Back Sheet That Is Super Soft
  • Usable For Up To 10 Hours
  • Leakproof Technology

The fastening tape mechanism further aids this accommodation function. Fastening tapes are generally adjustable as is this one. Due to this flexibility, it is a convenient fit for a wide range of body types.

It makes use of the netted channel technology to carry out faster absorption. The nets in these channels are meant for even distribution of liquid.

They uniformly distribute the wetness inside which makes soaking it up much easier. This product also has a wetness indicator. This indicator will accurately tell the user when it is time for them to dispose of or take off your diaper.

Notice the indicator lines; as they fade away, it is an indicator that the diaper is reaching its limit. Such a smart mechanism will also prevent leaking from overuse.

The core of the diaper is super absorbent and makes use of gel technology. This method converts any form of wetness into a gel which in turn facilitates faster absorption.

It also properly locks the moisture within. If the user is someone active who needs to move around a lot, then this diaper is the perfect choice to make.

It is totally leakproof and comes equipped with leg cuffs. The cuffs not only help the diaper snugly fit into the user’s shape but also prevents any form of leakage from the side of your legs.

This diaper prioritizes user comfort. To that end, it comes with a super soft, cotton-like top sheet. This material is very gentle on the skin. This gives the skin enough breathing space and also keeps the users feeling fresh.

  • Unisex
  • Super-soft, cotton material
  • Suitable for prolonged use
  • Wetness indicator
  • Anti-bacterial layer
  • Lack of odour control


8. Kare In Adult Diapers

This is another tape-styled diaper by Kare. It is a heavy-duty product that will keep users protected up to 10 solid hours. Therefore, this product is also easily ideal for overnight use. The superior absorption function of the diaper can be attributed to its gel core.


This gel technology is the fastest way of dealing with any form of wetness. This technology first converts the liquid into gel and in this gel state, the wetness becomes more easily absorbable. Thus, it increases the speed of absorption significantly.

Primary Features

  • Equipped With Gel Core
  • Super-Absorbent
  • Odour-Control
  • Re-Fasten Able Tape
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Inner, Soft, Cotton Padding
  • Leg Cuffs For Good Fit And Leakage Protection
  • For Both Men And Women

Another feature that facilitates its super-fast absorption is the straight channels inside that it comes equipped with. These channels are present to evenly spread the moisture.

Whenever these channels come in contact with a liquid, they spread it out evenly within the diaper to facilitate faster and easier absorption.

This product or diaper is held in place by the means of a re-fasten-able tape. Re-fasten-able tapes are usually adjustable.

This adjustment feature allows re-fasten-able tapes to be adjusted to accommodate a larger range of body types. It also makes fitting easier.

Any active users who feel worried about moving about too much with adult diapers need not do so with this particular product. This is because it comes equipped with special leakproof leg cuffs.

These leg cuffs fit just right around your thighs and will also ensure that there is no leakage along the sides of the leg.

The user can now move around as much as they want. This is a unisex product that can be used comfortably by both men and women. This feature of universality makes this diaper available for and useful to a wider range of customers.

  • Unisex
  • Wetness indicator
  • Soft, cotton padding
  • Leakage protection
  • Relatively lesser width


9. Friends Easy Adult Diapers

Friends is known for its superior and comfortable hygiene products. This diaper by them is an easy, affordable solution for urinary incontinence problems. These re-fasten-able adult diapers by Friends come equipped with multiple features to suit the maximum of the user’s needs.


They are designed to cater specifically to the Indian body type and are a perfectly smart purchase to make. These are heavy-duty diapers that are perfectly suitable for prolonged use. 

Primary Features

  • Up To 8 Hours Of Protection
  • Odour Control
  • Leakproof
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Anti-Bacterial Core
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Re-Fasten-Able Tape

They can protect the users again from all forms of wetness for precisely 8 hours. This long accommodation time also makes these diapers ideal for overnight use. The core of this diaper is not only equipped with superior absorption function but it is also anti-bacterial in nature. 

Urine coming in contact with skin may cause rashes and irritation in many people. However, this anti-bacterial core maintains a hygienic environment inside and aids absorption while keeping your skin safe.

The standing leak guards that these diapers come with are designed to prevent any form of leakage and spillage.

They hold the product firmly in place and are a snug fit around the user’s thighs; this makes sure there is no leakage occurring along the sides of the legs.

The diaper also has a wetness indicator. Just like the name suggests, its function is to indicate the overall wetness levels.

It warns users when the diaper is close to its limit and needs to be changed. This is understood when the indicator slowly starts fading.

The diapers are made with high quality, extra soft material to ensure maximum comfort. This soft breathable material leaves enough breathing room for the skin and will keep the users feeling dry and fresh for a long time.

These diapers have been designed to cater specifically to the Indian body type and the weather. They are made to perform best in our regular, everyday environment

They are re-fasten-able diapers that allow for personalized adjustments. This further increases its accommodation range. Another important feature that this product comes with, is the odor lock technology. This will prevent any form of unpleasant smell from escaping.

  • Unisex
  • Anti-bacterial, super-absorbent core
  • Designed for Indian body types
  • Wetness indicator
  • Leakproof
  • Relatively narrow attaching strip


10. Liberty Eco Adult Diaper

This is the third diaper by Liberty in the list of Top 11 Best Adult Diapers in India. Their variety and versatility truly know no bounds. This diaper has an advanced design and shape to serve users better.


It makes use of modern and innovative technology to maximize the effectiveness of the product while taking care of all your comfort-related needs at the same time. It makes use of the modern 3D core technology. 

Primary Features

  • Advanced design
  • Re-fasten-able tapes
  • 3D core technology for better absorption
  • Soft, breathable material
  • Fluid distribution channels for even distribution
  • Overnight protection

This technology has been formulated to facilitate faster and smarter absorption function. It increases the absorption power of the target area which in turn speeds up the diaper’s overall absorption function. It comes with re-fastening tapes. 

Re-fastening tapes are very easy to operate and therefore this diaper is something you can quite easily put on or take off. Re-fastening tapes are generally adjustable like in the case with this one.

It allows customers to adjust the diaper to suit their unique needs and accommodate a wide range of body types. The material that the diaper is made out of is cottony-soft and is not harsh on the user’s skin in any way.

This soft, breathable material takes care of user comfort, especially the comfort of the skin within the enclosed area, for the duration that you keep it on.

The soft material, however, in no way deters the absorption process but only aids it further.

The smart fluid distribution channels that this diaper comes with also helps to aid and facilitate its overall absorption ability.

These channels are built to distribute evenly any form of the wetness they come across. This distribution evenly spreads out the wetness over a larger surface area which in turn makes absorption much faster.

 This is a heavy-duty diaper and can keep you protected for very long hours. This makes the diaper totally ideal for overnight use. One can leave it on and catch up on sleep without care to spare.

  • 3D core technology
  • Overnight use
  • Uniform fluid distribution
  • Soft, breathable material
  • Relatively small in size


11. Glider Premium Adult Diaper

Glider has been a reliable option to turn to for both adult and children’s hygiene products. They are gentle on your skin and efficient in their function. These diapers come in three sizes for one to choose from.


This product emphasizes on proper fitting and accommodation to ensure ease of use. The diapers are suitable for all waist sizes within the range of 65 – 120 cm. This wide accommodation range makes these diapers a good choice for a large variety of body types.

Primary Features

  • Waistline accommodation: 65-120 centimetres
  • Totally leakproof
  • Composed of super-absorbent polymers
  • Adjustable fastening
  • Dry and comfortable surface
  • Thick core padding
  • Made of softest possible material

It is taken care that this diaper is made only of the softest material. This only further aids in its comfort function. Since diapers need to be kept on for a long time, it is important that the material is comfortable and leaves enough breathing space for your skin.

This diaper is made of very soft material which has been done precisely to fulfill this aim. It prevents any form of skin irritation and keeps the user feeling fresh for a long time.

Just as it is comfortable, these taped-diapers are highly efficient as well. They come specially equipped to carry out any and all advanced absorption functions.

This process of absorption greatly depends on the super-absorbent polymers that are strategically placed within the diapers.

These polymers are scattered throughout the diaper to promote uniform absorption. These special polymers make use of smart technology to help absorbency.

They are gel-forming polymers which help to transform the wetness within the diaper to a gel-like form; this, in turn, helps towards achieving proper absorption much faster.

The diapers also come with a non-woven top layer which further helps in securely trapping all the moisture inside. These diapers contain a thick core padding.

This thick padding contributes towards both comfort and absorbency and comes with adequate leakage protection. It is shaped and equipped with gentle elastics that helps the diaper snugly fit the user’s shape and also prevent any forms of leakage.

  • Thick Padding
  • Soft Material
  • Leakproof
  • Adjustable Fastening
  • Not Suitable for Prolonged Use


Buying GuideBest Adult Diapers in India

Adult diapers are truly a blessing in these busy times when one needs to brave the world with all their problems. They are an effective solution to bladder control problems which often hinder the everyday lives of people.


These diapers are easily available and affordable as well. They come in numerous varieties and are equipped with many functions. This versatility is only to better cater to the individual needs of each customer and make the experience a pleasant one for them.

However, this variety is also often quite confusing at the time of making a purchase. If you check the reviews in detail, you will be able to learn a lot about the product that comes closest to suit your specific needs. But for all questions that persist even after that, refer to this Buyer’s Guide.

This guide contains all the factors you may need to consider before purchasing an adult diaper on your own.

Factors to consider while buying the Best Adult Diaper

It is best that one be properly acquainted with all the factors mentioned below before making a purchase to make the best out of their expenditure. Consider the following factors before making your purchase:

1. Types

Adult diapers are generally available in 4 types:


Briefs are the most commonly used types of diapers. They are usually heavy-duty type diapers with high absorbing power.

They are slim and convenient and not at all visible from beneath your clothes. They come with proper leakage control as well and are the most trusted diapers used by adults.


Inserts are used in a similar fashion as panty liners or sanitary pads. One needs to simply place them inside the underwear and its good to go.

However, unlike sanitary pads inserts do not come with wings to hold them in place and can slip from position causing inconvenience. These are perfect for use post-pregnancy when women have use of it for a few hours.


Pull-up adult diapers are the easiest to use. They emulate the working of regular underwear and can be slipped on and off with ease.

They appear and function like regular briefs and can be easily worn under clothes. This diaper is perfect for convenience but is not ideal for severe incontinence issues. These are generally designed for more mild absorption.


These diapers are also very easy to use and perfect for mild issues. You can use them and re-use them like regular underwear.

They can be washed after each use and are generally made of materials such as cotton, nylon, or polyester. These are especially comfortable to use.


2. Size

Size is an important factor to consider before purchasing an adult diaper. The wrong size can greatly reduce the diaper’s utility. Adult diapers are usually manufactured considering the circumference of your waist and hips.

Properly measure yourself before making a purpose. Measure your waist and hips or whichever is bigger in size. The trick to finding the right size for yourself is doubling this measurement and then adding 2 to it.

For example, if you have a 28 inches waist (or hip), then the correct diaper size for you will be (28*2) +2; which equals 58 inches. This means that 58 inches will be the correct size for you.


3. Material/ Comfort

Adult diapers in India usually come in two types of materials: plastic paperback and breathable. The plastic paperbacks are a more traditional design and perfect for severe incontinence issues. The breathable materials are comfortable and have a positive effect on circulation.

The breathable variety is a perfect choice for active users who need to move around a lot. The plastic paperback variety, due to its high absorption power and leakage control is perfect for overnight use.

They offer security for very long hours. It is important to know your own needs thoroughly and purchase a diaper that matches your needs and comfort levels.


4. Absorbency

Absorbency is no doubt an important factor to consider for obvious reasons. Most diapers available in the Indian market today are only capable of holding 1 or 2 ounces of urine.

If you have greater needs then make sure to purchase the super-absorbent variety or the ones made for overnight use. If purchased, correctly then the right kind of diaper can hold several cups, more precisely, up to 10 cups of urine. These are the ones to go for in case of severe urinary incontinence issues.


5. Odour Control

It is an important feature to consider If this diaper has to be used for a long time. This odor control function is to ensure that no unpleasant smell escapes the diaper during use. Most diapers come with absorbent liquids that quickly absorb the wetness and prevent any odor.

If this is an important feature for you then make sure to check the diaper’s specifications before making a purchase as not all diapers come equipped with proper odor control.


6. Leakage Protection

Even when diapers absorb wetness very fast, leakage remains an issue. This leakage may escape from the sides of the leg and cause inconvenience and unpleasant smell. For this reason, manufacturers today equip diapers with special leakage control features.

Buying a diaper that fits you perfectly is another way of avoiding unnecessary leakage. Pant-style diapers are known to be the most secure with the best leakage protection available in the market.


7. Protection Against Bacterial Growth

Bacterial growth can be caused by stagnant wetness. It is important you buy diapers with proper absorbency to prevent this. Bacterial growth caused by un-soaked urine can lead to painful infections such as UTI.

It is important that you buy diapers with proper absorption properties and pH control properties. Good diapers will regulate and neutralize the pH levels in urine and prevent any form of bacterial growth.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)Best Adult Diapers in India

Q1. Can diapers cause UTI in adults?

Ans. Older people and children do have a certain risk of incurring UTI as a result of indiscriminate use of diapers. The correct thing to do is to always change one’s diapers at the right intervals and properly clean the genital areas after prolonged use. This greatly reduces the risk of any infection.

Q2. Can diapers absorb potty?

Ans. Yes, diapers are indeed capable of absorbing both urine and poop. Make sure to read through the specifications before purchase if you are looking for this specific function. Most diapers can hold poop up until they reach their limits.

Q3. Can diapers be reused?

Ans. Yes, reusable diapers are indeed available (as mentioned in the buyer’s guide above). Wash these diapers thoroughly after each use and they can easily be re-used. Diapers such as these are generally made of materials such as cotton, nylon, or polyester. 

Q4. Are diapers eco-friendly?

Ans. Unfortunately, most diapers are not biodegradable. Some are only partly biodegradable because they often contain certain synthetic materials. Only completely natural products are biodegradable and diapers have to make use of non-natural products to properly achieve their aims and fulfil their functions.

Q5. Can diapers cause bow legs?

Ans. This is a common myth that people have developed from observing the bow shaped legs of babies and infants. Diapers do not cause bow legs in adults and the rumour that bulky diapers will have this effect is totally untrue. 

Conclusion – Best Adult Diapers in India

We hope that by now, you have been able to pick the best adult diaper in India. However, if you are still confused, allow us to suggest our personal favourite which is the Senyar Unisex Adult Diaper. 

This diaper is not only equipped with multiple favourable features but is also very affordable. It has everything that you may look for in a diaper.


It is made of cottony-soft material that enhances comfort and also comes with diamond core technology. It even has aloe Vera lock gel that enhances absorption.

The wetness indicator is an added safety measure & instrumental in indicating the right time to change diapers. The diapers are also extra-slim & protected against all forms of leakage to make it a lot easier to use actively. 

To know more about this product, click here.

Let us know in the comments if you are still facing issues in making the right selection!

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